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#they can see me in my writing—so apparently I *am* just like that and it makes me happy to know
lovinghanbin · 3 years ago
100 reasons to love Kim Hanbin
been in a hanbin mood for um 3 years so here goes
works endlessly and so damn hard
writes/produces/composes for not just ikon but other groups (ex. whistle by blackpink and empty by winner) 
has never had a gf
writes and reads poetry
likes history 
video editing legend (check out his ig its here and its the funniest thing on planet earth)
his rap in born hater. legend
gun cocking sounds at the beginnings of both be i and one and only
his hair in the bday mv
gorilla face
jinjinjara jirijirija
arranged a flower arrangement for a costar when he was on get it beauty
has a framed picture of his younger sister on his desk in his bedroom
also that one predebut pic of him and hanbyul when she was practically a newborn and theyre both asleep. its good. 
finally learned how to carry his sister amen
in general tbh hes just super whipped for hanbyul and its the best thing to ever happen to me thansk
“i’m a dotdae korea’s dotdae” 
the way he says “fuck” lmao
is genuinely trying to be less “tigerbin” nowadays 
juggled smtm3 at the same time as mix&match 
rocket and hot in herre.
hes just a multitalented king honestly like he can lead? rap? dance? sing? drink respect women juice? wow
doesnt know korea’s first president and thinks rats are reptiles
dumbin mode
the watermelon contest where he got all pouty and petty when he lost
god his smile! it lights up my whole world it is so damn bright and i am. in love. like his smile genuinely makes me happy and idk i just love him a lot! 
“we gon’ get it poppin’“
he wants to be a bad boy type and i think thats kinda cute ngl
irl according to chanwoo hes an open book (like an idiot) though which is even cuter 
wrote “hug me” four years ago go support return album 
hates when people zoom cameras in on his face (lookin @ u bobby)
loves skinship (loves. skinship)
vowed to himself he wouldnt cry after WIN. apparently hasnt cried since WIN. :(
his part in bday. you know which part. starts at 2:49
he wrote “everything” with psy
read the lyrics to just go
mari and i................ mari and i
the rings on his fingers in the apology mv
soft as fuck for animals like i will never get over how damn soft this man is i am so in love!! im in love
“just let me say it even if it gets edited out! his nipples are tiny”
this look in #wyd right here (the tussled hair/white shirt/ripped black skinny jeans)
i love his nihilism tat like the font and stuff.. when you can see it poking out of the shirt/tank hes
THE WAY HE SAYS “보고 싶다” (I miss you (i think.... im not fluent. at all.)) in #wyd during that montage of him in the aforementioned outfit. WOW.
he always gets worked up when anyone mentioned junhoe and hanbyul together in the same sentence its great
his nonagon pics
tablo says his insta is, along with will smith’s, the funniest profile on the site and is like a webtoon (highkey agree)
“number one” 
lol that time he paused an interview to specifically say that hanbyul IS NOT junhoe’s AND THE FACE HE PULLED WHILE SAYING IT
when he perfectly executed a bottle flip and went “easy”
idk if im the only one who sees it? but his lips are kinda heartshaped? like my eyes when i see him?
asshole kept taking his shirt off during japan concerts i hate him bye
“oh everything is english... i cant speak english” (jinhwan voice: wow)
lean muscle
can finally break an apple with his hands (not without like a lot of random grunting)
“aegyo king” 
1/3 of the clean roommates
predebut billionaire cover 
when he beatboxed during win era and sounded like ? drums? exactly like drums and a bunch of other instruments and could do more than one at a time yeah thats. amazing. (also his pink glasses and blue cardigan while he went hard beatboxing were so great)
those airport pics from forever ago where he wore that black v-neck and his hair was black and over his eyes and oof
loves chocolate
“nice timing” 
he has a really beautiful neck
sometimes sleeps in his studio :( (FINALLY HAS A STUDIO WITH A WINDOW!)
his n o s e wow i just wanna kiss it!
really intense gaze 
this picture (cred @netkon)
love scenario was inspired by like the last 10 minutes of la la land and the fact that that is what inspired him is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful to me... his mind. is beautiful. 
loves South America
once spelled iKON as IKNO. its his own damn group oof
lets go slowly but for a long time!
on a more serious note - he ran away during Mix&Match as he felt too overloaded and only returned because he felt cold... wished he could’ve gone all the way to busan. i really do love and support hiim, and i wish him the best - i hope he feels less overwhelmed, at the very least, now, and more at peace with where he’s at in his life currently. 
really love his two front teeth
THIS GIF (creds to @gnhwan) this is my favorite gif of him because he’s so beautiful? just as a person he is beautiful and the way his cheeks lift and his eyes shine when he laughs is too much for me he is an ANGEL also thats my fav hairstyle of his id say and just everything about the gif. legend. (the gifmaker? also a legend.) 
these gifs of him in the leather jacket... mmm bad boy aesthetic (cred to @mvssmedia... !)
triple kim’s friendship is so Good
i really cant mention hanbin without mentioning his charisma... ikon are some natural born performers guys
bad at overwatch and hes PRESSED about it
i love the way he says “get ready” before they go “showtime” idk just i love it
good at roasting but also always complimenting his members about random ass things (ex. “chanwoo’s so good at gaming... he’s so sexy”)
that time he gave his tortoise to a fan and was like “take good care of him remember to feed him!!” etc.
if there’s paper in front of him he has to rip it up... hands are always fiddling
pats his heart and says “all is well” before he does nervewracking things
hes such a family man you can SEE his happiness and love just. emanate from him about his mom and sister
used to wear beanies all the time.. does so less now i think
that time chanwoo helped hanbin use a bow/arrow and shoot... nice
climbed a coconut tree. fear of heights kicked in. good going bin. (<3)
like i know for sure ive mentioned this already but like. he writes poetry. thats just so..........good... hes really out here handing us his still beating heart and telling us to take care of him
snapback king
cares more about his music than charting and really truly wants us to like the art he puts out because he pours his all into it
that time he said that hes really good at writing depressing lyrics during mix&match... i really want to hug him 
i love it when he wears sunglasses
the way he looks when talking about things hes passionate about or people he loves... i cant really describe it im just a mere mortal but hes so dedicated and committed to everything and everyone around him and i am so lucky to be existing in the same timeline and universe as him thank you for coming to my ted talk and stream love scenario
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deathlyhogwarts · 3 years ago
Remus Lupin x Reader (A significant other)
Request: I'm not sure if you're taking requests right now, but if you ever want to write something kinda angsty, maybe headcanons or a fic where the reader visits Remus over the holidays to cheer him up when he's sick around the full moon? And what his family would think about him having an s/o. I think his mum would like her a lot but his dad might worry about him being hurt. Idk man I'm just always a slut for emo stuff.
A/N: soo i'm back apparently:)) i've been off for a couple of months and haven written literally anything so this was kinda hard to do. hope you like it!! also, i am definitely going to make part 2, not gonna leave you guys on the edge like that:)) any opinion is very much appreciated! xx
Part 2
Tumblr media
It was winter holiday. You were currently on your way to Remus' house knowing the full moon was just yesterday and you wanted to take care of him. You talked about visiting him over the holidays when you were in Hogwarts, but it was never something certain, so you didn't know if your appearance was going to be a surprise. It probably was going to be. Remus most likely didn't remember talking about this, especially if it wasn't settled.
However, you weren't worrying about visiting him, you were worried about his parents; you never actually met them, but they knew about you, they knew Remus had a girlfriend at Hogwarts. You were scared that you would give a bad impression and they wouldn't like you. Just the thought that they would hate you made you shiver. But that wasn't important right now, Remus was the number one priority right now. He was probably very hurt.
Arriving in front of his house, you knocked twice on the door, anxiously waiting for it to open. After a few seconds (which seemed like an eternity) the door opened and in front of you stood a relatively short woman with brown hair, who looked to be in her late 40s. That was Remus' mother. And she was so beautiful! Now you actually saw where Remus got his pretty features from.
"Hello, I'm Y/N-"
"Y/N! You're Y/N! My God, you're so beautiful!" she exclaimed, a big smile appearing on her face. You assumed this was a good sign. You started off with the right step.
"Nice to meet you, ma'am, I'm Remus' girlfriend," you said, awkwardly shifting your weight from one leg to another.
"Oh, I know!" she waved you off. "Remus has told us all about you! Come on in! And please, call me Hope." She opened the door widely and you entered the house, analyzing your surrounding. "Remus is in the living room on the couch, did he know you were coming over?" she asked. "Or was this a surprise?" she whispered.
"We've talked about this but it wasn't certain, so I don't think he knows," you said, smiling as you saw a picture of a five year old Remus playing with a tennis ball.
"He's gonna be so happy! You don't know how much he talks about you-"
"Mum, please, don't scare her off." You heard Remus' voice when you entered the living room. He was on the couch, trying to get up but failing. His face was full of scratches and bandages, as well as the rest of his body. He looked terrible. This was a rough full moon.
"Remus," you said, relieved to see him, and rush to hug him. "You knew I was coming?"
He hugs you back as tightly as he can. "Kinda. I knew you were supposed to come, I just didn't know exactly when." He shrugged. "I've missed you," he whispered into your ear so his mother wouldn't hear.
"Me too," you whispered back. "How are you? What happened last night?" You pulled away, frowning at his wounds.
"I had a fight with an actual wolf," he said raising his eyebrows, looking like he was surprised by his own words. "And I won." He grinned, which made you laugh.
"Well I don't wanna know how the wolf looks like if you look like this," you said, slightly touching a scratch on his face.
After a couple of seconds his mother spoke up: "I'm gonna go make dinner!" she exclaimed, interrupting the uncomfortable silence that has settled in the room. She went in the kitchen with heavy steps and closed the door, but you could hear whispering behind it.
"I think she likes you." Remus smirked at you, cocking an eyebrow. "I don't blame her, you are indeed very likeable." He buried his head in the crook of your neck, inhaling your scent.
"Oh, shut up. There's still your dad I have yet to meet," you said, anxiously playing with his hair.
"You're not seriously worried about that, are you?" He looked up at you and you nodded. "Don't be, he's gonna like you, I know that. And if he doesn't, it doesn't matter, I like you." He pecks your lips just when the kitchen door opens again, this time a very tall man with dark hair coming out. "Dad, this is Y/N. My girlfriend," Remus said, putting an arm around your shoulders.
"Nice to meet you, Y/N, I'm Lyall Lupin." He smiled but it seemed to be kind of forced and shaked hands with you.
"Nice to meet you too, sir," you said and smiled back. When you looked at Remus he smiled and mouthed "See? I told you he was gonna like you!"
"The food is delicious, Mrs. Lupin," you say, trying not to choke because the food was so good.
"Call me Hope, dear." She smiled warmly at you.
"So," his dad cleared his throat, "how did you two meet?" he asked.
You looked at Remus, very amused, while he was warning you with his eyes. "Well at Hogwarts obviously," he said. "But we are in the same house, so it wasn't something uncommon. It was just a simple, very normal day-"
"He fell on me and broke my wrist," you said trying not to laugh.
"Oh, Merlin!" his mother exclaims, but you could see a tint of amusement in her eyes, probably knowing his son's clumsiness.
"Of course, I had a crush on her long before that," he murmured, playing with his food.
"Really? I didn't know that," you said looking at him. You thought that he ended up liking you by taking care of your broken wrist, not at all that he had feelings for you way before that.
"Interesting story," his dad continues. "Tell me, do you see this relationship going anywhere?"
"Lyall!" Hope hits his arm softly. "You can't just ask that!"
"It's okay, really," you reassure her, smiling warmly. "Well, I don't really like to think much about the future, but I like to picture Remus in mine."
After dinner was over, you offered to help Hope with the cleaning, especially since she was a muggle, you tried doing something without magic. Of course you knew how to do the dishes without magic, but since Hogwarts you were used with doing everything with it, so actually putting it aside for a while was a challenge.
"Thank you very much for helping me, dear, I appreciate it." She smiles kindly at you.
"It was a pleasure. But, er, could you tell me where the bathroom is?" you ask Remus' mother as you take off you cleaning gloves.
"Of course, second door on the left."
You follow her instructions but on the way there you hear Remus and his dad talking rather loudly, it sounded almost like an argument. You didn't want to eavesdrop, but it was your boyfriend and you were worried. Plus, you could've sworn you heard your name.
"Dad, she is my girlfriend!" You hear Remus say, putting accent on the word girlfriend.
"I have had girlfriends before your mother and they meant nothing! I am just looking out for you!" His dad said.
"Bullshit," Remus said.
"Does she know about your lycanthropy?"
"What kind of question is that, of course she does! Why else would she have come here over the holidays?"
"Look, Remus, I just think you're in a place where you don't need a girlfriend right now. It's okay, I understand, I've had flings before, it's no big deal-"
"Fling? Fling? I can't believe you!" He was shouting now. "I am here telling you I love her and you are implying that I am with her only to have sex? You've got to be fucking kidding me!" You knew that Remus was making a big effort to shout because of his wounds.
"You watch your language, young man-"
"No, you watch your language-"
That was the last thing you heard before going back into the living room to pick up your stuff. Clearly your staying wasn't welcomed and you didn't want Remus and his dad fighting because of you. You wanted to leave quietly without them noticing because if they heard you that would mean that you eavesdropped, which would give his dad another reason to prove Remus you were wrong for him. You were quickly gathering all your stuff and ready to get out of the house when Remus' voice was becoming more and more clear, hence that he was entering the living room. He was barely walking, but he caught a glimpse of you leaving the house. Immediately, he stopped saying whatever he was saying.
"Y/N!" he yelled. "Y/N, wait, what are you doing?" He tried to run to the door, but failed. When he finally got to the door, you were already on your broom. "Why are you leaving?" he asked, his voice breaking.
You sighed. "I overheard you and your dad. I don't want to be somewhere I am not wanted, I'm sorry, Remus." You look at him sadly. "Maybe he's right."
"No, don't say that, you know he's not." He tried reaching out to you, holding out his arm, but immediately taking it back and groaning from the pain. "Please don't leave, I need you here."
"You have to go back inside and lay down, you're hurt."
"Y/N, stay. It doesn't matter what my father says, you're really listening to what he's saying? I love you, okay? It's just us."
"I'm sorry Remus, I have to go. Take care of yourself," you said and with that, you got up on your broom and left.
"Y/N!" he shouted and groaning at the pain. "For fuck's sake!" He hit a rock with his foot, only increasing the pain. As he went back in the house, his dad was in the living room, along with his mother. "Look what you've done! Are you happy that my《fling》got away? You know, I'm surprised Mum is still with you," he harshly said, even though he didn't mean it. He was just so angry and the fact that he was physically hurt didn't help the fact that he was emotionally hurt.
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jaybirdxarsenal · 3 years ago
Cravings Sequel (Jason Todd x Reader)
Description: Jason is on a mission, the reader is about to have twins and the only people available to be by her side are Damian and Jon, the SuperSons.
This was so requested and I Ioooved writing it. I couldn’t stop, there are over 2000 words. I was already writing it when people started to request it, so I didn’t changed anything, sorry. I hope you won’t get bored and that you will enjoy it! 
Words: 2420
Part 1. Part 2.
‘‘So why aren’t you allowed on patrol?’‘ Damian was sitting next to you on the couch, with a very annoyed look on his face. And not because of you, because Bruce went on a mission with Jason, Dick, even Tim, without him.
‘‘Apparently, I am not allowed to punch a child with handicap.’‘ He said, not taking his eyes from the TV. ‘‘Is the child with handicap Tim?’‘ He nodded. ‘‘Oh, Damian.’‘ You laughed, watching Damian who had a smirk on his face.
‘‘I guess it’s my fault that you are here, not Tim’s.’’ He turned around, looking at you, making you sigh. ‘‘The doctor told us that the babies will be here soon, so Jason didn’t wanted to leave me alone under any circumstances. I knew this mission was important so I told he can go, I can take care of myself, the babies are not coming tonight anyway. He told me he will go only if I stay at the Manor so I guess that’s the reason Bruce punished you.’‘ 
‘‘Yes, I am aware of that. I did worse to Drake than punching him and I wasn’t punished before.’‘
‘‘You are not upset?’‘ You asked confused, knowing how much Damian enjoys going on missions.
‘‘No. I’d rather spend time with a person that shares the interest in some things than Drake.’‘ Your eyes were quickly watery. ‘‘I’m sorry, the hormones.’‘ But there were no hormones. Almost four months ago you meet Damian for the first time, and since then he really grew on you. He loved animals as much as you did, he even came with you every time you went to the shelter you were volunteering at. 
Even though everyone saw Damian as a brat, you saw him as a really sweet and caring boy with a golden attitude. 
‘‘That’s so sweet, Damian.’‘ You said, wiping away the tears from your eyes. ‘‘Master Jonathan is here.’‘ Alfred came in the living room, with Jon by his side. ‘‘Oh, great!’‘ The 13 years old said, with a very unpleasant look on his face. 
But you? You loved Jon. He is like a sweet innocent cinnamon roll in your eyes. You never told anyone but you really wish your son to be like Jon when he grows up.
‘‘[Y/N]!’‘ Jon wrapped his arms around you, holing you tight into a hug. ‘‘How are you? How are the babies?’‘ It was a little weird, you know this people only for four months know but they are like a family to you. 
‘‘They are doing pretty good, punching me in the stomach everyday like I don’t feel pain.’‘ You laughed sarcastic. ‘‘How are you? How are your parents?’‘ 
‘‘Mom is in Asia with her job and dad is with Batman in Central City. He didn’t let me go with him and Batman suggested that I should come here, so here I am. I am so happy to see you!’‘ 
‘‘Me too, Jon! Do you want to watch a really boring movie with us?’‘ 
‘‘That would be fun.’‘ He laughed and Damian rolled his eyes, probably trying to abstain himself from saying something rude. The last time you almost begged him to be more nice with Jon.
‘’Miss [Y/N], I must go out for a couple hours, if anything happens just call me, I’ll be right back.’’ You nodded. ‘’Let’s change the movie, guys, this is to boring.’’ You said after 15 minutes. ‘’First, let’s make more popcorn.’’ You approved.
Jon and you went into the kitchen, followed by Damian, who just wanted to make sure you two don’t set something on fire. And for a moment you thought you were the adult in the house.
‘‘Everyone knows how to make popcorn. You just need to put it in the microwave.’‘ Jon said really sure on himself. ‘‘Yes, but if you don’t chose the right time it might blow up. I’ll do it.’‘ 
‘‘No!’‘ Jon protested and they started to fight. You wanted to stop them, but you felt your muscles from your lower part shortening and tightening, making you feel like someone was stabbing you over and over again. ‘‘Guys…’‘ You put one hand on your stomach while with the other you were trying to support yourself by holding the kitchen table. 
Damian and Jon were to busy fighting, but when you screamed because of the pain, they both looked at you confused. ‘’Are you okay, [Y/N]?’’ Jon asked worried. ‘’It just….it hurts so bad.’’ Damian put his hand around your waist, making sure you aren’t going to fall.
‘‘I just need to lay down.’‘ You said, feeling how the pain started to go away. Only to come back a few seconds after. ‘’Give me the phone, please, I have to call the doctor.’’ You tried to call him for five minutes, but no answer. ‘’Motherfucker.’’ You whispered, calling him again. ‘’Glad you finally answered, I am definitely not dying!’’ You screamed when he finally answered.
‘‘Are you having contractions?’‘ He asked, not surprised. ‘‘For the past 7 minutes and it’s getting worse.’‘ 
‘‘Can you come to the hospital or do you want me to send an ambulance? The babies are coming, I’ll be waiting for you here.’‘ 
‘‘I don’t need a fucking ambulance.’‘ You screamed, hanging up. ‘‘Shit! How the fuck I get to the hospital now? I can’t drive, I’ll kill 20 people and probably my babies too.’‘ You panicked as the pain was getting worse.
‘‘I’ll drive. Let’s go!’‘ You didn’t knew that Damian really knows how to drive, and the fact that you arrived at the hospital in just five minutes without killing anyone really surprised you.
The man who has been your doctor for the past 8 months was waiting for you as he said on the phone. There was a nurse who helped you change and the boys who only let you alone for a minute while you were changing.
‘’Where is my phone? I have to call Jason.’‘ You asked and the boys looked at each other. ‘‘I don’t have it.’‘ Both said in the same time. ‘‘Then give me your phone.’‘ 
‘‘I am not allowed to have one. I’m only 10.’’
‘‘I don’t need a phone.’‘
‘‘Are you fucking kidding me?’‘ You screamed, and the nurse quickly looked for her phone in her pockets. ‘‘Here, use mine.’‘ She gave you her phone, not because she wanted to be kind, she just wanted you to shut up.
You dialed his number, hoping that he will answer. ‘’Motherfucker, why the hell he doesn’t pick up? I swear to God when I see him I am going to…Never mind, the number is wrong, ups, my bad.’’ 
This time you reread the number three times, to make sure you got it right. ‘’Babe?’’ You said when you heard Jason breathing on the other line. ‘’Babe, is something wrong?’’ He asked, knowing that you wouldn’t call him on a mission, only if it was important. ‘’The babies are coming. I’m at the hospital.’’
‘‘Shit, babe, now?!’‘  For a moment you thought this was a bad idea, maybe you shouldn’t called him, now he is panicked and won’t be focused with the mission. But you knew that if you didn’t called him he would be really angry and upset. ‘‘Pretty much. I’m in labor. The nurse said I’m only at 5 cm and it might take a while.’‘ You tried to stay focused, ignoring the pain, when all you wanted to do was scream and kill everyone.
‘‘Look, I’ll be there as soon as I can, I promise!’‘ You bit your lower lip. ‘‘Okay.’‘ You whispered. ‘‘I’m with Damian and Jon, I’ll call Alfred. Shit! It hurts so bad. Be careful, okay?’‘ Your voice cracked and you tried to not cry. ‘‘I love you, babe! I’ll be there, I promise.’‘
‘‘I love you too.’‘ You knew that Jason was freaking out right now, Central City wasn’t that close to Gotham and he didn’t wanted to miss it. 
At first, he thought that filming the birth of your children it was pretty weird, but as the time passed he decided that it’s actually a great idea. He even bought a camera special for that. ‘‘So we can torture them when they grow up.’‘
The nurse looked at you worried, leaving the room in a hurry. ‘’What is going on?’’ You asked confused, but the boys were as confused as you were. She came back with the doctor, now they both had the same look on their faces.
‘‘Look, [Y/N], one of the babies doesn’t get oxygen as it should, we have to do a C-section now.’‘ In that moment you felt like the sky fell on Earth, you couldn’t lose one of your babies. ‘‘I did it a thousands time. I promise, everything is going to be fine.’‘ He continued, when he saw you looking at him with horror. 
‘‘I can’t do this alone. I…I can’t…I need Jason. Where is Jason?’‘ You felt like you couldn’t breath, like someone was slowly taking away your oxygen. ‘‘[Y/N], it’s okay!’‘ Damian took your face in his face, trying to make eye contact. ‘‘I am here, Jon is here, Alfred it’s on his way, you are not alone.’‘
‘’He wanted to film it. Jason. He wanted to torture our children when they grow up.’‘ Tears were running on your face, while your body was shaking. ‘‘We will film it, I promise!’‘ 
‘‘I’ll do it only if I am awake the hole time. And these two are coming with me.’‘ You pointed at Jon and Damian. ‘‘They aren’t allowed in the OR.’‘ Damian grabbed the doctor by his tie, bringing him down at the same height. ‘‘I don’t care about your stupid rules, I won’t let anyone hurt my niece or my nephew, understood?’‘
‘‘I guess we can make an exception. But you have to calm down, okay?’‘
The pain was gone, you were able to move only from the breasts up. Before the nurses took you to the OR, you told the boys to take the camera Jason bought from your bag. It was there for the past month. You were scared that the babies will come earlier, and that maybe Jason will be on patrol and he won’t have time to grab it. You knew how important this was for Jason, and how broken he will be that he will miss it.
‘‘Did you called Jason? To let him know?’‘ Damian nodded, holding your hand, sitting on a chair right next to your head, while Jon was holding the camera, making sure to film everything. 
It was pretty weird, you never thought you will end up having your twins with Batman’s son and Superman’s son by your side. They are indeed young, but they managed to stay calm and be there for you, supporting you.
‘’Are you sure you can handle some blood, Jon?’‘ Damian teased him, and you smiled. ‘‘I saw 5 cows giving birth, Damian, one of them needed C-section, I know how this works.’‘ You laughed and Damian rolled his eyes with a smile on his face.
‘‘Okay, [Y/N], they are making the cut. It’s pretty big. It’s actually big.’‘ The doctor rolled his eyes at Jon’s comments, while his assistant smiled. They weren’t expecting that either. A woman having C-section with a 13 years old and a 10 years old in the OR with her. ‘’They are still cutting. Yep. That’s really deep.’’  
Jon told you every step the doctor made, letting you know that everything is going well. 
You heard the door opening, but you couldn’t see who came in. 
‘’I’m here.’’ You breathe relieved when you heard Jason’s voice. ‘’You came.’’ Damian moved, making room for Jason. 
‘’I wouldn’t miss it for anything in this world.’’ Hearing his voice was like a song, and seeing his eyes was like the most beautiful piece of art. ‘’I missed you.’’ He squeezed your hand gently, and even thought you couldn’t see because of the mask, you knew he was smiling. ‘’I missed you too.’’
‘‘Oh, our lord Jesus Christ!’‘ Jon screamed. ‘‘The first baby is out.’‘ The doctor said, but you weren’t able to see a thing. ‘‘Congratulation! You have a beautiful baby daughter.’‘ The words hit you and Jason, both of you started crying.
‘‘Aw, she looks like a potato.’‘ You and Jason laughed. ‘’She doesn’t look like a potato!’‘ Damian protested. ‘‘She looks like more like a sphinx cat.’‘ You expected Damian to take your daughter’s part, but no, he said it looks like a cat without fur.
You heart was beating really fast when she cried for the first time, letting you know that she is okay. ‘’She’s gorgeous, babe, don’t listen to them.’’ Jason was stroking your face, looking only at you, the baby and the doctor, making sure everything is okay.
‘‘Here comes the second potato.’‘ Jon was so excited. 
‘‘He has a little problem with breathing but we are going to fix it immediately.’‘ The doctor tried to calm you and Jason, when the baby wasn’t crying. All smiles faded, and everyone was expecting the little one to cry.
When he finally did, everyone cheered like it was a soccer game. 
‘‘Dad, that was awesome! You never told me babies look like potatoes when they are born.’‘ Clark Kent laughed, messing his son’s hair. 
‘‘When we can see [Y/N] and the babies? The nurse said a few minutes, a few minutes ago.’‘ No one thought that Damian will be so excited for the babies, but since that day when Jason couldn’t make it to your doctor’s appointment and Damian volunteered to come, since that day when he heard their little heart beats, you knew Damian is going to be a great uncle for your kids.
‘‘I want to hold the babies.’‘ Was the first thing Dick said when he entered into the room. ‘‘Oh, yes, hello, [Y/N].’‘ 
Jason was holding your daughter, while you were holding your son. ‘’Damian, you were right, they really look like cats without fur.’’ Tim punched Dick in the arm, making you and Jason laugh. ‘’I was joking! God, these days people can’t make a joke anymore.’’
‘‘What are their names?’‘ Jon asked excited.
‘‘Well, Jon, she is Catherine Joanna Todd and he is Nathaniel Damian Todd.’‘ The look on their faces when they heard the babies name was priceless, and you really regret that no one took a picture.
Even though Dick protested, everyone agreed that Jon and Damian will hold the babies first. 
‘‘You will be the best superhero this universe ever saw. I’ll teach you everything I know.’‘ Jon placed a little kiss on her forehead that melted your heart. ‘’And he will be the next Robin, the best Robin.’’
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kirislut · 11 months ago
Can I request Bakugou x reader where he's a pro hero and the reader is a civilian friend who he likes. They told him where their hidden key is if he ever needed to crash and their place was the closer option. One day he takes that offer, going in, using their shower and kitchen. They almost didn't noticed when they returned home and crashed on the couch. And then he starts doing it frequently because he likes being there and resting with them? Also happens to prevent someone breaking in too?
Tumblr media
a/n: i always love like prohero writings, because it makes me happy seeing that class 1a made it shxksisn sorry me being soft but here ya go! also bakugou is more mature here, idk i imagine prohero bakugou more calm and cocky, still angry just able to handle it more. 
warnings: bakugou(swearing), break in
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
you never thought you would become friends with a pro hero, especially one that you highly admired. admired for his hard work and because he was good looking.
it all started unexpectedly, you were driving home after a long day of running errands. you looked away for a second to change the song when you heard a loud shout, causing you to step on the brakes. yet a body still collided with the front of the car, then fell onto the ground. ‘did i just run someone over? oh my god.’
you nearly busted your car door wide open to go and help whoever you had just hit, but you froze when you saw bags of spilled money on the road. “woah, trying to steal all my credit? you managed to stop them before me.”
spinning around your eyes landed on the pro hero ground zero. the. pro. hero. ground. zero. now you weren’t sure what to be shocked about, the fact you hit some apparent villain or the fact that ground zero was talking to you. yea your inner fan girl won over.
“holy shit you’re ground zero.” the hero let out a small chuckle, a cocky attitude immediately taking him over because he could tell you were at least impressed. maybe even a fan? he didn’t know that his fans could be so cute. that shocked look you wore in your face because he was talking to you? that inflated his ego, as if it couldn’t grow any bigger.
“yes i am, good job taking down that villain by the way. how did you see us?” he questioned as he moved past you, grabbing the villain by the back of the shirt and lifting them up and over his shoulder.
hearing his question made you let out a little chuckle of sheepishness. “well i actually didn’t see them coming, it was an accident....” a wave of embarrassment washed over you as the pro hero tilted his head and cocked his eyebrow at you.
“you hit them on accident?”
the blonde stared at you before letting out a snort, “jesus maybe you should be taken in instead.” you let out a breath of relief, worried for a moment but glad he was just joking.
after that you actually had to be questioned and such by the police, for the report, so you were able to spend a little more time with the pro hero. it was nice, playful banter with maybe. just maybe some flirting?
as you were leaving the hero followed you to your car, ya know just make sure you got there safe of course. not because he thought you were kinda cute of whatever.
“congrats, you can be a sidekick ya know.” you just laughed, shaking your head. “no the hero life isn’t for me sadly. but if i ever change my mind i’ll let you know.” you opened up your car door and slide into your drivers seat.
“well too bad, just try not to hit anyone else on your way home.” he smirked softly, but his expression changed as he remembered something. he fished for something in his pockets as you shut your car door and rolled the window down.
“jesus fuck where did i put it.” as he continued to search you buckled up and waited for whatever the hero was going to give you. you buckled up as you waited for him to get whatever he was looking for.
“THERE IT IS!” he shouted, letting out of a huff of anger since it was buried in his pocket. in between his fingers he held out a black business card towards you. “it’s my number, let me know if you ever crash into someone. or if there’s a villain. i’ll make sure to save the day as usual.” he wore his signature grin as you grabbed the card, smiling and internally freaking out. thank you’s and goodbyes were said towards each other then you drove off home.
you thought you wouldn’t see the pro hero again any time soon since it was a coincidence and all, also because his agency isn’t close to where you reside. but not even a week later you see him patrolling not to far from your apartment during the night.
as you approached your apartment building, the pro hero was as well. you were currently debating if you should say something, but would he even remember you? he probably dealt with a lot of fans everyday. he was a famous hero after all. but as you were thinking and just blatantly staring at the spiky blonde, he recognized you from afar. “hey it’s the bad driver.”
bakugou quickened his pace slightly to approach you, it’s not like he wanted to talk to you or something. oh no he was just going to check up on a civilian walking alone in the middle of the night of course.
seeing him come straight towards you made you flush in embarrassment, did he realize you were staring at him? but you did your best to act cool when he stopped in front of you. “what are you doing out here, aren’t you far away from your agency?”
the pro hero huffed when you beat him to asking the ‘what are you doing here’ question. “i was about to ask you what you’re doing walking around by yourself this late.”
“oh i was just coming back from a night out with friends. and it was close enough to walk.” you explained simply as the hero nodded in response. “i’m guessing you also didn’t want to run anyone over again?”
you wrinkled your nose at his teasing, making the hero chuckle softly at your little pout. “it was an accident! and they were a villain. but you still didn’t answer my question.”
“to simplify my agency is going to start covering this area as well. so were in the process of establishing another head quarters and now i’ll be patrolling around this area more often.”
hearing his explanation honestly filled you with a childish glee, this meant you could run into hero more. just hopefully not with your car. but maybe you could be able to talk to him more, just maybe.
luckily your maybes came true, you were able to see ground zero more often and mostly during the night. the two of you would share quick conversations, just asking about how the other was and of course the usual teasing of you hitting that villain. he would never let it down.
but one night you saw that he was quite dirty and looked exhausted. you started to insist that he just rest in your apartment but of course he refused. he didn’t want to be a bother besides, he was fine. though even if he refused you told him about the spare you had taped under you door mat. not under your door mat because that was too obvious, besides no one actually checks the back of a door mat anyways.
you knew it would take a while for bakugou, he didn’t want you to call him ground zero anymore since you guys were friends now, to accept your offer. so you in the back of your mind you always remembered that he could just show up one day. but one day you were particularly exhausted, work was nothing but terrible.
so when you walked through your apartment you collapsed onto your couch, not having enough energy to make it to your bed. “oi (y/n) if you’re gonna sleep at least go to your bed.”
suddenly hearing bakugou’s voice scared you enough to fall off the couch from trying to sit up too quickly. hearing the thud, bakugou peeked out from the kitchen to see you had fallen on the floor. he didn’t hesitate to start laughing his ass off from you falling.
you sat up straight, glaring at the male. you scrambled up to your feet, flushing in embarrassment. “DON’T SCARE ME LIKE THAT!” you shouted, causing the hero to soften his laughter. “right sorry, but that was fucking hilarious.” he was still trying to calm down, but you were still upset. though seeing him laugh was pretty cute, but no you had to be upset.
actually as you watched him, you could tell that his hair was slightly damp, he had taken a shower it seemed. he was also just wearing his tank top and pants from his hero costume, but did his biceps always look that big? when did they get so defined.
“hey idiot, stop staring and lets eat. i made some food.” you hadn’t noticed he stopped laughing, but you snapped out of your dreamy state and cocked your head to the side. “food?”
he hummed in response as he turned back to go into the kitchen, coming out with two plates of pasta he made. “i figured you’d be hungry, cause i fucking am.” you were about to snatch the plate away from him so you could just eat on the couch, but he moved away before you could snatch it. “you’re eating at the table, not on the couch. you might make a mess.”
your face temporarily twisted into a scowl, you just wanted to eat. but you knew he was right, so you just followed him to your little dinning table. the both of you shared a very pleasant dinner, the food was nothing less of perfection and the chatter was comfortable.
those nights were definitely what you looked forward too now, it wasn’t every day but at least a few days a week. you would come home, he would freshen up and make food, the two of you would eat or watch a movie, then he would crash on the couch. his visiting was causing your feelings or admiration turn into a rather huge crush.
it wasn’t any better for the pro hero, if anything it might’ve been worse. he knew he could just go home instead of crashing at your place, but it was closer. at least that’s what he was telling himself. it’s not like he looked forward to seeing you and hearing you praise him for his hero work or his cooking. it’s not like he would peek into your room to see your sleeping form just before he left your apartment. no he wouldn’t do that, he was just making sure you were alright. it was his duty as a hero after all, to make sure you were safe no matter what.
tonight was a little different from usual, bakugou called you saying that he was off on a mission so you didn’t need to wait up for him. it wasn’t the first time this happened but you still felt a little disappointed that you weren’t able to see him. so when you heard some footsteps, you were quick to sit up in bed.
you waited for a moment since the footsteps had stopped, it was then a uneasy feeling washed over you. bakugou would always shower first no matter what, even if you were home first he wouldn’t go up to you until he showered. because he didn’t want you smelling his dirt and grime, so why was there footsteps near your bedroom door and not your bathroom.
quietly, you rushed over to your bed again and fished around the blankets to grab your phone. once you had it you immediately called bakugou’s phone, hearing the dialing tone and anticipating footsteps didn’t help calm your nerves.
“bakugou someone is here, i can hear footsteps.”
“what? wait (y/n) i’m almost there just hide!”
you nodded, feeling slightly less worried since you knew bakugou would be here soon. but when you saw your bedroom doorknob slowly start to turn, that slight relief you felt vanished in an instant.
anxiety was gnawing away at you as you sat on your bed, burning holes into the door with your intent stare. the doorknob stopped turning, but it only worsened as the door started to slowly swing open. you could make out an arm through the sliver the opening, what was going to happen when they saw you sitting there. what if they had a weapon, you were going to be taken hostage?
“DIEEEE!!” a loud crash erupted further down your apartment then then led to a series of explosions and lots of yelling. you sat there stunned, previous anxiety was replaced with confusion. but as you pieced two and two together you scrambled off from your bed and swung open your bedroom door.
bakugou was outside your bedroom door, pinning down a person dressed in all black who was probably knocked out. as you took in the scene you had never seen the hero so furious before, he was clenching his jaw so tightly you were worried his teeth would break. “bakugou—“
his head quickly twisted to look over at you, his look of anger dissipating and being overtaken by worry. he got off of the poor person and rushed to you. he grabbed your shoulders and immediately started to look around you, “are you okay? did you get hurt?”
watching him frantically look you over made you smile slightly, mostly just relieved that he was here. you brushed his hands off of your shoulder and moved forward, hugging him tightly. you hid your face in his chest as he stood there, taken aback that you were hugging him so suddenly.
“i’m fine bakugou, thank you for saving me.”
the blonde let out a sigh of relief, letting his arms wrap around your waist as he held you close. “you dumbass, you left the door unlocked. what if i was out on some mission and i couldn’t save you?”
hearing his theory, you just shook your head in response. you pulled from the hug just slightly so you could look at him. a smug grin spread across your face as he returned your gaze, “well i know you’ll always save me. no matter what.”
seeing your smug expression and confident words about him, made him all to happy. so in the heat of the moment he leaned down and closed the space between you. pressing his lips against yours in a deep kiss. your eyes widened slightly, but didn’t hesitate to kiss him back.
you only pulled apart until your lungs were practically begging for air, so little pants escaped your slightly swollen lips as you looked up at the blushing hero. suddenly you remembered your situation, “shouldn’t you get them out of here?” you asked, tearing your eyes from bakugou to give the passed out person on your floor a glance.
Tumblr media
he tsked at you and rolled his eyes, grabbing your chin so that you were staring at him again. “they can fucking wait, right now. i need to take care of you first.”
oh it was a long night, mostly filled with kisses, but also because you had to accompany your now boyfriend to turn in the fool who tried to break into your apartment. but now you never had to be scared again, because you knew that your hero would save you. he would always save you no matter what.
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violettelueur · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
↳ featuring : itadori yuji + fushiguro megumi + inumaki toge from jujutsu kaisen
↳ warnings : grammar issues
↳ form : headcanons
↳ published : 06 april
↳ pronouns : non specified in headcanon
↳ request : I'm so excited that you're open! Okay, can I request yuji, megumi, toge, and miwa(if you write for her, if not then you can ignore that or choose someone else) catching their s/o staring at them super lovingly. I'm talking the look in their eyes is super tender, they've got a soft smile, and their expression is just super loving and a soft pink as if their staring at the only thing in the world in that moment. This idea came to like 2 days ago at 3 am, and I haven't stopped thinking about it. Thank you!
↳ barista’s notes : so little rant here...i pre-ordered volume 0 and 8 since is now april and where the hell are my manga books? ALSO I DON’T NEED TIKTOK PEOPLE TELLING ME THEY GOT THEM WITH THE ‘IS YOU MAD THAT I’M RICH’ AUDIO...MAYBE LET ME HAVE THE CHANCE TO GET THEM WITH THE LAST REMAINING MONEY FROM MY LAST PAYCHECK SINCE I GOT NO JOB NO MORE BECAUSE OF COVID AND SCHOOL ʕノ•ᴥ•ʔノ ︵ ┻━┻.....other than that, i hope you enjoy your cup of classic black coffee and you are welcomed back anytime soon ʕ≧ᴥ≦ʔ
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
When Itadori finds you staring at him, it’s most likely during when he was laughing at a movie scene that you both were watching (well..him not you) or when he was playing a game.
You can’t help but look at him with so much love since when he laughs or smiles, it’s like the most precious thing in the world - like something you want to keep safe and sound.
Itadori will look at you back for a few seconds before asking what you are staring at with a smile of his own -  I don’t see him being a shy person, he’s quite open to everyone he has met.
“What are you staring at?”
“Nothing, I just really love you”
I feel like he is emotionally intelligent, so when he notices the soft tender look in your eyes as well as the soft smile that is displayed on your face - he will find it really adorable.
He doesn’t say it but he is greedy for your attention, so the fact that you are staring at him the way that you do, makes him really happy because he lowkey does the same look at you.
After the little staring contest, he will place a lot of kisses on your face and just hug you really tightly in his embrace - to convey that he loves and adores you as well.
Cuddles will be given to you because Itadori will be in such a state of happiness that he can’t help but just hold you.
He will always announce that he loves you as well because the whole world needs to know apparently.
Tumblr media
When Fushiguro catches you in the act of staring at him, he will give you a weirded out look before looking away in the opposite direction to hide his blushing face from you.
It was probably during the time when he is just randomly scrolling on his phone or when he is reading a book and you are just laying your head on the table while staring at him.
After he thinks his blush is gone (it hasn’t) he will turn back to look at you and ask what you are looking at in an irritated tone - he isn’t by the way.
“What? What are you looking at?”
Just hold his face and say that you love him - it will be game over for him because he will look down to hide his face once again.
“You’re so pretty, I love you Megumi”
He will quickly retreat and hide his face in the crook of your neck because he’s just really embarrassed/shy at how you are able to make him break with just a tender and endearing look on your face.
The fact you are softly smiling at him as well makes his nonchalant self break down even more since he can’t help but love the way you look at him.
You will hear him mumble that he loves you as well, but it’s a bit difficult since his face is literally smushed because he doesn’t want you to see him.
Just play with his hair as well as a little kiss on the cheek and that should help him calm down for a bit.
Tumblr media
When Inumaki notices that you are staring at him, he will just stare at you back for a good few minutes because like...he can’t say what he is thinking.
It was most likely during when he was watching a Youtube video - because it is now canon that he likes watching them.
I don’t know why but when he said “konbu” (it means hi, like hi there, why are you staring at me?) it’s quite funny because it breaks the silence of the staring contest you both were having.
He will notice the soft look that you have and will just stare into your eyes because he can see the amount of love you have in your eyes for him - to Inumaki, you look so in peace with him.
Inumaki is very lucky that he has a school jacket that covers half of his face because he does have a light blush painted on his cheeks right now.
When you say to him, “I love you so much, do you know that?”, Inumaki will have the brightest expression on his face - okay like I have heard no one talk about this...but Inumaki’s purple eyes are so beautiful.
Inumaki will give you a closed eye smile and will zip down his collar to show you his cute smile since he wants to show you that he is really happy that you told him that.
Inumaki will put his phone away and proceed to give you a few kisses on your cheeks while hugging you close to him because he finds you so cute that you said that.
After the lovey-dovey attention that you have been getting, Inumaki will just snuggle close to you and turn his phone back on to watch the video, but now it’s his turn to stare at you with the same look of love and endearment that you had for him.
Tumblr media
© violettelueur 2021 : written and published by violettelueur - do not steal or repost
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marshmallow-phd · 3 years ago
Touch or Dare
Tumblr media
Request:  Hi! Can I request something?Something with Chanyeol,where he has feelings for you which you aren’t aware of,but the boys are.You are a quite touchy, dirty minded person who likes to make jokes, often towards him,and he gets flustered all the time,and the boys tease him. One night,playing a game,you have to kiss and Chanyeol says you don’t have to but you’re like fuck it and kiss him and he’s speechless and so flustered. U can write anything u want,I just love teasing and blushing heh. Ty💗💗💗💗
A/N: Okay, so I couldn't really do the dirty minded part. I am not dirty minded at all, in fact I’m the one my friends laugh at because I don’t get dirty jokes. So, everything I wrote that I thought could be dirty was really just horrible and cringey and I had to erase it! I hope you still love it though! If not, let me know!
Genre: Fluff!
Pairing: Chanyeol x reader
“Please tell me that we are still on for tomorrow night?”
You approached the small group of boys sitting in the cafe of SM Entertainment. Working with the production team in the recording booths made you very familiar with a majority of the idols littered around the mega power of Korean pop, but the boys of EXO were the ones you were closest to. They welcomed you with open arms and you hung out with them frequently outside of work hours. There was just something about their personalities that drew you in and you were happy that they seemed to enjoy you as well.
Lately, though, you’ve hardly seen them as they were traveling the globe for their most recent tour. Even from this distance you could see how tired they were. At least they were finally getting rest. You hated how hard they worked, but the payoff was worth it.
Taking the free chair next to Chanyeol, you threw an arm around his neck. Skinship was just a normal part of who you were, having grown up abroad. Most of your friends in Korea were used to your touching, but it never failed to turn the tips of Chanyeol’s ear red. It entertained you, how the deep voiced, flirty-on-stage idol could be so easily flustered. You tended to be touchier with him, if for more than one reason. You once asked if you made him uncomfortable. With a large smile, he shook his head, giving you permission to continue.
Satisfied with his reaction, you removed your arm, getting one last poke to his cheek in before turning to the others. Baekhyun had a mischievous gleam in his eyes and Sehun and Jongin exchanged a curious glance, but you chose to ignore it, seeking an answer for your question.
“We’re on break right now, so coming over should be no problem,” Jongdae replied.
“Good,” you smirked. “I already bought enough food to feed you bottomless pits.”
“And drinks?” Sehun asked slyly.
You rolled your eyes. “Yes, plenty of drinks. But if any of you throw up on my floor, I’m banning you from my apartment.”
Jongdae gave a mock salute. “Yes, ma’am.”
“Why do I put up with you?” you grumbled.
“Because your life would be boring without us,” Sehun teased.
“Sure,” you mocked. “If I didn’t have you guys, I would have no life at all.” Your sarcasm was apparently missed by the maknae who was beaming at you with pride. Checking your phone, you had a message from your boss, asking you to come back to the booth. “I got to go, but I’ll see you guys tomorrow at seven.”
With one last ruffle to Chanyeol’s hair, you stood up and walked back to the recording studio.
All the food was laid out on your table and the drinks were nice and cold and you were so not surprised that they were late. There could be a plethora of reasons for their tardiness. Your best guess was that they were playing video games and had just lost track of time. It wouldn’t have been the first time. Not one to be too upset, you just sat on your couch phone in hand. Music was playing in the background and you hummed along with it, scrolling through social media.
Finally, the doorbell rang. Slowly, determined not to seem too eager, you got up and went to the door, opening it nonchalantly.
Seven boys smiled at you sheepishly. It made you a bit sad that Yixing was back in China visiting family and Junmyeon was participating in a musical so neither of them could make it, but you were still happy that someone showed up.
“It’s Chanyeol’s fault.” Sehun immediately threw his hyung under the bus, not even waiting for you to say hello.
Baekhyun laughed. “He couldn’t decide on what to wear.”
You looked over the giant who was refusing to meet your eyes. He was wearing a t-shirt with the sleeves cut off and a pair of nice fitting jeans. Taking the hem of his shirt in between your thumb and index finger, you tugged on the fabric playfully.
“You could have worn whatever you wanted to, Loey.”
Like paint had been thrown on his face, every inch of his skin from the neck up turned red. No one but you ever directly called him by his producer name, at least not seriously; it was purely for show in the copyrights section of the albums. But you liked it. It was much better than some of the other ones you’d heard of. They tried too hard to be cool, but Loey was simple and taken straight from Chanyeol’s name making it even more memorable.
“Alright, where’s the food?” Jongdae barged into your apartment. “I’m starving.”
They herded past you and straight into the kitchen, surrounding the table in seconds.
For a while, the group just stayed there near the food and drinks, talking and filling their stomachs. You should have known it was only a matter of time before the beagle line came up with some sort of antic.
“We should play a game,” Baekhyun announced.
You shrugged. “I’ve got a few board games and a couple decks of cards.”
Jongdae waved the suggestion away. “Nah, that’s too boring.”
“Why not truth or dare?” Sehun chimed in. Of course he would be in on it.
You scoffed. “What are we? Teenagers?”
The game was fun when you were in high school, but shouldn’t gatherings with adults be more – well, adultish?
“Fine. Let’s make it interesting.” Baekhyun countered. “Do you have Jenga?” You nodded, getting a feeling of where he was going with this. “Sweet. Instead of just going around the group and asking, whoever knocks over the tower is the victim. The group collectively will get to decide the punishment.”
In your peripheral, you saw Minseok grimace. Poor thing. Jenga was certainly not in his array of talents. You and Kyungsoo exchanged a look of irritation. This wasn’t exactly what you had in mind when you’d invited them over, but you were clearly outnumbered.
Chanyeol was suspiciously quiet during this exchange. His hands were in his pockets as he leaned against the counter, eyes trained on the floor. You shuffled over to him, leaning on the sharp corner. There wasn’t any space left between the two of you and his body heat was radiating onto your skin. You didn’t mind, though. It was comforting, like a blanket fresh out of the dryer.
“Hey,” you nudged him with your elbow, getting his attention. “You don’t have to play if you don’t want to.”
His wide eyes turned to you as he scratched the back of his head. “No, no. I’ll play. They won’t let me live it down if I chicken out.”
You sighed with fake sympathy. “You’re right. The poor shrimps would make your life hell for not playing Jenga.”
That made him laugh. You loved that smile and you loved how it was rarely absent from his face even more.
You mentally slapped that thought away. Nope. Not going there. Not while he is directly next to you.
The kitchen was empty now, everyone else having migrated to your living room. They called out for the two of you to join them, so, giving in, you wrapped your fingers around Chanyeol’s bicep and tugged out of the kitchen as he tripped along behind you.
The only free spots around your coffee table were right next to each other, leaving you no choice but to sit to his right. Not that you minded. If he sat across from you, you would have had a difficult time keeping your eyes off of him. Why did he have to wear a sleeveless shirt? Those arms should be illegal.
“Okay!” Baekhyun exclaimed. “Let’s get this party started!”
Several rounds of Jenga later, you were getting exhausted. You had learned much more than you ever needed to know, including Baekhyun’s underwear preference and an obnoxious and impossible reason as to why Kyungsoo’s hair had been growing so fast lately. Usually, you didn’t mind being the only girl, but suddenly you wished there had been some estrogen on your side of their perverted minds. But, no. Amber had to be stateside.
It was the final round, as declared by the boys since Jongin was practically curled up on your rug ready to fall asleep at any moment. Chanyeol was currently trying to wedge out a piece of wood from the middle of the tower. It looked like a spine by now, bare bones and dangerously teetering with each millimeter of movement.
Your concentration was on Chanyeol’s fingers otherwise you might have caught Baekhyun nudging Jongdae, who you missed replying silently with his eyebrows. Unnoticed by everyone, Baekhyun oh-so-lightly tapped the leg of the table just enough to send the tower crumbling down.
Chanyeol’s cry of defeat was so loud you were worried your neighbors would be able to hear it. Cops showing up because a noise complaint wouldn’t bode very well for the boys.
Clamping a hand over his mouth to stifle any more noise, you tried hard not to laugh. “Shhh. I have neighbors, you know.”
He calmed down and you removed your hand. Jongdae seemed all too happy with the turn of events.
“You know the drill, Chanyeol,” he snickered. “Truth or dare?”
With a cute expression, Chanyeol pouted his lips, murmuring, “Dare.”
All the boys, including Kyungsoo, looked at each other gleefully.
“We dare you to kiss (y/n).”
Your jaw dropped. Never have they made any sort of romantic gesture your way, anything affectionate beyond a comforting hug. To them you were a sister. Or so you thought.
Wide-eyed and stuttering, Chanyeol shook his head fervently. “N-no way. I’ll take the penalty.”
Minseok raised an eyebrow. “You don’t want to kiss (y/n)?”
The poor thing was now as red as his hair from the monster era. “N-no. I-I just don’t want to do that to her. Just give me the penalty.”
You stared at Chanyeol. If he didn’t kiss you, he’d get flicked in the forehead by each of the members, yourself included. There was no way you could do that. You also didn’t want to see him get hurt, giant red welts forming on his face, even if was all fun and games. Plus – if you were forced to be honest with yourself – you did like the goofball. When would you ever get the chance to steal his lips again?
With a newfound sense of bravery, you grabbed his face and placed your lips on his. At first, he was a statue, unmoving against the contact. Sighing at the lack of reaction, you pulled away just a centimeter before a pair of long arms wrapped around your waist, locking you in place. His soft lips began to move with yours before completely taking over, winning the dominance. Cheers erupted in the background, but you barely heard them, lost in Chanyeol’s embrace.
Needing air, you reluctantly pulled back again, which he allowed. He smiled down at you bashfully while you chewed on your bottom lip.
“About damn time,” someone grumbled.
You threw the group a dirty glare. “You guys are evil.”
Innocent looks were sent your way. Baekhyun threw his hands up, palms out.
“He wouldn’t believe us that you liked him back.”
Chanyeol nodded when you turned to him for confirmation. You punched him in the shoulder.
“Of course I like you, you idiot. Am as I touchy with the others?”
That just made him even more shy, hiding his face with his hands. Gripping his wrists, you gently pulled them away, bringing your own face dangerously close to his.
“I’m free tomorrow night. Just so you know.”
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nathaslosttheirshit · 11 months ago
Please please please give me tooth rotting fluff for earthbender! Reader x Bolin ! Imo there isnt nearly enough fics for my Baby Bo
Combined with this request: bolin x reader please? there’s not enough for that precious boy! i don’t have an exact plot in mind but the world is crazy rn and i’m in need of some good commodity fics! if not that’s fine :)
A/n: i said I wouldn’t post today but oops. I keep getting requests for angst so I knew I had to do this one. I am a simp for himbos so obviously, I got to do a request for my favorite himbo of all. Its probs not tooth-rotting but hey I don’t write a lot of fluff so I tried. I love fluff so send some more! And I love Bolin
I was holding Bolin as he cried on top of me. Apparently, his dick of a brother decided to kiss Korra, the girl he is in love with, while knowing Bolin likes her AND while dating Asami, I swear once Bo gets off me, I am gonna tear his off his micro peni-
“Why Y/n. WHYYYY!” Bolin sobs into my chest.
“I don’t know Bolin, they are both assholes who don’t deserve the time of day” I say rubbing circles into his back.
“Why can’t someone like me, like I want someone to like like me. Am I really that unlovable?” He asks. Spirits Bo, I can’t believe the nicest boy in the entire world doesn’t think anyone likes him like that when I know I do, so so much.
“Bo, you are the most lovable person in the entire world, Mako and Korra are dicks for not seeing that. I know I love you so much. And I also know one day you are gonna make a girl really really happy.” He looks up at me at that
“Really, you mean it?” He asks sniffing.
“Oh course Bo.” And I do, I really really love him. He jumps off of me and goes to walk out. Oh no what did I do.
“Bolin, where are you going?” I ask concerned
“I have to do something. I'll talk to you later!” He says as he slams the door.
Apparently later to Bolin means two days later. I have been trying to get in contact with him for the past two days, every time I think he picks up the phone, it’s just Mako, who I keep giving an earful to the point that he has stopped answering. Finally the phone rings.
“Hello! Bolin is that you?” I ask.
“Uh hey Y/n, can you meet me at the park... like right now?” He sounds anxious, oh no what happened.
“Yeah okay sure but-” He hangs up before I can say anything. I get up and get dressed walking over to the park 5 minutes away from my apartment.
When I get there I see Bolin on a picnic blanket, with a basket and food all around him, playing with Pabu in a suit I didn’t know he could afford, probably Asami’s doings.
“What's all this Bolin?” I ask
“Well... us so I kinda... remember when you said you like... remember when I was crying and then you were like ‘no Bo I love you so much you are so great and amazing and any girl will be happy to be with’... okay you didn’t really say it like that but... um okay, let me start over. When you said all those things I kinda realized I may um... mayhaveatinywellachuallyhugecrushonyouandiknowyouprobablydontlikemebackbut-” I cut off his rant by bending down and kissing him.
“Wow... Um... I... you kiss well for um a girl. UM, I MEAN NO THAT'S NOT WHAT I MEANT YOU JUST KISS WELL!” He screams getting stares from other people in the park.
“Bolin you have to take a deep breath. I’m glad you feel the same way but we can’t have a date in the park if you pass out.” I say. I sit down next to him and put my head on his shoulder, he is blushing so much I can see it out of the corner of my eye. Pabu jumps on my lap and moves around till he is comfortable.
“I am glad Korra rejected me because if not I wouldn’t be here with you.” He says as he kisses my head.
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walking-true-to-style · 2 years ago
BoRhap boys when you’re having a bad period day
Tumblr media
Very sweet to you
Brings you chocolates and whatever you may need
Will probably spoil tf out of you
“Do you need a hot pad, advil, anything?” Every so often
“I’m ok baby but thank you”
He makes sure to tell you how much he loves you cuz sometimes you get insecure
He’ll be super affectionate until you tell him that it’s enough
Will stay up late texting you if he can’t come over
“I’ll take you somewhere for food tomorrow. I promise!”
Much like Rami, will be very sweet to you.
Probably does something really dumb like bring red roses to work
“Gwil, I’m just on my period. I’m not dying!”
“I know, but I wanna make you feel as happy as you can.”
Gives you a sweet kiss on the cheek and texts you every so often to check up
Will cook dinner best he can
May turn into ordering takeout though
If you’re laying on the floor in pain, he’ll lay on the floor with you in solidarity
Then he’ll actually get you some painkillers
“I hate seeing you in pain.”
“I’ve had worse”
Thinks you’re a damn warrior honestly
Doesn’t entirely know how to handle it.
But he wants to help in any way he can
He’ll bring his dog over to cuddle with you though
Having the dog on your stomach actually helps the pressure
Gives you massages
Looks up how to help with cramps
“Hey, love, apparently having an orgasm can help” he’ll say it only half jokingly
“Maybe later, love. All I wanna do is lay with you”
That later is not that long with how he looks at you
And kisses your hand/fingers every so often
This man
Will do everything he can
To make you laugh
Probably imitates your stomach gurgling
“I’ll bring you something from 7/11. What do you want?”
He’ll bring back any assort of junk food for you
“You’re enabling me”
“Yeah, but you deserve it!”
He’ll lay on your tummy and look up at you with the most loving grin on his face.
“I’m your heating pad now.”
“That so?” You chuckle at him.
“Because you make me feel so warm whenever I am with you!”
He’ll watch movies with you and be super cuddly
Probably makes jokes about the blood in Jurassic Park just to get a reaction from you
“God is that what it’s like?”
“Pretty much”
He’ll kiss your stomach and say “I am so fucking sorry”
“It’s okay. Happens until I’m 50 or so” you’ll laugh dryly.
A/N: oof these are short but it’s fine lmao
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solastia · 2 years ago
The Dragon’s Lair
Tumblr media
- A Special Edition Chapter -
Tumblr media
This is the thirty day bonding period report of Kim Namjoon. I am writing this because Kim Heechul is a tyrant who threatened to make everything I eat taste like broccoli for an entire month if I missed even a single day. For my owner’s privacy, since I don’t know who all is going to see this, I won’t use her real name. Her aura has always reminded me of one of my favorite jewels in my collection, a star blue sapphire, so for this report her name will be recorded as Star. 
Day 1: Here we go, first entry. The house is incredible and I have my own room. It’s a charming farmhouse with tons of space and a bunch of land. There’s even a massive forest that apparently is part of her property as well. I’m looking forward to exploring it all later. I can’t help but wonder if Star’s been lonely out here by herself. There are tons of rooms in this house and everything sort of echos when it’s quiet. The thought of her sitting in here by herself is heartwrenching. If she adopted me because’s all alone, I hope I can make her happy. I should probably also report that my dumb biology has decided she’s a part of my hoard. I can’t sleep without her now. I normally would have wanted to wait until we were more comfortable, but she dealt with the situation with grace. 
Day 2: Not too much to report today. We spent most of the day buying more things for my bedroom. Since Star is a part of my hoard now, she insisted on buying an even bigger bed and stashed the old one in one of the other rooms. This one is something called an Eastern King sized bed and is the biggest mattress I’ve ever seen. I could fit so much on here. Put that eyebrow away, hyung. There is a room that she keeps locked and when I asked her about it she said it was just storage. Seems strange to have a whole room just to stash stuff. And why keep it locked it she was the only one living here?
Day 3: I may have made a mistake today. I’ve been so happy here that I wanted to thank her. I can hear you saying, “You gave her a jewel, right?” Well, I’m afraid I didn’t. I tried to make her breakfast. I KNOW, hyung. I learned that it’s possible to melt a pan and leave the meat inside of it raw. Who knew? Lucky for me, Star was too busy laughing about the pan to really get too mad at me. She gave me a hug before telling me I’m banned from the kitchen. 
Day 4: I spent the day scenting my territory. Every bit of this house (minus that locked room) and the land surrounding it are now marked. I even got away with subtly marking Star. This is feeling more like home every day. 
Day 5: I don’t want to hurt her feelings, so I’ve been eating everything she’s been making me. You’d be proud of me, I haven't complained once! Even when she gave me three scoops of broccoli. Although for broccoli, it wasn’t as bad as some I’ve had. She put garlic and stuff in it. Maybe soon I’ll be brave enough to tell her what kind of food I like. I don’t think she’d get mad, but you never know. 
Day 6: The new Marvel movie came out today. Star was so excited and I couldn’t help fall for her a bit more today. I admit I had a crush before, but she was just shining with happiness and every time she smiled at me my heart felt like it was going to burst. It doesn’t feel like a crush anymore. The theater was packed and we were pressed together like sardines, but neither of us seemed to mind. She even let me hold her hand. Could she ever return the feelings of someone that is basically an animal, though? Hyung, what do I do?
Day 7: Soonyoung and Jihoon came to hang out today. It was the first time anyone has come by since I’d marked it as my territory, and I think I did pretty well. Only growled a little bit, I promise. That was mostly because of Jihoon hogging Star. He was totally egging me on though, I swear. Smirking whenever he saw me watching. He’s known me too long and knows how to push my buttons. He made up for it by telling me everything he knew about Star. The way he talks it's like Soonyoung and Star are the best people on the planet...I think I’m starting to agree. 
Day 8: Star has to do some work tomorrow and won’t be able to spend much time with me, so she decided to spoil me today. She took me downtown and we hung out there almost all day. Ate at a cafe, spent hours in the bookstore, even stopped by the art museum. Then we walked next to the river and we just talked about everything. Hopes for the future, friends, books we like. Hyung, it felt like a date. I want it so bad it’s aching. Do dragons have mates? Like, soulmates? I think she might be mine. We need to research this. 
Day 9: Nothing much to report today. Star has been in her office all day. I don’t know if I’m allowed in there, but I’ve made her food (just sandwiches, don’t worry) a couple times and knocked to let her know it was there. I’ve mostly been in my room reading. I’m going to need cuddles like crazy tomorrow though. Don’t laugh, you like cuddles too. 
Day 10: We just stayed home today and it was great. We cuddled on the couch and watched a few movies, then went outside to work on her Grandma’s garden. She could remember when everything was planted and told me about them with a sad smile. It’s obvious that she loved her Grandparents and they loved her. While I’m sad that she lost them, I’m happy that it led her to me. I want to be the family she needs. I know I already need her. It’s so soon for that too. I’ve only known her a couple weeks, but it feels like a lifetime. I can only hope that she feels the same. 
Day 11: Star has been smelling a little different lately. Not a bad different, but...I don’t know. Maybe she’s getting sick. I spent most of today trailing after her like a dumbass trying to figure out what the smell was. My dragon was fighting me hard to surface like it wanted to protect. All I wanted to do was take her to my room and not let her leave the nest. (See? I’m calling it a nest. Isn’t that weird? Where did that come from). I’m trying to stay calm so I don’t scare her. I might call you later and have you send some medication she can take. 
Day 12: That smell is still there, but it’s even stronger today. I feel like I should know what it means, but I just can’t remember. She doesn’t look sick. In fact, she’s been eating more than usual. She went through three bags of chips today alone. I don’t know if I should be worried or not. I guess the best thing is just to wait for her to say something. 
Day 13: TODAY HAS BEEN HELL! HYUNG! She wasn’t sick, she was starting her cycle. As soon as we woke up I could smell it and my dragon nearly came through the surface. I had to make up some story about dragon digestive problems so I could lock her out of my room and try to get away from her. I was under so much stress my horns and talons were out for hours. All I wanted to do was run after her and CLAIM her. Pull her into our bed and protect her. Hyung, I think we have a pretty good answer to my mates question. There is no doubt in my mind that she is meant for me. 
Day 14: She slept in her room for the first time in forever last night because I kept telling her through the door I was having issues. I couldn’t sleep at all. My entire body was itching because she wasn’t in our nest. I didn’t want to scare her though, so I fought through it. I was scared to come out this morning, but I didn’t think I’d be able to pull off any more time without worrying her. Thankfully her scent was back to a level I could handle. She was asking about my stomach and babying me. I used the opportunity to blame the broccoli and she’s promised to never make me eat any again. At least something good came out of this ordeal. 
Day 15: We went ice skating today to celebrate the halfway point of our bonding period. Technically halfway was yesterday, but I was “recovering” so she saved it for today. She was so adorably bad and probably has a bruised behind from how often she fell. I’m always so clumsy everywhere else, but I was proud to be able to show her how good I am on the ice. She was impressed and my dragon was PREENING! I was actually purring like a damn cat. I feel like I’m supposed to be doing something to make her think of me as a mate, but I don’t know what. We need to find out if dragons have mating rituals. Hyung, time to hit the books again! Or at least wave your hands around. Honestly, what good is a Wizard if they can’t just tell you what you need to know? 
Day 16: Nothing to report today. Star worked in her office, although she kept the door open. She warned me that once she gets in art mode, she doesn't’ pay attention to anything around her and she didn’t want to hurt my feelings. I was fine though, I just like being near her. She has a recliner in there that's really comfy and I read and watched her work. She’s so talented and when she’s deep in her work she gets extremely focused. The house could have gone up in flames and she wouldn’t have noticed. I don’t know why that’s so attractive, but she had me hooked. 
Day 17: I made her cry today, hyung. I’m worried it might be my last day here. I was just trying to do something nice and I made her some tea, but when I tried to carry the tea set to the living room I slipped on the rug and spilled the tray. The entire set broke. I just stood there paralyzed because I couldn’t believe what I’d done and she came running from another room. When she saw what broke, she started sobbing. Not just crying, hyung. Wailing. I tried to help her pick the pieces up, but she just asked me to go to my room. I’m sitting here waiting for her to tell me to pack my things. I’m sorry, hyung. I tried. 
Day 18: I had gone to bed by myself last night, but Star ended up joining me. She didn’t say anything until this morning, but at least we both slept well. It turns out the tea set was one that she’d picked out piece by piece with her Grandma. As soon as I heard that I felt even worse for what I’d done, but she calmed me down when I tried to apologize. She said she knew it was a mistake and she was sorry if she scared me. She was sad but she wasn’t angry. I asked her if she wanted me to go back to the shelter, but that just made her cry again and hug me. She told me she couldn’t imagine life without me anymore. We spent the rest of the day quietly cuddling on the couch. I think we’re going to be okay. 
Day 19: I needed to let my scales through while I was showering today because I felt so itchy. I don’t know why it’s happening in the middle of winter, but I shed a whole handful of scales today. I was just going to give them to you for your supplies like usual, but the thought made chest burn. I felt like I needed to give them to Star. How odd is that? Why would Star need my scales? Maybe it’s a dragon thing? Back to the books with us. I wish I had a manual like the other hybrids. Life would be so much easier. 
Day 20: Star decided the 20th day we’ve been together is another milestone worthy of celebration. The zoo was is having some Christmas event for the month of December and the weather was decent enough that I wasn’t worried about her being in the cold that long, so that’s where we went. Soonyoung and Jihoon came along too. But get this hyung, she called it a double date! I don’t think she meant it in the way I want her to but...maybe? Maybe I’m growing on her at least.  Either way, we had fun. I liked the petting zoo the most. There was a little goat there that wouldn’t stop following me around and Star was laughing so hard. She said when it gets warmer we are definitely getting some goats for the farm. I tried to explain that dragons most likely used goats as their main source of food. She just laughed and made jokes for the rest of the day about me having a “kid.” If it makes her this happy, I’ll accept my future as a tamed dragon turned goat dad.  
Day 21: It’s been a long time since I’ve had one hyung, but I think I had a prophetic dream last night. I was here at home with Star, but the house was full of people. I think they were all men, but I couldn’t see their faces well. Everyone was happy and giggling cuddled in the living room and two little kids were running around playing. Even more amazing, Star was sitting next to me with a huge pregnant belly. In the dream, I felt proud and protective so I was sure it was mine. And she was wearing a necklace made of my scales, hyung! That’s how I knew it had to be prophetic. I’ve had no idea what to do with them, but seeing them around her neck felt right. I’m going to send them to you so we can make the necklace. I really hope that was a peek into my future. I’ve never felt such love and contentment in one room like that before. 
Day 22: Nothing to report today. We just did chores and hung out. I wandered around in the forest for a while and wrote for the first time since I’ve been here. You’d cringe if you saw how sappy some of them were. 
Day 23: I’ve never thought about keeping a journal before since I usually am content with using my music to let things out, but this report has kinda gotten me used to writing every day. I think the next time we’re in town I’ll buy a journal and keep this up. It’s nice to go back and remember. 
Day 24: Some days I have hope that I’m not the only one feeling more than owner and hybrid. There are times when I swear I catch a glint in her eye or scent her arousal and I wonder if she might have feelings for me too. Of course, the scent could be for any reason, but a dragon can hope. Still, I think I’m doing a good job at making Star happy and she cuddles with me all the time. She tells me she adores me, but she’s usually squeezing my cheeks like I’m a kid when she does, so I don’t think she means it that way. I just wish I could get my act together and let her know I am so in love with her. She is everything to me, the very air I breathe. She’s it for me, hyung. Even if this doesn’t work out and she sends me back like my last family, she’s it. My dragon has chosen its mate and so have I. 
Day 25: I gave her a hickey in my sleep. I apologized and asked if I did anything else but she laughed it off. I think I might do it often and she just keeps it to herself to spare my feelings. I am so screwed. I just wanted to give her more. 
Day 26: I’m realizing now that you’re going to be reading this and it’s going to sound like some angsty teenage drama. I know you’re going to bust my balls but you know what? I don’t even care. Make fun of me for being whipped. She’s worth it. 
Day 27: Star says she’s going to take me to the beach in the summer. I told her I’ve never been to the ocean and she threw a fit. I’m excited to see it, but I’m more happy that she’s making plans that far ahead. It means she’s expecting me to still be here then. She wants me to stay! 
Day 28: I have a confession. I haven’t been feeling the urge for more Ryan dolls in a long time. Instead, I’ve been basically snatching things. I’ve been keeping my secret hoard in a box under my bed because I’m a little embarrassed. So much of it could be considered trash or too sappy, but it makes me happy and it fulfills my urges. There are things like tickets from the zoo, a shiny rock that I picked up during our walk along the river, any little accessories she leaves laying around, notes she’s written me (one of them is just a damn shopping list). And for some reason, I can’t stop taking her hair ties. I don’t know. They carry her scent I guess? I wish I was a normal dragon that wanted mostly jewels and coins, but even then I’d probably find some way to make it about her. Oh wait, I kinda already did, didn’t I? I nearly forgot about where her name came from. God, I’m hopeless. 
Day 29: The bonding period is nearly over. While I’m anxious to get back to my classes and I miss my friends, I’ll miss being home with her all the time. I’m curious how I’ll feel when I have to be at the shelter when Star is home alone. Not good, I imagine. The urge to protect her and the den is already high enough. Oh well, something to work on. I bet you’re going to be excited to have me back to pawn all your paperwork on. I dread how high that pile has gotten. 
Day 30: Here it is, my final entry for the report. I’m going to be keeping a journal after this because I really liked going back to read how I felt. It put a lot into perspective. Although, those will be a bit more personal than this. There was a lot that I didn’t share with you, hyung, as I’m sure you know. Mostly just more feelings and personal memories I’d like to keep to myself. Things she’s said and done that make me feel like the most important person in the world. I couldn’t possibly explain in just a few journal entries the depth of emotion I feel and how complete she makes me. I’ve always felt like the odd one out; the dragon that no one understood or would want. She’s never made me feel that way and accepts me for the way I am. I am honored that she wants me, even if it’s just as her hybrid. I’m going to try though, hyung. I have the necklace we made all wrapped up and I’m going to confess on Christmas day. If she rejects me, I just hope she’ll let me stay with her anyway. Maybe you could make me a good luck charm. See you tomorrow! 
Tumblr media
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blvckwidow · 2 years ago
Tony’s Bad Habit
“Is that my shirt?”
Steve stared at Tony, who walked in sleepily and immediately went for the coffee maker. He poured the coffee, not seeming to have heard what Steve had said. Leaning against the counter he took a sip from the mug and blinked. Looking around the kitchen his eyes fell on Steve.
“What’d you say?” he asked and yawned.
Steve’s eyes wandered over Tony’s body. His shirt was obviously too big for Tony, hanging loose and stopping at his thighs. It was the only thing Tony had on and was /distracting./ “That’s my shirt.” was his reply.
“Mm yeah. First thing I grabbed. You weren’t in bed, which is not a fun way to wake up I might add.” Tony pushed off the counter and walked over to Steve, sitting on his lap. “Plus, your shirt is comfy.”
Steve noticed it more and more as time went by. Tony was constantly wearing his clothes. Steve didn’t mind, he actually liked it a lot, but he also noticed that Tony had a habit of stealing other peoples’ clothes as well. He’d seen Clint’s sweatshirt one night, Natasha’s pants another. Pepper’s jacket should not have looked as good as it did on him. Bruce’s yoga pants had made it onto their floor. Apparently Tony liked to steal clothes from people.
“Obviously I’m not surprised that he can get to my clothes, we live in the same room, but I’m not totally sure how he gets anyone else’s. Is he going through the laundry?” Steve asked, grinning at Rhodey.
Rhodey laughed. “He can be sneaky when he wants to be. Don’t be fooled by his charm. Every piece of Air force stuff he has is stuff he stole from me, not stuff I gave to him. He’s like a cat. If the clothes belong to a person that’s his, it also belongs to him apparently.” :I think it’s cute.” Steve admitted. “I like seeing him in my stuff. Seems like he wears my stuff more than anyone else’s.” And maybe he was a little smug about it.
“Of course you do,” Rhodey said, rolling his eyes. “And I bet that just makes you all kinds of happy.”
“Oh it makes me /very/ happy. Want me to tell you how happy?” Steve teased.
“Aw man, no. Stop that. You’re so gross. Tones is like my little brother! Don’t make me kick your ass.” Rhodey groaned.
Steve took his jacket off and put it around Tony. They were on the balcony of some fancy estate, attending a gala. Tony had shed his own jacket somewhere inside hours ago.
“You should’ve grabbed your jacket before coming out here. You’re gonna catch a cold.” Steve wrapped his arms around him.
“Nah, it’s all a ploy to get your jacket instead.” Tony confided, whispering conspiratorially.
“You’re an evil genius.” Steve teased, kissing his cheek.
“Not evil, but definitely a genius. This jacket is mine now.” Tony snuggled closer.
“Everything of mine is yours, just like I am.” Steve responded.
Tony looked up at him and laughed. “You’re such a sap, but I guess I still love you.”
“You guess? Now that’s just hurtful.” Steve told him, tone mocking.
“Oh shush. You know I love you. Love you forever.” Tony kissed him gently and smiled.
“Love you too, even if you are a clothes stealing monster.”
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Tumblr media
PART ONE: “Ms. Driver, we have to write you up due to your dress code.” Me: “Excuse me? My dress code follows the policy, I don’t understand.” “Well, you have a rapper or a character who is well known by the law on your shirt and our policy clearly states that if you wear graphic shirts, they must be of positive image and career.” Me: “.....Who is this on my shirt?” “I’m not sure, I’m not familiar with those kind of people.” Me: “You mean people that look like me?” “I don’t know who he is, Ms. Driver, but I’m sure it doesn’t follow the dress code. Now please sign this.” Me: “Do you consider artists and painters as people of a positive image?” “What does that have to do with anything?” Me: “I asked you a question.” “Well, of course!” Me: “Exactly. This person on my shirt? Jean-Michel Basquiat. An American artist and painter.” *She didn’t believe me so she Googled him and developed a shit face* “I do apologize, don’t worry about the write up.” Me: “Oh no sis, come back! Let us take a trip to HR regarding this “those kinds of people” comment. Hold my hand, we can walk there together.” PART TWO: Update: We had the meeting; in attendance were a member of HR, my supervisor, the store manager, “Karen”, & myself. My supervisor was livid. Apparently, “Karen” has done this numerous times with numerous employees AND customers. Mind you, I am fairly new at the place (this is a career center, btw) so I had no idea that this was an ongoing thing with “Karen”. My supervisor and the member of HR did not hold back on giving “Karen” a piece of their mind. The store manager was more calm but had vicious words for “Karen” herself. They asked me what would satisfy me as a result of this situation & Imma be honest with all, I didn’t want “Karen” to lose her job because of this one incident. However, like I said before, I did not know this was an ongoing thing for her. & the fact that she has done this to our customers...CUSTOMERSSSSS...I no longer gave af. However, I turned the question on her. Her response “I mean shucks y’all! I didn’t know people were so sensitive okay! I mean this is 2021 for Gods sake! I guess I’ll be more wimpy here if that’ll make everyone happy!” That was literally what she said, not kidding. The HR member said “I’ll do you something better. You have been relieved of your duties.” She looked at me in shock and I looked back at her with the same expression and replied “Getting fired?? How ghetto. Me and Basquiat would never.” “Karen” started crying and pleading and promising she would never do it again. Crocodile tears don’t move me. Period. So the others apologized for her emotions, I guess, but stated that that was their finale decision due to the fact she had been warned several times. After that, “Karen” stopped the tears and got “upset and gangster”, stating that she didn’t need this job because she inherited money from her family and how she hated working here anyway and how she’s going to get a restraining order out on me due to my “threatening and hostile” text messages that she’s going to show her lawyer. I just smiled at her. My supervisor offered me her job position, but sadly I had to decline since I had to be full time in order to take it. After “Karen” stormed out, the others apologized for the situation and praised me for being the one to “stand up” for what’s right (despite the fact that they failed to do so all those times before, but I won’t be petty). My supervisor offered to walk me to my car since “Karen” stated via text that she would be standing at my car for us to talk. I respectfully told him “no worries”, and just to stand by the window so that he can see if whether or not he needs to call OPD (my right hand to Jesus , I was going to stomp a hole in her back if she f’d with me in that parking lot). Nonetheless! She did nothing but talk  to me while I’m walking to my car: Her: “Do you take pleasure in ruining lives? I bet you’re so happy with yourself now, aren’t you?”Me: “It isn’t my fault that you can’t comprehend that stereotyping and racism in the workplace (and outside of it) has consequences.” Her: “You’re just a crybaby!”Me: “& you’re aging like a banana but you don’t see me being an ageist.” She gave me the middle finger and drove away lol.
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Kinktober Day 25 - Filming
Pairing: Jae/Reader Word Count: 1.4k Tags: Phone sex, filming, deepthroating, vibrators, masturbation, long distance, female reader Kinktober 2019 Masterlist AO3 Link
(A/N: Yall this was so hard to write i literally finished it late last night and i was so fuckinf done with it lmao but like i dont hate it as much now as i did last night so i hope yall enjoy lmao also the formatting on this is terrible im sorry in advance)
You hated it when Jae went on tour, of course you were proud of him for being successful enough to spend so much time touring, but you hated that it meant you hardly got to see him. He did his best to facetime you as much as he could but most of the time he was tired and you understood that. Tonight though, you were determined to get his undivided attention. You had put on his favorite set of lingerie, the lacy fabric emphasizing all his favorite parts of your body. You waited until the sun was in the perfect spot in the sky, the golden light making your skin look like it was glowing. You took probably a hundred pictures until you were satisfied and laid down on the bed to look through them. You waited until you were sure he was done with any schedules before sending him a couple of your favorites. His response was almost immediate:
Are you trying to kill me??????
Just trying to make sure you dont forget about me 😘
That's all? Not trying to get anything else?
I'm sure you're tired so…
I'm never too tired for you We're almost back at the hotel gimme a few and then you'll have all my attention😉😉😉😉
You laughed, happy your plan had worked, you decided to use the few minutes you had to grab a couple of your favorite vibrators. You were already planning how your conversation with him would go as you laid out the toys neatly and snapped a picture.
(Image Attached) Pick one 😉
Are you trying to get started without me?
😘😘😘😘 Pick one now and I'll wait I swear
The one I choose isn't in the picture There's a box in my underwear drawer
I was saving it to surprise you when you needed it and apparently you need it
You squinted at your phone suspiciously before walking over to the dresser. You opened up his drawer and dug through it quickly finding a small box. You opened the box to reveal a small U-shaped vibrator. Your phone lit up with a notification:
I bet you found it by now It's bluetooth So I can control it From here
This is the most romantic gift I've ever gotten 😭😭😭
You're annoying We're at the hotel I'll call you when I get to my room
I'll be waiting 😉
You sat down on the bed and messed around with the vibrator flipping through its settings and seeing how intense it could get. You jumped as your phone rang, scrambling to pick it up before taking a deep breath.
"Hey." you answered the phone, not letting your excitement show just yet.
"What made you so impatient today?" you heard the noise of his hotel room door shutting as he spoke and you smiled knowing that he called you the second he was alone.
"I just missed you, is that a crime?"
He laughed, "Only when you tease me like that when I'm not alone."
"Well then I guess you better punish me." you said putting on an overdramatic sexy voice.
"How am I supposed to punish you from so far away?"
"You're a smart boy, you'll think of something." you teased.
“Did you test out the vibrator?”
“Of course.”
“Turn it on.” you did as he told you and waited for a few seconds before it started changing speeds and vibration patterns on its own until it stopped.
“Did you stop it?”
“It works.”
“God technology is incredible.”
You laughed, “Are you gonna marvel at it or are we gonna actually have some fun?”
“Bold of you to assume I’m not already having fun.” you heard him shifting around, the unmistakable sound of him shimmying out of his pants coming through the speaker.
“Without me?” you gasped doing your best to sound offended.
“For someone who was so impatient earlier you sure are taking a long time to get this started.”
You sighed, laying back on the bed and setting the vibrator on your stomach, “Well how do you want me to start?”
“Well it’d be great if you could touch me instead of having to do it myself.”
“Pretend it is.” you said, your voice lowering as you tried to set the mood, “Imagine I’m there, wrapping my hand around your dick.” You heard him grunt as he touched himself and smiled, “You remember how I do it, right?”
He groaned, “You -ah- you start off slow.”
“Do it like I would.” you instructed. He groaned but you could tell he was doing what you told him, his breathing starting to get heavier as he teased himself. “Let me see what you’re doing, baby.” you said, upset that you weren’t getting the full experience.
“Shit -ah- hold on.” you heard him moving around, about a minute later you heard the sound of a notification coming through. You checked your phone to find a video that he had sent, you pressed play, the video only filming his hand on his dick you watched his slow teasing movements.
“God I wish I was there to make you fall apart.” you said as the video finished.
“Use the vibrator I wanna hear you.” he whined, you smirked at how needy he was as you moved your hand down your body letting out a soft groan as you slipped your hand into your panties and rubbed a finger over your clit. He went silent, listening to your soft whines as you teased yourself, you slipped a finger into yourself, getting yourself well and truly worked up before grabbing the vibrator. You pushed one end inside of yourself and let it settle into place, the U-shape allowing it to press up against your g-spot and clit at the same time.
“Okay, baby, do your worst.” you said with a grin, you jolted as the vibrations started letting out a moan as he turned it up high. “Fuck that feels so good.” you gasped out, your free hand gripping the sheets tightly.
“Do you wanna know what I get off to when I’m away?”
“W-What?” you heard the sound of another notification and checked your phone to see that he had sent you another video. This one was older, you remembered when it was filmed, “You still have this?” you asked.
“Of course it’s my most prized possession.” you laughed as you pressed play, immediately you were greeted by a video shot from Jae’s perspective of yourself on your knees in front of him. You watched as you wrapped your hand around his dick, stroking him a couple of times before taking him into your mouth. You heard him groan from behind the camera as you took him fully into your mouth.
You couldn’t lie, watching yourself suck Jae off was getting you worked up much quicker than you expected, “Wow, I see why you like to watch this.” you said between moans and whimpers. You watched as in the video you deepthroated Jae, gagging around his dick and bringing tears to your eyes.
“It’s so fucking hot.” Jae moaned out, you felt the vibrator turn up a level and gasped.
“God I wish you were here.” you moaned.
“You would feel so much better around my dick than my hand.”
“And you always fuck me so good.” you could feel yourself getting closer to your orgasm just thinking about being with him.
“I’m -ah- I’m close.” Jae gasped.
“Cum for me, baby.” you moaned. You heard him cry out as he came, the sounds pushing you over the edge. You moaned loudly, the vibrator working you through your orgasm, you switched it off before it could overstimulate you, knowing that he was too distracted to turn it off. You were both silent, breathing heavily as you came back down from your highs.
“That was fun.” Jae said after a few seconds.
You laughed, “I miss you.” you said softly.
“I miss you too.” he responded, “Now go eat something, I know it’s dinner time for you.”
“I’d rather talk to you.”
“Same here but I’m not gonna let you starve yourself for me.”
“Can we facetime after I eat?”
“Then fine I’ll go eat.”
“Good, I’ll talk to you later.”
“I love you.”
“I love you too.” the two of you quickly said your goodbyes and you sighed as you hung up the phone before getting up to get yourself food as promised.
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Tumblr media
(requested by anon & @mrsobrien888 )
Kai Parker x Reader word count: 8 981 / reading time: 32 minutes warning: smut, reader!dom summary: Kai is stressing about things happening with the gang/the sirens & Cade being loose in Mystic Falls and Reader find a way to relieve the pressure. note: i want to apologies in advance if the ring part is not 100% accurate. i read a lot about it and tried my best. also, i couldn’t help it with the mentions of someone i am a tiny little bit obsessed with atm. hope you guys enjoy the story☺let me know (i love love feedback so don’t be shy okay,i don’t bite 🤗) * gif by me / KEEP READING AFTER THE CUT 😈 😈 😈 ________________________________________
His fingertips trailed all the way from her hips to her waist lightly lifting up the t-shirt she was wearing as they went. There were no words for him to even begin to describe the way he felt about her, or how every time her heartbeat jumped at his touch his entire self change frequency. Just like it had happened the moment they had first met. He never thought he’d find someone who wouldn’t judge him for what he had done, and instead would challenge him to be better. Someone who’d love him and he’d love back so much he’d be willing to sacrifice his life for without even thinking about it. He never thought he deserved to be happy let alone that one day happiness and love would invade his world and change his heart forever. Not after all the pain he had caused, yet somehow he got her and now she was his everything. Whoever he had been, whoever was capable of being with her by his side he was completely different.
In many ways the love of his life was like most girls – strong, smart, beautiful, stubborn, never giving up on what she believed in or her friends. In others she was something no one he had ever met in his life was – unconditionally kind and understanding, always no matter what trying to see the best in people, to see the light; with heart big enough to love the entire world.
At first when they had met it had bothered him how she was always so nice, so willing to sacrifice for the people she cared about including for someone like him. Someone her friends would have no trouble playing judge and jury for because of all the mistakes he had made. He couldn’t believe her understanding and carrying attitude towards him was actually real. It had seemed like a trick, as if her friends were trying to get him to drop his guard. But it wasn’t and Y/N proved it to him over and over again without him asking her to. It was just who she was, though she didn’t let things he did slide - she’d call him out on what he had done wrong but she’d always try to understand his reasons too. Every time this happened she made him want to be better and after the wedding he figured out why that was. It had taken him seeing this brave, sometimes infuriating girl, stand in the way of her friends when they wanted to kill him to realize he’d die for her; that he loved her just as much as apparently she loved him.
That night had changed his life in more than one way and now a whole year later he couldn’t imagine or remember what his life without her was. He couldn’t remember what a sleepless night, unable to fall asleep because he was all on his own felt. Waking up next to her had become something he loved more than he understood or could put into words. Seeing her eyes filled with love every morning and feeling her lips on his before he had even had the chance to say ‘Morning’ some days was enough to make his entire day ahead brighter, happier. Though things lately were a little different. Her friends had tasked him with getting rid of the sirens seeing how he was the mega powerful heretic, as he kept reminding them. And in every spare minute he planned their first anniversary special dinner date which was right around the corner. Kai intended on making the day two days from today an especially romantic one. Though he had no idea how, seeing how he had never done anything like it before.
    “Kai–” she said his name in her sleep and snuggled so close to him she almost climbed on top of him. “—cuddles.” she sighed.
So cute, he smiled, gently trailing her lips with his fingertips and kissed her forehead before his arms wrapped around her tightly for a few moments. Just two more days, he thought, two more days and it’s just you and me. I promise. ________________________________________ 
Y/N squeezed her eyes for a moment and covered them with her hand to block the sunrays, while she rolled towards Kai’s side of the bed just like every morning. Instinctively her hand reached for him, searching and searching for the person she loved the most but there was no one, except… Slowly her eyes opened, her lips curled into a smile seeing the rose on the bed next to her, along with a note and a food tray left on the nightstand with a still steaming cup with coffee. A sigh left her lips as she braced herself on her elbow and brought the rose to her nose, reaching for the note at the same time. Waking up alone wasn’t how she had imagined she’d spend her short break from college, though she couldn’t blame him or be truly upset with the love of her life. Her friends had him on siren patrol and she knew he was still trying to find a way to balance things out with Damon and Bonnie after what he had done to Elena at the wedding. Though something told her there was something else too because every time she walked into the room, he’d wave his hand and hide with magic whatever he was working on.
I love you, the note said. I promise I will make it up to you for every morning you woke up alone. Soon it’s gonna be just you and me. Anywhere you want, doing whatever you want. I love you. – K
    “Just you and me.” she smiled, grabbing her phone from the nightstand. “Just what I need…”
Y/N swiped the screen, opened the camera and took a couple of pictures he was surely going to love before opening her messages. Quickly she typed a message to him, attached a few of the pictures and pressed sent. A part of her knew she shouldn’t be sending him naughty pictures when he was meeting with her friends to discuss important matters but she couldn’t resist. And something told her he could use the distraction and maybe something else too…
Almost an hour spent at the Salvatore house with the gang and Kai would’ve rather be anywhere else but there. Except he couldn’t. Taking down two sirens who literally had the Devil as their boss and back up wasn’t something he could do on his own no matter how powerful he was and teaming up with gang was the best thing they could do to protect the town… but most importantly her, because every minute the treat was out there, he risked losing her. Though Kai had his other reasons for doing this – he needed her friends forgiveness…and getting rid of the sirens might just help him get a step closer, at least. Now after weeks of careful planning it was almost time, yet they kept going over and over it to make sure they were all 100% clear on the plan and there were no loopholes because… One wrong step and someone might wind up dead. He might wind up dead.
Damon kept talking as they went over the plan for the 10th time, making sure that everyone was on the same page and knew their role. Only Kai wasn’t really listening. His thoughts were elsewhere. Y/N would’ve woken up by now, seen the note… maybe even had breakfast. He wondered what she was doing in that moment, if she were thinking about him or not. As if to answer his question his phone buzzed in his pocket. Not wasting any time he pulled it out and took a sip from his drink while swiping the screen. His eyes lit up seeing the text message was from her, widening even more the second he opened it and saw the pictures. No matter how many times he laid his eyes on her body, it almost felt like the very first time –
I just had a dream about you… and cannot stop thinking of your hands all over my body, your perfect long fingers… You have no idea how much I want you right now… or where I want you to snuggle nice a comfortable, making me moan your name while I grab the sheets and pull your hair.
He wished he was in bed with her in that moment, that it was his hand sneaking lightly between her legs and squeezing her breasts –  “Damn…” his phone buzzed again –
The moment I see you, I want your clothes gone. No excuses –
  “Hey, twerp.” Damon snapped his fingers. Kai looked up. “Focus.”
  “I am focused, Damon.” muttered Kai, barely glancing at the vampire. “I came up with the plan after you all failed the first time. Remember?”
  “Yeah, we do.” replied Bonnie. “You keep reminding us about it every day.”
  “Hey, where are you going?” Damon almost groaned in frustration when Kai jumped up from his seat with no warning. “We are not done.”
  “I am just going to grab a bite.” Kai shrugged his shoulders. “Fridge was in the basement right? I’ll be back in a jiffy.” he ran off before anyone could protest.
Didn’t take him long to get downstairs and grab a blood bag. Though he wasn’t really hungry, but lately with everything going on his blood cravings had gone up. Or at least that’s what he’d say if anyone asked. Truth was he missed having intimate moments with his girl and after the pictures she had just sent him he could barely stop himself from running to her and feeding helped him curb his cravings for her enough to make it through for a few hours away. So many things were on his mind, so many things he wanted them to do… places he wanted them to go and be alone, just the two of them…
    “Two more days.” he muttered to himself, taking a large sip. Her text messages played on repeat in his mind, almost as if she were whispering the words in his ear. No excuses. I can’t wait to run my hands all over your body, explore every inch – “Then things go back to normal.”
The day dragged itself so painfully slow by the time he managed to detach himself from her friends, darkness swallowed the streets. He couldn’t wait to see her, pull her into his arms, kiss her and spend the night cuddling and maybe making out with her. That is if she was not upset with him for leaving before she woke up again… and having to spend the day at home for her own safety.
   “Y/N, I’m hooome.” he opened the door, almost singing the words.
He stood there for a moment waiting for her to run to him like she always did – pushing her feet off the ground, the impact slamming them both against the wall outside their apartment, but nothing happened. Though her racing heartbeat caught his attention. It was so loud he wondered how he hadn’t been able to hear it from the street. His girl was at home and unless she was asleep, she had chosen not to run to him. Guess I deserve that one, he thought leaving his jacket on the clothes’ rack careful not to damage the rose he had gotten for her on his way home before making his way towards the kitchen where he could hear her making dinner.
Her headphones were on so she had no idea he was back home though he didn’t mind that seeing the way the shirt she was wearing was moving around her hips as they swayed to the beat of the song she was listening to. It was one of his shirts which was no surprise to him seeing how she had a growing attachment to his clothes, especially lately. It was her way of keeping him close at all times. There’s nothing holding me back… he heard the song play and smirked. Two more days there would be nothing holding him back from doing everything –
Quietly he sneaked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist, pressing his body against hers from behind. Instantly her heartrate jumped, even more so when his lips connected with her neck. Y/N let her headphones drop to and turned her head sideways, starting to say something when his lips collided with hers in a slow gentle kiss. Slowly she turned around, hooking her hands around his neck while her fingers tangled in his hair.
    “Hi.” he smiled, his hands dropping to her waistline. “Ahh you have no idea how happy I am to see you and your smile and those eyes –”
    “Rough day?”
    “Yep –” he started when suddenly she jumped up, remembering she was making pancakes. “I swear, one more day around Damon and I will kill him just to put myself out of this misery.”
Y/N flipped the pancake and poured more batter onto the pan. “That bad huh?”
Kai leaned against the counter and took a better look at her. His girl looked more perfect than ever wearing one of his light grey shirts and a dark blue tie he had never seen before, the buttons of the shirt almost completely undone to reveal her wearing only a white lingerie, one she had clearly bought that same day all the while her eyes remained locked on his.
   “Wow.” he licked his lip. “You look so…Hellen-of-Troy beautiful right now. I – I thought you were mad, you didn’t –” he sighed. “You didn’t tackle me and here you were… making pancakes for dinner again while listening to Shawn Mendes. Again.” he leaned to whisper in her ear. “You know, I am really going numb without your kisses lately –“ Y/N titled her head towards him, flipping a pancake in the air without looking. “I um… I got you this rose.” he reached behind his back and pulled out the flower. “I need to know… will you let it die or let it grow?” Y/N raised her eyebrows at him lightly and smiled, taking the rose from him before getting it a vase from the cupboard. Kai sighed in relief. Spaced out in her own world – yes. Upset with him for leaving her to wake up alone? Most likely not. “Should I be jealous of your other ‘boyfriend’?”
   “Oh you absolutely should.” she ran her fingers through her hair and flipped the last pancake directly in the plate. There was a list of things she loved about Kai, another being added almost every single day and now she could add to the list her boyfriend knowing her favorite song…and how to use it against her. “If he shows up at the door you and I are ov—“ his lips crashed against hers in a kiss that made it clear she belongs to him and him alone. “I love Shawn Men –“ his lips collided with hers again in a passionate kiss. “–des and breakfast for dinner almost as much as I love you.” his lips pressed against hers in passionate kiss for a long moment before he pulled away. “Are you trying to bribe me to share my out of this world delicious pancakes? Cuz if so… try harder.”
Kai waited two heartbeats, watching her try not to lose it and pulled her towards him suddenly, kissing her as if his life depended on it. His hands skimmed the sides of her body, moving lower while holding her against him. He knew every inch of her body by heart – that small heart shaped birthmark on her lower waist his fingertips traced exactly; the cut on her thigh where Katherine had stabbed her and the almost crescent moon shaped mark between her breasts – a scar from her childhood. All the little things she had hidden from him at first which had only made him love her more –
For a moment she tried to push him away in an attempt to take a breath but he instantly leaned towards her again and spun her around, pressing her body against the counter while continuing to suck the air out of her lungs. “You win –”
   “Don’t I always?” he smirked, holding her tight knowing at any moment she might slip to the floor from his kisses, “Whose tie is this?”
   “Yours.” she said, feeling his fingertips brush against her skin as he twisted it in his hand. Kai placed his hand on her waist, lightly brushing his fingertips against her bare skin. “Everything you are looking at is yours. I know these past few… months really have been wild and crazy busy with everything that’s been going on and I miss us having moments like this.”
    “Me too.” he sighed. “But – wait. You left the house without me?! What if –“ he started noticing Y/N stare at him with amusement in her eyes. “Right, not a damsel in distress but I worry about you. I’d die if something happens to you and I can’t have you running around without me to protect you.” Y/N cleared her throat. “You are infuriating.”
    “Oh, I am infuriating?” he poked his stomach. “You thought me to defend myself so well I can probably take you and Damon down while doing my nails at the same time.”
Kai’s lips curled into a smile. “I’d so love to see that, but promise me no more walks without calling me first. It’s just there is so much to do, so much to consider and I can’t be worried about your safety while worrying how to take down down two sirens and the Devil himself and destroying Hell all at once. And after your friends’ failure earlier –“
Y/N pressed her finger against his lips and hooked her hand around his neck pulling his lips towards hers again moving hungrily against his, tugging at his lower lip every time they took a millisecond breathe pause all the while her fingers tangled in his hair; his hands travelling up and down her spine holding her against him. It seemed the more they kissed the more they craved each other with each second until Kai gripped her wrists and pushed her away.
   “Slow down, beautiful.” he brushed his nose against hers. Y/N tossed herself like a little kid who didn’t get what she wanted. “Dinner first. Come on –” Kai grabbed the pancakes and the maple syrup, whooshed them to the table and then whooshed himself and her to one of the chairs, pulled her by the waist and seated her on his lap. “Perfect.”
   “No.” she shook her head, tugging at his shirt. In a two seconds flat she pulled it up and over his head, messing up his hair completely. “Now that’s perfect.”
Kai laughed, grabbed the syrup and poured some on their pancakes without taking his eyes off hers. “Did you miss having me this close, princess?” Y/N shook her head. “Liar.” he hugged her tight. “I love us being this close –”
   “Can’t breathe.” she laughed, her laugh making him laugh even more. Y/N swung her arm around his neck and fed him a bite before taking a bite herself. “See, my pancakes are much better than yours.”
  “You wish.” he brushed his nose against hers. “I um… I got some good news.” Y/N turned towards him and fed him another bite. “I am not supposed to say anything but –” he pressed his lips against her ear. “A few more days and this will be over. I will be all yours. No more sharing me with anyone –”
   “Wrong.” she turned towards him, pressing her lips against his for a moment. “You are all mine tonight.” Her eyes flashed with a devilish spark before she took a bite from her pancakes and grabbed the maple syrup. “Needs more syrup—“ she held the plate in one hand and the syrup with the other.
Kai stared at her amused. “Easy there. When are you going to exercise all this energy?”
    “I am sure we will find a way how.”
Kai laughed, trying to grab the maple syrup bottle when some of the syrup splashed on his chest.       “Whoops –“ he reached for a napkin. Y/N gripped his wrist and left the syrup on the table, slightly shifting on his lap. Without taking her eyes off him, her tongue and lips cleaned every last drop off his chest and slowly trailed their way up to his neck until their eyes were on the same level. “Y/N –“    Her lips crashed against his in an instant, not letting him say another word. At first he returned the kiss, a quiet moan escaping his lips when she gave his crotch a little squeeze/rub before much to her surprise he pushed her way. He expected her to instantly lean towards him again just like before, instead she got up while he looked at her confused and she let the shirt she was wearing drop on the ground leaving her wearing just the tie and a white lingerie. “You are making it really hard to –“
     “To what?” she swung her leg over his lap. “Focus on anything else but me?” she smirked devilishly. “I’m spoiled… and selfish. And I always get what I want… And right now all I want is you.”
    “Y/N, I want you too but if we do this… I won’t be able to stop myself. I will want us to play all night and all day tomorrow and I won’t be able to focus on anything but you and all the things I want us to do. Your friends will kill me if things don’t –“
Y/N pulled his lips towards her until they crashed with hers in a passionate kiss again, he pulled her towards him, placing his hand at the back of her head. Too soon to her liking he pulled away. “Malachai –”
     “D-dishes. I’m doing the dishes tonight.” he scooped her up and let her sit on the chair by herself. Then grabbed the empty plates and headed towards the sink.
Y/N brought her knee up to her chest, hooking her hands around it. “Why are you being so… distant? I’m losing my patience for your attitude. Can’t keep pushing me away –”
    “I’m not –” he turned her head sideways, almost instantly feeling his eyes drift towards her core. Was he imagining it or was there a wet spot on them? “I am – I am just – stressed as hell. There is so much on my mind, the inside of my brain looks like that one Spongebob episode with the flying and the burning papers.”
    “Don’t be. If anyone can figure out how to take the Devil himself down, it’s you. You got this.” she got up, tiptoeing her way to him. Her hands wrapped around him from behind placing a soft kiss on his shoulder blades while slowly moving her hands up his chest literally feeling the tension in his muscles. “So tense. You know, I think I know just the thing that can help.”
Kai shut the water off and turned around to face her. “I told you, I am not a big fan of chamomile tea.”
Y/N ran her fingers on his chest, lightly digging in her fingernails in his flesh on their way down to his jeans. “I am not talking about tea.” she but her lip, undoing his belt before pushing her hand in his jeans. “I am talking about something else –”
Kai gripped her wrist. “Y/N, I told you. I need a clear head and –” Y/N yanked her wrists free and continued unbuttoning/unzipping his jeans while slowly pulling them down his legs. “What are you doing?”
    “Clothes off.” she commanded. Kai raised his eyebrows. “You owe me a late night karaoke/dancing in our underwear night for leaving me to wake up alone this morning. Or did you think I had forgotten our deal when this whole adventure started –”
   “Why do I get the feeling it will be more lips and hands all over than – hmm Y/N.” he moaned glancing down for a moment. There she was on her knees before him, her lips pressed against the slight bulge he has had since morning. Instinctively his fingers tangled in her hair, pushing her mouth against him.  “Your lips there are not helping.”
     “Aren’t they? He seems to think different and by the looks of it you both rather enjoy my lips just where they are –” Y/N nibbled on him through his briefs and kissed her way up his stomach without taking her eyes off his for a second. “I can’t help wanting what I want.”
     “Spoiled naughty little girl. Always used to getting what you want.” he tried not to smile at her innocent eyes, which had darkened a little. “Press pause. Just for a while longer –”
     “Make me.”
Kai pulled her towards him suddenly, his fingers tangled in her hair as he lightly pulled her head back. “What did you just say?”
      “I said… Make me.” she gave him a little squeeze through his briefs. Kai took a shallow breath, his eyes focused on hers as she lifted herself on her toes. Their lips were so close to each other, he could feel her breathe on his face. “That is of course if you can catch me first –” she whispered, taking a few steps away from him with that same playful look in her eyes he loved so much. “Music please?”
Kai flicked his wrist and as their song started playing in the background he watched every curve of her body, her hands innocently touching here and there while she moved to the beat around the room. It was driving him insane how much he wanted her in that moment… what drove him even crazier was how his mind kept pulling him in so many directions he could barely focus on anything. His shaft however had no trouble concentrating on her and her alone. “You are going down.” he took a step towards her. Y/N grinned at him. “All that teasing, those dirty texts this morning… now this? Do you have any idea what you have done?”
     “Me? I have been a perfect angel–” she said innocently, bumping against the table. “–though my wings are a little burnt by your absence.”  Quickly she climbed on the flat surface without taking her eyes off his for a second, spreading her legs a little to give him a peek of what he wanted. “Damn, you are so fucking hot –” she bit her lip, watching him take a step towards her until he was almost at the edge of the table.
    “Bite that lip again and I will bite you somewhere you will be squealing for days –”
    “Bite me, or better yet. I will bite you...” she leaned towards him just as he pulled her by the legs towards him, his forehead resting on hers while his eyes remained locked with hers. His hand slid between her legs moving towards her core but she slipped right from his grasp. Y/N winked at him. “You lose.”
Kai smirked and ran after her. For a while they chased each other around the house, danced with their hands all over each other all the while his briefs started to tighten around him more until somehow they found themselves in their bed cuddling and making out. Her crotch grinded against his a little harder every time her body pressed against his and they continued to compete who’s going to suck the air out of the others’ lungs. For the first time in almost a month things felt normal, perfect… Just the two of them and nothing else.
    “I can’t think straight with you around.” he said out of breath. “It’s even worse when you are not by my side. All day I could barely focus after those pictures you sent. All I could think about was you and your wondering hands and how much I wanted it to be my hands. All over your body, exploring every inch again and again –”
Y/N smiled innocently at him, giving him a light squeeze through his briefs. “I can tell.” she bit her lip feeling the bulge underneath her. “Hey, um… I got you something today. You are going to love it –“
   “What is it?” he asked, moaning quietly. With every second he could feel his stress levels start to slip away; his briefs tightening around him even more and she was just teasing him. “Where is it?” his hand slid down her lower waist and between her hips, knowing if there was something he’d feel it through the fabric.  “Did you get a butt pl –“
  “No.” she buried her face in his chest for a moment. “I know w-we talked about it but –“
Kai brushed his palm against her cheek. “Hey, what I want matters just as much as what you want. You feel like you are not ready then its okay. I won’t push—“ Y/N groaned in frustration. “What?”
   “You. I can’t even be properly upset with you when you act like this –”
   “Be upset with me.” he whispered in her ear, listening to her take a shallow breath feeling his lips almost touch her earlobe as he spoke “Punish me for misbehaving. Punish me for trying to push you away and failing.”
Y/N took a shallow breath feeling his fingertips brush up her hips, hitching around the waistband of her panties for a couple seconds before he pulled them up. “I thought you said you needed a ‘clear head’?”
    “I need you.” he whispered, his fingertips brushing against her skin. Her eyes fluttered closed for a second feeling his hand gently cupping her breasts through her bra. “All I can think about is… you and everything I’ve wanted to do to you since this morning. Making you moan my name until the sun comes up and sets again–” Her lips curled in an innocent smile and she leaned towards him until their lips almost touched, slowly rubbing his length through his briefs. Something in her eyes had changed – they were darker, filled with lust and mischief… and something he couldn’t put his finger on. “What are you thinking about right now?”
Y/N smirked devilishly and rolled on top of him and before faster than he could process gripped his hands, holding them over his head as she pulled on the tie around her neck. Her forehead almost rested on his, their lips almost touching while she used one of his presents to tie his wrists together and then to the headboard. “You got it all wrong. I will be the one making you moan all night long.”
    “W-what?” he tried to pull on the knot.
    “No, no,” she gripped his wrist. “Tonight you are mine to tease…to please and drive completely out of your mind.”
    “Awwh, I am being punished.” he bit his lip. “That’s hot –“
Y/N pressed her finger against his lips. “Not punished though you will be if I hear a ‘but’. Or another ‘no’.” she scolded him. “It’s been a whole excruciatingly painful month of us not doing anything and even though you kept pushing me away –” 
    “I wasn’t –”
    “– you still found ways to show me I always come first and how much you love me. I just want to show my boyfriend how much I love him right back –”
Kai started to say something when his phone buzzed on the floor. Y/N hopped off the bed, grabbed the phone and swiped her finger across the screen; the second he tried to protest, she shoved her fingers in his mouth lightly grinding her hips against his crotch.
    “Hey, Damon. Kai can’t come to the phone –“ she started, looking right into Kai’s eyes. “Why? He is otherwise tied up right now. Oh and he might be a little late tomorrow… busy for a day or two. I have fever like you would not believe. My skin is burning up, literally feels like it’s on fire and someone will have to take care of me or I might go up in flames– Yeah, I’ll tell him. Bye now.” she left his phone on the nightstand. “Whoosh, I thought he’d never hang up.”
   “You shameless dirty little thing.” he bit his lip, watching her clean up the dishes from the table. “You are not leaving the house until I teach you a lesson as to who’s in charge.”
Y/N trailed her hands up and down his chest, continuing to straddle him slowly. “I know exactly who’s in charge, daddy. But tonight – my rules and since I know you can’t keep your hands to yourself –“ she checked on the knot.
   “How can I when you do things like that? Its driving me crazy – ” So hot, he mouthed watching her lean over him, slowly trailing her hand up his inner thigh while her eyes remained focused on his. “Kiss me –“
Y/N shook her head lightly and dug her nails lightly into his skin, her lips following closely behind making his breathing become uneven. Her panties were getting moist just listening to the soft moans tumbling off his parted lips with every slight movement her hips made against his crotch. Being in charge was new and exciting - to have the control he always had over her turned her on in a way she never thought possible. But also scared her in a way since this was the first time she was the one calling the shots. What if she did something wrong? What if – her eyes met with his, watching them fill with anticipation, lust, desire, curiosity maybe and something else she couldn’t put her finger on more and more with every second. His lips curled into a small smirk, a devilish spark flashing in them for a second and somehow she knew there was no way for her to mess things up.
    “So soft -” she trailed his lips with her finger, lightly slipping between then as she straddled him a little harder. “I bet you are imagining my tongue running slowly on the underside of your shaft, then swirling around the tip just like your tongue is swirling around my fingers right now –” she dipped her head, leaving kisses and small bites on his skin while slowly sliding down his body, his eyes following her every movement until she got to the bulge in his briefs. “Such a naughty boy –“
Slowly she leaned towards him, moving her hair to the side, and pressed her lips against him through the fabric, allowing her hot breath on him. She could almost feel his breath get caught in his throat before a quiet moan tumbled off his lips the second her tongue pressed against him through his briefs feeling the taste of pre-cum on it. Y/N moaned quietly sending the vibrations directly on him while her fingertips brushed slowly up and down his thighs, drawing figurines on their way and she nibbled on him. His chest was raising up and down a little faster. His eyes pleaded for her to stop teasing him and she could tell everything she was doing to him in that moment was driving him insane. His fingers wrapped around the tie as he struggled not to pull on the knot and put things in reverse. Not that he could do that anyways seeing how the she had had a friend spell the tie. No magic, no amount of vampire strength could let him free. Only she could and she was nowhere near done.
   “You are driving me insane. Absolutely insane –“ he bit his lip, watching her hand run over his thick shaft, hitching her fingertips around the waistband of his briefs before she pulled them down his legs, brushing her fingertips against his bare skin the entire way down and up. Quickly she tossed his briefs on the floor and turned towards him, involuntarily biting her lip; her eyes widening in excitement seeing his hard lenght flopped onto his stomach.     “Damn –“
Y/N glanced at him, barely able to tear her eyes away from his thick shaft. Perfect in every way, she felt her cheeks turn rosey at the thought in a second she will get her hands on him – “What?”
Kai pursued his lips. “You have that Christmas morning look when you walked into the living room and found me wearing just a bow under the tree –“
    “Can’t help it.” Y/N shifted on his lap, moving her hands up his thighs as she leaned towards him without taking her eyes off his the entire time. “I love you –“ she whispered, licking a stripe all the way from his balls to the tip of his lenght before crawling over him until their eyes were on the same level. “—and you too. Of course.”
Kai laughed under his breath, attempting to say something when her lips collided with his in passionate kiss. It was one of the things he loved most about her, one of the things driving him insane at the same time too – there was an innocence in everything she did including when she was being naughty.      “Fuck Y/N –“ he moaned, his eyes pleaded with her to touch him where he needed her most when he felt something wet and warm rub against his thigh. His gaze drifted from hers and he felt his lenght twitch for a moment. His girl was not only teasing him but was riding his thigh and he realized just how wet she was. So wet he could feel it through her panties. He wanted so badly to turn things on her and have it his way for the rest of the night but having her dominate him was just as a big of a turn on as the quiet moans leaving her parted lips every now and then. He could feel the bulge in his boxers grow bigger with every sound leaving her lips  and despite what her hips were doing, he could tell her focus wasn’t on her getting the release she wanted but on him and driving him completely insane. His girl was pushing every single button of his – teasing herself, not letting him touch–     “Such a naught girl—“ he bit his lip, his eyes fluttering closed for a second. “—getting off by riding my thigh. I should tie you up just for not letting me touch.”
    “Mmm… can’t wait.” she cooed in his ear, cupping his face with one hand before licking up and nibbling in his neck lightly. Her fingertips dug into his flesh, feeling his heart racing in his chest while slowly she made her way down his body without taking her eyes off his. “But you will change your mind when you see your present. You might end up rewarding me instead –“
    “My present?” he moaned, feeling her fingers wrap around his thick shaft stroking him slowly. “I thought you were my present. I hope you are not too attached to it because I am so ready to tear off the wrapping –”
Y/N grinned and leaned over him and pulled out a small box with a blue bow on it, tugging on one end of the bow. “I know you do… but for this one time I guess, it’s up to me.” she opened the lid revealing something that remarkably resembled a ring only much bigger and with something attached to it. Her fingers reached inside the box and she left it on the night stand, stretching it around her fingers. “If you like it, you should put a ring on it right?”
Kai hummed, still feeling in a little bit of a haze. “Sounds about right… but I don’t think Beyoncé had that in mind when she wrote the song.”
    “Nevertheless –” she grabbed the bottle with lube from the night stand, “– I’d love for us to try it. But if you don’t want to –”
    “I cannot say no to you even if I wanted to.” he bit his lip. “I-is that a bullet vibrator on it?  You are even naughtier than I thought –”
Y/N winked at him, squirted some lube on her hands and rubbed it all over his shaft before carefully putting on the ring. Kai’s eyes fluttered closed for a second just enjoying her touch and the new sensation from the ring which was now located almost at the base of his shaft. The feeling was a little foreign but also kind of familiar like the feeling when he had had his blood pressure taken, only a bit different. He could feel the blood flow to his shaft being reduced and even the slightest touch from her felt more magnified than ever.
    “It’s not too tight, is it?” she glanced at him with worry in her eyes. “I –”
    “Are you kidding?” he shifted a little on the bed. “It’s perfect, though –” he moaned a little louder for a second when the vibrations from the bullet shot through his body. “Fuck Y/N, if I am inside you when that happens again –”
Y/N leaned over him. “You will… what?”
    “Find a way to get my hands free and fuck you so hard you won’t be able to walk for a month.”
    “Easy there tiger.” she pecked his lips, slowly stroking his lenght while her thumb drew circles on the tip. “This can’t stay on for more than 20 minutes. Or more like 10… I don’t want to risk it–”
    “Please tell me you bought two of those –“ Kai bit his lip watching her slide down his body, leaving soft kisses on the way. He was the one born with magic and yet in that moment she was the one with the magical powers. Now that he thought about it, his girl had him spellbound every single day since the first time he had laid his eyes on her. “— I would really really love to fuck you and have control of that bullet vibrator when I do.”
Y/N bit his stomach lightly, scratching at him. “Don’t I always buy two of everything?”
Kai grinned, moaning softly at her touch. It wasn’t like they hadn’t been in situations like this before only it had been him teasing the hell out of her not the other way around. It had always been his tongue using her skin as a canvas; his lips lighting her skin on fire while her eyes had remained focused on him. He never thought giving up control would ever feel that good and to top it all, her eye contact in that moment was driving him absolutely nuts. “Have I told you how good your lips feel on me when they do that?” he moaned softly, feeling her tongue run on the underside of his lenght and her lips brushing against him all the way to the tip. “So fucking good –”
Y/N nibbled on him for a moment, swirling her tongue around the tip and straight through the middle, drawing small circles with it at the same time the bullet vibrator buzzed again. Her eyes fluttered closed for a second, opening only to meet his now completely black eyes filled with lust following her every move with anticipation. A little louder moan tumbled off his lips and she couldn’t help but smile. There was nothing she loved hearing more than all the sounds Kai made whenever they were together, the way he moaned her name mixed with those soft moans…  and having him at her mercy in that moment – well that was a whole new level.
   “Do they?” she smiled innocently at him, blowing a light stream of air directly onto the tip of his lenght while her free hand gently fondled his balls. Unless her imagination and thirst for him was taking a life on its own, he looked much bigger than before. “So hot when you moan my name, I just –“
    “Fuck yes, Y/N –” he bit his lip, feeling her drag her lips down his shaft all the while her nose brushed against him ever so slightly. Her lips pressed against his balls leaving soft kisses all over while she continued to stroke him slowly. “You want to drive me completely insane. I want you –”
Y/N kissed his thick shaft all the way up, stopping for a moment to nibble on him and his hips thrusted up at her the exact second. “What’s the magic word?”
    “Please –” he moaned, watching her tongue slowly run around the tip of his shaft. Her innocent puppy dog eyes in that moment couldn’t fool him, he knew her well enough to know the fire that hid behind them. All they did were drive him crazier, make him want her more and she knew it. Just like he loved listening to her beg, she loved listening to him beg. And with the vibrations coming from the small vibrator attached to the cock ring, he felt like he was quite literally losing his mind. All he could think about was feeling her lips around him, being inside her… “I need you–”
    “Need me to what?” she continued teasing him. “Feel my lips around your cock, my tongue rubbing against you every time you slide between my lips again and again until you cannot take it anymore and your hot sticky cum shots inside my mouth… To hear me swallow every single drop –”
Kai licked his lower lip at the thought, his mind instantly getting flooded with even more thoughts of what he wanted to do to and with her. His girl would break if he did half the things going through his head in that moment. “Fuck, yes–”
    “No.” she hummed, watching his hips thrust up at her again. “You know the rules, naughty boys don’t get what they want –”
Kai half laughed half moaned, a devilish spark flashed in his eyes when they met with hers. “You are playing with fire right now. When I get my hands on you, you will burn–”
    “I am burning now just thinking about your cock inside me–”  she wrapped her lips around the tip, her tongue swirling around it at the same time. “– I am so fucking wet I’m dripping.”
Kai hummed, glancing at the mirror behind her giving him a full 3D view of what he craved more than he had craved anything. Her body moved in small waves, her hips ever so slightly lifting themselves up – His gaze drifted back towards her, the view of her cleavage in that moment was enough to make him hard on the spot and he felt his lenght twitch for a moment.  “Take off your bra.” he demanded, his eyes following her every move as she pushed her hair to the side and reached her hands back to undo the clasp. A moment later her bra landed barely a few inches away from his head. Her gaze drifted away for a second while she cupped her breasts, lightly pinching her nipples. “So beautiful –”
Y/N’s cheeks flushed a bright shade of pink and she leaned towards him again, running her tongue on the underside of his lenght before rubbing him against her cheeks. He was dying to bury his fingers in her hair, pull at it for a moment before he pushes her head down on him and his hips thrust up her at the same time –
    “Oh shit, Y/N –”  he moaned, watching her take him between her lips slowly; a little deeper every time. “I’m so close–”
Y/N hummed and moaned around him, giving him her best puppy eyes she could muster, though the devilish spark in her eyes told him she knew exactly what she was doing to him right in this moment. It wasn’t just the way her body moved in small waves while she continued sucking him as if he were her favorite lollypop, it wasn’t the ring or the small but steady vibrations coming from the small vibrator. He was just getting lost in everything she was doing in that moment; in the way her skin felt against his in that moment and when he thought there was no way she’d find another way to kill him –
    “I want you to cum all over my breasts –” she swirled her tongue around the tip, continuing to stroke him at a steady pace while she shifted on the bed until her breasts replaced her hands. His hips instinctively thrusted up at her, the tip almost touching her chin. “—face, everywhere.”
Kai pulled on the tie for the first time intentionally wanting to break free. He was so close every second he spent watching and feeling his lenght slide between her breasts was only adding more to it. There was no way for him to get himself free or to hold it any longer, though the ring delayed his release longer that he had anticipated. His balls felt like they weighted thirty pounds –
   “Oh shit Y/N –” he moaned a little louder, watching his cum shoot up and down, landing on her breasts and partially on her face. Y/N stuck out her tongue licking off some of his cum off her cheek while continuing to fuck him with her breasts, his hips thrusting up at her, until every last drop of his cum found its way on her body. “You look so hot with my cum all over you –”
Y/N cleaned every single drop of his cum from his thick shaft and kissed her way up his chest until their eyes were on the same level before pulling on the knot. “Do you want to take a picture?” she bit her lip watching his eyes widen a little at her words. “Because… I’ll be your model. Just tell me where and how you want me –”
Kai grinned at her and a split second she found herself on her back with her hands pinned on either side of her head. “I want your hands over your head, my body against yours, my lips on yours until the sun comes up –” he said in a low voice, wiping some of his cum from her face, and without even having to ask her lips parted wide enough for his fingers to slide in. “Such a good girl–” he cooed, feeling an animal instinct take over him the second her tongue swirled around his fingers. “– finding new ways to please daddy. I think someone deserves a reward, but first –” he pulled out his fingers and his lips crashed against hers in a passionate kiss. “– tell me where the second ring is. I want to fuck you while wearing it with what vibrator under my command.”
   “I take it you liked your present?”
   “Loved it, sweetheart –” he brushed his nose against hers. “Now where is it?”
Y/N laughed. “I’ll tell you, but first we have to get this one off. May I?”
Kai rolled her on top of him, watching her slide down his body leaving kisses here and there while her fingers ran all over his chest. “You know, maybe we should take a shower… or a bath –” he grabbed the tie she had used on him, an idea staring to form in his head.
     “I’ll go get the water running then, because someone has to cool down a bit before the ring comes off.” she hopped off the bed and disappeared in the bathroom.
Kai bit his lip knowing she was there, barely a meter away from him, completely naked wasn’t helping him cool down much.      “Careful with the bubbles –” he called out, glanced at his still hard thick shaft and the ring before snapping his fingers to get it off with magic when he heard her moan his name from the bathroom. At first he thought he had imagined it – the water was running and perhaps his imagination was getting the best out of him. Though not more than a minute later he heard her moan his name again. Quickly he got off the bed, walking barefoot to the bathroom noticing her panties halfway there and a moment later he found her semi-sitting in the bath or more like balancing on it with the water running directly through her swollen clit. Her eyes were closed and it didn’t seem like she had heard him come in or noticed his eyes on her. “Daddy’s little girl, so full of surprises tonight.”
Y/N looked at him and motioned for him to join her in the bath. Kai moved closer, stepping in the bath and the second he sat there, he pulled her towards him but she spun around and rested against the opposite end. Every now and then her feet would rub against his chest, moving lower only barely touching him until he pulled her by them and their lips crashed together in a long passionate kiss.
   “You know, I love taking a bath with you… but you are in so much trouble for teasing yourself with that water. Your punishment will have to stretch into days –”
   “Really?” she bit her lip, her eyes sparkling with mischief. “What about –”
Kai wrapped his fingers around her neck, squeezing it lightly. “Shhh, no talking. Just kissing, moaning and screaming my name until you have no voice left cuz, princess, trust me this will happen after we do everything I want us to do.” ________________________________________  MASTERLIST- SMUT ‘17  MASTERLIST- FLUFF ‘17 / MASTERLIST - FLUFF/ANGST ‘18
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theprocast · 3 years ago
Well I don’t really know who my dad is right now. I thought I did. But apparently that was a lie. And I’m also not completely sure how old I am. There was this one time I had a meeting with a man at a train station. He was 30. I was 18. Oh and this one time I got forced to smoke crack on the subway. There was this other time some friends and I stumbled upon an abandoned barn. We lit it on fire.  And I can’t forget about the time when I was 17 and my older sister and I convinced our mom to try smoking weed only for my twin sister to go to school and tell a group of friends. A counselor overheard and we got interviewed by child protective services on Christmas Eve. One time a boy in my dorm building invited me to hang out. We ended up snorting Xanax and drinking lean. I went back to my room afterwards and thought it was a good idea to chase tequila with almond milk. And there’s this other time I can’t forget and this other time and this other time just off the top of my head. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in what made me who I am that I forget exactly who I am. I think other people do too. Every time you see me smiling don’t underestimate that smile. When I smile it’s not because I feel happy. It’s because I feel like I made it. I’m here. Up to this point, I did it. I love to smile. My story is interesting. No one can take that away from me. But I’m so much more than an interesting story. I like to wake up at 5am and take pictures of the sunrise. I like to make other people laugh - and I’m really damn good at it too. I’m optimistic but I keep it a secret. I take long walks by myself just listening to music. I think I’m good at being alone. My personality gets overwhelming sometimes. I have to work on that. I’m the good kind of crazy but there’s no denying I can be the bad kind of crazy too. I’ve hurt people before and I feel guilty because of it. I can’t forgive myself. There’s nothing I love more than dancing with friends. I love to write. I’m a hopeless romantic. I pride myself on being kind. And I’m also this and I’m also that. Those are just off the top of my head. There’s so much to me. There’s a story to me. A long one. But the story doesn’t really matter. What matters is me.
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mysweetserpent · 3 years ago
A Turn For The Worst
Tumblr media
Request: Can you please write a imagine with Toni and a northsider reader and they have fight, maybe for something like jealous or cheat? You can choose how ends, thanks!
A/N: Oh how I missed you guys!!! But I’m officially back and so excited to see how you guys like some of the pieces I've been working on. Enjoy! Let me know what you think!
The door slammed as Y/N stormed in to Toni’s trailer. They had been fighting all night about Toni’s flirty behavior with Cheryl. Y/N had finally had enough of it. Being too pissed off with Toni, she hadn’t even cared to hold the door open for her. Toni sighed as the door shut in her face. Opening the door, she spoke to her apparently upset girlfriend. “Come on Y/N. Don’t be like this.” Y/N scoffed at her girlfriend’s words.
Y/N wasn’t going to let Toni make this out to be her overacting. She saw what she saw and heard what was said. “I’m done coming second to you Toni. I’m done standing in the background as you continue to flirt with the girl who hates me and apparently loves you.” Flinging the door open to Toni’s bedroom, Y/N grabbed the nearest suitcase and began throwing the items of hers in to it.
“What are you doing? Babe please stop.” Toni pleaded as she took a step closer to her girlfriend trying to block her form grabbing any more of her things. “No Toni. I warned you the last time we fought about this. I will not keep doing this.” She ran her fingers through her hair and took a deep breath. “All these flirtations things that you are doing with Cheryl are suppose to be with me Toni.”
Toni looked down at her own feet knowing that Y/N was right, but she wasn’t meaning to hurt her. It was only some harmless flirtation or so she thought. For some reason, Toni never realized how much this was hurting Y/N. Sure they had fought about it but she just believed Y/N was being overprotective and jealous with a tad of dramatics.
But now as Toni stood in front of her girlfriend, she realized how much this was hurting her and just how real this was. “I’m sorry Y/N. I didn’t mean to hurt you. It was meant to be harmless.” Toni tried to explain to Y/N. After so many fights about this same situation, she couldn’t seem to understand how Toni thought that this wasn’t hurting her. “Maybe harmless for you Toni, but to for me and defiantly not for Cheryl.”
Y/N spun away from her suitcase to face Toni. “As much as I have to stick up for her, but forget about my feelings for a second. Do you really think flirting will someone who is as mentally and emotionally unstable as Cheryl is would be a good idea?’ Shaking her head, she watched Toni’s face hoping to get some type of reaction out of her but her face didn’t change. “And then on top of all that you’re not single. Even more on top of that is your girlfriend has expressed multiple times how not okay with it she is.” Y/N took a deep breath before turning back to her suitcase. “It just isn’t right Toni. Ever since we starting going to Riverdale High everything is taking a turn for the worst and I can’t let myself be one of those things.”
Toni couldn’t think of what to say that she already hadn’t. She knew Y/N had been right, but again she never saw any of it this way. Toni’s silence allowed Y/N to continue her rant. “When we first got together Toni, I told you that I couldn’t be in a relationship where I didn’t feel confident. Piece by piece you have been taking the confidence away. Don’t get me wrong, I am so grateful and happy that you made me take the step forward by helping me come out as bisexual and show who I was. But if this is how it is going to be, I should’ve continued pretending.”
Never really understanding how words hurt, until Y/N said those, Toni’s mouth dropped. Had she really been hurting Y/N all this much? Hearing this from Y/N made her instantly want to take back every flirtatious moment with Cheryl. Toni never wanted to make her partner feel this way. The guilt had now set in and she was beyond upset with herself. “I hurt you Y/N, I see that now. If I could go back and take it all away I would. But please don’t leave me.”
Throughout this fight neither one of them had shed a tear until this moment. Partly because they both knew that no matter how much Toni pleaded, Y/N’s mind was not being changed.
Toni sat on the bed silently crying watching as Y/N continued to pack what she could. As she heard the suitcase zip, she spoke. “Where are you going to go?” Y/N shrugged her shoulders because she honestly had no clue but even if she did, she didn’t want Toni following her. “I don’t know, but wherever I go and wherever you see me just stay away. I’ll reach out when or even if I’m ready.”
All Toni could do was nod in response to Y/N’s requests. It hurt her to hear the word “if”, but it wasn’t about her feelings right now. Y/N grabbed her suitcase and stood it up and then grabbed her other bag. Neither one of them knew what to say so Y/N just decided to make her way to the door.
As Y/N reached out for the door nob, Toni couldn’t help but grab her hand and make them become face to face. “I don’t want you to go baby.” Y/N shut her eyes as the tears poured out from her words. It broke her heart even more to see Toni so distressed and emotional because of her. “I have to.” Was all she could manage to say before kissing Toni on the cheek and making her way out the door.
Shoving her bags in to her jeep, she knew Toni was watching her. Before Y/N got in to the jeep to drive off, she took one last look at Toni who was disheveled and full on crying. Immediately looking away, she jumped in and drove off. And for some reason, her mind managed to get her to drive in an all too familiar path.
When Y/N reached where she was going, she gathered her things out of the jeep and went to the door. She couldn’t help but be in full hysterics by this time. As she knocked on the door, she couldn’t help but worry that she wasn’t want here. After all why would her ex boyfriend want her here? A shirtless figure opened the door, “Y/N?”
“Pea.” Y/N hyperventilated in between words. “I. Need. Somewhere. To. Stay.” Sweet Pea was fully awake by now and ushering Y/N inside, swearing to himself that if Toni was the one to do this to her, there was going to be a huge problem.
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BTS Reactions- You get in an argument and you start to feel scared or upset
*Thank you for the request, i’m always up for doing some lovely angst*
Kim Namjoon:
“You were all over him.” You and Namjoon were currently fighting because he apparently saw you “flirting” with Jimin. “Am i not good enough for you? Do i not give you enough attention that you feel the need to go and fool around with one of my group members?” Namjoon said now raising his voice, “No Namjoon it’‘s not like that he just-” Namjoon slammed his hand down on the table and you flinched. You hated seeing him like this. ”Like what? Y/N he was hitting on you and you just sat and let it happen! Explain that to me huh?” He walked near you and slightly raised his hand and you put your hands in front of your face in fear that he was going to hit you. Namjoon’s eyes immediatly soften as he saw your fear-stricken face, he went on his knees and hugged your waist, crying into your hip. “Baby, i’m so sorry, i would never hit you, i’m so sorry you were scared,” He looked up now tears pouring down his face, “If you say there’s nothing between you and Jimin, i believe you, i just, i still feel like i don’t deserve you.” You crouched down and hugged him back tightly.
Tumblr media
Kim Seokjin:
You were sat in the practice room next to Yoongi, watching Jin talk to some of the female staff. Yoongi nudged you noticing your expression, “Are you okay? You look mad?” You nodded in Jin’s direction and Yoongi’s expression softened. “He loves you too much to be flirting with others, Y/N i’m sure it’s nothing.” Yoongi tried to reassure you, but you couldn’t keep your attention off of Jin who was now surrounded by girls and was making the laugh. That’s it. “Jin i’m going, i’ll see you at home.” You grabbed your coat and left the room before you heard Jin’s response. 
Jin came back about 3 hours later and you had been sat in bed over-thinking the situation. “Jagi?” He knocked on your door as he heard your muffled cries. Am i not pretty enough? Has he already moved on? Do i bore him? Jin slowly opened the door and sat down next to you. “Do you still love me Jin?” You asked still not making eye contact. “Yes! Of course i do! What makes you say that?” He asked now concerned. “I just saw how you were talking and laughing with those girls at BigHit and-” Jin stood up. “You’re seriously upset over that? Oh come on grow up, you know i love you!” He shouted. You buried your face more into the pillow and he realized what he did and start apologizing, “I’m sorry Jagiya for making you feel like that, you have my complete attention now.” 
Tumblr media
Min Yoongi:
You were with Yoongi in his studio and you were watching him work. Although you were starting to get a little bit bored, Yoongi doesn’t like to be disturbed whilst working, hence the passcode on his door, but you wanted him to pay a little bit of attention to you. “How’s it going?” You said breaking the silence. Yoongi nodded and grumbled “Good.” You pouted, not the reaction you were hoping for. You walked around his studio and peered over his shoulder, he looked up at you confused and slightly annoyed, “What are you doing? What do you want?” He asked taking off his headphones. “Oh i just wanted to see what you were doing.” You trailed off quietly, now sensing he wasn’t happy. “I’m working you know that now please shut up i need to write this, you can be so annoying sometimes.” He sat down and huffed out of annoyance. You slowly sank down in your seat. Annoying. You bit your lip and started to nervously fiddle with your fingers. “I’m going home.” You stated and put your coat on. Yoongi turned around, “Why?” You turned to him both mad and upset, “I’m too annoying to stay aren’t I?” Yoongi’s heart shattered and he raced out of his seat to hug you, “I’m so sorry baby, i’m just so stressed I shouldn’t have taken it out on you.” You weren’t having it, “No you shouldn’t, i’ll see you at home.” You hiccuped back a sob.
Tumblr media
Jung Hoseok:
“Look you said you wanted to learn the dance and i’m helping you, this dance isn’t hard, stop getting it wrong.” Hoseok said annoyed as he dabbed his sweat away with a towel. “Well maybe you’re a bad teacher.” You said standing your ground. “Me? A bad teacher? No you’re just a bad dancer, i’m helping you out of pity.” He admitted but regret flashed upon his face as he saw your expression drop. “I have to go.” You hurriedly put your bag on and Hoseok grabbed onto your wrist. “Please, i’m sorry i didn’t mean it.” You shrugged his hand off and tears started falling from your eyes, “Then why did you say it?” You spat back at him. Hoseok hesitated, you shook your head and ran out of the room. 
Tumblr media
Park Jimin:
You were walking to the dance studio to surprise Jimin and the others with some drinks when you started to overhear a conversation between Jungkook and Jimin. “How’s it going with Y/N, hyung?” Jimin nodded, “Yeah it’s going okay, to be honest she’s really needy, wherever i look she’s always there you know.” You almost dropped the drinks, but you steadily opened the doors trying to keep the tears in. “Hey boys, i brought you some drinks, but i’m not staying, i don’t want to seem too needy.” You stared at Jimin whilst saying the last sentence and he perked up realizing you had heard what he said. “No please don’t go i didn’t mean to say you were, i love your company.” You turned back to him with tears now streaming down your face. “Don’t try that shit with me Park, i know you meant what you said, so i’m going to do you a favour and leave.”
Tumblr media
Kim Taehyung:
You and Taehyung had just arrived home from meeting up with the boys and he walked off to sit down. He seemed, upset or mad, you couldn’t tell as he wasn’t really talking. “Taehyungie, is something wrong?” You sat down next to him and went to place your hand over his, but he quickly snatched it away. “No.” He huffed and went to turn the TV on. “Please tell me what’s wrong, Tae.” He glared at you and stood up in anger. “Do you like Hoseok-hyung?” He said his voice dripping with venom. “What? That’s crazy what makes you even think that?” His eyes grew dark, “Because when you’re with him you’re a different person than who you are with me. You look as if you’re falling in love all over again.” Taehyung was now shouting and you stood up. “Are you seriously questioning my loyalty to you?” He went to speak but you cut him off, “No, let me talk. Kim Taehyung, i couldn’t even think of someone else the way i think of you, i’ve never stopped loving you and i don’t think i ever will. That fact that you just accused me of liking one of our best friends hurts me deeply, it makes me feel like complete shit because it means you don’t even realise how in love with you i am.” You stormed off to your room wiping away tears.
Tumblr media
Jeon Jungkook:
Jungkook had come home from being out with Jimin and was acting rather, reserved. “So, what did you do today?” You asked sitting next to him, he was sat on his face and hadn’t glanced up once. “Just hung out.” He simply stated, “Were you just with Jimin or did the others join you?” You were set on atleast getting a small conversation out of him. “What’s with all the questions, you’re so clingey.” Jungkook scoffed and went back to his phone. You stood up in frustration, “I just wanted to talk to you, why are you acting so cold?” Jungkook turned off his phone and stood up. “Why are you getting in a fit with me? You don’t need to know about every aspect of my life, so just leave me alone.” He gestured his hands but you mistook it that he was going to hit you so you covered your face and waited for the impact. “Y/N, i wasn’t going to hit you..” He said as he slowly put his hand down in realization of how he just acted, “Are you scared of me?” You didn’t answer and ran off and locked the bathroom door, leaving Jungkook feeling guilty with tears now threatning to fall. 
Tumblr media
I hope this was okay? Thank you for the request and i’m so so sorry it took a while to write this, i guess i had writer’s block.
Tumblr media
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daydreamingatnight209 · 9 days ago
This one is shorter then my other two but like I have said before I am still on a break to try and better my writing so I hope you enjoy this anyways.
Let me know if you want me to do / be added to my Mason Mount Tag list.
Feedback is always welcome; HATE IS NOT ✨💕
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Stories to Tell”
Mason Mount x Female Reader
Warnings - None? Fluff 💞
I had imagined many scenarios when it came to meeting my boyfriend’s best friend. At a dinner event, the football awards, or even in training but apparently, I must have done something horrible in a past life as the reality was far worse then any expectation I’d conjured up in my mind.
I am sure many would be quite suspired but happy to see Declan Rice stood at the end of their bed, but for me? Mortifying.
My eyes bulged so far out of my head; it was almost comical. I grab the duvet to ensure I am fully covered.
“Mase, Mase?” I hiss, shaking my boyfriend to try and get his attention. His only was response was to groan and turn into me, attempting to wrap me back into his arms.
Dec laughs quietly at his friend and stands watching, bouncing on his heels as I try again to wake the Chelsea player.
“Mason! Why the hell is your best friend stood in your bedroom?” My voice reaches an octave higher than normal as I cough to hide my embarrassment.
One eye opens as that finally grasps his attention. He lifts his head slightly and locks eyes with Dec before groaning and huffing out a small gravely laugh.
“Come on Dec man! What are you doing here? ” He flops back down onto the pillow, hiding under the covers.
Dec just laughs again. “You slept through morning training. I came to see if you were alright”
Dec holds up to see what must be a spare key to the apartment.
This leads to Mason shooting straight up and immediately glances to the clock on the bedside table.
He lets out a low curse and jumps from the bed, not caring that he stands in front of Dec in nothing but a pair of boxers and dishevelled hair. Huh? Must be a guy thing.
I on the other hand continue wrapping myself in the sheets of the duvet so that I don’t accidently flash our guest.
Mase grabs a tracksuit and quickly slips into it just as I speak.
“Well now that we are all up, why don’t you boys put the kettle on? Meanwhile I am going to find some clothes, hmmm?”
I watch as Mason laughs at my shyness and leads Dec out of the room so I can dress myself.  I dig out one of Mason’s old Chelsea Tops from the back of the wardrobe along with some leggings. 15 minutes later I join the duo in the living area.
Mason passes me my drink and I say my thanks.
“So, you’re who Mase has been ditching us for” Dec winks, allowing me to see he is joking but I blush still creeps up onto my face.
“Y/N. It is nice to finally meet you” I hold my hand out which he gladly accepts.
I can hear Mason snort at my formalness and in response I give a light shove, making him laugh harder.
He stops for a moment to wrap me into a bear hug, and I can’t help but cradle myself into his side as he holds me closely.
“She’s shy at first” Mason dramatically whispers to Dec, as the sound of his laughter vibrates off us. Even though I am not looking directly at him I know full well that he has that certain smile plastered across his face.
“Well, you can’t exactly blame me! The first time I meet your best friend he finds us in bed together!”
It was Dec’s laughter I hear next.
“Well, at least you have one hell of a story to tell”
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mittensmorgul · 8 months ago
I think it’s pretty obvious that Dean was going to see Cas (even with the difference in time, his conversation with Bobby only makes sense if they were talking about Cas) and he ran into Sam around the way. The episode was missing about five minutes of content, which doesn’t make sense for a finale unless you axed a scene. Technically speaking, you can justify axing a Destiel scene if you think Destiel is obvious and the conversation with Bobby covers it, which is Covid’s fault
um... good for you for being able to believe that but... 
I’m personally just going with my theory that our connection to their universe just... unplugged when Jack dissipated. It was obvious to me that he’d “fixed Heaven” at the end of 15.19, we didn’t need to literally murder Dean to learn that i mean... it was just... so disjointed and nothing fitted together right like without being able to “see” into their universe, our writers just went by the seat of their pants to cobble together a random hunt to have Dean effectively slip on a banana peel and die just to “prove” that Heaven was fun now and not just memories like WE GOT THAT ALREADY THANKS.
But like... literally nobody cared about that at this point anyway? But they knew they had to end the series somehow so this is what we got? Guesses as to how it might end, with nothing actually feeling satisfying?
Like... the most satisfying thing to me is the fact that we all have room to write FAR more satisfying closings to the universe.
Like ones were everyone actually gets to live and ENJOY the world they saved, and explore what it truly means to be a human with Free Will.
But ugh... how utterly disappointing in the execution.
I’m hanging my entire love of this show on a glitchy black screen in the opening shot of the episode, Dean’s weird “It’s my destiny” and “I have no other choice” but to feast on “Dabb’s Pies” and having one of those pies smashed in his face.
Then randomly arriving at a murder scene to a hunt for vampires that cosplayed as skeleton monsters that we all thought were human until they unmasked themselves, only to find Jenny the vampire from freaking 1.20 there, and then she died without any trouble at all but Dean... died in the stupidest possible way ever? Like how?
Sam gets the Happy Life With Wife And Son montage and grows old and dies, and shows up five minutes after Dean apparently arrived in Heaven?
Bobby gave Dean an El Sol beer, which has ALWAYS indicated deception on this show. It’s the beer of lies, first introduced in 1.20 as the source of Dean’s entire “fake life” in a djinn dream. He was dating Carmen the El Sol poster girl, rebranded as a “respectable” nurse, ffs. 
And he even LAMPSHADED the fact it was terrible beer in that scene. Like he was openly acknowledging it was BAD.
And after the final shot, on the bridge, Jensen and Jared talking directly to the camera, and pulling back and seeing the entire production team standing with them just sort of capped it for me, that this was... that none of it was actually real in the sense of everything we watched before Chuck’s influence over their lives was severed, you know?
Like, acknowledging that what we just viewed was “just a tv show” as opposed to the epic story of Team Free Will. And on one level, I find that weirdly satisfying, knowing that all of us have written thousands of better endings for all of these guys than that. But also knowing that all of us aren’t beholden to network scrutiny and are actually free to write whatever we want about them, too...
Still... after how much of my life I’ve invested in this dumb show, I am just... profoundly disappointed that they didn’t at least give these guys a better ending than “well at least you can be happy in Bizarro Heaven!”
Because to me the entire episode just felt slightly off, and I’m clinging to that fact and using it to maintain my love for the entire rest of the entire series.
Because I do love it. So much. And I’ll forever be sad it fell short of its full potential only to stumble across the finish line.
But now? Now I have a bazillion ideas for fic that are all better than THAT.
(and exactly zero of those ideas involve Dean dying or anything to do with heaven...)
So I’m good with it. I have the episode’s own “backward” structure (with Carry on at the end rather than the beginning) and everything weird that happened in it to allow me to accept the understanding that it doesn’t even matter in the grand scheme of things. It’s as irrelevant to my love of this show as any other fanfic I would nope out of as soon as I saw the MCD tag. That’s all it is to me.
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skiyoosmi · a month ago
if fate permits
⤷ chapter thirty: the thief and the fool
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chapter notes. italicized texts are excerpts from the book yn is currently writing in the story
Tumblr media
The universe, no matter how I look at it, is like a cylinder filled with incredulity, with things that always leave me flabbergasted. I won’t consider it a wonder because some of it definitely won’t put me in awe, nor would it be something I will be curious about. If anything, I am afraid of the universe and of what else it can bring to my life. It was, after all, the one that gave us this soulmate system, the very reason why I have this ragged black thread barely hanging on my pinky finger.
This system was probably a devil in disguise, an ocean with waves that will drown us until we no longer have air to breathe in, or maybe, it’s a black hole bound to suck up everything. If we ever manage to escape its grasp, we’ll still be left with no memory of the person who used to be that “everything.” It’s neither a gift, nor a curse; and it’s definitely not the magic little old me thought it to be.
It’s simply a thief— a thief who stole my angel, my buoy that kept me afloat no matter how scary and deep that ocean was.
For the umpteenth time of the night, you sighed as you read the words you have typed on your laptop. Fingers hovering over the keyboard, you felt the frustration building up inside you once again. For what reason? Everything– being unable to come up with a good storyline, your supposed-to-be soulmate, your missing memories and even the apparently inaccurate ones, and add that to the migration to a whole new country itself. Everything just felt so out of place.
“Writing got a bit too personal? It’s kind of all over your face, dear sister,” a very much familiar voice jokingly speaks from your doorway. Before you knew it, your body jumped out of your seat and ran towards your brother.
He chuckles and due to the height difference between you, he manages to slightly lift you off your feet as he wraps his arms around your waist to return your embrace. He gives you gentle pats on your back like he once did when you were both still young, but all the sweetness comes to halt when he feels you beginning to shake. Releasing you from his hold, he takes a good look at your face, shushing you when he sees the tears cascading from your eyes, “Hey, hey. What’s wrong?”
“Everything’s wrong. I miss home and I just… I just want to remember, ‘Yoomi,” you replied to him, desperation evident in your voice. He only looks at you with sympathy, wanting so badly to just spill everything to you. But he was no god, he had no right to counter your fate. Even the simple action of coming here with Atsumu has already made him break the unspoken rule of going against the system.
“YN…” He trails off, “We already told you, there's a–”
“I know,” you cut him off, “There’s a reason why everything happened the way it happened. And I know you can’t tell me anything. Even mom refuses to do so and just keeps on saying that over and over again. But… don’t you think you’re all being too unfair right now? Just letting me be when clearly, I’m still suffering?”
But you were twins for a reason. If you were stubborn, it's only undeniable that Kiyoomi is too, if not much more. So without waiting for any of his replies, tired of hearing the same excuses you hear from your mother, you turn around and go back to your seat, “Sorry, ‘Yoomi. I guess I’m not really in the mood for some happy reunion right now. Maybe tomorrow. Please close the door once you leave.”
I wonder, what was it that was so wrong with me that we had to end up this way? Was I not pretty enough? Was the idea of being my soulmate so terrifying that you had to make me forget your entire existence? That you’d rather make me suffer like this?
It was foolish of me to believe this system in the first place. It said I wouldn’t be in agony anymore, that these feelings would be gone the same way as you and our memories.
But did you know? Did they know? Not being able to remember anything about you is much more painful than having an unrequited love for you. Because even if I know you will never look at me that way, I at least had our memories to cherish. So what am I supposed to do now that the only thing I had of you was taken away from me too?
After hearing the door shut, you bring your knees up to your chin, the cries you’ve been holding well just seconds ago finally escaping your lips, “You… just don’t understand.”
Tumblr media
As he sat on one of the seats around the dining table, Atsumu can feel his heart hammering against his chest, almost as if it’s about to punch a hole out of it just so it could go to you. He knows that the moment you enter the room, he’ll only be met with nothing but disappointment. He already expects the frown on your face due to last night’s events that Kiyoomi told him, along with the look you’ll give him, the one where it’s as if he’s a stranger. Because technically speaking, he really is nothing but a stranger to you now. The love and care you once bore from him is nothing but fleeting memories for him now. Instead, in your heart, there is only indifference.
He’s ready, he swears, or maybe, he tries to convince himself he was. But one thing he’s sure of is that no matter how ready he was, it won’t lessen the pain he’ll feel once it actually happens.
He perks up upon hearing the light footsteps that are currently descending the stairs. From his peripheral vision, he can also see your brother gulping and your mother sighing, probably too nervous of what will be today’s outcomes. Seconds later, you came into view and Atsumu, this time certainly swears you still look as heavenly as the day he saw you as Cinderella.
Growing up, he has heard a lot of murmurs from adults about how they fell in love with their significant other in exactly three seconds. He thought it was foolish, impossible because how can someone fall in love so quickly with a stranger?
But as he looks at you, despite being in that childish Mickey Mouse pajamas you loved so much, he feels himself falling in love with you literally every second that passes, over and over again.
A light cough resonates from your mother, who was eyeing Atsumu, before she calls you over to eat breakfast. When your eyes finally landed on his figure, he was sure that his soul ascended to the where the gods were and his thoughts flew all over his mind, or maybe out of it, at this point he no longer has any idea what is happening. The only thing he sees is how you’re slowly approaching him, a lone tear falling down your cheek before you engulf him in a tight hug.
His eyes widened because this was not how it was supposed to go. You were supposed to just maybe bow to him out of respect then move on like nothing happened. So why? Why was he in your arms? Why are tears falling from his eyes too? Why are his arms tightening around you? Why can’t he let go of you?
“Samu…” you say, voice muffled, “I missed you.”
I love you, is what he wanted to say but as he returns to his reality, he finally spots your brother who was also shocked with your actions.
Right, you don’t remember me. You're not supposed to.
“I’m sorry but I’m not Osamu,” he mutters after pulling away from the hug and quickly wiping his tears away. A look of confusion forms on your face, brows furrowing. Kiyoomi quickly intervenes, “He’s Atsumu. Samu’s twin brother. He had to do something here in California that’s why I brought him with me.”
Your eyes lit up in understanding, immediately bowing in apology, “Oh my god, I’m so sorry. I thought… I thought Samu just lost his mind and dyed his hair blonde, I’m really sorry. To think I almost made fun of your hair, good thing Kiyoomi s- oh, wait no, you didn’t hear anything from me about your hair, it looks good on you I swear.”
Atsumu only chuckles, “It’s alright.”
In the midst of your apologies though, a realization dawns upon you, “Wait... I’ve known Samu since we were like, ten. How have I never heard of you?”
The two boys freeze, thousands of excuses running through their minds but none escape their mouths.
“YN, come now. We’ve made the food wait for too long now,” your mother gently calls but you don’t miss the way she tries to discreetly glare at Kiyoomi and Atsumu. You squint your eyes in suspicion, what are you all hiding from me?
The rest of your meal went by in silence, almost as if they’re too cautious to even let a word out in fear of spilling something you were not supposed to know. You were not dumb, and Kiyoomi was nowhere near being a good actor. His usual demeanor is still present but you still catch the way he looks at Atsumu, checking on him closely. If this was any normal circumstance, you would’ve simply let it go and just pass it off as a sign of concern for his friend.
But even your own eyes find themselves drawn to his presence. Maybe it was because he was the replica of Osamu, a friend very dear to you, and that you were just homesick. Or maybe it was for a different reason. But whatever it was, the longer you looked at the blonde, the more you felt determined to go through with your decision.
“One year,” you suddenly speak up, getting the attention of the three, “I’ll stay here for a year more and finish school but after that, I’m coming back home to Japan.”
Your mother gasped, “YN! You said you’ll stay here for go-”
“Whatever it is you’re hiding from me, whatever it is that you don’t want me to remember, I’ll make sure to find out. You don’t have to help me. I’ll remember my soulmate, even if it takes me my whole life doing so.”
Coming here, Atsumu didn’t really have any expectations. He just wanted to see you, that’s all. He just wanted to apologize even if you had no idea why. Just one smile is all he needed to finally let go of you. But as you spoke your words, instead of a proper goodbye, he finds himself uttering a thank you to the gods for giving him another chance instead.
Tumblr media
The airport was as busy as the way it was when you left. Noisy chatters from different passengers were all over the place and while it was supposed to annoy you, it only brought a smile to your face and unlike the past months, you start to get filled with excitement once more.
You look up at the clear blue skies, trying to calm your heart that was rapidly beating, “Don’t be too happy yet, YN. After all, you’ve still got a soulmate to remember… or find.”
When I was young, I thought the consequences were just deserved. That it’s what you get for taking your soulmate for granted. But the more I mulled over it, the more I felt like the me who I have forgotten would think otherwise, that she’d think the same way I do now.
So even with these consequences, I refuse to concede with the fate that the universe gave me. No matter how many years it may take, be it a billion or even a gazillion, this heart is mine to control so, I’ll make it remember us. I’ll make it remember my love for you, the boy who once held my world, or rather, my universe. Because it’s you.
And because I’m a fool for you.
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Part 1
Part 2
"But so much better for me! I get to brag about my amazing apprentice to someone who gets it!"
Camila looks at Eda in awe. "What did you say?"
"That I...have an amazing apprentice?" She tilts her head.
"Oh come on, tell me you see it, you have to!"
She walks over to Luz, standing her on the table. "This kid- this human child has done things no regular witchling- including her three blah-blah prodigy friends- could do. She figured out how to do magic without a bile sac—" this time Luz is the one to shake her head for Camila's questioning look, "she managed- manages to study nine different coven tracks, when the principal always insists on kids 'hocus focusing'. She's saved my bacon a number of times, has a bunch of ride-or-die friends, saved her little girlfriend from Grom-"
"NOT my girlfriend,” Luz yells, turning brick red.
"This is the most amazing kid I have ever had the privilege and honor of meeting." Luz ducks her head as Eda says it, hand slapping her back proudly. "And I would hope, having raised her for 14 years, you'd have known all that, even if you didn't know the specifics."
"I do know that." Camila sets the album aside on the couch and stands to pull Eda and Luz both into a teary hug.
"Oh yeah! And she taught me about the parallel arm thing too! She seems to like those!"
"I am so happy- and so proud of you, Mija. And thank you, Eda the Owl Lady, for taking such good care of my daughter, and letting her be...who she is."
"I...yeah," Eda pats Camila awkwardly on the back. "Of course. I mean, been there, done that, right, why wouldn't I..."
"I'm still worried about all the times you've been in 'life threatening situations', mija, but...maybe we can look at the albums first?"
"Take the deal, kid," Eda says out of the corner of her mouth, still trapped in Camila's embrace. "Maybe it'll soften her up for that time you fought the emperor."
"Haha, Eda," she says, grinning through gritted teeth, "shut up!"
"We about all of that later," Camila says with a sigh, patting them both on the back before letting them go. "For now...yes. Albums. Of my daughter the..."
"Best-Witch-Apprentice-in-Training ever?"
Part 3/4
Part 4
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