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Fun Fact
Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.
#they are so big!!!!!
noize-machine · 12 minutes ago
Me: so what questions do you not vibe with
Deck: The Tower
Me: We are going to get along
#listen i KNOW the tower isnt inherently bad. i know.#but consider this: i fucking hate change especially change outside of my control#the death card is my sweet gentle friend because death of the self is a huge motif for me#but the tower can suck my nuts. and tbh thats kind of the point#you wont like it but its gotta happen so deal with it vibes#very much an introspection exploring yourself deck and not a ~predictions~ deck#which i prefer tbh i only use tarot for introspection#my first deck said the opposite and it wanted Big Questions and hated introspection and i was just kinda like. oh.#im thrilled to have a second deck i actually vibe with#ansjajdhkajdkaal im making it sound like i only pulled major arcana but most cards were minor#this deck doesnt have numbers cards and has 8 suits with only court cards so. interesting to learn to say the least#like my first deck is a *good* deck its just not a me deck#its very.....intense...the fool isnt just by the cliff edge hes RUNNING towards it with one foot off#with an umbrella containing stars and galaxies above his head. theres just so much motion and danger jdjsjsksk#the magician looks like hes about to fight you and is glaring with EYE CONTACT with his hands up really to swing#and a sword directly above his neck HORIZONTALLY with the pent at the hilt and cup at the point its too much man too much#i can read the minor arcana for my first deck beautifully bc theyre very symbolic and clear#but the major arcana just...are so intense.#that combined with its previous owner hating me makes it a bad fit#i can use it now bc ive put the work in but this second deck already feels like a friend in my hands
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shigarakitomura · 27 minutes ago
no but I just saw a bunch of asks on someone's blog abt ppls builds and I'm jyst sitting here like..... how do yall do this......... I just put artifacts on ppl if it helps w their element, if it had nice stats, and if it's in a set 😭 like I woukdnt say in completely clueless with artifacts but I also just don't understand it entirely and I am 90% sure I could b doing better I just don't know how to
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wormstacheangel · 40 minutes ago
Has anyone written a fic where Dean goes to Cassie instead of Lisa? Like, that must be a lot more complicated because unlike Lisa, Dean actually loved Cassie. (sorry i call bull on seeing a future with a one night stand that you never mentioned) They saw a future together and they had a lot more chemistry.
Cassie would understand Dean better; him losing Sam while his best friend ditched him and the whole stopping the apocalypse, but also she is stronger and won’t just accept Dean into her life like a kicked puppy. She’ll help him sure but they can’t just pick up where they left off. She can tell he’s fucked up and she makes him talk about it even though it always ends with them yelling at each other. They would both be good for each other, she already will know how to defend herself against supernatural creatures cause she knows they are real and will do research, she’s a journalist after all. 
And of course Cas knows about Cassie, about Dean’s first true love, and he watches over them. Sometimes when they are fighting and Dean storms out of the house he wants to appear to Dean, give him comfort, but Cassie always yells out the door, “Don’t be such a baby and get inside before you freeze to death!”  Dean will crack a smile, and Cas would reach for it but his hand will drop, as he races back inside to the warmth, to her. Still, Dean sends him a prayer every once in a while. He doesn’t ask for anything but reminds Cas to stay safe. 
Then Dean finding it harder to leave Cassie because unlike with Lisa, he wasn't just playing house. Cassie is upset and hurt from being left behind again being Dean’s second choice, but she also expected it. Sam was back. Of course, he’ll leave. He tries to balance them both but they part as friends. Cassie kicking him out the door saying, “Go. Take care of your brother and maybe call sometime? Even a damn email would be nice.”
And, I don’t know, Cassie ends up with a cute latina and teases Dean about Cas, “Kinda creepy that you’re so hung up on me that you had to find the only angel named Cas.”
And they become little bisexual besties who love and support each other. AND ALIVE. 
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squ1dk1d · 45 minutes ago
Welcome to the totally hit TV show that I did not just make up on the spot, HIRO LIKES TO HOLD THINGS!!
Hiro likes to hold: HEARTS
Tumblr media
Hiro likes to hold: EXCLAMATION POINTS!!
Tumblr media
Hiro likes to hold: HEARTS EXCEPT THEY'RE GAY
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hiro likes to hold: HIMSELF!!
Tumblr media
Lastly, Hiro likes to hold: CHIBI KARMI <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hiro except he's a heart meme!!
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ednak-isbae · 59 minutes ago
What if Hoover and Edna where Abbie's Moms?
I have never once thought of that before and I truly don’t know how I missed it
It’s just so perfect?!?!?! I’m literally just picturing the three of them laying in bed together and Edna’s holding both of them so tightly
I’m just so in love with this idea I can’t even think straight right now omg I need to calm down and think about this some more and I’ll be back with more details later
I just love this so much omg
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roxydemi · an hour ago
We need you ✨ You got big dick ✨
You are so fucking right, nonnie
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thewingedwolf · an hour ago
I can’t remember if I’ve ever done a post about my theory on the ot3 “who is dating who” timeline (general tho- Elliot figures out he’s in love with Hardison about halfway thru season 3, and then parker in the s4 premiere, spends a long time being angry about it and then just accepts it but doesn’t say anything in the grave digger job) but watching Quinn and Eliot, I feel 100% that they fucked after the s4 finale and then Quinn was like “this was awesome but I’m gonna bounce bc I do not want to get involved in a little love quadrangle I’m too old for that shit” and Eliot is like “dear god I’m never gonna get laid again if they all know I’m in love with parker AND Hardison”
And then cue Parker going “so how do we get Eliot to date us” and Hardison going “obviously we annoy him into loving us” and then buys the brewpub
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barnesrogers · an hour ago
hello i accidentally made a viral tik tok about star wars hand cuffs how’s your saturday
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madamescarlette · an hour ago
Decided I needed to be nice to myself and take the night of and of course what I ended up doing was pacing around my house for two hours doing nothing but drink tea and listen to my nighttime playlist. it was a TREAT. 
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