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Ahhh right that makes sense, also yeah, Lou’s just in the background.

Cole (and everyone) assume their family are either dead, turned or in a human camp. All options (even the turned option) are as good as dead and unsafe to them.

It’s easier for them to let go. (easier for some of them at least *cough*kai*cough*)

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Nya crossed her arms,“Let Cole speak for himself, Kai.”

From the other side of the room, Cole sighed, running a hand through his hair. “I just..there hasn’t been a bizarro related incident in Ninjago for months-”

“What about that burned down village?”

Nya raised her finger to her lips, hushing Jay. 

Cole cleared his throat, “ There’s been reports that someone, who has some resemblance to Bizarro Zane, has been taking up a vigilante type gig-”

“And he then proceeded to break ” Daemon" out of jail-“

"Hush, Kai" 

"And Daemon obviously cares about Safa.” Cole sighed once more as he finished.

“Given everything.. I just can’t believe they’re completely evil, still”

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I do not deserve you omg ♡

PS: Yes absolutely let’s get married and I can move to Italy ♡

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-vazgeçmeli miyim ? vazgeçilebilir mi ?

+vazgeçmeler gidenler içindir efendimiz , siz sevmeye devam etmelisiniz…

-o zaman sevmeye devan edelim Olric..









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