#they were warming up his seat
peanutcrow · 20 days ago
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What if I show you something worse? “If I see something that you don’t like, you’re gonna be all, “Bruno makes bad things happen. Oh, he’s creepy and his vision killed my goldfish.”
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apparitionalprincess · 5 months ago
[ugly sobbing]
#guys I’m gonna fuckin loose it #I had this dream that I was in the passenger seat of a pick up truck #and cliff was fucking driving it????? plz #we were in some random field/pasture that felt oddly familiar #(which ima assume was a place I knew in a past life) #so cliff goes ‘which way?’ Bc we were at a cross roads #I said ‘that way’ and pointed towards this house #AND HE JUST STARED AT ME FOR LIKE 20 SECONDS WITH THIS KNOWING/LOVING(?) LOOK ON HIS FACE #HIS ENERGY WAS WARM AND UNDERSTANDING(??) LIKE AS IF HE KNEW ME FOREVER ALMOST #AND I JUST LOOKED HIM LIKE ‘?????’ #so he puts the truck in drive and we get to the house in the middle of the field #and again it felt too familiar for comfort #we go to the back yard where there’s strawberries in the little green basket thingies (you know what I’m talking abt) EVERYWHERE #so we’re just standing there shmackin on some strawberries???? #and it felt like we were waiting for someone to show up #then this bird pops up outta nowhere and just sits on cliffs hand? #he lets it happen too as if he was besties w the bird #I wanna say it was a crow but I don’t exactly remember #the bird hops off him on the table with all the strawberry baskets on it and comes towards me #it opens its beak and gives me something that I felt like was a nut #and I turn to cliff like ‘????’ Bc who is this bird and why a nut? #but before he can answer we hear someone come up behind up and I woke up- #CLIFF PLZ WHAT DOES THAT MEAN??? YOU CANT JUST DO THAT #mind you this was in broad daylight and the weather was warm but not super hot and again that place felt familiar #ANYWAY YEA IDK BUT THANKS I GUESS??? BUT ALSO WHAT DOES THAT MEAN #I WANT TO LIKE CRY BUT ALAS I HAVE TO GET READY FOR WORK
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in which Anthony DiNozzo Jr. witnessed everything of this from afar.
#ncis 6x24 #this is such a power move this line #first of all because he was watching everything #from the hand touching to the kiss to caressing his cheek #tony was watching her actually being in love with someone else #knowing rivkin was playing her but also incapable of setting his feelings aside to deal with the matter rationally #I mean at this point he must have figured out he felt at least something for her #and to see ziva finally opening herself to someone that was going to just use her and discard her #finally warm up to someone but then it wasn't him #and him trying not to let his feelings dictate his actions but showing them all the same when her wellbeing was on the line #he did everything for her #even if his actions were blurred by how he felt #and then he not only convince the waitress to let himself take the drink to rivkin #as the smug motherfcker that he is #but also asks this question #is this seat taken #as in did you see her walking away because I called her? #did you think I wouldn't intervene with your plans? #did you think she sees you as her boyfriend and I'm just the stupid colleague she works with? #do you really think there's no one here to protect her? that I would just back away and be scared of you? #even if there's nothing romantic between us I will be here #even if she doesn't want me to #I will be here #just to be clear #i'm sitting here because this seat IS taken #i am taking it #tony dinozzo the boss™ #making sure to put rivkin in his place with ONE line #mygifs
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Tumblr media
#h50 10x13 #sure #decision #doubt #alex o'loughlin #steve mcgarrett #hawaii five 0 #reaction gif #I liked this Ep for some points.and hated for lots of others.Steve's side on the bullying thing was sure a part that I hated #Anyway.this discussion gonna be on another gif.bc this one I got something better... #''So.U /absolutely/ sure u want to do this?''Danny said.turning around on his seat in the car to look at Steve #''I mean''He continued.''I still have 2hrs to call them and say that I want to renew my lease.So.If u changed ur mind...'' #''Danny''.Steve cut him.Voice serious but calm.They were outside Steve's house.The mood inside the car wasn't heavy at it seemed #Turning to face the Detective.Steve looked right into his eyes.''There's nothing more that I want than being w/ you'' #''I want us.I want you waking up everyday by my side.I want us living on the same house.I said it once and gonna say it again: #''I love you and want to grow old w/ you.So yes.Danny.I'm sure.I'm 100% sure abt it''.He finished by giving Danny a smile #One of /those/ smiles tbh.The ones that would unlock something inside the blond whenever he did it.Danny loved those.loved it so much #And he couldn't hold himself.Smiling back at the SEAL.he leaned forward and they met in the middle for a kiss.One filled w/ promises & hope #''I love you so much.Danno''..''I lov you too''.The time seemed to stop there.They rested their foreheads together.Just soaking the moment #Getting back to their sitting positions.Both men felt their hearts warm and light.Leaving the car.They went to Steve's--...to /Their/ house #Getting inside felt dif for Danny.But he was happy.He couldn't wait to live w/ the SEAL.(Not that he didn't spend 5dys a week there anyway) #Suddenly turning around.Steve held Danny there.Kissing him now w/ more passion.Danny getting along just great w/ it #''I'm glad we're doing this.and.To be totally honest.I was prepared to tackle and hold u down until that 2hrs window closed If I had too'' #Danny chuckled.He had too.Bc of course his Neanderthal would think in such thing.'Well.U still can do that.But for other reasons obviously' #That put Steve's patented smirk back to his face.''God.Did i tell you how much I love you?''. #''Hmm.Maybe once or twice.But I don't mind u saying again''.Danny replied w/ a bright smile.Before Steve led them to /their/ bedroom #headcanon tags #mine
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me every time i get prompts that trigger jc’s 23834738294 page grief/emo backstory & his feelings during those 13 yrs + after guanyin temple
#the hand that steers others  /  ooc  . #tbd  . #i haha enjoy writing jc so much haha #GOD HES FULL WITH LSDSNJHJ GRIEF......................... AND HE SHOVES IT OFF BC OF HIS TOXIC ASS MOM #bc she was so insecure she shoved it onto her son like constantly and now look what happened #a lof of fics portray jc to be like this sect leader who doesnt care if his disciples are afriad of him or if the townspeople fear him bc #they should fear him and hes proud of that #which like yeah. yeah okay. but thats the OUTWARD appearance he holds up #like my friends............... what is Stopping you from going deeper............ #he flaunts his fearsome rep bc it keeps people away. it keeps them out. and jc wants to keep them alllll the way out for fear of them #getting close and getting hurt bc of him. he knows he hurts ppl and he knows its gotten worse over the course of those 13 years and #he's seen the rs wbtwn his parents and hes simply afraid of somoene loving him for his outward appearance and then getting to actually know #him and hating that. he has a fear of abandonment whcih he sees as weak and vulnerable (thx mom) #but... like. he wants to be like his dad- like how he made lotus pier feel so loving and warm and how there had been no #clear class differences- poor/young/old/rich were all welcome to yunmeng ;; jc is so desperate to bring that back to life and i #just know. i just Know. that he's so fucking depressed abt how he /is/ that he cant even achieve that #sure hes sect leader but it doesnt even feel like it and hasnt for 13 years and he thinks hes not even up for this task. #he probably thinks that wwx would be better suited to be sect leader and it just drives those deep-seated insecurities further #god... yu ziyuan u rly messed up ur kid lmfao #yu ziyuan AND jiang fengmian- he was the youngest in their family and having to grow up with That... god. #i might be really biased bc i wholly understand where hes coming from and it hurts seeing him being treated that way but tbh #he's kind of always left out in his family :< even w jyl he's always left out lol its sad bc jc has the biggest heart & would do literally #anything 4 his fam but they just......... #anYWAY ILL STOP RAMBLING i just care him very much its sickening #long tags / #rambling in tags / #???????? #idk if thats even a tag ppl blacklist but jic #ok wait i should add that hes not always left out w jyl butshe shows a weird preference for wwx a lot and it can be seen as favoritism #jc doesnt say anything abt it bc thats his a-jie but coming from someone who uhhh knows & goes thru the same thing i can confirm
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tr1vialove · 2 years ago
#last night i had a dream a about namjoon n like i’ve dreamed about him before but it’s rare it’s so detailed like this so i want to write #it down here bc i wanna talk about it & also so i can go back to read it bc ............. i love dreaming about him it’s such a lucky #privilege n happy dreams are refreshing for the soul #also just thinking about it literally excites me like this dream is really all i could want !! ok i’m wasting tag space so let me tell the #story: my family n i lived in this large boarding house right on the shore n many other strangers lived there including namjoon but in the #dream he was my age so 19. and we met n of course for me i’m enamored immediately n unrealistically he liked me back n was very flirty so #and he was constantly smiling so you could see his dimple lines he just lived there by himself n wasnt an idol so ig without his dream to #rap he really isn’t the same person i love irl but otherwise the same so anyway ! #the tide was coming in but not storm like or anything but i was like ‘i have to swim ! or else i’ll die !’ #n it was like sunset so n i had been dying to swim all day so i ran out towards the tide n i grabbed namjoon n i was like ‘come with me!’ #but he had the same idea to rush out there n swim n so he just smiled n we ran n the water rushed around us we were up to our tiddies but #smiling like fools n the water was so warm n glisteny #n he just smiled the whole time ! there really is no better feeling it was so sweet i slept in just trying to make it last! #once before i had a dream we were in a baby blue convertible @ the beach and it was sunset then too #he was in the driver seat even tho really i would have to drive himwhich is ...... sexci. #maybe this is the prelude to that dream ............-?! okay i like dont even wanna think that !!! bc !!!!!!!!!!! #like the actual thought is so unreachable but i’m acc sad #but i really want like a full story now lmao like .... as far as dreams it’s chance n i don’t wanna take too much time fantasizing #as dramatic as i sound like i really don’t desrve him in dreams either so i wanna clutch on to this dream it’s so perfect as good as it #gets! everything was so beautiful n impulsive it’s what he deserves! #namjoon #my love #namjoon dream. #i’ll never get over this ! #namjoon dream
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jin0 · a month ago
Peter Parker : The Equal Opportunist Who Just So Happened To Love Boobs More [TASM!Peter Parker]
Tumblr media
Summary : Peter liked to think that he was equally obsessed with all the parts of your body you showed him. Well, turns out he might be a little bit more obsessed with your tits than the rest. And all it took to figure it out was a corset.
Pairing : TASM!Peter Parker x Reader
Warning : Minors DNI, 18+ only, titty worshipping, smut p in v, kinda fluffy sometimes, needy peter, basically filth with slight fluff if you squint, peter in itself is a warning so here.
A/N : inspired by the great @lipstickbisous who has started the andrew garfield renaissance on tumblr all on her own
It all started with a corset. One of these Victorian inspired ones that came back on trend recently. Peter had been swinging by your neighborhood and since crime was pretty calm that night, he took a little time to observe you through your window. Except, the moment his eyes landed on you through his mask, he practically crashed in a wall. Trying to catch himself and not trip off a building while landing on the roof, he rushed to the edge, looking at you with extreme focus. He needed to make sure he wasn’t seeing things. Fuck. You were really wearing it. A fucking corset. The kinds that pushed everything up. Everything he liked (even though he genuinely liked everything about you).
Looking down, he shuffled on the roof, trying desperately to hide his swelling bulge. This was a lost battle, he was wearing a spandex suit and nothing could be hidden in that thing. Reaching down to press his groin, he cleared his throat and started thinking. He wanted to call, god he wanted to jump through your window right now. But you were so focused on your work, and he wasn’t done with patrol. Fucking hell…
He ended up choosing to ignore his problem, leaping off the building and swinging away, hopefully you hadn’t seen him. For the rest of the evening, he had to fight off criminals with your beautiful beast plastered in the back of his mind.
You’d always known Peter to be a very touchy person, at least with you. You remembered the moment he asked you to be his girlfriend officially, after revealing his identity to you. You hadn’t even had the opportunity to finish saying yes that he was already webbing you on the waist to pull you to his chest and kiss you passionately. He had taken you to his apartment and while you had waited to actually have sex, you both spent the night with each other, you seating comfortably on his lap as he kissed your lips to the point of making them completely numb. Your brain ended up being all fuzzy and your entire body was warm, as warm as he was at least and he wasn’t letting you go anytime soon so you spent the night locked in this warm cocoon formed by his arms.
Over time, and as your relationship grew, you saw him shift into this insatiable man. You’d been friends for a while before, approaching him on the first day of class so you were already fairly comfortable with each other and even then touching each other had never been something you struggled with. What you did struggle with though, was how needy he got after your first time together.
That night you would remember it forever, his hands wrapping themselves tightly around pieces of your skin and caressing you all over. He had been fucking into you for so long and with this need to feel you deeper and deeper, you couldn’t believe this was the awkward Peter you had met on the first day of class. You remember even begging for him to give you a little bot of time to gather yourself. He had responded with something that would mark you forever honestly.
“S-Sorry angel, so… So fucking sorry… But I can’t… Y-You feel so fucking good… Can’t let go… Or think straight…” He groaned in your ear, keeping you pressed on the mattress as his hips slammed against your poor pussy.
You remember cumming just from his words alone, and honestly who wouldn’t ? Like, how could you resist to him or his words at all ? It clearly was impossible, also you didn’t want to so you didn’t.
But to go back on topic, Peter was a very physical person with you. He needed to have you within reach at all times and he needed to be able to touch you constantly. He felt like he’d been starved of your presence if he couldn’t reach, ear of feel you and would get in the worst mood ever. You often spent hours sitting between his legs, your laptop on your lap, typing your essays and homework for your classes. In those moments, he would keep his head buried in the crook of your neck, kissing and nipping on your skin to pass time. The little kisses and soft touches had become a very common thing for the both of you and were now expected.
This need to be as physically close to you as possible, it came with a deep admiration for your body and the way you looked. You would catch him staring countless times, eyes fixated on the part of you he craved that day. Some days he’d pull you between his legs while he was seating down and you were standing up, to bury his face in your stomach. Some days, he’d settle between your thighs, take your pants off and rest his head on them. Some days, he’d cage you against a wall and start grab handfuls of your ass to lift you off the floor, you’d stay hanging off of him like a koala bear while his hands never left your ass.
Peter called himself an equal opportunist, he would become a drooling mess for any part of you that was presented to him. You truly had him squirming in the palm of your hand at any point when you showed even the littlest amount of skin. But there was a part of you that had him so m, so, so hard, throbbing and begging each and every time he could get a glimpse if it. Your tits.
Peter had never expected to be this weak in front of a pair of tits before. He wasn’t unaware of… the wonders of the internet and did see a few things in his life but your breast were heaven wrapped in skin. So soft and the perfect size, he couldn’t take his eyes off of them or keep his hands off of you when he could have them in his hands instead.
What you never expected, was to see that love for your body skyrocket to a point of witnessing, for the first time ever, your boyfriend being to overwhelmed to touch you.
When Peter came back from patrol, he was greeted by you, laying on his bed comfortably scrolling through your phone. He was exhausted and the vision could’ve had him pass out on the spot. He was sappy as fuck, thinking of you as absolutely perfect at all times but could you truly blame him ? You plagued his dreams when he was asleep and his thoughts when he was awake. Everything about you was pulled out of his deepest fantasies.
He ripped his mask off, throwing it to the side and grabbed his old polaroid, taking a picture of you. He would add it to his private collection, the kinds that he couldn’t take out in public with him, the kinds that he wanted to enjoy either on his own or with you, in the comfort of his bed, completely naked.
You finally noticed him, smiling wide as you opened your arms for him. He felt himself fall in love with your entire existence again in this exact moments, his hands grabbing you by the waist and lifting you up effortlessly. He sat down and placed you on his thighs and dropping his face on your bust. Taking a big breath, he let your sweet scent fill his nostrils and his brain. He wanted to rip off the shirt you were wearing, slightly disappointed to not see you in the corset from earlier, and stuff his face in your breast. God, he wanted to more than anything.
He felt all fuzzy suddenly, like he’s been given some kind of relaxing drug that just made everything so soft and feel so good. That drug was you and he would never be able to get clean, not when you were everything he needed.
Grabbing his jaw softly with both your hands, you raised his face to have him face you.
“Look at you Bug Boy… All exhausted after another night of saving the city. Want me to do something for you baby ?” You cooed, kissing him all over the face. Your lip-gloss strained his forehead, his cheek and his lips before getting lower, towards his jaw.
He was giving you this sloppy grin, looking like he was either high or asleep. God, your lips were driving him absolutely insane, reaching all the perfect spots. And the way you called him baby ? He could melt on the spot. He extended his neck, throwing his head back to allow you to kiss, suck and bite lower on his neck. He was already so hard, grinding against you, desperately looking for friction.
Suddenly, you both jumped, hearing the loud police sirens pass by and the police radio in the room started resonating. Looks like criminals felt like they needed to get their asses kicked tonight.
Groaning in annoyance, the man lifted you up and put you down on the bed. He reached for a kiss which you gladly gave, grinning against his mouth as he shot a web towards his mask to bring it into his hand without ever detaching himself from your lips. He didn’t have enough, he never had enough, he needed more, his dose of kisses for the road, like you said.
The sirens kept getting louder, practically screaming for Spiderman to come fix it. He let out a scream of annoyance, telling the universe that he was coming, he’d be there, to stop rushing him. It made you laugh loudly in the pillows, the situation getting even funnier when he started cussing out criminals for ruining his time with his girlfriend. You couldn’t breath anymore when it turned into a rant about how life seemed to have less crimes before he became Spiderman.
You sat up, waving him goodbye like the good girlfriend you were, but incapable of hiding your amusement. Shooting a web towards you, he pulled you towards him, kissing you one last time.
“Keep laughing, angel, and we’ll see who gets the last laugh when I rip orgasms out of that sweet, sweet pussy of yours as punishment. I’ll have you all silly on my cock, we’ll see who’ll be laughing the most.” He grunted, biting your lips roughly and sliding his tongue in your mouth quickly before going back to “innocent” kisses.
“Don’t threaten me with a good time, Lover Boy…” You purred, grabbing his jaw and pushing him away from you. You watched him swing away from you into the distance and made a mental note to show him the things you had bought earlier this week. You hoped he would like it.
You did not get to show him what you wanted for the rest of the week but it did not stop you from killing him with it. After that little sneak peak of you in a corset, he’d been unable to take his eyes off of your breasts for the following days. Every time he looked at you, obscene visions would attack him and the more he tried to refrain and push them away, they would become more and more vivid. He was slowly losing it, trying to figure out ways to approach you without coming on too strong but, fuck was it had.
He need to throw you over his shoulder and take you back to a secluded room to stuff his face in your chest was becoming terrifyingly unbearable. So much so that he was scared to touch you, incapable of choosing what he would do to you first. He would often just hug you from behind and run away when you’d turn around, the feeling if your tits pressed against his chest sending heat all through his brain and down his pants.
When he came home, you weren’t there which he thought to be great since he needed to focus on fixing his broken web shooter and doing a little studying. He was so focused, he didn’t even see or hear you (which was surprising because Peter could practically smell you when you were near, spidey business probably).
“Sup’ Bug Boy.” You greeted, sneaking up behind him and dropping a kiss on his cheek before returning to your bag.
He only had a few things left to do and they would only take a couple of seconds so he responded with a simple nod before going back on his task. You loved seeing him like this, so focused on whatever he was doing with his glasses hanging off his nose. He looked absolutely divine and you did want to do a few nasty things to him. Okay, maybe a lot.
When he finally turned towards you, he instantly froze, eyes doubling in size and his hands tightened on the wood of his desk.
You were wearing it. The fucking corset, you were wearing it. Right now. In front of him. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, absolute fuck.
His brain had stopped working the moment his eyes dropped on you, turning back on to be filled with obscene images of you in different positions for him to see and play with. You looked so breathtaking, he had stopped breathing and didn’t even notice it until he was gasping for air. He cleared his throat, adverting his gaze away from you, as if it would do something about the effects you had on him. He turned back towards you to sneak a glance, raising his glasses off slightly. Noticing his eyes on you, you grinned turning around slightly to show off your outfit.
“You like it ? Bought it from a thrift store.” You explained walking up to him and standing between his legs. The boy cleared his throat once again, avoiding your eyes at all costs, before nodding rapidly. He pushed his rolling chair a little away from you to put a few meters of distance between you both.
You tilted your head to the side, confused by his behavior. He was usually all over you by that point. Had you done something to upset him ? Did something put him in a bad mood ? You felt a little uncomfortable not knowing but you didn’t want to rush him if he wanted to keep it to him. Now, you were worried so it wouldn’t be to bad to try. You walked towards his chair and turned it to face you.
“Pete you alright ? You’ve been really weird the whole week and just now… Did I do something ?” You asked, trying to sound as calm as possible while also feeling a little anxious. You weren’t biggest fan of fights and fighting with Peter was very rare but never pretty.
If you could’ve seen the giant wave of regret that washed over him, you would probably laugh at him. He was being extra weird with you, that was true, and it didn’t make sense. You were his best friend, his girlfriend, his everything. You’d dealt with him in worst situations that that and here he was, avoiding you because he was a little obsessed with your boobs ? What the actual fuck.
The man let out a sigh of exhaustion, dropping his face on your belly. He wrapped his arms around your waist and held you tight, as tight as he could to make up for all the missed touch of the week. Burying his nose against your stomach, he inhaled your scent deeply, letting it fill his entire being and drown him in you. The whole world was silent for a moment, just you, him, and the thousands voices in his head telling him to fuck you senseless. Yeah, Peter was rarely alone in there.
Come on Pete, look at her, she’s begging for it.
Don’t you wanna suck on them entire they’re all swollen and sensitive ?
Imagine how pretty they’d look if she was bouncing on your cock right now !
You’re craving this girl like you would crave air buddy, don’t hold back.
You’ve been twitching in your pants for the past fucking week dude, throw her on the bed and rip that fucking corset off of her !
She’d look so beautiful with just the corset on and nothing to cover her except your cum all over her.
Imagine you dick stuffed nice between these two pieces of heaven wrapped in skin.
They were all so loud and he was so needy and desperate. You could probably feel how hot his head was on you right now. He felt your hands run through his hair, your nails scratching his scalp softly, and descend all the way to his nape. Your fingers felt so soft on his skin, he was shivering at how light your touch was on him. You kept caressing him until your hands ended on his jaw, holding his face to face yours.
“You wanna tell me what’s up with you or I have to assume I stink and you don’t love me anymore ?” You asked, raising and eyebrow.
He chuckled, finally showing you that bright smile of his. You noticed the red on his face and scrunched your nose, bending down to kiss the tip of his. Then began a battle of kisses, you targeting his face and him targeting your arms and covered stomach. He was getting more and more restless, losing the little bit of restraint he seemed to have earlier. Honestly he wouldn’t try and explain why he was scared to touch you, he’d just say he was a little bit overwhelmed by you in the moment. For now, all he knew was that he would enjoy everything you had to offer.
He wrapped his hands around your waist and lifted you off the floor to place you on his lap. Giving in to his desire, he grabbed you breasts tightly and stuffed his nose between both of them. You could hear him groan on your skin and feel the vibrations caused by his deep voice. What you could also feel was his bulge rub against your covered core. You could feel every, even jumping slightly when you felt it throb against you.
Looking down on his face, you were surprised to catch him staring at you, probably waiting for you to notice him. He was looking at you with these eyes that he gave you when you teased him a little too much and he’d been containing himself for a while. All the dots started connecting in your head, the link between his weird behavior and your recent purchases. You remembered seeing Spiderman’s silhouette a week ago, before Peter came home from patrol. It had been faint so you weren’t sure but now you were. He’d seen the corset already and got himself worked up.
He could practically see the gears turning in your head, lowering his head in your chest in shame.
“Don’t say a fucking thing…” He threatened, voice muffled by your warm skin.
When you burst out laughing, he started debating webbing your mouth shut but you’d probably like that and you also had every right to laugh, he’d acted so fucking weird for a week that it did end up making the reasoning behind it ridiculous.
“Oh my god ! Peter, tell me you weren’t avoiding me because of a fucking corset !” You teased, trying to pry his face off of you. Clearly displeased at your attempt to ruin his private time with your tits, he grabbed your wrists and kept them tightly held behind your back. “Oh my fucking God, Parker ! You’re unbelievable, I swear !”
“Can you not ?! It’s difficult enough for me to deal with so please, don’t make it worst for me !” He exclaimed, still not detaching himself from you. It was hard to make his words clear or his tone sound credible. At least he had tried, which was a good thing.
You kept smiling, amused at his outburst, this man truly was something. He was lucky to be this cute because otherwise you’d be very surprised and confused. Sliding your hand in his hair, you pressed him further in your bust and chuckled when he let out a groan either of pleasure or of comfort. You kept scratching his scalp softly, melting all the self control he had over himself and his actions.
When you felt his hands grip tighter on your chest and his lips started kissing your deep cleavage, you let your head fall back in pleasure. He was massaging your breast so well, you felt your entire body relax against his. His hips started moving under you, grinding his dick against you and enjoying the little sounds you’d make.
“You’re a big baby, you know that Parker ?” You muttered, closing your eyes and enjoying the things he’d do to you.
He raised his face finally to stare at you attentively. He’d always love the way your face would slowly get more and more obscene once he got his hands on you. You looked so sweet, he wanted to devour you whole. He gripped on the neckline of the corset and lowered it a little to give his mouth more skin to play with. He was greedy, needing to have your sweet taste burned on his tongue.
“Don’t push it angel, I will fuck the jokes outta you. You know I will.” He threatened, biting and sucking your flesh.
“Ah… Baby, you know… How ‘bout… Instead of ‘threatening’ me like that, you just do what you want hum ? Take me to bed and do all the things you want, I’m sure it’ll make you feel better.” You moaned, looking down on his handsome face.
“Fuck, you don’t need to tell me twice.” He exhaled, standing up abruptly and lifting you up with him.
The moment your body touches the mattress, you lose all capacities to function ln your own. Peter’s treatment of your body is so soft yet desperate, you abandon yourself completely to let him do whatever he wants to do to you. Kneeling in front of you on the bed, he parts your legs wide to position himself between them. His deep brown eyes are so intense and full of lust, you feel yourself shiver and your blood starts boiling. You can’t bear his eyes on you, not when he’s looking at you like that.
He pulls you flush against his body, and let’s his bulge hit your clothes pussy. He can feel everything, smell it even. You’re wet and aching for him, begging and throbbing for him to touch you. He would, he wants to, God, the amount if things he wants to do to you on a daily is insane. He should be put in a facility for wanting you this bad, it can’t be healthy. He knows it can’t be healthy, not when you make his blood travel around his body so fast and you make him so hot all over, he feels like he’s going through puberty all over again.
Feeling your arousal drip through your panties, he wanted to stuff his face between your legs and feast on you like it was his last meal. He could practically taste you already, just from you scent. You tasted sweet, like honey and fresh berries, so sweet he could feel the cavities form already. Fuck, he wanted to see you squirm under him, his tongue dancing between your folds and his name falling from you lips like a song made just for him.
He wanted to have a taste of you entire body, which wasn’t too different from the usual, but today he had a specific craving. One that had tickled him the entire week, teasing him so hard he could barely touch you without getting hard in public. He had been scared to have you in his arms because he knew he would very much pull you out of your class to fuck you in the bathroom until he knew your legs to be shaking for the rest of the day. He wanted you needy like he was, like you’d made him. You and your gorgeous tits.
Diving in your neck, he kissed you all over your jaw, whispering your name desperately. His hands crawled under the tight corset that hid his favorite part of you and palmed your stomach vigorously. His teeth were biting your jaw bone and sucking on it, leaving little swollen bumps behind him. Hands getting higher and higher, you pushed your hips towards his, rubbing yourself against his clothed cock. You could feel it call for you, begging to be freed and pleased.
“F-Fuck… You… You taste so good… So, so, so good… Your skin’s like a jar of fucking honey… Can’t get enough of it…” He grunted, in your ear, his long fingers grazing the lower part of your breasts.
Reaching up, your hands crawled in his soft brown hair to pull him away from your chest and crash you lips on his. You both loved kissing each other because no matter what, it always got so much more needy and desperate than what it was supposed to, just like now. Before his lips could even touch yours, his tongue was already deep in your throat, twirling in your mouth and gliding over yours.
You moaned in his mouth, begging for him to be inside you as your breath shortened until you needed to pull away to breath a little. You needed air, he didn’t, he wouldn’t stop, he couldn’t, not when you tasted so fucking good. His hands slipped out from under the tight piece of clothing and slid behind you to undo the laces that kept what he wanted locked away from him.
When it was loose enough, he pulled it down roughly, watching your breast sway in front of his nose. He was already drooling from the kiss alone but seeing the source of his fantasies for the first time in so long (again, a week), it made his mouth water.
“God, I missed you so fucking much…” He whispered, grabbing both of them in his hands and rubbing his nose against your skin.
“You talking to me or my boobs ?” You chuckled, amused at how dramatic he was.
Lifting his face off of you, he gave you this toothy grin you got every time he was either extremely tired or too horny to think rationally.
“Honestly, both… Sorry…” He apologized, feeling a little ashamed at how worked up he got. When you slid your hand back in his hair, he closed his eyes, enjoying the relaxing feeling you provided.
“Don’t mind me, Baby…” You smiled softly. “Have your fun, you deserve it for loving me that much” You smiled, pecking his nose.
Smiling back at you, his warm palm reached up to your face, cradling your cheek lovingly and moving his face towards yours. He was called, hypnotized towards so many parts of your body, your lips were always the most violent, because no matter what setting, he would never care enough to refuse them. He’d kiss you until your lips were plump and swollen, your lipgloss smeared all over his own and you were breathless.
You both were both so dizzy and drunk on each other’s scents and touches, it was practically impossible to pry you off if each other. Peter’s nose ran down the side of your neck while his hands lowered towards his pants. Opening them swiftly, he reached in his boxers to pump his shaft a little, more to relieve his throbbing cock, so hard it started to hurt. He shuffled with his legs to get rid of his pants before reaching up to your panties.
“Fuck angel… That pretty pussy’s so wet, you’ve drenched your panties love… How ‘m I supposed to resist that huh ?” He groaned, smiling at your displeased expression. You were getting restless, just like he liked it.
“Pete… Baby please… Don’t tease me…” You begged, searching for his lips with your whole face.
Seeing you struggle to contain yourself and whine for him just made him feel so much worst, he wouldn’t be sure to be able to let you go that easily for the night. You were lucky for the weekend.
Standing straight and kneeling between your thighs, he smiled wickedly at your hard and pointed nipples. He let his fingers graze them delicately, enjoying the way your body shook under his fingers. He wouldn’t make you wait any longer anymore. He needed you right now. He ripped off your underwear and let your corset drop on the floor, leaving you in your skirt and nothing else.
“’M so sorry gorgeous, I swear… I promise I’ll take good care of you tomorrow… I swear…” He muttered, kissing down on your cleavage and elevating your tits in his hands to kiss both tenderly. “So, so, so good… I’ll have you all relaxed…”
“Y-Yeah… Please Baby… T-Take care of me… Please Pete…” You whined, rolling your hips on him. He could feel every, your folds dripping wetness on your inner thighs and the feeling of his shaft pulsating against your throbbing cunt.
Suddenly, one of his arms snaked around your back while the other palmed one of your breasts, licking and biting on your nipple before hoisting you up and placing you down on his lap. His mouth still attached to you, his hands held onto your hips, massaging them as he apologized profusely for what he was about to do. You felt his fingers play with your puffy, swollen folds, making you cry and whine over him. You needed him, more and more each second. You could feel the thick, leaking tip of his cock poke you entrance and you couldn’t hold on any longer.
“P-Pete… Baby please… D-Do something… I can’t hold it…” You moaned, rolling your hips in circles over his tip and inhaling sharply when you tried to push yourself down on him.
He chuckled against your chest, kissing the valley of your breasts before going back up to your jaw and then your lips.
“God, angel… You’ll have me dead one day…” He breathed out.
His fingers parted you open, lining himself at your entrance, before you sat yourself down on his cock. The movement was unexpected and the intrusion was rough, brutal almost. You felt so full, full to the point of seeing him poke out if your belly. The tears of pleasure were threatening to come out as you felt him pulsate inside you, feeling him grow bigger and stretch you further and further.
If you weren’t so out of it yourself you would see that he wasn’t too far from the state you were in. He couldn’t even see straight, his head thrown back and his hands gripping your flesh so tight, you would feel them for days after. You were wrapped around his cock so tight and warm, velvety walls fluttering around him. He could cum just from being inside you, filling you up once and then fucking it back into you. He wanted to see you covered in his cum, your chest painted with his seed. Fuck, he would do that later, for now, he just really needed to fuck you.
Grabbing two handfuls of your ass under your skirt, he lifted you up from his girth, biting his lip hard to keep in a desperate moan, before slamming you back down on him. He repeated the motion, increasing in speed a little more each time, before he saw you lose yourself completely over him. Your eyes were crossed and already rolled to the back of your head, your poor pussy taking him greedily. You were dripping so much over him, he could vividly hear the sound of your wetness as your skin slapped against each other.
“A-Ah… Look… Look at you Angel… Looking so, so, so beautiful… Taking so much of me… C-Can’t keep anything in for you… “ He moaned, biting your neck instead of his lips.
His arms were still tight around your waist, keeping your from falling backwards as you leaned on his thighs and started meeting his thrusts. Your cunt swallowing him whole, you could feel your entire body shaking every time his bulbous tip would violently hit your cervix. You were crying out his name as you started to bounce on his thigh, taking one of your tits in hand and playing with your nipples.
If Peter could take a picture of what he was seeing right now, he would, immortalizing it in all the possible and existing formats. Here you were, crying his name while jumping on his cock and playing with those gorgeous tits of yours. The vision in itself was too much and he knew he would keep it burned in his memories forever. Loosing all capacity to form coherent phrases, he started moaning your name as if it was the only word he knew, the rest were just gibberish and rambling.
“B-Baby… Fuck, Baby… A-Angel y-you… You… Y-You gotta… Oh f-fuck… Oh God… F-Fuck… F-Feels… F-Fuck… Feels so… So good…” He moaned, drooling profusely at the vision of your tits bouncing right in front of his face.
The obscene noises of his balls slapping against your folds made it all too much for the both of you to contain yourselves. Ripping your hands off of your nipples that you kept rolling between your fingers, he held the both of them behind your back again before diving in your breast and sucking one of your nipples in his mouth while he twirled the other in his fingers. Sucking and biting on your skin, he looked up at you with hooded eyes, full of both lust and adoration. Feeling your warm skin vibrate against his face and he kept lapping his tongue on your sensitive bud, he felt like cumming instantly. He couldn’t feel how good he made you feel with his mouth on you and he wanted nothing more than to make you feel even better.
He freed your nipple, a wet plop sound following as well as a line of saliva, before rushing to the other one eagerly. You tasted so fucking good, your skin tasted like candy, he couldn’t get enough. When your fingers pushed his face closer to you, his own eyes rolled to the back of his head. Je sucked on your chest even more, biting your skin and leaving wet patches behind him, his own hips started to move even more.
“Oh…Fuck ! Peter, Baby… P-Please ! I-I need… I need more !” You cried out, feeling your pussy clenching around him.
He was so needy, palming and sucking on your skin vigorously, like he was trying to burn your taste on his tongue. Detaching his lips from you to breath finally, you tightened around him, feeling his breath on your wet nipples. His forehead rested against your bust as he tried to moan and catch his breath all at once. The vibrations of his deep voice as your name tumbled out of his lips, begging for you a little more passionately each time, sending shivers down your spine.
He grabbed your breasts, kissing all over them as he felt his end coming. His movements became a little messier, pumping himself deep in you. He needed you to cum and he needed it quick.
“B-Baby… Baby… Please, f-fuck… Cum… You gotta… You gotta cum… Please, god, fuck… Please…” He cried, kissing your skin repeatedly to calm himself. It wasn’t working clearly.
Your own hip rolls accelerated, your cunt dripping juices all over him as you felt a knot form in your belly. Both of you thrusting together against each other and not allowing the other a second of peace, you kept fucking each other roughly and desperately. Soon, you were pressing his face on your cleavage, cumming all over him while crying his name as loudly as your vocal cords allowed.
Hearing your sweet voice scream his name like that, he couldn’t keep the ropes of cum he spilled in you and making you tremble on his lap. He tried to keep you steady, feeling to sensitive to handle your fluttering walls trap him a little more inside you as he kept cumming a little more. It felt like it was going on for so long, dripping so much inside you he could feel it leak out.
He was breathing hard against your chest, his eyes lowered and he saw the point where his girth connected with your insides. He smiled lazily, seeing his creamy seed drip out of you. There was so much, he doubted you’d be able to keep it all in. Your soft hands held his jaw and raised his face towards yours.
“I guess that means that you enjoyed the corset…” You chuckled, looking exhausted but beautiful as ever. He smiled widely, puckering his lips in your direction and chuckling when you kissed him tenderly. Again, like predicted, it became more heated than it was supposed too. Your tongues folding over each other and moans slipping out of your throats.
“You have no idea how much I liked that thing…” He responded in a whisper to not disturb the calm atmosphere. “But please… For the love if everything there is…” He laid you on your back, before bending down and kissing your forehead tenderly. “Warn me before you wear one next time… I might need a little time to mentally prepare myself… Can’t have me fucking you in public because your tits are just that fucking beautiful…” He pleaded softly against your lips.
Pulling out of you, you thought he would be done but instead, he straddled you, his cock still hard and needing a little more attention. You chuckled, grazing your finger over the tip and watching him inhale sharply.
“But… I love catching you by surprise…” You whined, faking innocence. You pushed your tots together and looked up at him with doe eyes, tempting him even more. He collapsed over you, holding his body up with his forearms around your face.
“Yeah…” Breathed out the young man, trying to contain his smile. “Well, hope you enjoyed the surprise Angel…” Straightening his back, he started pumping his shaft over your breasts. “Because I’m not anywhere near done with you… I’ve got a lot of things I wanna do to you right now… Let’s see in how many ways I can fuck you and how many pictures I can take…”
You were in for a long night. Still, you made a mental note to catch him by surprise with more corsets in the future, you weren’t going to waste that new trick you discovered.
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megpeggs · 26 days ago
Little things I love in Encanto (Careful spoilers)
The member of the family that is talked about in The Family Madrigal being more saturated than the rest in the wall painting
The embroidery on Mirabel's clothing
Every gift somehow being represented in the family's clothing: Herbs and hearts in Julieta's apron, suns in Pepa's dress and little lightning bolts on her headband, hourglasses on Bruno's ruana, flowers on Isabela's dress, soundwaves all over Dolores' blouse and skirt, dumbbells on Luisa's skirt, chameleons on Camilo's ruana, butterflies and a lot of other things on Mirabel's clothing, (not so sure about Antonio-)
The butterfly symbolism all over the movie always in connection to Mirabel
Agustín's little flower
Félix never being mad at Pepa with her clouds and being a supportive husband: (To Antonio): "Look at you all grown up!" - "Pepi, amor, you're gonna get him all wet!"/ (To Alma): "I'm doing my best!" - "Yes!" - "You're lucky it's not a hurricane!"
Dolores' little squeaks
Dolores covering her ears whenever it gets loud
Dolores hinting multiple times that Bruno is still in the house
Félix giving Antonio a thumbs up for telling his animal friends to warm up Abuela's seat
The metaphorics in Surface Pressure
Luisa being a softie
Luisa fixing Mirabel's glasses
Pepa covering the stuffed animals' ears when saying "when I heard the name we don't speak of"
The way Félix lights up when talking about their wedding day
The umbrellas the characters in the background have being in the colors of the Colombian flag
Isabela indicating that the apparent perfect life she has now is not the one she actually wants/not the life of her dreams in WDTAB: "He told me that the life of my dreams would be promised and one day be mine."
"He told me that my powers would grow like the grapes that thrive on the vine" - Foreshadowing
The hand movement during Isabela's part of the background characters and Camilo being the only one to look at his hand either for more dramatic effect or in a "what the heck am I doing" kind of thing- can't exactly tell both is perfect for him
Agustín just stuffing Bruno's vision in his pockets
Bruno knocking on wood, throwing salt over his shoulder and avoiding the cracks on the floor as Mirabel is talking about his vision to prevent bad luck that he thinks he and his visions bring :(
Antonio giving Bruno his stuffed jaguar he got from Mirabel, proceeding to lean on an actual jaguar with the sentence "for the nerves" - what a chad
Agustín saying he was trying to protect Mirabel when confronted by Alma with the vision
Julieta's development of standing up for Mirabel to Alma. From her gently asking Alma to be more gentle to Mirabel before Antonio's gift ceremony to saying "You were always too harsh on Mirabel"
Isabela's melody in WDTAB being reprised in What Else Can I Do by Mirabel
Isabela being ashamed when Alma sees her - in a "ruined dress" and messier hair - with Mirabel after What Else Can I Do
The metaphoric with Alma's "The cracks started with you" to Mirabel because the family did start to crack (more) when Mirabel didn't get a gift.
Camilo and Isabela trying to get the candle but loosing their powers mid air and being caught by Casita
Julieta and Agustín fighting Casita to get to Mirabel as Casita is crumbling and trying to get the family out
Julieta yelling "Mirabel leave it!" as Mirabel is still trying to get the candle
The entire encanto breaking along with Casita as it is part of the miracle too
Pepa's "Antonio don't cry, don't cry" afterwards
Camilo's incredibly easy to overhear line: "My powers they're gone I don't- what about Antonio? What's he gonna do?"
Dolores trying to use her enhanced hearing to find Mirabel only to realize she no longer has it
The difference of Alma and Pedro's story in the beginning and towards the end
The constant reoccurring of "open your eyes" between Alma and Mirabel. Abuela Alma opens the movie with saying it to five year old Mirabel, Mirabel sings it to Alma in Waiting On A Miracle in a desperate, frustrated tone, in the flashback scene at the river Alma says "I lost sight of who our miracle was for", shortly after Mirabel says "I finally see" after recognizing the butterfly from Bruno's vision, Alma singing "Open your eyes - Abre tus ojos" to Mirabel in All of You
Pepa being the first of the sisters to hug Bruno
Not reduced to Encanto, happens in musicals all the time but the melodies of Isabela's part in WDTAB and Surface Pressure and The Family Madrigal reprising in All of You
Camilo trying to spin the shovel Mirabel gave him, dropping it and checking if Mirabel saw it
The doorknob
The M on the doorknob can stand for both "Mirabel" and "Madrigal"
Mirabel standing in the middle in the front door as she is the one holding the family together
Isabela and Mirabel being Dolores' wingwomen
A deep blue being the main color on Isabela's colorful dress making her fit in more with her parents and siblings
Pepa's and Julieta's love for their children
Feel free to add more :D
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gotkindabored · a month ago
🤍 Once again, congrats on the milestone. Anyway, you should do the arachnophobia fic idea! It's so adorable!
Tumblr media
The Itsy Bitsy Spider
Funnily enough, Peter’s girlfriend has a crippling fear of spiders.
CONTENT: fluff, fem!reader, everyone is 18+
NOTES: I’m afraid of the dark… maybe you could come sleep with me ;)
Tumblr media
By every definition of the word, Peter never considered himself a morning person. If anything, he despised mornings, but he could always appreciate the beauty in them.
When the sky took its time waking up along with the rest of the city, Peter became aware of several things almost at once: how the sun rose, painting the sky with hues of lilacs and pinks, golden threads of morning light pouring through the windows of his shared flat that warmed his skin. It brought another day of hopes and aspirations, soon to be fulfilled goals and another day spent with loved ones.
Instinctively, he reached out to the spot beside him, expecting to roll over and be embraced with a warm hug, only to frown when the sheets were cold and his girlfriend out of sight.
With a few bleary blinks, muddled with faint memories of his dream, Peter’s eyes momentarily clenched shut as stretched his limbs, hearing the popping of joints and unravelling knots before he got up with an exasperated sigh.
It was a Saturday morning, and he had no intention of waking up that early, but the bed was cold and empty.
A strangled plea, desperation, a familiar voice.
A hot flash struck Peter’s body — contrasting with the chill sensation that ran down his spine and collected and pooled deep in his gut.
Jumping out of bed, he grabbed his web-shooters with shaky hands but it felt as if his vision had been disfigured — as if he were staring through a fish-eye lens while attaching them to his wrist.
His chest grew tight and thundered as bile rushed to his throat. Blood rushed into his ears that muffled and encased his head in static noise.
He breathed hard, rushing up to the bedroom door and nearly ripping it off its hinges. Uncertainty bled through every action — the panic coursing through him only amplified the accompanying scream of her name.
Barreling into the living room, his eyes darted to find his girlfriend standing in the centre of the room. Without thought, webs shot out and grabbed her, pulling her back into Peter’s chest before shoving her behind him.
“Where is it? Are you hurt? What happened?” He fired rapidly, arms outstretched wide to broaden his coverage to shield her. His mind reeled into overdrive.
But a second came and went, and the silence prevailed, only for Peter's ragged breath, becoming shorter, sharper, to fill the room.
Hesitantly examining for any trace of the intruder, Peter tossed a look to her, staring into her eyes wide with panic.
“I know you’re scared but you have to tell me. Where did it go?”
Her arm shot up, finger waving mid-air. “Up there!”
About to shoot out another web, Peter paused, blinking in utter disbelief.
Adjacent to them, seated in the far right corner of the wall, unmoving and unthreatening, was a spider — a relatively small one at that. It remained motionless, biding its time in the uncharted territory as its beady eyes leered at them, standing on eight legs.
“Please get it!”
Relaxing and slumping his shoulders, he sighed, licked his lips and burst into a fit of laughter. Peter spun around to cup her face in his hands, slightly shaking her in timing with his speech. “You — argh! I thought something bad happened to you! Don’t. You. Ever. Scare. Me. Like. That!”
But she was preoccupied, focus still stuck on the spider that was now scuffling towards them at a menacing speed that had her wiggling out of his grasp.
“Pete, please!”
He shook his head with a smile and breathless laugh. “You’re scared of the itsy bitsy spider?”
“It’s huge!”
Peter rolled his eyes, gesturing to himself. “You sleep with one every night!”
“Well, my Spidey doesn’t have eight legs and a hundred eyes!” She scoffed as if he was the ridiculous one while pushing him further to the spider. “They’re so ugly! And disgusting — atrocious little creatures!”
“I’m trying really hard not to get offended right now.”
“Can you just kill it already?”
“Kill it?” He exclaimed. “That’s self-murder — suicide!”
Her whining ensued, cowering away as Peter climbed the wall, letting the spider crawl into his hands despite her protest to use a napkin and cup instead.
It was a small common house spider with black and brown fuzz. She no longer bothered with words, only gagging as Peter observed the creature in the palm of his hand. Either way, he found the situation becoming increasingly hilarious as he cracked open the window and let the spider free.
With a yawn, he held out his hand to lead her to the bedroom, yet she refused, sputtering about washing them first.
“Oh come on! You didn’t mind a certain spider’s hands on you last night.”
And with the flattening of her mouth, she rolled her eyes and took his hand. Although reluctantly and with a grimace on her face.
Who knew the beauty of mornings also included capturing spiders?
Tumblr media
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sourkoo · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
❛ You know when Jungkook says ‘give me five minutes’ you have to take matters into your own hands. ❜
━  REQUESTED: yes.
━  PAIRING: jungkook x fem!reader.
━  RATING: 18+
━  GENRE: smut, fluff (not that noticeable but they're in love).
━  AU: idol, established relationship, pwp.
━  CONTENT: cock-warming, unprotected sex (your life isn’t a fanfic, take care of yourself), nipple play basically boob worshipping, spanking (just once, really).
━  CONTENT WARNING: spanking (again, just once), domestic boyfriend!koo cause that needs to be a warning.
━  WORD COUNT: 2,1k.
━  NOTE: gamer domestic boyfriend!koo, i missed youuuu~ this is the first of many things that i’ll repost here. i tried to make it less yucky, but you know my english isn’t all that great, so… if there are any mistakes PLEASE let me know, mmkay? thank you, i love you<3
check out my masterlist here.
Tumblr media
The sound of gunshots and Jungkook’s agitated voice wakes you up abruptly from your dreamless sleep. Your heart hammers against your chest and it takes you five seconds to realize that Jungkook is in fact playing one of his online games instead of being brutally murdered (though you bet he’d disagree with the last statement). Groaning, you take a look at the, way too bright, screen of your phone with squinting eyes. It’s 7:39 pm, which means you’ve been asleep for almost half of the day. You suppose Jungkook has played for as long as you’ve slept.
You get up from the bed and put your messy bird's nest of hair up in an equally messy ponytail. You leave the room with eyes half-opened and follow the sounds that only get louder as you near the almost empty room where Jungkook drops the things he knows you hate seeing all over the apartment.
He’s sitting on the couch that’s right in front of his computer monitor, his body bent forward to have his face as close to the screen as he can be, something you always scold him for. Why does he, a millionaire, sit on a couch instead of buying a proper gaming chair? You’ll never know.
As you get closer to him you start hearing Taehyung’s voice through his headset, yelling things that don’t really make sense to you, but you guess it’s a mix of curse words and orders.
You’ve been spending the entire weekend with Jungkook, making the most of the free days he’s been given. You watched mediocre comedy movies, ate takeout for lunch and dinner, took hours-long naps at least twice a day, and now… now it’s Monday, his break ends tomorrow, you’re bored and maybe a little horny which is honestly the same thing to you.
You expected you’d have sex at least once during the weekend since you haven’t had alone time with Jungkook in a long time, but all you’ve gotten these days was some heavy groping during make-out sessions that got interrupted by the concierge calling you to let you know the delivery guys were waiting for you.
You take a seat next to him and rest your head on his shoulder.
“Mornin’, sleepyhead.” Jungkook spares you a quick glance and laughs when you let out a long yawn. “I’m guessing you slept well?”
“Why didn’t you wake me up?” You pout even if you know he’s no longer looking at you, his eyes fixed on the screen in front of you.
You whine and snuggle your face on his neck in a weak attempt to get his attention, obviously failing to get it.
“You looked so —damnit, hyung, he was right in front of you!— you looked so comfortable, I didn’t wanna…” He slurs his words and leaves his mouth slightly parted as he concentrates on throwing a grenade at a hiding character.
If you’re being honest, you never paid enough attention to the games Jungkook plays, finding it way more interesting to watch how invested he is in winning; the sounds he makes, scrunching his nose every now and then.
“Didn’t wanna…?” You ask even though you know you already lost him.
You sigh and look up at his face, placing your hand on his thigh and squeezing the taut muscle softly. A smile creeps on your face when you see him lick his lips before he presses them together in a thin line. He’s trying not to get distracted but, by God, you wanna fuck.
“You horny?” he asks, always the romantic.
You hum and squeeze his thigh a little harder this time, feeling the muscle flex under your touch. You lick the skin of his neck with the tip of your tongue and suck on the sensitive spot right above his collarbone. Jungkook tilts his head to give you more space, eyes barely blinking as he tries to focus on playing.
“You keep playing your games when you should play with me instead.”
Taehyung yells before making more gagging noises that you’re not entirely sure are fake this time.
“Hyung, for your own sake, I’m turning my mic off.” You see him push some sort of button on his mic and use one of his hands to pull down his basketball shorts past his knees. You raise an eyebrow when you see his lack of underwear. “Take your panties off and sit on my cock.”
You laugh and you lean away from him. “You’re not even hard.”
“Just do it,” He laughs, sitting up straight on the couch to give you space. “Need me to prep you?”
You do as you’re told and push your panties down your legs, sitting on Jungkook’s lap quickly and carefully to not block his view, your face facing his. You take his cock in your hand and center it to your already wet entrance. “No need.”
You bite your lip as you focus on going slow as to not hurt his half-hard length, hearing Jungkook let out a dragged-out moan.
“Don’t move,” he says and wraps his arms around your waist as fast as he can to his hands back on the keyboard. “Give me five minutes to win, and then I’ll focus on you.”
You sigh and lean back on his chest in a lazy hug, hiding your face on the crook of his neck. Five minutes seem like an eternity to you, especially when you feel how Jungkook is hardening inside you.
An idea that is surely going to piss off Jungkook pops in your head and you smile in satisfaction. You feign innocence by sighing softly again at the same time as you clench the walls of your cunt around his cock, trying your best not to laugh at his horrified gasp and luckily succeeding.
Unfortunately, Jungkook is not the type to accept teasing when he’s focused on something else, so your fun doesn’t last long.
He thrusts up his hips and the head of his cock kisses your cervix momentarily. “Stop it.” He says through gritted teeth, ignoring the squeak that came out of your mouth.
“Can’t help it.” You whisper, not dropping the innocent act just yet, but you know it’s a little white lie that Jungkook won’t buy.
You wait a dreadfully long minute before you tighten your muscles around him again, softly but constantly, trying to pass off the devilish action as if your pussy is throbbing, something Jungkook knows you can’t help but do when he’s inside of you.
He groans and wraps one arm around your waist (you assume that he’s trying his best to keep playing with only one hand), using his grip on you to thrust up into you much harder this time. You cry and moan softly just to distract him.
“Don’t test me, baby,” oh, but you will. “I swear if you pull that shit again, I’m going to make your pussy so sore you’re gonna wish you hadn’t done that.”
He returns his attention to the game, his arm leaving your waist, and you wait just a bit more until he’s fully focused again to grind your hips on his, pressing your lips together to suppress an evil laugh. He grunts and takes his headset off, grabbing your chin with his hand and forcing you to look at him.
“You think that was funny? you’re a fucking brat, you know that?” If you didn’t know him better, you’d think he’s angry at you, but the amused smile on his face gives him away easily. “Fuck yourself on my cock if that’s what you want too so bad.”
He pulls your baggy t-shirt off and strokes the warm skin of your back. You grind your hips to feel him as deep as you can before you start bouncing on his lap at a slow but steady pace. He holds your hips with one hand in a tight grip while the other lean your body slightly to the back to attach his mouth to one of your breasts. His lips ghost over your boob as his tongue rolls around your nipple, biting the little bud to give you just the right amount of pain. You try to move slower to make his job easier, the bouncing of your tits making it hard for him to keep his mouth on you, but the palm of his hand hits your backside before he starts fucking up at you.
“Keep movin’,” he mumbles against your chest.
You look down at him and whimper. He looks so focused playing with your nipple, eyes closed and lips sucking on the perky, hardened bud before starting to move his tongue in a zig-zag motion, making you moan and throw your head back. Burying your fingers on his soft hair, you tug it softly, knowing how much he likes the slight burn on his scalp. His arm around your waist keeps your upper body much steadier this time, controlling the pace of his thrust to the way you both like.
You move one of your hands to cup your breast and squeeze it right in front of Jungkook’s face, smirking when he moans and his cock twitches inside you. He opens his mouth wider to suck on more skin, his teeth grazing your nipples.
He moves one of his arms to squeeze your neglected breast, pinching the nipple on his thumb and middle finger as his index finger flicks the nub quickly. You’re clenching and spilling your juices down his length, making lewd noises as his hips collide almost painfully with the back of your thighs.
“Gonna cum,” you warn, grinding your hips against him. “Kook, ‘m gonna cum.”
He groans before detaching his mouth from your breast. He holds you tightly and turns you both around to lay you down on the couch, propping one of his knees on it. One of his hands spreads your thighs further apart as he begins to fuck you as fast and hard as he can. His tongue finds your nipple again and sucks on it like a starved man
“’M in love with your tits,” A soft giggle comes up your chest and out of your mouth, quickly replaced by a loud cry as his hips shake your body up and down on the couch. “I’m in love with you.”
You sigh in contentment and throw your head back, looking down at Jungkook with your mouth open. He grabs your leg and throws it gently (sort of) over his shoulder, his cock digging deeper inside you and rubbing your sweet spot each time. You moan and arch your back, feeling little drops of sweat fall on your chest from Jungkook’s forehead. You’re both sweating and panting for air, so close to your orgasm that you’re fucking faster than two horny teenagers who were left home alone for the first time.
Jungkook buries his head on the crook of your shoulder, choked groans leaving his mouth as his thrusts get sloppy. You can feel him twitch inside you and you know he’s holding back until you cum first which doesn’t really take too long to happen, his dancer’s hips nail you perfectly and make you scream and shake as the bliss of your orgasm runs through your spent body. He rides out your high with a few more thrusts until he pulls out, jerking himself and looking at your eyes.
“Where?” he asks and you can barely focus on his words. You squeeze your tits together and stick out your tongue. “Shitshitshit,” his hand jerks the length of his cock a few times, his fingers focused under the head before he moans and spills his hot cum all over your boobs, some of it landing on your awaiting tongue.
He rests his body on top of yours momentarily, catching his breath before he pulls away to sit back on the couch. His hands help you straddle his hips again, caressing your thighs slowly. His fingers run through your hair as you both pant for air and look at each other for what seems an eternity. You lean your forehead against his, chests pressed together and feeling each other’s rapid heartbeats.
“You know what I just realized?” You wait until he mutters a soft ‘what’ against your shoulder to reply. “We never even kissed.”
He pulls away from your shoulder and raises an eyebrow, confusion tinting his face as he realizes. He grins and presses his lips to yours, kissing you softly and teasing your bottom lip with his tongue. You open up your mouth and invite his tongue past your lips, feeling it explore your mouth before he sucks on your tongue. The kiss is messy, wet, and uncoordinated, but you don’t care at all.
It’s him, and as long as it’s him, you want anything and everything he’s got to offer.
Tumblr media
ㅤㅤ𝟐𝐎𝟐𝟏 © 𝐒𝐎𝐔𝐑𝐊𝐎𝐎 | all rights reserved — do not copy,
ㅤㅤㅤmodify, re-distribute or translate any of my works.
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bubblegumspacebxtch · 15 days ago
Make a Mess
Tumblr media
A/N: I'm back with another smutty Fez imagine LOL but this time it was requested by @werejustlefttodecay thanks for the prompt boo!!
summary: again not really a summary but this takes place during Euphoria season 1 episode 7, the part where Rue goes to Fez about Nate
warnings || 18+ smut, minors DNI, thigh riding, dirty talk, praise kink, drug usage
"Because all of this shit, it's connected, Fez." You watch Rue ramble like a crazy person while you and Fez awkwardly watch. "Word," he replies back. Rue was definitely going through something right now, and why you agreed to drive her to Fezco's house, you don't know either. "Do you still have that gun?" You turn your head to Rue, raising a brow at her. "What you worried about my guns for?" Fez answers back, glancing at you as you watch Rue just as confused. "Okay, well. I was thinking that maybe you could use one to scare Nate Jacobs," she says, tilting her head. "Are you serious?" Fez glares at her. "Yeah Rue. What the fuck?" Fez turns his attention to you, his stare making you tug at the ends of your skirt, feeling your cheeks warm a bit as he looks you up and down. "Rue, that must be the dumbest shit you've said all fucking day."
Before Rue could respond, you all hear Fezco's phone chime in his pocket. "Fuck, Mouse is here." He stands and heads for the door. "Alright, so stay in here. Be quiet," Fez orders the two of you. "Fez, I can't." Rue starts walking towards the door, but he stops her. "Yes, the fuck you can," Fez snaps back. He turns to you, giving you the same intense glare. "Can you make sure she doesn't do anything mad stupid please?" You give him a small nod before lightly holding Rue's arm. "I think we better listen to him." With that Fez closes the door behind him. You and Rue look around before finding chairs to sit on. "Fuck, Rue. We shouldn't have come here." You whisper to her after a couple of moments in silence, but she wasn't paying attention. "I can't stay here," she mumbles after a couple minutes. You watch her quietly open the door. "Rue!" you whisper her name to call her back, but she was already tiptoeing down the hall then out of the house.
Contemplating on whether you should follow her lead, you remember you left your purse on the kitchen counter. Fuck. You knew you couldn't get it without risking being seen by whoever was in the living room. Minutes felt like hours while you waited for them to leave, but when you heard the sound of a door opening then closing, you let out a breath you didn't know you were holding. "Yo, you can come out now," you heard Fez call out from the living room. You timidly opened the door, and walked towards where he was seated on the couch. "Uh Rue left," you stand behind one of the couches awkwardly. "Yeah. I saw her sneak out." Fez stares at you, and you shy away from his intense blue eyes. Fuck. He's got to stop looking at you like that or so help you God.
Not knowing whether it would be a good time to leave, you open your mouth to say something, but Fez started talking before you. "You smoke?" he asks as he pulls out a blunt from his pocket, lighting it while maintaining eye contact. "Uhm yeah sure." You grab your bag from the counter before sitting down on the opposite end of the couch. You watch Fez take a drag before turning to hand the blunt to you. He watches you take it between your lips, inhaling as you do so. You slowly throw your head back as you exhale, already feeling much less tense than you were minutes ago.
"What kind of name is Mouse?" You giggled before taking another drag. You and Fez have been talking for what felt like hours, your thighs occasionally touching as you both have shifted closer together on the couch. The molly making you at ease as you casually conversed. The truth is you always found him attractive. Fez didn't talk much, but you liked how chill he was. That's probably the reason you couldn't hold a decent conversation with him without getting all flustered, until now. "I don't fucking know," he grins as he takes the blunt from you. "But I ain't judgin' I mean Fezco isn't a normal name either." You turn to him, smiling. "I actually really like your name. It's pretty unique." He smirks at that. "I like your name too, Y/N." Oh shit. You absentmindedly cross your legs, feeling yourself get turned on at the sound of your name from his mouth. Your reaction didn’t go unnoticed. Fez winks at you, making you blush as he puffs out smoke.
Fez stares at your lips, watching you wrap them around the blunt. He coughed lightly to cover up the groan caught in his throat. The things you do to him. He swears if you keep looking at him, all doe-eyed and shit, he was gonna lose it. You pass him the blunt, but he takes it and puts it down on the table. You furrow your brows at him in question. Before you knew it, he grabs the side of your face to kiss you. You were caught off guard, letting out a small gasp. Fez pulls away. "Shit, I-" you cut him off kissing him again. You move to straddle his lap, moaning into the kiss. He pulls away to leave open-mouth kisses to your neck as you grind your hips down. You grab his face again to kiss him before you feel Fez cup your tits through your clothes. You pull away to tug your shirt over your head, and Fez wastes no time kissing your chest. "Fuck, you're so beautiful," he murmurs against your skin. You feel his fingers unhook your bra, exposing your nipples to the cold air of the room. He takes one in his hot mouth, flicking your perky bud. You moan his name as you continue to grind on his bulge. You feel him underneath your skirt, squeezing your ass in his rough hand.
"I want you to get off on my thigh," he says looking up at you. Jesus Christ you swear you felt yourself gush hard, pussy clenching at his words. This man and his filthy mouth was going to be the death of you. You nod at him, and Fez is quick to hold you by your hips, shifting you completely to straddle his right thigh, but not before taking your panties off. You whine as you felt his denim-clad leg make contact with your bare pussy. Fez grabs your hips then rolls them, your pretty cunt sliding over him. "Oh fuck, Fez." You hold onto his shoulders, feeling your slick smear around your thighs and on his pants. You continue to circle your hips down over his thick thigh, moaning at the friction.
You try to hide your face in the crook of his neck, but Fez wasn't having it. "Don't you hide that cute face from me. I wanna see all of you." You whimper at him as he flexes his thigh, making you bounce on his leg harder. "You look so pretty like this." Fez whispers before taking your tits back in his mouth, groaning at the taste of you. You push your chest further into him, holding him for dear life while you kept the back and forth motion of your hips, hitting your clit. "I can feel you throbbing, baby." Fez kisses you again, making you moan against his lips.
The wet sounds of your cunt fill the room, as Fez presses you down even harder on his leg. "Look at the fucking mess you're making of yourself, Y/N." You feel him bunch the front of your skirt in his hands, exposing you to him. He intently watches your pretty pussy soak his jeans. "Shit... Fez, I'm close." He grinds you harder and faster, bouncing his leg to meet the roll of your hips. You let out a scream, feeling the pleasure boil over. Another sloppy grind of your clit over his thigh, and you cum. "Fuck yes," you sob, and Fez allows you to bury your face in his neck. “You look so fucking pretty when you come," Fez mumbles as he continues to grind you on his leg. You whine at him, feeling oversensitive before your hips still. Small aftershocks make your thighs shake uncontrollably, and Fez couldn't help but smirk at how spent you were just from making yourself cum on him. A thick silence surrounds the two of you as Fez keeps himself wrapped around you, rubbing your back as he whispers what a good fucking girl you've been.
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luvring · 11 days ago
— haikyuu boys as campus crushes
(gn!reader) | iwaizumi, bokuto, akaashi, atsumu, suna, sakusa note from nia: my classes got moved online until the end of february so i will live vicariously through my own writing! </3 (not proofread lolol)
Tumblr media
✧* IWAIZUMI bumps into you after leaving the gym causing your notebooks to fall and drink to spill. he mutters a curse before apologizing and bending down, offering to buy you something at the café nearby that he likes. your hands brush against each other while you reach for the same stray paper, and if you weren't so flustered maybe you would have noticed the pink dusting his own cheeks. he makes small talk on your way there, asking for your name and where you were headed, telling you about his classes and how his workout went. he pays for your drink and seems unsure of what to do after handing it to you. having mercy (and not wanting to take up more of his time), you thank him and he offers another apology before starting to leave. when you joke and say "hope you don't run into anybody else. don't want to spend more money, do you?" he blinks before laughing, "yeah, guess so. wasn't too bad meeting you, though." you can't help walking by the gym the next day, hoping to catch him on his way out again.
✧* BOKUTO isn't hard to spot at the main quad. it's the beginning of the year club fair and he's charming everyone who walks by, despite any lack of initial interest. you aren't an exception, you realize, when he spots you and flashes a big grin, "hey! d'you wanna hear about the volleyball club?" he tells you the basics and boasts about how good they are, how hard he's been training himself. he even offers to spike a ball for you, backing up into a bigger area with another player. everyone around claps after he hits the ball with ease, but he turns to you for your reaction first. his friend pokes him, a signal that he's been talking to you long enough, and he pouts a little before realizing he did have a job to do. "i—we'd love to see you at tryouts!" he says. when you show up, maybe not for the club, but to see a specific white and black haired player, the same smile reaches his face as he jogs over. you're not sure if his flushed face is because of warm-ups or something else.
✧* AKAASHI is the well-dressed guy sitting by the window of a coffee shop, notes strewn in front of him and fingers typing away. he looks away from his screen and stretches, finally taking a break. as he glances around, he can't help but make eye contact with somebody at the table in front of him. his face flushes as you turn away and he decides the people walking outside are more interesting. but after a dozen more glances, a few close calls of being caught, 20 minutes of overthinking, and a text from his friend saying "GO TALK TO THEM!!! >:(", he starts shifting to get out of his seat—all before his heart drop as he watches you get up to leave. he keeps coming back, about to accept he'll never have another chance until he spots you a few days later. when you get back from a washroom break you notice a sticky note next to your drink with a phone number, user, and smiley face scribbled down. you look around and see the same cute guy from before watching your reaction, blushing then scribbling notes down a few seats away.
✧* ATSUMU is the guy who sneaks into class just late enough to have missed the first slide of notes, sliding into the empty seat next to you. he wouldn't have been so loud if it wasn't just the prof speaking, his noisy jacket, and backpack hitting the floor. he sheepishly taps on your desk to get your attention, holding a laptop charger for you to plug in. you think that'll be your last interaction for a while until you watch him start up a game (valorant, probably) and take out a bag of gummies. he's chewing on one when he notices you looking from the corner of his eye and he turns the bag so you can grab one. you spend the rest of the lecture switching between trying to pay attention to the professor and holding in your laugh as he dies again. he sends a joking glare your way and hastily switches to a tab to write "do YOU wanna try then??" in the search bar. you're pretty sure everyone around you turned when he snorts at your panicked rejection. after class ends and you pass his charger, he doesn't forget to turn around and say "see ya next class!"
✧* SUNA replies to your question in the class discord about a project due date. he makes a comment about the prof's bad teaching style in the safest way possible to avoid getting in trouble, sending a friend request after you laugh and agree. as soon as you accept, he dm's and says "our prof is complete ass lmao." instead of dropping the class you make a deal to stay and get a good grade purely out of spite—the loser would buy lunch at the end of the semester. you become each other's class life lines. the semester's filled with complaining, loopy 2am conversations, working through questions, secret looks when the prof said something incoherent, and high-fives. the first time you decide to sit together, you didn't expect him to be that attractive when he poked your shoulder and you turned around, though you can't really complain. he sends "😐🖕" when you get your final grades then immediately asks when to meet up. you have a sneaking feeling he tried harder with his outfit than usual, but he just teasingly sighs, "i guess i owe you a lunch?"
✧* SAKUSA sits alone at the last table with free seats in the library during finals season. he watches you pace around, trying to find an empty spot with no luck. he stares until you look in his direction then moves his things out of the way for you to take a seat diagonal from him—it's far enough that you won't bother each other, he thinks. you whisper a small "thank you" while placing your things down and he nods before returning to his project. his thought was proven to be wrong three times. once when you excuse yourself to plug in your phone by the port next to him, another time when his pencil accidentally rolls against your things and he mutters an apology, and a third when you both look up and at each other at the same time. you offer an awkward but sincere smile, and his eyes widen before he clears his throat and looks away. despite it all, he's at the same table the next day, and he moves his things again when you walk towards him.
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sinner-as-saint · 2 months ago
Mob!Bucky x Innocent!Reader
Requested by anon: “What if there was mob!Bucky and innocent!reader and she works at a cafe. She's all cute and stuff and wayy too innocent for someone of her age. Then u get Bucky who stumbles upon this cafe for a nice cuppa coffee, then when he sees her and talks to her he starts to think 'other' things. Like how he can fucking ruin her. Then he like asks her to come to dinner with him and she say yes. Then other things happens and he fucks the innocence out of her.” 
Themes: age gap, smut, slight degrading kink, 
Tumblr media
“What’s your name?” 
He asked like he didn’t have his people find out everything possible about you. He’d been to this café a couple of times now, but each time he gave you a faint smile and tried to talk to you, you’d get all flushed and look away. 
So shy and adorable. 
One time you even placed his coffee down then practically ran away from him. He wasn’t complaining though, he knew he made you nervous, and he liked the sight of you running wearing that pale pink little pleated skirt. He noticed you always wore those, and he knew that was one of the reasons why this group of boys from the nearby university were here almost all the time. He caught them giving you the flirty stares and fuckboy smiles but you were oblivious to it all. 
So innocent. 
Part of him wanted to preserve that innocence forever and never let anyone taint it, but another part of him wanted to ruin you, to taint that innocence before anyone else could. He decided to go with the latter which is why he was here constantly for the past two weeks. 
Even right now, as he awaited for you to answer his question, he couldn’t look away from your mouth. Your curious eyes. Your slightly messy ponytail; carefully tied up using a white scrunchie with a pretty large bow in it. All he could think about was how disheveled you would be once he was done with you… 
When you gave him your name, he gave you a dangerous smile back. You couldn’t read him too well. Dark coat, dark shirt, dark pants, dark boots and dark shades over his eyes. And his intimidating metal arm. He looked a little out of place in your rustic, cozy little café. 
But he made your insides feel all tingly and fluttery. Even with the shades on, you could tell he was a handsome man. Tall and muscular, even with his suit and coat on you could tell he had a ridiculously hot body. Which was one of the reasons why you couldn’t look him in the eyes for long. He made you feel things you could barely comprehend. 
“Does your family own this place?” He asked, leaning back in his seat by the large window and studied every inch of you as you leaned down to place his cup of coffee down on the table. 
He didn’t even need coffee at 6 in the evening but he wasn’t here for the warm drink. He let his eyes roam your figure. Pink sweater which exposed one of your shoulders, and he could see the strap of your pale pink bra peeking through. He had to shift in his seat. Then he held back a sinful smirk at the sight of your pleated, dark grey skirt. 
So easy to just… he shifted in his seat again at the thought of slipping his hand under there and touching you in between the legs. He noticed the way you squirmed under his stare. His sick mind began thinking of all the ways he could truly make you squirm in his bed. 
You pressed the wooden tray flat against your body, hugging it as you nodded in response to his question. 
“Do you live around here?” He asked. Again, he knew already. He was aware that you lived in the studio apartment right above the coffee shop - which was owned by your grandparents. Besides, the pastel coloured curtains and the huge teddy bear placed as if it were peeking out of the windows above the café could be seen from the streets so that was pretty easy to tell. 
Bucky also knew that you were an only child, and your parents were always away for work, so they left you in the care of your grandparents - who didn’t live that far from your apartment - since you attended the nearby university. He liked that you were safe here, living near family members rather than away in a dorm, sharing a room with someone who could corrupt your innocent mind. 
When you opened your mouth to answer him, he could barely focus on your words. Your light pink tinted chapstick was what caught most of his attention. What flavour would it be? Cherry? Strawberry? Cottoncandy? He couldn’t wait to taste it. But you made him only want you more when you said, “I shouldn’t tell you my personal things.” 
Good girl, so careful even when people your age don’t care about privacy anymore. 
He smiled up at you, bringing his cup to his lips, “Right, you shouldn’t be giving away your personal information to strangers.” He gave you his best, charming smile. “I’m Bucky by the way.” He stood up, ready to leave. “See you.” He left with yet another smile. 
The nature of his work never allowed him much free time. So he hadn’t stopped by the café in two whole days. It felt like eternity. But he still checked in almost every hour with one of his guys who kept an eye on you and the café from across the street, hidden inside an all black SUV. Knowing his people were keeping an eye on you at all times brought him some peace of mind. 
Bucky was counting down hours and minutes until he could see you again. And when he finally had an hour or so to spare, he finally made his way to the café one evening. But he was disappointed to see the look of fear and nervousness on your face. He watched how you politely asked one of the other workers to come take his order instead, while you used the side door and almost ran to the back of the building. 
He couldn’t chase after you right away so he waited a minute or two. He placed a random order and waited for a little while before he carefully got up and went around the building as well, without attracting any attention from the people inside the coffee shop. 
He found you in the alleyway at the back. Leaning against the wall while on your phone, you didn’t even see him slowly approaching you. You were wearing a brown pleated skirt today, with a cream coloured sweater. 
Bucky was mere steps away from you when you finally realized someone was there with you, in a dark alley while the sky darkened more and more with each passing moment. You turned your head and found him standing so still beside you, your first reaction was to panic. 
But before you could move away from him, Bucky grabbed your wrist in his hand. His grip was firm but it didn’t hurt. “You should be more aware of your surroundings when you’re out here alone. Especially at this time, when it’s getting dark and all the bad people start filling the streets.” 
You just stood there, with your head lowered to the ground. You should’ve struggled to free yourself from his grip, but somehow, you just stood there. 
Bucky stepped closer, still holding your wrist. He asked, “Why did you run when you saw me earlier?” 
You dared to look up, and noticed that he wasn’t wearing his shades this time. And the blue in his eyes made you speechless. So blue, you weren’t sure any of your watercolours could capture it properly. You finally said, truthfully because you couldn’t lie even if you tried, “My grandpa saw us talking the other day. And he said you were a bad man, and that when you come in again, I shouldn’t talk to you.” 
The fact that people were warning you to stay away from him brought a dangerous smile to his face. And it only made him want to steal you from those very people even more. 
So innocent and careful, he thought, trying to run from me thinking you can. You belong to me. How did you think you could run? 
Bucky gently grabbed your chin and lifted your face up till you met his eyes. He smiled at you, and said, “He said that?” He enjoyed the rush of power and authority which washed over him. He felt like a big bad wolf, chasing after a little lamb. 
You nodded, looking into his eyes. You had seen blue eyes, but none quite like his. And he was so close that you could smell his irresistible cologne. With a hint of tobacco. He was so close that you worried his delicious scent might rub off on you and your grandparents would find out you’d been out here alone with a man. A man like him. 
Bucky stroked your chin with his metal thumb gently, so gently like you were made of glass. He asked, “Well, do I scare you?” 
There was something about his voice which made your knees feel weak like they couldn’t hold you up anymore. “No, but…” Your voice trailed off as he carefully pushed your back against the wall, trapping you between him and the brick wall behind you. It was darker now, and the blue in his eyes looked like shiny jewels. 
“But what?” He asked, looking down at you. He caught the way you shivered at the proximity and the sound of his voice. He was only holding you by the wrist but he could imagine the way you’d purr for him when he’d put his hands on your properly. 
You rambled a little as you spoke, “I… people, they talk about you. And the things you do. They all say you’re a bad man.” 
He couldn’t care less. He thrived on the attention. “Hmm, and what else do they say about me?” 
“That you do bad things.” You answered, looking up at him with those ‘fuck me’ eyes he adored. 
Poor baby, you don’t even realize how bad you want to come to the dark side. 
He chuckled, bad things… Exactly what he wanted to do to you, bad things. He said, “Maybe you shouldn’t listen to those people, and see for yourself. How about dinner?” He suggested, “That way I could show you that I can be good.” He leaned in to whisper in your eyes, his lips brushing against your sensitive skin as he said, “I promise I’ll be so good to you.” 
Of course, you didn’t catch what he implied and Bucky knew. But he saw the look in your eyes. You were torn between being scared of all that he was and stood for, and being curious to know more about it. Like a saint, just wanting to sin but not knowing how. It was also very adorable, like a curious little puppy looking up at him. 
“I… I can’t. If grandpa finds out, he’ll tell my mom and dad and then-” 
Bucky cut you off. “No one has to know. This can be our little secret.” He pulled away to look at you. “I’ll pick you up after class tomorrow. Sounds good?” 
Your mouth opened to speak and Bucky was afraid you might turn him down again but then you surprised him when you said in all seriousness and concern in your eyes. “But we have to be careful, okay?” 
He almost let out a chuckle at how you sounded like you were making plans with boys your age, instead of a dangerous man like him. So pure… He smiled at you. “We’ll be very careful, don’t worry.” 
He picked you up himself from your campus the next evening. And he had to refrain from reaching out to touch you in any way once you got in his car and your scent filled the air he breathed. Dressed in a white pleated skirt and light blue sweater, you looked like a doll. One he couldn’t wait to play with. 
While he drove over to his place, he noticed the way you fidgeted in your seat, fumbling hands, playing with the hem of your skirt, playing with your hair nervously. Just his presence made you nervous. And he liked it. 
He would be lying if he said he didn’t want to drag you all the way to his bed and make you scream his name in pleasure the very moment you stepped into his home. He sure was a ruthless mob boss, but not an animal. He would make sure you were at least well fed first. 
“Hungry?” He asked, leading you to his lavish dining room. 
You nodded. Too shy to talk and too overwhelmed by the elegance and richness of his home. You had gotten used to your cozy studio apartment so much that you forgot how nice and airy spacious rooms were. “You have a beautiful home.” You told him when he pulled a chair out for you to sit on. 
He smiled at the pure innocence in your voice. Normally people cowered and shrunk in his presence, but here you were - complimenting his house. He wondered if you’d still do the same if you ever witnessed how truly sick and twisted the dark empire he ruled was. 
“Thank you.” He simply said and took a seat across from you. 
Dining with you was probably the most tame thing he had ever done. No business talk, no money talk, just a simple dinner with a pretty girl. He was astonished by how pure and untainted you were, oblivious of the sinful world you lived in. Perhaps that was why your family was so protective of you. Perhaps that was why your parents chose to leave you in the care of your grandparents instead of letting you be on your own. 
It was clear that they didn’t want this world to corrupt you. You were so pure. Too innocent. And Bucky was the monster who wanted to ruin you and claim your innocence, and keep it all to himself. Perhaps the bad in him latched on to the pure goodness in you. 
As he refilled his wine glass, he eyed your glass of cucumber water and asked, “You don’t drink, do you?” 
You shook your head, “I did once. Cognac with grandma over Christmas. Not a big fan of it.” You said politely. 
No alcohol. Why was that even a question? Bucky smiled, looking at you as you carefully placed your food on your fork before bringing it up to your lips. So carefully. He wondered if you’d be just as careful with… other things in your mouth. 
After his housekeepers had cleared the table and he had finished his wine, Bucky asked, “So, would you still say I’m as bad as they say I am?” 
You looked down at your lap, hiding a faint smile. Normally you don't get along too well with people you just met. But there was a strange sense of ease around Bucky. You had heard of him, even your grandpa had warned you about him. And normally you’d listen, but here you were now, dining with Bucky like he wasn’t the most feared man around here. 
You replied, sheepishly, somehow finding a little bit of courage. “I suppose anyone can pretend to be good for a few hours.” 
Bucky chuckled, then stood up. “Come on, since I still have some time to pretend to be good, I would like to show you something.” He held out his hand for you to take. 
You placed your hand in his and let him guide you to wherever it was he was taking you. How did you end up here? One is supposed to stay away from strangers, especially men like Bucky. But the scent of danger and recklessness in him called out to you. So you followed. 
He took you to his favorite room in the whole house. The sunroom, which was also part library. You let out a soft gasp once you entered the room. The room lit up in a soft, golden light and you could see the stars from in here as you looked out of the floor-to-ceiling windows. 
The interior was entirely in shades of brown and green, reminding you a lot of your café. When he let go of your hand, you wandered around on your own with a big smile on your face. Loaded bookshelves and plants made up most of the room, along with ottomans and couches. 
A certain collection of books caught your attention. “Hardcover classics?” You sounded like a kid in a candy store as you rushed over to that particular shelf. You admired the books then turned back to face Bucky. 
He was leaning against the wall, beside the door. Hands in his pockets as he watched you leisurely. “You may borrow whichever you’d like.” He said with a gentle smile. 
Borrow… which meant that he intended to see you again? “I shouldn’t.” You simply said, turning back around to face the shelf. And within the next few seconds, you felt Bucky standing behind you. His body heat wrapped around you even if not a single part of him was touching your body. 
“I know you’re not scared of me.” He said quietly, his mouth so close to your ear. “You’re curious. You want to know what it’s like to be bad. To not follow the rules for once. Otherwise, a careful and good girl like you would never spend a minute with a man like me.” He smirked, trailing a cold, metal finger down your neck. “You want to be bad, but you don’t know how.” He leaned closer, his front pressing to your back as he said, “I can show you how, if you’d let me.” 
You turned around immediately and you looked up into his pretty blue eyes. How did he read you so accurately? You wondered where you got the confidence to say, “Okay.” 
Bucky’s bedroom said a lot about him. Clean, spacious and dark. You looked out of place with your little skirt and sweater in his all black and white bedroom. But when he sat on the edge of his large bed and pulled you onto his lap to straddle him, you forgot everything else. 
Every warning, every word of caution against the kind of man he was, every rule. 
He held you by the waist while you timidly wrapped your arms around his neck. “Tell me, what do you like?” 
You frowned for a fleeting second. “Like… like what?” 
He smiled, slipping his thumbs under your sweater and rubbing slow circles on your warm skin right above the hem of your skirt. “Like in the bedroom.” He said, confidently. Something about his tone made your insides all hot. 
“Oh.” You mumbled, looking down to where your body met his. Just layers of clothing separating you two. “I don’t know.” 
He frowned. His… research said that you had had a boyfriend a few months ago. “You’ve never been with anyone before?” He asked. 
You lowered your head again, unable to handle his curious, lethal stare. “I have, once.” You answered. “But, um, I don’t know.” You mumbled. 
“No one ever made you come before?” He asked, without any shame. 
You were flushed at his question. You never thought too much about… those things, let alone talk it out with another man. Another older, much experienced man surely. You felt your heart racing as you said, “I’ve… “ You struggled to find the right word. That, and also you were a little embarrassed. Bucky found it adorable. You continued, “It never felt any good.” 
Selfish bastard, whoever had taken you before him. He only took what he wanted and didn’t even bother about your pleasure? Part of him liked it. “Oh? So what do you think you might like?” He asked, leaning in to press a gentle kiss at the corner of your mouth. 
You looked at him when he pulled away, squirmed a little on his lap and then said, still a little shy, “I like kissing.” 
Your innocence was making it very hard for him to hold back from just throwing you down on his bed, tie you up somehow and fuck all the purity out of you. He smiled, then cupped your face with one hand and pulled you closer, “So perfect.” He mumbled. He leaned in and pressed his lips to yours, hands trailing down your body until he placed his hands on the curve of your ass and pulled you into him even more. 
You gasped against his mouth, kissing him back slowly. He hummed against your mouth then pulled away to whisper, “Cherry chapstick. I should’ve known,” before he kissed you hungrily again. 
But then, he was done being careful. His hands grabbed you wherever he could eagerly, pulling your sweater up until you took it off and dropped it down on the floor. You stared at him, lips parted, wearing only that little skirt and your pale blue lace bra. 
You could’ve sworn he growled as he flipped the two of you, tossing you down on his bed as he climbed on top of you. He rapidly unclasped your bra and leaned down to take your nipple into his mouth. Sucking, and biting until your back arched off the bed. You moaned as he alternated between each breast while his hand slipped underneath your skirt and he pulled your underwear down your legs until you kicked it off yourself. 
He pulled away to look at you, sprawled on his bed under him. Your hands went to slip your skirt down your hips as well, but he stopped you. “No, leave the skirt on.” He leaned in to whisper against your lips, “I’m gonna fuck you while you’re wearing that little cocktease of a skirt.” Your walls clenched around nothing as he snarled, “Who even lets you wear that? Especially around men like me?” He kissed you roughly, taking what he wanted from your mouth before pulling away to look down at you with a dangerous smile on his lips. “You would be running away screaming if I told you all the bad things I’ve thought about doing to you every time I saw you walking around in your little skirts.” 
You gasped at the brazenness of his words. You bit on your lower lip as he flipped your skirt up and lazily ran his metal fingers down your wet folds. He scoffed, as if in disapproval, at how wet you were for him. For some reason, that made more wetness leak out of you. And Bucky noticed. 
Could it be… that you liked being talked down to? 
“Look at you, so shamelessly wet for a terrible, terrible man like me.” He stated. “Pretending to be so innocent, and pure.” He growled again, grabbing your face in his other hand as he slid two fingers inside you and making you gasp and moan, “Well, you won’t be walking out of here with all that innocence and the good girl image, you hear me baby? I’m gonna fuck it all out of you. You’re gonna be coming back here again and again for this cock,” He chuckled at the thought, “You’ll be addicted, nothing but a little cock-hungry slut for me.” 
He had you coming all over his fingers in no time. He stroked you in all the right places and your body responded to each one of his lazy, deliberate strokes beautifully. You squirmed as he kept finger-fucking you through your orgasm. 
He pulled away for a brief moment, taking his shirt and pants off but leaving his boxers lowered just enough to free his erected cock. He stroked it twice before finding his way back in between your legs. One of his hands found its way to your throat and he wrapped his fingers around it carefully as he stared into your eyes. 
The look in his eyes was so intense and so shamelessly sexual that you might’ve come undone right there if he asked you to. 
“You will come for me like a good girl, won’t you baby?” He asked, guiding the tip of his cock over to your clit and circling it, smearing his precum and your wetness around. 
You whimpered at the sensation. So, so fucking good. You nodded rapidly, “Yes… please,” You begged. 
Bucky chuckled, teasing you a bit more by just pressing the tip of his cock against your tight hole. Not pushing it in, just pressing ever so gently until you whined and clawed at his shoulders. “See? You’re hungry for this cock already and I haven’t even fucked you yet.” He taunted before pushing his cock inside you. 
You whined loudly at the same time as he groaned when he slid all the way inside you. He remained still for a few moments, just relishing the feeling of your warmth around him. Your breath was shaky as you felt him fill you up and stretch you out so deliciously; snug deep inside you. 
Bucky stared at your face, contorting in pleasure. Then he chuckled, and the slightest friction made you whine even louder. “You’re tearing up already,” He pointed out, noticing the wetness in the corners of your eyes. “I feel good inside you, don’t I baby?” He teased, rolling his hips just the slightest bit against you. When you cried out in pleasure, he tightened his grip around your throat and said, “I know baby, I know it feels good.” He whispered. Then he said, “Keep your eyes on me. I want you to watch me while I fuck you, okay?” 
You nodded quickly, a tear escaping your eye already. Fuck, he felt so good. 
Bucky let out a grunt as he started fucking into you hard and fast. He tightened his grip around your throat as he sped up into you, growling right in your ear and telling you how good you felt. You could only respond with moans and whimpers, which only made him fuck you harder. 
He sped up into you, mumbling, “You won’t be the pure, innocent little girl anymore.” He growled, “No, you’ll be my dirty, dirty little cum slut.” He whispered in your ear, in a daze as he pounded into you. Your body squirmed under him, your back arching off the bed; you were burning with desire. And he was giving it to you like you wanted it; hard, fast and raw. 
His thrust was animalistic, his weight on top of you felt too good. So good you never wanted him to pull out of you, so you raised your trembling legs and wrapped them around his hips. He growled into your ear when you did that. 
“Don’t want me to stop, do you?” He taunted. “Just want me to keep going, keep fucking the naivety out of you and make you my tainted, dirty, corrupted fuck doll, huh? Is that it?” He held your stare, pressing the sides of your throat as he fucked deeper into you. He caught the way you were struggling to keep your eyes open when the pleasure peaked. 
He stopped abruptly, and pulled out. You gasped in shock, trying to pull him in again but he gently smacked your hands away. “Oh what, you thought you could just come so easily?” He teased, grabbing you by the hips and flipping you around onto your stomach. 
You moaned as he grabbed your wrists and pinned them to your lower back with one hand, while the other guided his cock over to your hole again. 
He leaned over you to whisper into your ear, sliding back inside you as he said, “You’ve been teasing me for weeks. Wearing those little skirts, and running around that café like you don’t notice the way the men and those useless fucking boys look at you with their cocks hard and lust in their eyes each time you walk by.” He tugged on your pinned wrists, which made you whine in pain and pleasure. “But those days are gone now, baby. Now, you belong to me. So if you’re gonna wear these little ‘fuck me’ skirts it’s going to be only around me. You hear me?” 
When you didn’t respond, because you were busy catching your breath and smiling like a silly woman at the possessiveness in his voice, he brought his hand down and smacked your butt loudly. You yelped in pain, but then he pulled out and pushed back into you from behind and your cry of pain morphed into a moan. 
“I said, did you hear me?” He said, his voice cold and dangerous. 
You nodded, rubbing your face against his dark, cool, silk bed sheets. “Yes… God, yes. Please, just-,” 
He cut you off by fucking into you again; hard and fast. Mercilessly. Like an animal claiming its mate. Rough. Raw. The pleasure was overwhelming, but you wanted more. More, more, more… 
You came all over his cock with a loud moan; gasping and crying as he came right after you - filling you up with his cum as he did. Your walls clenched violently around him, and he groaned in pleasure. 
He let go of your wrists and then you felt him kiss along your spine, gently. Softly. Like he hadn’t been fucking you like an animal just seconds ago. “You okay, babygirl?” He asked, pressing a kiss to the back of your neck. 
You were still catching your breath, so you just nodded. Bucky lay beside you and pulled you into his arms. You immediately clung to his side. He still had his boxers on, and you still had your skirt on. Something about him fucking you while you still had it on made your insides burn up again. You would never be able to wear that skirt without thinking of him again. 
Speaking of skirts… you asked softly, looking up at him, “Am I really not allowed to wear my skirts anymore?” 
God, he could’ve melted right there. He chuckled, rubbing his hand up and down your back; pinching your butt while at it. “Of course you can, baby.” He said, “Just that I’ll be putting a bullet into the head of whoever looks at you the wrong way.” He said, not completely joking.
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comfortscripts · 3 months ago
Only Need 10 ¬ Andrew G.
Tumblr media
Kinktober Surprise Addition Plot - Before going onto a talk show to promote your new film, Andrew decides to help you warm up Genre - Smut ♧ {16+ Only} Pairing - Andrew Garfield x Actress!Fem!reader Notes/Warnings - Quickie, fwb relationship to maybe more, oral (Fem receiving) for a second, choking, unprotected sex (dont be stupid like them irl), creampie, mirror. Word Count - 1k
Gliding a final coat of lip-gloss onto your puckered lips, you inspect your makeup for a fleeting moment before a sharp knock on the door pulls you away.
"Come in"
The familiar face of you co-star strutting through the doorway catches your attention in the mirror. His normally messy hair was perfectly tamed, a crisp button-up shirt with rolled up sleeves accentuated his lean arms. Andrew was an attractive man on a usual basis but now, he was dangerously handsome and worst of all, he knew it.
Placing a teasing hand on your shoulder, his fingertips begin to trace your exposed collarbone, sending tingles throughout your body. The smirk plastered on his face was one you knew all too well, he wanted some relief.
This arrangement the both of you had was started on a drunken evening whilst filming. Wine was poured, clothes were discarded and pleasure was the main focus. From then, you and the brunette had a co-stars with benefits arrangement and often, there were times where you couldn't resist even when you should.
"Andrew, we are literally in a dressing room and going on live television in 15 minutes!"
Dragging his fingers carefully up your exposed neck, he wrap his veiny hand against your neck before bringing his lips down to your ear, "Good thing I only need 10." And with that, he had you.
Rising from the chair with such speed, the velvety seat fell with a thud before being pushed out of the way. Andrew drank in your appearance, as if deciding which part to divulge in first. Eyes landing on your lips before slamming his own mouth with your lip-gloss coated one. A clash of tongues and lips as his hands worked down your body to grab the ends of your dress, raising it inch by inch until finally, your exposed cunt was revealed.
Letting a groan at your lack of panties, "God, I love dresses where you can't wear anything underneath. Truly heaven sent."
Dropping to his knees, you feel delicate kisses being placed against your inner thigh causing you to tense with anticipation. The warmth of his tongue against your aching clit sent waves of pleasure flooding to your wettening core as you reached to grab tuffs of his hair. Moans and whimpers fell from your lips as Andrew quickened his pace, flickering his tongue against your clit as making you fall a part in ways he has before.
Gently slipping a single digit into your tight hole, he momentarily stops to speak, causing you to groan at the lack of stimulation. "Fuck, you taste so good. Could be done here for hours but I need to be in this tight pussy of yours." Feeling you clench around his finger at those words, he places a fleeting kiss on your throbbing clit before standing up to take your lips back in his.
Andrew moves his attention to your exposed neck, with an array of kisses and delicate bites. Whimpering for more, you begin to busy your hands with undoing his belt. Finally, his aching cock was free from its constraints and was begging to be inside of your glistening core.
"Still think you can make me cum in time?"
Without responding to your teasing jest, the actor spins you to face the mirror as he impales you from behind. His length filling you so deliciously that you couldn't contain the string of moans tumbling from your mouth as he starts pounding into you with a dangerous pace.
"That's it. You always take me so well and look so pretty whilst do it." Gripping your jaw, he forces your face to watch yourself in the mirror. "Watch as I ruin you."
The scene the mirror displayed was filthy. Andrew's eyes taken with storms of lust as his faces contorts into moments of pleasure mixed with his cockiness of your need for him. As the lanky man thrusted into you at such as rapid pace, you took in your own appearance. Pupils blown with lust, gentle marks decorating your neck and lip-gloss smeared across your lips.
Feeling your pleasure build up as your orgasm threatens to erupt. Unconsciously you clench around him, bringing him closer to his own climax. Staggered pants emit from the Brit's lips as you feel his thrusts start to weaken and become more sporadic.
Wrapping a tight hand across your throat, your eyes connect with his in the mirror. "Are you going to be a good girl and cum with me?"
"Fuck, yes. Yes, I'm gonna cum"
As if your words gave him a boost, he rammed into you with a vigorous pace causing your orgasm to flood over you in an explosion of pleasure. Chants of his name mixed with unfinished moans acted as his final motive, pushing deeply inside of you before letting his own high out. Your soaking cunt milked his throbbing cock as the two of you heard the studio bell ring, alerting everyone that they had 60 seconds till the show started.
Slipping his softening length out, he watched as a small stream of his seed trailed down your plump pussy and down your thigh. Through his exhausted breaths, he smirked at the sight of you. He ruined you in 10 minutes.
As you tried to quickly regain yourselves and attempt to look presentable, you realised that Andrew's marks on your neck hadn't been as inconspicuous as you thought.
"Really? You just had to leave hickies?"
"Yeah, a beautiful neck like yours should be decorated"
Rolling your eyes in annoyance, you can't help but notice the heat rising to your cheeks. Carefully reapplying your lip-gloss, you feel Andrew's hands snake around your waist.
"Is it bad that I'm happy you are about to go on National TV with hickies on your neck and my cum leaking out of you?"
You felt butterflies at his admission but deciding to taunt him, you placed a short kiss onto his lips before answering, "Not a bad thing but I think it means you like me more than you let on."
Walking towards the stage, you glance back at the actor who was left stumped at your statement and with the thoughts of his feelings clouding his mind. Who knows, maybe co-stars with benefits might actually become co-stars turned lovers.
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myfictionaldreams · 29 days ago
Steve’s Birthday Wish // Mafia!Steve x reader | Mafia!Bucky x reader
Summary: It was approaching Steve’s birthday and you had no idea what to get him. Bucky suggests just asking the Mafia boss what he would like, but would you regret your decision when you hear what Steve truly wants.
Warnings: 18+ readers only, exhibitionism, voyeurism, dom/sub undertones, sir kink, masturbation, vibrator use, oral sex, multiple orgasms, desk sex, mentions of violence, praise kink, submissive reader, vaginal sex, fingering, creampie, cum shot
Word: 6.5k (oops)
my masterlist 📚 AO3 Link
Tumblr media
“Maybe you could get him a puppy” Bucky suggested to you, glancing over briefly before turning his eyes back to the road. You huffed in the passenger seat of the car, scrolling furiously through your phone for inspiration.
“He already has 3 guard dogs, he doesn’t need another one” you mumbled as you nervously started to bite on your thumbnail. It was approaching your boyfriend Steve’s 34th birthday and you had absolutely no idea as to what to get him. What could you possibly get for a Mafia boss that already had everything he could ever desire. “Thanks for the suggestion though” you quickly added, hoping not to come across as rude and dismissive to Steve’s second in command, best friend, and your bodyguard.
Bucky smirked at your response, loving your need to please those around you. “You know he’d be happy if you turned up with just a bow wrapped around you.” You smiled sheepishly at his idea but returned back to your phone for a few moments, wanting to get him something more than what he could have at any time he wanted. “You still have a few days to decide mama, I wouldn’t worry about it now anyway.” Your eyes lifted from your phone to see you were pulling up the gate, smiling and waving at the guards as you passed who only nodded at you both and Bucky parked up and exited the car. As you reached for your door handle the car locked, frowning you looked up and watched Bucky rush around the car before unlocking it and opening the door, giving you a pointed look as he held his gloved hand out. “I tell you this every single time I drive you somewhere, wait for me to open your door, you’re taking away all of my gentlemanly duties”.
F lushing, you took his hand and climbed out of the car, “sorry Buckaroo, thank you for always being the perfect gentleman.” His hand still grasped yours but his spare lifted and tilted your chin up to meet his eyes as he stared down at you with a slight smirk on his face.
“I don’t appreciate the sarcasm hot mama” he released your chin with a glint in his eyes as he saw your cheeks flush. Moving around you, he picked up the bags from the back seat and held his hand out for you to lead the way.
Patiently you waited in a comfortable silence as the elevator arrived at your level. “You could always ask him you know”, Bucky's voice snapped you out of your thoughts.
“Ask him what” you replied, both entering the elevator, the doors slid close behind you as Bucky stood in front of you, blocking your view of the door as a precaution, even in a secured building, you never knew who was wandering about and you always appreciated the extra protection he gave you. It also gave you something warm to lean on as your forehead rested on his back, not even reaching his shoulder blades as his tall stature towered over you.
“Ask him what he wants for his birthday, saves you the time in searching every website on the internet.”
Considering his words, you removed your head from him, stifling a yawn as you walked down the corridor to Steve’s office.
“I guess it won’t hurt to ask him,” you answered, hearing grunts coming from behind the large double doors that you approached, goosebumps appearing across your arms. Bucky knocked on the door leading to the waiting room and Sam opened it, spots of blood covering his white shirt and knuckles.
He gave a friendly smile to Bucky and then you as you poked your head around his arm, waving at the man. “Your girls back, boss,” he shouted behind him, not opening the door too wide to display what was happening. There were shuffling noises behind Sam and Steve commanded them all entry.
Stepping into the room, the sight before you would have made your stomach twist and churn but you’d very quickly become accustomed to them. A man was hunched over, tied to the arms of a chair with zip ties, blood covering his clothes, he made gasping noises beneath the sack that was covering his head, slowly starting to cover in blood as well. You knew Steve had just put that on the man so he couldn’t look at you, Steve was very passionate about who looked at what was his. Speaking of Steve, he approached you slowly, wiping his bloodied hands and forearms with a cloth. Usually, you would run and jump into his arms but with the amount of blood that covered his clothes, you decided against it, biting your lip as you were finally looking up at your bulky boyfriend. Up close you spotted specks of blood over his cheeks and forehead so you took the bloodied cloth out of his hands and started to wipe away the specks you noticed.
Steve smiled slightly at you, hand lifting to pull your lip from between your teeth, your eyes snapping to meet him, smiling shyly up at him as you dropped your hand but he caught it in his large one. He moved your hand towards his lips, you released the cloth as he delicately kissed your knuckles and then tugged your hand so you moved closer so he could capture your lips with his own, growling lightly as you tried to deepen the kiss but he moved back, leaning his forehead on yours. “If we start this game, I don’t think I'll be able to stop.” Squeezing your hand one last time, he stood to his full height, looking over the top of you at Bucky, giving him a quick nod. “For someone that was given a limitless credit card, you sure don’t have a lot of bags with you. I wanted you to treat yourself Doll”.
Looking back at Bucky who waited by the doors that led to Steve’s office, holding only 2 shopping bags of some dresses you had picked out. Looking back up at Steve who was searching your face, like he was trying to mesmerize every inch of it, the intensity making your cheeks flush even more. “There wasn’t much that I liked, that's all”. Momentarily looking away from him, you looked to the body in the chair, who hadn’t moved since you entered, possibly passed out from the blood loss, you asked “how long until you think you are done?”
“Not that much longer, just have a few more questions for our guest. Why don’t you go and wait there with Bucky and then I'll take you to that new restaurant a few blocks over?” You responded with a nod, kissing him quickly before moving towards Bucky, briefly looking behind you to see Steve watching your hips as you walked away.
A few hours later you found yourself in a mafia sandwich, being placed in a semi-circular booth at the restaurant, Bucky on your left and Steve to your right, who had showered and changed into a black suit, his gun holster just poking out from beneath his jacket. You placed your fork onto your plate and pushed it away from you, collapsing back into the cushion seat, hand on your bloated belly, patting it as you exclaimed “I’m so stuffed!” Your eyes moved between the two boys who were watching you, both tucking into their second plate of food. “I don’t know how you boys can eat so much food”.
“We’re growing to be big and strong, what can we say?” Bucky responded, stuffing his face with fries as you laughed at him. Your hand moved across under the table and layover Steve’s thigh, finding comfort in the warmth and muscle beneath. Steve swapped his fork to the other hand so he could hold your hand under the table, smiling at you as he too stuffed his face with food.
Squeezing his hand you sat up, glancing briefly at Bucky but then turning to Steve, “I have a question.” He slowed his chewing, looking you up and down, before putting his fork down and giving you his full attention, a look of concentration crossing his beautiful face. “What do you want for your birthday?”
His seriousness left his body, a laugh flowing through him as he brought your hand up from under the table and kissed your palm. “All I want is you for my birthday, baby girl”.
Bucky chuckled beside you, “I told you” he said in between bites.
Rolling your eyes you huffed, “you always have me though. Isn’t there something you really want? A certain watch? Some new shoes? A new knife? Anything at all, what do you want in your deepest fantasies and I’ll get it for you.” As soon as you finished your sentence, a dark look appeared across Steve’s features, his pupils expanding as he bit his lip before looking away, coughing and trying to hide his reaction but you had already seen it. “There’s something you want, isn't there! Just tell me, you know I’d get anything for you.”
He shook his head, taking a sip of his water, contemplating whether to tell you or not. “It’s not something you can buy me.”
You frowned, looking briefly at Bucky who looked just as confused as you did, not stopping as he shovels food into his mouth making you smile briefly before looking back at Steve. “What is it that you want then if it’s not something I can buy? Was it- Was it the fantasy aspect of it, do you want me to dress up as a maid?”
He chuckled lightly at you, “you’ve already done that for me but thank you for bringing those memories back to me” he smiled as he took another drink, squeezing your hand that was back on his thigh. Finally putting down his drink, he leaned against the table, looking at you directly once more. “It’s not anything you can wear or roleplay, it’s more a fantasy of mine, something I want you to do.”
Now you were even more confused, you’d done just about everything with Steve, what else could he fantasize about? “If it’s what you want for your birthday I’ll do it.”
Steve leaned on his fist, he looked at you with a smile, proudness shined in his eyes. “You’d do that for me? So easily? Without even asking what it is I desire?”
“I trust you. If it’s something you want, then I want it too.” Your heart started to beat a little harder, trying not to show him any fear as you internally panicked about what the hell you had agreed to. Nodding his head, Steve stood and exited the booth, holding his hand out for you to take, dropping a stack of cash onto the table.
“Dude, I haven’t even finished my food yet,” Bucky grumbled but stood as well, holding your bag and coat as he moved to open the doors for you two, quickly checking around for any signs of danger.
The car journey home was quiet. Bucky drove you both as you sat in the back, holding Steve’s hand on your lap, jumping however when Steve’s breath hit your cheeks as he leaned closer to you. “I can practically hear your thoughts going into overdrive. I’m not going to do anything you don’t want to, Baby.” Nodding you smiled up at him, accepting the quick kiss to your lips before turning to look out of the window again, heart still pounding in your chest.
Arriving home, the gates closing behind your car, Bucky opened the door for you and Steve to jump out of and opened the front door for you both, immediately you took off your heels. Steve held your hand and pulled you through the house, signaling for Bucky to follow, you all moved into his office that was a lot more homely than the one you had been in earlier that day. The floor was covered in a soft, warm carpet, at the far end of the room, a large oak desk stood, a black desk chair behind it, and two dark blue seats in front. Pictures of the two of you covered the walls and his desk, he said it was to make up for the fact that he couldn’t have pictures of you at work for safety reasons. Gesturing for you both to take a seat, you and Bucky individually sat on one of the blue chairs whilst Steve sat in the main one.
He didn’t say anything at first, he just started to clear his desks of the pictures and ornaments that you had brought him over the last few years, and he seemed to be taking his time as he did so which only made you squirm more in your seat. Feeling eyes on you as you readjusted yourself on the seat for the fifth time, you spotted Bucky looking at you with raised eyebrows, giving you a small smile that did little to relieve you of your anxieties. In truth, Bucky was just as intrigued to know what Steve had planned. He’d watch you both fuck probably hundreds of times, doing a whole manner of different things, Steve even having Bucky hold you multiple times as he plowed into you in all angles, so what could he want now?
After what felt like an eternity, Steve moved the last of the objects off of his desk and into one of his draws and you watched as he took off his jacket, throwing it over the back of his chair, and then stopped, looking at you directly, as he rolled up his sleeves. Smirking, he knew how intimidating he was being, not meaning to put you on edge but loving the powerplay he was doing, the control he had over you. Not taking his eyes off of you, he reached into his top desk drawer and pulled out a black box that was a few inches wide. He placed it in front of him and took the lid off, lifting out the object to show you.
Your shoulders dropped in relief as a shy smile filled your face. “A vibrator? Your fantasy is I’m guessing for me to get myself off? But you’ve seen me do that so many times, it’s nothing new.” Steve looked at you whilst he held the small rose gold bullet vibrator in between his fingers.
“And I will watch you do it thousand times more and find it just as beautiful as the first but no baby girl, that’s not it.” This man was driving you crazy, what the hell could he want desperately with a vibrator then if it isn’t to get yourself off. A few seconds passed as the anxious feeling started to fill your stomach once more as Steve didn’t take his eyes off of you but his hand moved, the one holding the vibrator, moved towards Bucky. Out of the corner of your eye, you saw Bucky sit upright.
“What?” Bucky questioned. “Listen, boss, I’m up for a lot of things you know that, but I don’t want that thing in me.” You would have usually laughed at Bucky, but you knew, deep down, that wasn’t what Steve wanted either, but Bucky carried on ranting, “I’m sure it feels nice and all but I really don’t want that in me-”
“On her.” Steve cut him off.
“What?” Bucky’s voice was quieter now, starting to feel nervous himself.
Steve turned his eyes away from you, looking at his childhood friend. “I want you, Bucky, to use this” he held up the vibrator more, “on her”.
No one said anything as Steve sat calmly, watching the two people he loved most in the world process his words.
“You want me to get your girl off?” Bucky asked, making sure he heard Steve right.
“Yes”, Steve cooley answered.
Bucky looked away, moving forward on his chair so he was sitting on the edge. “Listen, man, if you want to kill me just do it already, I know what you’re like with her.” He nodded his head towards you and your heart nearly stopped altogether when he said those words but understood why he said them. Steve had murdered multiple people for just looking at you, let alone if they ever laid a hand on you, so for Steve to ask Bucky this, left you feeling bewildered, having never been touched like that by another man before other than Steve.
“I don’t want to kill you, Buck, why do you think I’ve never asked you this before, I know my reputation when it comes to my girl but it’s not just as simple as you getting her off, let me explain.” He sat back, relaxing in his chair as he looked at you both. “I want you Bucky to follow my directions, every move you make will be from my words, the ultimate power of being able to sit back and watch her being made to cum over and over without me even touching her. It’s also something I’ve wanted for a while and there’s no one I trust more than you to do this Bucky, and I know she trusts you too.” He nodded in your direction, waiting for Bucky to make a response.
It took a few minutes, Bucky looked conflicted, eyes glancing between you and Steve before collapsing back. “If this is what you truly want, you know I’d do anything for you man, as long as she’s willing to.” Both boys looked at you now but you were staring at the floor, looking as if you might cry.
Steve’s chair shuffled back as he stood, walking around the desk and squatting down in front of you, placing his hand under your chin so you were looking at him. “You don’t have to do this y/n, just say the word and we’ll all walk out of this office and never speak about it again.”
Shaking your head, trying to hold back the tears from falling, you whispered, “it’s not that, it’ll just feel like I’m cheating on you. I’ve never had a threesome before but it wouldn’t even feel like that I mean, at least everyone’s involved with that but this? What if you regret this later and you hate us?” A tear slid down your cheek but Steve was quick to wipe it away.
“I promise you I would never come to regret this, there’s nothing in this world that could make me hate either of you and as I said, there’s no one I trust more than you both. And another thing Doll, you don’t know the number of times I’ve fantasized about this, about you lying on my desk, him standing over you, watching you cum from his actions, I’m getting hard just thinking about it now”. You couldn’t help your eyes dropping down to his crotch, seeing the slight tent in his pants. “Told you”, he smirked at you, leaning forward to pull you into a kiss, his tongue slipping between your lips and moaning when you licked his back. He broke the kiss, thumb still swiping across your cheeks, he asked, “what do you say?”
Breaking the eye contact with your boyfriend, you looked towards Bucky, your best friend, bodyguard, your sweet Buckaroo, his smile calming you slightly. There wasn’t anyone you trusted more than the two men in the room, you knew there was nothing that Bucky would do to hurt you, same goes for Steve and if this was he wanted, then you would want it too, and it wasn’t like Bucky wasn’t attractive, he was very, very attractive in fact, and he always made you feel as safe and protected as Steve did, so after taking a deep breath in, you nodded.
“You need to use your words for me,” Steve asked. You turned back towards him.
“Yes, I’ll do this.” Steve’s shoulders seemed to drop as he kissed you passionately as he stood up, leaving you in the seat he moved back toward his seat, making himself comfortable as both you and Bucky waited with bated breath for his instructions.
“If either of you wants to stop at any time then speak up or use the traffic light system like we usually do.” You nodded, taking a deep breath, squaring your shoulders back, and looking at Steve who smiled as he watched you become a little bit more confident. “Stand up Doll, take off that pretty dress and you know what to do with your panties”.
You stood, trying to hide the wobble in your legs from your nerves, and moved to stand in front of Steve, the desk in the way however as you held eye contact with him. The zip for your dress was down the front so was easy to reach as you pulled it down slowly, Steve watching your fingers as they slipped lower. Pulling each sleeve down your arms, the cool air brushed over your bare shoulders, arms, stomach, and legs as you stepped out of it, throwing it off to the side. Reaching up behind you, you unhooked your bra, sliding it down your arms and throwing it aside with your dress, your nipples were peaked, from adrenaline and the cool air, they bobbed up and down on your chest as you moved. Finally, your fingers hooked into your lace panties, pulling them down your hips, thighs and then stepping out of them, you walked around the desk and put them into Steve’s pocket. You stood in front of him, watching as his eyes traveled up and down your body, but then nodded his head to the side of your desk. “Lie down on your back, legs hanging off the edge.”
You moved following his instructions, sitting at the edge of the oak desk, having to hop up to get on top and lying down lengthways, the surface cold underneath you, your feet dangling down the side of the desk. Turning your head to the left and looking at Steve who leaned forward kissing your forehead, stroking your cheek with one hand and with the other, held it over your chest, holding the vibrator over to Bucky. You didn’t take your eyes off of Steve’s as you heard Bucky stand, taking off his suit jacket, his leather gloves, and rolling up his sleeves, he took the vibrator from Steve’s hand. Steve stood and walked so he was behind your head at the other edge of the table, both hands on either side of your head as he leaned on the desk, only looking into your eyes. “Stand between her legs.”
You felt Bucky’s warm body between your legs, his hips slotting between your thighs. Your heartbeat started to pick up as you tried not to move around too much on the desk, a weird sensation of feeling like it should be Steve between your legs but instead, he was leaning over you. “Wrap her legs around your waist, softly stroke her body, you know her favourite spots.” As Bucky’s hands gripped your calves, his metal hand cold to the touch, he pulled them around his hips and you locked your ankles together, trying not to think about your cunt being close enough to Bucky’s groin that you could feel his heat fanning against your moisture. Your cheeks flushed, even more, when you realised how wet you already were, hoping the boys wouldn’t notice how easily you were starting to relax into this new scenario.
You couldn’t dwell on this thought for long however as you felt Bucky’s fleshed hand start to skim up your leg, goosebumps instantly flushed over your limbs. Higher and higher it inched, down the outside of your thighs and then to your hip but just like he had seen Steve do on multiple occasions, he lightly slide his fingers down the inside of your hips, following the bone, right over the ticklish spot that left you shivering, breathing coming in quick bursts. “Now, turn on the vibrator, and place it just above her clit.” The sound of quiet vibrations had you clenching your ankles tighter together.
You and Steve still held eye contact as he trapped your head between his arms, his breath fanning across your face as the vibrator made contact with you. A small whine left your lips as the powerful vibrations traveled down your mound and over your lips, but not directly over the bundle of nerves but still enough to have you squirming at the feeling. “Flick it over her clit lightly”. Your eyes glazed over slightly, as Bucky started to swipe the vibrator over your clit, the hints of pleasure building slowly, he wasn’t applying enough pressure for it to be overwhelming but it still left you trying to move your hips to feel more, gasps leaving your lips. “How wet is she?”
“Soaking, my slacks are already damp”, you tried to hide your face in Steve's wrist, embarrassed that Bucky didn’t even need to feel your cunt to see how wet you were, he could feel it through his slacks and boxers.
Steve’s wrist that you tried to hide into, tilted your cheek so you were once again looking up at your upside-down boyfriend who was smiling down at you. “Don’t be embarrassed, it’s like music to my ears hearing you wet, means you’re enjoying it just as much as I am”. Your breaths were becoming heavier now as Steve didn’t break his intense stare with you, pleasure becoming stronger in your belly. “Are you going to be a good girl for Bucky?”
“Yes sir” you answered quickly before moaning as the vibrations were starting to drive you mad, needing more.
“Good girl, you heard her Bucky, I think it’s about time we stop teasing her. With your metal hand, tease her nipples, make sure they are nice and puffy, and press hard with the vibrator, directly over her clit.” Bucky’s cold fingers hit your first, the metal circling your erect peaks, the sensation sending more shivers through you before he pinched it, tugging upwards until it slipped out of his grasp and as that sensation gave you the sharpest pain, just before slipping from his fingers, he pressed in hard with the vibrator onto the most sensitive area of nerves. He repeated the movements with the other nipple, twisting and pulling them and holding the vibrator still in place and the noises that came from you were near animalistic at the overstimulation. Back arching off of the desk, your hands moved quickly and grabbed Steve’s arms, nails digging in as you felt the coil of pleasure taking over until you couldn’t hold it anymore.
“Please! Please sir let me cum!” Steve only chuckled above you, leaning down closer so you could smell the aftershave on his neck.
“When you cum, I want you to scream my name, do you understand?” you nodded quickly, legs trembling around Bucky as you held back the orgasm that was on the very edge of spilling over. “That’s it then baby, cum for me.”
“Steve! Fuck!” your eyes rolled to the back of your head, clenched your thighs hard as your entire back left the desk, arching into the air as you screamed out your orgasm, cunt clenching hard around nothing as you continued to leak fluid over Bucky. The nipple play and vibrator stopped as you came down from your intense orgasm, the only sounds filling the room were your heavy breathing as you relaxed your thighs so you weren’t suffocating Bucky anymore.
“Such a good girl, my good girl,” Steve praised you as you kissed his wrist. Steve's stare moved from you to Bucky, “I think it’s about time you finally tasted how sweet she really is”. You opened your eyes and looked up at Steve who was now looking down at you with a deviant smile plastered across his face. Leaning down he kissed your forehead and then moved forward to kiss your lips, his beard giving a weird sensation of being upside down. “I’m going to go and sit to watch this but I want you to keep looking at me.” His arms left the desk as he moved back to the seat next to you, as he spoke he started to unzip his trousers, pulling out his hard cock. “Lift her legs up so her knees touch her chest.” Bucky did as instructed and unhooked your legs from around him and pushed them up to your chest so your centre was now laid out bare for him. ”Start slow, lick all of her juices from bottom to top.”
Bucky shifted below you as he bent down and you had to try with all your might to keep your eyes on Steve. The second Bucky’s tongue connected with your hole you wanted to look down at him but you held Steve’s eye contact as you mewled at the feeling of his tongue traveling slowly over every inch of you. He felt remarkably similar to Steve, you knew he was copying his directions and had seen you been eaten out before, but it really did feel like Steve, even the same rough feeling from his facial hair but the only distinguishing features were Bucky’s metal hand gripping your thigh in place and as Bucky’s tongue delved deep into your cavern, you noticed his tongue was definitely longer than Steves.
“Hold her legs back with one hand and with the other, start circling her clit, make sure you keep your tongue inside of her”. His cold arm leaned against both thighs, acting as a barrier as his flesh hand came down to slowly circle over your clit, the stimulation driving you crazy as his tongue flicked around inside of you. As he continued this motion, you watched Steve who was watching you both with hungry eyes, moving his hand up and down his cock as he watched his best friend eat out his girlfriend. Pleasure started building again, feeling your legs start to clench as Bucky kept going. “Swap your fingers and tongue, make sure you suck on her clit, and then lick it afterward and really take your time to curl your fingers.”
You felt empty for a minute as Bucky’s tongue and hand left your cunt but a second later he was sucking your clit between his teeth and two of his fingers plunged into you, curling to hit that beautiful spongy spot within. You couldn’t stop it even if you wanted to as your hand shot out and grabbed onto his shoulder-length hair, keeping him in place on your clit. If you’d looked down you would have seen Bucky looking up at you with hungry eyes. Steve’s name spilled from your lips as you praised him but at the back of your mind you were half tempted to scream Bucky’s. The man giving you all this pleasure released your clit and flattened his tongue against it, soothing it as his fingers continued to curl inside of you, making you clench with each movement. “Sir, please!” Your words came out incoherently as you couldn’t catch your breath as your orgasm was already taking over you. You didn’t even hear Steve say you could cum as your whole world came to a blur of pleasure as your whole body clenched, eyes rolling back once more as you held onto Bucky’s hair for dear life.
As the wave of pleasure left you, Bucky stopped his actions, removing his fingers from your entrance and your hands fell onto the desk, both of your legs being moved so they hung off of the edge of the desk.
“Fuck her”.
Your head swerved towards Bucky, both of your eyes connecting as you both tried to comprehend what Steve had just ordered. Bucky broke eye contact first, looking towards Steve who was still fisting his cock, a light sheen of sweat on his cheeks as he watched you both. “Shit Bucky, I’m not going to kill you so please just hurry up and fuck her, kiss her, do what you want with her, just do it.” You’d never seen Steve so worked up as he lightly thrust up into his own hand. The brown-haired man looked back at you, he looked unsure but the way his clothes cock was rubbing against your inner thigh, you knew he wanted this just as much as you did so you nodded your head at him, using your arms to sit upon the desk.
Bucky lifted one hand up to your cheek, glancing quickly at Steve, making sure he was still enjoying himself before whispering to you, “I’ll look after you, don’t worry sweet mama” and he kissed you. Passionately. He held the back of your head softly as the other hand moved to your hip, pulling you closer to the edge of the desk, and instinctively wrapped your legs around his waist again. His tongue entered your mouth and you tasted yourself from him but something that was uniquely his and it made you moan as you both played with each other's tongues, his hands holding you close and still. Leaning forward you moved your hands to undo the buttons on his shirt but your fingers were shaking slightly so it took a few attempts to undo them all and shove the fabric off of his shoulders, exposing his well-defined abs, you ran your fingers down them until reached the edge of his waistband but stopped, pulling back breaking the kiss.
You’d been moving so fast, you had stopped thinking about Steve, so quickly glancing at him, you saw the pure lust that was raging from his blue eyes, his mouth open as his hand moved up and down his cock with such fast momentum, it was starting to blur, guess he really was enjoying this. Eyes moving back to Bucky, you looked up at him and gave him the eyes that you knew drove Steve crazy, tilting your chin down, opening your eyes wide, your bite your lip as your reached for his waistband again, Bucky moaning as he watched you, undoing his belt, unzipping him and pushing the fabric down over his hips, your fingers grazing over his firm arse until finally his cock sprung free and you couldn’t stop your eyes from looking anywhere else. Steve was a well-endowed man but so was Bucky, there had to be something in this mafia water because wow, Bucky’s cock was just as thick and long, his veins bulging and the tip red and leaking drops of precum that fell down his shaft.
You gripped his member, sliding your fist over the tip collecting the precum before smearing it over him, enjoying the way his hips thrust lightly into your hand, you moved it up and down his length, applying pressure as you came back up. Bucky leaned down and kissed you again, his tongue grazing your bottom lip as he removed your hand from his shaft, moving them to his shoulders which you gripped onto as he held the base, angling his cock until it was lined up with your entrance.
Both of you pulled back at the same time from your kiss and looked into each other's eyes as he finally started to enter you, your mouth opening as he stretched you out, your legs automatically clenching around his hips, pulling him closer until he was fully inside of you, both moaning deeply at the feeling. You felt so full with him inside of you as you both continued to hold eye contact as Steve’s moans graced your ears. Adrenaline rushed around your veins as you really absorbed the situation, you were fucking your boyfriend's best friend, Bucky Barnes was inside of you, and fuck, it felt so good.
He pulled out slowly, your walls clinging to him before he pushed all the way back inside of you. Leaning down, his mouth connected with your neck, leaving open-mouthed kisses, biting lightly over your pulse point as he slowly started to increase his pace, his hand on your hip holding you in place as he fucked into you. Your head fell back, moaning loudly as he hit your favourite spot within each stroke.
Steve’s voice made both of your heads snap to look at him as he rushed to say “Baby, say his name, tell him how good he’s making you feel, it’s not me anymore, it's all Bucky.” He looked like he was on the verge of cumming as his eyes rolled back.
Bucky pulled out of you fully, tugging your hips until you were off of the desk, your legs feeling weak but he held you up, turning you on the spot and pushing you over the desk, the very tips of your toes reaching the floor as your sensitive nipples brushed the cool surface of the desk. Not wasting another second, Bucky pushed inside of you quickly and you screamed his name out in ecstasy which made Steve moan even louder.
The thrusts hit you quickly, his tight balls slamming into your clit with each movement, your hip bones rutting into the table as Bucky’s handheld your hip in place as the other moved up your spin and held onto the back of your neck, helping to tug you down to meet his slapping hips. You didn’t know how much longer you could last as you looked at Steve next to you who was in complete bliss watching you two and hearing Bucky’s grunts from behind you was enough for you to scream out “please can I cum Bucky, please Bucky sir, I want to cum on you cock”. The hand on the back of your neck gripped and tugged backward and using your arms as momentum, you were now standing next to the desk, head bent backward, Bucky’s hand now resting on the front of your neck as he kissed your cheek, grunting with each thrust, your legs wobbling uncontrollably, eyes rolling back as each thrust was hitting every single nerve ending perfectly.
“Cum for me sweetheart, that’s it, fuck you feel so good.” Your breath caught in your throat as your whole body spasmed, knees locking together as Bucky held you up, also filling you with his hot seed as you viciously clenched your cunt around him. You hardly stayed conscious as you heard Steve shout as he came all over the desk, his liquid squirting out in long white streams. Bucky shifted you both until you were sat in one of the dark blue chairs again, you cuddled onto his chest, feeling tiredness start to set in from the evening's activities. Opening an eye you looked up at Bucky who was stroking your back slowly, smiling at you, and then both of you glanced up at Steve who had a huge shit-eating grin on his face.
“That was fucking beautiful”. You flushed at him, holding onto Bucky tighter. “Wait until I tell you about my threesome fantasy.”
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kazutoraloml · 10 days ago
contains : afab!reader x xiao (little meow meow), strangers to lovers <3 pussy drunk xiao, fat cock supremacy me thinks! touch starved xiao too :( praise, he's just babie boy <3
word count : 1.2k (HELP this was meant to be a couple hundred words only djhfdk)
this is my first time writing for genshin oh my god, i'm nervous ghjgd but the genshin brainrot has been fucking real since i started playing and and and i just want xiao so bad 😔 in more ways than one 😔anyways. here is this brainrot, i'm gonna go take a cold fucking shower now– this is proofread but i'm really dumb right now so just ignore mistakes if there any, thank you! <3
!! minors & ageless blogs, dni !!
Tumblr media
just imagine being able to get past xiao's wall. he's built it up for so many years, refusing to have any or at least have very minimal contact with humans, but finds himself coming back to have that almond tofu your store sells at least once a week, finding the taste to be much better than his– more homemade than his attempts. it fills him with comfort, makes him relax with every bite, warms his heart up. one day he finds the courage to ask how you make it so homey, and your answer almost makes him blush.
"oh, i just make it with a lot of love!" you replied to a stunned xiao. love... it seemed foreign, it was foreign. he walks out that day while mumbling something about the answer being "too human" for him. but he can't help but come back the next week, finding himself wanting to talk to you more, to understand what you meant by making food with this so called love. he starts coming in more often a couple of months later. you intrigue him. it's strange, he's never been this infatuated with a human before... it's very, very strange. you're like a ray of sunshine in his darkened world, every day without you feeling tiring, lonesome – and every time he sees you, your smile warms his heart, even more than the almond tofu you make for him.
"do you... actually make the tofu with a lot of love...? every time? mine never tastes like yours." he asks, taking a seat beside you on the blanket laid out under the stars. you two would often meet like this late in the night, talking about anything and everything that came to mind.
"perhaps." you visibly hold back a laugh. he seems so clueless, reminding you of a small lost puppy. "it's actually my great grandma's recipe. she always had a way with cooking... it's been passed down from her. but the secret is–" you look at him before lowering your voice to a whisper and leaned in close to his ear. "the secret to making it taste so good isn't how good her recipe is, it's actually just having very fresh tofu, xiao."
"tsk." he grumbles something under his breath that you don't really pick up on, but you don't miss the way his cheeks heat up, probably because of how close you were to him. "that's a dumb secret. didn't need to whisper it like that." he adds, looking off into the distance. you've broken his barriers down enough to know he didn't mean it was actually stupid. it was just his little way of getting his point across, more often in snarky remarks. it was cute. xiao wasn't used to things like that – it had been far too long since he had felt anyones touch, let alone have a human be mere centimetres away from his face.
it wasn't until he came back from a quest, stumbling into your store after closing hours, clothes stained with blood and face bruised, that he let you lay your hands on him. gently, you seated him down on a stool, rushing around to gather bandages and water, slowly peeling off his clothes to get to the cuts underneath. he hisses through his teeth every time the cloth hit a sensitive cut, and you muttered back a little 'sorry' every time, eyebrows furrowed as you worked on cleaning his wounds. even though he hadn't been touched like that before, and was half naked with someone as pretty as you in front of him. strangely he wasn't tense. his body was rather relaxed, shoulders slumped down and jaw unclenched as you put the final bandage around his torso. he kissed you for the first time that night, whimpering into your mouth as he held the back of your neck with a single hand, only pulling back when the both of you needed air. he carried a smile on his face. "thank you." he whispered.
a very touched starved xiao was now a xiao that craved that kind of intimacy. coming to visit you every night after you finished for the night, letting his arms wrap around your waist and nuzzling his face into your back as you did your work.
xiao was always blushing whenever you initiated something new. from hand holding to hugging, to making out a little sloppier than usual, heavy petting, he was always a flustered mess. even more so when his cock sunk into your pussy. his head felt dizzy, you felt so good. is this what it felt like every time? he might get addicted, he thinks.
and addicted he was. pussy drunk. wanting to do everything to make you feel good. he wanted to take care of you, that's what he was used to doing for humans and it wouldn't be any different with you. tongue pressing against your clit, giving it the smallest kitten licks just to see your hole clench around nothing. "so pretty, all mine." he whispers, kissing your upper thighs as his face heats up when your hips try to chase his mouth. he lets his strength push your hips down into the bed, fingers on his other hand coming to spread your folds apart, flattening his tongue and licking a stripe from your seeping hole all the way to your clit, humming as he tastes your sweetness on his tongue. that's all it takes for him to go dumb, even dumber than before. he eats you out with ease, humming and smiling into your cunt as you writhe above him, tugging at his hair.
"love you s'much." he whispers against your lips, fat cock resting against your clit as his mouth presses against yours. you're barely given any time to respond, cut off by his lips and the feeling of his fat cockhead bullying its way into your cunt. "so pretty 'n fuck– t-tight... 's for me, yeah?"
"yours... all yo-yours, xiao..." his name leaves your lips in a broken moan, hot breath hitting his face as he rests his forehead against yours, fighting back the urge to bully his cock all the way into your since you felt so good around him. "i love you, so much."
he simply groans, getting lost in the feeling of your cunt clenching around him as he finally bottoms out. your words bounce around in his head as he finally drags his hips out, just leaving his tip in before pushing back into you a little too soon, but you couldn't bring yourself to care. not when he fills you up so nicely. stuffing you to the brim with his fat cock and reducing you to a mess.
"haa– love this c-cunt, love you. shit– 'm love you s'much baby." the most talkative he'd be is when he'd be getting drunk on your pussy. word after word spilling from his mouth without any filters. with his brutal pace and the way his curved cock would hit the spot that has you seeing stars almost every thrust, you cum quickly. but he wouldn't stop. he'd be too far gone. "one more, okay? i know you can gimme one more." he whispers, kissing you as his cock drags against your walls again and again, skin slapping so loudly in the room. he's so drunk on the feeling of your cunt clenching around him that xiao doesn't care how overstimulated you are (or even how overstimulated his own cock is), he'd let his cock slam into you over and over till he's tired <3
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saintlike78 · 4 days ago
How could they not know? [Druig]
Pairings: Druig x fem!eternal!reader
Words: 1.1k
Summary: Your relationship with Druig has been a long one, spanning over thousands of centuries… yet it takes your fellow Eternals 7000 years to piece it all together.
Warnings: nothing but fluff really, dialog heavy.
Tumblr media
“I think that’s them,” you signed happily to Makkari, bouncing giddily in place as the sounds of your fellow Eternals echoed through the halls of the Domo.
Makkari leaned back in her throne-like chair, smiling as they all filed into the room.
You stood from your seat, happily greeting your unusual family.
“How was your trip? Not too bad, I hope,” you asked, eyeing Thena worriedly over Kingo’s shoulder, noting how both Ajak and Gilgamesh were missing.
Kingo let out a throaty chuckle pulling you into his characteristically warm embrace, “it was… well… eventful, but we’ll talk about that later.”
You nodded, noting the solemn message behind his words.
“The most challenging part was recruiting leather jacket over there,” Ikaris interjected, pointing at the man you had missed the most.
His eyes were already on you when you looked over, a smug-looking smile hiding behind his stone-cold exterior.
“Bet you used your movie star charm to win him over, eh Kingo?” you laughed, elbowing him slightly. Kingo only looked at you, raising a surprised brow, but laughed lightly.
“Yeah yeah, you’re almost as funny as him,” he dismissed with a hint of sarcasm.
You shook your head, leaving them to converse on their own, enjoying how the chatter of everyone faded to the background as you made your way toward the smiling mind controller.
“My beautiful, beautiful angel,” he grinned, pulling you into a tight embrace.
Even after all this time, countless centuries, he still brought a small giggle out of your mouth and butterflies to your stomach.
His arms were tight around you, rubbing his hand up the expanse of your back through the t-shirt you’d stolen from him.
“Did you miss me?” he whispered as you buried your face in the crook of his neck.
A small huff of a laugh escaped you, “I’ve only been gone a week.”
“And that means you can’t miss me?” Druig questioned, feigning hurt.
His hand gently landed on the back of your neck, pulling you from your hiding spot. Druig’s forehead rested against yours.
“I certainly missed you, my dove,” he whispered, leaning in to connect your lips in a loving kiss.
As soon as your lips met, a silence washed over the room, drowning you like a tidal wave.
“What are you doing?!” Kingo gasped; his jaw was on the floor. The rest of the group slowly looked over to see what the source of Kingo’s surprise was.
You turned your body, removing yourself from Druig’s embrace.
Druig raised a questioning brow, crossing his arms over his chest, his body touching yours from behind. “Kissing my girl..?” he questioned, giving the team an odd look as they all stared back completely dumbfounded.
Silence filled the room along with an awkward tension that puzzled you.
“Your girl?” Sprite broke the silence, looking back and forth between yourself and Druig, an unreadable expression on her face.
You let out a small awkward laugh, “yeah? Why are you all being so weird?”
“We’re the ones being weird?…- I actually can’t tell if you’re joking or not,” Phastos waved his hands wildly around as he spoke.
You gazed behind at Druig, inviting him inside the complicated world of your mind.
“Do they actually not know?” you thought, blinking at Druig with a raised brow.
“I think not, my dove,” his voice echoed in your mind, his hand finding a comforting spot on your shoulder.
“I don’t understand… we’ve never hidden our relationship… we’re wearing wedding bands,” your thoughts flowed across the invisible bridge into Druig’s mind, a small smile cracking on his face.
“Sometimes they just need it spelt out,” Druig’s face was smug with a smirk. You giggled lightly at the dig directed at your fellow Eternals - you loved them, but sometimes they really were dense.
Your telepathic conversation ended at the sound of a throat clearing.
“You do realise we can see you even when you do that,” Ikaris groaned, crossing his arms over his chest as they all kept observing you and the man behind you.
“Sorry… we’re just surprised you didn’t know,” you laughed lightly.
“How long has this been going on,” Kingo asked, pointing between the two of you.
Your mind travelled back and forth between the countless memories of yourself and the love of your eternal life: his gentle words, the soft kisses and touches. You had never doubted his affection; he was so open and fully devoted to you; it surprised you that throughout your 7000 years on the planet, it had gone unnoticed.
“Hmm, I think around 100 years after we arrived… and then we got married sometime during the 16th century.”
“1534, my love,” Druig reminded softly.
“Right, sorry,” you gave him a gentle smile, placing a hand on top of his, apologising for your forgetfulness.
“Wait, wait, wait! You’re married?” Phastos almost shouted.
You shrugged your shoulders, “why did you think we always travelled together?”
It was quite an amusing scene, watching the wheels turn in each of their heads. Kingo, Phastos and Sprite were obviously the most vocal because of the shock, whilst the rest of them silently worked through the information - with the exception of one.
“It’s not like it was a secret…- Makkari and Ajak came to the wedding,” you explained with a slight scoff.
“YOU KNEW? And you never told?!” Kingo signed, pointing accusingly at an amused looking Makkari.
She shrugged, smiling innocently, “I thought you all knew,” she signed back, giving you a small wink, knowing how much you all loved watching Kingo get all worked up.
“It was never a secret; we’re sorry it felt that way,” you said gently, trying to dissolve the weird conversation regarding your relationship.
“We’re very happy for you,” Sersi butted in, coming over to hug you. She squeezed your body before disconnecting and taking your hand in hers to examine the gold ring that decorated your ring finger.
Thena made her way to you as well, giving your cheek a soft stroke, “we should have known… with the way you look at each other, it couldn’t have been anything else.”
As the girls fawned over your wedding ring, begging for the story of the day, Druig slowly backed away, leaning against the wall; he enjoyed watching you converse with others, the way you smiled and the subtle expressions that ran over your face, painting a clear picture of the direction of the conversation.
After the initial shock wore off, the conversation dispersed. Your point of interest automatically shifted to Druig, who had moved to the small ledge seat, munching on a chocolate bar.
“My dove,” he smiled as you sat down next to him, pulling another bar from his jacket pocket and handing it to you.
You thanked him quietly, trying to unwrap the sweet snack he’d kept for you.
“That was something,” you grinned, taking a bite of the chocolate.
Druig laughed lightly, “it’s obvious why it had to be us… you’re the only one who tolerates me, and you’re the only one I’ll tolerate.”
“I think I more than tolerate you,” you whispered softly, placing your hand in his.
“That you do, my love.”
Tumblr media
A/N: to be notified of future work follow @saintlike78slibrary and turn on notifications
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dollybarnes · 5 days ago
Say Goodbye Again — Fezco
Tumblr media
Say Goodbye Again (Oneshot)
Pairing — Fezco x Reader
Content Warnings — angst, depression, threats of gun violence, heartbreak, canon-typical drug use, very brief suicide ideation, no hea
Word Count — 2k
You’d never loved anyone as much as you loved Fezco.
For the first time in your life, he made you feel like you were worthy of having something perfect. Something that was yours; yours to adore, yours to claim, yours to love.
For so long, you’d been made to feel like you’d never have anything good. You were dealt a shitty hand in the parents department. You had a bad track record with friends. You’d never worked a job for longer than two months; and the only one you’d actually liked had been ruined by your perverse boss who had wandering eyes and then wandering hands and then a black eye.
And then… Fezco.
You met by chance. He’d been driving home from a deal and you were stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire and an estimated ‘two hour wait’ from the towing company. You looked so defeated, sat there on the side of the road with your head in your hands.
He pulled his car up in-front of yours, offered an awkward greeting, and then gave you his sweater because you were wearing a dress and the temperature had dropped.
He sat with you for the entire three hours it took for the tow truck to arrive and then, after taking one look at the sweaty mess of a man who was driving said truck, offered you a ride home.
He really was perfect.
And you couldn’t help but remember every little thing about him.
You loved the way his eyes hardened the first time he met your father but his touch remained soft and gentle and kind, his hand ever entwined with yours. You loved the way he never pried into your childhood trauma; loved how he just sat and listened and let you tell him all about the bad and then softly kissed your lips to rid of all of the ugly that’d passed through them.
You loved the way he smelled. Like freshly fallen rain and day-old aftershave and that warm undertone of weed that wrapped itself around you like a hug.
You loved the way he never broke the speed limit when you were in his passenger seat. You loved the way he rolled his eyes at your terrible jokes.
You loved the way he always had an eye on you, even if you were across the room.
You loved the way he paid for your nails without prompting.
You loved that his love language changed with the days.
You loved the way he would hold you when you cried. You loved the way he liked to twirl that one strand of your hair around his finger all the damn time.
You loved his brother.
You loved hearing stories about their badass grandma. You loved eating cereal on the couch with him and Ash and laughing at the stupid cartoons that were always playing on their tv. You loved bringing over your favourite books and reading them out-loud on the couch while Fez did business at the table and Ash sat on his couch and tried to act like he wasn’t totally invested in the plot of Pride & Prejudice.
You loved everything there was to love about Fezco.
And the things that you didn’t love?
They were few and far between, but they did exist.
You didn’t love the way he did business, and you really didn’t love the extent to which he involved Ash in said business. You didn’t love how flippant he was with his own safety. You didn’t love going to sleep without knowing if you’d ever see him again.
But you dealt with those things, because a relationship is about compromise and trust.
And then a deal went sour. A customer wasn’t satisfied with Fez’s policies and decided that the best way to handle the situation was by putting you in the direct line of fire. (Like, forreal. He grabbed you outside of Fez’s apartment and pressed the barrel of his gun to your head and demanded to be given the drugs he wanted.)
You got out unscathed.
Fez knew how to deal with fucked up junkies better than anyone. He was calm and barely even looked at you as he talked the guy down. With the promise of some oxy’s, the gun was dropped and you were freed.
“Ion know what the fuck he was thinkin’,” Ash had said as he led you back to the apartment. “All I know is, he ain’t gon’ be getting them oxy’s.”
You settled on the couch. Ash awkwardly shoved their quilt throw over you. You mustered up a small smile and he nodded in acknowledgement before pulling the gun out of the crease of his couch and disappearing back outside.
You thought about a lot of shit while you sat there. Five minutes felt like five years and by the time your boys walked back through the door, you knew three things.
1. Fezco’s business scared the shit out of you.
2. You loved him too much to care.
3. You wanted Ash to wear a beige tie to your wedding.
That night was sleepless. Fezco held you close and you both laid there awake all night long. He kept squeezing you, whispering your name, smelling your hair; reminding himself that you were real and alive and safe.
You spent all night trying not to cry, overwhelmed by the veridity of it all.
You finally drifted off when the sun was peeking through the curtains and the birds had began to sing. When you woke up, he was gone, the house was empty, and you felt hollow.
You ate breakfast at the table in silence.
And then you took a shower, got dressed, and left.
You went home for the first time in days. You let yourself in through the back door and were greeted with an empty house and a note on the kitchen counter that read ‘we’re taking a vacation! water the plants please! mom and dad xo’
You wished you could say that you didn’t sit there and cry, chest aching with the pain of their carelessness, but you did. You cried for an hour, until your eyes were red and your stomach was cramping from the force of your sobs.
Sleeping made things easier. You didn’t feel so alone when you were asleep. Darkness was a worthy accomplice. You could always rely on it to welcome you with open arms.
From: Fez <3
Where’d u go
Read: 17:55pm
To: Fez <3
needed to water the plants :)
Read: 18:11
From: Fez <3
Read: 18:15pm
You woke up three times that night. The first time you needed to pee. The second time, your phone had pinged with a text.
From: Ashbaby
hope u r ok
Read: 3:42am
The third time, your stomach lurched and you barely made it to the bathroom in time to empty the contents of your stomach into the toilet bowl.
You showered, changed, and climbed back into bed just in-time to watch the sunrise through your skylight.
The next day sucked.
You spent it alone, in your house that’d never felt much like a home. It was a Monday. You should’ve gone to school. You were so close to finishing your senior year. Every day was important.
You just couldn’t muster up the energy to get out of bed.
On Tuesday, you went to school. Fez picked you up afterwards. You went back to his place and everything felt normal; good.
He didn’t talk about the incident.
In a way, you were glad.
In another way, you were worried.
Your worries were validated three weeks later when he broke up with you in his kitchen.
He was nice about it. As nice as you can be about breaking up with someone.
Once, your mom had told you straight-up that she wished that you didn’t exist.
Those words were joyous in comparison to Fezco’s.
You finished making Ash his mac’n’cheese before picking up your shit and getting the hell out of there before you fell to pieces.
You managed a weak smile when you placed it down in-front of him. “Added some paprika in there. Shouldn’t be spicy but you should be able to taste the different.”
“Aight.” Ash was enthusiastic when he took the fork and dug in. You must’ve stood there for too long, too consumed with the idea that that might be the last time you ever got to feed him one of your inventions, because he looked at you like you were an alien. “Yo, you good?”
You couldn’t say goodbye.
So you nodded, touched his door frame with trembling fingers, and then disappeared.
The first two weeks were the hardest.
Heartbreak was cold. It felt like concrete drying in your chest. Only someone all the way inside a heart could shatter it as completely as Fezco had shattered yours.
You felt like a world without sunshine.
And then another three weeks passed and your parents came home from their two month cruise with stories to tell of a life you’d never truly had a place in. You had a room in their house and a photograph in your fathers wallet and that was as far as your presence affected their lives.
With them at home, you no longer had the option to lay around all day and wallow, so you took the road less travelled (in your sake, at least) and finally started to accept your classmates' party invites.
It was easy to forget your pain in the haze of the alcohol and the drugs that you promised Fezco you’d never mess with.
But he’d promised you that he’d never leave you.
So promises were obviously fucking bullshit.
You made friends who weren’t really your friends but had your back when you needed them. They weren’t good influences, but they were exactly the type of people you needed. They pulled you out of your dark hole and thrust you into a whole new world. Not better. Just new.
And then, the inevitable happened.
You were across the room, leaning on a bannister and giggling at one of your new friends’ stories about the guy she’d just hooked up with. And then you felt him.
Your body tensed and you were helpless against the automatic response to turn your head over your shoulder to look at him.
He looked tired.
You stared. He stared back.
You swallowed roughly and forced yourself to look back at your friend.
Your heart tore in two.
“The fuck?” Your friend asked, and you realised that you’d tuned out of her retelling. “You know that guy?”
“Something like that,” you muttered, chest heaving with something akin to panic. You needed a distraction. Fast. “Got any molly?”
She smiled. “Obviously.”
You blinked. “You buy it from him?”
She nodded slowly. “Uh, yeah?”
Five minutes later, you emerged from the bathroom far more prepared; and then you saw them.
His lips were on hers, her hands were on his chest, his hands were on her back.
You didn’t need to see any more.
He was clearly moving on, and he didn’t have a problem doing it right in front of you.
You wanted to cry.
You didn’t.
You walked straight past them, eyes straight, pupils blown from the molly pumping through your bloodstream.
You missed the way his gaze narrowed in on them when you strolled past them and he tore himself away from the girl whose lips tasted all wrong, felt all wrong, were all wrong.
Every bone in your body ached.
For a moment, you wished the junkie would’ve just taken the shot that day.
And then you pulled yourself together and joined your friends around the bonfire.
To: Ashbaby
hv a good life, kid. u deserve everything
Read: 5:32am
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angrythingstarlight · 4 months ago
Classic cockwarming with Alpha!Bucky while he peppers kisses all over your face and tells you how much he loves you 😌 (maybe even falling asleep with him still inside you cause he wore you out 😏)
NSFW thots below. No minors.
Tumblr media
Don't copy, rewrite or repost my drabbles. Last thirstday one of the night. Comments and reblogs are great.
You know who loves cockwarming? Chubby alpha Bucky.
He's loves having you on his lap anyway, you can't remember the last time you sat in a chair in your home.
"I'm the best seat you got Bunny," he grumbled when you made the egregious error of sitting in the loveseat during movie night.
You had just flung your blanket around your legs when he stormed in and scooped you up with one hand, grabbing your blanket with the other. You'll never get used to the way he treats you as if you weigh nothing. Bucky didn't hear your surprised squeal, he was too busy complaining that you were being mean to him, leaving him all alone.
 You pointed out the chair was right next to his. Which did not help your case at all. He glared at your smiling face, growling, “really Bunny just going to let your alpha freeze to death huh?” 
You burst into giggles, listening to him huff as he turned on the TV. He carted you around the downstairs, still holding you with one hand, getting the snacks and drinks from the fridge. "Just gonna let me suffer huh? All alone. By myself. Freezing to- I'm not being dramatic- you can't spoil an alpha with your sweet body and then take away it from him bunny."
Your arms are looped around his neck, tears streaming down your face from laughing so hard. He's incorrigible but you love it. No other alpha is so proud of their omega or willing to be so affectionate and caring. You really got lucky with him. Even if you can't use sit in a chair. 
By the time he plopped back on the couch and tucked the blanket around both of you, caging you in just in case you tried to abandon him again, he was still pouting even though he denied it. Alphas don't pout bunny but gimme a kiss so I feel better.
So yes, he loves having you on his lap. And sometimes when you're stressed out or you need a distraction, he'll have you sit on his cock.  Your belly squished into his soft round stomach, and he put his thick arms around you. Crushing you to his chest because he wants to feel all of you on him. The bond between you full of love and adoration
And it's so comforting. Being full, until Bucky, you didn't know you could feel so full, his cock nestled deep inside you. 
His clean masculine scent, divine sandalwood, and something uniquely him, surrounding you. He'll scent your wrists and throat so he clings to you.  His large hands kneading and rubbing your back until you're relaxed. . 
And his lips. God, his lips are sinful. He can't stop kissing you. Soft passionate kisses along your jaw, collarbone, and shoulders, whispering affectionate praise along your skin. Lingering forehead kisses before devouring your lips until your panting and leaning in for more.
 Sometimes you'll talk, sometimes you'll listen to him, his deep voice is your favorite sound, it's soothing and warm. You can fall asleep with him inside you as he tells you how much he loves you. He'll graze your throat, his teeth scraping over your mating gland, assuring you without works that you'll always be cherished and protected with him.
You'll wake up to him languidly fucking you, the incredible sensations of him gliding along your warm, velvety walls piercing your dreams, your orgasm unfurling as your eyes flutter open, mouth dropping open with a low moan. 
"There ya go, good girl, that's my good girl," he praises, "needed you to cum for me, just wanted to feel you for a minute." He kisses your shoulder, laying you back on his chest. "Go back to sleep, that's all I needed Bunny."
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luvatsu · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
feat — timeskip!sakusa, atsumu, suna, iwaizumi + osamu.
warnings — alcohol use, vomit mention in atsu’s.
note — i will think about soft, fluffy boys when they get drunk always.
Tumblr media
ఌ SAKUSA you smile at him as he stumbles into the passenger seat with a huff, his cheeks flushed and his eyes a little glazed and you know kiyoomi’s drunk—probably his teammates doing, you think, allowing him to keep his silence. you’re already half way home before you decide to speak, noticing how kiyoomi’s gaze seems locked on the world outside the passenger window. “you okay, omi?” you ask and you watch his back expand with a shakey breath “y-yeah.” kiyoomi breathes—quietly, followed by a sniffle from the man beside you. “are you s—“ “sometimes.. i just feel overwhelmed that you exist.. and that you’re mine, sweetheart.” he mumbled and you notice the shake in his hands as they grip at his thighs, but the warmth in your chest feels familiar. “how many shots did atsumu give you?” you huff, it’s lighthearted your reply, just like the giggle that sounds from him when he finally turns to face you, “s-shutup.” mumbled through his pout, eyes a little redder than normal before it stretches into a wobblier smile that serves as a silent thank you for pulling him back, you were always good at that. kiyoomi’s hand reaches for yours, intertwining it with his own before he brings it up to place a kiss against your skin, and you squeeze his hands after as a silent confession of i’m glad you exist too.
ఌ ATSUMU you hear a whine from the man below you, running your hand through the messy, platinum hair on his head while he wraps himself around the toilet bowl with tear stained cheeks as he turns to blink up at you through cloudy honey eyes, one of his more handsome smirks on his lips—despite the fact he’s been vomiting for the past ten minutes. atsumu’s features soften as his hand reaches for yours, fingers intertwining tightly with your own as he turns to face the toilet bowl again “don’t leave, angel. please” the blonde exhales shakily, a slight tremble to his tone “i won’t, tsumu.” “p-promise?” he inhales a breath, a new set of tears trailing down his cheeks and you don’t know if it’s the burning in his throat or the warmth in his heart that caused them this time. he speaks again, quieter this time. “am sorry for keepin’ ya awake with me, baby. y-ya love me anyway, right? yer just so good, a don’t deserve ya, a—“ “tsumu, i’ll always love you. promise.” he turns to blink up at you again at your reply, his cheeks still flushed and his smile’s softer this time, watching him lean into your touch when your hands card through his hair, pushing it back “a don’t deserve ya, but if ya let me, al prove a can give ya the world anyway.” atsumu huffs and you soften, “you are my world, tsumu.” “does that mean a get a kiss?” “ew no.” “babyyy, al brush ma teeth.”
ఌ SUNA you try to stifle a laugh as you guide your 6’3 boyfriend into your shared bedroom, feeling him stumble behind you as he mumbles a curse under his breath every few seconds, until he finally stops dead in the middle of the room, his arms snaking around your waist to pull you flush against his chest even though he stumbles slightly at the impact. “rin, you have to sleep.” you sigh and you hear suna huff before he nuzzles into the crook of your neck, “sososo pretty, pretty baby.” he mumbles, and his palms feel warm when they come to rest against your cheeks, squishing them slightly as he pulls away to gaze down at you, his lips upturning when you roll your eyes at him. “okay, time for bed.” you scold and suna huffs— grabbing your waist and spinning to pull you down on the bed behind you both, rolling you underneath him just so he can flop his weight on top of you after. “you’re squishing me rin, get off.” you groan and he whines softly through his words “comfy. goodnight, ugly.” causing you to scoff before giggling, feeling his arms around your waist tighten at the sound, and he nuzzles into the crook of your neck, his eyes finally fluttering closed because it truly did sound like his forever.
ఌ IWAIZUMI you snort when you hear him stumble in the bedroom door, probably tripping over his own feet as he tries to navigate in the dark, hissing a few curses under his breath. “doll, you up?” hajime slurs and you finally roll over in bed to face him “you okay, haji?” you look up at him as you reach over to flick on the bedside lamp, hearing him groan at the light as he holds a tattered mcdonald’s bag close to his chest. “i missed you tonight. i brought you this, shittykawa tried to steal it but i kicked his ass.” he grumbles almost smugly, and you try to stifle a giggle as he hands you some soggy fries and half of his own burger, blinking down at you with parted lips and flushed cheeks. “let me take care of you.” hajime hums, trying to shakily feed you a fry until you bat away his hand, causing him to frown as his lips jut out to form a pout “i’ll eat tomorrow, thank you though. come to bed, okay?” you sigh and he grunts, stumbling into bed beside you before immediately pulling you against his chest, placing a few sloppy kisses to your face “you take such good care of me doll, shit i love you.” his grip softening as he snores quietly into the crook of your neck.
ఌ OSAMU you giggle when you see him come through the living room door, returning from his night with his old teammates from school. “there ya are, sweetheart.” samu grins, his cheeks are flushed and his smile is a little brighter but wobblier than usual, probably the alcohol in his system you note as he stumbles towards you. his arms immediately wrap around your waist before he nuzzles into the crook of your neck. he was always a little clingier when he was drunk but that always made him sleepier too, which now ended up with you trying to support his weight when he got too comfy around you. “samu, let’s go to bed.” you huff and he groans before he speaks, his words muffled against your skin “angel, y-ya know yer the best thing that’s ever happened ta me right?” osamu breathes, making you grin as you try to inch yourself down the hall, before he speaks again “tonight, when people were askin’ me what a was most proud of, ya know a said you, cos shit it’ll always be you.” his words became more slurred as he dozes off in your neck, causing your steps to falter slightly before you finally reached the bed, setting him down while he blinks up at you drowsily “ya make it all worth it, sweetheart, ‘ts all for ya.” before he finally falls asleep.
Tumblr media
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