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#they deserve to be happy

Elizabeth smiled as she watched her husband and daughter fuss over the cutting of the cake, Emily protesting loudly as John swiped a stray blob of chocolate icing. “Dad, knock it off!”

“What, you mean this?” Quick as lightning, he scooped up another fingerful and, grinning, globbed it onto her nose, earning a shriek and a punch to the arm. “Come on, Em, why are you playing with your food? People are waiting for cake, let’s go!”

Emily growled at her father with a mock glare but dutifully put a slice of cake on a plate.

Elizabeth laughed, then started in surprise as a pair of arms wrapped themselves around her shoulders.

“Happy Birthday, Mom,” said Connor warmly in her ear.

Elizabeth placed a fond hand on her son’s arm, basking in the affection and wondering bittersweetly when he’d gotten so tall. Wasn’t it only a blink ago that she’d had to kneel down to look him in the eyes? Quite a few birthdays had passed since those days.

Emily paraded over with the cake and presented it with a ‘ta-da’. It had been a joint effort with her friend Rachel, and her green eyes were eager as she handed over the plate. “Happy Birthday, Mom.”

Elizabeth gave all due praise as she ate — it really was very good cake — and was almost through with the slice when she noticed John skulking about with one hand suspiciously behind his back. Warmth — a rush of endorphins that had nothing to do with the chocolate —spread from the pit of her stomach to the top of her head. She had never found out exactly what had prompted him to find out her birthday that first year, to give her that first gift. But after all these years… She met his eyes and smiled. He hadn’t missed one yet.


Birthdays are always a big deal in the Sheppard household, but especially Elizabeth’s. ❤️

Sparky + teen kids Connor and Emily

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Lucian, Dialogues of the Gods 17 
Apollon : “Well, my loves never prosper; Daphne and Hyakinthos were my great passions; she so detested me that being turned to a tree was more attractive than I; and him I killed with a quoit. Nothing is left me of them but wreaths of their leaves and flowers.“
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Honestly I may wrap up Fan Made soon. Like I’ll see it through to the end, but it won’t have as many parts as Creative Soul or Euphoria. It’s okay people didn’t like it as much. I hope to do better with Wings of an Angel.


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Anyway y’all ever think about how kaito knows that maki can protect herself but he still wants to protect her bc he also knows just how much shit she’s been through and she just needs someone to hold her and tell her everything is gonna be okay, and kaito wants to be that person for her 🥺

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Literally them almost all the story

Chun Sam: I will now torture you.

Min Gyeom: [blushes and smirks] Kinky.

Chun Sam: [smiles] I think you are sweet and beautiful.

Min Gyeom: [tensing up and blushing more] Wait…

Chun Sam: [moving toward him] You deserve to be care for as much as you care for others.

Min Gyeom: [backing away] No.

Chun Sam: [trapping him in his arms] Your feelings and needs are valid and deserve to be heard.

Min Gyeom: [completely flustered] I need a safeword!

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I for one cannot handle writing unhappy endings just so everyone is aware

I may entertain the idea of a Bad End and be fascinated by it but would never write it because I would probably cry and then lie on the floor for several hours in agony

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Continuation of the Sam, Leah and Em headcanons 

- When Sam firsts asks out Emily she laughs him out of the room and he sulks to Leah for a day and a half. She just rolls her eyes at him “you asked me out 4 times before I said yes, you wuss” and Sam glares at her but asks Emily out again. Em refuses to say yes until Leah has a serious talk with her about how she broke up with Sam and how they both deserve to be happy. Why not try it with each other? 

- Emily can’t say no after that because she’d do anything for Leah, even go on a date with her ex. The night of their date Seth spends the whole time with Leah, annoying her to the point of thinking about murder. But she appreciates it more than anything, though she’d never tell him. Seth is PISSED when he finds out that Sam and Emily are dating but calms down when he sees how happy they are together and how Leah is actually okay with it. 

- The accident never happens and Sam never attacks Emily and she’s never hurt. Leah absolutely panics when she shifts and then Seth shifts and it’s a complete clusterfuck and pure chaos as both Sue and Harry watch their children run around the yard as huge wolves. Harry doesn’t have a heart attack because he didn’t deserve to die. 

- Leah is the first person Sam talks to about proposing to Emily and Leah bursts into tears because she is so happy for him. And she can see how in love with each other they are are and how happy. When Emily asks her to be a bridesmaid she squeals out a Yes! and they hug for a long time. 

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The teens of arcadia deserve to all chill out together. Just crash at a friends place all together and vibe. Hang out, eat pizza, play video games and be stupid. They’re just kids. They deserve a day off.

With that being said, imagine them pulling all nighters with eachother and just… losing brain cells the more they stay up yknow?

Douxie: dont you dare say it.

Claire: :(

Steve: :(

Toby: :(

Jim:…. chewsday


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