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#they kind of have to

Wow…I can’t believe it BB is showing Victoria on the show……

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okay well rationally i know that if I just…shaved my head I’d have to deal with all my hair growing back in and I’d absolutely LOATHE having head stubble all over but oh my god I haven’t had to deal with this much hair since before college and I need it to be gone!

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HEY if you have a canine oc DM me a ref n I might draw them, I wanna practice drawing canines. one char per person, I’m capping it at around three chars per site. blah

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Oh, it’s not even that, to be honest - I have trouble sticking with projects, but it’s also the difficulty/complexity of setting it up in the first place, since I don’t want my face in the videos (I don’t like putting my face online, generally speaking) and would thus have to a) draw a bunch of sprites for myself and b) figure out how using those sprites actually works xD And then find time and opportunities to actually record the audio for videos (or podcasts, since that would probably be an easier thing to do), since I don’t live alone and I don’t want to explain myself to the person I live with. It’s juuuust a big enough hurdle to make me and my executive dysfunction balk every time I come back to the idea, even though it’s something I would like to do at some point.

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aw this is so sweet! so there’s more info about them over at my oc blog, @kendelias (the masterlist they’re listed on is here), but i’ll give a lil bit about each of em!

milo is an oc for community (yes… i know embarrassing but who am i to pass up donald glover), love interest troy barnes. he’s the artsy gay english major they were desperately missing. his backstory is similar to annie’s in that he was supposed to go to an ivy league and then had to drop out last minute, ending up at greendale. he ends up finding out who he really is and also friends he never had with the study group. i was tired of not seeing any gay rep so i made some for myself.

josephine is a charmed oc! she’s for chris halliwell (because im right <3), and she’s his best friend who comes back in time with him to help him out (unbeknownst to him). part of her appeal is… just being a normal woman with magic powers. somebody needed to help keep that dummy in line and so she exists.

my most recent (official, not spurred by a mental breakdown, actually listed on my blog) oc is for an anime called free!. her name is skye robinson, she’s a foreign exchange student and her love interest is seijuro mikoshiba. i’ll spare you of the details of her and the one that keeps entering my brain against my will but yeah that’s her.

i made my oc taglist pretty recently tbh!! quite a few people asked me to be on a taglist, so i asked if anyone would have any interest and surprisingly people did. so tbh just ask, put the idea out there, and people will respond.

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“I bet *dead name* would believe in god if he(god) was a lesbian”

1. Why specifically a lesbian?

2. Please stop calling me my dead name I told you it makes me extremely uncomfortable and I gave you an easy option

3. The fact that I not believe in your god doesn’t have anything to do with the way he is seen by most of christianity (in fact according to the bible god is gender- and attraction less (and just happens to be called by he/him because men were seen as superior when people started writing down those texts)

4. I wanted to write more but I forgot it and honestly, I’m just tired

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Also doodled some of @miraculeio s ocs last night but forgot to post them because I was falling asleep at my computer oops heres Rowan and callum uvu


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  • White: you are so nice it’s scary
  • Purple: I respect and fear you
  • Dark green: I would peg you

Anon you’re sweet but I literally cannot imagine anyone fearing me (am I intimidating now?? Have I done it??) and also I am SO sorry I have done something to convince you I can top because that’s the entirely wrong impression.

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ranch anon, you are a delight and this is so sweet of you ♥️ I just started back at uni today so this was deffos needed lol. your life sounds so interesting I swear 😂

sharing this with anyone else who needs a laugh today 💕

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uh here’s a few

  • make some moots (it’ll be awkward at first but they’ll be there for you and it’s the best choice you can make. they’ll make it worth staying through everything else)
  • don’t be afraid to post what interests you (if you’ve been following me for a while you’ve probably noticed me discovering this)
  • don’t give a fuck. if people don’t like what you’re posting let them leave, not a single person is worth sacrificing what makes you happy
  • be real and open but don’t overshare. if you’re going through shit, let them know to an extent. having a following that cares about your mental health and respects that is wonderful <3
  • have a good theme. it sounds stupid but it makes your blog easier to recognize and helps build your brand
  • thank people, appreciate the little things, celebrate the milestones.
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allow me to vent abt work for 5 mins blease i have to contact an author tmrw and i am not feeling it mr krabs 😭😭😭 because He’s A Very Difficult Man With A Very Big Ego ive met him twice in my life and every time i had to Control Myself to not deck him hard in the face :) :) :)

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when I used to make secondary accounts, it was because I was trying to cut up parts of myself to be more digestible for people. you know, easier to pick and choose which parts of me were the content people wanted to see, etc. which led to a bunch of other problems.

but now. I am thinking of making a secondary twitter account, not for any of these reasons, but I have thoughts on how Zhang Qiling and Wu Xie have entire conversations with each other just using their eyes and I have a lot of screen caps I want to organize

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