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#they made it
hoseas-angry-ghost · 10 months ago
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Red Dead Redemption + Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Part I) (Part II)
Arthur top by Ray of Deimos (MA-6247-6627-2489)
Hosea top by Vincent of Mothwood (MA-0603-8135-1430)
Charles top by zoid of ☆saffron☆ (MA-8867-9640-7411)
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geekynightowl1997 · a month ago
🌎What If... Zombies?🌎 Review and Questions (!!Spoilers, DUH!!)
1. I am not a a fan of Zombie movies or TV shows, so I was expecting to hate it. I was wrong. Honestly, I prefer this episode over all the others.
2. I just would like to point out that the creator's were like, "Zombies? That's not dark. But a Spider eating Spider-Man? Now that's dark." Like, what? Really? I would put those two things in the same category.
3. Let's appreciate that from everyone from the squad; it wasn't Scott, it wasn't Luis, it wasn't Dave, that survived- but Kurt. Kurt survived. And somehow that's very accurate.
4. Once again, I loved the dialogue in this episode.
5. If the cloak of levitation doesn't go around Peter Parker in Spider-Man: No Way Home, I'm going to feel cheated. Now.
6. Peter Parker- no matter what the universe, clearly- is a ray of sunshine and hope.
7. Bruce Banner in Sorcerer clothing? Eh. Wong and Strange as zombies? 😭
7a. Also- how did Tony Stark get infected, if he had his whole body covered in metal?
8. T'Challa. 😭
9. Let's also appreciate the squad that all survived which is/was: Hope, Okoye, Peter Parker, Happy, Kurt, Sharon, and Bucky.
9a. Let's appreciate that Happy also kept saying; "Blam!"
10. Also- Sharon was second. And I feel like that's accurate.
11. I forgot the very accurate survival video Peter made. And the fact that Bucky was in the shower and somehow okay with that. 🤣🤣
12. Basically, if the Avengers are to officially go down, Hank Pym has to do it. I forgot to mention that earlier.
13. No, really it doesn't make sense that just because Vision has the mind stone and is an android, he wasn't affected, but Tony Stark was. I'm kinda pissed at that.
14. Sam getting sliced in half by Okoye, and then Bucky saying; "I should be sad, but I'm not." Describes their friendship perfectly.
14a. Bucky saying; "Sorry pal, I guess this is the end of the line." is poetic justice, considering the ending is setting up Zombie Apocalypse Infinity War.
15. Marvel is either telling us love is stronger than grief or grief is stronger than love, in this phase and I can't tell which.
16. "It's not risk. It's hope."
17. "My aunt May says- used to say, that if we don't keep smiling when they can't then we might as well just be gone, too." Aunt May is an Avenger. Change my mind.
18. Peter mentioning how many people he has lost and including Happy is honestly heart breaking.
19. "Baba Yaga" being of Kurt's last words is also poetic justice.
20. Scott using dad jokes is the best. Also- for some reason all I could think was Megamind. Don't judge me.
21. Sacrifice for the greater good. That's what heroes do.
22. Just really kinda disappointed that Deadpool wasn't in this episode, thinking about that.
23. T'Challa 🤩🙂😍😭
24. "I just... I... I... really, I don't think I can lose another friend today." "So...avenge us."
24a. Because even heroes need somebody to believe in them.
25. "In my culture, death is not the end. They are still with us, as long as we do not forget them."
26. Over all, knowing that Peter Parker, Scott Lang, and T'Challa are all the universe has- with maybe the guardians, I think the earth will be okay. Even with Thanos.
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self-absorbed-pretty-boy · 7 months ago
no. i refuse to just take this, no.
Mickey Milkovich thought he was “fucked for life”. It took him like twenty two years to see himself as worthy of love and happiness and he had to fight more and harder than most people for said love and happiness. He had to sacrifice so much, had so much taken from him over and over again.
And now he is dancing with his husband in the bathroom, carefree and smiling and singing after a day spent out and proud and about, spending time with the man he loves, with the man who loves him more than anything, with the man he fought so so hard to have a future with.
The man he’s gonna go to bed with and in whose arms he’s gonna fall asleep and wake up like he has for a year and will for another one hundred and four years.
Mickey Milkovich is happily married to Ian Gallagher and they’re each other’s best friend and they love each other every single day.
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So I was listening to Over Again by 1D and the lyrics ( don't mind my poor explanation skills I'm not good at creative writing and stuff😭) are about regretting their relationship and that they want to restart it all over again and also the problem in their relationship is because of THEM and not some outsider or fate... Which completely absent in both Louis & Harry's songs...
The fact that they have been through so much and yet they don't regret it and start it again because they were in this together and although they were under tremendous pressure , they still enjoyed it!
[ I forgot to mention there is an exception in Something Great where harry says 'I want to Rip it off to shreds and start again' but again problem is by some external source and not them]
I think it's a very half-hearted explanation...
I hope you understand what I wanted to say and elaborate it!
hey babe, okay here i am, i'm so sorry i made it look like i was ignoring you </3 i blame my brain and my brain is me so it is what it is
i like this little segue from an old but gold 1d song into larry song theory :') this might be the closest i've ever looked at the lyrics of over again to make sure i'm going in the right direction here but now's as good a time as any, isn't it?
over again sings of a relationship struggling with the members' self-esteem, openness, and ability to commit, and tbh i think we can safely say both louis and harry didn't really struggle with those things when they met each other. like. we've seen the evidence. there were no inhibitions. there are things in h and l's music that point to their personalities getting in the way, forming bumps in the road of their relationship, but i do agree that these issues are pushed to the extreme - especially the ones we hear about in their songs - due to external factors.
they are clearly shit at communicating, or they were, at least, and have learned to let their walls/defences/etcetcetc come down. obviously, every couple has their issues and butts heads sometimes, that's honestly healthy. i think their silence about their inner thoughts, their inner selves, can be seen as a metaphor for bigger things, but it's definitely too central a theme in all of their lyrics to think it doesn't just mean that: they're shit at talking shit out. the shit they're having to talk out, however, is so fucking intense, due to their situation, that it's honestly a fucking miracle that that's the main relationship issue, really. bc at the end of the day they really have always had each other's back and been each other's home, and their communication issues might even just be stupid discussions around that kitchen table of theirs that harry then goes and writes a whole song about yk. (i'm kidding exaggerating or am i)
important to note about the something great line, ofc, is that the full line is 'the script was written and I could not change a thing, i want to rip it all to shreds and start again' and yeah that really could not ever be anything other than external factors i mean....... we're not gonna pretend that it is. this is about another kind of starting over for h and l, of being able to experience their love without restrictions.
they clearly would do it all over again in a heartbeat, would choose each other without a second guess, and not bc they have to try to start over or try again or have a clean slate, like in over again, but bc they really would go through all of the shit they've been put through by others to make their relationship work caUSE ITS ALWAYS BEEN THEM
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ih8bb · a month ago
i’m at work and just checked the updates and omg i’m emotional
Tumblr media
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ontheedgeofablade · 7 months ago
You can just see the wire snap and all of the players (especially Laura, Liam and Sam) just break character and just look so relieved. They’re as stressed as we are
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justintaco · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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larrieshomelat · 11 months ago
Solo quería decir que todos los días pienso en el director’s cut de We Made It, Louis quedándose con todo el dinero, el chico saliendo del agua para encontrase con su pareja y ser felices, only the brave sonando de fondo. Se que todavía faltan años para que ellos puedan salir del closet y mostrase públicamente pero en algún momento va a pasar y ese video me da esperanzas, suena muy tonto?
No suena para nada tonto, se puede ver como Louis decidió contarnos parte de su historia y su "plan" en el Director's cut, ellos saldrán y que no sólo eso te de esperanzas, hay muchas cosas más que nos hacen ver como louis y harry quieren decir que están juntos y que todos lo sepan, sólo que ahora no pueden pero tan pronto como puedan estoy segura que lo harán y no importa cuanto tiempo pase siempre estaremos acá. 🤍
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ialwaysknewyouwerepunk · 4 months ago
i dont know if you mentioned it in your sunflower lyric analysis but harry saying i want to get to know you is so tender cuz i remember in louis’ track by track explanation in which he said something like you can let your guard down and open up fully with your person when you know they’re the one or something like that and i think babie harry just wanted his love to let his walls down and let him in which makes me feel very 🥺 cuz even mouth full toothpaste before i got to know ya which sounds reminiscent almost? cuz they moved in so early in their relationship like imagine waking up next to someone and standing at the sink in the early hours of the morning brushing your teeth together before you fully get tk know them? cuz the way harry knows louis now is something so different and deeper as compared to back then so that always sounded like he’s just fondly remembering stuff and that whole song just melts my heart so much cuz its so pure in highlighting all these small things in relationships that convey intimacy that imo people dont write about often and its so sweet
oh babe 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
it's so tender so loving so sweet so pure. the toothpaste thing, so so so true. harry just kept saying "let me in, let me adore you" cause he knew from the start but they grew into it as well and dskjhfkjshdfjgjhgrjhgfehfsjhgj
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9x07fiona · 7 months ago
your phone autocorrecting husbands to all caps is honestly such a mood because whenever I remember Ian and Mickey are married now I just wanna scream it from the rooftops
right!? obviously i know they’re married but sometimes i really think about it and i’m like “holy shit, they’re MARRIED”
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