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In Barbie as the princess and the pauper, the evil Preminger tries to take over the kingdom by tricking the Queen to marry off her daughter to him.

His original plan was to steal all the kingdom’s gold without them knowing, while building a powerful position at court as the Queen’s most trusted advisor. He spends ten years doing this, prior to the start of the movie.

His plans are foiled however, when the Queen decides to marry Anneliese off to King Dominique (who is a CATCH, but that’s besides the point), so Preminger has Anneliese kidnapped, so he can “save” her and get her hand in marriage as a thank you.

This goes not according to plan, of course, and in the end it is revealed that Preminger lied and was the one who kidnapped Anneliese in the first place.

Now my question is…

Did they EVER find out he spent TEN YEARS hoarding the kingdom’s gold and THAT’S why they’re poor and Anneliese had to marry someone rich and powerful in the first place???

Like, did they find that out?? It’s never actually adressed!

@mattel I need answers!

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jaskier is the one who comes up with the idea of doing a couples costume every year. he brings it up when they get the invitation to lambert & aiden’s annual halloween party. “hey babe,” he’ll say, voice sing song, “you know, we should dress up together for the party this year! you know how nice our costumes were last year.” last year, they were gomez and morticia addams.

jaskier is the one who first wants to do a costume with eskel, but eskel gives into it easily. he loves seeing jaskier happy, and the light in his eyes when they get all dressed up. how he smiles when they take photos together. eskel gives in easily, wants to do this willingly, and he puts a lot of effort into their costumes. jaskier knows that eskel doesn’t really enjoy dressing up, but he loves him even more when eskel does it anyways.

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i think monolith is born out of 1) my caveman fantasies 2) i hardly ever see brown/black neanderthals or early humans??? pale skin didnt appear until 8,000 years ago and 3) neanderthals are often depicted as stupid and violent and i dont like that because they wERE HUMANNNN

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Good bois! I love them!

i’ve would have drawn them in a full-bodied, but I somehow can’t for the life of me DRAW THEM FULL-BODIED

they’re conjoined cat twins (they’re connoted at the hip and share a leg), but they are still awesome!!

Inspired by these guys:…

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