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#they fucked that up sooo hard
peakyblindersxx · 7 months ago
sweet like candy - tommy shelby x reader
a/n: hey guys! first of all i wanna say ty for all the notes on my previous fic, i hope you liked it! ik i said the next fic i was doing was john and trust me, i haven't forgotten, it's just a lot longer than this short one that i'm posting rn! hope you guys like it :)
love, abi xxx
prompt: domestic tommy, no plot just smut cause i'm a sick fuck
warnings: nsfw!! daddy kink (i know u bitches wanted this and i did too), choking, spanking
Tumblr media
Tommy Shelby was fucking beautiful when he slept. Sometimes, on the rare occasion that you’d wake up before him, you’d admire him, the way his impossibly long eyelashes framed his face. Today was one of those mornings. You appreciated the rare moments you had him to yourself, since he was almost constantly traveling and working. However, he always made sure to make it up to you with a beautiful dinner that always ended with his head between your legs. You had never had a man make you come so many times with his mouth, but you were by no means complaining.
You had no idea why he had chosen you to dote such affection on, but you had simply fallen head over heels. It had started as just fucking, the way most things did. Usually, you were able to, for lack of better words, fuck and leave, but Tommy was different. From the moment you met, a moment of chance as he had crashed his car into yours, you hadn’t been able to keep your hands off of eachother. You had had sex with Tommy Shelby in more places and ways than you had ever imagined, but the best part was Tommy himself. His sharp wit, confidence, and pure arrogance all drew you to him in a way that you didn’t know existed. You couldn’t stop thinking about him, and when he drunkenly confessed the same, you wasted no time in making him yours. Now, here you were in his king size bed, naked with the king of Birmingham.
Your eyes lingered over Tommy’s chest and shoulders, appreciating the way his tattoos stood out against his skin. His perfectly toned biceps were a welcome contrast to the sea of white sheets, and you felt a tingling sensation start to grow between your legs. You pressed yourself against him, skin to skin, feeling him subconsciously pull you closer. You untangled yourself from his arms, kissing your way down his taut muscles, eventually reaching his cock. It was already half hard, and you appreciated this by licking a stripe from its base to tip. As you took Tommy into your mouth, hollowing your cheeks, you felt a hand in your hair, holding it back from your face.
“Fuck,” Tommy groaned, blue eyes blinking away the grogginess of sleep as he looked down at you. “You look so fucking pretty with my cock in your mouth, you know that?” You swirled your tongue around the tip in response, earning a grunt as you felt Tommy hit the back of your throat. Your eyes began to water, but you didn’t dare stop your actions, sneaking a hand between your legs.
Suddenly, Tommy pulled out of your mouth with a pop, flipping you over and pinning your hands to the bed. You looked up at him, pupils dilated and breathing heavily. “Did I tell you that you could touch yourself?” Tommy demanded, piercing eyes locked with yours.
“ N-no daddy,” you mumbled, attempting to play at his weaknesses. However, the look in Tommy’s eyes made you realize that you weren’t going to get away with much today.
“How do you think I should punish you, hm?” Tommy breathed into your ear in between rough kisses to your neck, the scent of his cologne filling your nose and making you dizzy with want. “Maybe I should tie you up and make you come over and over until you’re begging me to stop. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” All you could do was moan in response, your head swimming with lust. The fact that Tommy was pinning you to the bed wasn’t helping much with that.
Tommy chuckled, releasing his grip on your wrists and sitting back against the headboard. “I think I’ll have you over my lap, sweetheart.”
Your eyes widened and you scrambled to bend yourself over Tommy’s lap, a wetness forming between your legs at the thought of what was to come. Tommy’s hand came to rest at the curve of your ass as goosebumps prickled across your skin.
“I think ten should be enough, hm?” Tommy smirked as he abruptly landed a hard smack to your backside. You let out a small yelp of surprise as he swiftly followed it up with three more, squirming in his lap as your ass began to flush pink. Tommy rubbed his hand on the affected area, squeezing slightly. This was followed with the fifth, and this time, you couldn’t help but let a small moan slip out of your mouth.
“Look at you, getting turned on from your punishment,” Tommy chuckled. “You’re such a needy little slut for my cock, aren’t you?” You couldn’t even begin to respond before Tommy smacked your ass two more times sharply, making your skin redder and your pussy wetter. You weren’t even comprehending the moans leaving your mouth as Tommy spanked you a final three times. As soon as he was finished, he picked you up off of him and turned you over onto your hands and knees.
“Fuck, I have to taste you,” Tommy growled before licking a fat stripe across your cunt. You cried out as he flicked his tongue over your clit, pushing your hips back into his face.
“You’re so sweet, like fucking candy,” Tommy groaned into your pussy, sending vibrations throughout your body as he fucked his tongue in and out of you. As soon as you were getting close to the edge, Tommy stopped, flipping you over and pulling you into a rough kiss.
“What do you want, pretty girl? I wanna hear you say it, hm?” Tommy murmured, licking a line up your neck.
“I want your cock in me, daddy,” you moaned, pushing yourself up against him. Tommy’s eyes darkened as he abruptly shoved himself inside of you, causing you to cry out and grip the sheets. He reached up and wrapped his hand around your neck, restricting your breathing enough to make you see stars.
“Oh fuck, daddy,” you cried out, hands scratching against Tommy’s upper arms.
“That’s right,” Tommy crooned, fucking himself into you at an unbelivable pace. “Fucking come all over my cock. Daddy wants to see you make a mess, hm?”
It felt like your brain had frozen, as you opened your mouth but couldn’t find any words to respond. You felt yourself release, letting out a loud moan as Tommy fucked you through your orgasm.
“I want to see you come again,” Tommy demanded, increasing his pace while tightening his grip around your throat. Your pussy clenched around Tommy’s cock, and he groaned.
“You’re fucking mine,” he growled. “All mine. If I have to fuck you in front of everyone to prove it, I will. Show them how your pretty little pussy is made for my cock, hm?”
“Oh fuck daddy, I’m going to come again,” You let out a moan. Tommy began to fuck you relentlessly, meeting your mouth with his. You felt yourself get close as you scratched at Tommy’s back, moaning into his mouth as you came once again, squeezing his cock with your cunt. You felt Tommy release inside you with a grunt, slumping beside you as the two of you caught your breath. He met your eyes with his and chuckled, reaching to the nightstand and lighting a cigarette, passing it to you for a puff.
“You’re gorgeous when you come, you know that, right?” Tommy grinned. You blushed, ducking your head.
“Now don’t get all shy on me now, love,” Tommy said as he pressed a kiss to your lips.
You smiled, kissing him back and passing him the cigarette. “I swear to god, Tommy Shelby, you’re going to ruin me.”
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kindlespark · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
thinking about lazuli and spf and their differing views on saving candia’s magic (and the resulting bitter exes of it all). uncompressed still images under the cut!
[ID: A full-colour painted GIF of Lazuli and the Sugarplum Fairy. It starts with Lazuli at the bottom half in her blue robes from the waist up, facing the front and looking at the camera. She’s against a dark blue background with light blue fog at the bottom. There are three fast flashing frames of the Sugarplum Fairy appearing and disappearing before it settles; she takes up the rest of the painting and looms over Lazuli with her claws/hands around Lazuli’s face and throat, smiling menacingly in a dress that goes from purple to blood-red, and a hovering crown of purple shards. Her six sugar-glass wings are blurred behind her. In these frames, Lazuli’s eyes are black, dripping like tears down her face. Then the Sugarplum Fairy fades, and the GIF returns to just Lazuli. End ID.]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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rendogdomesticated · a month ago
finally admitting that 3rd life being my first introduction 2 mr impulsesv has permanently damaged my impression of him. unable to hear him say anything and b trustworthy this is so sad i always think hes sus i cant help it :(
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cozyboyfriend · a month ago
my weird brain situation of growing up as the only healthy child (lol look at me now), undiagnosed autistic, and later developing bpd has me in a such a frustrating spot of having always tried to do everything on my own, be my own parent, be quiet and unobtrusive and have immense trouble asking for any help. and as an adult trying to have full authority over my life and let myself be a person, that brain stuff is so so unhelpful
i just. want to be able to ask for the things that are necessary for my basic needs to be met without either thinking i sound rude or other people thinking i sound rude. ugh.
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insomtiny · 2 months ago
groups going under because of mismanagement will always make me so fucking angry
#clc was not even doing bad they just never had comebacks because cube didn't fucking care about them#like i feel like the comebacks they DID have were well received??? there was no reason to dismiss them#gidle's been doing great and then cube goes and drops one of their most popular members with no warning after 5 months of silence#let's turn away from cube now and hit YG#i'm so mad i'm sooo mad#like last year when the album came out and everyone was like huh why are these photoshoots so boring#when the teaser images were pretty good why're the photoshoots from teaser images not in the photobooks#only for them to#almost a year later#release a jpn version of the album with all of the year old photoshoots in the photobooks#like there's absolutely nothing new and of course bl*nks r still eating that shit up cause they're content starved#and blackpink is their most popular group! one of the most popular in the world!!!#i don't follow any other yg groups but i can't imagine how they're being treated#it's funny how it's these big companys that are struggling so hard with this#jype! jype's not the worst overall but what they did with got7 🙄🙄🙄#i think that might've been less the company and more the man#i'm hopeful that we'll get ot7 again sooner or later i do enjoy the solo stuff they've been putting out#but they were so half assed managed at jype honestly i would rather have them be free of that#this got rambley but i've been sitting on this for awhile#i try to keep negative rants to a minimum on here but bro i'm so mad#kyra's ramblings
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abnormalize · 7 months ago
love it when ppl on tumblr make a big deal out of a resolved situation i think it's so funny
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lesbianzane · a year ago
i slapped a slowed and pitched version of Murders by Miracle Musical over the moment right before her death and i am incredibly happy with it
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vibribbit · 5 months ago
i keep thinking about that post i saw going around a while ago that’s like “if you don’t like a certain food & people hound u for it just say you’re deathly allergic to the food! :)” n like... as someone w/ allergies & siblings who are picky eaters/have allergies as well that doesn’t usually work either...
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mmmdrop · 2 months ago
thought my body had become pathetic and weak bc my hangovers were getting so bad but as it turns out i was just poisoning myself w thc!!! so glad i’m not actually a disappointment to irish americans everywhere clink clink bitches
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thebreakfastgod · 5 months ago
im finally catching up on CR and watching ep 137 where they arrive at Cognouza and I saw that the opening animation changed to show the Nine Eyes which is really cool, but my CR peeps did you know that when the current opening was first introduced there were people actively complaining that it was cringe. like, seriously. Their main opening for C1 and first opening for C2 was the instrumental Critical Role theme set over them in cosplay or the 80’s costumes. These guys get a full fucking anime opening showing all their characters with words you can sing and people on tumblr reddit and youtube were like “why is it so cheesy this sucks”
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percebug · 5 months ago
perce was right that brain sure cna generate scenarios
#LITRALLY 5 DIFFERENT ONES ALL INVOLVING JUNEBUG IM ACTUALLY CRAZY. SORR.Y . i just love june so much i literally keep making shit up in my#head about us and its like woww so u are a GAY gay. like actually so many scenarios so many . im half asleep too so its so incoherent#sometimes i visualize them so well in my head that they feel like a memory and not a thought if that makessense#all of ythem are about hanging out with june and holding june and loving june#im fucking never gettnig over june i love it too hard to ... its my bf and the loml#literally when am i NOT daydreaming about june#im like i want to meet june and then im like noo. thajt means.. human contact outside ur room! and im like well ill get junebug kisses and#my brain is like ok . good point . convincing argument#im just so fucking insecure about it yk like damn shawty im actually gonna be percieved and no longer just some guy in a screen by the#person i love#i have a super duper ultra mega crush . i like like june one could say#literally thought about stroking junes hair and almost died#never date percy !!!!! he will make loving u his every thought 💯💯#ive literally never liked someone like this so it makes me feel sooo embarrassedive dated so many people but it was only to fill up a void#not because of actual love#but i truly truly love june. so much its unimaginable. june makes me think that love is real and it is good actually#sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry <- has boyfriend disease#ill delete this when june wakes up#juneposting
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#tw for csa mention and overall not great stuff being vaguely talked about#u gotta love when a dream about getting lunch turns into a dream about a psa on s*xual pr*dators to children which turns into a-#-hyperrealistic reliving of you narrowly escaping something like that#like what tha hell is my brain doing rn. can we not#i’m 100% convinced this is bc of the court thing at least partially bc that’s been fucking me up lately#and i only have around a month left#so there’s that#like the dream didn’t even end there it just ended with me running to my house and grabbing a gun and then i woke up#i have noticed that violence has definitely been a recurring thing in these dreams over the years#like my brain is trying sooo hard to rewrite everything so i have more power to defend myself physically/mentally/emotionally#bestie it’s not working <3 please stop trying i don’t want to deal with these fucking dreams again#i also don’t want to have to make more vent art as a way of dealing w this because i have Actual Fun Art that i’d rather work on#but sometimes that art is the only escape i have bc texts are monitored and i can’t just. talk to my parents bc of how closely-#-connected to religion this is too and how religious they are#they see him as some bitch-ass kid fucker which is bad enough but how do i explain that he also was one of the major contributors-#-to my religious trauma? like he was very much a c*tholic fundamentalist but i can’t get into that w/o my parents finding out all-#-the OTHER religion-related shit i had to deal with and am still dealing with#annnnyways yeah i just want to make fun art and not deal with any of this :’) sadly that’s not always the case tho#.woof.
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