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#they truly are out here like. you are the most beautiful and fascinating creature ive ever beheld
littlebitoffanfic · a year ago
Fandom: The Collector/The Collection Character: Asa Emory – the collector Relationship: Asa Emory/reader Request: Since I have seen you do some slashers, can I request Asa from The Collector? Something sweet where the reader works with him and is an alibi and then saves him when Arkin comes for him in the collection?
  You knew him from your work although you didn’t know him well. Asa was a private man, reserved to his office and displays for the museum. You were tour guide with a hand in some of the office work. After all, the museum didn’t get an awful amount of funding to be able to employee more office workers. Today, you were happy. It was a sunny day, which meant people were less likely to come to the museum for an indoor activity. Your tours still ran ever 2 hours, but a smaller group had less questions and you could normally be done within an hour, leaving an hour free. You all but skipped down the halls like a school girl, your project held tightly in your arms as you stopped outside Dr Emory office. knocking three time, you waited for him. He towered over you, and had such a demanding presences that made you weak at the knees. Your crush on his was not unnoticed by your co-workers. 
“Good morning.” You smile, trying your best to work through the flutters in your chest. “Its 1.30.” he stated, his eyes unreadable. “Oh, well, good afternoon. Could I steal a few minutes of your time?” You ask, nearly slapping yourself in the face for your mistake. His eyes darted to the folder in your arms and he stepped aside, allowing you to enter. This was a privilege in itself. Barely anyone was allowed within his office. But Asa seemed to tolerate you more than the others. Perhaps because you were his neighbour. Now that had truly been a happy accident. His previous neighbour was selling and you were looking for somewhere when you moved here. It just so happened that your neighbour to your left was also a co-worker. Entering his office was like entering a new world. The walls were decorated with various bugs throughout different ages in their lives. Butterfly’s, beetles and roaches but the most prominent member of his displays were spiders. Your attention was drawn to a particular specimen. Pinned in a shadow box was a blue spider. The sign under called it a Cobalt Blue Tarantula. “Wow, those markings are fascinating.” You mumble aloud, more to yourself that to the mans whos office you were in. “Truly. The Cyriopagopus lividum.. native to the borders of Thailand.” Asa speaks so fondly of the dead creature that it makes you smile slightly. There was no denying his love for his work. “Are they venomous?” You ask, purely out of curiosity. “Yes, but the venom not strong enough to kill an adult human. Although its not pleasant.” Asa walks past you to his desk and drawing you from your thoughts. “Now, you wanted something?” “Yes, I was wondering if you might help me with an exhibition.” You hold out the folder to him as you sit at the other side of his desk. He takes it and opens it, showing a sort of mood board you had put together ranging from other exhibitions to enclosures to photo life-spans of certain creatures. “an exhibition?” His eyes flick up to meet your own with curiosity. In truth, you hated how under appreciated he was at the museum and his knowledge should be put to good use. “Yes, for insects. Of course, I’d do most of the work, but I’d really apricate someone who I can fact check with and can offer some insight.” You smile sweetly, and the small smile that pulled at Asa’s lips told you that he was in.
-------------time skip ------------------
Your time spend with the entomologist was one of the most pleasant and interesting interactions you had had in a while. Walking to his office, you held your papers in your hands. You were about to knock when you heard voices inside. Pressing your ear against the door, you listened. “Dr Emory, unless you can provide an alibi for your whereabouts on Saturday evening, we will have enough to arrest you under suspicious of connection with the collector killings.” A voice spoke with authority. Your heart stopped. The collector killings had fascinated you ever since they had come to light. And Asa, well, he was a private man. If they were threatening such a thing, there must be something behind it. And you wanted to know. The two men that seemed to cloud your thoughts could be one. Your mind thought quickly as you came up with a plan. Knocking on the door, you walked in without waiting – something you never really did. Once inside, you acted like a deer in headlights. Two men sat opposite Asa’s desk  in suits. “oh, sorry. Are you from the board?” You asked sincerely but you didn’t let them answer before quickly adding. “Look, Dr Emory and I are neighbours. Its perfectly reasonable for us to spend our evenings and weekends in each others company. Besides, if Tiffany told you about us, she has been having an affair with the janitor.” You could tell Asa was just as stunned as you were. One of the men smiled and stood. “You don’t need to be alarmed, miss. We are from the investigations team.” He then presented his ID badge to you. “Oh, gosh. I am so sorry.” You looked stunned, despite already knowing. “Its okay. But I am interested in what you said. Do you know where Dr Emory was on Saturday evening between 5pm and 11pm?” The man leaned back on Asa’s desk while the other twisted to fully look at you. “He was with me.” You said, talking to the two detectives. “At my house.” “with you? He said he was home alone.” The one with the strong jaw line narrowed his eyes at you. “Yes, well, its not against any policies, our director has been known to fire people for having… interpersonal relationships with colleagues. We’d agreed to keep it a secret. He would have been trying to protect me, in case this got out to the others.” You explain to them, not daring to look at Asa. You knew you were playing with fire here. But what you said wasn’t a stretch. The director had fired a member of the geology department… for sleeping with his wife in astrology. He really cared what staff did as long as they did their job. And didn’t fuck his wife.   “Is this true?” He asked Asa, who gave a single nod. “And is there anyone who can corroborate this?” The detective asked you, more kindly than the others. “Not really. As I said, it was a secret so I’d appreciate it if you kept this between us. Although, you can ask half the staff in this building and they’ll tell you that ive had a crush on the man since I moved here, and they know we have been spending more time together. They are so fond of teasing me for it anyway.” You manage to draw a chuckle from one as he jabbed the other detective in the shoulder which earned a smile. Apparently, there was a similar situation going on where they were. “Right, well, we’d better be on our way. We’ll be back in touch soon.” The one sitting rose to his feet, nodding to both you and Asa before he and his partner left. They left and the door had closed for a brief moment before you felt someone grab your arm and you were twisted to meet Asa. He didn’t say anything and his cheeks were slightly red, but his ears were bright red. “So, you are the collector?” You breathe, looking up at him with a small smile tugging on your lips. “What do you want?” He growled, his voice low and menacing. Oh, he wasn’t happy. “I want to know.” You breath, stepping closer to him. “You take parts, right? What do you do with them? Keep mementos? Are you making something?” His nostrils flares out, obviously angry. You understood. You had let yourself into his world, and he couldn’t do a thing about it. He couldn’t kill you because it would point the fingers back to him. No, it was smart to keep you close. He let out an exasperated sigh, reaching up and pinching his brow. “look, once this has blown over for you, I wont say a word. I don’t expect anything for it. If you don’t want to tell me, you don’t have to.” You reassured him. “Why?” His eyes narrow at you, but you shrug. “honestly, you fascinate me.” You confess to the man, even more intrigued than before. You saw the smirk that twitched at the side of his mouth.
----------------- time skip ------------
The world of the collector was one you never dreamed you would see inside, and you loved it. It took trust to get him to let you see. First you saw the inside of the hotels lobby, then some traps, then some of the beautiful creations he made, then his prize possession. you never participated, but you provided a bit more support for him, offering help from the side lines in exchange for information and his time. If he was suspicious of you, he couldn’t deny the genuine interest in your eyes as he spoke, or how you hung on every word of his. He seemed to love how you marvelled at everything with a child-like innocents. Wide eyes and a curious mind. He kept you very close, at work and in your personal lives. It took 5 months in total for the cops to ease up off of Asa, but they still occasionally found their way to his house, watching it. He would come to yours in those situations, still keeping the façade up that you were in some kind of relationship.   Not that you cared. You found that the two of you had a lot in common which made the time easily spent. Of course, his dogs loved you. When you came round to his, they were pawing at the floor to get to you but waited for their master to give them the signal to move. They really were puppies at heart. Also, sometimes you thought Asa just said they were there to spend time with you. Either way, you didn’t mind. Tonight, you were buried in a book when a harsh knock at your door made you jump but you hurried to answer it, finding a slightly wet Asa. You smiled, stepping aside and allowing him to step in. “You’d think the police budget within the millions by how much they come around.” You giggle, helping his jacket off his shoulders to hang up to dry. He hummed in response, wiping his face with a hand to try get the stray rain droplet off. “So, how was your recent game?” you asked as he followed you into the living room, where you had been reading. You collapsed back into the couch and held your book on your lap. “Uneventful. No one worthy to take.” He mused as he walked over to your book shelf and pulled out the book he had been reading last time. As he returned to your sofa to sit beside you – a show for the police outside – the book fell open to the page he had been reading. But instead of the paperclip he had been using to keep his place, it was a book mark. A novelty bookmark that you had swiped from the gift shop. It was one of those fake 3D ones, with spiders moving on green leaf’s. You raised your book over your mouth to hide your grin. “very amusing.” He soft chuckle left his lips as he placed it to the side. You giggled, moving to reposition yourself. Your sofa faced the TV which was to the right of the window. Meaning anyone who walked by outside could see in. but it was a quiet neighbourhood. Apart from the undercover police. You lay on the sofa, your legs draped over Asa’ lap which you rested your head on some pillows propped up against the arm rest. Asa rose the book without tearing his eyes away from it to allow your legs to move before lowering to rest his forearms on your knee and thighs. Despite being a bit of a play for the police, it began to feel a little more real. You would engage him in conversation through out the evening, and he would tear his attention away from the book to ask you about your day. In fact, you had started to think that Asa had missed this. With the police’s interest dwindling, so had his trips. Even your encounters in work were now limited as you had finished your exhibition. Or many it was just the part of you that had fallen so madly in love with the man that wished he wanted your company. Your eyes left the page to glance at his face. mature features with intelligent eyes. You hated how he could make your heart stop. Maybe this was fake to him, but it was so real to you. Turning your attention back to your book, you didn’t look up until the sun had fully set. Glancing at the clock, you were surprised to see it was nearly 10pm. “Gosh, I swear I’ll never get use to these changing sunsets. Every year it takes me by surprise.” You sit up, stretching as Asa chuckles. Leaning forward, you press a kiss to his cheek before lifting your legs off his lap to stand up. Asa followed, and you smiled when he marked his page with the bookmark you had gotten him. “You’re nearly finished. I told you it’s a page turner.” You nodded to the book, which he was nearly finished save for 50 pages. “Yes, all the more reason to come back.” He shot a look over his shoulder that made you smirk. Playful teasing had become something you adored in the man. It was another reason that made you doubt this was fake. They couldn’t hear what was happening, so why play around. Sliding the book back into the slot, he picked up the remote which had been forgotten on the sofa to go to the window and place it on the stand. A ploy for him to see if they were still watching the house. “I think you’re right. They get far too much funding. It could be going to the museum.” He mused as he turned back to you. Maybe they needed to see more. Or maybe you wanted more. Just to test the waters. Walking up to him, you reach up and placed your hands on his shoulders. “Kiss me?” You whisper to him, pressing your body against his own. Wide eyes met your own and you couldn’t help but giggle. “They can see through the window.” That was enough to encourage the man to duck down, pressing a kiss to your lips. he could have lightly kissed your lips and pulled away after a few moment, but he didn’t. In fact, you were sure he had forgotten all about the car outside. His arms wrapped around your waist and you were pulled tight against his strong chest as his lips fought your own for dominance which you quickly surrendered. His tongue slipped inside your mouth, making you moan as reach up and place your hand on the back of his head near his neck to keep his mouth to your own. Not like he was pulling away any time soon. you felt him push you backwards and you allowed him to push you till your back hit the wall and he pinned you to it. they couldn’t see you anymore, but you didn’t care. Raising your right leg, you hooked it around his hip as his hand trailed down your side and followed the curve to your thigh, holding you in that position. He was driving you crazy, his touch was like fire as you cling to him. When he does pull back, you are left a panting mess with rosy cheek. But his tell was his red ears despite the smirk on his lips. “So, tell me, where does the line between fake and real stop?” he asks, keeping his face close to your own. “With a kiss like that.” You bite your lower lip, completely aware of how his hand had kept your leg hooked on his hip. “The police aren’t outside. They left over an hour ago.” Asa’s voice was low, barely about a whisper. “They did?” You raise your eye brows at him. A nod answers your question and you were left pondering your next move. “Good.” As leans down, sealing his lips over your own.
 -----time skip ------
 You were sitting in your living room, half heartedly flicking through the channel when you notice Asa’ car drive past your window. Smiling, you turn off the TV and grab your small bag. It was a Friday, which meant that Asa worked late. But it also meant you would be staying over with him. A few weeks ago, shit had really hit the fan. You really didn’t know what happened, expect that the hotel was burned to the ground, and Asa only just escaped with his life. He was badly hurt, and you were thankful that he had taken a week off for holidays. It had been holidays he was going to spend with you in his cabin up north, but plans changed. You stayed by his side during his recovery. Asa had lost nearly everything that night. His creations, his sanctuary, his dogs, his prizes. But he had been thankful to come home to you. He had extended his own holiday but you returned to work the next week. He said he had fallen while on a hike so no one questioned his cuts and bruising when he did go back. You took your bag and left your home for the evening, locking it up as you set to go to Asa. He had regained most of his energy and health back, which you were hoping he might be up for something a little more… activity related tonight. The lingerie in your bag certainly hoped so. he was already out the car and into the house as you walked up. But something caught your eye. In his living room, there was someone hiding in the corner. Your breath caught in your throat as you recognised the man. His name was Arkin. He had been the one who had escaped Asa, the one who caused his injuries. You only recognised him because Asa had pointed him out when the new came on one evening. And you highly doubted that he was here to say a friendly hello. Running around the back, you ducked under the window so as not to be seen. You ditched your bag in a bush as you made your way to the back door just as you heard heavy metal music blare through the house. You wanted to scream to Asa, but the glint you had seen in Arkins hands wasn’t enough to tell you if it was a gun or a knife. Slipping into his kitchen, you heard the music being turned off and then silence. You took a large knife from the knife block on the counter and held it as if to stab. And you were willing to. Then you slowly opened the bottom draw, which had some duct tape in it. You round the edge, only slightly pulling it off. If you were going to hurt someone, they cant make a lot of sound. You moved into the hallway which connected to the living room and dinning room. “All those insects. You’re quite the collector.” A voice, Arkins voice spoke, making you pause as you made sure no one knew you were here. “In a 200 mile radios from where we last saw each other, there are 14 licensed entomologists. You were number 12.” As Arkin spoke, you moved slowly down the hallway, looking behind you ever second in case someone else was here. “Your daddy ran a museum, didn’t he? Fucked you up real good.” His words made you feel sick. Asa never spoke of his father. His mother was held with high regard, and he said he wanted you to meet her when she was next in town. But he had shut off when you asked about his father. Arkin was right. “Turn around.” You pressed your back against the wall as you inched closer to the doorway. Tape in your left hand, the edge taped to your finger, and the knife in the other. You could see from the glass display cabinet that Asa and Arkin were standing face to face near the entrance to the dinning room. Arking had his back to you. And a gun raised at Asa’ face. Fear rushed through you as the analogy of ‘don’t bring a knife to a gun fight’ flooded your mind. “Are you here to kill me?” Asa spoke with a calmness you couldn’t fathom. “No. that would be too nice. First im gonna make sure feel everything that I felt. Then im gonna kill you.” You could hear the smugness in his voice. “So that you can never hurt anyone-“ He was cut off as Asa lunged at him. But Arkin gave a swift jab to the face, causing him to tumble back. Into a red box. Your gasp was covered as Arkin flipped the box and started slamming the lid shut again and again, growling “fuck you.”  Before the lack closed. he stepped back, gasping for air. He thought he was alone. Darting into the room, you raise the knie and bought it down into his right shoulder and an angle. He instantly dropped the gun. Letting go of the knife for a moment, you grabbed the roll of tape and started wrapping it round and round his mouth. He had only just managed to let out a cry of pain as his legs gave way under him. He reached up, struggling so you grabbed the knife and pulled it from the flesh. Using the sharp, bloodstained blade, you cut the tape and he collapsed to the ground moaning. You gave him a quick kick in the face before kicked the gun that had fallen out of reach. The last thing you needed was neighbours calling the police for gunfire at the house. You raced over to the box. “Asa, its me.” You reassured him through the small walls in case he tried to attack whoever opened the box. When you pulled the lid open, he scrambled to his feet, the anger in his eyes blazing as he found his attacker on the floor. Arkin was groaning, unable to move just yet but you were sure he’d be up and about soon enough. “Your hands.” You whispered, reaching out and taking his right hand which was covered in blood from Arkin slamming the box down. Your heart broke. He had not long healed. Arkin began to come around, his eyes darting between the two of you as he realized what had happened. He looked at you with an unimaginable about of rage and anger in his eyes as he tried to scream. Asa darted forward, twisting him around and pinning him to the ground, a knee in his back and his hand pressing on the new wound. “The tape.” He commanded of you, and you immediately grabbed the duct tape which had rolled away slightly. Finding the end, you saw Asa grabbing Arkins left hand and you mirrored with his right. Bringing them forcefully behind his back, you taped them in place, then went to tape his ankles together. Once satisfied, Asa hauled the man off the ground and threw him into the box, the lid closing over with the force. Asa flipped the latch. Looking him inside. You didn’t realise you were panting and shaking until Asa was looking at you. Racing forward, you wrap your arms around his torso and bury your face in his chest. “He didn’t hurt you, did he?” He ask, holding him as tightly as you could. A bloody hand stroked your cheek as another rubbed your back to sooth you. “No, you got here right on time.” There was a softness to his voice that made you melt as you looked up at him and smiled. “I’m too late to be a guard dog. Ludwig or Vivaldi wouldn’t have let him get close enough to hurt you.” You shake your head as you pull back, taking his hands in your own once again to inspect the damage. But he turned his hands over and took your own. “How about we go up to the cabin this weekend?” Asa askes, his question not very well fitted for the currant moment. “huh?” Your eyes glanced to the box which was moving slightly as Arkin struggled. “Oh, we’ll take him. And, since I am out of commission right now, perhaps I can show you some tricks.” Asa smirked as your eyes light up at his words. “Yes!” You bounce on the balls of your feet. You went up on your tiptoes to kiss him, resisting every urge not to pull him upstairs to his bedroom right now. Pulling back, you dart down and pick up the gun, offering it to Asa. “I’ll go get some stuff to see to your hands. And I’ll run back and pack a quick bag and then come and pack your things. I think I should drive, though. You’ll have to give me instructions.” You rattle off, the excitement obvious in your voice. “Oh, you’ll get use to taking instruction this weekend.” Asa whispered in your ear, making you blush and bite your lip with a smirk. Arkin seemed to get a burst of energy and started flaying around in the box, which only moved slightly. “He truly is annoying, isn’t he?” you huffed, hating the moment was ruined by him. Asa simply chuckled and walked up to the box, sitting on it and stopping it from shifting. As you flitted around, gathering supplies and seeing to his hands and then packing his things, Asa watched with a soft eyes. He would be lying if he said he trusted you from the start. And even more so if he admitted there had still been a small part of him that thought you were with the police. but that doubt was well gone. And this weekend, he wanted to celebrate this strange relationship. And oh, what a celebration it would be.
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geeks-universe · a year ago
Veritas Vos Liberabit IV
The truth will set you free.
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A/N: Hehe, there’s gonna be a super awesome character arc just you wait
“You still haven’t explained,” John reminded you, pulling you from the staring match you were having with your phone.
You flicked your gaze towards him, stopping yourself from reading anymore texts. Lucifer was relentless, jumping from asking you to come home, to threatening sending Amenadiel after you.
“Hmm?” You hummed gracelessly, before realizing he was most definitely referring to your mojo. “Oh, just a little trick I learned from my dad.”
He didn’t really look like he was buying it, so you sent him an amused smirk. Deciding that presentation was better than explanation, you slowed him to a stop. Ever curious, Sherlock watched tentatively as you made eye contact with John.
“What is it you truly desire?” You inquired, that brief flicker of connection to your divinity sparking something inside. Your fingers tingled, air alight with a power you’d never had the opportunity to tap into.
“Uh,” John blinked a couple of times, “I…”
Sherlock was staring at his friend, brows furrowed as he saw the man at war within his own mind.
“I want to feel happy again.”
The smirk on your lips faded to a thoughtful smile. Humans were interesting creatures to you, but not in the same way they were to your father. He reveled in their sins, and believed in their corruption. You, however, were inspired by their flaws. Emotions were at the very core of their being, and it was a beautiful melody you would never tire of.
Sherlock looked to be torn between wonder and annoyance. John, however, shook his head, furrowing his brows in your direction.
“I couldn’t stop myself,” he explained slowly, trying to piece together exactly why that was in his mind. “No matter how hard I tried.”
You tilted your head to the side, just observing him. Confusion was evident, though he didn’t look upset by what he’d said, or embarrassed.
“Some sort of psychological trick,” Sherlock muttered to himself, pulling your attention to him.
John seemed ready to chalk it up to magic, while Sherlock was skeptical at best.
“Enough of that,” you exclaimed, “I was promised a tour! It’s already so different from Los Angeles.”
And just like that, John was back to the charming, kind host. Sherlock was inquisitive, but quiet. He kept a close watch on you, and offered brief explanations to some of your questions, but otherwise remained vigilant.
Every step you took was cataloged, along with each expression that crossed your face. Despite it, you didn’t let his quirky nature detract from the time you were having.
“Is it your dad,” John finally asked after one too many alerts from your phone. (Seriously, did Lucifer really not have anything better to do?) “That you’re ignoring, I mean.”
“Of course it is,” Sherlock interjected, looking for all the world like it was the most obvious assumption.
Instead of getting upset at his interruption, you found your lips turning up in a smile. He was rather fascinating, if not a little intrusive.
“I left without saying goodbye,” you admitted a little forlornly, nervously fiddling with your phone. There were moments when you felt that you absolutely made the best decision, but doubt wouldn’t leave you alone.
John didn’t sound judgemental, nor did he sound pushy. To you, he just sounded worried almost, like someone who knew the importance of close bonds and didn’t want you severing one without good purpose. 
“I love him,” you were quick to defend your own actions. Of the two, John was the only one who seemed comforting. “But I need to be away from him. He was so worried about keeping me safe that he’d suffocated me.”
There was a hint of sympathy on John’s features. Even if he didn’t understand the full extent of your story, he did know a thing or two about family troubles. Perhaps having a confidant in him would help to soothe the growing loneliness in your family’s absence.
Silence reigned supreme over the three of you as you continued your walk. John was casting an occasional concerned glance to you. You were lost in the buildings and architecture that spread from the ground to the sky. And Sherlock, well, he was too busy connecting dots you’d thrown around with each word. Still, he couldn’t quite picture it all. There was something more to you than what he was able to uncover, though what it was he couldn’t be sure.
It wasn’t until a few minutes more that your feet stopped on their own accord. Your eyes, wide and full of sadness, scaled the stone steeple that stood proudly at a height far above the other buildings. There wasn’t much foot traffic moving in and out of the building, but a soft ringing called to you nonetheless.
You cleared your throat, dragging your teary gaze from the stained glass to your walking partners.
“I need a couple of minutes, do you mind if…”
John caught on immediately, quick to pull his friend out of the line of questioning he looked about ready to go into.
“I’ll grab us a bite to eat,” he assured you, practically dragging Sherlock away as you ascended the stairs into the church.
The air was buzzing with an energy you couldn’t recognize. The room was dark, and nearly empty. Something propelled you forward, bringing you to a stop at one of the pews in the back. You’d only ever been to a church once before. For obvious reasons, your father wasn’t the biggest fan.
Lucifer wasn’t the biggest fan.
But, then again, he wasn’t your real father.
You sucked a breath in, staring forward at the cross that stood proudly at the very center of the stage. Unlike the rest of your siblings, you had never actually met your father. As much as you tried to act like it didn’t bother you, deep down it did. Why had he handed you off to Lucifer? Why were you forced to spend your days in Hell when the rest of your family was acquainted with the Silver City.
You dropped your head into your hands, breaking your wandering gaze.
“Dad,” you breathed, your voice shaky.
“Why did you do this?” You asked into the silence, your voice nearly imperceptible to the people around you. “Why am I here? Why did you send me to Hell?”
There was no answer.
Not that you expected one.
Lucifer didn’t have any faith left in your father. He talked about abandonment, about the atrocities your father let happen. He spoke of an unfathomable cruelty and undeniable destiny.
You didn’t believe that.
No matter how bad things got, you couldn’t believe it.
There had to be some explanation, some rationalization of it all.
Whatever it was though, you would be the last to know. If your father didn’t even want you, he wouldn’t want to give you an explanation that he hadn’t even given his other children.
Tears were beginning to blur your vision, your phone burning in your back pocket. You should answer Lucifer. Your actual father may not be around, but you did have a dad, and at the very least he deserved an explanation.
“I just want to know who I am,” you quietly confessed to the empty room.
You took a moment to wipe away your tears and calm your breathing. Just as you moved to stand up, a person beside you cleared their throat politely.
He looked vaguely familiar, with his auburn hair and pressed suit. It wasn’t until you spotted the umbrella he twirled in his hand habitually that you realized who it was. John had told you all about Mycroft Holmes, and how you should expect him to pay you a visit just for breathing the same air as his younger brother.
“Oh, hello, didn’t see you there,” you admitted, smiling warmly at him.
The little you knew about the man in front of you caused a soft affection to bubble inside. You loved your family, and you could understand that desire to protect them. Even if he went about it in an odd way, you couldn’t blame the man for his vigilant nature.
“Miss Morningstar,” he greeted, the thin curve of his lips little more than an intimidation tactic, though he looked considerably charmed by your behavior, as did practically all humans. “I have a proposition for you, though I do apologize for disturbing you at a place of worship.”
You swallowed, briefly flicking your gaze to the cross.
“I’d say it hardly deserves worship,” you replied, inclining your head towards him. “Are you a man of faith?”
He raised a brow at your apparent disinterest in religion, despite your choice to retreat inside an old church. There was a certain amount of amusement in his brow, likely due to the question.
“Not particularly, no,” he answered cordially, but without much interest. “I consider myself a man of science.”
“Science,” you echoed, a fragment of a smile. “You believe science and faith can’t coexist?”
For one reason or another, he actually considered your argument. You knew it was likely a ploy to further his own business, but you found yourself innately curious about the man beside you. Most of what you knew of Sherlock came from John, and if there was a reason why he seemed to be immune to the divinity you exuded, you’d like to learn a little more.
“Faith is an explanation for what science can’t yet determine.”
His words were precise, and sure, as if there was nothing you could do to shake that determination. You paused thoughtfully, turning so that you might fully face him now. There was a glisten of veneration in his eyes, an unconscious acknowledgment to the river of divinity that flowed through your veins.
“Your proposition?”
You interruption was met with a continued cessation, followed by a diverted gaze.
“Information,” he claimed, leaning back to create an air of detachment. “Your recent neighbor, Sherlock.”
You waved off the rest of his proposal, not bothering to listen.
His eyes narrowed a fraction, dangerous calculations swirling inside his mind as he scoured every detail on your person.
“So quick to align yourself without hearing how much I’ll offer you.”
You stood up, tilting your head curiously.
“If you want information on your brother, you could always just ask him, Mycroft.”
There was a momentary spark of confusion, or perhaps annoyance, in his stare, but you paid it no mind as you left without a further goodbye.
The sun was a blinding contrast to the dark building you were in before, but you found yourself comforted by its overwhelming presence. Your eyes shut on their own accord as you felt the heat seep into your soul. Before Lucifer returned to Earth, you had been in Hell with him. You hated it there. A part of you had always longed for the sun and the warmth it rained down upon mankind. In your youth, Lucifer took to calling you ‘sunshine’ and it had stuck with you through the years.
You knew, standing under the bright rays of the star, that you could never return to Hell again. Something in your veins longed for the sun, and the divine power that coursed through your system seemed to swell with its embrace.
Your thoughts were shattered as a body collided with yours, sending you stumbling a couple of steps by the sudden, unexpected intrusion. There was a moment, less than a fraction of a second, where your connection to the supernatural world was shifted.
“I am so sorry, I-”
Surprise stopped your words as you met the eyes of the man who ran into you. His gaze was unnatural, a color darker than night. They looked like the depths of Hell frozen over. A smile painted his face, one of cruelty and unspoken horror. His hands were icy where they held you in place, one on your shoulder and the other on your arm. You stood frozen to the spot, whispered tendrils beckoning you to the precipice of madness.
You nearly followed, to a destiny unknown and a journey fraught with danger. The presence was familiar, and much too comfortable. An evil lurked beneath his cool exterior, chilling the very air you breathed. 
Still, you were entranced by the muted lunacy. 
As you began to take the first step towards instability, you paused, a heat flaring up along your spine, to the base of where your wings stayed hidden. A claw gripped your throat, forcing fire down into your chest to wash away the sins of your thoughts.
As quick as the encounter began, it ended. You gasped for air, finding relief against John a minute later when he worriedly took a hold of your arm.
“Are you okay?” John asked, concern tinting his voice as he rubbed your back in the event you might have trouble catching your breath once more.
Sherlock was quick to look you up and down, tracing any details he might need.
“What happened?”
The black eyes flashed in your mind. This wasn’t an issue you could take to the two of them. Whatever happened was something more in your realm than theirs.
“Nothing,” you assured them, “Someone in a rush.”
Your smile was every bit as convincing as you could make it, hiding the image of blackened eyes and a searing pain along your collar.
Sherlock wished he could believe the lie you tried to sell, but curiosity got the best of him, and he would discover the truth without your help, as it seems.
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derpy-grackson · a year ago
Kiss the life out of my lips V
Hope you´re like this thingh. It´s the fifth part of a Fanfic I made based on my friends @kiragenta art. Heres the l Part , ll Part , lll Part , IV Part 
Sorry for the bad translation. 
Anyways, hope you enjoy the reading :)
// // // // // // // // // // // // // // // // // // // // //
The next day, Percy woke up way too early, passing through his bedroom with anxiety.
Why was he so worried about it? Jason wasn't his real boyfriend anyways.
-Good morning, sweetie-Sally greeted-. Why did you wake up so early? You have been making noise since seven.
-For no specific reason.
-Yeah sure.
Tyson entered the kitchen, hyperactive and happy. 
-Mom, mom, mom-he repeated-. Can I go to the park?
-I don't know, Ty. We have a special guest today-Percy blushed-, and you have to be here.
-Just for a few minutes, please. Mrs O´Leary also wants to go-he raised the strap so she could see her. Her pet was already on the other side of it, ready to go for a run.
-What did your father say?
-Naturally-Percy rolled his eyes.
-Fine. But you better be here before lunch. And please, be careful with your patch.
-Sure-he pulled Sally´s sleeve so he could kiss her cheek-. Bye Percy.
-Goodbye captain, remember to take care of Mrs O´Leary.
Ty made a military salute, indicating that he had heard what he had said.
The dog dragged them to the door, closing it behind.
Now that he was thinking, should he have told Jason about his brother's condition?
Well, it wasn't that bad, it was just a missing eye. Probably Jason had already seen weirder things, it wouldn't be a problem.
Some minutes later, they hear some knocks on the door.
Percy stands up to open, but his parents cut his way. Sally was excited, while Poseidon was working on his best “if you touch my son in an improper way, you will end up sleeping with the fishes” face.
His wife elbowed him.
-Stop with that face.
-I will stop when I know it's not that Castellan kid.
Sally rolled her eyes, before opening the door.
Jason was there (to Poseidon´s relief) with his typical gentle smile, holding a bouquet of flowers. He was wearing a long sleeve shirt, trying his best to cover all of the scars on his arms. Piper gave him some old black glasses frames, to put on a more “normal” look.
-Hi, Mr and Mrs Jackson. I´m Jason, Percy´s boyfriend.
-It´s a pleasure to meet you. Come on in.
-I brought you these flowers, Mrs Jackson-he passed the bouquet to her.
-Aw, that's so sweet, Jason-Sally accepted it with a smile. She already liked the boy.
-Jason, Mr Jackson-Poseidon introduced himself with a hard expression, tending a hand to shake-. I'm Percy's father.
-It´s an honor to meet you-they shake hands. Poseidon had a firm grip, but Jason seemed to not notice at all, his smile was still on his face.
-Here, take a sit.
The blond kissed his “boyfriend's” cheek. They interviewed fingers like they used too, under the looks of the bigger couple.
-So, Jason, where are you from?-Sally asked, sitting with her husband on the couch in front of them.
 Percy pursed his lips, as it was becoming customary. Time to see if Jason could remember everything.
-California. I moved in with my father at the beginning of this year.
-Just your father?-Poseidon raised an eyebrow.
-Yes, my mother died when I was a kid-he said without any sad or bitter expression.
-Oh, I´m so sorry to hear that, dear.
-Don´t worry. She 's resting now.
-Sorry but, where did you and Percy meet? It's just that he never mentioned you.
-In a party with some of our friends. We didn't talk a lot that time, but we came across again thanks to Leo.
-Huh, he's always a wingman for everyone but never managed to find a girlfriend for himself-Sally laughed a little with his husband's words, but he was right.
-Yeah, he was a great help. He actually encouraged Percy to ask me out.
The fluid way in which he spoke, and how he did not turn to avoid the stares of the adults, made even Percy believe everything, maybe he even hoped it was true.
-I have to admit that I´m happy that you aren't that Castellan kid-Poseidon admitted, winning a little punch on his side, provided by his wife, though she was also relieved.
-Who?-he tilted his head.
-Don´t worry, it doesn't matter-Percy assured, testing his head on his shoulder.
They were going to continue their conversation, when the youngest son made a presence at the house, with Mrs O´Leary by his side. His clothes and patch were stained with mud.
-Ty-Sally greeted-, come here, our visit is here.
Jason turned around to look at the little one. He didn't flinch or blinked in surprise when he saw his patch, like people usually do; on the contrary, he smiled at him.
Tyson, instead of getting closer, he dropped the leash and ran up to his room, slamming the door.
-Did I do something wrong?-the blond asked confused and worried, he didn't want to scare Percy's brother.
Sally standed up immediately, going after her son, with Poseidon at her side. 
-Don´t worry, Jase. Ty tends to be sensitive, but you didn't do anything wrong.
He nodded, feeling relieved.
They stay in silence, waiting for the rest of the family.
-You have been pretty convincive-the black haired said in a whisper.
-I´m just repeating what Piper and you told me-he answered in the same way.
Something in their voices made them sound downhearted. How much will Jason do, just to make real everything he was about to tell to his parents. How much will Percy do, just to understand why his heart ached with the thought of him as his real boyfriend.
-Perce-Poseidon called, stepping back into the living room-. Your turn.
-Do you want me to go with you?-Jason took his hand when he standed up.
He seemed to think about it for a few seconds. To be honest, he wasn't sure how he could help with Tyson; but on the other hand, he didn't want to leave him alone with his parents.
The fake couple and Mrs O´Leary went to the little one room. She was rubbing against Jason´s leg, trying to get his attention.
-You can tell me later-he assured in a whisper. She nodded.
-Ty-Percy knocked carefully-. Captain, are you okay?
-Go away.
His voice was low and sad.
-Captain, c´mon. You know you can tell me everything. 
There was no answer, so he just entered with the other two behind him.
-What happened?-the black haired boy asked, sitting by his side on the bed.
Jason and Mrs O´Leary stayed at the feet of the bed, having a little chat.
-Were the children again?
-Yes-he answered in a whisper-. They keep picking on me.
-Did they do this to you?-Percy pointed out the mud on his clothes and fresh little cuts on his cheeks.
When he saw Ty nodding, he felt a range all over his body. Those brats were lucky that Percy couldn't beat them.
-They are mean-the little one whimpered, hugging his brother-. Sometimes they call me a cyclops. It's horrible. I feel like a monster.
Percy didn't know what to say, he just knew he wanted to bury their faces filled gelatin round in the mud.
-You shouldn't feel like that-Jason said out of nowhere, making the brothers look at him-. Being a cyclops isn't that bad-he shrugged.
-Why do you say that?
-Oh well, you know-he approached the bed, sitting in front of them with the rottweiler by his side-, because it's true. Cyclopes used to be mistaken for ruthless and soulless monsters, who were only interested in destroying everything in their path...
-Jason-Percy warned.
-But they were wrong-he ignored his fake boyfriend-. Actually they were very charitable; They helped in the forges to create weapons, they helped various demigods on their journeys, and they were truly affectionate and adorable when they were just babies-Jason said the last part with a nostalgic tone, remembering all of his cyclops friends.
-How do you know that?-Tyson sat straight, feeling fascinated by that information.
-Eh…-he looked at Percy´s direction: can I tell him or I lie?
Well, they can trust Ty. 
-Go ahead.
The blond smiled.
-You see, I used to fight alongside them.
-What?!-the little one practically jumped on his seat.
-Yes! They stood by my side in many quests through Rome, or even Egypt. Oh, actually, they forge my sword.
-You have a sword?! Wow!
-I wouldn’t have it if they weren’t there, doing an amazing job. Cyclops aren’t monsters, they’re beautiful underestimated creatures and friends for me and other demigods. Don’t feel bad if kids call you like that, I would take it as a compliment.
Percy watched with fondness how a big smile grew in Ty’s face.
-Can you tell me more? Please?
-Of course. I think we don't formally introduce ourselves. I´m Jason, Percy´s boyfriend.
-Tyson-they shaked hands-, I´m his younger brother.
When he finished his stories, the little one looked more cheerful. Now he even wanted to be a real Cyclops.
-I´m gonna forge swords, mom!-Ty exclaimed, jumping from couch to couch with Mrs O´Leary behind.
Sally and Poseidon appreciated what Jason did. The man couldn't keep his “if you touch my son in an improper way, you will end up sleeping with the fishes” face for a lot of time, the kid was a gentleman, he wouldn't do anything with his son! Besides, he liked him.
-Your name it's like the greek version of Neptune-he pointed out.
-Yeah, I get that a lot-Poseidon even managed to laugh a little with him.
Percy looked at their interaction, amazed at how easily his father got along with his fake boyfriend. But we can't blame him.
He wrapped his arms around Percy's shoulders, took his hand, kissed his cheeks, whatever it took to make the lie more believable, leaving the black haired boy flushed completely for most of the day.
Piper arrived when it was almost eight o´clock. Jason won the love of the whole family, they even insisted on him to go back any other day. He would have loved to accept, but did not know how his fake boyfriend would feel about that, so he just nodded, grimacing slightly on his face.
-You were pretty convincing-Percy said, looking at the floor.
He accompanied him to the parking lot, where his friend was waiting.
-Well that's what we wanted, right?
-Yeah, definitely.
They stayed in silence for a few seconds.
-Uh, it was pretty sweet what you did for my brother. He has always felt very self-conscious about that patch, and seeing him happy for the first time, at the fact of wearing it ...
-It was a pleasure to help, not just for him, but for you.
-Thanks, Jase.
They stopped a few feet from Piper's car, facing each other. Playing with their interviewed hands, both feeling nervous.
-Every date we told your parents about...
-You remembered every single detail.
More like every single lie.
-It was easy to remember. It was all about you-he caress his knuckles with his thumb.
-You also sound pretty normal.
-Yeah, I know… 
-And the kisses and the hugs… 
-It was a part of the show. Sorry if I made you uncomfortable-he apologized, taking off his fake glasses.
-You didn´t-Percy assured-. I like it, it wasn´t strange or...
-Not at all.
They held their gaze, still not releasing his hold.
-I wish everything we said was real-Jason accepted a little bit hesitant. 
Percy´s mouth fell open, but no word came out, he didn't know how to answer.
-I-I´m sorry! I don't want to push anything. I don't know why I said that, sorry. Sorry-he let go of his hands.
-Don´t worry, Jase-he laced their fingers again-. It 's okay. I...Maybe soon, yeah?
Jason didn't need more of an explanation. He nodded like a good boy.
-Okay, Perce.
He leans down to kiss his temple.
-Hey, lovebirds! It's getting late-Piper screamed from her car-. Kiss and let go.
-I'll see you tomorrow?-the blond asked.
-Maybe after school. I´ll try, big guy, I promise.
-Good-he took his time to kiss both of his cheeks, before climbing into the car next to Piper.
-See you tomorrow in school, Jackson!
-Sure, McLean!-he tries to sound normal,despite feeling clouded by the touch of Jason's cold lips against his skin-. Thank you for bringing him!
The girl threw him a kiss, before going down the street.
He let out a sigh, still touching his cheek.
Oh Jason, dear roman hero, if he only knew what he was making Percy feel.
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yeoldontknow · a year ago
Sheltered Hearts: 3
Author’s Note: i am slightly late with this update, but its still his birthday in my time zone so happy birthday yoongs <3 its been a very long time since ive been in this universe, but i admit it was A LOT of fun being back. this chapter is dedicated to @iq-biased​ who has been the most engaged and encouraging reader, and this story’s biggest advocate. i love u <3  Pairing: Yoongi x Reader (oc; female) Genre: enemies to lovers au; vet au; romance; fluff; angst Rating (this chapter): PG-13 Warnings: light swearing; medical talk; depictions of surgery on a dog (these are not graphic); depictions of blood; depictions of exposed bone (again, not graphic); yoongi being a big softie but trying to be tough about it; reader is too proud to admit she has a crush; big science brains Word Count: 7.2K
Tumblr media
Dr. Kern agrees to meet you at his medical lab two hours north, replying to your initial request email with an expediency that both is both surprising and reassuring. With his confirmation of interest, Dr. Hague approves the journey, handing you a thumb drive containing Casper’s CT, MRI, and X-Ray scans and affirmations of optimism. 
Poised and graceful, Yoongi leans against his desk and watches this exchange with an expression you find uncharacteristically warm. A small smile plays at his cheeks, gaze focused intently on your hand you pocket the drive, neither supportive nor encouraging merely interested, his eyes twinkling with a hidden mischief married with unbridled fascination. 
The arresting combination of these things transforms him, breath halting in your throat as it is caught off guard by his sudden shift into someone boyish, sweet, and young. Blinking, you wait for the vision to dissipate, but his smile remains, his focus is unwavering, and the swell of his cheeks almost too youthful for the terse man you know him to be. 
Something about his gaze feels too interested, too curious, and you find yourself starting to bristle, all at once vulnerable and exposed. You always knew he burned with great intensity, his steadfast attention penetrative, rooting around in you, though not altogether combative. In this brief moment of silence, you realize he is learning you, seeing you, and you think, perhaps, this is the first time you have truly been witnessed. 
‘I’ll go with you to meet him,’ he resolutely declares, arms crossed over his chest in casual nonchalance. 
With this sudden announcement, Yoongi breaks the spell he cast of his own accord, the low rumble of his voice wiping away the embers of passion you saw in him. His lips crease back into the impartial emptiness he usually wears, corners of his mouth always threatening to turn downward into a frown. Bewildered, you wonder which of these dichotomous versions is the real Yoongi, which shell takes work to push and hide away. 
Dr. Hague hums in approval, nodding his encouragement. Gaze shifting between both their placid, understanding stares, witnessing their silent conversation, the first tendrils of exasperation floods your synapses. Hands at your sides, you wait for the frustration you normally feel to follow suit, but it never comes. You wait and wait, expecting a snide remark from Yoongi or expecting your chest to boil with the threat of being challenged, but all you can manage is a tepid pool of annoyance, twisting your usual fervor for independence into a tired exclamation of impatience. 
‘Why?’ you toss with a roll of your eyes, grabbing your things before exiting the office. ‘You don’t think I can handle dropping off some stem cells and scans?’
A bemused chuckle follows behind you, Yoongi pushing himself from the desk to trail behind, hot on your heels. The easiness of his amusement bores through you, sees beyond your pretense of anger, and, even without looking, you know he pleased.
‘I already told you,’ he explains with a click of his tongue. ‘Knowing a biomedical engineer is impressive.’ Pausing briefly, he collects his thoughts for the timing and you cock an eyebrow, not bothering to face him. ‘And I’ll be damned if you’re the only one who gets to be impressive around here.’ 
‘I swear -’ you begin, turning abruptly to cast him a glare you know will be nothing like the withering heat you wish it would be, but you find yourself cut off.
Yoongi winks at you, almost friendly, silencing you with this sudden affable nature as he walks past, a grin tugging at his lips.
Tumblr media
The drive up the lab is mostly quiet, though not altogether tense. 
He’d offered to take his car, citing comfortable seats and better mileage, though even in the way he phrased it you could sense there was an ulterior motive. Nonetheless, you agreed, glad to not have to drive the two hours there and back again. 
Now, sitting in the front passenger seat, you realize his sole purpose for this offer was the music. Phone pressed into the console, a playlist of his own creation floods the speakers, songs you’d never heard before across multiple genres that ease him into the seat as he drives. So, too, do CD’s litter the car, pressed into side compartments and holders latched onto both sun visors strain to contain the numbers he has forced into their pockets. Surrounded by music, he appears an entirely different creature, elegant, serene, and utterly peaceful, you find no trace of his usual incisive attitude. 
The sudden inclusion into what would normally be considered a private space makes your palms feel clammy, uncertain how to rationalize the man you know with the details you find. Fast food wrappers are crumbled into a plastic, makeshift garbage back at your feet; a tiny, framed portrait of a kitten dangles from the rearview mirror rather than an air freshener; the seats of his car a deep, tan leather rather than the black you would have assumed he’d select. In his car, you find you know even less about him than you thought you did, all your assumptions and expectations molding together to place a slight throb at your temple. 
Beside you, Yoongi seems unaware of your struggle. If anything, it appears he doesn’t even notice you at all, relaxed into his seat as his hands grip the wheel with a tenderness you’ve only seen reserved for an animal. The morning sun changes the shadows and colours that usually settle on his skin, carving a dignified symmetry into the line of his jaw. If he feels the touch of your eyes against his features, he does not let on, allowing you to scrutinize the proportions of his cheeks, his lips, his ears - his regal profile turning your mouth dry. 
His eyes remain trained on the road with a stoicism you find blissful. Strands of his hair, pale blonde and taking on the myriad of shades contained within the sun, fall into his eyes, which he does not both to move. Messy, and soft, and entirely, woefully, human. In this comfortable silence, you admit that he is beautiful - beautiful, and flawed, and unashamed of the mess he makes, more alive than you have ever seen him.
Tearing your gaze away, you study the passing trees and cloudless morning, doing your best to remember when or why you decided he was someone cruel, someone who surrounds himself in negativity. With you, he has always been stern, detached at best, yet never deliberately mean, and your stomach drops at the realization he has done little more than wound your pride. For months, you’d been running circles around one another, your remarks simply a retaliation for his blithe announcement of assumptions you both knew were true.
 From the start, he saw through the heart of you, and you wonder when you had ever chosen to let him in.
When he pulls up to the lab, adrenaline floods your body. Here, even in the parking lot, you can feel the looming presence of purpose, potential, power. You are unashamed of the excited way you scramble out of the car, stretching briefly before slinging your bag over your shoulder and taking hurried steps towards the door. You don’t make it far, ears catching quickly that it is only your steps, your feet pressing against the uneven gravel, and so you look back, concerned.
Yoongi stares at the building with childlike apprehension, hands shoved deep into his coat pockets, suddenly appearing impossibly, endearingly small.
‘What’s wrong?’ The question is sincere, and you don’t bother hiding the concern in your voice.
Unmoved, he continues to regard the dark windows and limestone front, the awning detailing only a number in an effort to remain anonymous. 
‘He agreed to see the scans,’ he announces, voice loud enough to carry but soft enough to give away his uncertainty. ‘There’s still a chance he might not help Casper. He just might not be able to’
As he finishes speaking, his eyes find yours, the care and the doubt you find catching you off guard. Looking at him now, you realize he likely hasn’t slept, bags puffing beneath his eyes, and his pout sheepish.  Nothing in his gentle wording exists to pull apart your ideas, to put blocks, to make things difficult. In him, you sense the fear, the worry. Shifting your weight from foot to foot, you watch the way he clenches his jaw, lips thin as he chews the inside of his cheek. Suddenly overwhelmed by his unspoken affection, you allow yourself to soften for him, if only because you know he cares just as much as you.
‘But,’ you counter, ‘there’s a very real possibility he can. And that’s what we have to hold onto.’ 
 Yoongi’s gaze hardens, resolute as he nods, lips forming into a small smile of gratitude.
It’s the most you’ve ever seen him give over into kindness, and the first time he has ever relied on you for anything beyond a chart or a schedule reference. Briskly, he walks past you, pulling open the door and holding it for you, expectant. Swallowing thickly, you hurry towards the entrance, mind fuzzy with too many incoherent and inconsistent emotions. 
Dr. Kern comes to greet you only a few minutes after the receptionist notifies of him of your arrival, his handshake strong and welcoming. He leads you towards his office, a small space littered with papers, charts, models of bone structures, two oversized prints of the periodic table framed on his wall between his degree credentials. 
‘Thank you so much for meeting with us at such short notice,’ you offer, taking a seat in front of his desk. 
‘No problem,’ he says, congenially. ‘For me, this case is highly intriguing.’
Yoongi clears his throat, taking the seat beside you with careful movements. ‘I’m hoping I don’t sound...ungrateful, but may I ask why you agreed to help?’ he questions gently, hands running over the arms of the seat, over and over. ‘Do you work in veterinary science? I’m sorry if that comes across badly, I just have never met a biomedical engineer.’
Dr. Kern nods in understanding. ‘It’s alright. I imagine it’s surprising that I’d want to investigate an animal case.’ Reaching into his desk, he pulls out two files, sliding one to you and one to Yoongi. ‘When 3D printing first became reasonably affordable and partially available to the public, I saw limitless potential. I’ve spent a significant amount of time working in labs across the country throughout my career, and I can think of hundreds of cases where printing like this could have potentially saved lives.’ 
He pauses, giving you the opportunity to read through the file. Everything pertaining to his lab, the printing, the technology, the materials they use is included. Most importantly, right at the start, is a mission statement focused on ingenuity in the effort of maintaining quality of human life.
‘I started and funded this lab with my own money,’ he continues, leaning back in his tall leather chair and folding his hands. ‘It’s important, I think, to welcome a new era for medicine. Doing so means you welcome a new era for hope.’
Eyes still scanning the pages, you’re aware you’ve taken on a wistful, altogether too hopeful expression. In medicine, hope is necessary, but it cannot be your crutch, the elation of such a feeling allowing carelessness and ego sink in, creating delusions of grandeur. But here, now, you let it wash over you, unwilling to let it stop. 
‘There’s something cosmically magical about that power, isn’t it?’ you muse, hoping to share in this enthusiasm with him. ‘To choose the paradigm you want to shift.’ 
From the corner of your eye, you see Yoongi look up from the file, eyes taking their time as they pierce you. Keeping still, you train your focus on Dr. Kern, fingers pressing deeply into the file in your lap, hopeful he does not notice. Even as your vision blurs, eyes losing hold of the world around you, you feel him. You are starting to think you will always feel him.
Dr. Kern laughs, the sound jovial and forcing you back to reality. ‘That’s exactly the kind of thing I like to hear. That kind of drive, it was all over your email.’ Sitting up, he moves his mouse to wake his computer, glancing at you over his thickly rimmed glasses. ‘Now, show me these scans.’
He uploads the files from the thumb drive with a furrowed brow, lips pursed as you sit back in your seat, doing your best not to jitter your legs. In your peripheral, Yoogi appears just as tense and still, gnawing at the inside of his cheek once again. The silence consumes you, the kind that presses roughly at your spine and makes you wish for sound, the tick of a clock, the drip of a fountain. Eager, you break the silence with information you imagine will be pertinent.
‘As you saw in my email,’ you announce, leaning forward in the hopes of catching a glimpse of the screen, ‘there have been several studies where prosthetics like this have been made, the most recent being in the UK. There is precedent...’ your words drift, fading away and mildly disheartened by the lack of change in his expression. ‘Sorry, I’m just excited.’
At this, Dr. Kern breaks, an humming in consideration though he does not take his eyes off the 3D scans, moving his mouse slightly as he rotates them. ‘It’s alright. I’d be concerned if you weren’t.’
‘I’ve taken stem cell samples, as well,’ you add, ‘so new bone could possibly fuse together around the implant.’
His eyes move to yours, brows raised in pleasant surprise. ‘That’s very forward thinking of you.’ 
Beside you, Yoongi coughs gently, interjecting as politely as he can. ‘I admit,’ he begins, evenly, using a voice you’ve never heard him use. It’s soft, demure, and almost hopeful. ‘I feel a little out of my depth. After we took these scans, our conversation swiftly went from orthopedics into neuroscience and regenerative medicine. Having this technology…’ He falls quiet, slightly mystified. ‘The ability to reinvent and redefine the borders between disciplines is both overwhelming and inspiring.’
You study him, chest suddenly tight at his heartfelt compliment. He offers it with ease, as though he’s used to handling sweet words in his mouth, a slight blush creeping up his neck and ears, aware that he has humbled himself and unashamed of doing so. How easily he strips himself of pride, admits there is more for him to learn. How easily he makes himself small in front of you. This was not something you were prepared for, his presence looming against yours as it seeks connection, a bond, heated enough for him to feel him all over you. Like this, he towers over you, lacing his emotions with yours, and you, unhinged, allow him all the way in if only for this shared moment. 
‘I like you kids,’ Dr. Kern states plainly, his gaze moving between your awed expression and Yoongi’s soft flush of humility. ‘I knew I made the right choice offering to help.’ Leaning back in his chair, he lifts his hand from the mouse and waves you both forward. ‘Come take a look at this.’ 
Without hesitation, you and Yoongi leave your seats with care, your fists clenching and unclenching in an effort to suppress the trembling in your fingers. This, you think, is how it feels to stand on the precipice of innovation, teetering over the edge into the unknown, and while you don’t feel quite ready for the totality of it, you feel as though you are glimpsing images of a future you have claimed as rightfully yours. Yoongi steadies you slightly as he joins you in rounding the desk, his hand resting lightly against your shoulder, both of you unstable on your feet.
And when you see him, see the way his eyes are wild and alight, you suddenly feel as though you are looking into a mirror, confronted by the missing pieces of yourself that bring you balance. But, in an instant, the moment he latches his eyes to the computer screen and you, turning to see what he sees, feel the sentiment dissipate, both of you falling back into your usual routine, hungry for understanding.
‘The goal here is the marriage of biomechanics and biology.’ Dr. Kern moves the scans with careful precision. ‘The plans you sent to me for the surgery include cutting from here to here,’ he says, gesturing to the length from the cubital bone to the carpus. ‘What you’re leaving behind is this section.’ Dragging his mouse over the length of the radius, he hums in consideration. ‘Effectively, what you’re asking me to do is create a bridge where dead bone would be, hoping that there’d be enough space left for you to drill the piece in without bridging across the wrist. In a sense, we need a piece of scaffolding that leaves space, so the stem cells can recognize the rest of the bone as their own.’
It’s something you had talked about in your initial discussion, you and Yoogni and Dr. Hague glancing worriedly at one another, doing your best not to sound excited. Hearing it now, laid out by the engineer who must build it, you suddenly think something like this would be terribly difficult, to tall of an order in such a short amount of time.
‘Can you do it?’
Yoongi asks the question on your mind with an urgency you find endearing. His insistent tone brings you comfort, no longer feeling quite so alone in your worry.
Dr. Kern nods, unblinking as he regards the screen. ‘I believe I can. The scans you provided are detailed and thorough, and I should be able to design something that will get within a fraction of a hair’s length to fit in the leg.’ Still, though, he sighs, looking over his shoulder momentarily to offer you both a clouded expression. ‘The concerns I have, however, are severe. There is a risk of failure to incorporate, mechanical failure, infection, or implant breakage. The size of the gap you want to create is large, and this area of the leg is subject to high stress due to motion.’ 
‘But you’ll try?’ Yoongi presses, insisting he provide you both receive a real, concrete answer.
‘Like I said, I believe I can try.’ Dr. Kern turns in his chair to face you, a smile playing at his lips. ‘And I do want to try.’
Yoongi glances at you, exchanging a moment of relief and unbridled joy. All at once, you fear he becomes the sun, blinding and incandescent. Biting your lip, you look away, heat overtaking your chest as your heart begins to race.
‘Will you be using carbon?’ Your words are rushed, an abrupt distraction to change the subject and redirect the rush of blood you feel beneath your cheeks.
‘No, in living material it’s always safest to use titanium,’ he explains. ‘We can easily print with that here, though it will take some time to get the measurements and prototypes correct. You mentioned this dog is a cancer patient.’ At this, a darkened cloud seems to overtake the room, the word itself an omen as you all share a frown, the kind of thin lipped grimace you give to someone when you are preparing to share bad news. ‘I am not an oncologist, and so I don’t know how severe this cancer is.’
Nodding, Yoongi swallows thickly, building himself into the austere, authoritative presence you are familiar with. ‘The scans we took show the cancer hasn’t spread to the chest or lungs, though it is aggressive. The cells were taken from the hip, which was clean. I’m confident cells should be able to produce the normal matrix that would realign with the bone.’ 
Blinking, your lips part slightly, the confidence in his tone a thunder roll that moves over your skin. You’ve never heard him speak this way, not to you, not as a scientist. Eyes narrowed, he stands taller, a rod of iron in his spine that makes him appear not unlike a god. 
‘Though,’ he continues, ‘we cannot be sure of the current spread along the lung. At best,’ he adds, gravely, ‘we have about seven weeks before we’d need to urgently consider alternatives.’
Dr. Kern nods, turning back to his computer and opening a rendering program. ‘I can get this done in about five or six, though I’d need to start today.’ Turning back to face you both, he offers you a kind, supportive smile. ‘But you’ve got me on board.’
Overwhelmed, you release a sigh of relief, one that makes you press the back of your hand to your mouth in embarrassment. Yoongi chuckles, extending his hand to Dr. Kern in thanks, and you watch as they share a moment that makes them appear more as colleagues than you have ever felt around either of them. 
Rising to a stand, Dr. Kern places his hands on your shoulders, offering a reassuring squeeze. ‘You’re doing the right thing,’ he states. ‘We do these kinds of surgeries on people all the time. It’s only fair animals are given the same shot at quality of life.’ 
‘Thank you,’ you murmur, blood rushing with a sense of vindication and validation, the first real success you’ve had in months.
Tumblr media
Yoongi drums his fingers on the steering wheel on the way back, far more talkative and making more noise than he had in the morning. Like you, he rides the high of this exhilaration with poorly contained energy, the full brilliance of his smile eclipsing the sun. Every now and then, he turns to look at you, to ensure you’re just as wired as he feels, irises wild and body hyperaware. For you, this new version of him is simply another layer, another shadow you must contend with, having witnessed so much of him in one day. 
Looking at him now, you cannot help but return his enthusiasm, seemingly welcomed wholeheartedly into the radiance that exudes from beneath his skin. His smile, his true smile, you learn, is gummy, eyes squinting with delight as he softens the light from the afternoon sun. The commonality of this experience, of the way you processed and handled the weight of worry, and the power of victory, binds you both, something that is nurtured and born to exist within the boundaries of his car alone. This morning, it was a quiet heaven; now, he brings the noise, the tidal waves of change that come from work, understanding, and commitment - things that apply to Casper as much as they would apply to a lover.
Looking at him now, you cannot help but feel awed.
Running your palms over the fabric of your pants, you glance back towards the road, back to the trees and the distant lake that shimmers as you pass. Even as you watch the light drench the world around you, a thing you witness regularly, the sun so willing to kiss the land, you recognize this day is special, a moment that will eclipse all others until your next big first, wondering if it’s him or if it’s everything.
Licking your lips, you speak, unwilling to live inside your mind, alone, any longer.
‘You seemed a little lost in there,’ you chuckle, casting a brief glance in his direction, attempting to witness a change. ‘That’s not a challenge, by the way, just an observation.’
Yoongi shakes his head, a non committal motion he marries with a hum of acknowledgement, a bundle of movement and sound that feels excitable, like a puppy.
‘I don’t think you realize what that was - what this is for me,’ he says, emphatically. Considering his words for a moment, he pauses, looking between you and the road with an amazement you find euphoric.‘At grad school, my focus is soft tissue surgery, you know? Airways, oncology. Not bones, and certainly not reinventing parts. I meant what I said when I mentioned I’m out of my depth.’
It makes sense, you realize, how he so easily discussed stem cells and cancer with Dr. Kern; why he was so quizzical, so focused when you first observed the scans, willing to meet you and fight with you, because this is his field and, now, it is yours too. Yoongi looks at each animal he sees with a reverence that often leaves you breathless, always leaves you bewildered, shaken that this kind of love lives within his core. But, now, you understand - he loves because he witnesses loss, witnesses pain and grief, the intensity of which is braved only by those who have survived it.
‘I didn’t know your focus was oncology.’ You hope the words don’t sound surprised, as though you would have underestimated his dedication or his character. So, instead, you clear your throat and try again. ‘It’s a difficult field. There, you fail more often than you succeed, and that's hard.’
‘You thought I just wanted to be a vet tech,’ he says, changing the subject while sounding smug.
Rolling your eyes, you scoff. ‘I’m trying to level with you.’ Still, though, you can’t help but grin. ‘It’s true though,’ you admit. ‘I did.’
He laughs, a sound of real amusement, and your chest tightens, endeared. ‘Everyone always thinks that,’ he concedes. ‘Even my parents. I wasn’t the most attentive kid in school. I don’t really think people see me amounting to much.’
Enigmatic as he is, he surprises you once more with his blunt honesty, the way he lowers some of the walls he has built around himself, easing into the comfort that seems to have blossomed within the car. You're unsure why he would share such personal information, why he would bother to converse so freely at all, but you don't question it. Surprisingly, you welcome it, feeling yourself become endeared to him on instinct.
'Even when I first started at the clinic,' he continues, 'Dr. Hague seemed surprised. My credentials are solid - still waiting on my dissertation defense date - but I know I don't fit the profile. I don't look like someone who would choose this.'
Softening, you cock your head to the side. 'What's a veterinary surgeon supposed to look like, then?'
Turning to face you, startled by your question, his lips part slightly, a small puff of air moving between his pout. His focus moves between you and the road, his shoulders dropping in comfort and confidence, relaxed and eased by your words, though he chooses to remain silent.
And now, it is your turn to wink, the action making him laugh in surprise, the sound of full of honey.
‘So why oncology?’ you try again, hoping to steer him away from personal, somber waters. Mostly, a distraction to keep him talking, so the sound of his laugh does not seep into the pores of your skin, not unlike a waterfall. ‘It takes a lot of guts.’
He nods. ‘It does,’ he agrees. ‘Maybe that’s why I decided on it. It’s hard in every living thing. I figure why not give a voice to those who can’t speak for themselves? You know, Casper is here with cancer in his leg, but he’s still playing and eating and wagging his tail. He’s a good boy, a great dog. Someone has to fight for him.’
Nodding in agreement, you shift your attention to the road, memories stirring. Tongue eager, it feels important to share the thoughts his words have stirred, important to let him in. Truthfully, you've been letting him in all day, allowing the intensity of his stares, the warmth of his smiles, the kindness in his laugh to unmake parts of you, and, perhaps, you have been doing the same to him. The thought is motivating, the notion that his hand on your shoulder, his warm eyes and unwavering attention were born because you had worked your way inside him, too.
It feels motivation, and so you let yourself speak before you lose the will at all.
‘When I was eight,’ you begin, ‘my cat got run over by a car. She’d darted out from the garden when she saw a rabbit. I tried to stop her - she wasn’t even meant to be outside but I wanted to take her up to the treehouse.’
Even without seeing, you feel his expression morph, brow furrowing in concern as he listens. You have his attention, and he offers a small sound of encouragement, urging you to continue.
‘The car rounded the corner so quickly, I didn’t even hear it,' you sigh, falling back into the memory with a sadness that feels too palpable to be a distant wound. 'Her leg was badly wounded, but otherwise she was fine. Our vet, though, they fixed her up as best they could but there wasn’t a surgical practice around us, nowhere for them to refer us to that wasn’t miles out. My family couldn’t afford that trip and they kept convincing me it would be fine, but it wasn’t.’
'Shit,' he mutters, offering you a hurt, apologetic expression. 'I think I know where this is going.'
‘The nerves in her left foot died. She lost feeling quite quickly, and it wasn’t long until it became infected. We had to put her down because of that.’
When you finish, you find you are regarding your hands as they rest, uselessly, in your lap. Every time you think on this, this is where your eyes go - to your hands. The hands that held her, the hands that loved her, the hands that caressed her soft fur without giving shape to the life she deserved. You were useless then, altogether too young and unprepared, and the memory of these unfulfilled actions and touches live within your hands, where they speak and echo for no one but you to hear.
Yoongi remains silent, still comfortable in the trust though no longer free of pain. The atmosphere in the car has shifted, even as you look at the etched curves of your palms you can feel the change, one of companionship in this loneliness and this grief. As though a cloud of mourning has gathered within the small space, feeling him ache with you, feeling him hurt with you, is as though he has pushed through your memories, touched you, ensuring you are no longer solitary in this melancholy.
‘She was an otherwise healthy cat and,' you continue, voice thick and tongue heavy, 'at eight, it’s really traumatizing to lose a friend like that. She was my best friend. I decided then I wanted to be a vet, the kind that fixes broken limbs and makes new parts if I have to, so no one has to go through what I did.’
‘I’m sorry,' he finally says, his own throat tight with sincerity.
Lifting your head to watch him, you study the grimace that has pulled his lips downward. Instinctively, your hands ache to wipe it away, but you press them into your thighs, willing them to remain still.
‘That kind of loss,’ he explains, sympathetic and tender, ‘it stays with you.’
As he watches the road, a long and lost expression floods his irises, making him appear distant. Even as he quiets, you can sense there's so much more he intends to say, so much more he'd like to say, but the words elude him, seem to get caught somewhere between his heart, his tongue, unable to penetrate the heaviness of longing that has overtaken you both. So you don't pressure him, finding you are comfortable in this sort of unity, together and remembering, even if you are not touching.
Really, you think words no longer belong in spaces like this, would only tarnish the security you have only just found in one another, so new and so fragile. And so you remain silent, bonded with him, and comforted by him, knowing that things will change - the song will change or the subject will change, or, when you leave the car, the air outside will grant approval for things to return as you know them to be.
But, for now, this newness you have found with Yoongi feels natural and it is more beautiful than you could have ever intended.
Tumblr media
It's five and a half weeks later when the part arrives at the clinic, the brown box, that would otherwise be so unobtrusive, lingering on the side of your desk as it generates a foreboding sense of apprehension in your belly. Dr. Hague agrees it's only right you open it with Yoongi, later in the afternoon when the start of his long shift commences, but the wait places a twitch in your fingers, skin itching with the desire to open it.
Such a small box, containing such a small item, the marriage of anatomy and biology, physiology and machinery. Weeks of work and weeks of conversation, running through your options and over and over, with Dr. Hague, with Yoongi, with Talia. So much is reliant on this small piece of titanium, you wonder if metal such as this, born of the cosmos and often in meteorites, could hold your expectations and not just the stars.
In these long weeks, Talia has worked overtime, pulling in extra money to pay the difference in cost her pet insurance will not cover. Casper, all good and warm and full of love, has been on medications to manage the pain, coming in weekly for scans to check the spread of his tumor. So far, not much has changed. So far, the spread remains contained to just the leg, but still you worry, deep down, what you will find when you finally see his bones with your own eyes and not just the empty, black and white images you're so used to examining.
This, all of this, is your risk, your drive to do what is morally correct and in the best interest for Casper. Weeks ago, you were confident you could save a leg, and a life. Now, with the box on your desk and the closeness of this imagined reality manifesting in the present, the weight of your choice is heavy in your lungs and chest. In this moment of being, it has never been so important to be right.
'What if we fuse the wrist?' you ask later, alone with Yoongi in Dr. Hague's office on the day of the surgery, his hands cradling the implant and your hands pressing against the desk in apprehension. 'What if there's no space to drill?'
Yoongi regards you quietly, brown eyes dark with compassion and understanding. You feel his gaze move over your face, feel the touch as though it were his own hands, and you lean into it, focus on it, aching for the comfort that comes from being held.
'Plenty of dogs have fused wrists,' he reassures evenly. There’s less than an hour, no time to turn back but time enough to think and rethink, to be consumed, and Yoongi, full of understanding, refuses to let you draw inward.  'You'd never know, even if you saw them up close.'
Meeting his eyes, then, you realize you have surrendered yourself into his care. In this moment, he holds you, his looking a sort of touching, his touching a deep, resonate sense of feeling, bound together in the moment of fear and unease, but, in him, there is no doubt. The same way you have surrendered yourself to his care, he has surrendered himself to you, trusting you implicitly, and knowing, in the end, you both would not move forward if it was not what was best.
You would not move forward if you were not united, together.
Dr. Hague invites both you and Yoongi into the OR, a first, he says, for a volunteer to be welcomed into surgery. But he smiles, rests his hand on your shoulder and reminds you you’re doing what’s right - there’s a lot of firsts happening today, and that counts for something. Talia squeezes your hands three times before you leave reception, Casper already placed under anesthetic and wheeled through the doors. Once again, the trust you find swimming in her eyes buoyes you.
‘There’s only so much you can do,’ she murmurs, as much for you as it is for her own nerves. ‘And I know you’ll do everything you can.’
The tremors in your hands, an uncharacteristic trembling that had taken root in your joints, dissipates upon entry. As if your body and your soul recognize this place is clean - free of distraction and free of second guessing. It’s sterile. It’s home. It’s safe. Shoulders pushed back, the rhythmic beeping of Casper’s heart monitor is your soundtrack; the bright, overhead light your moon. This is your universe, the precipice of a destiny you manifested on your own, created and dictated entirely by you. 
And so, this room belongs to you. 
After the first incision, as if by magic, your mind clears. You know the journey, the beginning and the end, you do not know what you will find, but you know the only option is to fix, to mend, to heal. The fog of other voices, other decisions is dispelled, every action and choice so much more simple than you would have imagined it could be. After the first incision, your focus narrows, the viciousness of your inner monologue dissolving into little more than numbers, measurements, and the sound of a drill.
‘Eight millimeters,’ you hear yourself say, even if it’s moot, even if Dr. Hague already knows, you still say it because it’s important. Few things, you think, have ever been as important as the length of this drill. 
Yoongi watches, studies every movement with a furrowed brow, body still in a silence that makes you view him as an apparition. Under the white light, he glows, becomes something radiant, and you imagine him not unlike an angel. For so long he has watched over this process, watched over Casper, watched over you - learning and seeing and protecting. Yoongi watches and does not assist, not in any physical sense of the word, but he assists you, even if you are too proud to admit it. 
Hours in, Dr. Hague hands you suction, tells you to manage a bleeder while he preserves blood vessels along the exposed marrow. Yoongi holds the frame of the wrist in place while you apply suction, the steadiness in his hand making it easier for you to quickly remove the overflow. He’s calm, the most composed you feel you might have ever seen him, there for you before you even ask him to be. Together, you anticipate one another’s movements, thoughts - you move around one another in a synchronization that feels natural, as though it was meant to be this simple.
With the bleeding stopped, you move the suction to the nurse behind you and catch his eye, see the way he watches you in admiration. There’s no time to really pause, to share a moment like this together, but you see it. See the way respect floods him, the way he moves his gaze back to Casper, a blush creeping beyond the perimeter of his surgical mask. It’s the most you’ve been involved in surgery since you finished your first residency. It’s the most you’ve felt like Yoongi’s equal since you met him. And both these things, the feeling of success and the feeling of wanting, you know, will never leave you again.
Dr. Hague educates both of you on the placement of the implant, the hardest part of the surgery. Something about this feels too easy - it feels like it goes too well. Casper’s vitals are stable, Yoongi’s eyes are wide, and your hands do not shake, but still you wait for the fall. You wait for the moment things change and go badly - even if it’s falling out of Hague’s favor, even if it means Yoongi never sees you this way again, you know it must be coming.
But it doesn’t.
At hour five, Casper is closed up, the implant successfully drilled. The stem cell samples you mixed with fribrin glue are sprayed into the mesh to rebuild new bone. Yoongi looks at you as though he is eclipsing the sun, and suddenly, your feet recognize the earth that holds you. Sound, thought, vision - they all come back, an onslaught that raises the hairs on your arms, overstimulated. The overhead light is turned off and Casper is wheeled to his recovery kennel, but you remain in the OR, standing still as your eyes adjust back to the fluorescent lighting. 
It’s quiet now, almost too quiet, a calm falling over the room - a special kind of quiet that echoes with triumph, smells of sweat and anesthetic, and the fear of loss. This has never been done before. There is no guarantee it will work, no guarantee it could be done again. But it happened. It was real.
It was yours. 
‘Are you okay?’
Yoongi’s voice breaks your thoughts. He’s close, closer than you normally let him be, but your gaze fixates on the way his mask dangles from his ear, playful, free, liberated. You’ve seen masks ripped away from faces in defeat, frustration, but he lets it linger, pressed against his skin as though he’s afraid of realizing it’s over or that it never happened. At such close proximity, you can smell him, his cologne mixing with the scent of iodine and blood, but you swoon, feel a little faint, and he steps closer, as though anticipating your drop.
‘I’m okay,’ you nod. ‘I just…’
‘You can’t believe it was real?’
A breath you did not know you had been holding, likely held deep within your lungs from the first moment you saw Casper’s scans, escapes your chest. You feel lighter, not necessarily relieved but aware you defied the odds, and so it is important to honor this moment.
‘Yeah,’ you agree, sounding breathless.  It’s been a long time since you’ve been in an OR, even longer since you’ve felt like you were first for something, like you were chosen. ‘Is it always like that? For you?’
‘It’s always exhilarating,’ he says, considering his words carefully. ‘But no,’ he decides. ‘It’s not usually like that.’
‘Where do we go from here?’
At this, Yoongi laughs, reaching for your hand. Slowly, he pulls off your glove, the fingers stained a myriad of colours, and through the thin plastic you feel the tenderness in his touch. There is a greatness to the way he handles you, a familiarity to the way he pulls the plastic down and down further - pulling and shaping as though the hand was his, his hand yours; meeting together in the simplicity of this touch, aware that, from this moment, is it likely neither of you will ever have enough.
‘How about,’ he tries, delicately, gaze fixed on the slow reveal of your skin, ‘to a diner?’
It feels like the first time he smiled - the first time you smiled back and meant it. It feels like a first, is a first - the first time his hand holds yours, with purpose and intent. And so, you think you should get used to this. 
‘That sounds great.’
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travelaspire · a year ago
15 Best Things to Do in Islamorada, Florida
Tumblr media
Craving for some hot tropical beaches and sunny skies. A cool breeze flowing across the horizon as you sunbathe. A cool pineapple drink in your hands that you sip on as you gaze at the vast endless sea. Then Islamorada is the right place for you! It has all the beauties of the perfect island getaway along with being very less crowded, sounds perfect, right? Literally meaning the Village of Islands, this beautiful Archipelago is a cluster of few tiny islands that can set your hearts racing with all that it has on offer. From water sports like snorkeling and swimming to laidback kite flying and more, it has an array of things to choose from. So, all the water babies, give it a shout out!
Snorkeling at the Alligator Reef Lighthouse
Tumblr media
CaptJason /
The Islamorada islands are actually encompassing 6 of the Florida Keys Coral Reefs. Thus, the first thing to do once you reach here is go snorkeling and take in the beautiful sea life. There are colorful corals present along with many different species of medium sized fishes which you can gaze at.
There are also various spots in nearby areas for some deep sea scuba diving for the more adventurous souls. The deep waters are home to some really unique and different marine life which resides here. If you are a pro at diving you might even be interesting to go scouring the gigantic shipwreck called the eagle. This 287-foot wreck is quite off the coast and very rustic in its charm.
Chill at Anne Beach
Tumblr media
Susanne Pommer /
This laidback Beach is very beautiful with its sparkling turquoise waters and calm waves. This makes it great for swimming for all age groups. The white sands are great to laze in and get those tan lines glowing. The water is very shallow but be careful when you step into the sea since there are many tiny marine lives below your feet in the sands. Thus, get your child some foot protection before going in. The Beach is also special as a historical landmark since it is named after the famous environmentalist Anne Eaton who spent a huge portion of her life in preserving much of South Florida’s natural splendor.
Another great thing about this beach is that it has been customized with many tourist amenities to welcome you. From clean restrooms, two parking lots and covered picnic spots, it has it all. There’s also a very beautiful boardwalk extending half a miles that winds through the wetlands and huge mangroves to the shore.
Kayaking to the Indian Key Historic State Park
Tumblr media
Phillip Sunkel IV /
This offshore Park is special in that it can only be reached through boat ferries or kayaks. Though it is just a few yards away from U.S. Route 1, it thus remains little less crowded than most Parks accessible by foot. It is typically a ghost towns but has many remnants of its rich history. The ruins from the 1800s provide you a glimpse of how life used to be back then. History lovers might even love to take a stroll through the recreated street system that they have now constructed. The other activities you can enjoy here include canoeing, kayaking and Fishing. The Park can be visited at nominal charges anytime from morning to sunset at any time of the year.
Learn about the nuances of diving at the History of Diving Museum
This museum is one of its kind in the relics it houses and helps you learn about an interesting subject – Diving. Though it was only opened in 2005, it has amassed an astonishing amount of equipment and structures related to diving. Its wide set of displays include diving equipment, memorabilia, well accounted stories of local divers and an insight into what influenced the book , 20,000 leagues Under The Sea.
A unique feature is a special gallery which features the artifacts which were used by the great pioneering treasure hunter Art McKee. Another great area is the “Parade of Nations” which houses historical dive helmets that had been used from over 25 nations. The museum remains open throughout the year except on public holidays between 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. There are even guided tours available if you visit as a group of 15 or more.
Feed tarpons at Robbie’s Marina
Tumblr media
lazyllama /
This is a very cute and awesome family experience to have with kids. At Robbie’s Marina you can feed these huge tarpons for as less as $5! They give you a bucket filled with fish which you can carry into the docks and then use to feed the fishes. The creatures come out of the waters and try grabbing a bite right from your hands which makes its really fun thing to do for your children.
Another great sports you can enjoy at Robbie’s is Kayaking. The Kayak Shack located here helps you choose Kayaking experiences through three areas depending on your expertise. For beginners, we would recommend sticking to the mangrove tunnels for its laidback natures so you can enjoy the experience to the most. The Jet Ski tours are also great to try out along with some snorkeling.
Satisfy your Sweet Tooth at the Blonde Giraffe Key Lime Pie factory
Touted as the State’s Best Key Lime Pie, it is a favorite among all the locals and tourists. The pie is very fresh and tastes heavenly. It is located nearby in Tavernier and offers great coffee too. The restaurant itself has a happy vibe with quaint indoor and outdoor seating. Do try out the other variants as well including those without lime. The cookies and lime candies are great sweets to savor. Buy some sweet candies or coffee to take back home too while at it.
Bike through the Florida Keys Overseas Heritage Trail
Tumblr media
Michael Rosebrock /
All the people who love being outdoors just for the sake of it would love this beautiful trail. Paved over a huge length of 75 miles, it is so stupendous that you can’t help but enjoy some me time on it while riding your bikes. You can also try out fit hiking and brisk walking on its long stretch. The best thing is it has been strategically constructed and hence passes through many of the famous State and National parks, along with a few marine sanctuaries. Thus, visitors can even enjoy water based activities like fishing or even camping and horseback riding as per their interests and budgets. This trail truly is the jack of all trades and does a great job at it.
Watch a cute Dolphin Show at Theater Of The Sea
Tumblr media
Joseph Sohm /
The Theater of The Sea was constructed in 1946 and is touted as the world’s second oldest marine mammal’s park. From Sea lions to Dolphins and even stingrays there are a variety of animals to play and interact with. There is a dolphin show where you can see the dolphins prancing around. A parrot show is also another specialty of the place. A great experience is swimming with these dolphins in the same waters along with sting rays and some sea turtles at a special price. It also offers a marine life tour with a proper guide. The in-house private Lagoon-beach lets guests use it for some swimming, snorkeling and sunbathing too.
Beer tasting at the Islamorada Beer Company Brewery and Tasting Room
Tumblr media
Kristi Blokhin /
This local brewery churns out some great Craft Beer with the Islamorada twist. It started operations in 2014 and has since been very popular for its high quality beers. There’s a big outdoor recreation area with a volleyball net and many activities to help keep your children occupied. You and your spouse can then roam around the large brewery and take in the fascinating facts about the brewery along with some great sample tasting. The beer being great, it also seals some great funky merchandise like accessories stickers, and clothing. So, shop a bit of your funky stuff for the friends back home.
Take a walk through Windley Key Fossil Reef Geological State Park
Tumblr media
Lynda McFaul /
Take an amazing fascinating walk through a real fossilized Coral reef at this famous Fossil reef Geological Park. The Fossils are supposedly 125,000 years old and very beautiful to look at. These were first discovered when quarrying was being done while building the Overseas railroad and has since been developed and preserved for people to look at in wonder and amusement. These intricate fossils can be visited between December and April. Opt for the guided tours at a nominal fee to get a full grasp on all the details. There is also the Park’s Visitor center which gives you great information and sets up an overview about all that you can expect to see in the premises. The trails are also well marked along with many covered seating areas so you can opt for self-exploration as well.
Look at a Crocodile at the Crocodile Lake National Wildlife Refuge
The Crocodile can be described as one of the elder and heavier cousins of the Alligators. Much more fierce and stronger than the alligators, crocodiles are a beautiful creature to look at. This refuge was founded in 1980 to provide and preserve the crocodile’s natural habitat and introduce fresh breeding. Crocodiles can be considered as landmark Florida animals and hence this park should be a must visit on your list. Special observation areas have been constructed from where you can gaze at these regal creatures wandering about in their natural waters. The refuge is filled with many information boards align with seating areas and gardens to sit and relax while you ingest bits of information about these mighty beings.
Jet packing by Florida Keys Jetpacks
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Jet packing is one of the most exhilarating things to do and one of the most fulfilling experiences ever. Strap on that jetpack and watch yourself rise with glee and happiness. With great trainers and certified instructors to help, beginners can also start enjoying within a few minutes from strapping on the jetpacks. The beautiful experience can last for 1 -2 hours and includes a complete 30 minutes of flight time.
Parasailing at Purple Island
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Imagine soaring high up in the skies like a bird and getting a great view of the mighty blue sea. This is exactly what parasailing is. Soar almost 600 feet above with the birds high above in the white skies. The air borne phase lasts for almost 12 minutes and you can choose to land directly in the water if the weather is good. The sails are available in combinations for one, two or three people. You can also spot some marine life when above like dolphins, sea turtles and manatees. Make sure you definitely try out this activity and do not miss this once in a lifetime opportunity.
Pay a visit to The Florida Keys Turtle Hospital
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How about a visit to a hospital where they treat cute little sea turtles and help them get better? This NGO run hospital des exactly this and watching them at it will help you feel full with happiness too. The Florida Coast houses many different varieties of marine turtle species. Those injured or caught off coast are then brought here for treatment before being released back into the wild. The hospital offers many types of educational tours customized for all ages.
You can also participate in any of the conservation based activities conducted here. Most tourists who visit here call it one of the most enriching experiences ever. Thus, Islamorada is one of the best places to visit. It has all kind of activities to fuel your wanderlust to making you feel genuine happiness. The dolphins, turtles and other intricate marine sea life that you get to observe here is truly beautiful and worth a visit.
Try scheduling your trip between December and April so you get to tick almost all the things off this list. We assure you this trip will truly be a memorable lifetime experience for you and your family.
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