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this has become an Al fanblog more than anything else bc I will be having THEE most shit day surrounded by THEE most shit vibes but I can always rely on Al to recalibrate my vibes. I love all of my mutuals for many different reasons but ever since I made my video game blog in like? 2016? al has jus BEEN at the top!!! I almost WISH this site had a top 6 like Myspace so I could just put him in all 6 of the spots. Funniest mutual (abab), most caring mutual, most creative mutual, best aesthetic mutual, he just takes the cake as a mutual

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OC post time! This time with more Private Eyes OCs stuff!

Taylor and Serafina don’t need to be super sleuths to know what’s the most important thing in Chuck Willoughby’s life. Despite his cunning as a lawyer, and his fiery and foul-mouthed attitude, nothing matters more to Chuck than his family: his two lovely kids, and of course, the love of his life.

Marnie Willoughby is the sweetest person you’ve ever met (so yes, basically Chuck’s opposite), and Chuck considers himself the luckiest man for being able to call her his wife. She’s an amazing mother and the most lovable and devoted woman one could imagine. Don’t let that fool you: she can be quite feisty when she wants to!

Still, Lord help anyone who dares put Chuck’s baby in danger.

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