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gnashingt33th · a month ago
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Ghost Bridegroom
The first TGCF fanart I drew upon watching Heaven Official's Blessing on Netflix! This is available as a print, once my shop reopens with new MDZS/TGCF/WOH merch in late January.
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bigfrozensix · a month ago
I’m listening to the Flemish (Dutch dialect from Belgium) version of We Don’t Talk About Bruno and Felix’s “It was a joyous day, but anyway” line got translated to “Toch de mooiste dag van mijn bestaan” (Still the most beautiful day of my existence).
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bisexualmultifandommess · 29 days ago
Okay but this man was so in love he looks like he’s in awe of her and I totally understand
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existential-bisis · 10 days ago
Listen I just love how
Pepa: 😡⛈
Félix: 😘
Pepa: 🥰☀️🌈
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talistheintrovert · 15 days ago
no because i'm still not over that proposal scene
i usually hate public declarations of love, but that??? that was done RIGHT.
both of them already know. the faculty knows. it's basically just friendly teasing on a wider scale!! but it also gives Pat an excuse to yell about his feelings for Pran - something he's been wanting to do for fucking ever, something he's been so consistent about since the moment he realised he liked Pran. and he gets to do it while pretending he's being forced into it, when he knows that Pran wants him to instead of always toeing the line and waiting for Pran to tell him off.
and it gives Pran an excuse to be loved loudly by the man he's been quietly in love with for so long, to revel in that love with a smile on his face because he doesn't have to hide it anymore, in this essay i will-
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merakiem · 2 months ago
“I would’ve loved you if we had more time. Maybe I already do. I hope you don’t hate me for saying that, but I know I’m happy.
People have their time stamps on how long you should know someone before earning the right to say it, but I wouldn’t lie to you no matter how little time we have. People waste time and wait for the right moment and we don’t have that luxury. If we had our entire lives ahead of us I bet you’d get tired of me telling you how much I love you because I’m positive that’s the path we were heading on. But because we’re about to die I want to see it as many times as I want—I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you.”
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tbartss · a year ago
Tumblr media
It was you.
All along.
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fufo-4 · 23 days ago
Tumblr media
[ID: A cartoon drawing of Leone Abbacchio and Bruno Bucciarati from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. Abbacchio is on the left of the image, facing left and blushing. Bruno is to the right of Abbacchio, resting an arm on his shoulder and smiling. Abbacchio is wearing a purple vest over a black button-down and black slacks. He has purple socks and black dress shoes, a white tie, and a black choker. Buucciarati is wearing a short white dress with a gold feather boa and black flats.]
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orangelemonart · 5 months ago
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work in progress
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justmeandmyships · a month ago
Remember that time when Lao Wen pretended there was no wine in the bottle, so he ordered Gu Xiang to go find him more wine but later one we find out the bottle in question indeed had wine and Lao Wen was just making an excuse so he could spend time alone with his A-Xu?
Well, yeah... my favorite part of it is that do you know who knew the bottle wasn’t empty too? You’re right, the one and only A-Xu. He knew damn well how much he drunk from that bottle and there was still wine on it, however he remained silence, even when Gu Xiang turned out to him to give a bad look for taking all the wine because HE WANTED TO BE ALONE WITH HIS BABY TOO.
And remember that time when Lao Wen asked A-Xu to go to look for medicines to cure Cao Weining and Cao offered to go with them but Gu Xiang stopped him and Chengling told him “it’s ok. You will learn to be with them” or something like that. That got me screaming because Chengling’s words and Gu Xiang’s actions just tell me that tWenZhou look for excuses to be alone ALL THE TIME. And they do it so much that even my innocence boy Chengling has noticed that and learned to respect that.
I mean, these two go around thinking they’re fooling everyone with their lame excuses to be alone but they’re not fooling anyone. Omg i can’t!! And the best part is they don’t even need any excuse, also aren’t you two together DAY AND NIGHT? Why do you need MORE TIME ALONE? TF.
Definitely there was not better ending for them than being trapped in that mountain lol. Bye
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yellenabelovas · 8 months ago
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1x20 - 2x09 (can be seen with this gifset)
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bigetou · 11 months ago
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protagonists of the world
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mysticdevils · 2 months ago
dead poets society — todd’s poetry scene
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luckytigershark · 2 months ago
love is dead except for whatever rangi and kyoshi has
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ryusooyeols · a month ago
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romance died when they left us
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brownweeb99 · 3 months ago
Sometimes, I remember how much Ash and Eiji love each other and that shit fucking hurts.
Like- It's too much for me-
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ponyboys-girlfriend · 2 months ago
stu and billy (stuilly) headcanons cause they’re 100% gay for eachother
Tumblr media
- stu would dedicate any love song he’s heard to billy and only billy.
- billy’s a hopeless romantic, he fell in love at first sight with stu.
- although billy’s a hopeless romantic, stu would show the most affection. billy would receive hugs from behind, soft neck kisses, forehead kisses (of course, since stu’s taller)
- they tend to get lost in eachothers eyes while spending time together for no reason. they just do.
- whenever billy’s cold, he’d bury his face in stu’s chest just to find at least some warmth. stu would laugh at this but he also finds it adorable.
- sidney once gave billy an idea to punch stu in the stomach in order to get a kiss but that didn’t end up so well.
- that resulted in stu on the floor sobbing while billy tried to apologize for doing that,,
okay that’s all bye bye <3
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nickdrakegf · 7 months ago
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domprovosts · a year ago
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Nicole Haught, will you marry me?
Yes, yes, I’ll marry you.
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horrorlesbion · 4 months ago
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take one in the temple my tongue is a vessel i try to be careful with the thing inside my chest
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