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#they spent money on these
mischiefsemimanaged2 months ago
I鈥檓 taking an online course this summer and had to watch some videos on the program. Fine, whatever. Except for when, in the getting started section, they made me watch a video on logging in! How do they think I got to the video?? And then there was a video on how to watch the videos! Wtf?!
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pearls-of-patton8 months ago
Me meeting a genie: Okay, so my first wish is for 1000 dollars a day, deposited to my bank account without any way of tracing it to anything illegal. I want this money to come from the ten richest people in America (100 dollars each), withdrawn under the guise of nebulous, random purchases and surcharges. It would probably be best to split the money into a myriad of smaller fees, though, to reduce the likelihood of anyone noticing. Got all that?
Genie: um
Me, continuing on without a care: For my SECOND wish, I want you to give me the ability to learn any given phoneme, so that I can learn to pronounce new languages perfectly. If you're willing, it'd be nice if it were a little easier to memorize new languages too, but if that's not cool, I'm perfectly fine doing all the legwork myself I mostly just want to be capable of pronouncing things correctly.
Genie, now staring at me like I'm insane: ......okaaayyy?....
Me: For my third wish. I want to always have great ideas for gifts for people. Every birthday, every holiday, I want to be able to come up with something they'd really like, with enough time to actually get it for them.
Genie, just staring at me
Me: I can provide you with a written document if that would help.
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leescoresbiesa year ago
EDITED 2/8/2021 - this post has an insane number of notes & i hope it鈥檚 still circulating SO! i am updating it with a few more relevant fundraisers for tribal covid-19 relief in the southwest, including a few aimed at tribes not on the navajo nation that are in similar straits (in az, nm and utah)
one in every 475 native americans has died from covid since the start of the pandemic. For the navajo nation, it's one in every 160 people.聽
far east navajo covid-19 response fund (organized by torreon community alliance)
hopi emergency relief fund supporting the the hopi foundation lomasumi'nangwtukwsiwmani
havasupai tribe covid-19 relief fund - ever seen photos of the waterfalls in the grand canyon with striking turquoise water against red rock? that鈥檚 the land of the havasupai, the most remote tribe in the lower 48, & they鈥檙e so often fucked over by white tourists. please support them.
bluff area mutual aid is a mutual aid group based out of bluff, utah
and the official navajo nation covid-19 relief fund
these are all legitimate support systems & fundraisers that i know about through some contacts at the grand canyon trust. thank you.
here鈥檚 the original list of fundraisers:聽
****i wanted to share some ways that we all can help the聽din茅 (navajo) community right now*****
below are a number of organizations & community groups raising money & resources. it would mean so much to me if you鈥檇 consider supporting these communities right now - & continue to think about how you can support the indigenous communities near you, & understand the indigenous land you might currently occupy.聽
the navajo water project聽helps bring running water to navajo families without, and also helps families pay their water & electricity bills聽
the adopt an elder project helps feed navajo elders during the pandemic
the navajo health command operations center is the navajo nation鈥檚 only official fundraising and donation effort
the kinlani mutual aid group is a flagstaff, az based volunteer group collecting supplies
the new mexico children鈥檚 foundation has a navajo family relief fund.
and a number of community-run fundraising efforts:
navajo & hopi families relief fund
native student emergency fund
navajo nation relief project
food baskets for the elderly on the navajo nation
rez rising (database of native american small businesses)
and just for fun here鈥檚 some great news coverage about the state of the navajo nation i鈥檝e read recently聽
natives and the path to suffrage in arizona (short video)
鈥渇or the navajo nation, everything takes time - including voting鈥
how the us poisoned the navajo nation
climate change is drying the liveblood of navajo ranchers
an in-depth look at the water crisis impacting the navajo nation
the good food indicator - native land information system
if you鈥檙e aware of any other legitimate fundraising efforts to help these communities, or the indigenous communities near you, please add them. again, this is specific to navajo communities in the southwest.
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shirozora-draws2 months ago
Tumblr media
As the person responsible for a day's worth of chatter, art, and fic featuring Lightning!Luke at the dinluke Discord server, I figure I ought to post my own contribution. Don't usually post illustrations ahead of the chapter (have 1 more thing to sketch out, so looking at Saturday to post) but this is the "alt" version so have at it. Enjoy this visual vibe-y mashup of Sam Kim's Mandalorian version of the Luke Skywalker Theme and Into the Spider-verse's What's Up Danger
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vibranium-coochie3 days ago
My main advice for kids who are lgbt and live with a dangerous family is to make sure they have all their documents in their control.
Like ask y'all's parents for your birth certificate, your ID, your passport, etc... If it's necessary you can even steal them. Be sneaky about it. Keep them well, and safe. Homelessness and etc are very real concerns. But stateless and lack of documentation is its own hell. And having all of that documentation ready also makes it easier to seek asylum.
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de-angelis4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
What attracts you to such a world of fantasy and adventure?
I鈥檝e always loved fantasy. For me, it treads that line between escapism and examination of the world that we live in. You can watch the show as a piece of pure epic fantasy adventure escapism, but if viewed through a different lens it can be a comment on immigration, discrimination and those left behind and forgotten by society.
FREDDY CARTER for LEWIS Magazine 馃摳 by聽Claudio Harris
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sarcastic-clapping2 months ago
instead of a weird Premium Tumblr subscription model that is literally useless due to alternatives like Patreon and Only Fans that Tumblr stands absolutely no chance of realistically competing with how about you let me tip on posts??? like literally if y鈥檃ll have to both monetize this site AND rip off another platform can you just steal the fucking Twitch Model鈩笍??? let me donate based on my enjoyment of the content i could consume for free and then take your stupid finder鈥檚 fee you dumb little website
like 鈥渁h this post made me laugh. here is a dollar op. thank you for the serotonin鈥
鈥渢hese gifs are really good and they must have taken a long time and also i got paid today so here is $5鈥
鈥渟o true, beloved mutual. here is $3. just because. why not鈥
鈥渢his person鈥檚 hot take is so terrible that i want to reply 鈥榟ere鈥檚 my two cents, shut the fuck up鈥 and literally donate two cents before i block them just to be petty. and i don鈥檛 even care if tumblr takes one of those two cents. in fact, in many ways that is even funnier鈥
鉁 lean into the chaos of this platform and the impulsivity of your userbase you absolute buffoons. i am begging you 鉁
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yetanotherknittera year ago
ANYWAY you cannot convince me that the air nomads didn鈥檛 have any sort of trade good based on the flying bison and aang just didn鈥檛 have the time or safety to make and sell any of these while trying to stop ozai. they probably did so much spinning just because drop spindles are super transportable, it鈥檚 something to do while flying long distances, there鈥檚 always a weaver somewhere willing to buy yarn, and there鈥檚 always, always large amounts of shed fur just. around. look at how much came off of appa that one episode. so much fur
so three things happen the summer after ozai is defeated and appa starts shedding in earnest again
aang starts spinning and selling yarn because that鈥檚 What You Do and he鈥檚 clinging REAL HARD to every possible air nomad tradition because, well, who else will remember these things?
toph hears about this and scruffs him before he can sell too much because she鈥檚 a merchants daughter and holy shit aang do you understand what you鈥檙e selling?? yarn from the last known sky bison! the avatar鈥檚 own spirit guide!! spun by the avatars own hand!!!! what are you doing aang!!!!!! she has to drag katara in at this point because aang is real unhappy with the idea that his normal flying bison yarn of, uh, questionable quality is being sold to exclusive high class weavers so they can make shawls for filthy rich nobles for baaaaaank just on the basis of his name. this isn鈥檛 how the monks did it :/ and he doesn鈥檛 WANT a lot of money anyway! he鈥檚 a monk!! he only asks for what he needs to survive!! anyway katara manages to talk toph around to donating most of the money to reconstruction efforts, charities, and orphanages and convinces aang that having an emergency fund is a good thing and he should keep something. aang accidentally ends up with a reasonably full bank account and is really confused about how that happened, why it鈥檚 there, and what he鈥檚 supposed to do with it
there is a real weird period of time where it鈥檚 In Fashion for high noble ladies to have shawls and scarves dyed the same color as aangs clothes (because that鈥檚 how you know it鈥檚 made with special avatar yarn!) or have images of appa woven into them (can you imagine a shawl that鈥檚 just a full length body shot of appa?? amazing) and all the earth kingdom nobility are just rocking green and orange like nbd. weaving decorative shawls with slubby yarn becomes really in fashion, too, because aang is not great at spinning. he鈥檚 13 and it鈥檚 boring, ok?
BONUS sokka is just. so mad. you could have been making bank with appa the whole time we were scrambling around the planet aang? do you realize how much more food we could have had? how many more hot baths?? how could you betray me like this
(probably the air nomads also did a lot of weaving but it was mostly the pregnant nuns and the really old nomads so it鈥檚 a little off aangs radar. and does aang eat cheese? it never comes up in series but I would also believe that the nomads made a lot of air bison cheese and bison butter tea)
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phafyua month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i bought a dragon based on oberon so i had to draw him
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seeingteacupsindragons5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
There is a lot to say about the volume 14 Alt Cover, but today I just want to fixate on Sherlock's hand grabbing Liam's arm and pulling the gun away from his head.
It's also the same hand he had his detective hat in, so he dropped it/gave it up to Liam in order to save him.
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captain-samerica7075 days ago
Sam and Bucky share literally all their clothes (or more like..Bucky just steals all of Sam鈥檚 clothes) because they鈥檙e the same size and they have pretty much the same style so it pretty much goes like
Bucky: *walks out of their room*
Sam: Is that my hoodie?
Bucky: This is our hoodie now Samuel
Sam: 馃槕
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thespineoftherighteous5 months ago
aftg au where everything is exactly the same except instead of neils slightly crazy long lost uncle its his crazy long lost grandma
#imagine that scene where neil gets saved from nathaniel..instead of stuart a tiny gray haired pearl wearing old lady comes in blasting-#a machine gun#also ik stuart never really met the foxes (right?) but in this au his grandma does#shes kind of snappy and a bit rude but the foxes like her and also shes neils grandma so duh and when she hears all the shit theyve each-#been through she takes a liking to them..her favs are allison and andrew and she tells them as much but tbh it changes w every new kid she-#talks to#in the two hours she spent w them she asked aaron why he was so short six times. just aaron. instead of pissing him off tho it kinda made-#him smile and he tried to come up w a new answer each time while andrew just smirked at him#kevin calls her 'maam' and she very sternly tells him that thats enough of that#the foxes are all shook when neil Gives Sass and his grandma goes 'now i know youre not talking to me like that boy' and he just apologizes#before she leaves she asks Neil if he needs money or anything and he says no but she still opens her purse and forces hundred dollar bills-#into everyones hands (my grandma essentially does this whenever my friends come over around the holidays)#some try to protest but she just glares at them#she gives a tiny speech before she leaves basically telling them theyre idiots and to let her know if they ever need anything#after she leaves theyre all kinda overwhelmed until aaron breaks the quiet by saying 'neil your grandma is so much cooler than you'#(he uses this with neil for years after)#anyway#neil josten#aftg#all for the game#tfc#the foxhole court#aaron minyard#andrew minyard#nicky hemmick#matt boyd#renee walker#kevin day#allison reynolds#dan wilds
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Tumblr media
A WONDERFUL May x Robyn commission I bought from my friend @pinkfluffylion!聽
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kiribakuhappinessa year ago
I鈥檓 just finding out how much of a rich boy Kirishima is?? Ever since I first joined the BNHA fandom, everyone has been telling me that Bakugou is the rich boy but... not only does Kirishima just nonchalantly spend 20,000~something yen on a new punching bag set in the fifth light novel, he also went to a private middle school???
Like, look at the middle school Bakugou went to:
Tumblr media
(Aldera Junior High - where the walls are kind of dirty and stained, the barriers around the building are low, looking like some kind of repurposed parking garage)
Compared to the PRIVATE middle school Kirishima went to:
Tumblr media
(Musutafu Private Middle School - looking like a whole ass government funded museum of high class shit and manners. Like this looks like a university??)
Bro, Kirishima is right up there with Todoroki and that fucks with my head a little bit.
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