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#they are in love
marriedsaiou · 6 hours ago
saiou is so blessed
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amillionblankpages · 18 hours ago
james: listen cordelia, if we want this ~thing~ between us to work, we have to continue keeping our relationship a secret for now
cordelia: *keeping the tears in*
cordelia: what relationship?
james: wonderful!! you're doing a great job, keep it up
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loveforever86 · a day ago
Bucky is in love with Sam . Flirting with Sarah was a way to get Sam's attention. Why didn't Bucky flirt with that girl at the bar then? People do not realize what is obvious.
C'mon ...they are in love !
Period .
Tumblr media
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icklemoony · a day ago
I loved today’s episode of Sambuck- oops Falcon and the Winter Soldier! good job guys!
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kitsune1818 · a day ago
Tumblr media
For NmjWeek2021 - Love
I had to make a nielan piece, couldnt help myself.
Now that i see this i think i should have put a more gray background... oh well.
Also, if anyone is interested, i have this and other designs in redbubble! Yout suppor will be greatly apreciated!
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yikesthesebikes · 2 days ago
They are on a date!
Tumblr media
@catching-bananas I told you I would start drawing Kones fan art. I'm not great at writing (yet) but I contribute Kones content.
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auroromunroe · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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aniviki · 2 days ago
Is it just me or everyone was waiting for Sam and Bucky to kiss at the backyard scene.
Tumblr media
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lilac-stay · 2 days ago
My friends are making fun of me because I got up at 8 this morning to watch the new Falcon and the winter soldier episode, while I usually do not exist until noon.
But I had very valid reasons to get up:
They're gay your honour
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indecisiveartform · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
" Besties "
Who doesn't like taking polaroids with their boyfriend and captioning it : besties.
I tried to draw in a different style ( I usually draw like this when i doodle on post-its ) to get me out of my block, I have a bunch of wips that I can't seem to finish.
Anyways I hope you enjoy ❤️ 💙 💜
(click for better quality)
I ramble after the cut
Can you tell I'm much more comfortable at drawing Sokka than Zuko. Idk why i just have a very clear image in my head of what I like Sokka to look like and idk my Zuko is always worse.
At first this was just a sketch in a different art style, that I wasn't gonna post because it felt bland and meh. I liked the sketch, I really liked the way Sokka looked, but it felt stale, like no movement and boring. Then I added clothes and a polaroid and was like good enough so here. Next time I'll try to make it more dynamic, I mean I have a tender kiss in the dark in my wips but idk what to do first.
Also please don't repost my art, but if you are gonna be an asshole and do it anyways please don't repost this specific one, someone I know irl saw part of the drawing and I am very paranoid that they will find me account and that is very much not something I want.
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coolfire · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
(I promise im gonna make more solar opposites art i’ve just been having some sv brain rot recently)
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lovelyrita1967 · 6 days ago
Birthday Cake 🎂
Tumblr media
Summary: What can I say except Geralt and Jaskier are horny and in love and have hot sex in a closet during a party. 
Note: This excerpt is rated M and has been slightly edited for Tumblr. The fic is rated E and is for adults only. 
Click here to go straight to AO3 (E, 2K)
*  *  *  * 
“Jaskier?” Geralt stuck his head into their walk-in and smiled, seeing Jaskier shirtless and bent over, digging through the pile of clothes on the floor that he seemed incapable of hanging up. 
“Geralt!” Jaskier jumped and straightened up, hand on his hairy chest. “You scared me!” 
Geralt stepped inside the closet and shut the door behind him. 
“Lambert spilled his drink on me, I was just… what are you doing?” Jaskier eyed the lube in Geralt’s hand and closed door with amusement. 
“Looking for you…” In one stride Geralt was on him. He pushed Jaskier up against the shelves, lips hard on his. His tongue slipped into Jaskier’s mouth. He tasted like rum, spicy and warm. 
“Mmmmm,” Jaskier purred happily into Geralt’s mouth, his tongue eagerly responding. He dropped the shirt he had been holding and slid his arms around Geralt, kissing him back fervently. 
Geralt’s lips slid down Jaskier’s jaw to his neck, nipping and pulling at the soft skin there. 
“Ahh...” Jaskier gasped happily. Then he pressed his hands against Geralt’s chest. “Geralt… we can’t… the party…” 
Geralt pushed his nose under Jaskier’s ear and took a deep breath. His hands roamed Jaskier’s bare skin. “When I left, Lambert and Renfri were up on the coffee table pouring shots directly into people’s mouths. No one will notice.” 
*  *  *  *  
Here it is on AO3!
Sweet header by @bardlingb 💕
@oxbridge-quality-fanfiction-co @ro-the-bard-writer @marvagon @chaotic-bard @carmillacarmine @ikeptupwiththejoneses @bardlingb @rawrkinjd @fangirleaconmigo @jaskierswolf  @bounce-a-coin-off-your-witcher @lottelorelei @gilbert-von-kneecap @sharingfandomsilove @gosh-diddley-darnit @benisalilbitch @distractedbyfandoms @bastardofmothman @watchthewolvesfall @panerato @fontegagrilledcheese @ewanspotter @spacewitchqueen @lobacitabruer @peanitbear @dapandapod @stinastar @valley-of-plenty  @round--robin @tee-aitch-official @killedbylawstudies @llamasdumpsterfire @tempy-the-tempest @actionnerdgamerlove @artemisiatodd @planetesastraea @dani-dandelino @placeyoursmileinmine @kalikatze (Let me know if you want to me un/tagged.) 
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OKAY SO. Misha said he doesn’t know where Cas keeps the mixtape just like he doesn’t know where he keeps the angel blade - Cas just HAS them. If we assume the popular theory that an angel’s blade is a PART of them (a living angel anyway), an inherit part of their being, and they manifest it at will THEN Cas holding on to the mixtape the same way he holds on to his angel blade (as Misha sorta implied) then that means Cas made the mixtape a PART OF HIMSELF. He took Dean’s gift and said “I will keep it with me forever, always, in whatever form I may take.” Dean’s love is literally a part of him now.
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paleotoons · 8 days ago
You ever think about how even with their differences and being thousands of miles away from each other initially, Armin and Annie were always destined to meet and give each other a new perspective on life and influence the other to become a better person simply because they saw past their outward personas and recognized how much potential there was for one another even despite the fact they were both from different nations in direct conflict with each other yet were still able to come together to save the world, find solace in each other and against seemingly all odds eventually fall in love to become one of the best couples in Attack on Titan because they’re literal soulmates and the perfect analogy for opposing forces coming together for peace?
Haha yeah me neither. 😅👀
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clearlysapphic · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
don't mind me I'm just in a corner crying
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