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#they are so funny
sapphiclamb · 59 minutes ago
saying “stop tagging this as spn/stop tagging this as [spn character]” is literally a surefire way to get spn blogs to reblog your post. what’s not clicking loves
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lizardmoor · an hour ago
JOHN you can't tweet 'bring your dancing shoes' then proceed to play hair match, soft targets, black pear tree, hast thou considered the tetrapod, AND exegetic chains
#dance through the tears dance through the tears#also sorry if people were avoiding the setlist idk who follows me#BUT SOFT TARGETS???????#i follow someone who posts abt that song a lot so i really hope they're coping well hdhdhdhd#my godddddd also the Banter (i hate to say that bc british but that's what everyone calls it) WAS SO GOOD THIS TIME#i thought they didn't have as much in volume 3 but this had so much which i love so much :'^)#PETER DOING THE DANCE AT THE END OF CORISCAN MASTIFF STRIDE#JOHN ASKING JON IF HE LIKES DOGS#ALL OF THE NO CHILDREN INTRO#like if you thought the outro to this year (volume 1) had a lot of no children.... prepare for volume 4#ALSO THE DIVORCE COUNSELLING THING WHERE YOU CALL JOHN AND PETER AND THEY TELL YOU TO GET A DIVORCE#i think divorce is a Bit among my friends (or at least our hypothetical band) so i thought that was incredibly funny#ALSO BLOOD CAPSULES HELLO???????????#how am i meant to wake up for school in 5 hours and be expected to function after this#to quote soft targets 'something is wrong with my brain'#AAAAAAAAA I LOVE THEM SO MUCH#i hope concerts are able to exist while i have this interest but i don't think so :(#maybe i'll see them in like 2023 and awaken this main interest again#did i almost cry at going invisible 2 because it was ending. that's none of your business (the answer is yes very much so)#man. that was good. that was good. that was gooooooood#WAIT ALSO JOHN MENTIONED THE CONCEPT OF MILKSHAKE DUCK#THAT'S THE ONE RIGHT? THE MILKSHAKE DUCK TWEET?
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diyvampyrism · 2 hours ago
why does the tramp stamps trending link send me to 911 fox????
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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impulstor · 6 hours ago
its rly funny to me how ambiguous grian's hair color is in regards to fanart/fics
like theres a good portion of people that write or draw him with light brown hair, and a good portion that do so but blonde
dirty blonde hair is the most....... unreliable hair color, i think
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pixelavi · 6 hours ago
I’m just imagining the bystanders perspectives of the vlog, watching these 3 guys just legging it through downtown London
Like imagine you’re in London with your family, and suddenly this absolutely MASSIVE 6’5 guy barrels past you, and then you turn and an almost equally as tall blond kid with a camera is right behind him, and the kid then turns to shout encouragements and swears to a third, much smaller guy, who is wearing the same outfit as the first one, struggling behind them
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safetycarz · 7 hours ago
#oofff i forgot to tell yall dis#behind me in maths class are two f1 fans a guy called j and a girl called g some of u might know them i've posted abt them before#g is annoying as HELL and j is a bit weird but he's funny sometimes. i guess. but idrc about either of them#and they know i'm an f1 fan too and we talk abt it sometimes#and today i was like ayo pass us the textbook lad#n he was like 'ok name an acceptable f1 driver'#AND I SPENT WHAT FELT LIKE AN ETERNITY JUST INTERNALLY SWEATING#because they both hate lewis (they're both tories so i wonder why ....... qwhite interesting ......)#AND I WANTED TO SAY LEWIS BUT I KNEW THEYD DISAGREE AND I HATE IT#THEY DONT EVEN HAVE A REASON THEY EVEN SAID THEY DONT CARE ABOUT HIM WINNING SO ITS LIKE#HMMMMM WONDER WHAT THE REASON IS#BUT I CANT SAY THAT BECAUSE. WELL. I CANT#so i'm just like UHHHH GASLY#and i do love pierre as u all know so it was fine#and then i was like who's an acceptable driver#AND J WAS LIKE MAX VERSTAPPEN HES MY FAVE AND I WAS LIKE BROOOOOOOOOO IM NEVER TAKING U SERIOUSLY AGAIN#I WAS KIDDING BUT LIKE THAT DID IT FOR ME 😭😭😭#as soon as i found out he hates lewis i was like ok this guy has sh*t taste#AND THEN HE HAD THE AUDACITY TO SAY LATER THAN YUKI WAS OVERRATED#MATE U HATE LEWIS *AND* STAN MAX IM NOT GONNA TAKE UR OPINIONS SERIOUSLY ANYMORE#LMAOOOOOOOOO#also ???? we were talking abt the bottas russell crash and the dude next to me goes it was russell's fault he went on the grass#i was like honestly idc about what u think abt the crash YOU LIKE F1 TOO ????????? and then this other dude on the other row was talking#about it as well and i was like HELLO ????? SINCE WHEN WERE THIS MANY PEOPLE INTO F1 ??????#also g (the girl i was talking abt before) was so annoying she went off on a whole speech about the crash and the rest of us were just#looking at her like 🙄😑 GIRL PLEASE LET ME LAUGH AT IT GODDDDDDDDDD SHE SO ANNOYING#ANYWAY#FUN MATHS LESSON THAT
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sanderdeschryver · 11 hours ago
so sweet of the balloon squad to go easy on aaron and jens
they wouldnt have survived :’)
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