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#they deserve it

Can people please send @/mack-and-cheese love?

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the POLICE SUBSTATION bro?! what shady shit is this???

[image description: a screenshot from craigslist that reads “New, sealed MacBook Pro 16 inch. 512SSD. 16GB RAM. Also has AppleCare plus until December 2023

Retail price for the computer is 2400. AppleCare plus cost is an additional 379. After tax and everything you’d be paying 2,996 in store. I’m asking 2700

Will only meet at the police substation on Osuna and Wyoming so don’t bother asking me to meet anywhere else.  show contact info call or text is fine”. end]

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Not to get ahead of myself but… are there written SFW alphabets for Attack on Titan or do I have to write them myself? 👀

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very much vibing with the concept of gabriel on this fine evening… like for a little starter from our favorite worker of clay, perhaps? 

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anytime i see attractive white men my automatic response is to bully them.

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why is so much of this site so stupid. not every uniform is a n/zi uniform you dumbasses

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The kids were off on their own adventures. 

Jessica and Elliott took the time to cuddle on the couch and watch the new season premier of their favorite show. 


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I feel like this is becoming a trend this year, but I got no writing done :/
Had a bad morning of family problems, but for that I was able to help two of my friends who have been having the most miserable time with life. So I’m glad I could make them feel a little better at least! 
<3 remember to check in on your friends <3

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- Hi okay this session was amazing

- Can I first say as myself and Rosie Im so freaking proud of Blackfyre writing the note!!! He and Rosie haven’t gotten to have much time working on reading and writing but he left a note!! Just wait until Rosie finds out, she’s going full proud teacher mode :)

- First of all, Atirx and Quill we’re put to sleep?? And then everyone woke up to heavy snow in what-is-our-May. Fantastic. I was going to have Atrix throw a snowball at someone but yeahhhh

- Canyon was lowkey unhinged yesterday?? He made three moltovs, drank rubbing alcohol, and was ready to kick butt. Oh an actively encouraged arson, which im not complaining. Honestly stan Catetive.

- Oh and the horror vibes were immaculate last night. Very unsettling and I do not want to go there again. 100/10 would recommend. Hey Josh, how’s Chompy doing?? We need to go vibe with our eldritch monstrosity friend in their little beta tank.

- Thunder is the real MVP of yesterday’s session. No questions asked.

- The waluigi baby monster was…uh…a thing. Good riddance. ALSO HOLY SHIT AUSSIE WITH THE DOUBLE NAT 20s ON GERMUND. YEAHHHHH!!

- Rosie’s return with her theme is just ahhhhhh I love her so so much.


- >:( screw that narc with the gauntlet, they can go step on a lego

- God Rosie has died three times this week, thats fun


- Rosie’s mindset right now is…weird. She talked with Fate while in death limbo and she got to see the end of the world via his webs of fate. She was ready to tell them when she got back but then the fight happened and Rosie and her main goal then and there was to protect her family. So thats what she did. And she was so caught up in the moment with seeing them she forgot. And then…she was blamed for the end of the world. It’s her fault…or is it? She’s not mad, or upset, or angry. She’s curious. Purely curious. And she wants answers.

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I feel attacked by this question LMAO but also if he dies then it better be doing something incredibly heroic and idiotic at the same time..and then Zoya can go grab him from Davy Jones locker just to kill him herself for doing something that stupid.

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