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#they/them lesbian

can someone explain to me how no one as a problem with feminine gay man using she/her pronoun almost regularly but have a problem with lesbian using he/him or they/them pronoun.

like for a lot of lesbian being a lesbian strip them away from their womanhood and only leave them with the fact that they are lesbian. also it isn’t a new thing, many elder lesbian talk about the fact that they didn’t identifie as women but as lesbian. the fact that they aren’t attracted to men and do not seek relationship with men is one of the big reason that enbies lesbian exist. it isn’t an oxymoron enby lesbian are valid and they have always existed it’s just that they just started calling themself enbies. there isn’t any reason as to why you also shouldn’t respect their pronoun don’t be a fucking asshole

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do not use theysbian/hesbian if you’re not a they/them or he/him lesbian. both terms have been used as mockery, to be lesbophobic against us and to separate us from the lesbian community. we are not “another kind of lesbian”, we are lesbians just like any other and it’s up to each lesbian that use those pronouns if they’re okay with being called it or if they want to use it for themselves. i’ve seen many people that aren’t even lesbians using these terms and it makes so many of us uncomfortable and it’s definitely a red flag. please keep that in mind and tell others about this when you see someone doing it. as lesbians we can choose if we want to be “funny” about something that harms us as a way to empower ourselves, others should never do it. 

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they/them lesbian + fruit

they/them lesbian: a lesbian who feels that the pronouns they/them fit best

lesbian: a woman who is attracted to other women; someone who experiences a connection to womanhood through their attraction to women; a non-man who’s attracted to other non-men

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