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justintaco · 11 months ago
top ten anime! i feel like i remember the last one and im curious to see how things have or haven't shaken up
idk if I ever did a last one, but fine jeez enough people asked.
My criteria changes with these every time. I'm trying to go with what shows had the most impact on me or were the most memorable, regardless of objective quality. A lot of these aren't even rated 10/10 on my MAL. Any show with multiple seasons I'm just listing as a combined whole.
10) Yozakura Quartet
Tumblr media
I have complicated feelings about this show. I don't think I've changed my number rating on anything else as often as I have with YZQ. There are objectively bad things about this show, and they apply to the manga as well. The fanservice is almost utterly needless and distracting. The story is on a time limit yet things constantly meander and detour into filler.
Yet despite all that, it's a show I can't stop thinking about. I'm not one to be taken in by flashy animation. Good animation does not equate a good show, it just means a good budget. Yet YZQ is one of the few shows that just stunned me over and over with the smoothness of the animation and smartness of the direction. The last episode of the Tsuki ni Naku OVA is still one of the most jaw dropping episodes of anything I've ever watched in my life, and that was years ago.
It's Suzuhito Yasuda's passion project more or less, even though it doesn't sell very well, and I can't help but respect that. The characters are cute and all likable. Even the villains turned good guys just always fit snugly into the cast perfectly. The powers and fights are fun and I hope Tatsunoko gets off their ass and adapts more of it. Message me if you ever want to check it out, the viewing order is a bit odd (or check it here).
9) Haruchika
Tumblr media
There's a lot in Haruchika that you can find in plenty of other shows. A loud excitable protagonist, a snarky deuteragonist at her side, a high school setting, and a concert band. A lot of people actually tried to put Haruchika in competition with Hibike Euphonium when they both aired. But they're completely different shows.
It's hard to describe the charm of this show without just using the word charming again. Chika is just one of those characters that I could watch all day long. She's more than just energetic and a little dumb. The show goes out of its way to establish a dichotomy between her and Haru. He's extremely smart but has trouble getting along with others, while she's pretty brash but has just immense emotional intelligence. She's always kind, comforting, and ready to be there for her friends. One of the best lines in the show is Haru telling Chika that he may have solved all their friends' problems, but she "worked out everyone's hearts." They're a good duo and the chemistry between her and all the new friends she makes is fantastic.
Beyond that, some of the topics this show covers with grace are just, almost unmatched for something of this genre and lightheartedness. Being adopted, loss of a loved one, disabilities, PTSD, unrequited love, depression, and isolation. It's just one of many shows everyone should check out and give an honest chance.
8) Bubuki Buranki
Tumblr media
I'll try not to rehash all the stuff I posted about before but, Bubuki Buranki is just a fun, earnest, and enjoyable show. It was SANZIGEN's 10th anniversary show, so it was made without money in mind and just the raw passion and love of creativity on display warms my heart. The studio brought on some really big industry names and I can't imagine it was produced at anything but a loss. Yet they made 2 seasons despite financial setbacks, simply because they promised themselves and everyone watching that they would. So much about it inspires me, from the actual content of the show to its production.
There's some clunky humor at times and some of the ideas can feel half-finished and get discarded over time. But there's so much it does right that every time I dredge up my old posts with like 20 notes I just wanna grab all my followers and tell them, just check it out, please.
The action is stellar, the setpieces and backdrops are phenomenal, the music is incredible, the voice acting performances are masterful, the mech designs are so fuckin cool, the characters are diverse and come from all over the globe, they're lovable in their own ways, and even some of the villains make you want to care about them. This was the best-looking CG animated show before Houseki no Kuni aired. Some of you reading might not have even realized it was CG based on that gif, because it's so smooth that I didn't even realized until partway through the first episode. Give it a try, cause I'm never going to shut up about it.
7) Macross Delta
Tumblr media
This may come as a surprise to some people, but I'm not really that much of a fan of idol shows. I have tried but cannot get myself invested in big name classics like Love Live or [email protected] Music shows just need that extra bit of spice for me, and Macross Delta brings it.
Macross is obviously known for this, but the blend of music and space fighter jet mechs just works extremely well. Delta respects both premises equally, giving equal weight to a performer's power to touch hearts and minds that it does to a soldier's power to both hurt and protect. Freyja and Hayate respect each other and everything that makes the other who they are.
As you might expect, Macross Delta's music is extremely high tier and for myself, there was not a single song I didn't immediately love. I have not stopped listening to the music since the show first aired until today.
Beyond that, the characters are extremely good. Freyja is easily one of the most charming and lovable female leads in all of anime, complete with lovingly crafted expression work that brings her to life. The animation is very well-done from simple conversations to dance numbers. Check it out if you want a wonderfully entertaining scifi music adventure.
6) Re:Creators
Tumblr media
Re:Creators is another show with flaws. I don't agree with everything the story does. Some things I actually really dislike. Yet, when I started it while it was  airing, the premise grabbed me. I told myself that there were several things I wanted the show to do with it, and sure enough, it hit every single one of those marks like it was reading my mind.
I think a pattern with a lot of anime I like is whether they feel confident in their premise. I think even a bad show can be elevated if it commits to what it wants to do. Re:Creators is about, well, creating. Everything that happens feels straight from the hearts of people that have put blood, sweat, and tears into creating art. The directions it goes with meta-commentary on creating just boggles my mind. So many episodes went in directions I've just never seen other anime even attempt. It's hard to explain without absolute spoiling the twists and turns.
The directing, music, acting, animation, and overall presentation of Re:Creators is really good, a show that honestly should be experienced in the highest resolution you can find. I also think it’s a must-watch for anyone that has ever wanted to write, draw, animate, or do anything of that nature. 
5) Zombieland Saga
Tumblr media
Zombieland Saga is one of the funniest shows I’ve ever watched. It is one of the most entertaining shows I’ve ever watched. It’s rare that a show comes along that manages to continually exceed your expectations episode after episode. 
As I mentioned, I don’t take to idol shows very easily. ZLS has tremendous strengths with its premise, characters, music, and humor that I think will make anyone enjoy it, even if they don’t like idol shows. It is first and foremost a very fun and enjoyable show. I have more trouble breaking down why comedies are great, so forgive me here, but, check it out with an open mind and I think you’ll have a fantastic time. 
4) Durarara
Tumblr media
I’m thankful that DRRR’s strengths are so obvious because that makes this entry easy for me. DRRR is one of the best told stories I’ve ever watched. The ability to juggle dozens of individual characters with individual motivations, scatter their stories and daily lives across episodes and entire seasons, narrate them all from different perspectives, slowly weave them all back together again, and have it come out satisfying every. single. time. is nothing short of masterful. It’s a show difficult not to binge, because you always want more of the story, you always want to see how it all fits together, because it always will, and it’ll always satisfy you. It’s a long show but worth every single minute spent on it. 
3) Chaika The Coffin Princess
Tumblr media
Chaika is a show near and dear to my heart. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to find another fantasy show that would make me feel the same way. There have been gems, but there is only ever been one Chaika. 
This show has everything I could ask for from an adventure anime: A cast of characters with incredible chemistry, thrilling action, interesting worldbuilding, a beautiful aesthetic, gorgeous music, really good humor, and an engaging story. It touches on deeper themes of war, peace, love, injustice, belonging, and friendship. But at the same time, the basic elements of the anime itself are so easy to enjoy without ever giving those themes any thought. It is simply fun and entertaining, but if you look for that depth, you will find it. 
This is easily one of the best anime made by Studio Bones, and despite a forcibly shortened second season, it’s an absolute gem. Any fan of Chaika is a friend of mine.
2) Gatchaman Crowds
Tumblr media
Gatchaman Crowds is the greatest superhero story ever told. A show that has made me a better person, a person who wants to believe a better world is possible, we just need to take care of each other using things unique to each of us. Governments will not save humanity, superheroes will not save humanity, technology will not save humanity. Only by trusting in, loving, and helping one another will we ever survive. It all sounds too optimistic, but optimism is our only hope. You cannot try and make things better if you do not believe they can get better.
Hajime Ichinose is a wonderful, intelligent, unabashedly weird, incredibly loud, naive, and optimistic hero. She perfectly demonstrates that optimism isn’t simply sitting around and hoping things get better, it means taking action, breaking down barriers, acting unconventionally, ignoring precedent, and most of all, never losing hope. There will be setbacks, people will do bad things, you will fail sometimes, but do not let the world break you down and never lose sight of why you should help others: It’s the right thing to do
Gatchaman Crowds is a show worth watching, and worth watching again and again. It’s not only entertaining but fills me with happiness, determination, optimism, and motivation. Whether you check it out because of my mushy ramblings here, or because of the stellar characters, animation, music, and action, or you never check it out at all, always remember: When the time comes to help someone, just do it. That’s What Heroes Do.
1) Monogatari Series
Tumblr media
The Monogatari Series is disgusting, perverted, violent, often triggering, verbose, extremely long, confusing, weird, difficult to watch, and difficult to recommend. It is also my favorite anime series of all time. It is both writer Nisio Isin’s and studio Shaft’s magnum opus. I have not seen an anime with so many serious flaws yet such powerful strengths that the good outweighs the bad so incredibly. 
I don’t like all of Nisio’s works, I don’t think I even like most of them. I think some of his works are downright bad or boring. Yet the absolutely overwhelmingly excellent character writing on display in Monogatari has earned him my eternal respect. I struggle to find characters written with such weirdness and yet such depth and emotion. Every new arc brings out a new facet of every character involved.
The writing is highly elevated by Studio Shaft’s adaptation. If there is one anime you could call “weird,” this is it. It’s directing is almost nonsensical at times, interpretive, bizarre, unnecessarily complex, frankly hostile to the senses at points, and yet it makes for an entirely unique experience. There is frankly no other anime on Earth with the same feeling as Monogatari. 
I already know Monogatari isn’t for everyone. There are parts I hate, parts I wish I could rip out or rewrite. There are parts that make me uncomfortable to think about. But I accept it for all its flaws. It’s made me laugh and cry and feel excited and think deeply about myself. I wouldn’t be the same person without it.
Watching any one of these will make for a great experience. Any person at all that needs help with watch orders or getting into them can message me any time of day. 
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stxleslyds · 10 months ago
you know how dc keeps forcing this sudden "we're a family" narrative out of nowhere? I'd love batfam content but years of hurt among them make the recent content seem unearned.
bc you know more about dick and jason than the others, how do you think they would realistically become family to each other, or would it even be in character for them to be the "bros" they're written as now?
Oh anon, this question is amazing, I love it! I saw it when I woke up and since then my brain has been brewing this answer, I was thinking about it as I brushed my teeth and as I was making breakfast, and now I am ready to give you the answer, I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed thinking/writing about it!
DC keeps forcing the wrong relationships, and they keep forcing the wrong centre of this supposed family, they make it out to be the Bat-Family when in reality the Bat (Bruce) should have never been invited to this party.
This is why I give you the… Dick-Family!
Oh yeah baby, I am going there. Dick is the centre of this “family”, he is the guy who is actually connected with everyone, he has been around for so long and he has been present when almost all of the remaining characters were introduced! Bruce might have come first but that guy has nothing on Dick Grayson.
Dick has cared and loved for everyone in this family in a true and beautiful way, no matter how much fanon and DC try to tell us otherwise. This man was an amazing son to Bruce and Alfred (my love for Alfred and Dick is brought to you by @hood-ex), a fantastic brother to Jason, Tim and Cass as well as a phenomenal father/older brother to Damian.
Dick Grayson is the centre of this whole thing, and thanks to DC now being an Omniverse I will be able to explain my line of thoughts. But first let me clear some ideas up.
The way I see it Jason would only get along good enough with Dick. I am not here for Jason and Tim having brunch together (honestly, Lobdell, what were you thinking), Jason never cared for Tim, and then writers that didn’t know how the Red Hood worked made him try to kill Tim so, to me, that relationship is non-existent, Jason doesn’t really perceive Tim (yet).
Jason and Damian, listen, I know that there is this fanon theory that Jason knew and cared for Damian while he was in the League, but that is just fanon talk and it doesn’t really fit in canon either. Jason wasn’t really capable of doing much other than fight, and after he was put in the Lazarus Pit he either had to leave because Ra’s wanted to kill him or Talia took him to the All-Castle. So, Jason’s only real interactions with Damian would be when Jason was written as a crazy, blood thirsty dude that actually tried to harm a child. So, him and Damian wouldn’t really have a good relationship (yet).
Jason and Cass… that’s just a no. Jason and Barbara, I mean Barbara was older than Dick when she first met Jason, so they wouldn’t have much of a relationship.
Now, lets move on to how I will make the Dick-Family work.
Dick (bless him) actually talks and listens to people, unlike Bruce, so the change would start there. Let’s set the timeline, I will stand right after the events of Under the Red Hood. Bruce just chose saving Joker over letting Jason kill the Joker and the building they were in exploded.
Batman keeps on being himself (trash) and Jason, having survived the explosion, moves on to keep on building his empire. He really wants to control the drug trade in Gotham, so he works on that, he slowly but surely takes his place as a drug lord again and is a constant pain in Black Mask’s ass.
While Jason is doing that, Dick is trying to put together his life after Bludhaven was attacked with Chemo. Let’s say that Bludhaven isn’t completely erased from the map but he does have to leave so the city can be re-built. He goes to Gotham, where the Red Hood works.
Let’s say that Alfred told Dick who was under the Red Hood, so Dick being a good brother goes looking for Jason. Their first interaction out of the mask wouldn’t be nice, Jason barely remembers his life before the pit and he really is convinced that Dick is the absolute worst.
But then Jason being a nosy man would make an appearance, for some reason, let’s say that he hacks into the Batcave and when he does that he finds some footage… The footage in question would be the one which shows Bruce punching Dick and sort of blaming him for Jason’s death. (Oh yeah, I am going there). The footage will make a memory come to mind, Dick taking Jason on a skying trip.
So, the next time that Dick and Jason see each other is because Jason went looking for Dick and here is where these two actually talk. The way I see it, Dick is more flexible with the no killing rule, he has worked many times with people that are villains or that just have different ways of doing things. So, I think that he would understand where Jason’s coming from with his ideas. As they begin to understand one another Jason begins to recover more and more memories from before the Pit.
They get together once a week and they chat about life as well as vigilante stuff. They become friends.
At the same time Dick is also very good friends with Tim and also acts like the amazing big brother he is with him. They chat, they sometimes work together and one day they come across a very complicated situation involving a new drug being introduced in Gotham.
Dick would call Jason and now both of them and Tim are reunited in a safe house working together so this new drug doesn’t fall in the wrong hands. Jason and Tim wouldn’t really like each other. Both of them are there for Dick and because they have to get the job done.
That’s how I see Dick forming the Dick-Family unconsciously. Hell, I will introduce Barbara now. Do you guys remember that in UtRH Barbara was mad with Bruce and didn’t want to work with him but she was still in contact with Dick? Well, I am using that so it can fit my narrative.
Dick, Jason and Tim need more intel so Dick calls Oracle (real Oracle) and because Barbara trusts Dick she works with them.
Here is where it gets interesting, through Barbara, Dick meets Cass, through Tim he meets Stephanie. You see that Dick’s connections are leading him to form a group of people. Cass and Stephanie are trained by Babs and Dick and they become the new Batgirls.
As all of that keeps developing Jason and Dick become “partners in crime” they help each other, they start building a brotherly relationship again. Although Jason refuses to say that out loud.
Then comes in Damian, a difficult child if there has ever been one but he has Bruce so Dick doesn’t have to jump in that fast… right?
Oh brother! Bruce is dead (omg what would we do? Battle for the cowl maybe? No!). with Bruce gone there is only one person who can take his place and everyone knows it has to be Dick.
Dick would feel a lot of things as he is taking Bruce’s place as Batman but he has a group of people ready to back him up (Alfred, Jason, Tim, Babs, Cass, Steph), and he also has to take care of Damian, he is a child and with his father gone then maybe his mother would want to take him back to the League of Assassins, Dick obviously doesn’t want that so he talks to Tim and tells him that he sees him as his equal and that he has a plan to make Damian stay and it involves making Damian his new Robin.
Tim would obviously be sad and a little hurt, but he understands Dick’s decision because they talked about it and Dick actually took the time to explain why he was doing what he was doing (really DC half of the problems you guys come up could be fixed in seconds if people would only take some time to just TALK!).
Dick and Damian work as Batman and Robin and Dick starts assuming the position of his father. They would live with Alfred in the penthouse and maybe Tim will join them from time to time (when he wasn’t busy with Young Justice/Teen Titans stuff). Slowly Dick and Damian will become the Dynamic Duo that we love today.
So, Dick would have his own Robin, Oracle (who is also managing her own team with Black Canary and (why not) the Batgirls), Red Robin and Red Hood working with him if he needs them. They are always a call away. Jason is the most difficult to reach and he will only involve himself in that kind of drama if its about controlling the drug trade or scaring the living shit out of some very shady people.
So, Red Hood wouldn’t be working with the new (and improved) Batman but Jason would hang out with Dick sometimes.
From there they build up. Dick renovates Arkham Asylum and makes it work they way that it is supposed to work. He might also recruit Catwoman when he needs someone really sneaky, they have known each other for so long, I bet Selina loves Dick, she would certainly help him out.
But as all things do, this happy and well-connected Dick-Family is disrupted when Bruce comes back, he inserts himself slowly back into his role as Batman and as he does that Dick starts to move away from it.
But Dick’s connections are strong and well cared for, so, even when he goes back to Bludhaven and starts fresh (again) as Nightwing those connections remain. Oracle still gives him intel, Robin and Red Robin come over to Bludhaven to patrol, maybe they even have their own rooms at Dick’s place.
With Bludhaven functioning again, all of the terrible people that were working there also come back, maybe some of them never left and they have been corrupting the city from its very core. So, when Jason tells Dick that he would like to expand his operations to Bludhaven, Dick says yes, as long as Jason keeps him updated on his work and also lets him know what is going on.
I think it works! What do you guys think so far?
From then on with the whole Dick-Family being connected and strong I think they can actually act and solve their problems as a family. All those arcs that didn’t work very well because Bruce was in the middle of it being a jerk, I think they will work if Dick is at the centre of it. Let’s say that Bruce hid the fact that Joker knows their identities and all that, with such a strong family the second that the Joker tries to manipulate Jason into believing that he created him, Dick will come out of the shadows and shut that bullshit down. If Joker tries to do something to the Circus, then the Birds of Prey and the Robins will be there in seconds helping Dick.
The Court of Owls, those little shits wouldn’t stand a chance against this team, this force of nature! Jason would be the one working from afar because you know my boy wouldn’t be subjected to the “no-killing” rule but if he does it, he has to do it away from the children (Damian) and away from Cass, if he doesn’t want to know real trouble. (He probably arranged those things with Dick a long time ago and he is happy with it).
Now, please forgive me but for angst reasons I will actually let the events of, Batman Incorporated #8, Forever Evil, Nightwing #30 and Spyral run its course.
Let me explain, after Damian’s death Dick holds the Dick-Family together, as well as Bruce because he is amazing like that, but then after Dick supposedly dies, things change just a little bit. Jason would retreat back to his own corner because the only thing attaching him to the Dick-Family was Dick but he would also keep his eyes open and he might also have a direct line with Oracle if things go south.
Aside from Jason, I do see the others working on keeping their connections intact. When Damian eventually returns the land of the living, I can see all of them coming together even more because that’s what Dick would have wanted.
And then Dick will come back from Spyral and here is where the Dick-Family will show the “Bat-Family” why its superior to it in every aspect possible.
The Dick-Family will notice that something must have happened, Dick would never play dead and leave them like that, but Dick loves Bruce and he doesn’t want to tell them the truth, Bruce has no memories now and his family doesn’t deserve that kind of drama BUT Jason and Tim are suspicious, they know Dick at this point and they trust him so they firmly believe that he is hiding something to protect someone. And here is where life repeats itself. Let’s review the Batcave’s footage, yes, I did it again, I just love the fact that Bruce has footage of himself being the absolute worst to his kids, how does DC not use it! Anyway, Tim and Jason find the footage from the events of Nightwing #30 and suddenly the Dick-Family have their “Dick defence squad” jackets on and they are ready to party.
After all that Bruce eventually gets his memories back and he is held accountable for his actions. Also, around this time the events of Robin War would have already happened so Duke is also introduced. Dick lets him join and all that, and then Duke and Cass become besties and they work together.
And yeah, as Rebirth comes closer the Dick-Family would be more united than ever.
The end.
That is how I would have done it. But this way is slow, and DC wouldn’t be able to monetize it as much as they would want.
Jason wouldn’t be giving hugs and calling everyone their brother or sister, he will only get along with Dick and he would be professional with everyone else.
Tim and Damian would get along but they wouldn’t go for ice cream together on a sunny day. Steph and Damian would and so would Cass and Tim or Cass and Duke.
Oracle would work with Dick and the others as a side thing because her main thing would be the Birds of Prey, this time with Helena too.
Alfred would spend his time with Bruce but he would also be very aware of Dick and his influence on everyone around them. Bruce eventually would be integrated to the Dick-Family because Dick is a sweetheart but Dick would also make Bruce follow his rules, Dick is a little bean but he is also the most badass person in the room (whichever room) so you better listen to what he has to say.
The Dick-Family would be something that grows silently and doesn’t need a “Joker War” in order for them to be there for each other, they would try their best each step of the way and they will talk things out when mistakes are made.
This is the way that I see this family dynamic working.
I would even go as far as to say that Talia can be part of the Dick-Family because she is connected to three people, Dick, Damian and Jason.
Dick is the person with most connections in the DC Universe, the Titans, the Justice League, Deathstroke, they all have connections to this treasure of a man. If he needs help in Gotham or Bludhaven then he can call people from the “first circle”, if things are beyond a “street level” threat them he can call the Titans and if shit really hits the fan, Clark and the others are a call away.
Anyway, this was unnecessarily long, I am sorry about it but I am also not because I really don’t know how to answer your question without going on a long rant.
In conclusion the Bat-Family doesn’t work and sadly it wouldn’t work no matter how much they force it. These people don’t have connections, Bruce is not able to make connections between people. And DC has erased entire relationships that Dick used to have. I mean, they got rid of Dick and Tim being close brothers just so they could give us a shitty brunch between Tim and Jason? Only yesterday we saw a true and beautiful interaction between Dick and Damian.
DC is handling the “Bat-Family” in all the worst possible ways. It just doesn’t work.
They should have used Dick all those years ago and they shouldn’t have destroyed Jason’s characterization with Lobdell’s ideas.
So, sadly, my dear anon, I don’t see the Bat-Family as a in character thing for any of these people as they are written currently, but I hope that you enjoyed my version of it. May the Dick-Family bring everyone who reads about it a little joy!
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celeste-clearwater-06 · a year ago
Hello! I was wondering if you could please write something about how the Fellowship (+ Thorin?) Would help a s/o who's Disabled and Chronically ill. Like she has a lot of symptoms like chronic pain, chronic fatigue, difficulty sleeping, difficulty breathing at times, difficulty walking at times, higher sensitivity to the cold, difficulty talking at times, and anxiety, depression and executive dysfunction?
I've been really struggling with my chronic illnesses lately, namely my Autism, Anxiety, Sleep Apnea, a really bad Overbite, Raynaud's Syndrome, Asthma, etc, so I'd really appreciate an Imagine like this. I have a really weird disorder where one of my legs is longer than the other, and it's been causing me a lot of pain and difficulty walking lately, and people have been bullying me for it a lot too, so I could really use a Comfort Imagine right now. Thanks so much hun!!
It's no problem! I'm glad I can provide some comfort!! For each character, I'll use a specific struggling area, to make it a bit easier!! I hope I got these accurate enough, and of there are any mistakes, feel free to point them out!! You are strong, beautiful and so, so amazing!! Keep being you!! ❤❤
Help (The Fellowship// Thorin x Fem!Reader)
Aragorn (Autism)
Tumblr media
Aragorn has known you for a long time, so helping with your autism is not new for him
He's particularly experienced in reading your emotions and meeting your needs, whether it's helping you out of stressful situations or calming you down, he's there 🥺
If there are large and boisterous gatherings in Rivendell, its almost guaranteed that you can become over-stimulated quickly, and Aragorn immediately senses this (spidey senses õoõ)
He's fast to find your hand and give it a gentle squeeze of reassurance
If that doesn't seem to help, he'll instantly stop what he's doing and take you out of the room
If you're someone who prefers lots of space and little physical contact, he is 100% respectful of this and asks if you'll let him touch or hug you (very much gentleman 😌)
If ever you're confronted by someone of importance, Aragorn is right by your side to ease some of the tension
Sometimes there are things you find difficult to say or get out of your system
The king seems to know exactly what it is and will help you out by saying it or asking you simple questions that you can easily answer
And he always reminds you, no matter WHAT
You may struggle with some parts of your life, but every day, he's constantly telling you that you're very intelligent and kind
His patience is unending and he'll never let you think down on yourself
Overall, Aragorn is always someone and reminding you that it's all going to be okay ❤❤
Legolas (Anxiety)
Tumblr media
Most nights, Legolas keeps watch (since elves don't require much sleep) and notices that you jolt awake out of the random
Now, most of the Fellowship notices that you're usually awake and ready to go before anyone else
But Legolas is really the one to address you first
You were a bit nervous to explain, since you didn't want to worry him or the great of the fellowship, amount the other disadvantages you have
He gently encouraged you, and finally, you explained to him your sleep apnea
Yeah, he was very concerned
I mean, his blue eyes widened with terror when you told him that you could basically die in your sleep if you weren't attentive enough 🙃
Legolas, from now on, sleeps directly next to you, or keeps extra careful watch over you at night
Because he could NEVER see his precious mortal friend become injured... Or worse 🥺🥺❤
The other members had noticed a change in his behaviors towards you as well...
Gimli teased him whenever he caught Legolas giving you some extra lembas bread or offered to carry you 👉👈
You really tried to assure Legolas that it wasn't a big deal when you were awake, since you're aware of your breathing situation
But still 😤
Legolas will always bring you comfort and take great care of you, and that will NEVER CHANGE
Because he loves you very much ❤🦋
Frodo (Anxiety)
Tumblr media
Frodo is familiar with the feeling of great anxiety, seeing he had a stress-free life while living in the Shire and suddenly was forced to carry a piece of jewelry all the way to giant ass volcano
It's easy for you two to comfort each other and seek refuge in thoughts and feelings ❤
He's not super comfortable with the thought of you having a panic attack though...
Only because he's never had one
It starts to give him a panic attack whenever you have one around him the first time 😳-
Any time you begin to breathe heavy or hyperventilate, halfling boy is hot at your heels, rubbing your back and reminding you to breathe gently
(So many hugs, if you're up for it)
After you calm down, he's constantly checking on you, asking if you need anything etc.
Really, he just wants to know if he can help 🥺
And even with the weight and stress of carrying the ring, Frodo manages to cheer you up somehow
Samwise (Asthma)
Tumblr media
Sam has never had to deal with asthma once in his life
He's very nervous when the subject is brought, afraid it might trigger something inside of you 🥺👉👈
But you just chuckle, assure him that it's alright, and you have ways of keeping it under control
And now, he wants to know everything about it, just to have the awareness in case something happens
Sam just wants to protect you forever, and this was a great way for him to start
He constantly reminds Aragorn that you'll need breathing breaks and will convince Gandalf to let you ride on his horse
He'll scold Pip and Merry if they are trying to drag you around and be silly, because as he says
"You'll rouse him/her/them up! We can't have Y/N gettin injured!" 🤨😠
Sam is MOM
As always, he's very kind and always makes sure your needs are met ❤🥺
Pippin and Merry (Raynaud's Syndrome)
Tumblr media
Very confused halfings 🤔
Also extremely concerned!
You were eating one of the lesser pleasurable nights
It was cold and rainy, and a fire couldn't be started, not to mention the quiet arguments of Aragorn and Gandalf in the nearby woods
And Pip's eyes widened when he saw the tips of your petite fingers begin to pale upon hearing Aragorn mention Orcs
"What's wrong with your hands?!" He squeaked, pointing towards your now white-colored fingertips
You hadn't even noticed, nor felt, considering they were numb anyways
Merry looked over his cousin's shoulder and his eyes also widened, not with fright, but wonder
They were both fascinated with your condition, convinced that you were casting some spell Gandalf showed you
Although you reassured them it was just an extremely frustrating inconvenience that you had, among other things
So from then on, the disastrobus duo did their best to keep you out of the cold (and stressful situations!!)
As a distraction, the pair will tell you great stories of the shire, doing little dances and skits that always cheer you up 🥴
Sometimes, they can be a little rambunctious though...
Merry will pick up on this fact quickly, and nudge Pippin to get him to calm down
Even though it may not feel the best
They find your syndrome absolutely fascinating!! 🤔🤔
All in all, these two are always up for keeping your beautiful smile on your face and your spirits high!! ❤🌺
Boromir (Depression)
Tumblr media
Throughout the journey, Boromir has always found an easy way to make you smile
After all, he himself has a fascinating way of brightening anyone's spirits
Yours included ❤
Boromir may not have great stories from The Shire, like Pip and Merry, but he sure has a lot of positive things to say
He'll often suggest sparring with the two troublemaking halflings, just so you can see him goof up and get knocked over 🥺
If the nights become cold and weary, he'll give you a warm hug or a nudge on the shoulder
And a few words of helpful encouragement along the lines of;
"Don't fret Y/N. You have more strength than you'll ever know."
"Let our spirits never dampen! We've come this far!" 😊
He's also an incredible listener
Boromir wants to hear what you have to say if you ever need to rant or get something off of your chest
And don't think for a second that he would ever judge you 😤
Son of Gondor sees past all of your insecurities and knows you for your beautiful, amazing self ❤❤
Gimli (Walking disadvantages)
Tumblr media
As you travel across great plains and mountains, your limp doesn't go unnoticed by Gimli
It may take him a while to open up about it, since he's afraid he might offend you in some way
And once he asks you, you inform him that it's a difficulty that unfortunately cannot be changed any time soon
And where you come from, lots of people tease and bully you about it
He did NOT handle it well 😳
Although this Dwarf is short and a bit slow at times
He's fascinatingly strong 😳
And so, he makes it his duty to be your designated carrier 🥺
At first, your a tad skeptical...
I mean, he's only around 4 feet tall...
Gimli will happily carry you great distances when you need a break, and even longer
(Sometimes it's just to show off around the others-)
"Gimli, are you sure you don't want a break?"
"Aye lass! The strength of Dwarves is unending!" 😌
*struggling to breathe*
11/10, fantastic dwarf, will never let you down!!
Thorin (Executive Dysfunction)
Tumblr media
Another Dwarf??
Thorin himself has trouble keeping composure with his time management (and sense of direction 🙄)
This means that he'll have an undying amount of patience for you and you only
There's just something about you that he fond of, and it fills in that little sassy, brooding place in his heart
Can also relate to you whenever you grow frustrated at the setback of your journey or lack of sleep
Is 100% willing to help you find your lost belongings (and once again, ONLY YOU)
Thorin will literally make the whole traveling party stop so that you can put something in your bag and make sure that you put it somewhere you'll remember
Always happy to give you extra gentle reminders of keeping your pack closed
The company is utterly SHOCKED with how he treats you
I mean, this man has always been extremely stubborn and hard headed
But when you show up, it's another person he can easily relate and share frustrations with
Also a master at organization?!? 🤔
The one thing he could do successfully was organizing the damn journey and traveling company, so ofc he's gonna be good at that 😂
Yeah, Thorin definitely has a soft spot for you
King under the mountain will never run out of patience and kindness for you 😌💙
Sorry these took so long!! I hope you like them!! ❤❤
294 notes · View notes
thesnowsoldierwrites · 9 months ago
in which you and Bucky have a mutual rivalry going on, until you really, really don't.
warnings: 18+, swearing, smut, mention of cuckolding
word count: 6300+
"So, as you can see in your dossiers, this is an undercover mission."
Your eyes followed Steve as he paced along the front of the room.
"We need two team members to be on the floor, mingling with the guests and getting the information that we need. Then the others can infiltrate and retrieve." He glanced around, making sure everyone understood. "It's a ball, so it shouldn't be too hard to get around the rest of the location without being noticed. Everyone should be focused on the dancing."
You looked around the room, catching Bucky's eyes on you. His upper lip pulled into a slight smirk. You stuck out your tongue at him, not caring if it looked childish. Bucky rolled his eyes, returning the gesture.
You both looked up at Steve with wide eyes.
"Bucky and Y/N, you're going to be our feet on the ground," Steve announced, looking a little amused by catching you both pulling tongues at each other.
Indignation bubbled up inside you, sure that you were being paired together because everyone thought your hate relationship was funny. Bucky's face mirrored yours.
"What? No."
You nodded in agreement. "I hate to agree with Bucky, but why on earth should it be us together? We'll have to dance and chat with the guests. We're the least reliable pairing."
"I'm not that good at faking," Bucky nodded. "I can't pretend to like her, let alone love her." You both looked at Steve.
He chuckled. "Well, I'm glad that you agree on something. And also, you're wrong. You might not get along ordinarily, but you make the best duo we have on the team. You'll get the job done, and as long as it's in both of your interests to do so, you'll do it well."
You sighed, looking at the papers in front of you. If this was happening you wanted to at least be prepared.
"We're literally shopping for ball gowns," Wanda whispered excitedly as she clutched your arm. "You're going to look like a princess!"
You smiled as Natasha waved a black credit card in the air in front of her. "And, courtesy of Stark, we're going to the most expensive shop in the city for it."
"We don't have to get anything too special," you tried to reason with them before they got too carried away. You didn't want to draw unnecessary attention to yourself on the mission. But at the same time, you wanted to prove to yourself and to everyone else that you were just as beautiful as the others. Especially to Bucky.
Natasha laughed in response as you walked into a shop. Your eyes widened as you gazed around at the expensive silks and velvets, rich colours filling your vision. You were ignorant to her and Wanda speaking with an attendant.
"Y/N, come on, they said that someone's already picked your choices out." Wanda came over to get you. Your eyebrows furrowed and she shook her head slightly. "I have no idea who, but wait till you see the dresses. They have good taste!"
You walked into the dressing room and saw three dresses on mannequins. Your eyes widened and you let out a gasp. They were beautiful. One was a deep blue, slim-fitted and with a low neckline. You walked over to it and smiled when you saw the slip of paper tucked into the front.
"'If you've gotta do it, better do looking good, - Tony'." You grinned, tucking it into your bag before looking at the other dresses. Wanda had been right; Tony had impeccable taste. The only flaw with his choices was that the middle dress, which was warm gold, was way too revealing.
You ended up choosing the final option; a flowing red ball gown with a simple top-half and a more intricately designed bottom half. Slipping into it, you looked into the mirror with a slight smile. You really did feel like someone completely different. The dress complimented your figure perfectly, and instead of hiding the bits you were insecure about, it somehow made you feel fantastic about all of your body. It was lovely.
"Oh, Y/N, you look beautiful," Wanda gushed as soon as she saw you.
Natasha smiled at you gently. "It looks amazing. You're going to knock Barnes on his ass." Although your eyebrows furrowed at her unexpected response, you couldn't help smiling slightly at the idea. Bucky Barnes, amazed by you.
"Oh, thank you, Happy."
You smiled warmly at the middle-aged man as he held your door open for you. Bucky got out of the other side of the limousine Tony had hired for the two of you, rolling his eyes about the special treatment you were already getting.
"Relax, princess, we're not even at the event yet," he pointed out as you gracefully got out of the car. You completely ignored him, reaching for the dress bag in the trunk.
Happy got there before you. "Oh, I'll do it."
"Oh, thank you!" You weren't used to people being so kind on missions, especially when Bucky was on said missions. Bucky stormed off into the warehouse and you shook your head slightly. "Sorry, I don't know what's wrong with him now. We appreciate you doing this instead of asking Tony to hire someone else."
Happy shook his head as he walked along beside you into the abandoned building. "It's no trouble at all. I mean, I still get to go and sit in a ball, even if it's with all the other chauffeurs. Once in a lifetime experience!" You smiled, nodding in agreement as you took the dress bag from him and found yourself a small room to get changed in.
The team had decided that it was best to get changed between leaving the compound and going to the event, mostly because that way it was easier to avoid any tracking.
So that meant you and Bucky had been decked out in your usual kevlar and nomex thread mission suits. You hadn't even bothered to zip it up, opting to just sit in the car with it halfway on. Bucky had looked very disapproving when he realised he could see your sports bra.
You were just looking at yourself in the pocket mirror you'd brought when you realised that you had a zip on the back of the dress.
"Oh, shit."
Your mind raced. You could ask Happy to zip you up, but you knew that he'd ask about all of the scars and bruises that littered your skin from the various missions and the life you'd had before the avengers. The only other person was Bucky. And you hated to admit it, but you knew Bucky wouldn't ask questions if he got the impression you didn't want him to.
A reluctant sigh left your lips.
There was silence for a few seconds before you could hear Bucky's quiet footsteps. You'd noticed recently that he was no longer completely silent when he walked. When you were on missions he was, but around the compound he'd gotten more comfortable.
Nobody else seemed to have noticed the little things, but you'd seen how he didn't evacuate a room as soon as there was too many people, and noticed how he didn't lock his bedroom door at night anymore.
"Alright, alright, keep your hair on," he grumbled, walking into the room. Bucky's eyes widened. Even from the back, he could see just how beautiful you looked in the dress. His eyes trailed over the open red material, your exposed back, and then the way that the dress bunched around the waist only to flow out around your hips. He cleared his throat. "What do you want?"
You hummed slightly. "Can you zip me up?"
"Couldn't ask your new boyfriend?" Bucky couldn't help the jealousy that tinted his words as he walked closer to you.
You rolled your eyes. "If by 'my new boyfriend' you mean Happy, then no, I couldn't ask him. I didn't want him to ask about the scars and everything."
"And you thought I wouldn't?" Bucky had yet to actually touch the zip.
You shook your head. "I know that you wouldn't. As much as I hate to admit it, we're pretty similar." Bucky let out a grumble, but he knew you were right. "Bucky, unless you've been hiding your powers of telekinesis, I need you to actually touch the zip in order to pull it up."
"Right," he sighed, reaching out to you. His hands pulled back. "Should I try and do it one handed?" Your eyebrows furrowed, and although he couldn't see your face, Bucky knew exactly what expression you were pulling. "Because I have a metal arm, Y/N."
You didn't appreciate his condescending tone, but you knew now wasn't the time to pick him up on it. "You'll probably need both hands. It's new, so I think it's still stiff."
Bucky nodded slightly, hesitantly resting his left hand on your waist as he went to pull up the zip with his right hand. At the last second, he reconsidered. There was more of a chance of him accidentally gripping you too hard if his metal hand was on your waist. He switched around so that he was using his metal fingers to close around the zip.
He started to pull it up and you let out a gasp. Bucky tensed up immediately and nearly let go. You immediately blushed with regret and embarrassment. You didn't get along with Bucky, but you would never want him to feel like that about his arm.
"It's just cold," you explained quietly. Bucky sagged in relief, nodding. He wasn't sure why your opinion mattered so much to him, but the fact that you didn't hate his arm really reassured him. He pulled the zip all the way up.
Once he was done, you turned around to face him. You opened your mouth to thank him but stopped when you saw his face. Bucky's cerulean eyes were sliding along your body, taking in the curve of your hips and the way that it accentuated your figure. His respectful gazing took a swift turn towards the dirty as his eyes were drawn to your chest and got stuck on the gentle curve of your breasts.
Bucky jumped slightly, eyes quickly meeting yours. One of his hands came to rub at the back of his neck as he blushed slightly. "You look...fine."
"Thanks," you snorted.
He sighed. "No, I didn't mean fine, I just mean.." Bucky looked away from you. "You look good."
"Thank you," you repeated, more sincere this time. It looked like it physically pained him to admit it, so you made an effort to give him a genuine compliment too. As you took in his broad figure, which was donning a simple black and white tuxedo, you couldn't help but nod slightly in appreciation. "There's no way you picked that out," you mumbled, not meaning to say it out loud.
Bucky raised his eyebrows. "First of all, rude, and second of all, no, I didn't. Steve and Stark said something about me having to actually look presentable for once. Didn't trust me to pick my own clothes." The scowl on his face would have made you laugh if he hadn't been completely serious.
"Well, I think you look very pretty." The word 'pretty' sort of just slipped out in place of the 'handsome' you'd been intending to use. You saw the surprise register on Bucky's face before he could mask it.
He nodded slightly once he'd recovered. "I, uh...thanks." There was an awkward pause before Happy walked in.
"Hey, guys, we should probably get going-" He cut himself off, looking between the two of you. Bucky was still very close to you since you'd whirled around after he'd done your zip, and neither of you had stepped away. "Oh, did I interrupt something?"
You quickly shook your head as Bucky answered. "No. Nope. Nothing was happening."
"I just needed help with my zip," you explained, practically running out of the room.
As you did so, Bucky smiled slightly. You weren't wearing heels. "And here I was thinking I was going for a dance with a completely changed Y/N."
"Will you quit it?"
You looked over at Bucky in surprise. "What?"
"Stop...bouncing your leg!" He protested. You frowned at him, glancing down and seeing that he was right.
You blushed slightly, looking back out of the window. "Sorry. I'm just excited." Bucky sighed, feeling a little bad when he saw your expression fall slightly.
It was rare that you showed any effect to his words, and the same went for him. There was a sort of mutual understanding that there was no malice behind your little rivalry, but every once in a while one of you would go too far, or one of you would just be having a bad day and get overly hurt.
"Well, no point being excited, Y/N," he spoke in an attempt to remedy any damage he'd done to your anticipation. "We're already here."
You gasped. "We are?"
"We are," Happy said from the front. "This is where you guys go do your thing."
You smiled happily, glancing at Bucky to see if he was as excited as you. His smile was a lot more restrained, but his eyes were sparkling as he looked out at the cars and people dressed fancily.
"I haven't danced since 1943," he mumbled to you to explain the look of childish wonder you had never seen on his face before. "This'll be fun."
Before you could answer, he was out of the car. "Oh. Thanks, Happy." You smiled at him as you leaned forwards slightly.
"No problem, Y/N. Good luck."
You smiled, nodding in response. Just as you went to open your door, it swung open on its own. Bucky stepped back slightly and gestured for you to get out. Suspicion etched itself across your features as you slowly got out of the car.
"I'm selling it," Bucky told you. "Stop looking at me like that."
You smiled slightly, nodding and glancing around you. Most of the people there were couples also getting out of their limousines. You saw smiles and linked arms. "Should we do that?"
"Do what?" Bucky followed your line of sight as Happy drove off.
Your eyes were on a couple across the road as you mirrored their positioning. You slid your arm through Bucky's and leaned yourself into him slightly. Bucky tensed up and you scowled.
Bucky rolled his eyes. "Stop what?"
"You need to relax your body or we'll stick out like a sore thumb. We have to look at ease." You looked up at him as you spoke, eyes searching his. Bucky sighed, nodding down at you as he forced some of the tension from his body. You started to walk. "Come on. Once we're inside we can spend some time looking for all the exits, that always calms you down."
You thought nothing of your words, but they took Bucky completely by surprise. He didn't know you paid enough attention to him to know that. He'd sure as hell never told you. He'd never told anybody about that.
"Good evening." A man wearing a smart suit greeted you as you reached the top of the set of stairs. "Your names, please?"
Bucky glanced at you. You hadn't been given aliases. It didn't say anything in the dossier about there being a list. Bucky hated being unprepared. He was an excellent member of the team to have on missions, but he could only really follow orders. As soon as it came to something going wrong, he turned to Steve for guidance. In this case, he was looking at you.
"We're..." You trailed off, mind racing as you glanced around before leaning in conspiratorially. "It's a rather private matter."
The man paused before nodding in understanding, stepping to the side. "Of course. Anything you inform me of will remain completely confidential."
"We're members of the royal family," you lied. "So you can understand when I say that we don't want people knowing we're here. Therefore, I have absolutely no idea which name you have on your list."
The man's eyes widened, but he believed you. "Oh, which country, madam?" This time you looked to Bucky. You had no idea what languages the two of your shared. Bucky's mind raced.
The man frowned. "I thought that Russia no longer had a royal family." Before Bucky could start lying, you shook your head and interjected.
His eyes widened. "Ah." He flushed slightly, feeling important as he showed you the list. "Do any of these strike you as familiar?"
"Oh!" Bucky caught sight of his name on the list. "Mr and.." He blinked at the sheet. "Mr and Mrs James Barnes."
You smiled. "That's us." You nodded behind the man. "May we go in?"
"Oh, yes, of course, my apologies."
As the two of you walked into the event, you looked up at Bucky. He hummed. "Stark must have forgotten to tell us."
"Right." You nodded slightly.
Bucky looked down at you. "You're lucky. You get to be Mrs Barnes for a night."
"I think you're the lucky one, getting a wife like me," you retorted.
His eyes sparkled. "If you were my wife, I'd poison your tea."
"If you were my husband, I'd drink it," you answered without hesitation, sharing a small smile. As you both redirected your attention to the ballroom, you both looked slightly confused. Something had shifted in your relationship.
You were milling around for a while before your communicator crackled in your ear.
"Y/N? Bucky? Do you copy?"
Bucky replied first. "Copy."
"Copy," you answered.
"Great," Steve's smile was clear in his voice. "We have the location of our intel, but we need to cross the ballroom to get to the other side of the house. Can you create a diversion?"
Bucky answered quickly. "Yeah." He glanced around. "Okay, go get a drink." Before you could protest, Bucky had disappeared into the crowd. You shrugged and approached the bar.
You were just nursing a drink when a handsome man approached you. "Good evening," he smiled, bringing your knuckles to his lips. You watched in surprise, not used to the attention. Must be the dress.
"Good evening, sir," you returned with a sweet smile. You were unaware of Bucky watching carefully as he held off on returning to you.
The man slid into the seat beside you. "Who might you be?"
"Y/N Barnes," you answered, surprised by how it rolled off your tongue.
He smiled. "My name is Arthur Albrecht. I must say, your dress looks completely lovely. You are the most beautiful woman in the room."
"Oh, I'm not sure about that," you blushed. "But thank you."
He nodded slightly, and you saw his eyes drift down to your cleavage before he spoke again. "How do you like the ball?" You caught something in his eyes, and before you heard the crackle of your comm you already knew who you were talking to.
"Y/N, just a warning, you're talking to the man we're 'borrowing' from," Tony informed you. "Keep him distracted. Get him dancing or something."
You smiled slightly at the man. "It's wonderful. I haven't had the chance to dance yet, though.."
"Oh, well, it's my ball." He confirmed Tony's words. "I can't have my guests missing out." Albrecht stood up and offered you his hand. "May I have this dance, Miss Barnes?"
You were tempted to correct him with 'mrs barnes' but decided against it for the time being. Bucky felt an irrational surge of jealousy as you didn't correct the man, and instead smiled at him shyly.
"I'd love to."
You'd been dancing with Albrecht for ten minutes before you caught sight of Bucky again. He was watching you from the bar, occasionally talking into his communicator discreetly. After a particularly long whirl had you giggling with Albrecht, Bucky turned to the first woman he saw and asked her to dance. He wasn't even properly paying attention as she introduced herself to him, just pulling her to join in the dancing.
His eye met yours as you both danced with your partners. You were about to smile politely at him, but Bucky's eyes slid over the way yours and Albrecht's hands joined and then re-met yours with something darker hiding behind them. You gulped.
"You guys are doing great, we're almost done."
Steve's update came as a reassurance, because all of a sudden you were wanting to tear that woman away from Bucky and have him all to yourself. You didn't need those kind of thoughts getting in the way of the mission. Or at all.
"Okay, we're out of the building. You guys can leave now."
You smiled at Albrecht. "It's getting late."
"You're not thinking of leaving already?" He frowned. You could have sworn you saw him glance at Bucky. "Perhaps you are fatigued from all of our dancing. You should retire to my private chambers, we can share a drink."
You cringed inwardly, knowing that refusing him would only draw attention to the two of you. Under the pretence of brushing some hair behind your ear, you pressed your communicator and answered him clearly. "Of course, Albrecht. I'd love to join you for a drink in your private chambers." He looked slightly disconcerted by your repetition of his words, but smiled nonetheless.
"Splendid. Let us leave the dance floor, then."
As Albrecht led you away from the dancing, you saw him send the woman that Bucky was dancing with a pointed look. She quickly started to lead Bucky after you. Panic started to swell inside you as you wondered if they knew that you and Bucky were on a mission.
You ended up seated in a large, dark lounge. Bucky and his lady friend were behind the two of you, so by the time they arrived Albrecht already had you seated.
"Angelica, darling," he smiled to the woman, taking her from Bucky and pulling her close to his side. You glanced up at Bucky and saw his metal fist clenched. His eyes met yours briefly. Albrecht gestured towards the two of you. "You can stop pretending, we know that you're-" Your breath caught. "-married."
A bubble of laughter escaped your lips before you could help it, your relief too much to contain. Bucky's eyes darted to yours as you rushed to cover it up. "I'm sorry, I was fearful that we were in some kind of trouble!" You smiled slightly, pressing a hand to your chest.
"Oh, no, of course not," Angelica smiled. "Albrecht and myself, we are married also."
Your eyebrows shot up in surprise, wondering what the hell was going on. "I'm confused."
"You are trying to initiate a different kind of relationship, like us," Albrecht shrugged. "We are willing to help you."
Bucky frowned. "A different kind of relationship?"
"Perhaps one of...four?" Angelica hinted. Your eyes widened as you realised what was happening. "Us, personally," she glanced at her husband. "We prefer just to watch. But if you like to engage all parties, we are not opposed to it."
You swallowed hard. "I think that there's-"
"I don't understand what's happening," Bucky admitted, looking at you.
You cleared your throat. "Well, darling, Mr and Mrs Albrecht here are making us an offer."
"Of what?"
You cleared your throat again, more forcefully. "A sexual offer, James." Bucky was glad that he hadn't accepted Albrecht's scotch, because he would have spat it out. You looked at Albrecht and Angelica as Bucky choked on air. "I'm more open to the idea than my husband. Perhaps we could have a moment to ourselves to discuss whether we are both still interested?"
"I sincerely hope that you aren't thinking of changing your mind, Mrs Barnes," Albrecht smiled, something sinister in his tone. "What a disappointment that would be."
You gulped, nodding as you and Bucky were shown into a small office. As soon as the door was closed, Bucky was right next to you. His lips brushed against your ear as he whispered to you.
"Please, explain to me what the hell's going on, I'm begging you."
You nodded slightly. "Mr and Mrs Arthur Albrecht are both cuckolds. They want to watch us have sex." There was dead silence for a few seconds as Bucky processed what you were saying.
"I think Mrs Albrecht is armed," Bucky muttered into your ear. You could barely concentrate on what he was saying as he explained how he had figured out that the woman had two guns on her. "-which is why I think it'd be a huge benefit to really think of-"
You couldn't take it anymore as Bucky nose brushed your skin as well as his lips. "Oh my god, Bucky, please, take a step back before you make me combust." He stepped back immediately, eyebrows furrowed.
"Sorry?" He offered, blatantly unsure of what he'd done wrong.
You sighed. "I'm sorry. You were just..." You trailed off. It would sound weird if you said it now. Realisation registered over Bucky's face, quickly followed by an embarrassed blush.
"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to overstep or make you uncomfortable-"
You shook your head. "It's fine, Bucky." Your eyes searched his for a moment. "What the hell are we going to do?" You hissed.
"I don't know," he whispered back. "Can't we just say we're not into that? There's been a misunderstanding?"
You shook your head again. "Didn't you hear him? 'I sincerely hope you're not thinking of changing your mind'?"
"Right." Bucky looked around the room for a second before pressing his ear against the door. "Oh."
You frowned, walking over and doing the same. You could hear Mr and Mrs Albrecht talking on the other side.
"Arthur, they're going to say no."
"No, Angelica. I think that they're going to make the correct decision."
"And if they don't?"
"We...persuade them."
Your eyes widened and you looked at Bucky. "We've got to get out of here."
"What have you decided?"
You looked at Bucky as the two of you prepared to make the decision.
"We're not really into that kind of thing. There's been a misunderstanding," Bucky told the two, smiling awkwardly to try and show them that there was no malice.
Arthur growled. "I thought we were on the same page." He pulled out a gun and his wife followed suit.
"Did you bring a gun?" You whispered to Bucky.
He shook his head. "They said it was just dancing."
"On my count," you told him. "Three...two...one!" The two of you leapt forwards. You punched Angelica, getting her down on the floor beneath you. She kept struggling, forcing you to hold her down with your hands around her neck until she was knocked unconscious. You looked up at Bucky as you secured her gun.
He was fighting Albrecht, and within a few seconds he was pressing the other man against the wall. Bucky used his metal arm to secure both of Albrecht's wrists above his head before taking his weapons. Then he stepped back and knocked him out with one blow to the head.
You were practically drooling, and it took Bucky clearing his throat for you to realise that gawking while your mission partner fought the enemy wasn't common practise. You cleared your throat too, fighting a blush as you stood up and slotted the gun into the holster beneath your dress. As you swayed your hips and walked towards him, it was Bucky's turn to pretend not to stare.
"Wow.." His whisper didn't go unnoticed by you, but you let him believe you hadn't heard.
You pressed a finger to your communicator. "Y/N to team, do you copy?"
"Copy," Steve replied. "Where are you? You've been radio silent for twenty minutes!"
You sighed. "The woman Bucky was dancing with was Mrs Albrecht. There was a...misunderstanding. We're fine now. Can you come pick us up?"
"Yeah. We'll get someone there." There was quiet for a few seconds. "Happy'll be there in an hour."
You hummed. "Okay. Thank you, Steve." You looked to Bucky. "One hour."
"Okay. We should head outside, then." Bucky led the way out of the room and you realised that the ball was still going on. He looked just as surprised as you. You'd both forgotten that there was even a dance happening. It wasn't hard to slip out and away from the crowd. Once you were outside, nobody paid much attention to you.
You leaned against the wall, glancing at Bucky. "We did well, I think. Considering it was supposed to be just dancing."
"Agreed." Bucky's eyes slid over your body. "Remind me to never let Stark convince me not to take a gun again." You smiled warmly. It struck Bucky how nice it was to just talk with you, as if you were friends.
You looked at him. "We can be. Friends, I mean."
"What?" Bucky blinked. Then he blushed. "I said that out loud?"
You nodded. "You did." You looked forwards again. "And you're right. It is nice to just talk. Instead of bitching at each other 24/7."
"Well, why don't we make an agreement?" Bucky suggested, turning to you.
Your eyes slid over a rip in his nice shirt, his toned abs on show. "A truce?"
"I was thinking more of a peace treaty," he spoke with a slightly lower and huskier voice. "You know, the kind where both sides surrender something so that they're forced to keep the terms?"
You nodded, sending a shift in mood as Bucky's eyes darkened. You stepped slightly closer. "And what kind of things did you have in mind?" He leaned in slowly, testing the waters.
"You want this?" He whispered against your lips, smelling of scotch that you knew he only drank for the aesthetic.
You nodded back. "I want it. I want you." A small smirk pulled at Bucky's lips before he was crashing his lips against yours. His hands rested on your waist and he pulled you into him. You groaned slightly as one of your hands wound its way into his hair, your other resting against his chest.
Your mouths worked in tandem. Your lips slotted together perfectly. Bucky's tongue was at home in your mouth. You pulled back to breathe, and you gently bit his bottom lip before letting it go with a pop. Bucky let out a low moan.
"Jesus, doll," he whispered with his forehead against yours. "You been holdin' out on me?"
A smile pulled at your lips as you pressed a kiss to his lips again. "Sounds like you've been holding back something of your own, Brooklyn." You picking up on his accent coming out a little more just made Bucky smile back at you.
"So, just to be clear, we're fucking so that we have to keep on good terms?" He asked you, unable to resist kissing your lips again.
You answered as he pushed you back against the wall and his lips started to trail down your jaw and your neck. "That was the impression I got, yeah." You let out a quiet gasp when he started pawing at your chest. "Bucky, not right here."
"But I need you," he protested. "Please?"
You forced yourself not to give into the sweet tone he was using on you. "We can find a bathroom or something. Just not out here. Someone might see."
"And if I want someone to see?" Bucky murmured against your skin, sucking a mark between your collar bones.
You rolled your eyes, taking his hand in yours. "Come on, pretty boy." You brought his knuckles up to your lips, pressing a kiss there. Bucky's cheeks went pink and he hurriedly followed you back into the building.
The two of you giggled as you searched the hall for a free room. You ended up in what seemed to be a little library for the personal use of the Albrechts. Bucky dragged a bookshelf in front of the door before turning to grin at you.
"Pretty boy, huh?" He whispered, grabbing some of your dress and pulled you towards him. "I like that."
You smiled against his lips as he pulled you into him. "I'll remember that." Your lips crashed against his once more, and you lost yourself in him. Bucky's hands started to slide over your body and he massaged your body through the dress.
"I wanna taste," he panted against your lips.
You blinked in surprise. "What?" You whispered, watching as Bucky slid to his knees in front of you.
"I wanna taste you. Please?" Bucky pleaded with you. His eyes were wide and his hands were already on your ankles. It was clear that he really wanted to get your dress off but he wasn't going further before you told him it was okay.
You nodded slightly. "O-Okay." Before you could even take another breath, Bucky's hands were creeping up underneath your dress. You let out a quiet gasp when the cold metal touched your cunt. "B-Bucky-"
"Sh, let me make you feel good," Bucky murmured as he tugged your panties down your legs. A moment later, Bucky's right hand was cupping you between your legs. "I'm gonna touch you now," he murmured.
One of Bucky's fingers ran through your folds, pulling a light gasp from your lips. After a moment's hesitation, two of his fingers were sinking into you. You let out a moan, letting your head fall back against the wall behind you as Bucky started to pump his fingers inside of you.
"Does it feel good, Y/N?" He whispered, looking up at you as you bit your lip hard to stifle your moans. "Let it out. I wanna hear how good I'm making you feel."
You let out a moan at his words. "It feels so good, Bucky. So good.." He let out a hum of appreciation at your words. He started to pump his fingers faster, eliciting a breathy moan.
"Oh, shit, Bucky..."
Bucky brushed his thumb over your clit, smirking when you let out a high-pitched cry. "You nearly there?"
"I'm gonna cum, Bucky-" you panted.
He nodded, curling his fingers slightly inside of you. A particularly loud moan from you told him that he had found your sweet spot. "There?" He questioned. "That feel good?"
"Oh, fuck, yeah, that feels good," you panted. "Bucky, that feels so-so good." You bit down hard on your bottom lip again suddenly clenching around his fingers. Bucky continued to pump his fingers as you came around them. The sight of him gawking at your face as you let out a smothered groan only served to make you come harder. His name fell from your lips in a chant.
Bucky slowly pulled his fingers out of you, rising back up to his full height. As he did so, he slipped his fingers inside of his mouth and sucked them. Your mouth fell open as you caught your breath, watching him with wide eyes.
"Jesus christ, Bucky," you whispered as he looked his fingers over and licked them like a popsicle.
His eyes sparkled with fake innocence. "I told you I wanted to taste you."
"That you did," you smiled. Bucky leaned in to kiss you and as he did so, you could taste yourself on his tongue. The kiss started off desperate and intense, but slowly became more slow and sensual.
Bucky pulled back, lips warm against the corner of your mouth. "Y/N, I wanna be inside you. Please." You just nodded in response, kissing him as you slid his suit pants down his legs. Bucky made it difficult, stopping you every few seconds to press a kiss somewhere on your face or neck.
Eventually he was naked from the waist down, his hard length pressing into your stomach as he bunched your dress up around your waist. He pressed his hands into your ass.
"Up, babygirl."
Your legs wrapped firmly around his waist and Bucky held you up with his metal arm. Your arms wrapped around his neck as he took a hold of his cock with his right hand. After pumping it a few times, Bucky slowly slid inside you.
Bucky grunted, kissing you softly. "God, you're so fucking good.."
"M-Move," you whispered, pulling his head into the crook of your neck. "Move, please." Bucky did so, turning so that your back pressed against the wall. He started to rhythmically thrust into you, gasps and pants falling from both of your lips.
Bucky's lips pressed against your collar lazily. "Y/N.."
"Bucky.." You started to moan louder and louder as Bucky's thrusts brought you closer and closer to your climax. "Bucky, I'm gonna cum."
He let out a groan. "Oh, god. M-Me too, babydoll. Me too-oh.."
"So, I don't think you ever actually told us why you chose to go back into the building after everyone had evacuated and we'd retrieved the information," Steve crossed his arms as he looked between you and Bucky.
You glanced at Bucky. "We, uh...
"We forgot something," he answered.
Steve nodded. "What?"
"Huh?" You questioned.
Steve slowly tilted his head to one side. "So, what did you do? In and out?"
"Wh-What?" Bucky choked on air.
His best friend was smirking now. "The two of you had sex, didn't you? At the gala."
You looked at Bucky as two completely contrasting answers left your mouths. Steve chuckled.
"I love you."
You looked at Bucky in surprise. "What?"
"I just thought that since everyone's going to know that we fucked, I might as well let you know the truth. I didn't do it to consolidate a peace treaty. I did it because I'm in love with you." Bucky said it all so nonchalantly that you almost convinced yourself that you weren't hearing what you thought you were.
But a smile from Steve told you that Bucky had definitely said everything that you thought he had.
"I love you too, Bucky," you told him. Bucky smiled and he pressed a shy kiss to your cheek.
Steve laughed. "You two are adorable. Come on, let's go break the news to the others. Sam owes me twenty-five dollars."
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vermillioncrown · 9 months ago
This might be easier, remember the college au you wrote a little of? What if everyone there woke up with past memories?
not really easier but i appreciate the sentiment. have this whole thing of nonsense as a reward.
(transmigrators are on their third lives, reverse transmigrators are on their second lives.)
(we're just gonna stick with the canon characters i've already written in the college au)
(wangxian ot3 shippers, eat your heart out)
the dreamnightmare was so fantastic so disturbing that sy wakes late and nearly ends up missing his bus. he barely makes it, rushing towards the pre-lecture meeting spot where zyx should have a warm latte waiting for him.
he finds her lying on the dirt (as usual). she's dressed in her gremlin uniform, worn when she pulls an all-nighter (as usual). she... has a cigarette burning away between her lips (unusual).
"bad night?" sy tentatively asks.
"something i dreamt i was a butterfly, something something, am i a butterfly," zyx mumbles, thousand yard stare up into the canopy of the trees.
okay, then - a Strange Dream. his dream was fucking weird, but zyx's dreams were Cinematic Weird. Inception Weird. sometimes, he wishes she'd just ghostwrite for sqh with that imagination of hers.
zyx is usually down to talk about them. today, however, she doesn't start rambling about the details even as he waits patiently.
finally, sy plucks the cigarette from her mouth and stomps it out. "'now i do not know whether i was then a man dreaming i was a butterfly; or whether i am now a butterfly, dreaming i am a man'," he corrects. "zhuangzi."
"persona," she weakly insists.
"you banana-weeb-trash," sy rolls his eyes, "c'mon. we'll be late for lecture"
she becomes more present as they walk towards the lecture hall. whatever; if she wants to say something she'll eventually say it. sy needs to quickly drink his coffee and put it out of his mind. it's not like he'll let his own weird trashy isekai nightmare get in the way of respectfully interacting with his peers.
sy reaches class and immediately, disrespectfully stares. stares at lbh, a junior that is always early, always sits behind sy's seat, and always seems to have a smile on his face. it's a smile today, too, but one that seems too focused on his person.
sy feels his face start to heat up. he flashes a quick smile and turns to look elsewhere. his eyes (disrespectfully) lands on his other junior lqg. disrespectful, because he can't look away from how his (pretty) classmate stares at him. intently, with turbulent thoughts behind his face.
"shen -"
"- you!" and abruptly, lbh and lqg start punching each other in the lecture hall
what the fuck.
zyx stops walking and leans on his arm. "uh. huh... i was kidding when i said they were probably part of some fight club," zyx gives the duo a dispassionate look. "i love being right."
by the time her controls lecture rolls around, zyx is too fucking Done to give a shit about any dreams, no matter how mind-bendy and weird. did dream-zyx help her solve the homework? no? then she's not welcome in the real world.
(actually, zyx realizes and crosses out an erroneous line of work, that mistake seems so obvious now -)
"- hey! yunxun!"
she looks up. it's wei fucking wuxian, hovering over her desk with that shit-eating smile. fuck him, she's had nastier dreams with uglier people - 'you're not special wwx!'
"can i... help you?"
his smile turns awkward.
"well..., um, you know - since we're in this class and mechatronics together, i was wondering if you want to study with me?"
every word out of wwx makes her feel like she's being held hostage. study what? he's basically top of the class - does he want a complimentary blowjob or something?
"do you need tutoring money?" she tries deflecting as a joke. zyx is aware it comes off meaner than she wanted it to, but - she can already see how studying together will go. wwx, non-stop talking and solving everything. her, lead-tongued and in tears when she gets home.
"you want me to tutor you?" wwx perks up, before freezing and laughing awkwardly, "i mean, i don't think you need tutoring, but -"
"- i don't need tutoring," she deadpans.
fuck. all of their classmates are just... staring now. zyx resolutely turns back to her homework and notes, willing wwx to just go away.
he does not. unfortunately for her, he decides on one last attempt to annoy her and succeeds.
"hair like snow, your parting is a beautiful sorrow, who is moved by my incense -" he starts whisper-singing, hands braced on her desk and leaning in.
'fuck! nhs's karaoke invitation last week was a fucking mistake!!'
zyx slams her notebook shut and stands up. shorter than him by nearly a head, that doesn't stop her from glaring up and baring her teeth. "if you wanted to embarrass me, you could have just stuck with grades."
fuck it, she's not in the mood for learning anything. zyx grabs her bag and shoves her notebook in, barely remembering to toss her homework onto the lectern before stomping out of the room.
zyx's time smashing her list of angsty emo song covers on the piano comes to an abrupt end with a knock. she turns, dreading and knowing whatwho she'll find.
the indomitable lan wangjihot violin asshole glares at her through the window pane of the practice room door.
'fuck, man - don't you have class?! go to school!' zyx is completely aware that she's a huge hypocrite.
it's like god knows she had disrespectful dreams of her classmates, and is now punishing her. so rude - dreams are dreams, life is life.
she can't delay opening the door any longer. zyx finishes packing up and walks over to yet another mortifying social interaction.
"... hi? um. room's free, if you..." her voice fades as she elicits no response, facial or verbal.
finally, his glare changes. "zhu yunxun."
her fucking heart drops straight into hell the moment he says her name. he knows her name?!?! he remembers her?!!?!?
worse - a hot violin asshole doppelganger pops into the doorframe, smiling like the good twin to the original's evil.
(okay, she knows he's not evil, but he's kinda not... he's evil because she doesn't like how he makes her feel, okay?)
"wangji, is this the acquaintance that you wanted for your accompaniment?"
"hi, i'm lan xichen, wangji's brother - it's nice to meet you," smile-y (but no less evil) violin doppelganger holds out a hand. "you're not a music major, right? i haven't seen you around."
"hi, uh. zhu yunxun." zyx thanks the fucking merciful goddess that she is trained to autopilot crush hands in a handshake - can't compete with the sweaty engineering boys otherwise (never mind that she's basically a sweaty engineering boy). "i'm in the engineering department."
"you play as an extra-curricular, then?"
'no, i don't play at all! i don't know how to play!' all she has is five years of her uncle teaching her random shit. she can't say that for fear of her life, with frowny hot violin asshole glaring down at her and smile-y hot violin(?) asshole just... expecting down at her.
("what's a recital?" she remembers asking in class, when questioned about her piano lessons. holy fuck. time travel and go put her past self out of her misery, please.)
"Ah... hahah yeah, it's all just for fun... hey, sorry - i'm actually running late for a group meeting" she quickly darts between the two brothers, waving behind her as she runs down the hall. "nice meeting you!" she yells back.
sqh has been missing for a week. sy and zyx have noted it, but aren't too concerned (he texted a cryptic emoji missive, which they interpreted as 'mostly ok', which, okay). he gets in writing benders and squirrels away often enough. it's only by the 10th day mark that they need to drag sqh to air out in the sun.
besides, the two of them have other concerns.
"you're looking crustier than usual," sy says as his warm and polite greeting towards a dear friend.
"dude, fuck you." zyx takes an obnoxious slurp of her iced coffee. "i don't wanna hear it from sir gucci eyebags"
they both look rather worse for the wear. sy knows what he's dealing with - a strange feeling of being hunted. watched. the odd moods of some of his classmates. lqg's stares ('can he read minds? fuck, man - it's not gay if it's in a dream!'). constant lbh encounters, seeing him play frisbee on the quad and ripping off his shirt ('how the fuck did he know the shape of him??' he can't help but look downwards, like the call of the void, and - NO -).
but zyx? she's been working weirder hours than usual. and hasn't wanted to indulge in her typical hangouts or habits. "did you fail a project? a midterm?" skipping the gym (probably for her own good, sy thinks, looking at her husk-like countenance).
"no!" defensive, but likely not a lie from her expression. "... people are just... being annoying. i literally have to sneak into the comp lab at midnight to get anything done. dance practice location also needs to change - so a lot of running ragged scouting and asking for permission"
sy nods along, thumbing through forums on his phone. "this week has been a special kind of shit." he feels agitated, unable to focus on what would normally be an enjoyable distraction.
"for real -"
she freezes.
"what?" sy turns to her, but a second later zyx shoves her drink and laptop bag into his arms and fucking sprints away.
"oh, come on! your laptop weighs, like, a million pounds!"
two guys, one in the lead, rush past sy and give chase.
"what the fuck."
wwx wakes. the whir of his ceiling fan cuts through the fog of his dream. was it a dream? a full life, friends and family, love and war, suffering and pain, eventual happiness -
of course it's a dream. ha, why else would his acoustics lecture find its way into a perfectly fantastic xianxia -
he spends the next two hours on a wikipedia binge. more than thirty tabs open, all four corners of the screen filled with different windows. taylor series expansion, sure. controllability and observability, fine.
stability modes of aircraft? ... it makes sense, but wwx doesn't remember learning it. and yet... the equations of motion and the stability derivatives - they aren't - they're familiar.
calculus of variations - he was hoping to take that course next semester after he overheard zyx gush about it to her friend. the principles don't make complete sense, not at the moment. but the equations, the fundamentals... he knows them. his dream told him.
wwx knows he's brilliant by all standards, but this is beyond believable.
the third hour is spent humming different tunes into his phone. he knows them, but the dream-addled part of him needs to confirm, because what if - just what if -
fa ru xue, by jay chou.
try me, by foxwedding (this one took a while, without lyrics, the melody obscured by loud ocean waves, liberties taken with a guqin arrangement, but undoubtedly it was this song).
the other ones, he scours the internet.
and finds nothing.
in a daze, he grabs his flute out of its case and plays.
lwj wakes. it isn't unusual to get up before dawn. he hears the mourning doves coo outside, but today, his heartbeat is faster than their calm, morning cadence.
dreams were odd, and lwj's were vivid and seared into his memory. the emotional weight behind this particular one was overwhelmingly heavy. he feels each exhale, trying to steady himself, come out of him like a barely-contained sob.
eventually, the day must be met. lwj gets ready and heads to campus.
aural lessons, he suffers through. advanced theory feels stifling - he barely tolerates what the professor lectures.
for his general education course in art history, wwx's presence feels less provoking and more calming today.
"lan wangji!" his former dormmate calls out. "look, i drew you!"
it's meant to be a teasing doodle, one with wwx escaping lwj's strictness by burying him under a pile of textbooks. doodle lwj triggers the avalanche via tripwire.
lwj from a week ago would have burned with indignance at being teased, secret pleasure from wwx's attention, embarrassment from having his unruly feelings exposed, frustration at the lack of ability to comport himself as he desires.
lwj today feels nothing but mirth and fondness. it's like something untangled the messy knot of sentiment inside him, making it clear and obvious. there is no conflict, nothing to feel frustrated over.
"do i survive?"
wwx blinks. "uh - haha, lan-er-gege you're so strong, a few books can't bring you down!"
evening orchestra rehearsal comes. breaktime is lax, with the conductor too busy arguing the music director about the piece for this year. it seems that likely, the music director will have the final say and their lineup will change, so no one is eager to commit to something that's temporary.
wwx continues to sound out the half-remember melodies from his dreams. one of them, he hears the oboist hum along as he walks by (that was lwj's brother, wasn't it?) but it was so fleeting, wwx thinks he imagined it.
that one was harder to remember. he switches to the other melody. it elates him to figure out the development, everything slotting into place, that he is joined by strings on his second repeat and doesn't notice until he's halfway through.
wwx looks up and sees lwj slowly lowering his violin. before he can say anything, the conductor barks at everyone to return to their seats and resume rehearsal.
for lwj, coming to terms with the state of matters is not turbulent. there are midweek dinners at his uncle's residence, the man being a collector of fine traditional instruments. lwj has never learned anything besides the violin, unlike his brother - no amount of cajoling or demand was able to turn him from single-minded focus.
is it a surprise that touching the guqin on display felt like homecoming, even as the strings catch strangely on his violinist calluses? his left hand taps with confidence, right hand plucks, and a clear harmonic rings out.
is it a dream? is it not a dream?
wwx idly marks up his notes as he waits for the lecture hall to fill. a head of pink hair catches his attention.
it has to be a dream, he decides, watching zyx slouch her way towards her preferred seat. a dream with his prickly classmate in a prominent role, differing in every way but their names -
and wwx finds himself automatically moving to sit behind her as usual.
as usual. and it is - he can almost see the ghost of dream-zyx superimposed over this zyx, scrawling away at their notes. the same expression of pensive concentration.
he finds himself leaning over her desk, words spilling from his mouth. and when she gives him the look of dismissal, the memory in his brain desperately claws its way out, demanding he keep her from turning away -
well. blunt, cutting, and needing the last word. bravery when pushed. determined, demanding on oneself, proud. clever.
like two pitches slowly matching frequency, the dissonance in his mind dissipates.
it hurts. the echo of the same rejection happening, even dampened through an entire lifespan - the sting of it feels sharp and real.
it is her. a zyx less burdened with propriety, responsibility, able to run as she pleases and act unrestrained... and she runs from him.
"i... didn't say anything offensive, did i, wangji?" lxc asks tentatively.
he didn't. the same cycle of kindness, slowly leaking out until all lwj can see is her back. he remembers when they were children. he remembers when they were in freshman year. quiet discussions in the library. different teas, until she found by some hidden criteria the one to continue sharing with him.
somehow, in some manner, zyx has again found something lacking about him. in their first life, this old hurt was packed away, bygones as bygones.
who has overturned the cupboard of past lives, indeed.
"lan zhan."
lwj stops. wwx is standing at the bus stop, moonlight overhead. the two of them stayed late tonight, voluntold by the conductor to clean up for being distracted all rehearsal.
how could lwj be anything but distracted? he knows. he knows. wei ying is right there, in the same room. laughing the same way, same clever fingers on his flute, identical vivacious behavior.
"wei ying."
silence, before wwx breaks into the biggest grin possible to contain on his face. "lan-er-gege!" he sprints and leaps at lwj.
what is thousands of dollars, extrinsic in value, compared to lifespans of love? lwj drops his violin case and catches wwx in his arms.
"lan-er-gege, when did you know?"
"rehearsal. the 13th."
"wait. how???"
"figure it out yourself."
"i found her," lwj admits. it comes out like a shameful confession.
wwx huffs in amusement. "she doesn't like you much, either, huh?" he stretches in his seat. "you know, lan zhan..."
"... if she really hated you, hated me, there's nothing stopping this zyx from kicking us in the nuts."
lwj can't help but let out a small mirthful sigh. "i suppose."
"if she's the same, and she is - zyx has always been a stubborn mule that needs prodding and convincing."
they spend more time together, after that. but as if to make up for the sudden fill of lwj in his life, zyx seems to slip away like a ghost. if not for the fact that she answered the professor calling out names to return exams, wwx would have thought he made her up.
and of course, lwj's stubborn, stalwart faith that she is here.
it is pure chance that they see her walking down the quad path with one of her friends. the two are casual and close, reminding wwx of other-zyx and their relationship with that peacock.
this zyx lets exhaustion show on her face. lets herself be sloppy. feels safe, secure, and free enough to let her inner self show. objectively, it's not as beautiful and gilded as the comportment in that dream-like life.
it's something that wwx of both lives hunted for with persistence.
and it is habit of both lives - when zyx runs, wwx is riled into pursuit. how can he resist, when she keeps making such incredulous and hilarious expressions?
wwx starts running on instinct. "lan zhan! chase!" he doesn't have to look behind to know that lwj follows.
'fuck fuck fuck i shouldn't have quit track!!' zyx lambasts herself as she runs down the school arboretum path. fuck ticks, she's saving her life here - zyx cuts across the bushes to the other side of the grounds.
sigh. wow. okay, maybe she shouldn't have run because who would have thought those two would start chasing like velociraptors?? fuck, have some composure, assholes!
two figures leap out and tackle her into the river just as she started to catch her breath.
"- fUCK!"
#zyx au's#RT au#oblivious university#mdzyx#svzyx#Anonymous#inquiry#if anyone is wondering: sqh/mbj get their shit together within three days and are too busy sucking face to give a shit about their friends#sy is too busy dealing himself psychic damage for his cringey smutty isekai fantasy to actually pay attention to lbh and lqg#zyx (me) is prone to having really vivid dreams to the point where they just roll with it#wwx figures it out through wangxian.mp3/drunken dream (ch11 dbd) and bc he knows a bunch of stuff he shouldn't but dbd-zyx ends up teaching#lwj quietly accepts it through wangxian.mp3 and the guqin. always a romantic and faithful to the core#the final hurdle is convincing zyx that they're not fucking crazy#they as in wangxian and they as in zyx#(also in this modern life mdzs does not exist)#(also also yes i used to smoke and yes i've quit and yes it's awful for your health)#real talk: in 2015-16 i had this long-ass series of dreams with continuity and whatever about exo bc my friend was obsessed#through peripheral absorption exo funneled into my dreams and whenever i had an update on this dream fanfic#i'd narrate it to my friend#this friend and i both have dreams like this and when we lived together#it was common for me to either crawl into her bed upon waking or her booting my bf out our bed to start talking about last night's dream#(undergrad me was fucking grimey: sports bra + hoodie + basketball shorts + socks + sandals; a real fuckboy)#(it's because i didn't have to attend meetings with people who decide my livelihood yet)
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asiandramas-asianent · 8 months ago
Review of: The Long Ballad
Review of: The Long Ballad
Hello Everyone, So I just finished, The Long Ballad a few days ago and I needed time to compose my thoughts on this fantastic drama. I’ll try not to share too many spoilers but if I do, I am sorry lol.  
Also, I would first like to clarify that I am reviewing the drama based from a Mahua. I AM NOT reviewing the Mahua as I tend to differentiate drama adaptations from its original story. I say this because I believe both the original Mahua’s/books and the drama adaptions are two separate entities and have different ways of showing the characters development, sceneries, plots, and because they always tend to be different than its original format. We are complex people who for some will appreciate different details written in Mahua or a book. So I believe no adaption could ever resemble as the original because what might be important for me could not be for you. 
Tumblr media
Summary of Drama:
The year is 626 C.E, and the realm and its political center Chang’an, are shaken to its core by the Xuanwu Gate Incident, a successful palace coup to take charge of the Tang Dynasty. A scheming prince leads the bloody coup and kills the family of Li Chang Ge during the raid, although she manages to escape. Now the prince has placed himself on the Imperial throne, and rules as Emperor Tai Zong. Li Chang Ge has her mind firmly set on revenge – and musters a powerful army intent on overthrowing the new Emperor. But her plans are thrown into disarray when she suffers an unexpected defeat against the armies of the Eastern Turkic Khaganate. The victorious General, Ashile Sun, decides to keep her in his service, making her his military strategist as he looks to pursue his own military goals. The duo forms a formidable military partnership. And over time, she finds herself falling for her captor – as he also starts developing feelings for her. (Source: Viki)
Main Cast: 
Dilraba Dilmurt as Li Changge/Princess Yon Ning/Princess Mobei
Wu Lei as Ashina Sun
Zhao Lu Si as Li Leyan
Liu Yu Ning as Hao Du
Fang Yi Lun as Wei Shuyu
Geng Le as Li Shi min
General  Plot 
Honestly, this is one of the best dramas I have watched in 2021. The cinematography is phenomenal, the soundtrack is breathtaking!! The overall plot’s build up does a fantastic job from start to finish. It’s not like most dramas where they go too slow and lag on the smallest detail, it goes on a decent pace, and it shows the personal development and progression of each character in the show. They all have a purpose and what they believe in which made their actions in a way tell the story within the drama. The characters in the drama are self-explanatory, there aren’t a lot of characters in which you need to keep tabs about.  And they aren’t pitted against each other or have love triangles or more which is a surplus because dramas tend to do that. The writing/script is very well written, it shows intelligence, leadership, strong will, and respect among the characters. Also I didn’t mind when the Mahua would appear because this was filmed around COVID and I can imagine they couldn’t have that many people in particular scenes.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The main cast is Li Changge and Leyan who are two cousins in the drama. I honestly loved their relationship since there wasn’t any jealousy among them even though things go hectic, and Li Changge feels backstabbed with reasons known in the drama, she tends to overcome it and still has love for her cousin. Their relationship is like sisters, and both were protective of each other and helped one another when situations weren’t that great.  They both end up going through their own adventures (and sufferings) that shape their characters progression from start to finish. They show their weakness and strengths which makes them be leaders within their inner circle. 
Li Changge is a princess with a witted sharp mind and military intelligence that shows resilience within the drama. You see this when she ends up finding out the truth about her parents and her uncle who she viewed as a father is a better leader than her own father. Due to her ignorance of not understanding the world of politics and the sacrifices people make along the way. She ends up realizing she wants to help the common folk and does a lot for the people of Tang and helps her uncle even though she battles with a personal grudge with him. Le yan is a timid, noble princess who wouldn’t hurt a fly. She always needed protection until she goes through her own journey that shows her the lives of the common people and ends up sticking up for them. She isn’t as naïve or stupid as they made her seem, she just didn’t explore the outside world, so she was oblivious to the hardships people dealt through during that time frame. I feel like it allowed her to see more than the politics from the world she had known. It allowed her to be able to protect and help the people and in a way help her father have a good reputation.
As for the two main leads, Ashile Sun and Hao Du, who are cold, intelligent, strong, men that show their own personal devolvement within the drama. We see Ashile Sun befriend the FL and save countless times and over time becomes protective of her and yearning for her. Ashile sun morality and perseverance is seen throughout the show, and he ends up being a decent man who also wants to help people not put them in misery. 
He ends up questioning a lot of things within his own father and the other divisions (Spolier! His is Eagle division), but one thing about him is he will have loyalty to those he cares and protects. His nobility and leadership and intelligence shows gracefully with the FL without overpowering hers which is insightful. They both work together, and their main goal is to help people get back on their feet. Also, his relationship with his brotherhood I was so fond of. They loved and respected Ashile Sun and never questioned him even if Ashile Sun had doubts due to whatever was going on in their tribe. It showed the respect and their brotherly love amongst themselves. Eagle division in my eyes was top tier lol, they had everything due to Ashile Sun’s capabilities. 
 Hao Du on the other hand is an adoptive son of one of the emperor’s men, and he ends up doing everything his stepfather asks of him until he spends more time with princess Leyan. She ends up softening his heart due to them spending lots of time together. (they were so cute together). Hao Duo is very skilled in martial arts and because of that he must do things that might go against Leyan’s wishes and because of them spending time together, he shows her that isn’t a cold-hearted man. He ends up protecting her as well as his life depends on it. He embraces her kind and sensitive heart and just wants to love and care for her. 
Tumblr media
The romance of this drama I appreciated for its slow burn romance, it doesn’t give you “fell in love at first sight b*lls*t. I loved the female’s lead and male leads love was supported by a foundation of trust, respect , admiration and protection . They are both independent individuals who made a great team and didn’t overshadow the other one. It’s also very trusting to see their relationship work when they both were on different sides.  The chemistry between the Male Lead and Female lead was just fantastic even though some say otherwise, I personally felt they had amazing chemistry. 
The way the male leads eyes would just look at the female lead in an endearing and loving way just made my heart flutter. IMO, he showed more love than then female lead. I felt like the romance was carried more on him than hers. And it bothered me that there wasn’t more. (And regardless of being an independent person I’m pretty sure Li Changge would’ve had some love in her bones if she would’ve expressed it more). The SFL & SML (second female/male lead), had also a slow love romance and it was so cute to see their love also blossom. I could feel their chemistry and love and trust for one another and the SML just wanted to protect his highness. They showed a bit more love than the FL&ML. 
Tumblr media
The soundtrack to this drama is so soothing and breathtaking. I loved the melodies and it just fit naturally within the drama. Zhou Shen voice is beautifully singing within the soundtrack and the opening and closing songs by Zhang Bichen & Ji Wen Qi just makes you reminisnce of certain scenes.Also, Sa Ding Ding is one of the few artists on it and if you loved her in Ashes of Love, I’m pretty sure you'll love this one.  Liu Yuning (Hao Duo’s character) has a beautiful song as well which youll see is special everytime he is with Leyan.
Tumblr media
I would give this drama a rating of 3.5- 4.0 out of 5. And I will explain below on my dislikes why. But overall, the plot of the story, the characters and their relationships made this drama so worthwhile. Their chemistry on the screen just made you want to keep on watching more.  The cast played very well, even the older actors who are also very talented. I was very fond of the emperor of Tang he had this aura that even though you knew what he did was mest up, you couldn’t dislike him.  As I mentioned before, the main actors play convincing their roles and at no time do you see one stand out more than the other one. Both of them dominated their roles.
Dilireba is an amazing actress I have seen her work and honestly I am glad she got this drama. She plays such a bad ass independent woman. Wu Lei, looks absolutely amazing in this. After seeing his role in NiF (Nirvana in Fire), he has grown so much and he did so well for this role (even though there are critics saying he was forcing to be strong or didn’t look the part), I personally had no problem being convinced he was a Leader within his Tribe. I feel like his confidence just showed on screen and was meticulous showing what he thought Ashile Sun would do in his point of view. But I can’t deny he is such a hottie lol, He is such an amazing actor as well and I don’t think I could see anyone else play this character. He plays this fierce man who is a softie at heart. And at no time do you see their age gaps within the drama. I genuinely though he was older than she was. He was just that believable. 
Tumblr media Tumblr media
What I disliked 
Okay, the one thing that ticked me off about this drama, and I know people will say, oh the Mahua didn’t have any romance, (again I will say I see the drama as a separate adaption due to you never see anything genuinely being the same whether from book to movie or vice versa). Is after the slow romance between the FL & ML as well as the SFL &SML, there wasn’t anything more than that. I felt like because they had to cut down on episodes or had to rush for the plot towards the end, they ended up piling everything together and the romance laid very flat among the leads. 
For the FL & ML, I could feel Wu Lei’s yearning loving eyes on Dilireba and I loved that in all but I wanted some playfulness flirting or some romantic gestures with some skin ship. There were little scenes where I felt that was needed. In my opinion, I honestly saw the love more on Wu Lei’s part than Dilireba and it annoyed me a bit. I understand she’s supposed to be a bad ass independent woman but I’m pretty sure she might have had her heart skip a beat the way Wu Lei’s eyes looked at her in that I love you and will do anything look. 
Dilireba would often remove herself when they did have a few moments of skin ship and it just looked like she didn’t see him a romantic way. But as some people have pointed out, it could be because of the fans not wanting them to kiss due to their age gap which I find ridiculous because I have seen other dramas with major age gaps, and it gets hot in there. Or could be some have pointed out that maybe Wu Lei’s or Dilireba’s policy is no kissing but I’m pretty sure Dilreba has had kiss scenes before. 
(Spoiler !) The bird kiss scene made me roll my eyes to the back of my head, that I had to laugh because the directors had initiated throughout the trailer and even the drama the kiss and romantic gestures only to be left with our imagination. Only wandering eyes, we got. Which I wasn’t mad too much cause Wu Lei did it for me but I wanted more than that. And that ending, forget it I assumed since they didn’t do anything romantic, they would at least show them together but again were left with our imaginations. 
The second leads, on the other hands had more romance and hugging than the main leads. But they also didn’t show too much playfulness or flirty gestures. They had their moments where they could’ve had better communication or could have flirted more. At least they end up having a kiss scene. Their chemistry also worked very well on screen. I was always rooting for Leyan to have her prince charming cause she was such a sweet person. Hao Duo even though with a cold exterior was a very soft marshmallow who grew to care and appreciate Leyan. He saw the wonderfulness and personal growth through her own sufferings that made him go in awe. 
Plus, the way that the last couple of episodes were rushed also bothered me. I understand no one wants to watch too many episodes (I have watched at most 63 lol) but it at least gives attention to detail which I personally don’t mind. I prefer to understand things and their context then for it to be rushed. Or they could’ve added something that reassured viewers of their future. These are the only things that bothered me.
Tumblr media
Even though with the lack of romance, I recommend this drama to anyone who likes action, adventure, martial arts, matured characters, independent turned healthy relationships, amazing friendships, and great wisdom to anyone. The scenery is beautiful, the music is very touching and soothing and the writing to the drama is on point. To see the development of each character, not many dramas can do that and in this drama it does a phenomenal job. It doesn't lag or overly exaggerate on the details. This made my adult heart happy. I really do hope in the future we get to see the main leads in another drama whether it’s modern, wuxia, etc. cause I’d love for them to be reunited and maybe add more romance lol. Thank you for reading my review and hearing my rant lol. 
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bird-of-fyre · 9 months ago
Empires SMP x Wynncraft AU
Been playing a bunch of Wynncraft (an MMO in MC co-owned and I think also created by Grian) and the two BIG plot devices in it are Corruption (Wyyn Province) and Decay (Gavel Province). Both are similar and have ties to the same catalyst.
What’s going on in Empires right now? Corruption. So my brain went brrr and we have this. Feel free to write for, make fanart, etc. with this AU just tag me so that I can see it!
There are 2 realms in Wynncraft that are constantly at odds with each other. The Realm of Darkness (Dern) and the Realm of Light. When the two forces meet, corruption is formed and the battlefield of their war took place within the Nether. In Wynn, Human miners unearthed a Nether portal and entered, the magic within corrupting and changing them; they returned leading armies of undead that still terrorize the province today. In Gavel, a parasitic entity emerged from a Dern portal and began to infect the magic-enriched land with the Decay.
Corruption spreads like a weed through roots spanning under the entirety of Wynn; the only known force to stall it is Ice Magic. Decay spreads like an infection and slowly consumes the land, it is weak to Light Magic.
The land Empires SMP takes place on is going to be known as Empiria because I feel it deserves a name for this AU. A strange magic protects this land that is believed to be a result of the banishment of Corruption by the Gods before they fell into slumber. Empirians call it "Respawn Magic” as upon dying one is revived at perfect health (though scars may remain depending on the cause of death). Death to age is still a thing, however lifespans of most inhabitants are extended two decades with the exception of elves who live even longer.
Several Empires already existed  before the present day crew, these being the following: Rivendell, Mythland, The Overgrown, The Ocean Empire, The Lost Empire, and Smallhold. The rest only came to rise in the past decade
Fwhip: A human that hails from the Wynn province. Him and his sister Gem lived in Detlas together as their parents died in a battle against the endless armies of undead. Fwhip was fascinated by the corruption in their land and sought to study it, perhaps maybe even find out a cure. Gem stopped him from this obsession, reminding him that those that went down that path all ended up becoming harbingers of the corruption. They moved to the land of Empiria shortly around the present day where Fwhip found the Grimlands and the crystalized redstone that tainted it drew his attention. Gem wasn’t fond of the idea but it was a different kind of corruption than that back home so she let him study it. Somehow manages to come off as unhinged yet still in complete control.
Gem: Hailing from Wynn, Gem and Fwhip left for new lands to escape the corruption and undead armies. She settled in a mountainous biome full of amethyst crystals so that she could keep an eye on her brother as his fascination with volatile crystalized redstone worries her. She knew basic fire magic pre-Emperia but now is a bit more adept in her powers and has also learned many more spells. She joined the Wither Rose Alliance with Fwhip and Sausage simply to keep the two chaotic gremlins in line.
Jimmy: A Cod-Hybrid from the Ocean Empire and the adopted brother of Lizzie. He left home to found his own empire in the nearby swamp with his sister’s well wishes. His kingdom is small, but he is a kind and generous ruler that doesn’t see himself above his subjects. While working on paths he found a human washed up on the shore in poor condition; this individual was Joel, a nobody from a far away land who really had just given up on any form of future. Jimmy tends to be the person that generally gets picked on by other rulers for having the smallest empire and because he’s very gullible. Close friends with Pix, who he eagerly loves hearing stories of Corkus from.
Joel: Originally from the port town of Nemract in Wynn, Joel tried to start a religion called Jeremyism in memorium of a donkey he lost to the corruption that never took off due to the Bovemists and their own religion. He cheated some pirates in gambling so they took him hostage and forced him to be part of their crew, not that he was complaining, it was way better than the life he had before. Unfortunately, this didn’t last very long as a battle against some rival pirates during a horrible storm ended with him getting tossed overboard. He awoke on the shore of a swamp where he encountered a cod-hybrid who, with their sister, helped him get back on his feet. After experiencing the Cod and Ocean Empires he decided to start his own in the mesa across the ocean so that he can remain close allies with the duo that saved his life. Him and Lizzie marry a few years later.
Joey: A parrot-hybrid that rules over the Lost Empire as its emperor. He is extremely flirtatious and has questionable morals, but despite this he does care for his people. Fascinated by supernatural forces such as immortality and corruption and also always is looking to grow more powerful in any way he can. He has wind magic but doesn’t tend to use it very much.
Kathrine: A fae whose ancestors were originally from the Realm of Light in a time before the Decay took root in Gavel and Dernic forces made their way into the said realm. When she learns of the origins of several new rulers she is surprised as she had only ever been told of Gavel and Dern. Her and Scott are close, given both their ancestral homes were in Gavel.
Lizzie: An axolotl hybrid who rules over the Ocean Empire. She is a generous and humble ruler who takes pride in he empire and her people. She found a young cod-hybrid caught in a fishermans net when she was still a princess and saved him, declaring him her new brother (which he was happy about). When she was asked to help with a human that had washed onto the shores of Jimmy’s empire she had not been expecting to fall in love with the stranger and is now married to Joel. Wields powerful water magic and takes nonsense from nobody (including her husband).
Pearl: The carefree ruler of Smallhold, an Empire that originally started out as a poor farming village that was struggling on hard times. Pearl is a nymph who took pity on the town and used her magic to help the village through hard times, eventually having them elect her as their queen. Despite her title, she prefers to see herself on equal terms as her people.
Pix: A human from the province of Corkus with great enthusiasm, ambition, and taste for the occasional mischief. He left the island province for new beginnings after accidentally breaking several Corkian laws that would have ended him in prison. His dedication to The Vigil is something he learned from interaction and time spent with the Avos; a race of bird humanoids that were the only inhabitants of Corkus before humans settled there. Pix is fantastic when it comes to metallurgy and uses this knowledge to his advantage when it comes to the copper and other metals he uses in his Empire.
Sausage: Born in the province of Fruma to a poor family Sausage always desired more and often had dreams about becoming a royal and learning magic as only they were allowed the luxury of such. He acted as the robin hood of Fruma for a time before he was eventually caught by the Fruman army and shipped off to Wynn as a soldier to aid the said province in their eternal war against the undead. Unlike most Fruman humans entering Wynn, Sausage did not loose his memories and took the first chance he got to stow away on a ship to new lands. Unfortunately, the ship in question was destroyed in a storm and he washed up onto the shores of Mythland (a smaller town without leadership at the time) and was made its king a year or so thereafter. Given he has no magical abilities of his own due to his origins, he turned to Blood Magic as it’s the closest he’ll ever get.
Scott: The elves of Rivendell originally hailed from Aldorei in Gavel, leaving to escape the Decay. Scott was young when they left for the new lands and, unfortunately, several of the fleeting group were lost to creatures of Dern and Decay; including his older brother, Xornoth. There had been no time to retrieve the bodies of the fallen so those that were left behind were assumed dead or infected. While cold and normally detached from the affairs of others, he does care about his fellow empires. He has light magic but struggles to wield it properly.
Shelby: Gone from her village Shelby returned to find it overun by the Decay and the monsters that come with it. Unable to do anything for her people, she left for new lands. Gavel’s best and brightest couldn’t find a cure for the Decay in their homeland so she hopes that maybe, in this new one, that she might find something to save her people.
Xornoth: Once an elf, now a twisted demonic entity with a lust for destruction. Wounded and separated from his family in an attack while attempting to leave Gavel, he was captured by an acolyte of Dern named Bak’al who brought him back to the realm of darkness. It is here that Xornoth was slowly and painfully corrupted in both mind and body, becoming yet another agent of the beast that governs the dark realm.
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setakdongies · a year ago
written for @districtninewriters most recent writer's room! thank you so much for the prompt, this was a lot of fun to write ♡
in which working with who you've deemed to be your worst enemy amounts to more than you could ever imagine.
wc: 1,960
genre: enemies to lovers, college!au
pairing: gn!reader x minho
warnings: swearing, reader has minor breakdown, mentions of school. also, not proofread (yet)
"Dammit," you groan, louder than you should have. Your dance instructor shoots you a glare, whereas your partner smirks at you. The simple action makes your blood start to boil.
"Everything alright, (Y/N)?" Mr. Kim asks.
You huff, crossing your arms, never bothering to hide your annoyance. He knows very well that you and Minho can't stand each other—hell, it's been hard enough to keep you two civil during practices—so why did he pair you up? And for regionals of all things? "Peachy."
"We'll talk after practice."
You give a curt nod as Minho stifles a laugh behind you. You turn to glare at him, but it leaves no effect. He simply winks in your direction and walks off to get water.
Fantastic. You roll your eyes and get into position for the group number, trying to ignore the boy's gaze following you as you loosen up.
The rest of practice goes by painfully slowly as you dread what's to follow. And within two minutes of practice ending, you're not sure whether you want to laugh, cry, or scream.
"You're two of the troop's best dancers, and I know you both know that. But now it's time to lose the egos; neither one of you is better than the other. It's time to put all that passion and energy you've been putting into hating each other back into dancing. Maybe then you'll be able to see how strong a pair you two truly could be."
You open your mouth to speak, but Mr. Kim raises his hand to silence you.
"No objections," he turns to Minho just as he clears his throat to speak. "You either. No going solo, and no joining other groups. If you're going to regionals, it's as a duo. You need to get over these feelings, disagreements, whatever they are, and pay dance the respect and humility it deserves. Friendly competition is one thing, but dance is not a tool to be used to try to better each other. Now, have a nice night."
The instructor bows silently in your direction and exits the room, leaving the two of you alone in the studio.
You're dumbfounded. The man you went to and confided in about your struggles, just like that, is feeding you to the lone wolf that has made the last two semesters your personal living hell.
"How badly do you want to go to regionals?" Minho hums. "Because I don't want you ruining my chances. I've worked too hard to give up for something—for someone—so stupid."
"Oh please, don't worry about me ruining your little dreams. I want to go just as badly as you do."
By the time your first practice session with Minho is about to start, you want nothing more than to quit and cry. It's been a bad end to a rough week, and you feel like you would give anything just to give up everything. Your major, your job, the dance crew. Everything. Nothing seems to be going your way, and you sure as hell don't want to spend the next two hours with someone who makes it their mission to ensure just that.
Your eyes shut as your hand touches the knob on the door to the dance studio you had reserved. With a sigh, you turn it and walk in. Luckily, you have the room to yourself for a little before your partner joins you.
Without turning on the lights, you find a spot along the wall and plop down onto the floor, letting the weight of the past week take you down. Before you can help it, tears begin to fall. You hug your knees to your chest, letting out a small curse.
You choke out a sob, letting your head fall. Everything is occupying your mind, but at the same time, there's nothing. Panic bubbles in your chest, setting your senses alight. As you try to force yourself to take a deep breath, the studio door opens and the lights come on.
You jump up as fast as you can, wiping your face with the sleeves of your sweater. Sniffling, you try to focus on regulating your breathing.
"(Y/N), you look like… shit."
You feel something in yourself crack. All your emotions bubble to the surface as you turn to him and shout. "What the fuck is wrong with you and what the fuck is your problem with me?"
The boy stares at you, eyes wide and mouth agape.
"You act like you're the hottest shit, the only thing that matters. And why? Why is it so important for you to be better than me? Is it because you're a dance major and I'm not? What difference does any of it mean, Minho. My god, you are impossible to deal with. I can't do this. Do whatever you want, I'm leaving."
You grip your bag tightly and throw it over your shoulder, heading straight for the door without sparing a glance behind you.
The rest of your night is a blur of tears, music, and blankets as you try to turn off your mind and get a decent night's sleep.
The next morning isn't any better as your body switches to autopilot; you get up, shower, have breakfast, and leave for work at the cafe near the campus. The three hours of your shift go by without incident, your mind foggy but focus sharp enough to serve the morning crowd.
You glance at the clock and see that you only have 15 minutes left before the end of your shift. With a small nod, you half-heartedly cheer yourself on, though you know that you'll only be going back to your room to spend the next few hours writing a surprise essay for your communications class.
The bell at the entrance rings, pulling your attention to the door. You head over to the cash and your welcoming smile falls right away. Why is he here?
"Um, hi (Y/N). I'll have a…" he trails off, looking at the menu. "A large iced americano, please."
You don't reply, simply pressing keys on the screen in front of you.
"When do you finish?"
You stop, eyebrow raised.
"I just… we need to talk. I'm really sorry about last night, I didn't mean to upset you like that."
"Okay," you say curtly before giving him his total, silently urging him to leave.
Not quite 20 minutes later, you're changed out of your work clothes and sitting down in front of Minho. Before you can as what he wants to talk about, he speaks:
"I'm sorry (Y/N). About last night. About the past few months. About everything, I guess.
"You're right, I've been a dick. I didn't even realize it at first, but things got out of hand and I'm sorry I didn't realize it sooner. I guess… I think it always bothered me how talented and dedicated you are, you're such an incredible dancer, that I didn't understand why you didn't just major in dance? Because… well, for me, it's the only thing I'm really good at. I guess—I guess because you're good at a lot of things I just wanted to at least have something that I was better in. I know it doesn't matter, at first I wanted it to be playful but I guess it really wouldn't have been easy to deal with. I'm sorry things got so bad."
You stare at him with wide eyes, trying to process his words. This is the most you've heard Minho speak at once, and you're surprised by how gentle his voice is.
"I'm sorry too," you say softly. "I didn't mean to lose it like that, I've just had a really, really rough week. And I'm also sorry it spiraled out of control. The idea of being seen as less just because of my major really… frustrated me."
"It's okay, (Y/N)," the corners of his lips turn up slightly. "So, what do you say to calling a truce and making the best choreography those decrepit judges have ever seen?"
Before you can stop it, you let out a giggle which you know surprised both of you. And it started the friendliest conversation you've had with the boy across from you.
After an hour and a half, you couldn't even believe he was the same boy you were sure you hated for so long. That hour and a half bleeds into practices after long days in class, where you laugh, good around, and get to know each other.
And you hate to say it, but you'd be lying if you said you don't like this Minho. And, by god, you don't want to be caught dead thinking it but you have to admit that he is attractive. You always loved the way his body moved to the rhythm, it's like the beats serve him.
"Like what you see?" He smirks, making eye contact with you in the mirror.
Though a blush rises to your cheeks, you stand strong. "Not unless you trip over your laces. Do you take requests?"
"You wish."
Though the session started well, after an hour your body stopped cooperating. As you tried to move forward with the section of the choreography Minho created, you can't seem to get this one set of moves right. You keep putting the wrong foot forward, which is keeping you from shifting your weight properly and rolling back into your hips.
"Let's slow it down," your partner says. He approaches the mirror, signaling you to do the same, and breaks down the mechanics.
"I know how to do it," you huff, "I don't know why I can't."
"Maybe you're just tired. How about we work on this a little more and then call it a day?"
You nod, joining him in slowing down every small movement. After a few eight counts, you start feeling more confident and tell him you'll try at full speed. But after two tries, you fail again.
"Hey," Minho says softly, coming up behind you and looking at you through the mirror. "It's okay, (Y/N) We've already been working on it a lot, we can call it a night."
You shake your head. "You can if you want to, but I need to get this down."
"Okay." He hums. "What if we try… me guiding you? Can I touch you?"
Your face heats up immediately as he chuckles awkwardly and you pull your eyes from his. "Um… we can try."
His hands gently land on your hips. "Is this okay?"
You nod, not daring to look in the mirror.
Minho begins to count softly, hands reminding your body of where it's supposed to be. You know you're supposed to be focusing on the movements and your own body, but you can't. All you can think of, all you can feel, is his body behind yours, moving against you. The way his hands hold you feels so right.
"(Y/N)?" Minho breathes, searching for your eyes in the mirror. It takes a few seconds, but you lift them.
You don't have time to register what's going on until he's already spun you around and pulled you close. Your noses brush against each other. The feeling of his hot breath against your skin makes butterflies erupt in your stomach.
Minho glances at your lips, and then meets your eyes. "Can I?"
"Please do," you whisper before feeling his lips press passionately against yours. Your hands move up his neck as you gently thread your fingers through his hair.
He pulls away slowly, resting his forehead against yours. The smile on his face brings one to your own.
"How about dinner?" He suggests with hopeful eyes.
You laugh. "Only if you're paying."
taglist: @imkyunies @stayctday
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itsclydebitches · a year ago
No one should of trusted RWBY+ with fucking anything, let alone saving the world (LIKE REN SAID THEY SHOULDN’T BE MAKING DECISIONS ON) and now look. Two cities destroy, millions dead or homeless, and Salem half-way to completing her goal that might get everyone killed. Yeah, Ozpin totally should apologize for not trusting these idiots.
At the very least the story might have pulled some plot strings to "prove" that Ozpin should have trusted them from the start. Like with Oscar succeeding with Hazel. We know that success required him to go OOC and that in a story with more consistent characterization/realistic reactions from its cast, Oscar would have definitely failed... but that doesn't erase the fact that he didn't. No matter how badly executed, the story essentially argues, "Oscar was right to trust Hazel because look, Hazel helped him" and we might have gotten something similar with the group: "Ozpin was wrong to mistrust them because look, when they learned the truth everything got better."
But, uh... things got so much worse.
The group drove Ozpin away rather than proving that they were actually different from everyone else who learned about Salem. Then they nearly lost the Relic at the farm. They tested the fragile trust between the kingdoms by stealing from Atlas and in doing so got a Leviathan to attack a city. Then they lied to Ironwood - the exact thing Ozpin supposedly shouldn't have done to them. They actively divided their allies - you know, the thing Salem wants. Not splitting the group to complete two separate tasks, Ruby - by turning on the Ace Ops and Ironwood. Ruby told everyone about Salem, which realistically should have caused massive grimm attacks across the entire world. They lost the Relic because they never bothered to put it in the vault. They also ended up losing the last question because of that. They lost the Staff because they stupidly took it out of the vault. Their Maiden was killed, again. An entire populace is displaced and currently getting picked off by grimm. They knowingly, willingly, and deliberately destroyed an entire kingdom when they didn't have to.
Oh, and then five out of ten “died.” If there was any part of Ozpin that held back out of worry for their safety, that’s been proven correct too. They weren’t strong enough, or smart enough to survive this war. Within just a few months they were (we’re meant to believe) killed. 
Putting aside, for the moment, that a story needs conflict and failure on the part of its protagonists, everything that has happened since Volume 6, to my mind, proves Ozpin right. Not just in terms of "Wow, when I tell people about Salem they hurt and betray me" but also "Wow, somehow I don't think this group of teenagers with one year of training is ready to be the linchpin of this war." Because that's what they wanted by demanding every secret: to be at the very center of the fight, to be making the tough calls, to play at being the world's hero. The problem is, their idea of a hero is still someone who fixes everything with an epic punch to the face. When that fails... they crumble. Cue Ruby sitting around in the mansion half the volume. Should Ozpin have trusted his inner circle? It's debatable. Lionheart ran to Salem the second he learned of her immortality, Qrow sunk deeper into his alcoholism and gave up the fight, but Ironwood took it in a stride and kept pushing forward. Theodore we don't know yet. So it's pretty up in the air whether that would have assisted Ozpin, or just made things worse that much faster, but then that's not really the question here. Should he have told the group? Should he have deliberately made these teens generals in this war? The plot says, "Absolutely not." Because when they made themselves the generals through force - stealing the question, lying to Ironwood, defeating the Ace Ops, hijacking Amity - things have consistently gotten worse. Nothing we've seen on screen the last three volumes says, "See? Look how much better things are once Ozpin was forced to trust love and put his faith in this team."
And what slays me is that the show so desperately tries to backtrack on this with the fight between Ren and Yang:
Ren: Are you kidding?! We don’t know the first thing about being Huntsmen. We clearly weren’t ready.
Yang: Were we not ready when we saved Haven? When we took down a Leviathan? We got the Lamp to Atlas.
Ren: And then we lost it! And after that, when we had to make real decisions, we got every single one wrong.
Yang: I’m not going to pretend like we did everything perfectly, but if we’d done nothing, things would be even worse than they are now.
Ren: How could they possibly be worse? We are stuck out here while Salem has the Lamp and Oscar. We’ve got no plan, no army.
Yang: We’ve got the Maiden!
Yang is forced to omit so much information to make the team look good here and Ren is only allowed to point out one (1) thing she omits: "And then we lost it!" Yang fails to mention that they didn't save Haven, Blake's army did. So yeah, one member of the team, but it's not like they got in there and kicked epic ass. Weiss nearly died. The Relic was only saved because Raven decided she didn't want it anymore. The group barely held their own and then won due to good timing and the bad guys taking each other out/changing their minds. They were going to defeat two Maidens? Lucky them one Maiden took the other out and then decided to hand them the Relic.
Took down a leviathan? Funny how she fails to mention that they drew the leviathan there in the first place and that Cordovin's drill is what did it in. Even Ruby's eyes is a single person ability that only works on grimm, not at all useful for the human-based problems Ren is talking about. They got the Lamp to Atlas? Yeah, and then you lost it. Getting it to Atlas is literally meaningless when the villains still managed to steal it, that victory a direct result of the group's stupid decisions. It's like going, "I successfully got water out of the boat" and failing to mention that the boat still sank. Oh, and also you could have plugged the hole at any point and just... didn't. The boat sinking is absolutely on your hands. When pressed just the tinniest bit, all Yang can come up with is that they've still got the Maiden, someone who will be attacked, hacked, and murdered by the end of the volume. Everything else? "but if we’d done nothing, things would be even worse than they are now."
That's a very big claim from someone ignoring all her failures. And of course, soon after this Ren dares to use Jaune's lack of training as an example of how unprepared they are (valid), he gets mad, the duo later tells him to open up more (he literally just did), and then the story drops his anger for a semblance upgrade instead. RWBY banks on us just believing Yang, carried along by everyone - all the way through to Nora - going on about how Very Very Wrong Ren Is - because if you actually consider these themes of trust and ask whether Ozpin was wrong to hold back... there's not a lot to challenge that decision. The go-to argument would be, "The heroes made things better once they knew the truth, ergo, they should have known the truth from the start" but the group has continually made things worse. It's not even a temporary problem anymore. No matter that they'll inevitably win, Atlas is gone. They've done irreversible harm to the world and yeah, they're trying to do good, they're trying, but this isn't the story of some teenagers forced into a conflict and doing what they can with the hand they've been dealt. This is the story of some teenagers who forced their way in, so when things go wrong... that's on them, no matter their intentions. They are now responsible, just as much as Ozpin was responsible. Except the story refuses to admit that, continually positioning Ruby as an innocent child in need of reassurance, not the licensed huntress who stole control from Ozpin, lied her way into a new inner circle, attacked former allies to avoid the consequences of her own actions, and presented herself as the world's savior... only to then cry because she never had a plan to begin with. We've got a fantastic story here about how Ruby wasn't ready, none of her friends were, and their naïve belief that they were the heroes of this tale - running after the White Fang, then Cinder, then Salem herself - has done incredible harm within a delicate, multi-generation war. We might have started telling that story if the group had actually sat with Ren's accusations and admitted their mistakes. Instead, we're left with this ridiculous claim that no matter how bad things get, it's always better than the alternative of the group not being involved at all. Because they're the heroes, remember. Their goodness they provide is, supposedly, inherent. The only problem is we no longer have a plot that supports this claim.
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princecharmingmendes · 12 months ago
Heart by Heart | Chapter I | Raul Mendes
                                           *secret agent AU*
Y/N and Raul have been friends ever since they could remember. And falling in love with your best friend can be pretty tricky and messy 99% of the times, add that to the fact they're constantly risking their lives side by side on the field since they're both secret agents, and the best team that's ever existed. Perfect recipe for disaster.
Tumblr media
Helloo, this is the first chapter of this series and I'm super excited about it. Please read the warnings on this one, if you don't feel comfortable with the contents listed on the "warnings" section, please read something else, there are a lot of other works on my masterlist and on the "fic rec" hashtag on my blog. I plan on posting a chapter weekly, which means new chapter every Thursday (and maybe a sneak peak every monday). Please give me some feedback and I hope you guys like it as much as I did. I'll stop rambling now, byee. Happy Reading!
                                                     masterpost | next chapter
*Word Count: 3.4K+;
*Warnings:  cursing, descriptions of violence, blood, injuries, hostage situation and a whole lot of teasing. Please don’t read it if any of this subjects make you uncomfortable, feel free to check my masterlist for other writings. 
*Posted: July 1st, 2021.
Raul Mendes was a pain in the ass. Y/N loves him way too much for her own good, but he was a pain in the nonetheless. 
He was the only person she knew who could be in a possible life-or-death situation and still make fun of her through their communicators. And sure, that made the whole thing lighter and less scary, and sure, he was the best agent she’s ever met, but damn did he get on her nerves. And Raul always knew how to get her frustrated or squirming, he enjoyed it more than he was willing to admit. Sure, they’ve been friends for a long time and she should be used to him, but it never got easier. The fact he had a killer smile, the looks of a legit greek god and had this whole tough guy exterior, but secretly had a soft spot for her did not make her case any less complicated.
Y/N and Raul knew each other ever since they’re basically born. Their parents met when they worked together at a company of secret agents, it was only a small corporation back then, and they were known as the best agents at the time. After they retired from field missions and eventually desk jobs, they became only advisers and emergency contacts. But despite that, they kept their friendship going though all the years and that’s how Y/N was introduced to the triplets. They’re always together, doing everything with each other and protecting themselves. And of course she loved Peter and Shawn with her whole heart, they’re like family to her, but Raul was different. Y/N wished it wasn’t, but there are certain things in life you can’t exactly control. Like falling in love with your best friend.
And it’s not like she stood a chance, to be honest. Regardless of his looks, he treated her like she hung the moon and stars on the sky. Sure, he was a tough guy, who rode motorcycles and wore leather jackets, and wouldn’t admit alive that he cried while watching Lion King. But he took care of her when she was upset or having a bad period, he would take her driving around town at midnight on random occasions just because he knew it would make her feel better, and would always be so mindful of everything involving her. And yeah, he teased her endlessly, but it was part of it and in reality, Y/N didn’t mind it that much. 
So when they started growing older and decided to follow their parents career, it only made sense they trained their asses off and got the job together. The company their parents worked for grew a lot, a team that was originally formed by 15 agents turned into a massive business, with over 100 employees, doing various functions. Shawn was picked for a more diplomatic field, always in meetings with important people and traveling around the world. Peter became a tech engineer, developing the coolest gadgets and weapons imaginable, something out of Totally Spies! Raul was clearly a field agent, an expert on body combat and weapons, best out of the four when it came to their physical test. And Y/N was the one who guided the operations, the hacker and responsible for strategies, also for the tech part and best sniper out of the three of them. 
That made her and Raul an unbeatable team and the best duo ever. Their chemistry on the field was recognized by their bosses on the first week, basically glueing them together for every future mission and it worked. For the company. But it only dug her little crush deeper on Y/N’s heart. And obviously no one knew it. She was a spy for fucks sake, she knew how to lie and she wasn’t going to be the one to tell him. Raul didn’t date, working on this field made  everyone’s love life a bit harder than it was already, and he never seemed interested enough in anyone with the same career to have a long lasting relationship with. That didn’t mean there where a lot of people interested, which made Y/N’s heart twist in her chest. 
“Sweetheart, you still with me?” Raul’s voice came through her earpiece bringing her back to reality.
“Of course I am, you idiot, I take this job really seriously” Y/N replied rolling her eyes as if she didn’t just daydreamed a bit. 
“Oh sorry, doll, didn’t mean to insult you hard working” he chuckled “but could you please check in the corridor number 6, half the team is heading down there right now”
“Sure” she quickly typed on her computer changing cameras really quickly, perks of being Peter’s best friend is that she could usually take extra stuff and the newest gadgets on the market “It’s clear and, by the way, you look pathetic with this glasses”
Raul laughed clearly amused, throwing his middle finger up in the air in the direction of the security camera he found “Oh really? Tell that to Peter, he’s the one who created them” 
“Technically their still a prototype, so make sure to let him know”
Raul scoffed playfully as he climbed another set of stairs, the man and woman with him following without questioning, used to his ways of leading “Of course, I’m sure he’ll like to hear your fashion critiques to his million dollar glasses”
“I’ll write it down, now careful, you’re approaching the level where they’re at”
“Sure, mom, I’m always careful” he said in a hushed tone signaling to his teammates to keep quiet and try to find the possible security team they left to watch the hostage.
“Shut up” Y/N said trying to hold back the smile from stretching her lips, already letting the airway team know to be ready to pick them up as they approached their target. 
They’re currently in the middle of a mission where they needed to recover another agent who got caught up in an ambush two weeks ago, and now they’re being kept as a hostage. Raul’s leading a team to retrieve the agent as quickly and as silently as they could, two with him and three other on the opposite side to meet halfway. All that while Y/N’s on the under construction building across the street seated among her gear, gun in hand following their every step and guiding them through the camera system and the big windows that other building had. It’s not the worst mission they’ve ever been, no apparent violence or blood bath, just a simple rescue mission, but they still felt a little jittery and always worried about each other’s lives. And through the years, they noticed that their copying mechanism to make this less stressful (at least a tiny bit) was through light banter and jokes. That somehow brought a bit of normality to their very non ordinary job. 
Y/N did her best to keep them hidden while they crashed into the building as quietly as possible, trying go unnoticeable since they didn’t have enough munition or people on the tactic team. It would also prevent them from moving the target around or opening fire. And despite the fact Raul kept on trying to joke around and that she’s been doing this for at least four years, the fact that they’re working with a less experienced and fresh out of the academy crew made her a little jittery. Not that she didn’t trust Raul to command everything and boss everyone around if things got messy, she just didn’t want him to get in the middle of a crossfire again. 
He had the terrible habit of playing the hero in the most inconvenient times, like when they were little and a guy twice his size, with three friends mocked her pigtails. He didn’t stand a chance, but he went after them anyway. They ended up having to run as fast as they could so they wouldn’t end up with a black eye or something. And that was nothing compared to the stupid shit he could do on field. And Y/N couldn’t be more pissed whenever he came home with more bruises then he should just to play Superman or something. Sure, that was admirable and the fact that he put everyone on his team on his top priority was definitely something fantastic for a captain, but not for Y/N’s heart. 
And for that reason, she was always extra careful, but when he had a newbie joining him on the field, Y/N tripled the attention to avoid putting the kid in danger, and, consequently her best friend. 
Raul was quick to take down two man on their level without raising much alarm, grabbing their munition, dragging the unconscious bodies away from where they’d be easily seen and moving forward to another set of stairs. He was a very skillful agent, with great physical development and worked great under pressure, with quick thinking and a natural leader. So it didn’t shock her when he was able to do that as if it was the most natural thing in the planet. While Raul was more of a passionate person, Y/N was more rational, was analyzing every possibility and coming up with creative solution, she was also really cold on work (she just had one exception) and was a quick thinker, great person to rely on. It’s almost as if the complimented each other and that’s why it worked. That’s why when she tells him to shoot, he does without thinking, or to jump, he wouldn’t blink before doing it head first. 
And that’s why they’re able to reach the hostage without much trouble. 
“Told you to chill out, I knew we could make it” he murmured through their coms and she giggled, shaking her head incredulously.
“You should watch the entrances while your teammates take care of the hostage”
“That’s why I have you, sweetheart” he said with his infamous smirk stretching his annoyingly pink lips.
Y/N shook her head when she felt her face warming up a bit, stupid boy “Well, actually I’m pretty busy calling for our ride, so watch your own back this time, you’re a big boy, I’m sure you can do it”
Raul scoffed but did as she say either way “fine, are we clear?”
“On your floor yes, climb three more levels and meet me on this side of the street, don’t stall champ, they’re going to notice there’s something wrong with the cameras and their man who aren’t responding, so be quick”
Raul chuckled as he helped balance the hostage on Roman’s arms and signaling them to climb the stairs again “Yes, ma’am, anything to keep you from frowning and scolding my ass”
Y/N rolled her eyes smiling, sighing in relief that half of their mission was done and it went as smoothly as it could have been “Great, now get your ass out of there now, Raul” 
The tactic team started moving to the floor they’d have access to jump, and everything was going too smoothly to be true, not even a minor inconvenience. And that was not normal, at all. That’s when Y/N started getting worried. 
Everything was great until Seth, from loosing a lot of blood and being severely dehydrated, started loosing his conscious, making Roman’s job a lot more complicated and making everyone move slower. And while that was happening, Y/N saw when one of the guys saw his partners laying limply on the corner of a hallway and finally the pieces clicked. Luckily she was able to caught it quickly enough to be able to mess up their coms, so instead of a dozen men, they’d have to deal with two. She was also quick to let Raul know, so he jumped into action, telling everyone to rush and grabbing Seth’s right side, basically carrying him alongside Roman up the stairwell. 
But as they’re almost reaching the door, Raul heard footsteps rather close, rushing Roman up the rest of the way, warning he’d be right behind him, that he was only to be a bit far back so he could hold whoever was coming. 
He ran downstairs, quickly blocking the door to the staircase with a fire extinguisher, running all the way upstairs to reach his teammates and jump to go home. But as he had just reached the door, his colleagues waiting for him with their gear (and also his) ready to cross to the other building, he felt the barrel of a gun touching the back of his head. Raul raised his hands in surrender, his teammates staring at him with horror in their eyes as they aimed their guns to whoever was behind him, but he knew they couldn’t do much before he got shot. He also knew they’re too young, apart from Roman and Cara, who were both holding Seth up, they weren’t experienced enough to do something like that. But before the person could pull the trigger, they grunted in pain and Raul felt the barrel slipping away. 
He turned around to watch the guy on his back in the floor, clutching to his left ribs, a little pool of blood already forming underneath him and gun long forgotten. Raul looked around to see if it was anyone from this guy’s side or anyone on the stairs, only to be met with silence and a single security camera with the green dot on, meaning Y/N was still in their system. He shook his head in disbelief, dragging the whining man outside of the room, quacking his gun down the stairs and managing to lock the door so they could escape safely. 
“Still with me, baby?” Y/N’s voice teased mimicking the way he said it earlier. 
Raul shook his head with a smirk on his lips, before moving to where his teammates stood still a bit shocked with all that happened in front of them “Wouldn’t dream of leaving you, sweetheart”
“Alright boys, the helicopters are coming for us, meet you all on the roof in three” Y/N said through the coms for the whole team, quickly shifting to a line only the captain, Raul, could hear “and if you dare be late just to make a big entrance or another dramatic scheme you can think about, I swear to God I’ll leave you behind”
“You wouldn’t dare”
“Try me” Y/N sing sang picking up her stuff and quickly shoving them down in her backpack, gathering the rest in her hands before turning around to climb to the rooftop. 
As she climbed the last set of stairs, Y/N saw their helicopters approaching as the seven agents she was waiting for used a special gun to shoot a line to her building, before locking them in place before zip-lining their way to meet her. She helped Seth, the agent that was kept hostage climb up the little wall since he was in a pretty bad shape, throwing his arm across her shoulders and basically dragging him to where they thrown the stair to climb up to the helicopter with the medical team waiting for him. Cara and Roman climbed first since they’re going to report what they saw and assist Seth as best as they could. Roman grabbed him and the rope stair, shouting to pull them up so he could be taken care of. 
Raul was the last one to arrive, as always staying behind to insure everyone got there safely and no one would try to kill them or anything. He graciously climbed the all as if it was nothing, pulling the gun from the string and cutting it so no one could follow them up there that quickly. Raul told everyone to climb onto the helicopter and they’re quick to follow his order, only one person stubbornly waiting for him, as always. He held back the relieved smile from stretching across his features, noticing how warm and relaxed he felt only by seeing Y/N standing besides the hope ladder. She looked worried, a frown on her beautiful face and Raul wanted to smooth his fingers over it as if it would ease all of her troubles away.
She nodded as soon as he was close enough, Raul being quick to pick up the heavy backpack she was carrying and leaving the rest to her “Are you okay?”
“What? Of course, Why do you ask?” he knew why she was asking, hell, his heartbeat was still a bit too fast to be normal, and yeah, partially was because he was standing in front of Y/N, but on the other hand he almost got killed. She only arched her brow at him and he sighed in defeat “Of course I am, doll, you know me, I’m always okay” 
“That’s what’s scares me the most” she said with a sad chuckle and started climbing the rope ladder to the helicopter and Raul was quick to follow behind.
“Dude, that was insane, I can’t believe you didn’t miss or accidentally shot Raul from across the street!” the youngest guy from the mission shouted as soon as they reached them on the vehicle, Raul closing the door behind them. 
Y/N only giggled in response “yeah, a bit crazy, isn’t it?”
“That’s because she’s the best, Tommy, but she won’t believe it” Raul said as he sat on one of the vacant seats, waiting for her to join him. 
“Oh shut it” she said unable to stop the smile from forming.
They kept on talking about the mission for a while, Tommy and the other two kids who recently joined still high from the adrenaline, but Y/N couldn’t be more worn out and Raul was quick to catch it. He leaned closer to her and she automatically laid her head on his shoulder, a movement that was almost mechanic to both of them. He gently grabbed her hand that was placed on her knee and interlaced their fingers together, letting her play with his hand to pass the time. 
Y/N sighed and mumbled after a while, when most of the kids were too distracted to pay attention “Are you really okay? Don’t say that you’re always fine, I mean it”
Raul had mastered the art of the poker face. He could easily be having the worst time of his life, but he would never let it showcase always with a quick sarcastic remark and an easy smirk on his lips, ready to flirt with anyone to distract them from the real problem. Raul was not the best when dealing with feelings and emotions, always thought it was easier to push them away, but Y/N saw right through him. She always did, ever since they were little. After that, he never tried to hide it again from her, always being as honest as he could with her about how he was, and obviously it didn’t always work, but she understood and respected it. It’s not like he needed to say anything for her to know. 
But at the same time, she didn’t know that he would always be fine, as long as she was safe and right next to him, the rest didn’t matter. 
“I promise you I’m fine, you saved my beautiful ass and we’re going home, I’d say we’re fantastic” he said after a while, pressing a long kiss to the back of their laced hands. 
That seemed to be enough to convince Y/N, since she huffed through her nose and let out a tiny giggle, before leaning closer to him and Raul took it as a sign to drape his arm over her shoulder pulling her closer to his chest “your beautiful ass is really annoying, you know that, right?”
“Oh, I do, but you love it anyway” he said with a giggle, pressing a kiss to the crown of her head, as she just showed him her middle finger, making him laugh even more. 
Yeah, he was definitely fine. For now. 
*Please reblog or like this post if you liked it so I’ll know.
*I’m sorry if there are any spelling mistakes.
*Please do not repost this without giving me the credit, this is a completely original piece and I do not give permission to copy this!
*Hope you guys enjoyed it!
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aerialflight · a year ago
Fic Recs (mostly Naruto cause I read too many good fics in the fandom and now I'm in hell)
Spirit-Touched by phooykazooi
Once upon a time, the Haruno clan were priests. It was said that they were spirit-touched, and that they walked among the downtrodden and the poor, and did not bow to royalty.
Or, an AU in which Sakura can see spirits.
Part 1 of The Realms Between
(Really, and I mean REALLY fantastic Shikamaru & Sakura friendship! Fantastic, beautiful writing, and such good worldbuilding, god, and the Haruno family is so badass!! Sakura and everything she does makes me want to scream!! Please read!)
Final Evaluation by Do_the_Cool_Whip
Progress evaluations are one-on-one consultation meetings between academy students and their teacher. Their purpose is to inform academy students of their strengths and weaknesses and guide them down their ideal path to becoming a strong shinobi. Upon graduating the academy and passing their jounin-sensei test, new genin return to the academy for one final consultation. (Or: The story of what happens when Umino Iruka uses his final meetings with his students as way to send them off to become the best shinobi they can possibly be.)
(Iruka! Is! The! Best! Teacher! Ever! End of story!!! Great interpretation of all the characters and their capabilities and I am so so excited for the sequel that will undoubtedly come! XD)
Celestial Bodies by Oceanbreeze7
Sasuke looked at the fire, eyes glowing red as the mutated corrupted seal on his throat. "Amaterasu blessed me. I see things. Like you with two normal eyes and the Hokage. And Sakura with a seal on her forehead. And I run Chidori through Naruto's heart. I keep trying to kill him. Over and over. And that knuckleheaded idiot never gives up.”
(Don't you get it? I saw it. The moon will bleed, the nations will die. The world is going to end.)
Part 1 of Celestial Bodies and Anomalies
(I swear, this fic freaking elevated my expectations on Sasuke-centric fics in general holy hell. Also, read the fucking sequel after this cause EVERYTHING GOES NUTS AND THE PLOT GOES OFF AND I'M HERE FOR THIS SHIT. Fucking Uchihas man. Also, you wouldn't think this series is funny, but it is, and it's amazing.)
A step to the left (and right off the cliff) by weavingBlue
Team Seven starts off on a different foot and Sasuke's canonical journey to get stronger goes off the rails a bit. It all works out though. Probably.
(This fic went in a direction I didn't expect and it's GLORIOUS. SO FUNNY, I honestly was dying while I was reading this. Please give this a chance!!)
promises by BombsAreForBabies
It's her first kiss and Naruto's last. She promises him that she will bring Sasuke home. It's his dying wish, after all.
(Naruto bleeds out faster than the kyuubi can heal him.
Sakura learns that being a ninja is more than fancy jutsu and fun.
Sasuke does not know that he just killed his best friend and turned his most loyal comrade into his worst enemy.)
(Listen LISTEN I know this sounds depressing but the relationship developments and slow healing is EVERYTHING and I think it's absolutely worth it to read this. Sakura's characterization is so good and Kakashi makes me want to hug him. A lot.)
Fang Under Fang by Vroomian
"Are we sure he's really an Inuzuka?"
(The answer is no.)
Someone reborn as Inuzuka Kiba not only has to deal with bullshit ninja magic, but soulmates being A Thing.
(Really good self-insert fic and its platonic soulmates, not romantic! I am always here for a good Kiba-centric fic and I won't say who the soulmate is. It's unexpected but so, so good! Trust me!)
Haunt The Lonely by Tht0neGal666
(Series where Sakura can see ghosts and the Things she gets up to due to this ability. The fics are short but man, you can already see the shifting differences in Team 7's dynamics, it's great!)
Perception by Ellie_Enchanted
Naruto can sense auras, which throws everything off it's balance. Because really, with someone as open as Naruto running around and peering into the depths of people's souls, something is bound to change. In other words, sometimes all that's needed is a push. Also, Sasuke apparently glows.
(Naruto the empath changing the plot and making it Better and I am loving it!)
Crossfire by DejaVu22
Following the events of Naruto, Uchiha Sasuke never makes it to Orochimaru's hideout. Instead, he is waylaid by a one-eyed man named Tobi, a man possessing a Sharingan, a terrifying dual personality, a penchant for always being late, and a single-minded mission to stop the Akatsuki in their tracks. When Sasuke runs into Naruto again years later, he must ally with his old teammate in order to protect him from the Akatsuki, while keeping him out of the two man war Tobi and Sasuke have started against the dangerous organization.
(I honest to god can't stop cackling when I read this, the Sasuke & Obito dynamic is so freaking chaotic and Sasuke's characterization is the best thing I've ever read. This boi is a mEsS and I'm fucking rooting for him. He cares so much! There's secret identity shenanigans happening on sasuke's end and it's HILARIOUS! This is the duo I never thought I needed but here it is! *cackles insanely*)
[Diamond no Ace]
Echo in His Hands by SportRayne (rayningnight)
Ship: Miyuki/Sawamura
What does it mean, when you remember snapshots of your own future?
Is it your future at all, if you change it?
Would you even want to change it?
(Look I am WEAK for BAMF Eijun and time travel fics and Miyuki being a tanuki bastard, okay? Time travel fic where Eijun gets feelings of people he knew before in the future. Really good so far and am so excited over this fic!)
The path we walk by WindsOfTime
Ship: Miyuki/Sawamura
Eijun goggles at the magazine she just shoved into his hands. "W-Wakana!" "I know!" she says, beaming. "That's my soulmate!!" "I know!!" "My soulmate plays baseball!!"
(Became such an instant fave so fast it's unbelievable. I LOVE THESE IDIOTS SO MUCH! Best soulmate fic in this fandom, hands down!)
[One Piece]
switching places by fireflywitch
Zoro is 21 and wakes up in a desert they already saved, on a ship that they burned two years ago, and standing next to a man who is supposed to be dead. Except, that can’t be right, can it?
Zoro is 19 and wakes up on a ship that’s too big, next to a robot wearing a swimsuit, and he’s supposed to fight something called a Kaido. Also, he’s missing an eye, and no one’s even a little worried about it?
Time travel is a shitshow, and Zoro didn't sign up for this.
No Time To Crank The Sun by VIKAN
He’s surrounded by strangers, but they’re all trying to convince him otherwise. Or, Zoro faces a mysterious and relentless challenge that he just can’t wrap his head around.
(This ripped my heart open, I cried reading this my god. Please read this, the pain is so worth it and Zoro and his relationship with his crew is so good here. This reminded me why I love the Straw Hats so much!)
[Fairy Tail]
to learn about a lucy (with a look into the future.) by るる凪 - nagi (arurun)
A watching the future fanfic.
It's currently X781, three years before canon. A group of Fairy Tail mages find themselves in a large building, with no known way out.
They sit down, and they watch the future.
(This is so much more fun than I thought it would be and I'm so happy I found this fic. This fic reignited my old love for this fandom and I hope it does for you too!)
[Harry Potter]
sunflowers by Marnie27
One day, a young girl sits on the edge of a well. On this day, she falls in. Then the next, she’s not even a ‘she’ anymore. He’s Peter Pettigrew — doomed to die at the hands of his (betrayed) friend’s son.
Peter is selfish, bitter and brash. He’s not some fairy tale hero, he doesn’t care if everyone around him dies, as long as he lives. The marauders are annoying and childish. Survival is his priority, and he can’t afford to face distractions.
This just makes the fact that soulmates are now apparently a thing all the more godawful.
(And then another day years later he falls into an entirely new impossibility, Remus Lupin in tow, right into the third book of Harry Potter. Smack bang on the other Peter Pettigrew’s grave).
It’s confusing and graceless, and entirely something that would happen to him of all people.
(Self-insert fic where a girl reincarnates into Peter Pettigrew! And there are soulmates! And it's angsty and hilarious and Peter is an Asshole (somewhat unintentionally lol). Always a fan of biased pov fics and characters slowly improving themselves and their mental health! Cause dying! Is! Traumatic! *smiley face* Please read!)
he's a killer queen, sunflower, guillotine by hoye
Fandoms: Fullmetal Alchemist, Harry Potter
He has to be the weirdest Hufflepuff Harry’s ever seen. Scratch that, he’s the weirdest Hufflepuff Hogwarts has ever seen.
(One thing everyone could agree on: NEVER call Edward Elric short.)
(This is peak Edward Elric and all the best things about him and I'm just having a Good Time. Friendships! Logical solutions! Marauder screentime! And so much More! *bright grin* It's a fun place here!)
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everafterkeiji · a year ago
Tumblr media
Song: Certain Things by James Arthur
Summary: When the setter's decision led him to a war with his heart.
Pairings: Keiji Akaashi x fem! reader
Word count: 5.3k
Genre: angst
A/N: i used to listen to this song nonstop and it just suited how sad this is so no happy endings for this one🤺
Tumblr media
You watch as she runs up to him, engulfing him in the sweetest hug you could ever imagine. How you envy the feeling of being welcome in his arms. His eyes soften at the sight of her, as she rambled on how amazing he was. He gives her his heart fluttering smile as he lets his palm set on her shoulder, kindly thanking her for watching and supporting him throughout the entire game.
Did your shouts of love become silent to him?
She grabs his towel, patting it lightly on his forehead as he blushes finding the gesture extremely embarassing for the girl he longs for to just wipe away his sweat. He tries to stop her but she insisted, even grabbing her water bottle and giving it to him, asking him to drink some water and rest.
"Hey hey hey- look at me please."
Bokuto says, coming from behind you. You turn to him with water baring eyes, a heartache eating you up with every second you continue to watch. Bokuto sighs as he pulls you in his arms, his chin resting on your crown, as he caresses your hair as you let out an agonizing sob. Bokuto sees the way Akaashi didn't bother to spare them a glance, as Akaashis overall being was captivated by the girl that was beside him. He coes her, whispering how he's got her and he'll never have the courage to let her go, the way the dark haired boy did.
"We won today yeah? Why don't we celebrate?" Bokuto tries to tone his voice in his usual cheery self but feels defeated when he sees her. Y/N looks up at him, he tenses up as he holds your head, an instinct that you were going to look again. You were mid way into letting your eyes land on them but Bokuto stopped you as he held your face in his palm, looking at you with an expression you were well familiar with.
" 'Taro, shit I'm sorry!" You shouted before wiping away your eyes as his heart winces seeing his friend poorly attempt to regain the sunshine that she once was. Puffed cheeks, swollen eyes, red tinted nose, what a cruel sight yet she dared to cover all of these with a smile. It was disgusting how she made it look so believable, fooling almost everyone that witnessed her little facade. Bokuto falling for it countless of times but has learned to tell the difference every now and then, fitting in for the spot of her once best friend who knew exactly what she was truly feeling.
Akaashi would've read her like a novel he loved but it seems like it wasn't as timeless anymore.
It was now up to Bokuto to handle the shattered girl, even when her own broken heart pierced through her like a knife everyday.
"I-I know a good place to eat at! Maybe then I can treat you for being my favorite ace?" She offers with a sickening chuckle. She was achingly trying. He only gives her a smile, accepting her efforts of hiding how empty she felt. He lets his arm fall on her shoulders, comforting her with everything he can do.
"Oh! I'd like that, kind of like a double date huh? Seems like I get to treat my favorite setter too!" Akemi states, eyes darting towards Akaashi as he becomes flustered with her words. Bokutos eyebrow furrows, and with a pout he tries to insist that you didn't want her to accompany them, but you let your arm come before him as he questions your decisions.
"Sure! The more the merrier right, Ko?" Akemi claps her hand as she gathers her things, Akaashi doing the same. Bokuto takes notice of your longing gaze as he pulls you with him.
"So is that right? I'm your favorite?" Bokuto teases, as you laugh punching him lightly on his shoulder. He chuckles but was taken by surprise as you wrap your arms around his neck, standing on your tip toes to reach him. He immediately wraps his arms around your waist as you pat his hair, nuzzling your face in his neck as you smile, feeling gratitude for an amazing friend like him.
"You were fantastic earlier, I'm sorry for being so-" Bokuto cuts you off with a shout of triumph, making you confused as he pulls away. He wouldn't let her continue her sentence, knowing he couldn't stand hearing her blame herself for something she couldn't handle.
"Ah! What a starter! Thanks Y/N! No wonder I'm the best huh?" He shouts closing his eyes, putting his hands on his hips smiling to himself. You laugh, enjoying how it fed his confidence. Akaashi turns to the two of you watching how Bokuto oddly portray his muscles as you laugh loudly. Akemi smiles beside him, finding the duo quite suited for each other
"They should date! Bokuto makes her so happy!" She claims, as Akaashi blinks, shaking his head turning to meet her green eyes.
"She hates guy who shows off their muscles like that. She think's its a bit cocky." Akemi laughs at Akaashi, since what he said sounded like a known fact.
"Maybe everything can change when she's with him."
She states, making his eyes widen. Impossible. She can't just switch her words just because of Bokuto. He says to himself. Once he hears how genuine your laugh was and realizes that the ace was the cause of it, he stiffens at the thought of the you and the captain together. Akaashi was the one to introduce you to him so it was a surprise you two would come together like that, especially when he felt how Bokuto adjusted to you quite quickly.
"Ooh Y/N likes that color! Will you get it for her, Akaashi?!" Bokuto asks, pointing excitedly at a plush toy. Akaashis blue eyes turned to the location where the finger was pointed and he smiles seeing an immensely cute plush toy he knew you would love but this glee ends when he realizes that Bokuto managed to remember your favorite color.
"Bokuto-san, I'm impressed you knew what she liked." He said with an amused smile. The other boys eyes glimmered in the moonlight, remembering your past conversations with him.
"It's easy! Y/N always talk about many things and it's so freaking awesome. You've known her for the longest time right 'Kaashi? She's so cool." His words bring a smile to the setters lips, loving how Bokuto got along with you so well.
"Oh wait! Akaashi!"
"Yes, Bokuto-san?"
"Well! You've been with her since you were young right? So that means.. you like her!"
Akaashi coughs on his water looking at Bokuto. Bokutos cackle echoed through the air and his words consuming Akaashi's thoughts.
"I do like her but not romantically ok?" He defends, but Bokuto let's out a displeased scoff skipping ahead of the flustered setter. Happily moving knowing he's got him on a hot seat.
"That can change Akaashi!"
And it did.
For Y/N to watch Akemi casually serve Akaashi his food, it was like being tortured in a chamber or watching it to make your brain rot. They look perfect, she thinks. Bokuto was eating happily beside him, and setting aside how hurt she was, she chose to ignore the throbbing of her heart. Akaashi was in front of her as Akemi was in front of Bokuto. The two were in well conversation as Bokuto tried to gather your attention while he brings up how excited he was for a new move.
Dropping your chopsticks, you curse as you got out of your chair to bend down and reach it. Grabbing it in your hands as you look up to see a hand covering the sharp corner of the table. Your eyes follow it and realizing it was Akaashis hand, protecting you if you were to hit your head. This minimal effort was enough to set your soul on fire, admiring how he was able to act so quickly and composed. You return to your seat, Akaashi watching you steadily to make sure you were back. You give him a nod, thanking him for being observant as he smiles to you instead.
Just maybe.
You feel the rising heat on your cheeks as you sip water, hoping it were to ease your frantic heart. You observe Akemi, and painfully suck in the harsh truth that you couldn't deny. Everything that Akaashi has told you about his dream girl, the list of expectations he's had, it was all her. The embodiment of what Akaashi wants to hold, to love and to keep. You hear how her laughter sounded like gentle music, even her personality radiated nothing but sunshine.
All you can do was sigh, when a dream like her already has captured the heart of the young boy you grew to love.
She drops her phone, somewhat mirroring your actions beforehand. Akaashi turns to her immediately, as your heart took another strike seeing him mimic the same actions he had with you. Hand covering the edge, with a gentle hand on her back as she picks up the device leaving you stranded in strings of pain. She smiles at him, casually resting her hand on his as a thank you. Akaashi immediately blushes before placing his other hand on top, eyes lovingly holding onto hers.
The string of hope that you held on for dear life, immediately broke as you let the cup of water fall from your hands, taking an excruciating hit as you were brought back to the silent beating of your heart.
I'm certain that I'm yours.
Or at least I thought.
Bokuto calls your name multiple times as he frantically wipes the spillage of the water that was on the table and on your attire. You felt towels pat your lap gently as Bokuto still continued to put effort in grabbing your attention. Akemi looks at you concerned, worried for whatever thought that you had in mind was enough for you to completely lose your grip on reality.
"Y/N, hey!"
"I didn't think I'd be able to stay with you this long, Y/N." He says with a smile as you walk with him. It was early in the morning, both on your way to school. Coffee in both hands as you give him a pout, finding his statement in a different tone.
"You make it sound like you're unfortunate." You joke as Akaashi laughs beside you, sipping coffee before letting out a satisfied sigh.
"You've been with me even before I got in Fukurodani. I'm just really happy I've found somebody to turn to." You smile as your fingers brush against each other in which at the contact made you both blush. All the tension that was held in the moment was a bunch of unheard confessions, both unwilling to let them speak.
"I'm lucky I have you too, Kei."
"Seems like someone isn't technically happy of sharing the spotlight with me." Akaashi teases pointing at a very sleepy Bokuto who was walking up to you two.You giggle at the setter, while his blue eyes stayed on your smiling lips, relieved that it didn't fail to make him smile as well.
A stern voice makes your gloomy eyes trail over to a pair of blue ones you were addicted to.
"Y/N? What's wrong with you? You made a mess." He says, completely knocking you off your limit. You stood up, hands on the table with your head down as Bokuto grunts knowing exactly what was bound to happen.
"I'm sorry Akaashi."
"That was reckless. You could've spilled it all over us, even Akemi-"
Bokuto winces when the name slips off of Akaashis lips as you hastily grab your wallet placing the money to Bokuto and mumbling a sorry before rushing to leave, tears falling from your tired eyes once you were out of the restaurant. Bokuto observes the way Akaashis eyes remained enlarged when it hit him how harsh he was. The captain wished that this worry of Akaashi would last long, since this was his first time seeing the setter show any concern for the poor girl in such a long time.
"Bokuto, will she be alright?" Akemi asks him, as he lets out a shrug of defeat. Akaashi bit his lip feeling the responsibility of his actions weigh on both him and the ace. He knew that Bokuto would never be able to comfort her the way he does, and reading her expressions when she left, reassuring her wouldn't be as easy.
Because he was the reason why she was hurting, not even realizing the damage has been done too many times already.
Your feet felt like weights as you ran, feeling the burn of guilt pass through you. On your way to pick up some snacks and refreshments for their match, a certain sight caught your eye leading you to your current decision.
"Yes thank you!" You say with a smile before, leaving the store with the things you bought. You rub your eyes, hating how early you had to catch a bus for their match. This was your only chance to watch them again since you avoided Akaashi for days, making Bokuto your company. You apologized dozens of times to Bokuto for leaving him in an awkward situation. Of course he forgave you, deciding to treat you to a movie instead to erase your worry.
Suddenly a familiar voice spikes up your interest, your head turning left and right to find Akemi. Instead, a tall man walks pass you carrying a bag that you've seen multiple times. You shrug, not wanting to lead to conclusions knowing how Akemi was genuine with her admiration for Akaashi.
Akemi greets, arms wrapped around the waist of the man. You turn to see the two hugging and you gripped the plastic bag in your hands, as Haru places a gentle kiss on her forehead making you stunned even more.
"So where we going later?" He asks, as you lower your head, trying to control your breathing. This is impossible. How could she just lead him on like that! You despised how you weren't able to save Akaashi from the beginning, and now it was your turn to drop a heavy bomb on your best friend.
"We'll meet up later okay? I'll just attend my friend's match."
You immediately walked away, weakened at what she just said. No matter shape or form, Akaashi would be hurt, completely. It hurt you that you'd have to see the painful expression on Akaashis face. You bit your lip, trying to avoid the look of dismay on your best friend. You let out a sad sigh as you began to pick up the pace in your walk.
Is it his turn to feel hopeless?
You've tried your best to avoid him. The tension being unresolved between the two of you yet you were happy Akaashi understood why you've created distance between you and him.
Knowing the two were inseparable, you were the one to adjust whenever Bokuto would be heading to practice or even going to lunch. Although, Akaashi gave you some space knowing his outburst completely set a different side to your friendship. You two have never really fought in such a way, he knew even if it was a small fight there was a distinct aura that surrounded the two of you. Beyond what happened, he knew you were facing some other problem that he was clueless of and him adding to your issues wasn't helping the both of you.
So whenever the dark haired boy saw you bid goodbye to Bokuto whenever he was on his way to approach the captain, it stung in his heart.
Akaashi sighs beside Bokuto. Koutaro was prepping himself up completely, pressing his palms to his cheeks. They were up to play soon and the blue eyed boy wonders if she would be able to make it back in time. While he wonders about you, his mind swerves to Akemi. He finds himself foolishly smiling at the thought of them holding hands at the restaurant so he looks at his phone, finding her contact and glancing at their photo.
Next to her contact was yours, which he was hesitant to tap on. He shuts off his phone before seeing Bokuto wave frantically with a smile on his face. Akaashi looks at you, eyes shining knowing you made it just in time to bid him goodluck and hopefully to clear up the quarrel. You felt your heart leap with every step, a war in your head in how you were going to tell him. Your hands tightened as you walk over to them, Bokuto patting your head showing how delighted he was that you were there. Akaashi wonders if you could even spare him a glance.
" 'Taro! I have your snacks but- promise me you'll be the best out there and maybe I'll treat you later!" You say as Bokuto punches the air, his mind in a frenzy at the scenario in his head of eating his favorite food.
You turn to Akaashi, shakily grabbing his arm as he stiffens at your sudden contact. He looks at your weary eyes as you desperately tried to calm down.
"Keiji, can we talk?" Why did you say it like that? He asks himself. His name has never sounded so troublesome before. He fidgets with his fingers as he trails behind you as you lead him to a more private place. You felt the shivers reach your body, immediately bringing coldness at how anxious you were. This was the first time in days where you two would be able to converse properly again.
As you make your way to a corner, Akaashis feet was tapping furiously, scared of what you were going to say. He waits for you to speak as he watches you take a deep breath as you hold his arm once again. Softer than before but it felt like a desperate touch.
"Kei- you do trust me right?" Akaashi nods immediately, lips frowning at the tone of her voice. Is she going to leave me? Please say no. He wanted to get this over with so he wonders if you were just going to rip off the bandaid and end the friendship even if he was willing to apologize multiple times. But then, how could you end it just because he was right about being reckless?
"Akemi- she has a boyfriend, Keiji-"
"You came.. to tell me this?"
"Akaashi- I-I know you like her but"
"God Y/N how could you.." Akaashi exclaims as you aggresively run your fingers through your hair, before grabbing his jacket trying to make him stay. He stands there in shock, as rage and envy flow through him overwhelming him in the process. His hands form a ball as it tightens quickly at the thought of how Akemi was just being nice all the time.
Akaashi looks at you only to find truth in your eyes but his heart betrays the both of you, now broken and in denial that the girl he adored was dating somebody that wasn't him.
"Akaashi, please listen to me! I don't want you to get hurt..believe me!" You pleaded, throwing away how hurt you were from the drastic change in his tone.
"Hurt? So you think you're being considerate then?" Akaashi questions her with spite in his tone. His demeanor towering over her as she crumbles at his voice. Akaashis heart coming back to the reason why it was guarded in the first place.
"Keiji.. you know that's not what I mean!" You defended yourself as Akaashi scoffs. It was mocking you how composed he looked yet the tone of his voice was laced with pure hatred. Deep down, Akaashi accepted the fact that he could never really win Akemi but he was blinded by the pain that you brought him.
"You're just jealous, Y/N. Stop lying." He continued, making you shake your head as you tried to grasp his jacket again but this time your hands barely touched the fabric making your heart gasp at how Akaashi was out of your grip.
"I didn't know you could pull off being a liar, and I don't see myself being a friend with a trait like yours."
The tears flowed down your cheeks as you let out a shakey breath, in disbelief at what he just said. I'm not lying, Akaashi. You promised me you trusted me.
"You said you t-trusted me, Akaashi! How could that change for you!" You shouted as he was brought back to Akemis words.
"Maybe everything can change."
"You promise I'll be okay?"
"I've got no reason to doubt you." He says smiling as you lean your head on his shoulder, tracing random lines and doodling away on his soft skin. Under the beautiful tree, with purple painted skies with clouds up above. After a stressful day on your side, the setter took notice of how you've let yourself fall onto your insecurities once again so he took it upon himself and brought you to a silent place to show you how you shouldn't worry about anything, comforting you with his kind words and him trusting you that would be able to regain your old self again.
"Certain things hurt and you're my only virtue." You confess as his heart spikes up its speed with your response. You sat up, gazing at the houses who seemed too tiny from your distance. You held your knees to your chest with lips formed in a relaxed state as you lean on your arm that was on top of your knee.
And I'm virtually yours.
Akaashi remained with his back on the grass as he admired your features wondering how you could ever put yourself down, when you took away his words whenever you were with him, hiding it perfectly and keeping his admiration far from you to avoid the continous breaking of his heart knowing he'd betray your beloved friendship.
I adore you, he thinks to himself as the only thing that reflected in his eyes were the girl he's lost to his wrong decision.
"You changed and it's disappointing. All because of jealousy? I've been with you for so long, how did you become selfish?"
Selfish. I must've been crazy then, you think. You let out a bitter chuckle, Akaashi frightened at this side of you you've yet to show him before. It was like poison consuming your body, in which the poison came in the form of his words.
"All I've ever been is selfless, god I even let you fall for someone else when I've been in love with you for years."
You took a step back as Akaashi stood where he was, feeling as if his feet couldn't leave the floor as he lets himself drown in your confession. He gulps as he was struck with regret since he had no idea how to respond to you. His eyes trail to the floor as he struggles to find the words.
Then the battle began, between in what he knows whose right for you and his heart who wanted no one else but you.
He was miserable. A side of him wanted to say how much he's waited for you to bid those words to him and claim that he's felt the same as you, but the other side wanted to badly decline knowing he was stuck in choosing you and Akemi. Akemi who has effortlessly tugged on his heart strings and gained it with her gentleness and beautiful personality, and you who's promised to stay forever and loved him longer than anyone else has.
Don't make me choose on who I love more.
He knew the time would come where his decisions would bare another heavy mark on him. He's already made a terrible one by putting his heart in the hands of Akemis instead of yours. He wishes there wasn't a deadline to this difficult decision, but to him it seemed like if he doesn't choose now, he'd feel the pain everyday.
"AKAASHI! LET'S GO!" Bokuto screams as Akaashi turns his eyes to you in a swift move, finding your eyes covered in tears but how come you looked like you felt nothing? You sniffle as you give him a warm smile, a reaction he didn't want to see knowing it wasn't a smile that could bring him joy.
"Goodluck, Akaashi."
He takes a step forward trying to capture you in his arms but Bokuto grabs him by the arm pulling him away from you, Bokuto saying goodbye to you as well and reminding you the promise you gave him. That moment, all that Akaashi wanted to was run and replace the silence he gave you. You deserved to hear what he truly felt, but his words were trapped as he still had to examine if he was choosing the right ones.
But he ran out of time.
The game starts and he prays for his performance to be at his usual best. Once Bokuto had the setter to himself, Akaashi couldn't hold back and told him what happened. Bokuto felt horrible for both of you, while feeling revengeful to Akemi since he too fell for her sweet gestures to Akaashi thinking that she actually liked him. Importantly, Bokuto badly wanted to be there for you. He knew how much you liked him so for you to confess so suddenly during your argument, it had the grey haired boy worried about you.
He couldn't blame Akaashi, as much as he wanted to. He acted in a way because he was suffering, but they didn't realize they both were. Though, he wished Akaashi could've treated her better, believed her. Bokuto believed her the minute Akaashi told him, and it was because he trusted her completely and she wouldn't speak out without a reason meanwhile Akaashi chose to hold onto denial.
And as they play, Akaashi looks over to the stands, searching for you when he came upon Akemis. The pretty girl with an arm wrapped around her shoulder as Akaashi loses the ball in his hands from the view.
"Akaashi, please listen to me! I don't want you to get hurt..believe me!"
"You said you t-trusted me, Akaashi! How could that change for you!"
Like the ball falling to the floor, his heart went along with it.
Scream. That's what he wanted to do. How absurd of him to get it wrong twice, there shouldn't even be any room for mistakes. I can't believe I lost her..again. Akaashi thinks. There was a painful ache in his heart, yet he couldn't set it free not wanting to let down the team. Especially in a match like this. He wanted to break, to land on the ground and let his consciousness scold him for hours. He deserved it. He should've learned but he was trapped inside a world where he thought Akemi would've been his everything, when he was blind to how powerful his love for you all this time.
Come back to me.
"Akaashi!" Bokutos hand reach his shoulder and all he could do was stare at a pair of blank eyes. Before the ace could ask what happened, Akaashi was clutching on to Bokutos jersey harshly taking the older boy by surprise.
"She was right." Akaashi utters as he points to the crowd making Bokuto squint just to find where Akemi was. Once he finds them, he sighs sadly before trying to come up with a response to cheer the boy up. It was obvious that Akaashi was too affected to perform properly. Lip quivering as if his world was destroyed twice.
"Doesn't that mean the only thing you can come back to is Y/N?"
Akaashi looks up to him, confused. Bokuto patted the boys shoulder with a soft smile.
"Look over there." This time, it was Bokutos turn to point to the other side of the stands to see you glancing over them. Akaashis eyes glimmered at the sight of you, like life was brought to him in an instant. Happiness couldn't be the only word to describe his emotions.
You were watching.
And he was going to win. Just for you.
This brings him a massive wave of energy, not digging into his thoughts. You smile wiping your heavy eyes seeing him back to his usual self. In his heart he was happy but a mistake shouldn't be rewarded by a smile.
Sticking to his promise, they won but an unfamiliar feeling sets in his skin making him stop in his tracks making Bokuto look behind him to see Akaashi with his hand on top of his chest and eyes straight to the floor. Bokuto grips the phone in his hand, biting his lip and looking down, his heart aching as well.
"Bokuto-san, where is she?" His voice cracks, a tear finally escaping his eyes. He lets out a soft sniffle looking everywhere for a trace of you. Bokuto just shakes his head as a response and Akaashis eyes widen as he harshly wipes away his tears with the sleeve of his jacket. Written in his lips and eyes, Akaashi was exhausted. At first, he thought that letting go of his emotions would be the answer but now he was letting them free yet he didn't wanna scream anymore. He already felt his throat dry at the realization.
"Doesn't that mean the only thing you can come back to is Y/N?"
You sank in your seat, numb to how wet your cheeks were from the continous flow of your tears. Your chest was heaving up and down but your eyes were already closed with tight lips pressed into a line. There were certain things you wish you could've done, but staying wasn't an option when you've gone through multiple battles already. This was the last straw.
Even if you did wanted to fight for him, would he do the same?
You let out a sigh as you open your eyes seeing the road and reminiscing on your last walk with Akaashi.
"What's her name again?" You ask, kicking a rock to the side before shoving your hands inside the pocket of your blazer. Akaashi smiles out of bliss at the thought of her smile and once you've got a glimpse of his expression, you question the drop in your heartbeat as you see him blush before fidgeting with his fingers.
"Akemi." He says, his heart beating loudly. Saying her name already brought the setter in touch with his emotions. It was unlikely for him to feel his heart flutter, but being around Akemi brought him to smile whenever she was there, get anxious to respond to her, and get a flush on his cheeks at the thought of her moments with him.
The name rings in your ears as you were greeted by the silencing beat of your heart. You watch as he turns to you since you've trailed behind him. You visualize how you've seen him with Akemi during lunch and that's when you knew.
It's never going to be me, is it?
"Let's go, Bokuto-san." Bokuto bit his lip, waiting for you to go to them and proving him it was all a prank.
"She left already and I-" His voice breaks making Bokuto gaze at him in pain.
"I'm sorry I couldn't make her stay, Akaashi." Bokuto whispers. Akaashi drags his sleeve to his eyes again, hating how his eyes grew heavy with the tears that escaped his sorrowful blue ones. With a tragic wound embedded in his heart, he spoke.
"I couldn't either."
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eartht137 · 9 months ago
Hey curvies, glad you liked the first part of my story yay. I now bestow upon you part 2. I went a bit out of the way with this chapter, but I hope you like it. The singing part is something I did in class once on a whim, it didn't work as good as I described in the story, I still had to submit my work LOL. Enjoy my little curvies MMMMWWWahHHH!
Dark Clark Kent x (Black)!Plus Size Reader SUMMARY: Mr. Kent said friends til the end of the week right? Think again. Y/n, still getting used to having Mr. Kent as a friend, is trying to be a bit more bold. She's trying to adjust to change and even though sometimes he may seem a bit pushy, she doesn't mind, its all friendship right? He'll back off after awhile right?
You walked in class, no paper in hand and you refused to meet Clarks disappointed gaze. You weren't the only one without a paper but you were really nervous about the presentation you had up your sleeve. You just hoped it made sense. "Alright, looks like we're getting speeches today. Who wants to go first? Hmm?" He said with his hands on his hips. No one volunteered. "Am I going to have to voluntell somebody?" he gave you "the look" over his glasses. Your heart pounded in your chest, but you shakily stood as first volunteer. "Alright Miss Y/l/n, lets hear it." You could hear disappointment dripping in his voice, but you wanted to do this. You took a deep breath, and started to sing. 'Hello darkness my old friend, I've come to talk with you again, because a vision softly creeping left its seed while I was sleeping, and the vision that was planted in my brain, still remains. Within the sound!!!!!!!!! Of silence.' you ended making everyone freeze and stare. "My voice is pretty much the best thing I like about me. I-I didn't think a paper could put in words what my voice could. Th-that's my speech." You said awkwardly sitting down. You'd never sang in front of anyone like that before, you hadn't even joined the choir, so singing in front of everyone was a huge step for you. Just as you'd finished processing what you'd done, the classroom erupted in cheers and applause. You were shaking at how many people liked what you'd done. You really began to shake when you saw Clark clapping for you too. "That's my wife!" One of your classmates yelled across the room smiling at you. "Alright, alright. Miss Y/l/n," Clark started. "That's Mrs. Bankston to you." the same classmate yelled out making everyone laugh. Your face heated up a bit. "Miss Y/l/n thank you for the speech. It'll suffice this time, next time I want a paper. Okay, Bankston, you're up next." "Aw Mr. Kent for reals? Like how am I supposed to follow up an act like that? Besides we're duo. Like ebony and ivory..." He serenaded holding his hand out toward you, making you giggle. "Mr. Bankston Miss Y/l/n has fantastic gpa in comparison, so seeing as your such a duo I would've expected a lot better." Clark shaded calmly, "So unless you want it to suffer any further, I suggest you cut the crap and give your speech." Clark said a bit irritated. The rest of class was filled with boring speeches from classmates who weren't even prepared to do their work. When class was dismissed, you tried easing out of the room without being noticed. "Uh, Miss Y/l/n, my office please?" He said looking over his glasses at you. You inwardly groaned and went back to his office. "So, what excuse do you have for not doing your paper?" "I honestly couldn't come up with the words to describe how it felt to use my voice. I tried I really did, but honestly, I really just couldn't find the words to describe what I like about me when-I just couldn't find the words." "Y/n, you do not give yourself enough credit. You're a very good writer and obviously an incredible singer. You can be whatever-" "Clark, do I look like a singer to you? No I don't, that's why I write, I know my words have more impact behind the scenes." You said with strength. You didn't have to be seen to be heard. "You can be whatever you want to be and you'll have my support every step of the way. That's what friends, real friends do." "Clark we are not still friends, we said til the end of the week." you shook your head at him with a smile. He smiled and stuffed his hands in his pocket. "Sorry, I'm not going away." "Figures." You laughed a bit. "What are you doing tonight? We could have a movie night." "Will Lois be there?" You asked excited. "I can ask her if you want me to." "I guess it'd be cool, but for like 30 minutes though." "Y/n no movie lasts 30 minutes. Nice try though." he laughed. "We'll be over at 8." "'Kay bye!" You said rushing out of his office off to your next class. That night at 8 on dot a knock came to your door, you answered expecting to see the couple standing there but was a bit shocked to
just see Clark. "Hey, Lois coming by later?" You asked, the last you wanted was to cause drama. "No she's following a lead on a story for the front page. She says she's sorry and she'll catch up next time." He said walking past with bags of groceries. "Oh, well let me help you." You said motioning at the bags in his hands. "I've got it, its pretty heavy." "I swear I honestly thought you'd be bringing a pizza." you chuckled. "Where's your table?" "Table?" You asked head tilted to the side. "Where you eat, the dining table?" he asked sitting the groceries on your counter. "Haha, you have a table for guests. I never have anyone over, so I just sit in front of the tv." you said pointing at your couch. He rolled his eyes at you and huffed. "Oh come on don't look at me crazy, I warned you that I was anti." "That's no excuse." he mumbled as he opened your refrigerator. "Y/n, you don't have any food in here." He fussed. "I do, its in the freezer and the pantry." you defended. "Two chimichangas, a pint of ice cream, Nutella, animal crackers, soda, and ramen. That's not food." He fussed even harder. "Okay dude chill, I'm a working grown college student. I don't eat here much anyway I eat at work, and Nutella is sustainable to my everyday existence." You said yanking the hazelnut spread away before he threw it away. He shook his head as he put the food away. "How long has it been since you've had a hot home cooked meal?" "Last week at your mom's." you shrugged. "I'm glad I brought real food to cook." he fussed on. "Clark, we could've just ordered pizza." you said starting to feel a bit bad for not adulting enough. "We could've, but I wanted to cook for you." He turned and looked at you pleading. "Please tell me you have pots and pans." "God Clark I'm hopeless not an idiot." You joked laughing obnoxiously making him roll his eyes at you. You showed him where everything was and he started cooking. You offered to help, be wanted to cook for you. You sat up the snacks an pulled up Netflix so you could choose a movie. He made his way over to you with a glass of wine. You took a sip and dramatically fell to the ground, pretending to die by poisoned wine. He got down on the floor with you and you looked at the height difference of his head by your feet and your head at the middle of his thighs and started laughing making him laugh like you'd never heard. After you both calmed down you laid there staring at the ceiling like there were stars hovering. "You really do have an amazing voice." Clark said cutting the peaceful silence. You couldn't help but smile. "Thanks....friend." You said nudging him in his thigh with your elbow. You both stayed silent until you gasped making him almost jump out of his skin. "What?" he said worried. "Can I sing at you and Lois' wedding?" You asked catching him off guard. "Oh come on, you love her, I can see it, " You said sitting up and smiling down at him. "and you both look so beautiful together." You stood tall and put your hands on your hips in "Superman" fashion. "Since I'm your friend I give her the golden stamp of, put a ring on it!" You said holding out your thumb. "Okay, I'm picking gonna pick the movie." You said marching to the couch. "That's not fair, I'm cooking I should get to pick the movie." He standing to check on his food. "We could've ordered pizza." You rebutted. "I'm your guest." he shot back with a shit eating grin. "Shit! Fine, you get to pick the movie." "Well I'll pick it after we eat." "Aww what? The tv's right there." You pointed. He looked over his glasses at you. "I don't even have a table." you argued. "You've got an argument for everything don't you?" He said chuckling. "You've got a coffee table, we'll make it work. Do you have a candle?" He said looking around before looking at you. You were there with your hands on your hips, looking at him like-'you know damn well.' He shook his head at your for the millionth time making you giggle a bit. He set the table and poured you another glass of wine. "You know this stuff gets better the more you
drink it." You said gulping the glass down and holding it out for more. "Mm-hmm." He agreed taking a sip of his own while pouring you more. You took a bite of you food, you immediately stood and clapped. "You were right, this is way better than pizza, although pizza is still good, this is amazing. "So what genre do you like most?" He asked. "Horror, I don't know why I watch it though, I always spook myself afterwards." "Okay so no horror." "No, wait please? I won't get scared tonight I promise. I mean unless you want to watch cartoons?" "We'll watch something scary." "Yaaaaay!!!!" you cheered and went to reach for the remote to your tv. "Ah, after we finish dinner and clean up." "Deal!" You said a bit excited. Once dinner was done and you'd both cleaned, even though you told him you'd do all the cleaning, he still helped. Afterwards you both sat and watched a scary movie that had you stress eating and jumping every two seconds. After that movie ended, Clark suggested another movie to help you not feel so spooked. You'd lost count of how many glasses of wine you'd had and you were feeling tipsy and tired. "Hey friend?" You hummed. "Hm?" "I fuckin hate to admit this, but I'm drunk. I'm glad we're friends. You better be glad too." you fussed at him. "I am glad," he laughed, "I really am." He said staring at you. "Good, cause you're the only person I can tolerate. Oh, and Lois....oh and that your mom, I really like your mom....oh and that cute guy from class." you giggled making Clark roll his eyes in disgust. "Y/n please." "What? He's cute, he's an idiot, that doesn't change that he's cute." You said looking at your phone. Your eyes grew big as you saw the time. "Dude its past midnight. Don't you need get home and rest for lecture?" He stared at you for a moment and you could tell he didn't want to go home, but you both knew he had to. "Yeah I'm sure I could use some rest." He said getting up to leave. You tried to get him to take the rest of the food he'd bought with him, but he refused. "Well thanks for dinner's meals and be safe. Do you need me to walk you out?" "Absolutely not, how about I see you off to bed?" "I look five to you? Don't even answer that." You sassed. He laughed and gave you a long hug, telling you how proud of you he was for using your voice and for letting him be your friend. You squirmed out of his arms pretending it was burning you. He ruffled your fro' and you gave him a playful nudge out the door. That night as you laid in bed trying to fall asleep, you kept thinking about Clark and no matter how hard you tried to shake it you couldn't help but fawn over him and how close you both had gotten so fast. 'Girl puh-lease, he's got Lois, she's beautiful and thin. He's happy with her and there's no way he'd even bat an eye at you like that. Don't even get it twisted.' you scolded yourself internally. You couldn't allow yourself to catch feelings for him that way because you knew you'd only end up with hurt feelings. You also didn't want to break up a happy relationship. 'How'd he know I needed groceries though?' you thought to yourself, 'Maybe just a hunch.' you dismissed. Soon with your mind going in 50 different directions, you were tired enough to fall asleep. "Goodnight little bird." Clark said as he watched you finally drift off to sleep. He wondered what thoughts plagued your brain that kept you awake. He hoped you'd thought of him. After making sure every inch of you apartment was safe inside and out he felt satisfied enough to go home and get a bit of rest. 'No harm in making sure she's safe' he thought as he finally took off. 'I'll always make sure she's safe.'
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oumakokichi · a year ago
hello! could you talk a bit more about the original (as in jp, not localization) ouma's personality and speech patterns? you've mentioned that he tends to trail off or speak more softly when it is implied he is speaking the truth, etc. and how he is not so loud/intentionally obnoxious. //btw when does he call himself a fairy? that's so cute
Tumblr media
I got a couple of questions asking about the fairy line Ouma has, so I don’t mind sort of rolling them both into one! And I’m more than happy to talk a little more in-depth about Ouma’s speech patterns and personality in the original game, too!
Since I’ll be covering some late-game spoilers, I’ll put the bulk of this under the cut, so be careful when reading!
First off, I cannot stress how much I recommed playing ndrv3 with the Japanese voices enabled. If you’ve already played through the English dub but never experiened the original voice acting cast, I promise you won’t be disappointed. The Japanese cast are all fantastic, incredibly talented VAs who, unlike the dub, were hired specifically for these roles and not just re-casted from previous DR games.
Hiro Shimono as Ouma gives an absolutely incredible performance. The localization might still have many flaws in its translation and omission of certain lines or punctuation, but you can still very much get a feel for how Ouma’s character was intended by listening to Shimono’s performance. Re-playing the game with the Japanese voices will definitely let you hear how soft and tonally different Shimono’s performance is in places from the English dub, and compare it to the way in which many lines are written and punctuated as if Ouma’s yelling at everyone.
That isn’t to say that Shimono’s Ouma is never loud or excited: Ouma is a character whose moods and façades are all over the place, and therefore his performance requires a voice actor who can similarly change moods and intonation on a dime. Ouma is very much loud and haughty and deliberately annoying when he’s supposed to be, but his voice is also low and ominous at other points when he’s trying to be scary. And again, it’s soft and hesitant in places where he’s considering divulging some of his information, or when he’s insisting that all the things he does are for everyone’s sake, because he cares about them and doesn’t want anyone to die.
These moments feel so much more genuine in the Japanese version of the game--because they’re meant to be. As fantastic of a liar as Ouma is, it’s much easier for us, the player, to tell when he’s lying on a re-play, knowing the information from chapters 5 and 6 that we do, and looking at cues like his sprites (often his blank-faced ones) and, yes, his delivery of certain lines.
This probably sounds like me just gushing about what a fantastic voice actor Hiro Shimono is, and in part that’s exactly what it is, but I want to stress that pretty much every single voice actor in the Japanese cast is just as fantastic and that they all do their jobs incredibly well. With all that gushing out of the way, I’ll move on to talking about some of Ouma’s actual speech tics and the way he refers to other characters.
Like most things about him, Ouma’s speech patterns are sort of an interesting mix and even seem a little contradictory at times. He uses the very masculine pronoun “ore” (オレ), but he also refers to nearly everyone (with only a handful of exceptions) by their surnames and the much more childish honorific “-chan” (i.e. “Saihara-chan,” “Akamatsu-chan,” “Amami-chan,” etc.)
The use of “-chan” is very interesting. Honorifics in Japan are extremely complicated and tend to mean different things depending on who is using them. Typically, “-chan” is seen as a very feminine way to refer to someone else, commonly used in close-knit friend groups among school girls.
There are, of course, a few notable exceptions to this however: often times, middle-aged or elderly people will call a child “-chan” regardless of gender, as a way of showing they find them cute and endearing. And sometimes, people will use “-chan” to refer to other things they find cute, such as pets, or even to refer to themselves in a sort of informal, tongue-in-cheek way.
The fact that Ouma uses “-chan” as an honorific to refer to nearly everyone in the game stands out quite a lot: by and large, boys don’t use this term to refer to other boys. Using “-chan” to refer to anyone you’ve just met or don’t know very well is already somewhat frowned upon, but a boy using it to refer to other boys is especially rare. This helps set Ouma’s character up as someone who is both incredibly casual and informal with others (not to mention, you know, quite coded). Considering childishness and lightheartedness are traits Ouma values, and how much emphasis is put on him having “a very innocent, childish streak that’s hard to hate,” it makes sense then that he would talk like this.
Not counting Monokuma and the Monokubs, the only characters who Ouma doesn’t refer to with “-chan” are Gonta and Kiibo, who he simply calls by name. This also says some interesting things about his character.
Gonta is easily the character who Ouma interacts with the most often, as well as the charater he hurts the most in the end. Ouma’s choice to exclude Gonta from his usual way of calling people is, I think, a testament to how much Gonta really wanted to be friends with him, even if their friendship was never exactly on equal footing.
Meanwhile with Kiibo, I feel the choice to exclude him from his usual way of addressing others is indicative of how much Ouma tried to remind himself that Kiibo “wasn’t human,” and therefore how suspicious he found his presence in the killing game. We know Ouma suspected Kiibo and likely even had an inkling of his role as the audience proxy/camera in the game, due to how Kiibo’s picture is one of the only others set aside on his whiteboard besides Saihara’s, with the word “weird” written next to it (he also clearly guessed about the cameras after Gonta’s line in chapter 2, as we see from how he commissioned Miu for the bug-vac).
Ouma clearly enjoys teasing Kiibo a lot, and their banter reads very much like a manzai comedy duo; I feel like Ouma often tried pushing himself to remember that Kiibo “wasn’t human” on purpose in order to not get too attached to him or too distracted from his goal of ending the killing game. I don’t think Ouma’s decision to exclude Kiibo from the way that he very particularly referred to most of the rest of the group was just an accident or a coincidence.
Honorifics aside, Ouma also refers to several characters in interesting ways. He often uses “daisuki na ___-chan” (大好きな) to refer to some of the other characters, a phrase which more or less equates to “my beloved.” He uses this phrase with Saihara more than any other character of the game, but there are a few other instances where he does use it with Amami, Momota, and (if I’m remembering correctly) Kaede. Pretty much every single instance where the localization put, “because I love you” or “because you’re my favorite” whenever Ouma was talking to Saihara was usually a point where he would specifically call him “my beloved Saihara-chan.”
In chapter 4 during the scene where Ouma is alone in the parlor of the VR world, he also specifically, exclusively refers to Saihara as “suki ni natta hito” (好きになった人), literally: “the person I fell in love with.” This line was changed in the localization to, “when there’s a person I like,” which is more or less literally correct--however, the phrase “suki ni natta” is much heavier and more loaded with explicitly romantic implications than “suki” would be on its own, as it’s often used in Japanese love songs and shoujo manga love confessions.
Worth noting in my opinion is the fact that this is the exact same phrasing Maki uses to describe her romantic feelings for Momota. Since Maki’s feelings for Momota are considered canonically confirmed because of this, Ouma’s feelings should be considered equally canon, but a lot of people don’t know this because, well, it’s sort of been lost in translation.
And now, on to the fairy line! Ouma calls himself a fairy in chapter 3, when he pops up in the middle of Saihara and Korekiyo’s discussion of the katana in Korekiyo’s lab. Full of enthusiasm, he decides to touch the sword and examine it for himself; Korekiyo starts to object, but Ouma interrupts and says:
Tumblr media
“Come on, it’s not a big deal! I’m like a fairy, so it’ll be fine!”
I’ve always really loved this line and thought it was super adorable, both as a nod to how fairies aren’t supposed to be able to touch steel in most fae mythos, as well as the fact that fairies tend to also have a love for mischief and pranks and lies. The localization apparently didn’t like it so much though, because this line is simply changed to, “Come on, would I lie to you?” instead.
One final thing I can think of as far as Ouma’s speech tics go is that his laugh in Japanese is romanized as “nishishi” instead of “neeheehee,” as this is closer to the Japanese onomatopoeia for the sound horses make--but I actually don’t mind this localization change at all! “Neeheehee” definitely looks a lot closer to the word “neigh” and helps capture that horse joke in a way that I feel like western players can more easily understand.
All in all, while I still definitely feel people can like and enjoy Ouma’s character from playing the localization alone, I still stand by my opinion that listening to the original Japanese voices helps give a much better picture of how the character was intended to come across, and really shows how much depth Hiro Shimono put into his performance. He’s quoted in the official ndrv3 artbook as saying that he believes Ouma is someone who’s actually “really meek if you take away his strong wish to outwit everyone” (credit to @kaibutsushidousha for the art book translation), and I think this interpretation of Ouma really shows through in so many of his lines.
Thank you both for the really fun questions! I hope I could provide some more interesting information about Ouma and the translation!
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utterlyinevitable · a year ago
The Conference (Part 9)
Tumblr media
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 
Paring: Dr. Ethan Ramsey x F!MC (Dr. Rebecca Lao) Word Count: 3.7k Rating: T+ Warning: Some cursing Summary: It’s the evening after the keynote and they go out for a civil dinner date.
A/N: shout out to ruby @starrystarrytrouble for reminding me people actually like reading this mess 💕
After we finished up the panel I stuck around the conference hall to network whilst Ethan had ditched the crowd at the first opportunity he got, heading back to our hotel room and venturing away from the pecking vultures. To be honest, I didn’t really blame him. Everyone wanted a piece of the poor, well-endowed man. 
A couple hours later, I shuffled back into our apartment. My aching feet somehow prevailed without causing me to collapse on the odd geometric carpet floor, or ditching my heels along the way and walking barefoot like some uncultured frosh stumbling home at 3AM. Once through the heavy metal plated door, I headed straight to my room, not throwing a single pleasantry towards Ethan in the seating area. From what I could tell he was typing furiously on his laptop after nursing a scotch - the empty crystal tumbler on the table was a dead giveaway. 
The anxiety and delirium inducing stress of the day lifted the second my kinda-sweaty body collapsed onto the private armchair in my room, clutching its aqua-colored arms and sinking into the velvet cushion. Staring out at the familiar skyline my mind started to replay the happenings of the day; every little thing that happened - from the confidence I felt during our speech, to the way that asshole called me out, and how Ethan stood up for me every step of the way. How proud he was even if he relayed the sentiment in such small words. 
We survived today. We haven’t strangled each other nor suffered any little deaths. All that’s left for this trip is the tour we have tomorrow morning, and then we’ll be on our way back to Edenbrook. Back to the way things were… 
Somehow my tired and self destructive brain decided it wanted to revel in the memories of the last few days. Thinking about all the non-work things that happened this trip. Thinking of all the words shared, and the blast from the past. And the revelation that little adventure birthed. 
Fuck me...
Things are weird. Like, so weird. I don’t know what I’m doing or why I’m even thinking this… but I miss him. Today showed me how great we are together! Professionally and as friends. We’re the dynamic duo: Ramsey and his Rookie. His. I - 
I need to stop thinking that. 
I belong to myself. I do what I want when I want and with whom I want. 
And so does he. And that’s why I walked away. I’m- 
I’m still getting over him. 
While simultaneously trying to get under him… 
Thoughts wandered back to Ryan and how long it took me to get over the detrimental ‘what if’s of him. If I held on tighter and longer and didn’t get in the way of myself back then - if one thing was different - everything could be different. 
A small, revelatory gasp escaped me. 
I didn’t want things to be different. 
After eight fucking years I finally understood. 
If I didn’t love and lose Ryan I never would have found my way to Boston. To Ethan. And here - knowing what I do and having all the experiences of the last few months - I couldn’t continue a life without knowing Ethan Ramsey. 
I’m going to do whatever I can to repair our friendship. 
I changed my clothes into something not requiring heels - black skinny jeans, a blouse and my trusty Chelsea boots - and my hair pulled back into a bun. Simple, sleek, and completely me. No pomp and circumstance, or hiding behind anything. Just me, making an effort.  
With all the determination I could muster I sauntered into the living room where I assumed Ethan would still be. 
I was right; he hadn’t changed positions at all. Sitting there on the couch, his feet up on the gaudy footstool with his laptop perched on his lap, tortoise-patterned glasses framing his face, and furiously typing on the keyboard. 
“So...” I trailed awkwardly to break the tension surrounding him, leaning against the wall with my hands stuffed in my armpits. “What do you want to do for dinner?” 
“Oh,” He planted his feet on the floor and turned to face me fully, moving his laptop off of him and folding his arms in his lap. “Uh, well-”
Quickly I added, “If you’d rather eat alone it’s fine by me. I was thinking of grabbing pizza at John’s.” 
Ethan nodded in response, saying, “Sounds good.”
“Cool,” I nodded back. “You ready or…?”
“Let me grab my things,” he stood, collected his things and headed to his room.
Less than two minutes later we headed out of the apartment together, walking side by side. Though this time wasn’t like earlier. There wasn’t the blind determination and need to impress like this morning. Right now we were two people who used to know one another going out to dinner in a spectacular converted synagogue.  
For anyone who doesn’t know John’s, it’s a local family-style pizza joint. There’s three restaurants around the city and the Times Square location is by far the best. Every time I have a hot minute to spare I try to go - the stained glass and craftsmanship of the building is everything! But you don’t want to hear about that… and neither did Ethan when I tried to fill the silence during our walk with all the reasons to love this place. For some reason he preferred to barge and weave in silence. 
Lucky enough he was more chatty once we were seated. 
Our table was in the mezzanine with not much of a view besides the stone staircase in the corner and the large dome towering above. The dim lighting complimented the deep wooden table and beige upholstered seating. 
We ordered. And without the menu to keep our attention, I tried my hand at conversation once more.  
“Be honest, how did we do?”
Looking me in the eyes, ones that mirrored mine, showed such confidence and pride as he said his next words;
“You handled it well, Becca.” There was a tug at the corners of his mouth that pulled at my own. I was about to get a rare Ramsey smile - one I’ve been devoid of for far too long. 
“Dare I even say, like a natural.” 
I got to revel in the small compliment for a few moments as the server brought over our food - garlic knots, small veggie pizza, and a chef’s side salad. 
“I didn’t stutter too much or come off too young?” I couldn’t help but ask when it was just us two again. His opinion matters more than anyone else’s when it comes to my career. 
“You did.” 
“But you -” 
He cut me off, a slight shake of his big head, “You are young and this was your first keynote.” he clarified. And once more he said pridefully, “You did well.” 
After what felt like ages we shared a private smile. How he was able to bring me back into myself with a few words and stop fussing over imposter syndrome is a wonder.  
“Now eat some pizza and be happy.” 
My smile grew to a goofy one by the way he was looking at me, bemused. I refrained from sticking my tongue out and dug into a little slice of heaven. “Don’t have to tell me twice.”
We dug in. Letting the flavors dance over my taste buds and make me only as happy as a New York slice could make me. No amount of fantastic sex could compare to pizza. Everything kind of disappeared - time stopped while the first bites settled in my tummy. Even Ethan looked to be enjoying it even though it’s not fancy smancy and artery clogging. 
Eventually I broke our companioned silence;
“How was lunch with Chief Fredericks?” I asked as I reached for a scrumptious ball of garlicy dough. 
The response left his lips so swiftly he didn’t even bother to look up from his plate; 
I scoffed at the non-answer answer. 
My little grumble pulled him out of his bubble and he looked over at me - those damn baby blues challenging my thoughtfully indecent outburst. I just gave him a look right back. 
Ethan rolled his eyes and reached for another slice. Cutting it up with a fork and knife like an absolute weirdo.  
“He heard about the state budget cuts. Wanted to know what I think and if I’d be open to consult every so often.” 
“And?” I probed. 
“And what? You know how I feel about the future of Edenbrook.” 
“Yes. But if it goes under, what do you think you’ll do? I mean, everyone’s going to be throwing themselves at you.” 
I shoved some greenery in my gob to keep from adding the jarring truth. 
Everyone throws themselves at you. 
But who he gives his attention to is another story.  
Ethan shrugged ever so nonchalantly, “I haven’t thought about it.” 
The cavalier way he was speaking of his life after Edenbrook had thrown me off. Ethan was never this laid-back. It just wasn’t in his nature. There’s always something for this man to stress over. And Edenbrook’s closing should be his anxiety numero uno. 
But here he was, ever so calm. 
“Are you in denial?” I said through a bite, fully anticipating another non-answer.  
The way he said it took me aback. It was inherently honest and soft. All of his jagged features were rounded and there was a dulled little twinkle in his eye. 
Yeah, something’s going on here he’s not telling me.  
“Ethan -” 
And of course he deflects by turning the conversation on me; “What are you going to do?” 
Keeping from rolling my eyes at his obvious deflection from roaming into his feelings deeper, I replied, “Transfer my residency.” 
“I…” - dammit - “don’t know.”
I haven’t really dwelled on what happens when the hospital closes. Obviously I need to finish residency if I want to be an actual practicing doctor. But the matching process can go screw itself. I don’t never ever want to do that again - all I cared about was matching with the best. And I did. So who’s the second best now? 
Is it wherever he goes?  
There’s just so much to think about, and I’d really rather not. Not until the last few nails are lined up against the coffin. 
“See,” he said with a hint of a lopsided grin, “Neither of us are ready to leave Edenbrook behind.” 
He was right. Of course he’s right. You didn’t need to be a diagnostician or even a doctor to see that we’re holding out hope of a buyout. 
I’ve just gotten to Edenbrook - only a few months into my dream career with my dream boss - and now, what? It’s all over before it even really began? No. I can’t accept that. 
There was a beat of silence as we both reached for the salad tongs, our hands brushing on accident. Both our eyes shot to bear witness to the contact, pulling us out of whatever ran wild through our thoughts and into this new, secluded moment. Everything around us dulled in the distance; the sounds swirling in the air muted and like a faint breeze. The warm lighting dimmed further, yet there was a spotlight on the salad bowl. The greens and reds and purples of the ruffage illuminated like it was the only thing that mattered. Like right now the earth was spinning just for this moment of closeness. 
Surprisingly, neither of us made a motion to move. His large hand overlapping my dainty fingers, the metal underneath the pads of my fingers warming up instantly. Electricity still coursed through me like the very first time. Except now it carried the memories of all the other times and places he set me aflame. 
I had to be the one to pull back. 
Almost, like it needed time to comprehend why the moment was intentionally ruined, the atmosphere around us began to revert back slightly. I could hear the idle chatter of those around us now. I could see the full picture of Ethan sitting across from me and all the individuals pattering around behind him. What couldn’t pretend to go back and hung off kilter was the beating in my chest - I could feel the electricity coursing through my veins and putting my heart through the ringer. 
Ethan made up for it by serving me. 
Does he know he still has such an effect on me?  
Quick! I needed to divert my thoughts off of the creeping flush and want from taking hold. So I went back to talking about work, our safe topic. 
“If you could work anywhere else in the world where would it be?” I asked.  
Ethan took a moment to think as he served himself some salad. He looked like he was actually thinking of an answer, maybe, for the first time he’s digested the hospital’s fate. 
“I think the next logical step would be the Mayo Clinic. They’re the best diagnostics in the world.” His eyes diverted back down to his plate and, after a beat, he added, “I also wouldn’t mind spending more time on missions with The WHO.”
My eyes searched his as they looked anywhere but where I was seated across from him, trying to find any sort of fault in his features. Something, anything, that I could hold onto. Nothing. Just stupid sincerity. The first fucking time in weeks he actually lets us talk about his time in the Amazon I can’t be mad at him.  
“You really enjoyed your time there, huh?” 
“It…” he hesitated, choosing his words carefully. 
We’ve wandered into emotional territory and we both needed to tread carefully. I need to remember that he was never mine, as much as I felt like his from our first kiss. Need to recall that back then everything was drawn out in plain sight. Our end was always just that - an end. I Need to forgive. And try to remember that at one point he did try to fight for me, in his round-a-bout noncommittal way, and I was the one to end things officially. 
We both need to forgive. Especially if these are the last few months we have working together. 
“Was important work and I got to make a difference in the lives of thousands of indigenous people.” Ethan took another small pause for breath. When he continued, his deep baritone voice was lower, “Even if my intentions for going were skewed, it was an opportunity of a lifetime.” 
The simplest thing to do would be to nod, or eat - distract myself - or even change the subject. To try not to dwell on the implications of the statement. But I couldn’t. My body tensed and the warmth from moments before fled completely. 
We were silent. The brutal truth of why he left stinging just as much as it did the day I found out. 
Minutes, many many minutes passed with me finding solace in sweet savory carbs and Ethan pushing things around on his plate. 
Eager to change the subject there was one other topic of the day I was endlessly curious to know more about; 
“So, what’s the deal with Dr. Schwab?” 
“Don’t.” He dismissed, his authoritative voice seeping through just a tad. Though I’d like to think he’s smart enough not to use it with me outside of Edenbrook.  
“If you don’t tell me I’ll be forced to fabricate my own. I’m feeling a one-night stand gone wrong.” 
He looked back down at his food. 
“Oh my god, I’m right.” The smile that erupted literally took over my entire face. I could not hide it even if I tried.  
“Rebecca,” he tried to scold. 
“Now you have to tell me.” 
Just like earlier he turned the conversation back on me; “What’s with the frat boy?” 
“Ryan was never in a fraternity,” I responded, not hiding the grin that formed by putting Ethan in his place. “He’s a jock though.” 
He expelled a dry laugh, “I don’t think that’s any better.” He took a bite of his salad. Something radiated off of Ethan I couldn’t quite place. 
“We were close in high school,” I added for reasons I’m not quite sure why. Like that explained who Ryan was and why he came back into my life now, of all times.  
Ethan made a condescending, “mhm”. 
I rolled my eyes; “We had a thing for a while, okay.” I conceded. “We grew apart senior year, and then I went off to college. Last night was the first time we’ve spoken in, like, eight years.” 
Ethan made absolutely no reactions to the statement. Not even a stupid wiggle of his dumb perfect eyebrow. 
Is he even paying attention? 
“Now tell me about Schwab - sorry, Hilary,” I coaxed.  
Ethan’s hand flew to the bridge of his nose and up to carefully rub his eyes. 
This has gotta be good. 
I waited patiently and eagerly for this story. She couldn’t have been Ethan’s type and yet… What happened!? 
Eyes still shut tight, he grumbled, “What’s there to tell?” 
“Obviously something happened,” I couldn’t help but mock, “You slept together!” 
“Yes, and it’s something I do not like to dwell on.” 
“Sorry, buddy, but it looks like she does.” 
He groaned. Then shifted in his chair. Ethan took a long drag of his drink. And just when I figured he was going to wait this out until one of us changed the subject, he spoke; 
“A moment of weakness a few years back. And she was…” 
Ah! It’s actually happening! Ethan’s telling a salacious story! 
Shifting in my seat and placing my head in my hands to give him my full attention; My brows and smile grew as I finished the sentence for him, “Eager?” 
He scowled. 
“Jesus Christ, Ethan, just tell me what happened!” 
“I will not go into details.” 
“Fine.” I made a motion with my hand for him to continue without the juicy details. 
“Harper and I had just ended things for good not long before…” 
We ended up going back and forth for a while - Ethan not wanting to give anything up and me pulling as much as I could out of him. Long story short, Ethan was in a weird mental state after breaking up with Harper for the hundredth and final time in their six year relationship. He took up a conference opportunity to get away for two nights. Knowing how much he loves people, Ethan spent most of his time drowning his senses at the hotel bar. And low and behold, enter Hillary. 
From the sounds of it she was agreeable and very very forward. And Ethan was so lost in liquor that her voice didn’t irritate him as much as it did the next morning, and every single time they were in close proximity thereafter. Hillary had been going through a separation with her husband and needed a distraction just as bad. Really, who could blame her? Toting Ethan around would be the best revenge. 
The first night of his stay was fine - apparently the sex was satisfactory and she didn’t do anything remarkably memorable. Or so he says. I still think she looks like a squawker. He didn’t linger around long after before retreating to his hotel room. Then the next afternoon he was bored and weak and agreed to lunch. And lunch turned into drinks which turned into round two. In his room. And she didn’t leave. She wasn’t leaving. So Ethan bought an earlier plane ticket, and shook her awake before checking out. 
And every conference since she seems to want to entertain a rematch. 
“Oh my god, you’re horrible!” I exclaimed ever delightfully. This was hilarious! 
“I shouldn’t really be surprised. You flew to another continent after we slept together.” Shaking my head, a stupid little smirk on my lips I asked, “Have you ever had a one night stand before?” 
“Wha - of course I have!” 
“One’s that didn’t end up with you getting on a plane?” 
He leaned back and folded his arms across his chest. “If you must know, I’ve had my fair share in undergrad.” 
Now it was my turn to send a condescending “mhm” his way. 
We spoke longer and polished off our plates - not a single crumb remained. This was nice. Really nice getting to be close to him again and just being friends. Telling stories and exchanging playful jabs here and there. It’s how I fell for the idiot in the first place. 
Baby steps.     
Two hours after we arrived the server came over with the bill. 
She was friendly and lovely the whole meal. The best part about her style of service is that she let us just exist and didn’t check up all that often. When she did I could tell she overheard someone of the crap Ethan and I were spewing. She had one of those knowing smiles, like she was in on our jokes the entire time. 
“Can I just say, you guys are adorable,” she relayed with the brightest of smiles after setting the padfolio on the table, her hands clapping together excitedly. She looked like a child who had just met Santa Claus for the first time. 
L O L she thinks we’re together.  
At that I actually laughed out loud before informing, “We’re colleagues. In town for a conference.” 
The horror on the girl's face said it all. 
“Oh! My mistake, sorry. I can split the bill for you.” She reached for the pad where it sat in front of Ethan. 
He grabbed the black leather at the same time I spoke;  
"Nope, dinner’s on him.” I cupped a hand over my mouth and pointed a not-at-all discreet thumb towards him, “He'll get reimbursed," I laughed more to myself than anything. 
She smiles, a little relieved by my warmth, then turns to look at Ethan - silently asking permission or if it’s okay that he pays. Generally looking for some sort of direction from the old man.    
He shoots the server a look. Then forks over his credit card. 
As she saunters off, I smile at him sweetly, “Thank you.” 
Of course he rolls his eyes. But that rise in the corners of his mouth says so much more. 
A/N: sorry it’s shit. thank you for sticking with this series 💕 we’ve just got one chapter left! 
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johannawrites · 8 months ago
𝗴𝗼𝗼𝗱 𝗴𝗶𝗿𝗹𝘀 𝗿𝗲𝘃𝗼𝗹𝘁 𝘀𝗲𝗻𝘁𝗲𝗻𝗰𝗲 𝘀𝘁𝗮𝗿𝘁𝗲𝗿𝘀 - 𝟭𝘅𝟬𝟭
 (  a  series  of  prompts  from  first  episode  of  the  amazon  show  good  girls  revolt .   change  pronouns  as  necessary  !  )
“Um, is it true what you wrote in your letter?”
“Did you really go to an orgy down there?”
“Peace and love are back in California.”
“We can't give up on this story yet.”
“Yeah, well, youth is wasted on the young.”
“Do I have to wear a tiara?”
“Yes. I mean, no. But something fabulously chic.”
“All that's left to do now is to make yourself indispensable.”
“Fantastic. What's her number?”
“She's only going to talk to me.”
“Okay, look, I know you were the more natural fit for this story, but there's nothing I can do. Don't sabotage the story.”
“I'm trying to help.”
“No, I'm working under a deadline.”
“I get serious and start a family.”
“A serious family. Please don't invite me to the dinner parties.”
“I don't joke about writing or cooking.”
“I don't joke about drinking or cooking.”
“See, we're the perfect duo.”
“It's like you guys are fighting over the lower bunk bed in jail.”
“We're finally in the same city after months of being pen pals. God.”
“Well, I already told my parents you were coming.”
“Oh. Your parents. I didn't, uh... I didn't know that they were a part of this event. It's... it's so conventional. I mean, I have to kiss the ring before we can start dating?”
“You know, I wouldn't mind meeting your parents.”
“Oh, no. No one's meeting my parents. Ever.”
“See you in an hour.”
“What are you still doing here?”
“Quite a cat fight last night.”
“Is it true that someone's left a comb on her desk every morning since she got back?”
“You sound like an old man who doesn't know what's cool anymore.”
“Real women never go out of style.”
“No, coffee's supposed to be black. You don't put milk in coffee.”
“Oh, I was just coming to find you.”
“So sorry I stood you up last night. I was working late and I just crashed in the infirmary.”
“Don't try and soften me up.”
“Why don't you let me make it up to you. Hmm?”
“Okay. A week ago we were sending each other letters sprayed with sandalwood oil. What happened?”
“That was a dream. You moved back home to New York. To reality.”
“I'm young. I want to have fun, I want to tiptoe through the tulips. I feel like you're trying to put me in a box.”
“I'm not. Is that what you think of getting dolled up for a night on the town?”
“I don't have anything to wear.”
“They're gonna love you. I already told them how happy you make me.”
“Hey, babe. If you don't change, everyone's gonna think you came home with me anyway.”
“And that's when you saw the first guy fall down or get pushed down?”
“I'm not saying it's sh1t, but you might want to take another stab at that lead. Starting off with a quote won't fly, believe me.”
“I don't suppose you could run out and grab a birthday gift for a 13 year old girl?”
“A lot can happen here in 90 minutes, Y/N. Anything else?”
“How about you start calling me by my full name?”
Nope. That'd take too long.”
“I was here, too...I fell asleep.”
“Okay, now without yelling at me, tell me what she said.”
“They started the riot, not the fans.”
“So they're hiding something. Shit. That's good.”
“There were 300,000 people there, but no law enforcement presence whatsoever.”
“You're pretty cute when you've got a scoop.”
“But they escalated things instead of controlling them.
“I am so proud of you.”
“Hey, as far as I can tell, you and I are kicking everybody else's ass in the city.”
“The song will haunt you because you have such a good ear for music.”
“You should really get high first. Then you'll really dig it.”
“Well, I'm over 30. I'm too old to try pot.”
“Oh, no. No one's too old to smoke out.”
“That's good to know.”
“Because nobody trusts the police.”
“Because they would arrest you for smoking marijuana. So the bands felt safer hiring an outlaw motorcycle gang.”
“So they bonded at those parties. There was a kinship.”
“Yeah, but doing drugs doesn't necessarily mean you believe in peace and love.”
“Well, yes, it does. Uh, I mean it... did. It was supposed to.”
“Can't say I'm surprised at your decision. Bummed out, but not surprised.
“Can you use your dad's credit card?”
“You can't be serious.”
“We're too close to give up now.”
“Your car is downstairs.”
“I'm not gonna make it.”
“Oh, good, you got the gloves.”
“I'm glad you spent a little extra for the 11 inch style. The ones that hit you right at the wrist bone are the least functional things I have ever…”
“I just haven't slept well the last few nights. I'm... clumsy.”
“You didn't eat much dinner.”
“I ate.”
“What do you women even do in there?”
“I'll be out soon.”
“No, I don't want anything about me in print.”
“Like I told you before, I am gonna read all of your quotes back to you.”
“No, I don't want my name, age or anything about me in there. I'm disposable. I'm a back up singer. My job is to sweeten the band's sound. And I do that only as long as I look good and sound good to them. You dig it?”
“If anyone from a record company reads that I'm up there with an opinion of my own... That I'm a narc... I'll be moppin' floors instead of singing in amphitheaters.”
“Good morning, my whispering coven.”
“Is she sick?”
“Very ill. Death's door.”
“Well, I feel like shit and I'm here. Call her and tell her to come in.”
“People are devastated out there, Y/N.”
“There's devastation in here, too.”
“Detailed eyewitness account from two sources.”
“Great. What did these guys see?”
“The guys are gals.”
“One of the things that stuck with me over the years is what I learned about ancient Roman dentistry. To treat a toothache, they advocated gargling with urine. And it was only after prolonged and ineffectual swishing with piss that an extraction would ultimately be undertaken.”
“This is a three-ring circus, folks.”
“But both of their stories support one another.”
“There are our man-on-the-street interviews, except that they happen to be women with no clout.”
“Oh, God! I knew I could break this story wide open, and I did.”
“You stood me up. For the second night in a row. You lied to me so that you could help them... Are you listening to a word I'm saying?”
“My God, is there a "we" in any of this?
“I'm sorry I stood you up. Twice.
“You turned the ship around.”
“Yeah. That felt pretty good.”
“Please, do not insult me by making this personal.”
“Did you do my job for me yet?”
“I left you two choices. You present me with the same two choices. It's unacceptable.
“Why don't you arm wrestle over it?”
“So boring.”
“Just pretend like you're seriously working.”
I don't want to get fired here, okay?
“Oh, I... I got my period.”
“Is this the first time?”
“That's simply how we do things here. We have rules, protocol.”
“Those rules are dumb.”
“We do not change our modus operandi for one person.”
“Now, clearly, you are a very talented…”
“Clearly, I don't belong here. This is ridiculous. I quit.”
“Well, your name is all you have in journalism.”
“Did you get another job?”
“No, I just got this one.”
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chidoroki · a year ago
..You already know what I’m gonna ramble on about, right? What’s got us manga readers feeling a little bit like this? Yeah.. I have words.
Tumblr media
Yes, I’ll be chatting about possible future spoilers, so scroll past now if you wish, but if you frequently check the usual tpn tags anywhere today (or over the next few days), I’m sure you’ve become quite familiar with this guy already, so.. here we go.
Tumblr media
Let me start off by saying that I was beyond excited when we first found out we were getting a second season to this series. Having read the manga, I had high hopes that the anime would do so well, given the first couple arcs that follow the escape from Grace Field. From the very beginning, most of us figured it would touch upon the demon forest, the B06-32 shelter, Goldy Pond and quite possibly Cuvitidala. Of course, that was before we learned that this season had an episode count of 11 and would include some anime-only scenes, so we started to have some doubts. The new opening threw us through a loop as well, as a bunch of us speculated exactly how much this season was going to cover in terms of story and what chapter it would end off on. I was still a bit skeptical, but I put some belief in thinking we might be able to at least reach Goldy Pond. The more I thought about how many chapters this season could adapt, I remembered that Fire Force (another shonen series that has its fair share between action scenes alongside some calm, lighthearted ones) managed to fit 90 chapters into it’s first season, which was a total 24eps. I then thought it was possible for TPN’s second season to reach ch96, or maybe even ch101, since the total ep count for both s1&s2 would be 23. The upcoming arcs (GP especially) are undoubtedly more fast paced than the entire first season, which was very dialogue heavy, so naturally these action scenes would take up less time and require fewer episodes to show off. I won’t bash the second season for leaving certain scenes out and/or changing them (as the first season did this as well, albeit less noticeable), but the obvious ones come to mind. The full snakes of alvapinera scene? It was good to see the escapees overcome their first outside world obstacle on their own, sure, but overall it isn’t too important. Isabella’s scene at the gate with Grandma Sarah? Disappointing yes, but I figured they could always include that sometime later in a future episode.. at least, that’s what I’m hoping for. I can forgive the anime for those changes at the moment.. but after what episode 3 decided to pull? Oh no.. now they’ve done it!
Tumblr media
I’m sorry.. but who exactly thought this change was a good idea? The anime-onlys must think we’re going crazy right now but c’mon, CLOVERWORKS! Are y’all for real right now?? Yeah they never even announced his voice actor beforehand like they did with Sonju & Mujika before their debut, but damn it! Also, don’t take my word for this, as I only just heard and not completely sure about the credibility, but apparently after ep4, the rest of the season will be like.. original? And I’m not sure how to feel about that if it’s true? I’ll take whatever content we get because yes, I love this series to pieces and want it to last as long as possible, but after waiting almost a full two years to see these wonderful kids animated again.. I just wanna continue on with the story we all know and love, darn it. I know Shirai is overlooking this season and giving his approval or whatever too, so that’s comforting at least.. but still, I just wish we knew this a little sooner, rather than have us find out this way by cutting out one of the most anticipated characters of this entire series! (for the time being anyways.)
Tumblr media
Yeah we didn’t see him this episode, but he’s around.. somewhere. No one else is around to write on the walls like that, let alone get into the shelter without a pen. (i also noticed it doesn’t say “poachers” anywhere, so that’s a bit odd too..)
Tumblr media
I just hope that whenever our man does show up, whether it be this season or not, that it follows the manga because his introduction is fantastic and his interactions with the kids are so amusing. Honestly, he’s too important to cut out entirely. The same goes for the Goldy Pond arc, which I saw some others worried about too. It’s at Goldy Pond (ch73) where Emma and another man, who we’re also anxious to meet, both find out about how to cross over to the human world via the four premium farms, the supporters, and project lambda7214.
Tumblr media
I also saw some people concerned about Mujika’s goodbye to Emma this episode and how upon giving her the necklace, our demon friend didn’t hint at The Seven Walls at all, which is why Goldy Pond suddenly becomes that more important for us to see because it’s also there where the place is mentioned, not only by the many secret files from the pen’s cap, but from Minvera himself (ch72).
Tumblr media
Come on now, Goldy Pond arc also does wonder for Emma’s character and appearance. It’s here where we see just how serious she is about changing the world and saving everyone she possibly can. Even if she has to fight crazy, killing poachers, she’ll do it. (also one of those poachers becomes very helpful much later in the story, so there, yet another reason we can’t skip this arc.) Though this all gets me wondering if GP will still get blown up on Jan 29th.. oh season two, you raise so many questions.
Tumblr media
Now, could this season completely change some of those scenes even further? Of course, they’ve already done so with other bits of information. Ray figuring out the demon’s weakness in ch62 during the trip to Goldy Pond? Sonju already explained it.
Tumblr media
The letter from Minvera that we learn about in ch56 which was originally hidden in one of the manuscripts from the shelter’s archive room? Conveniently pinned to the wall in plain sight!
Tumblr media
I didn’t notice this when I first watched the episode but remembered just now while skimming through the manga yet again, but the episode didn’t have Gilda list off the coordinates to Goldy Pond that Minerva noted in his letter.
Tumblr media
So how will the duo find their way there? Well, you already know.. and since GP is such an important arc, that’s another reason I believe our beloved man will show up.... eventually.
Tumblr media
Going back to the changes now, but it’s Dominic who reveals the secret room behind the piano instead of our favorite father figure.
Tumblr media
Although this room, which is supposed to be a full stocked armory, is completely bare..
Tumblr media
Like.. hello? Where are all the weapons?? Are they gonna make these kids go out and raid a bunch of the other fake/dummy shelters for weapons or something? which.. actually sounds interesting and fun now that I think about it.
Tumblr media
I also noticed that the conversation about the mass-production farms Sonju mentioned back in ch50 was also cut, but I can see the anime easily adapting it into a future episode somewhere, since said farms are mentioned again in ch56, courtesy of the shelter’s many books.
Tumblr media
For now it just seems.. I don’t know, a bit easier? like I recently spoke about how Ray had to figure out how the pen worked in terms of coordinates and yet the anime just had the pen show a simple map, then Sonju flat out told them how to efficiently kill a demon, and the phone that allows them to contact the supporters? Oh, they found that instantly, whereas geezer had no idea such a room even existed in those 13 years he lived at the shelter..
Tumblr media
Have I spoke too much by now? Probably. None of the changes bother me too much, aside from the geezer’s obvious absence, but I’m still looking forward to the rest of this season, as I’m sure it’ll give more spotlight to some of the other kids aside from Emma and Ray. Season one just did so well with sticking to the manga that I guess we all got caught way off guard, huh?
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elapach24 · 3 months ago
The Invisible life of Addie LaRue by V. E. Schwab (Review and a little of analysis by me, Ela)
Tumblr media
A Life No One Will Remember. A Story You Will Never Forget.
France, 1714: in a moment of desperation, a young woman makes a Faustian bargain to live forever and is cursed to be forgotten by everyone she meets.
Thus begins the extraordinary life of Addie LaRue, and a dazzling adventure that will play out across centuries and continents, across history and art, as a young woman learns how far she will go to leave her mark on the world.
But everything changes when, after nearly 300 years, Addie stumbles across a young man in a hidden bookstore and he remembers her name.
That’s the great premise that made me think about this book and reading it, made me dream with it and be one step away from looking for spoilers on purpose. But I also run from them and fanarts, because I knew I was going to love the book, and I didn’t want anything to ruin it for me.
Yep, I see future, because I LOVED THE INVISIBLE LIFE OF ADDIE LARUE BY V.E. SCHWAB. Literally, this gorgeous book infused me with every single emotion a human can feel, in the best way, preparing me to enjoy all of them even when it was anger, sadness or apathy.
But how did the writer achieve that?
Well, this is one of the great questions I make to myself when reading ‘cause, how else I’m going to improve my own writing?
(Here come the spoilers)
First of all, an AMAZING beginning: a young woman running from her wedding… But Victoria’s note before the history got started already getting me into the mood.
Putting aside the plot by itself (fantastic and unrepeatable), the narrator and the verbal time they chose was what kept me inside the world(s) Addie was appreciating, and made me dream with her, of course.
The way and amount of descriptions would’ve been tedious if being in any other situations (I mean, not in 18th century). The descriptions even put some butterflies into my mind.
Now, the characters. I have to admit I didn’t connect with them that much, I’ve developed those bonds before with other characters so I’m just comparing, and I know I shouldn’t. But the reason I’m highlighting this is because that wasn’t a bad point while reading. Yeah, it was Addie’s story overall, but I just wanted to enjoy what she had to say and how she was to say it, I didn’t get to love Addie nor another character not because they didn’t deserve it neither they weren’t perfectly made for their roles, but because they aren’t ‘my kind of people’, that’s all.
And that’s all the analysis, now the “review”.
I think I sort of have an unpopular opinion about Addie×Henry’s relationship. They don’t have any chemistry as a romantic/sexual couple. They would be a perfect platonic duo. I just think they had the script on the side of ‘Luc needs to get jealous so we have to kiss’.
Besides, what do American writers have with freedom in romantic relationships? I mean, you put your mc on that situations, why are you gonna break it with the ‘free me’ line? Your mc knew how things were to be. Sexual attraction is not enough excuse to chain yourself to be him property, ya know?
Stop that please, I don’t want more love triangles where this is the only excuse why she can’t love one of them (In this exact context. If you don’t feel free with your lover, get out of there rn).
And the end. The heartbreaking end. It was a little bit unexpected, but not that much. The only bad thing about it was that I couldn’t see Henry’s development completed to live his life without Addie yet. He needed to face real life by his own before he could live alone, he’s not prepared. Maybe I see this because I really related to him.
To finish, I actually hope Addie could get to love Luc, and vice versa in their own unhuman way. She deserves it. And please stop that stupid war; if you’re tired, just free yourself.
PD: I have a question that won’t let me sleep: does Book (the cat) remember Addie??????
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anobscurename · a year ago
ocean eyes – chris evans
Tumblr media
previous part: PART XIX — masterlist
concept: you finally have had enough. the slowest of slow burns. part twenty of many.
pairing: chris evans x reader
word count: 2,4k
warnings: you might cry; i know i did. angst.
author's note: i needed my comedic relief comfort characters for this one in the beginning tbh cause... well... you'll see. this one is for @miss-jackson500 because i haven't dedicated one to her yet and she's? amazing?!
You had wondered – for the days that followed – that if maybe the rescheduled meet-up hadn't been cut short by Anthony, if things would be different.
You came to the conclusion that all that really would've been different was that you'd know a little less.
"You're finally going to do it, huh?" Anthony grinned from across the pool table. You had, according to the original plan, all come together at the old bar where you'd first met the two. "You're going to tell him how you feel?"
"Is it a bad idea?" You asked, missing your shot. Your mind was heavily distracted, and it was showing through. You were usually wiping the floor with the duo, but now you were losing four balls to one.
"No, no, it's a fantastic idea," Anthony bent down to line up his next shot. "Tell her it's a fantastic idea, Seb. Better yet, tell me who the Black Widow should be with."
Sebastian, who had been sat to the side, waiting for his turn, rolled his eyes and took a swig of his beer. "I admit nothing until I see a ring."
"Speaking of rings!" Anthony jumped up excitedly – either from the prospect of marriage or the thrill of pocketing his ball, leaving team Falcon and Winter Soldier with just the black on the table – "I'm thinking a round cut two carat, set in rose gold? Colour scheme would he lavender, of course, because as best man–"
"You can get fucked if you think you're going to be best man."
"Of course I'm best man! Look at me, I'm the bestest man around, I'm fine as–"
"You can both get fucked if you think there's going to be a wedding," you laughed.
Anthony hissed a curse under his breath as he missed the winning pocket, reluctantly handing the cue off to Sebastian, who hopped off the stool to land gracefully on his feet.
You chalked your cue, determined to not lose yet another game to these dipshits. "I haven't even told him yet, what if he doesn't feel the same way?"
Anthony and Sebastian both looked at you, incredulous. "I mean this with only love, and it comes from a place deep within my heart... Are you blind?"
Sebastian was even balking. "Even I could tell, and I have the social skills of a pineapple."
"Okay, fine! You both are clearly biased, you saw us kiss."
"No, we watched a softcore porno is what we did, y'all devouring each other like that in public–"
He cut himself short, having to laughingly dodge himself out of the reach of your playful slap.
"I'm asking Scott for the final opinion," you proclaimed.
Sebastian rolled his eyes, eager to play and win the game, bouncing the end of the cue on the wooden bar floor. The rubber stop muted the noise.
You opened up the text thread you had been maintaining with the younger Evans. Should I tell Chris?
You didn't need to elaborate, Scott would know what you meant. There was a pause on his end, and you had just been about to put your phone away before his response bubbled up.
Sorry, was just changing your name in my phone to sister-in-law ;)
That was all the answer you needed.
You finished the game – you lost, mind overrun with giddiness and the odds having been stacked against you long before – and you were hugging Anthony goodbye.
When you'd asked where he was headed, he'd just given you a sly wink and a "wouldn't you like to know."
That left just you and Sebastian, and you decided to walk him back to his hotel before heading home.
"How long you going to be in L.A. for?" You'd asked, just to make conversation.
"A week or so, maybe? And then I'm jetting back to New York. I haven't been home in so long, I think the dust has taken over my lease."
You chuckled, and continued on in a pleasant silence.
You gave him a departing hug in the lobby, and hailed a cab back to Chris'.
You were so high on the exhilaration of finally telling him and ending this will they/won't they charade once and for all. So excited, you'd nearly missed the unfamiliar Bentley in the driveway on your way in.
But it didn't go unnoticed.
You came in, greeted happily by a yapping Dodger, and the smell that hit you was one of Valentino perfume – overpowering the usual scent of Chris lingering in the house.
"Hey, Dodge," you whispered, giving him a vigorous petting session. "Where's Chris? Where's your dad?"
Dodger gave your hand a wet lick, slobbering over your keys, and you laughed lightly.
The door to the pool was open, and you could hear splashing and giggling – pitched more feminine than you'd ever heard Chris go.
Curiosity killed the cat. And satisfaction was never going to resurrect the plummet of your excitement. No, that was replaced by shock and anger. Even if you knew you had no right to feel that way.
"Chris?" You'd called out as you padded across the lounge. "Chris, whose car is in the driveway? I have something I–"
Blindsided, your slobber slick keys fell from your hand to jangle uselessly onto the ground. It was that that finally grabbed his attention.
He had been otherwise excruciatingly preoccupied with the topless girl in his lap, legs locked around his waist in a languid grind, his hands smoothing over her curves as they all but explored each other's tonsils in a moaning kiss.
Red flashed across your vision as well as your cheeks, and you ducked your head. Embarrassed and feeling stupid, you quickly grabbed your keys. "I'm sorry, I'll go..."
You quickly turned and dashed to your room, ignoring the tears in your eyes, and the call of your name.
"{Your name}, wait!" Chris cried, water sloshing as he clambered out of the pool. "{Your name}!"
You slammed the door shut behind you, making it clear you wanted isolation. Pulling out a duffel bag, you began throwing clothes into it, careless of what you might need, just needing to leave.
Sebastian had asked you once how much more you were going to put yourself through before you'd had enough.
And this was it. This was the breaking point. This was enough.
The strength in which Chris frantically ripped open your door had it banging against the adjacent wall, but you couldn't even look at him. Your eyes were blurry as you continued violently packing your clothes.
You didn't even know where you were going to go. You just knew you had to. Go.
"{Your name}, stop," he said, soft in direct comparison to the panic he felt in his chest. You were leaving him. "What are you doing?"
"What does it look like?" You spat out. And then, just to change the subject, because not even you could bare to dwell on it too much: "You're getting water on your floor."
"{Your name}–"
"Don't talk to me, Chris. Rest your tongue a bit, it sure was busy earlier."
"As was yours, too, I'm sure," he bit back.
Your movements stuttered at the reciprocated rage. To your knowledge, he had no right to feel as you did in that moment. None.
"What the fuck is that supposed to mean?"
There was provocation in his eyes, and his searing gaze only fuelled your fire.
"Have fun with Sebastian?"
Your scoff was followed by a bewildered laugh. "I went out tonight with Sebastian and Anthony, Chris. We're friends. Welcome to the world of platonic relationships, professor, we've been waiting for your arrival."
And like the cut strings on a puppet, tension left his body – anger being replaced by confusion.
"I... I thought..."
"You thought wrong, Evans," you seethed, pushing past him to the bathroom to grab your toiletries. You made an effort to bump him, your shirt sticking to your skin with the water droplets still dotting his toned body. "And to think I really thought..."
"Thought what?" His voice cracked out.
"Thought that you might actually care about me!" You finally snapped. You were yelling. You didn't want to yell, but you were, voice echoing in the acoustics of the bathroom.
"I do," he whispered. His conviction was quickly draining from him, being replaced with an inevitable sadness and feeling of loss. You hadn't even left yet, but he knew that nothing he was going to say would make you stay. He knew he'd gone too far. It didn't stop him from trying. "I loved you, {your name}. I still do."
You had hoped that if he ever was to say those words, it would be under different circumstances. In fact, you'd found yourself imagining whole sunset beach scenarios, late into the night.
"I thought you were better than that, Chris. Manipulation? That's low."
"It's true. I've loved you–"
You didn't want to hear it. You weren't going to give him the opportunity of persuading you into staying. You knew you should've left long ago. "I can't say the feeling is mutual."
It was a lie. It was a lie, because if you really had felt nothing, then you wouldn't be acting like this. But you needed the upper hand, because Chris had basically knocked you over with the force of his admittance. You couldn't let yourself be dragged back in. Not this time. You had too much self respect for that. Not when he still had lipstick smudged on his lips, disappearing into the scruff that shadowed his jaw.
You had to avoid looking at his pained expression at your words. No matter how much you were hurting now at his profession of love, you knew he might possibly be hurting a little more at your rejection.
"And if you really did..." You trailed off, struggling to say the words love me. "Well, you have a really funny way of showing it."
"Pretending not to love you is the hardest role I've taken on, and I did it for you."
Red was dancing back into your vision, your shock growing alongside the fury.
"How is that for me?"
"Because that's what you wanted!" He was finding his voice again, raising it in his desperation. "Believe me, I wanted to fight for you. I would, would wage wars for you," he stuttered out. "But you never wanted that from me. You wanted to pull away, from this, from us. And I let you because I would do anything you asked of me."
"So you stayed away because you wanted to keep me?" You worded it slowly, just to make him understand how ridiculous it sounded.
"Are you stupid? Actually mentally deficient?" You zipped your bag, brushing past him again, this time making sure to have as little contact as possible. He all but occupied the whole doorway.
"If I had told you then you would have left!" He was following you now, following you to the front door. "I told you I wanted you in my life, even if it meant the pain of never having you."
You had hoped to slam the door in his face to make your point known, but where Chris had slacked in fighting for you before, he was making up for now. He caught the door before it could close, trailing after you into the driveway.
"There's something wrong with me. I ruin things. So I let you have your space because you are the greatest thing that has happened to me in a long time, and I'd be fucked if I ruined you too!"
"It's a bit too late for that," you said, finally looking him in those ocean eyes. They were bloodshot with barely restrained tears. But your resolve was iron. "Congratulations, Evans. You've ruined me."
You heard Dodger pawing at the door, whining low and long for you. If you thought leaving Chris was hard, this was what made you break.
But you turned away from them, from that house, tears falling freely. A sob escaped your lips, barely stifled.
"Put on a shirt, Evans," you managed to get out. You wanted the last word, even if it brought very little satisfaction. "You have company."
Your first call was to Anthony. He hadn't picked up, and you remembered his other plans.
The second also went unanswered – the friend who had become a self proclaimed L.A. local upon graduating high school, and who had let you crash at their house when you'd first arrived. She was probably at work, and so you left her a quick voicemail asking her to call you back.
The third did, on only the second ring. You had almost lost hope in anyone else being awake at that point, so you hadn't composed yourself before he picked up.
The first thing he heard was your sob, which you quickly cut off with a greeting.
"What's wrong?"
"Can I crash with you tonight? I need somewhere to go."
"What happened? Did–?"
"I don't want to talk about it," you said quickly. He shut up almost immediately. "I just... Please?"
There was a pensive silence on the other end, and you felt the need to fill it.
"I tried Anthony, but he wasn't picking up."
"Yeah," came the small chuckle crackling on the other end. "He's got a hot date tonight. Must be going well."
"I wouldn't do this if I had anywhere else to go, but I don't, and it'll only be for one night–"
"Of course you can stay," he assured, sushing you softly. "Can't believe I made you ask twice."
Sebastian met you in the lobby, taking you up to his room almost immediately to avoid strange looks and any unwanted public attention.
He explained to you in the elevator that although he had tried to get you your own room, the hotel was fully booked. He sounded quite apologetic for that.
You didn't say much, because if you spoke, you were scared you were going to start crying all over again. And you'd just managed to stop, averting your eyes from your teadstained appearance in the mirrors.
Sebastian's room was a big one, on the pricier end of all the hotel had to offer. A large king sized bed stood to one side, bedsheets twisted as if he'd clambered into it right when he'd gotten back.
There was a lounge suite to the side, looking like a set-up you'd see on the glossy pages of Architectural Digest, and although the curtains were drawn, you could see the city lights sprawling out before you through the crack.
He was still in his outfit from the bar, shirt and jeans slightly rumpled.
The television was on, playing the original Nosferatu quietly in the background.
"I'll take the couch," Sebastian offered, dropping off the bags he'd taken from you.
You declined him with a shake of your head.
"{Your name}," he said, tender, placing both his hands on your shoulders to make you look at him. "You've been through a lot tonight. Take the bed, I've got the couch."
You didn't have the strength to fight his insistence. You didn't have the strength for much any more.
When you'd gotten out the shower, dressed in your pyjamas, Sebastian finally asked you again what had happened.
You just shrugged tiredly, climbing between the cool cotton sheets.
"I just had enough."
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theinvisibledreamergirl · a year ago
#3 please 😊
angst/fluff prompts:
#3. Please don’t walk out of that door.
A.N: thanks for asking dear anon❤️ I hope you like it. Dear folks I’m back in destroying your lives with angstyyyyy muhahaha 😈
Warning: none just heart pounding 🫀
These were the things she felt when he was around her.
When he was the guidance through the labyrinths of the unknown.
When he was the light in the end of the tunnel telling her to not be afraid to move on.
When he was the shield of the invisible knives that were thrown on her multiple times.
When he was... hers.
Sometimes you can’t understand what actually you’re doing when you’re with a partner in a relationship or a partnership if you can it call like that.
She wanted to understand in what the hell she was involving herself to. How pathetic and stupid she was.
He wanted to understand why had to make things worse for them. How to not avoid and not make her forget about him.
If you can please imagine a screen cut in half revealing their portraits you can see that they’re almost identical in everything they do.
The drinking.
The music background to culminate their breakdowns.
The loose clothes or *coughs* barely wearing underwear.
And the most important part the view of the balcony.
Please they’re not enjoying the starry dark sky of the Boston night as you may think. Tsk. They’re seeing each other.
But how?
Only the mind of a lover can create the most unpredictable, unprepared and shameful thoughts that no one has else can.
They appear like ghosts such vividly that they try to reach out but they knew it was impossible, so they retreat.
Who was the most shattered person here? Of course both of them were but mostly... her.
She was remembering now the cries before he would leave her apartment to go to another continent.
“Please don’t walk out of that door.” She pleaded and it was the first time Klaw Craig had done this to a man. Because she knew he was worth it and couldn’t lose him. “If you step out then you have to promise me that you’ll be alright...” In that moment he felt a sense of a relief as if she was forgiving him but was wrong until he heard the last words. “Without me. But I don’t want you to go.”
He stayed still with his back turned to her, unable to contain his tears on his eyes. ‘Do it’ he said to himself as if the devil had spoken to his ear whereas the angel was deafened. He was obliged to do it no matter how she was trying to put chains on him.
“Goodbye Rookie.” He turned the knob of her door without looking at her but before he could take another step he flinched when she shouted.
“ETHAN JONAH RAMSEY!” That seemed to work out because he was facing now getting his full attention. “Why don’t you want me?” Her lips trembled. “Why?”
Brown eyes were bored into icy blues trying to not forget them.
Trying to remind those that they still had a chance.
They still had to end another war.
“Because I can’t risk you.” He couldn’t feel his breath while saying it like someone had paralysed him.
“Am I not worthy enough for you?”
God did she want to ask that question? No.
But she had to even though he would give her an ultimatum because she had still that hopeless heart of hers despite being the one who assumed to be strong against these pathetic feelings.
You are. You are so much better than you think my Rookie. You are the other half who completes me. Who fixes this goddamn asshole side of mine. You’re my everything lil grumpy. I’m sorry.
Despite the desire that was burning inside of him to fall into her arms and do the inappropriate things to her in the bedroom, curling next to her and feeling her warm skin, he composed himself and gave her a pointed and a cold look which she recognised it too well.
No. He won’t...
“No... you’re not.”
The voice of her boss. Of her attending. Of her colleague.
That’s what she felt in those moments when he closed the door without giving her a second glance.
She blinked once. Twice. And thrice.
She said to herself somehow quoting Kafka. “Why don’t I sleep to forget all this nonsense?” And that’s what she did. Her tears were dried and she couldn’t feel anything.
And then... she doesn’t remember what happened or better how many cigarettes did she smoke. Or how many bottles of scotches she emptied.
For the first time in her life she had never felt such relieved to move on to another man who probably was knocking on the door now.
When his handsome and knowing face appeared she thought he hadn’t changed a bit.
She smirked devilishly and caught his tie to pull him for an aggressive kiss despite being drunk.
This man had the same blue eyes but were a contrast to the icy ones.
And the way he kissed her wasn’t the same but still ignited their passion.
Because two old flames were reunited.
Because their glorious days were back.
For this the so-called fantastic duo that everyone envied.
Klaw Craig and Clay Banner.
P.s: oopsieee did i break your hearts? I’m not feeling sorry ‘cause sometimes you need a bit harsh treatment ya knowwww😈 okk this was the devil speaking so back to the angel 😇 yes l LOVE CLAY BANNER so muchhhhh and I know it has confused you but I’ll give you explanations in another time😉
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