#they would probably do it again idk
doodleodds · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Hmm...it’s been two months......I think it’s reasonable to post akeshu week day 2 now
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
hahahaha day 2 am i right fellas? only a week late....haha...........
#akeshu#p5r#akechi goro#kurusu akira#p5r spoilers#yeah im not even tagging it as the week anymore its been so dang long since i started this#this was an idea i had in my head for a while and i just figured 'oh huh day 2's prompt fits this' so. bam! there it is#and yes before you ask the rest of the pt also play with them. they're just doing a solo mission because theyre alone at the moment#and idk i just like thinking that akechi's mom is still alive so. she is in this au. congrats mamakechi!#this was the first comic i ever felt like i had to color code the word bubbles to tell who was speaking...which is probably not a good sign#just means that they were confusingly placed! so. sorry about that! i hope the flow of the panels isnt too bad#so uh. in other news i am going through possibly the worst case of art block i've ever gone through before#i think i was able to force myself to draw like. 1 panel a day of this. i drew like one line and then i closed the canvas#did i make joker a character sheet for funsies one day instead of drawing this? yes. yes i did. send help#i have a few ideas i still want to draw...but lord knows if i'll have the ability to actually force myself to draw them any time soon#i might? open commissions??? to force myself to draw on a deadline and for a reason rather than for myself and on no deadlines#maybe. maybe i will do that. or maybe i'll see if i can organize a collab of some kind....that would be fun too#hm. things to ponder#anyway! i hope you've all been well. see you in a month again probably knowing my posting schedule ^^;#fun little extra tidbit for you if you read this far down in the tags:#goro was originally trying to keep crow as a mysterious villain; he rolled a nat 1 in deception when introducing him to the party though#hence the 'oh did i hear something about delicious pancakes' line :P#outed IMMEDIATELY as a villain lol. bad luck goro!
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roxyandelsewhere · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
More of me trying to fix purgatory, this time going off of what I said in this post. Hands referenced from Bernini’s The rape of Proserpina and Goya’s Saturn devouring his son.
Prints now up on Inprnt!
#finally a new one!!! first one post defending my thesis#spnart#spn art#fanart#spn#spn fanart#mine#purgatoryfix#yeah that's gonna be the tag for these#alright so. i had so many ideas for this one. there was gonna be halos and angel wheels and shading in pointillism#but 1. it would have probably looked too busy and 2. i don't know if i have the skills to do all that in one drawing and make it look good#so i figured it's best if i don't put all the ideas in one drawing and space it out across several. hehehe#so there will be more eventually#and yeah the core of this was the hands. see this as a text with a thesis on purgatory an those hands are quotes. citations even#i could have done more to make the reference clearer but unless it was a collage i don't think it would have ever been Clear clear#and again if i have the skills to make that look good skdfjg#there was also gonna be those pointillism purgatory trees in the background but that would have probably been too much. idk.#also there's some imperfections in the solid black parts that if you zoom them are not actually solid black#i digitally corrected that in the trueforms but didn't in this one bc i think it adds to the effect#i smudged some silver on some parts and i think it all meshes together#anyways. purgatory like this. society IF#the red and white kinda remind me of christmas decorations (derogatory) but that might be bc of the shitload of christmas ads i've endured#recently#and i tried not to put the red white and blue together much bc of Flag Connotations that aren't what i wanted#hopefully it all comes across right
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worstloki · 2 months ago
[Loki being banished to Earth after Avengers 1]
Thor: he didn't mean to do it!
Loki: I definitely meant to do it
Thor: He had good intentions--
Loki: I had the absolute worst intentions
Thor: he's sorry--
Loki: Not at all
Thor: I'm sure he's learnt his lesson--
Loki: I'll do it again
Loki: WON'T
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labyrynth · a month ago
i cannot stress this enough:
nie mingjue tried to kill jin guangyao, both before and after he died, but nmj’s reasons for trying to kill jgy never included “jin guangyao killed him.”
nmj never knew that jgy played a part in his death.
he was generally paranoid, but there is no indication that he had any real, concrete information about anything jgy was dealing with. nmj never actually knew anything about what jgy was doing.
he did not know that jgy had done anything to the music, and he had no reason to believe that the progression of his qi instability was anything other than natural. we don’t see any indication that he even acknowledged that it was getting worse.
moreover, nmj tried to kill jgy multiple times BEFORE he died, even before jgy started playing for him. even after jgy was playing for him, what finally set off nmj’s fatal qi deviation was not, in fact, the revelation that jgy was trying to kill him, but overhearing jgy’s private comment to xichen that nmj was treating jgy poorly. that was what sent him into his fatal, paranoid rage.
#mdzs#mdzs talk#nie mingjue#jin guangyao#meta#does this count as a meta? it’s more of a PSA. like. it’s indisputably canon that nmj DID NOT KNOW bc if he DID then jgy would just be dead#like if nmj thought that jgy was actually trying to kill him he would have just straight up killed jgy#if nmj somehow not only knew that jgy was trying to kill him but also that it was specifically the MUSIC??#like what he’s just gonna sit there and be like ‘ah damn he’s trying to poison me again :/‘#‘too bad there’s literally nothing i can do like getting up and leaving or kicking him out’#like???? lmfao????????#anyway fanfic writers i’m looking at you#none of this deus ex “da-ge’s spirit tells us exactly who killed him and how’ bullshit#like even assuming such a thing were possible (which canonically it’s explicitly NOT) they all saw him qi deviate!!#like idk about you but if a dude has heart disease and his family has a history of early death due to complications from heart disease#and like especially if all he’s doing to curb it is like. idk cutting down on sodium. but not taking meds or lowering stress or anything.#if a guy like that has a heart attack and dies like. ur gonna have a hard time claiming that he was murdered#especially if he died literally attempting to murder the guy you claim supposedly murdered him (even though he died of a heart attack)#ngl even the fact that nmj’s body was all chopped up and even JGY HAVING HIS HEAD isn’t really substantial evidence that jgy killed him#bc let’s be real: even if jgy hadn’t done anything nmj probably STILL would have tried to kill him.#if you have the corpse of a dude who fucking hated your guts and tried to kill you multiple times coming after you???#yeah you’d be kind of justified in taking the necessary measures to keep yourself safe#also i feel like one question we don’t ask enough is how tf jgy even got nmj’s body to begin with??#he died in the unclean realm and presumably huaisang oversaw his burial?? was nmj ALREADY going after jgy???#anyway#mxtx talk
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mostlytiredbean · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Soft ginran inspired once again by @dokuhai’s Rangiku and @godkilller‘s Gin ❤️
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rainnows · 3 months ago
As far as canon physical disabilities Nico is obviously the top contender but the one that sticks out to me for having the most memorable injury is Annabeth.
Like she should logically have chronic pain she literally walked through the labriynth and Tartarus with a broken leg. She took a knife to the back in TLO. Also!!! She and Luke and Percy held up the Sky!!! As MORTALS!!! are you telling me that did not give them immense physical issues get real
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stevensquared · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
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hisirdovx · 7 months ago
yknow, between the steve subplot, random mentions of jim’s dad, strickler dying after his engagement to barbara was confirmed, and the whole “i hope he’s happy” “i’m sure he is; he’s with his dad” exchange regarding archie.... it really becomes apparent how much the “biological family > families of choice” narrative was woven into a lot of rott’s story. which is just another cherry on top of this film’s mess of a non-narrative. like... way to go against one of the most integral themes of the entire series.
#angel.txt#tales of arcadia#rise of the titans#rott salt#its seems like that's all the movie did. of course the characterization is gonna feel off when the character's morals and behavior is askew.#they are not doing things that they normally would because this story is built on the antithesis of them as characters.#its things like this that make me sad more than angry. because its very clear that the team behind the story had deep knowledge of toa.#they're not throwing darts blind and hitting bull's eyes every time.#there are probably more subtleties and scenes like this but i cant recall them all off the top of my head#i need to rewatch the film for real again...#but yeah its just like. the series obviously never says biological family is inferior to families of choice#dynamics like jim + barbara / toby + nana / claire + enrique / archie + charlie are all good examples of this#and hell 3below is just absolutely saturated with family dynamics both biological and of choice#but the series also goes out of its way to emphasize that families of choice can be just as powerful and important#jim + blinky / toby + aaarrrgghh / claire + notenrique / douxie + archie...#and even outside of the main cast too!! steve + coach lawrence are Great#but rott's out here like nope. none of that!#and to be fair the steve thing is probably the least egregious of these examples (which is insane to say lmaooo)#like i Get what they could've been trying to do with that subplot but that was absolutely Not the way to do it#literally could've achieved the same goal by having him lead the arcadia students/teachers as knights of the round table or smth lmaooo idk#but yeah. it's the jim/strickler/archie stuff that really makes me go huh. undermining the fuck out of the families of choice narrative huh!
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I genuinely think that Bustopher is a nice and friendly cat under all his rigamarole and bluster, he just has a hard time of it because he's a little dense in the "I forget I have privilege on occasion" way, and isn't around other cats much.
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wooahaes · 4 days ago
i don’t like the idea of people calling fics and people who read them “delusional” since you’re hopefully engaging with it purely as an act of fiction. i think it’s okay to have celebrity crushes, especially if you’re in the same boat as me (trust issues, but i can indulge myself in the idea of a relationship when it’s something literally impossible). i think it’s okay to write/read about them as long as you aren’t crossing that line into thinking its real.
you can daydream about being held by someone without expecting to be a reality. you can read reactions of having your first kiss with someone without thinking it’ll happen someday with that exact person. fiction is something comforting to a lot of people, and sometimes using someone’s likeness (like i and other writers do) can help. i don’t claim to be writing the “real” svt or trsr or anything because i don’t know them. i gauge reactions based off what they’ve shown us of themselves.
i think it’s genuinely fine to engage with content like this as long as you’re separating fiction from reality. basically i feel like i’m writing ocs that are based off the public personas we’re shown. i can feel safe while writing these things because i know they’re not really going to happen. maybe other people feel the same way, too, or maybe they just want to escape from reality for a bit via a free medium. nothing wrong with that.
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catzgam3rz · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I’ve only every played around with Pixel art a small bit years ago, and for some reason felt like trying it out again! Of course I went with Philza for my first shot because I’m me
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tall-idiot-queer · 19 days ago
friends who hate together stay together
#rambling#look sometimes i need to be a hater & when that happens i know who to go to bc i know they won’t judge me and#have probably thought the exact same thing#this is not like. serious. this is like when i want to be jealous and overly proud & some other character flaws i have#in a way that won’t hurt anyone. so that they’re not character flaws they’re just quirks. i sometimes have to just be. annoyed#& i <333 having friends who i can whine to. & they do the same thing at other points so like. neither of us can judge#literally everyone has bad emotions and are sometimes petty and jealous and proud or whatever else#the key is dealing in a way that doesn’t hurt other people but also doesn’t hurt you#there is something SO healing about going to complain to a friend about something a bit petty that#would probably be seen as you being rude and judgy by most ppl(bc you are being that to be fair)#& them going YEAH I WAS THINKING THE SAME THING#it’s like rinsing your brain out. spring cleaning. i can carry on trying to be a caring person now that i’ve been allowed#to express frustration#idk i’m phrasing this really badly but just shoutout to my friend who i can be a massive hater with & then move on#“here’s a thing i’m feeling & i know it’s rude so i’m not gonna act on it but like come on….” “no exactly you get it” thank god#“i did this thing (inconsequential) but i told everyone else thing thing (tiny change) bc i’m too proud to admit it”#“no exactly like we both need to work on this but i understand exactly what you mean bc i’m the same” okay. now i can be human again
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thelittlemermage · 7 months ago
Tbh F is for Family is pretty underrated, it's one of the better adult cartoons on Netflix.
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eijiroukiriot · 7 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
just a reminder that the entire world + everything in it belongs to them. it’s theirs
#(writing on a chalkboard) i will not get into a rant about kirishima's roots i will not get into a rant about kirishima's roots i will not g#(writing MORE on a chalkboard) i will not cry abt how bkg's actually getting happier i will not cry abt how bkg's actually getting happier#i will NOT#because i already DID. these panels like destroyed me when i saw them in the leaks#ohhhhh my god he looks so genuinely happy and confident...he's SMILING and it's not out of murderous rage....!!!#not to like talk down on ways he's expressed himself in the past. it's just crazy to see panels like this and realize he's actually come far#enough in his self-growth that he's grinning confidently talking about his new moves and it's from Genuine confidence not just#trying to assert himself#and. in theory i would like to give kirishima his very own set of tags of me blubbering abt seeing him but i really. really do not know what#to think abt the fact that his roots are still showing#YOU GUYS ALREADY SAW MY CRAZY LONG POST ABOUT THAT i forgot i typed that out#that's embarrassing...i was like 'yeah haha i feel like i've been talking about it a lot idk why' i literally typed a thesis on it the other#day.#okay. well.#i've been seeing people say on twitter (and agree) that if horikoshi's still making the effort to show them then he'll probably deliver#on some sort of arc/emotional reveal abt how kirishima's really doing#i guess this just brings up the idea again that like...bnha is ending soon. pretty soon we're gonna find out how it all turns out#what if a part of that Is that kirishima goes back to black hair permanently? soon we'll know where his life takes him#in concrete terms. the real ending#same thing w bkg bc now every time i see him smiling or making a face that isn't just outwardly bastard like i'm like wow we're really witne#ssing the product of his growth huh...#this series is gonna end soon...pretty soon we're gonna see these characters reach the natural conclusion of their arcs.......#god it's weird it's so weird#i guess the positive about that is that. as little of a crumb as this is we know that their natural conclusions still include each other#the other comment i saw on twitter was from a jpn artist who said roughly like 'that panel makes it look like bkg's saying#'you're always asking me to fight you go get someone else to do it'#so familiar...they really always are sparring together. love that. love them. happy sunday everyone#thoughts
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mettywiththenotes · 9 months ago
Can’t stop thinking about how good Tomura is at acting
Not in the way that he makes up lies to tell people, but rather in the way that he has observed others from afar and integrates pretty well with them, only for a means to an end
Take the Mall Scene for instance. Shiggy walks around and acts like a civilian. He knows that civilians don't pay attention to other people, yet he still wears the hoodie to cover his face and keeps his head down to not draw any attention. He removes Father from his face and acts like any other person. He walks around completely unnoticed because he knows how to cover himself to look normal
Tumblr media
When he sees Midoriya, he acts like any other fan. Walks up and gets friendly. Even keeps up the act of "I saw you at the Sports Festival! You're pretty impressive!" and even Midoriya thinks to himself "Wow a lot of people watched the sports festival huh" - he thinks this guy is just another civilian until it's revealed that it's Shiggy
Tumblr media Tumblr media
And EVEN when it's revealed, Shiggy continues to keep up his act for the people around them. They sit on a bench, close to each other, like they know each and are friends. Shiggy's hand around the neck would be obvious if it weren't for the fact that Izuku kept his head down as well. Izuku didn't want to draw attention, just like Shiggy
Tumblr media Tumblr media
AND LISTEN LOOK Shiggy doesn’t KNOW Ochako, he's never met her and he's never spoke to her, so he doesn't know that Ocha is Izuku's friend. He just thinks she's some kind of civilian who "would never suspect something sinister was happening in this peaceful society!"
Tumblr media Tumblr media
So when she walks up and tells him to let go of Izuku, he looks at her and moves Father in his pocket, which was probably a fake threat to Izuku that if he didn't play along, he would kill her (Izuku likely thought he had a weapon or something). But when the kid can't even ACT like nothing bad is happening, Shiggy has to let go of Izuku and put on the most friendly apology known to man
Tumblr media Tumblr media
He completely switches to Friendly Civilian and laughs it off, then walks away, not before telling Izuku that he'll get angry if he gives chase
AND!! Even when Izuku is completely like "WHAT DOES AFO WANT", revealing that it is in fact Shigaraki to Ochako and drawing attention from the civlians, Shiggy doesn’t even drop the act fully. He's still aware of his surroundings and he's aware of the situation. He answers that he doesn't know and tells Izuku that he will kill him, before leaving calmly and quietly
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
He slips out and away like he wasn’t even there. Nobody notices, because he’s learned how to act as a civilian
Like just... Tomura is so good at keeping up an act
And Tomura doesn’t lie. Every single word that he breathes is true. He ACTS like he’s all buddy-pals with Midoriya so the civilians don’t get suspicious (not that they would cuz they don’t pay attention, but it says a lot that he also took precautions), but every word he says is true
Anyway no thoughts head empty Shiggy observing civilians and how they act in order to do what he wants
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highseasgirlbossing · 3 days ago
okay listen up important new bush headcanon dropped. if bush had a computer he Would be typing very slowly and deliberately with two fingers, but he would also be uncharacteristically long winded over text in order to make himself understood
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iamnotanelf · 6 months ago
so like, it's been lovely to see pat and pran understand each other's feelings so well that they hardly need to say things out loud, but. i hope in the upcoming episodes we'll get to see them have a conflict that they just can't resolve without actually sitting down and talking.
while i'm at it i'd also like to request a scene where pran is the one comforting / going out of his way to help pat.
oh and i'd like to see a hug too
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lover-of-skellies · 2 months ago
Ok,,,, someone help me, idk what I'm doing right now
I turned some of my characters into the main four animatronics from Security Breach, and I need help with their designs
It should come to no one's surprise that all I'm good at drawing is skeletons, and I'm only slightly good at drawing robots. After all, skeletons are the main thing I've been drawing since like,, 2017. I also can't draw animals, so there's another problem. I say it's another problem because I always do better with designing characters when I can actually see them, in one way or another
I have a robo black panther (who's in Freddy's place), a robo european badger (that's occupying Monty's role), a robo raccoon (instead of Chica the chicken), and a robo wolf (which.... She's occupying Roxy's role, so there's not much of a difference there)
All I know is that my four need shoulder pads, and possibly leg warmers and fingerless gloves. Aside from that, I have no idea how to give them that signature glamrock look
Suggestions are welcome! If you have any ideas for clothes, accessories, facial markings/face paint/makeup, color schemes, etc., feel free to share them (if you feel like it, that is)!
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amelia-yap · 9 months ago
How did Ruby meet dragon Weiss? Was it similar to their meeting at Beacon?
i dunno. heres a thing.
I have always loved to explore, to have adventures -- simple as that. Wandering into the unknown, discovering new sights, walking on land that millions might already have, it was all exciting to me.
Whenever I got the chance to camp, I would immediately pack all the essentials I needed with vigor, no matter the weather. Staying still in one place for too long just didn’t sit well for me.
A gust of wind blew in my direction. The cold air stung my cheeks, so I pulled the red scarf I was wearing closer to my face, When I looked around, a blanket of snow was covering the ground and trees of all sizes. Everything seemed to be quiet. The only sound I could hear was my boots creaking in the snow.
The forest I was camping in appeared to be devoid of any wildlife, no foxes, no wolves nor bears I was used to seeing. I paid no mind and continued to explore and search for a suitable place to spend the night in. Which, not too long after, I spotted a cave within a good distance.
Happy I had shelter taken care of, I made my way towards the cave. The first thing that registered in my brain is that how the cave strongly it smelled of fresh pinecones. Crystals jutted out in random from every inch of the land, the ground coated with a thin layer of ice.
The cave itself wasn’t very large, but it seemed oddly well-preserved and clean, as if there was actually someone living in here-
“What do you think you’re doing?!” a voice cried out
A dragon.
Icy blue eyes narrowed at me, wings flared up in defiance.
A real, live dragon.
About 25 ft tall, standing right in front of me,
I blinked, unsure if I was hallucinating. It was not unheard of that dragon sightings could be found time to time, but to witness one with my very own eyes was wholly another question.
If winter could be personified, or in this case, dragonified? It would look like this. Brilliant pure white scales cascaded throughout its entire body like freshly fallen snow, horns in a shade of what painted the deep dark chilly nights, bright blue gemstones sprouted out of its back with the exception of a handful of rubies on its tail, illuminating a warm glow.
The most captivating sight however, was the scar streaking down its left eye.
The dragon in question scowled at my lack of response, “Leave. You’re not welcomed here.” Irritated, it started to walk away.
The soft thumping of the ground broke me out of my daze and I quickly burst into a jog in hopes of keeping up with the white dragon. Why were dragons so large? It wasn’t fair, humans were so tiny.
“So, um. My name is Ruby!” I yelled, in case it didn’t hear me or something, attempting to bring up conversation.
The dragon harrumphed, tail swishing like a disgruntled cat being forced to take a bath, clearly uninterested in what I had to say.
Besides being pretty, it had a big personality too.
My right hand reached up to rub my neck, feet shuffling uneasily on the ground as I stood outside the cave. I couldn’t stop thinking about the dragon I met, albeit having made a less-than-stellar first impression breaking into her home.
In my defense, I didn't know there would be a dragon in there.
Against my better judgment, I returned after (an embarrassing) two hours, hoping I’d see White, preferably in a good mood now. There was something the dragon that interested me.
A cough caught my attention, and silver orbs met icy blue once again.
And like the first time, I was left speechless. She. She was now in her human form, a navy blue cloak draped over her shoulders with a dress and belt clipped on underneath.
“Are you going to come in, or die of hypothermia standing here?” the woman hissed, crossing her arms, “If you hadn’t noticed, the weather isn’t getting any better. I would rather not have a dead body in front of my doorstep.”
“Look,” the dragon lady finally grumbled, impatience bleeding out every corner of her voice,“I don’t understand why you’re back. Maybe you’re incapable of listening to instructions or just plain stupid, I don’t know.”
If looks could kill, the glare she’s sending to me right now is liable to destroy galaxies.
I tugged the hem of my sweater, smiling awkwardly like it would salvage the situation, “What’s your name?”
“I…” she hesitated, “I’m Weiss.”
“Awesome! You and I are going to be besties from now on, Weiss!”
“Y- What? No.” she deadpanned.
“I broke into your home.” I countered, grinning all the while, ” We’re practically like, best friends now.”
“Dunce, what kind of logic is that??”
My grin grew larger, “I dunno, it sounds like a legitimate reason to me.”
She scrunched up her nose, not willing to partake in my nonsense any longer, and flicked my forehead.
“Owie!” I yelped, hands shooting up to nurse the bruise,”Why’d you do that?!”
Weiss rolled her eyes, “Don’t be dramatic, Ruby. Now get in before you freeze out here for real.”
I immediately perked up at the mention of my name,”Aw, Weiss! You remembered my name!”
“I actually have a good memory. Unlike you, you dunce.”
Despite the barbs she dressed around her words, I caught her eyes twinkling with amusement.
And that was good enough.
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rsmrymnt-tea · 11 months ago
It’s kinda fun how you can read Lilith differently depending on how you wanna see her. Selfish and spoiled and thinking only of herself and her lover? Sure, valid. Tunnel-visioned? Alright. Fully aware of the growing tension within the Celestial Realm’s highest ranking Seraph and knowingly expressed who she sided with by acting against the Celestial Realm’s rules? Absolutely. Naive and perhaps thought she could change the CR with compassion? Okay. Gave no shit and did what she believed in knowing it’ll lead to her death? Mhm.
Knew her brothers would side with her and risk everything fighting for her?
Didn’t think of it at all and when they said they would fight for her, she thought could persuade her brothers to leave her be?
Died in regret for her falling loved ones?
Died without regret?
Selfless? Selfish?
Who knows, but you’re right. Maybe.
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