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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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call me high strung, sum it up in my dosage

I can feel the anxiety creeping back in and up…

tell me… would it really be temporal?

can I life without this happiness pill that’s helping me stay in tune but also killing me from the inside?

tell me… will you come back?

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I kinda feel bad that you never got more out of the magicians than Q being depressed and gay. The other characters exist and they had a lot to offer too.

Oh, but Nonnie, you’re wrong! This show checked all of my boxes. It had everything I ever wanted in a TV show. It was wonderfully weird, had magic, talking dragons, sometimes it was a musical.

Q represented me. I felt seen. I never related to a character harder than I did Quentin. Especially when he’s yelling at a plant. FELT.

But the basic understanding of what his death represented, the way it was handled, the lies and the secrecy, and the disrespect towards fans by the Showrunners were what broke the camel’s back.

They thought they did something edgy and monumental, not taking into affect that mentally Ill characters and queer characters are killed on tv more than “white men”.

There was so much more to this than it being about Q. If you took the time to actually come talk to me about it, you would know.

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"OZMA, OZPIN, OSCAR," Golian bellowed in rage, "WHO BROKE MY TEA SET?!?!?!"

The trio side eye each other warily; what tea set, why are they being blamed, how long until all three of them are dragon icicles? A unanimous agreement is silently made and they prepare to run,

“Not us.” The dragons fail to notice they are in fact trapped, realising this a fraction too late in their attempt to escape the angry elf.

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Me: Lychee tastes like sweet cum *takes a huge swig of juice*

Scott: Your boyfriend eat a lot of pineapple then?

Me: *chokes to death*

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