#they're burnt out ok!!!
quietbirdee · 9 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
burnout makes the week last longer...
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a-real-chicxulub-vibe · 2 months ago
i love the four knights of gwyn because absolutely none of them will be functional in modern society (except for Gough who would totally kill it), and hahahaha why does that resonate that shouldn't resonate hahahahahaha
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perpetualhearts · 3 months ago
making ocs is something that can be so personal, actually....
also not really new theme (just on my main) but i got a new icon?
but back to ocs, it really is like. i dont know you i am you you are my dad you are my child you are my sibling you are me you are my opposite youre my best friend my worst enemy my confidant my-
oh yo!! that’s still really cool dbdjbsd
no right for real!!! like bro??? it’s so wild it’s literally like having a dream like u have these little people in ur brain and they are running around with this trait u have or this trait that is the opposite of yours and maybe they are exactly like u but they’re dealing with it better or they’re like your mother and dealing with it worse and maybe-
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monchikyun · 11 months ago
Sorry for not posting anything lately, I just haven’t been feeling very... writey. the idea of it doesn’t spark joy as they say. (like it ever has xD). I can try and force myself to be creative but I’m afraid the outcome will be below standard and put me in an even worse mood. But it doesn’t mean I won’t do it anyway, ... soon. I haven’t given up, it’s just that my simple brain wants to do things that are fun :D
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injuredknee · 2 years ago
“ our horoscopes say we make great friends! “
gretchen gomez’s welcome to ghost town  /  accepting  /  @owlit
SKEPTICAL MINDS die hard and while the stars are not known to lie,  doe eyes squint to scrutinize the owl’s claim.  wise or troublesome,  he wonders,  would it be a setter’s foolishness or advisable to trust him based on his spike alone ?  
Tumblr media
“  far be it from me to argue with the stars… ”  he starts,  every bit intending to reach the  ‘ but ’  that usually follows  —  but instincts detect a level of veritable candor behind the golden globes that blink back at him and oikawa nearly sways backward away from it,  unpredictably moved.  huh. 
Tumblr media
“  …so i won’t. ”
after all,  the stars have never let him down before.
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kyneslust · 2 months ago
hi, still recovering from that yummy request of mine u did uhhhhhhh ok think vin think, who are we fucking mmmmmm,,, i am a basic bitch and will say hawks because i feel like that would really piss him off, finding out ur sneaking around with a hero that betrayed the league. could we be any more slutty???
I love this 👀 I made it so most people really do think Hawks is a villain in disguise though because I thought it was juicier!
Also I was shocked how many people voted to see Hawks, so I did him first! Next up is probably Overhaul 🤤
Pairing: Dabi x reader x Hawks
18+, minors dni // angst, creampie, cucking, degradation, dubcon, exhibitionism, gaslighting, noncon, oral sex (male giving), overstimulation, reader has a vagina and uses she/her pronouns, threatening, victim-blaming, voyeurism, yandere
Algorithm: Hawks
Tumblr media
You close your eyes and shake your head. You don't want to give away your secret. Fire doesn't mesh well with feathers. Fire destroys feathers, and while you know Hawks is capable of taking care of himself, you don't want to be the catalyst to his downfall. You're aware that Dabi fights dirty, especially when he wants something, and it just so happens that you would be the prize for taking down the hero wannabe.
You've never seen the fire user express interest in anyone else. It's only ever been you. You've watched him hookup with other people where he can, but you know he doesn't treat them like he treats you. There's less care and more lust. There's still persistence but there isn't motivation. With you, there's a careful concoction of desire and urgency, as though he can't bear to let you leave his clutches without marking you in some way.
You grimace at the thought of your burnt hips. As if on cue, they throb rudely. This is the first time he's ever branded you. Hickies and bite marks don't count. You should have put more effort into your charade, shown him you were into it a bit more. Maybe then he would have left you alone and this session would have ended merrily instead of with him incessantly questioning you about your other lover.
What a turn of events.
"Well?" He prompts.
It's Hawks, you want to shout. And he's a better fuck than you'll ever be. You know it would hurt if he discovered your bed mate. You know it would be like a steel sword through the chest. What does a hero have that he doesn't? Many things. For one, a heart.
"I can't tell you," you whisper meekly, neglecting your impulses.
Of course, you know the consequences of your defiance. Dabi doesn't like an unruly partner. He much prefers it when his sweet submissive does as they're told, which means if he asks them a question, they had damn well better answer it. None of this dancing around the issue. None of these games. He wants to know who you're seeing and he wants to know now.
He grips your jaw and leers down at you with a sickening smirk. Your disobedience makes his mind spark with rage. You don't seem to understand what sort of position you're in. You ought to be begging for forgiveness, not pissing him off further.
"Don't remember giving you a choice, doll." He tilts his head to the side mockingly, icy irises as frigid as his heart. "C'mon. Be a good bitch for me."
Oh, but that doesn't sit well with you. You're used to him calling you a plethora of derogatory names in bed but never otherwise. You're not sure where he found the gall to do so currently. His anger, no doubt. It's too bad you don't fancy yourself as his verbal punching bag.
"I'm not your bitch," you hiss defiantly.
It's all you can think to say. You know a smart mouth is going to cost you. Alas, you're the type to throw caution into the wind when your heart is involved. You'd rather take the damage in Hawks' stead than have him sacrifice himself for you. This is all your fault, anyway. He had told you to be inconspicuous about your whirlwind romance — if you even wanted to call it that — and what had you done? Screwed it up. You would take your discipline if it meant not having to share Hawks' name. Maybe then, even after seeing the markings on your hips, he'll still want you.
"No?" Dabi mutters, feigning disappointment. "Then who owns this pretty ass, baby? Who's making you cum for real?"
His actual question is, who does he have to kill? You may not be exclusive lovers but he can't risk his dignity by letting the man you fancy more than him live. That's not how this works. It's either he's your best or he becomes your best, and what better way to accomplish the latter than to decimate your other lover?
He brings his mismatched hand away from your face and leans closer to you. The urge to claim your lips in a heated, hungry kiss is there, if only because he needs to feel dominant, but he shakes it off. There's a time and place for everything. If you'd been a good girl for him, perhaps he would have afforded you with a sliver of his affection. It's too bad you're a lying little whore. It's a miracle he hasn't burnt you in other places yet.
"Not you," you bite through gritted teeth. "I never wanted to do this."
He can't help but scoff. Dabi doesn't believe that for a second. He can smell your bullshit from a mile away. Sure, you've been faking your orgasms and sure, it takes a bit of convincing to get you into bed with him, but this is all just a game. You don't mean it. You want to mean it, but you don't. That's why he doesn't burst into a flurry of blue flames. You're more pitiful than hurtful.
He casts you a sardonic smile. "I see your eyes all over me when we're warming up, princess. You think the burns fuck up my sight, too?"
You chew on your lower lip to keep yourself from screaming. He's so insufferable. He's right, though; there is an appeal to him that you can't quite put your finger on. You're not sure if it's the way he dresses or the scars speckled across his body. Regardless, it's true that you stare at him in awe sometimes.
Whenever his white shirt rides up, your gaze trails unapologetically to his lower stomach. He's handsome, in a twisted sort of way. It was strange. If you didn't know him, you might not have thought so. Some aspects of his personality were attractive. Others, not so much. And his strength — the destructive quality of his carefully honed quirk? That was sexy. You can't deny that you're drawn to powerful men. That was also how you got wrapped up with Hawks.
"Not true," you vie, tone impressively measured given the circumstance. "And it doesn't matter if I'm looking at you."
But it does. Dabi knows what's going on in that silly head of yours when you're staring at him with that forlorn expression. You want him to ravage you until you can't stand. You think he's appealing in one way or another, whether it's the uniqueness of his body or because you're one of those women who likes weird men. Either way, you can't earnestly think the way you ogle him doesn't have any bearing on why he pursues you so aggressively.
You want him, too. Maybe not with as much fever, but he's confident that will change. The villain hums, maintaining his crooked simper.
"Yeah," he draws. "Shit only matters when you decide it does, I guess."
The comment is meant to get under your skin, and it certainly does. It isn't fair. You don't like to carry yourself like that — as a self-centred person who only cares for their own perspective. Despite your underground dealings, you like to think of yourself as a decent human being.
Ire kindles in your orbs. What does he know, anyway? He seldom shares anything personal with the rest of the League. Even before merging into the Paranormal Liberation Front, he didn't like to talk about himself in the presence of his comrades. More than that, whenever someone else shared a tidbit of information about themselves, he barely made it seem like he was listening to them. Who was he to speak about someone's character when he doesn't know anything about the people he's surrounded himself with?
No. It isn't correct of him to hurl insults of that variety your way. He could never hope to comprehend who you are, as an individual.
"You've been forcing yourself on me!" You snap. "That's not an opinion, it's a fact!"
In an instant, your wrists are in his hands, strained high above your head. Your heart drops when you begin to feel his cock getting hard again, still halfway inside you from earlier. He's getting his momentum back. He's gearing up to teach you a lesson, and your feisty attitude is making him horny.
"When did you say no to me, doll?" He counters with a short, breathy chuckle. "Remind me."
And you freeze, because you don't have an answer. You're tongue-tied. He has you lying beneath him, second-guessing yourself. Did you say no? Maybe in the beginning. It was never one syllable and two letters, however; you liked to drive home the point more causally.
I'll pass.
Fuck you? Not in my plans.
I'm not sure about this.
Those were all valid ways of expressing your disinterest... weren't they? They had worked on men before him.
"I... well, I didn't say no, but—"
"You let me fuck you," he snickers. "You play hard to get 'cause it's fun."
"That's not it!" You insist. "Just because someone's attractive, doesn't give them the right to—"
Dabi slyly raises a black brow. "You think I'm attractive, baby?"
You groan aloud. "That's not the point."
It is for him, though. He needed the reaffirmation. He needed to know that you weren't just doing this because he was tenacious in his approach. Your confession is proof that you're a liar.
"You feel guilty," he muses, leaning down to kiss your neck. "Is it 'cause your boyfriend doesn't make you feel like this?"
You shudder when his mismatched lips graze the places he knows make you react the most. The base of your neck is sure to make that tight pussy clench desperately around his mast. His teeth dig into the area while his tongue flicks back and forth. As anticipated, you constrict wildly, arching your back in his grasp.
The worst part about this, aside from your carnal response to his ministrations, is that you're not certain he's wrong. Has your reluctance been due to your dedication to Hawks? You could admit that the two men fucked in a drastically different manner. The blonde is more graceful and loving, whereas Dabi prefers a harsher, rougher approach in the bedroom. You like both techniques in moderation, but perhaps Hawks' a bit more.
"That's not it," you mutter, almost as though you're trying to convince yourself.
"Nah." The arsonist's smirk widens. "I think it is. What, he doesn't make you feel like you're worth it or would he sell you out at the drop of a dime?"
"He would never—"
"Don't tell me it's that traitorous pigeon."
His suggestion shocks you, and you can't conceal the immediate anxiety that washes over your face. Instantly, Dabi's expression lights up. His mouth opens and he cracks the most predatory grin you've ever witnessed.
"Oh shit," he chuckles darkly. "It is."
Your lips move but no words emerge from your throat. Strained, you manage a meek no. Unfortunately, it isn't very convincing.
"It was just a shot in the dark but you're really lettin' that piece of shit lay his fuckin' hands on you."
You recognize the rising fury in his tone. If you thought he was pissed before, this is on another level. Dabi doesn't like being second best, particularly not to someone like Hawks. You need to de-escalate the situation before he commits to something you're both going to regret.
"And you think he can rail you better than I can."
He wants to kill him. He wants to lock you inside his bedroom while he searches for the hero. Then, when he finally gets his hands on him, he wants to incinerate him until there's nothing left but ash. He wonders what sort of expression you'd make if he told you the man you deluded yourself into craving was dead. He thinks he wants to find out.
He thrusts deeper into your warmth, coaxing a deep moan that rises from your belly. It's a beautiful sound on his depraved ears. He's missed them. He only wishes you hadn't suppressed your genuine pleasure for so long. He's positive you were into it in the beginning. The only new variable is Hawks. It has nothing to do with your feelings for him dissipating, as much as you'd like him to believe that.
"I'm gonna kill him," he vows.
Because then things can commence as they were meant to. You can focus your attention on the only person who matters: Dabi. He's wanted that for a long time, but he's not cut out for a relationship. Maybe this will be his turning point.
"Please don't," you sob. "Please, he— he doesn't even want to be with me. You don't have to—"
Dabi shushes you. Hawks is on your mind. Hawks is making you fake your orgasms with him. Hawks needs to die. It's not rocket science and it's the only possible conclusion.
"When have you known me to give a damn about a second opinion?" He lets go of your wrists to brush a strand of hair from your face.
With Dabi's brash, ballsy fighting style, you can't place your finger on a time he's abided by reason. He's the epitome of marching to the beat of his own drum.
But then, a peculiar thought strikes him. Maybe it's the way you're whining or maybe it's because he's the type to enact revenge over blind aggression. Either way, he pauses for a moment to consider an alternative.
As much as he hates to admit it, Hawks is a valuable asset. He's a traitor, no doubt, but his information for the time being is monumental is determining what the heroes are doing. He's been correct about everything so far. Why not let him guide the PLF a little more? He won't have you to warm his bed in the meantime, though; not when you belong to a real man — a villain.
"Dabi," you wail miserably. "I'll stop seeing him! I'll never see him again!"
"But how will I know, babygirl?" He contends, stroking the side of your thigh.
"The marks!" You reply quickly. "He won't touch me anymore once he knows—"
You catch yourself. You had almost verbalized his ownership over you. Once he knows I belong to you. Fortunately, Dabi doesn't push it. He has a much more sinister ploy in mind. If he plays his cards right, you'll be singing praises for him all the same.
"Let's cut a deal," he murmurs slyly. "Agree to it and I'll explain."
You shake your head slowly, carefully. "H-how can I agree to something I—"
"It's either you do as I say or the chicken gets fuckin' roasted for your mistake."
When he puts it like that, the offer is taxing to refuse. You know there's only one reasonable option.
"You agree?"
"Yes, fine. I agree."
Steam streams out between Dabi's lips — a sign of excitement instead of rage this time around. He knew you would fall for his lure. You're too loyal to be fucking around with that heartless, fickle pigeon. He would sell your ass out for a corn chip. You, though? You want to fight for those you care about. The villain can't help but hope he gets there with you one day, that you open yourself up to the possibility that he can be just as good as Hawks. It's not a sentiment he'll ever verbalize to you, but it's a prominent desire, no less.
"I'm gonna record a video," he says, lifting himself off you at last. "Nothing special, just a sex tape."
You sit up and stare at him as he situates himself on his back, head occupying the pillow next to you. Immediately, you know where this is going. He's going to make you ride him to completion. Then, he intends to send the clip to Hawks, in hopes of severing things between the two of you once and for all. It will work, too; that's the worst part.
You withhold a cry. Your heart hurts. You don't want things to turn out this way. Dabi's hand flicks up to wipe away the budding tears dotting the sides of your eyes, his face unsympathetic.
"You're gonna moan like the bitch you are until I tell you to stop," he continues. "You're gonna cum. For real this time. On cam and while you scream my name."
You don't know if you'll be able to. It's a lot of pressure. Not only that, but you're spiteful. You don't want to cum because you're being forced to; you want to because it feels good.
"And if I sense a hint of hesitation, I'm gonna tie you to the bed and kill that feather-brained cuck, but before that, I'm gonna make him watch."
You're at a loss. There's nothing you can do when your hands are so figuratively tied.
That's all it takes for him to grab his phone from the night table and scroll to the camera app. When he's set up, he flashes you a disturbing smile. It's biting and full of malice.
"Ride my piercing, dollface," he demands. "Show that hero boyfriend of yours how hard a villain makes you cum."
He positions the camera so it has a glorious view of his tongue lulling obscenely out of his mouth, the silver stud in the centre of it a perfect throne for your pearl. It doesn't take you long to take your place, lowering your dripping clit down on his muscle. Immediately, you feel the hot piece of metal stroke the sensitive nub.
You gasp, involuntarily jittering your hips to chase the unique sensation. You've had tongue on your cunt before, but not a stud. Dabi hasn't eaten you out until now, his excuse having been that you weren't his girl, that he doesn't have to bend over backwards to get you wet for him. It's funny how things change. You doubt he would be doing this if he thought he was the only man in your life.
You glide your hips back and forth, tickling your bud with his toasty jewel. Your eyes twitch, rolling to the back of your skull as you try to maintain focus. His arms hook around your thighs, locking you in so you can't escape. Then, his tongue starts to move.
The video camera catches every detail of his stud lavishing you with attention. He almost doesn't want to send it to Hawks after he's done. He almost wants to keep it for himself. But there's method to his madness and if he doesn't show that piece of shit traitor who you belong to, he won't rest easy when you're not around. You're supposed to be his. You're supposed to feel how he feels. You aren't meant to be with anyone else, particularly not a pretty boy who only cares for himself.
You're getting closer with every lick. You can't hold back your squeals and moans, nor the intense bucking of your hips. Where was this side of Dabi months ago, when he had taken you for the first time?
"Ah... ah...!" You feel yourself begin to gush. "Dabi...!" And you know it won't look good to Hawks when he receives this little slice of revenge porn. "M'gonna cum...!" But you just can't help it.
He takes advantage of your peak as you spill your juices all over his dexterous muscle. You bounce on his face as you descend, nails digging into his arms as your body returns to equilibrium. He lets you. It's good footage, after all. More than that, though, you taste nice. He never knew you were this sweet.
"That's it," he thrums in between languid strokes. "Show him how much of a slut you are for my tongue."
He's living for how wanton you are. He's not known you to work for your lust. If he had, he might have made you ride him more often instead of branding you as his pillow princess.
You lose your energy rapidly after your release, heart pounding and lung burning from the extravagant workout. Fortunately, it doesn't take Dabi long to take over. He clutches your thighs, taking care to avoid the fresh burns he put on your hips only minutes earlier. Then, he massages your button, placing it on the flat on his tongue and folding the sides over it. The result is suckling like you've never felt it before.
Your jaws drops and your head rolls back on your shoulders. The choked, breathy cries are making him hard. He wishes he hadn't restricted you access to his dick tonight but bad girls need to be taught their place. Faking orgasms won't get you the good stuff.
"Oh my god...!" You wheeze. "Aah righ' there... ooh fuck, there."
You're lucky he's even bothering to overstimulate you, in fact. If you were any of his side bitches, you would be out the door in seconds. He wouldn't humor a shitty attitude and lies from anyone else. You're a special case.
"Again," he demands. "Wanna hear my name this time, baby. Fuckin' scream it."
And you do. His alias spills from your lips like you cum spills into his greedy mouth. You can't contain your impulse to grind on him, to scratch that itch that he's built a second time in less than ten minutes. Your voice cracks when you reach a certain octave. It's still music to his ears.
"Fuck, good girl," he purrs, dick standing at attention.
Dabi stops recording, if only just to debate fucking you. He has enough footage to make that winged bastard stay away. That means if he wants to indulge in more of you, it would be solely for him. He huffs, lifting your pussy off his mouth. He doesn't want to make it seem like a reward, however. He knows you need penetration to feel wholly satisfied, but it isn't fair if you get what you want amidst your punishment.
A wicked smirk creeps its way across his face, then. There's another way.
Hawks flips open his phone as soon as he gets the notification. It's from you; he's sure of it. Work texts and personal texts have different ringtones, and you're pretty well the only one who checks in on him. The blonde smiles when he sees your name. You must have remembered him saying he was taking his break at this time tonight.
He taps on the message, and his medallion orbs dilate when he notices it's an attachment. Were you getting a little feistier, sending him nudes while he's on shift? He chuckles playfully, licking his lips at the thought of your body. He's had a few women — not as many as the media would make everyone think — but he's never had one who's quite like you. You make him so hard, he can't barely function without busting a nut at the faintest brush of your folds against his tip.
He chews on his lower lip as the file downloads, bracing himself for a gorgeous sight. He's not sure how he's going to finish his shift once he views it. Maybe he won't. Maybe he'll dip out early and fuck you, have one of his sidekicks take over. That's what they're there for, right? Alas, the image that greets him makes his stomach turn.
There's no doubt that it's you. He can tell by your skin tone and the shape of your ass. He doesn't remember the burn marks on your hips being there last night, though. He also doesn't recall taking a photo of you stuffed full of his creamy load.
He squints at the photo, zooming into a faint marking on your ass cheek, near your back hole. His heart almost stops when he sees what it says. Dabi. It's burnt into your flesh like the hand prints, marring your beauty with ownership.
He feels sick to his stomach. A new message comes in and he almost doesn't read it. He's not sure why he does. He knows it's not you who's texting him. He knows your phone has been compromised, and that this is the last look he'll get of your perfect ass and messy cunt.
Just in case you didn't get the memo, she's mine.
Geten / Overhaul / Mr. Compress
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fandomregina · 25 days ago
I got bored so I did this little drabble! It's pretty much where Casita collapsed on Mirabel instead of her coming out of it ok for the most part. There's going to be 2 different parts so pick your path wisely :)
"Mirabel!" Her mother screams, reaching for her daughter as her daughter reaches for the candle. The house starts to push her away from the rest of the Madrigal family. "Mirabel!" Her mother screams once more.
"Mirabel!" Her dad joins in. "Mirabel we have to get out of here!" They're pushed out of the house as it crumbles. Julieta and Agustin can't see through the door into the house anymore, debris piled up in front of it.
"Mirabel, get out of there! Leave the candle behind!"
Mirabel can hardly hear her mother over the sound of Casita collapsing. She smiles in triumph as she grabs the candle but it falls as she does. She turns and starts to try her best to get out of the house. Jumping from the roofs, Casita catches her with the stairs, turning them into a slide, and lets her slide down to the center of the house. Casita tries its best to cover her as she trips into the center of the house, using the last of its powers to shield the powerless Madrigal. Mirabel makes herself as small as possible, curling herself around the candle. Mirabel feels something, or someone, grab her but then, it all goes black.
Julieta lets out a gut-wrenching scream for her daughter as the rest of Casita collapses. She collapses with it to her knees, wrapping her arms around herself as she sobs. Agustín wraps his arms around her and cries with her.
"No, no no no no no. She can't be..." Luisa looks at the debris with empty, angry eyes. "She had to be fine. She's one of the strongest people I know." Luisa starts to stumble towards the fallen Casita. "She has to be fine. I know she's fine..." Luisa starts to tear through the debris looking for Maribel. She wipes her tears angrily as they fall. "She has to be fine!" She yells, tossing fallen walls, tiles, and pictures away, making a beeline for the center of the house. Isabela follows her sisters lead. Then Camilo. Then Dolores. Then Julieta and Agustin. Soon, the whole family, except for Abuela, is digging, searching for Maribel.
They dig for what feels like hours until Luisa lets out a sob and falls to her knees. She screams. The rest of the Madrigals freeze but then rush over to see what she has found.
It was the burnt down candle, all the way to its base, with blood on it.
Mirabel's blood.
But Mirabel was nowhere to be seen.
Until Camilo sees a limp hand a few feet away. He pushes the Madrigal aside and begins to dig, sobbing.
"Mirabel, no." He screams, wiping away his tears to be able to see. "You're not allowed. Not allowed..." He pushes away the last of the rubble from her face as the Madrigals start to crowd around him. He gently pulls his prima up from the rubble and into his lap, brushing away the dust on her face. "No... no, you have to be okay. You have to be alive." He pleaded. Julieta joins him on the ground and he hands Mirabel over to her mother reluctantly. Julieta puts her ear over Mirabel's chest, looking for any sign that her daughter is alive. She can vaguely hear Isabela and Luisa crying, Pepa and Felix yelling at Abuela, Agustin's hand on her shoulder.
Path #1
She looks up at Camilo and sobs, smiling, as she nods her head.
Mirabel was alive.
And that's all that mattered.
Path #2
Julieta drops her forehead to Mirabel's and cries, hugging her daughter closer. She wails for minutes, hours, days, she can't tell. Soon, she lifts her head and kisses Mirabel's, her tears almost completely cleaning Mirabel's cheeks. She shakes her head and all hell breaks loose.
Her daughter was dead.
And it was all the miracle's fault.
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cheesus-doodles · 29 days ago
I just had a dream that in protest of me not letting Mikey, baji, and kazu in the shower with me, they decided to refuse to take a bath or shower, like for a month they were crusty and greasy and I was like “ok that’s it! You 3 in the tub now!” And like had to scrub each of them down, wash their hair twice to get the grease out,etc. anyway weird dream.
Ask Masterlist
Link to Relevant Shower AU: Ask 1 | Ask 2 | Ask 3 | Ask 4
Oof I think it'll take like one day max of not bathing to get smelly and, and one week tops for them to get crusty, but one month?? Clothes might be just rotting and falling off their body by then and they'll be shambling around like zombies HAHAHAHAHHAHA
Imagine though you actually give in and put them into the tub and *shudders* wash their hair for them. Then what, everyone else is going to think it works and now everyone is going to stink to high heaven? We're talking like anti-shower protests, and not just one but weeks going without bathing or changing their uniform. They're all delinquents after all, most likely they can deal with the dirt and smell, but you? Hope your nose is strong, cause once they know that being filthy works to get through the previously unbreakable barrier of the bathroom door, all hell breaks lose. You even get complaints from your neighbours about the smell, no lie.
Cause you know that once one of the boys finally gets the treatment they want from you, every last of your friends is going to try the exact same thing and try to wrench your attention onto them.
You wash one uniform for Mikey cause its unbearably dirty? You have a line out your front door with boys from every gang begging you to do the same. Even those who usually are capable of taking care of their own laundry are revolting, Ran and Rindo simply dumping their entire load of dirty uniform on you and forcing your face into them with a cheeky grin until you give in. Of course they spend the entire time cuddled up next to you while you scrub and wash, never offering to lift a finger because obviously the less people helping the more time they could spend with you. And they had to be there to watch over you and their gang uniforms, because if any other of your friends from the other gangs catch you with their uniforms, those clothes are going to be pried from your hands and burnt, and you'll be given a light chiding for supporting another gang, though the others are more eager for their turn for cuddles.
You wash Baji's hair? Not happening, even Koko will be in line with his bucket of super high end toiletries eagerly awaiting his turn, with a parameter of Black Dragons blocking off (or trying to at least) the road to your house. Maybe he'll even finally convince you to abandon that cheap soap you use and try his. No better use of a gang than to use them as a literal human meat shield from the rampaging Izana in the distance who loudly insists that he was in the front of the queue and that these scumbag had cut in front of him. Ain't going to be even surprised if this entire situation just devolves into an intergang war at some point with all the big Tokyo gangs facing off with each other, beating the shit out of each other until you step out your front door and suddenly they're all friends and chummy again.
Or the worse thing you could do, you let any of them in to shower with you, or scrub them down yourself. What's sanity again?
Tumblr media
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siempre-bucky · a month ago
“You’ve been talking on and on about how much you want this specific object, and one day i'm at the store and they're selling it and i don't think twice about buying it”
Christmas present maybe but Druig is too shy to give it to the reader so he just leaves it as a mystery but she finds out it was from him and is soft that he paid so much attention to her 😭😭😭
Druig x Reader
✧.*Companion piece/sequel to Team Effort ✧.*
WC: 769
A/N: I totally was going to do the Christmas theme and then I remembered a detail in Team Effort that fit the prompt! I hope you don't mind and I will do a Christmas one later! Enjoy :)
Tumblr media
The sun was finally beginning to set, the golden glow cascading on the jewelry in front of you "You know I could find this cheaper at the stall next door," you tell the old man with a squint of your eyes. He grumbles at you and folds his burly arms over his white robes.
"But his stuff has a lower quality," he retorts, matching your determined expression. "And don't think I've forgotten about the bracelet your friend wanted," he wags his finger at you, "I needed that sale. You want the necklace? pay my price."
You scrunched your face and looked at the gold chain necklace with an amethyst center in your hand. You've wanted it for weeks now ever since you and Sersi saw it. You pondered for a moment then a presence behind you brought you out of your thoughts, "Is he bothering you?" Druig asks, placing his hands on the sides of your waist. Head slightly cocked to the side as he glared at the man.
You shake your head, "No, just business." Druig peered over your shoulder, his eyes catching the necklace in your hand. It was similar to the one Sprite was going on about a few weeks ago. He noticed the loving gaze you had at you looked at it, the way your fingers delicately grazed the stone, and how long you tried to barter with the man. "It's too high a price," you finally said. Druig's face fell for a brief moment, he was confused.
The salesman snatched the necklace with the amethyst stone from your hand and grumbled under his breath. You huffed at his behavior and walked away from the stall, eyes adjusting to the new darkness "Why didn't you buy it, my love?" Druig asks you, walking a few paces behind.
"It was too expensive, Dru. I couldn't justify it." He could sense the disappointment in your voice. He raised an eyebrow and turned his head back towards the market. You rarely bought anything for yourself in all the time you'd been on earth, maybe something small here and there but it was all practical... nothing just for fun. He got an idea.
"There's a fight breaking out, I have to go stop it," he announces quickly, heading back. You turn and call out to him, "just go back to the Domo, I'll be fine!" He shouted. You frown as you watch him hurry off, clutching his robes so he didn't fall on the rocks.
Thankfully Gilgamesh cooked that night, which meant satisfied stomachs and no burnt meals. "I could've made this better," Kingo taunts from the end of the long table, mouth stuffed with Gil's cooking. Everyone groaned and rolled their eyes at his comment. Gil laughed loudly and slammed his hand on the table in amusement.
"Only in your dreams!" He laughed.
You turn around in your seat when a tap on your shoulder alerts you, "Druig! You missed dinner. Was everything ok?" you gasp as you look him up and down. All he did was smirk and take in the chaos at the table.
"Everything's fine. Come on, there's something I want to show you...they won't miss us." You reluctantly agree and step away from the table unnoticed. Druig takes you by the hand, his other tucked behind his back.
The laughter could be heard from the hallway, you smiled at their joy. "What happened out there?" you ask him. Druig puts both hands behind his back and smiles knowingly.
"There wasn't a fight, Y/N," he admits.
"Then what did you do the whole time?" you question, slight irritation rising in your voice. His smirk grows wider, walking slowly to you, closing the small gap.
"I bought the woman I love a necklace," he tells you. There was a small sliver of doubt that crossed your mind. You'd heard that before but it was just the small Eternal playing a sick joke. To be sure, you raise your hand and place it on the side of his face. He didn't disappear in front of you, it was him in the flesh. You broke out into a smile and retracted your hand as he showed you the necklace in his palm. "Let me," he says, taking the necklace in both hands and placing it around your neck.
His face was so close to yours as he clasped it into place, the warmth of his breath mixed with yours. You clasp the amethyst with your hands and tilt your chin up to kiss him softly on the lips, "Thank you, my love" you whisper as you pull away.
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zuulogist · a month ago
“DAD IT’S BURNT” help xD that sounds like something i would say to zhongli when making sweets. anyways, don’t worry about it being late! you were busy and i can relate- also welcome back! anyways, if it’s alright, can i ask for fluffy headcanons for gorou sharing a dance with his fem s/o please? ty!! ~azuki anon
it's good to see you again azuki anon! I added someone extra cause why not right- ngl almost forgot Tumblr existed anyways-
Fluffy headcanons of Gorou and Thoma sharing a dance with a Fem! S/o 🌌
An;I'm currently writing this on vc with my friends at 3am in the morning and they're screaming in my ear😍
Warnings: the reader is Fem!,other than that no warnings (I also did not proofread this)
Ft Gorou and Thoma
• "You look great now go on get her!" Itto was shaking Gorou by his shoulders trying to hype up his fellow friend
• Gorou wore his favorite button up tuxedo jacket and his new collared shirt,a a bow tie picked out by Kokomi for the occasion you could say he looked handsome as ever
• Although stiff at first,Gorou adjusted and made it so that you both were comfortable dancing together
• Gorou gets shy whenever you both make eye contact but you'll always laugh at his stuttering and the attempt to fix himself
• He kisses your forehead occasionally whenever you feel uncomfortable or if you're insecure whenever some people glance at both of you
• Gorou will be very gentle while dancing when he puts his hands on your waist he makes sure that you feel okay with it
• He's a little embarrassed when his tail wags you know he's lowkey enjoying the dance ,seeing you happy makes him happy
• Gorou is (again) lowkey embarrassed seeing how Kokomi,Itto and the rest hyping him up in the corner (they don't admit it but they're proud of both of you<3)
• "More head pats later for you my love"
• The Yashiro Commission planned an event recently and Thoma invited you since you had a close relationship with both him and Ayaka
• Thoma didn't have any clue about dancing,he asked Ayaka to teach him which she agreed to prep him up for the event
• Once he started dancing with you,Thoma felt nervous and started being a little clumsy but yes he did manage to fix himself
• You both didn't need to say anything,just being in each other's presence is enough<3
• Whenever you locked eyes with him,Thoma gave his very bright smile asking you if you needed a break or some food and water
• He gave a very warm and calm presence,and you always loved that about him
• Like Gorou he would be extremely gentle when you both are dancing together Thoma would always offer you a hand if you feel tired
• "You sure know how to flirt today Thoma"
An part two; sorry if Thoma's one was a little short I wanted to rush through this cause I haven't been feeling good lately yeah ok bye
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filipinoizukuu · 4 months ago
class 1-a hcs based on science and shit: part 1
u cant tell me any of these characters smell completely normal. or good in a way u can make candles out of them. this is my hc list and i am RUNNING with it. @emogaeness this 1's for u, my dude
Aoyama: one of the only 'normal' smelling ones. he defs uses french parfum but also he probably smells like heated metal and cheese all the time. Energy doesnt really have a smell til it interacts with gas so i think he probably just smells like however he wants to.
Mina: IM SORRY TO SAY BUT MISS MAAM IS STINKY AS HECK. mina is an acid producer and therefore smells acidic--and going by what we know of acid, she smells PUNGENT. dairy-like but also sour. BUT her body is probably evolved to be antacidic and she's a gymnast. after reading like, 2 research papers, gymansts chalk (magnesium carbonate) neutralizes acids (caus its 10.5 ph) and so i think while she does kinda smell, it wouldnt be AS bad even if she's training. its possible for her to wear perfume if she wanted, since usually they're around the 7 pH range.
Tsuyu: Oh. wet grass. and just. damp. she probably smells like marshlands or just nature in general, because thats part of camouflage. she probably also has an underlying sweet scent from venom? idk. on the normal she'd probably just smell neutral if a little musty.
Iida: ok i had to wiki this but i dont think he smells like much? he faintly smells like exhaust--but when he overuses his quirk and inevitably combusts whatever engines he uses, the chemical reaction creates sulfur which would make him smell like rotten eggs. otherwise he smells like orange juice (his choice of 'fuel'), sweat, and cologne.
Uraraka: I think she just smells like mochi lol. gravity doesnt really alter her body so i think ochako's normal--if a bit sweet bc she generally seems to like sweet stuff in canon
Ojiro: OK HES JUST GOT A WEIRD LUMP OF FLESH ON HIS BACK FOR A TAIL THO LIKE?? IDK HE SMELLS NORMAL?? maybe a bit like spray-on shampoo and deodorant, but that's it. does a third limb of pure muscle smell like anything? no? godspeed, mashirao, godspeed.
Kaminari: he smells like ozone. He's probably crazy static since he generates the electricity inside of him constantly and is canonically a terrific electricity conduit, so unlike aoyama he'd definitely smell like frying electricity. also. (minor manga spoilers) he bathes enough to be able to call midoriya stinky, so he definitely has basic hygiene. other than that i think he smells like sweaty leather bc of his hero costume and candy.
Kirishima: not quirk related but he probably just smells like sweat. and like, meat. maybe dirt. i love this boy but i'm also a sheeple bc i believe in the hc that he smells like axe body spray. and really good conditioner bc of how fucked up his hair would be by now if he wasn't taking very good care of it.
Kouda: smells like animals. like. bunnies and hamsters and birds and stuff. its not bad per se, but he definitely smells like he's constantly hanging out with the city's local rodent and avian population. other than that he probably just smells neutral/like nothing, since that's more approachable to the prey animals that he seems to favor.
Satou: baked goods and candy.
Shouji: I think Shouji is probably the most hygiene-conscious of all the kids in 1-A. Because of the amount of open/accessible body parts like eyes, nose, ears on his limbs--he probably takes very good care in showering and all that stuff to prevent random infections or just generally damaging any of his senses. Dude's chill--smells like mild soap and laundry detergent.
Jirou: Ah, not gonna lie she probably smells a bit like burnt electrical wires. She's a bit like Kaminari in terms of smell, except her's have that more 'metallic' and burning sharpness whenever she uses the stunning part of her quirk. Other than that... probably also leather because of her hero costume, or just like the inside of an instrument shop (wood, ivory, brass, etc.)
Sero: Packaging type. you know when you pull like, a large strip of tape and--? yeah? that. smells like tack. other than that, excellent hygiene! bergamot and pine or whatever.
Tokoyami: he smells like bird, but only faintly. dude mostly smells a little musty caus he probably never airs out his room. Dark shadow is described like "dark energy" which, similar to aoyama, kaminari, and jirou, probably makes the air around him smell different bc thats gas interacting with energy. Aside from that, he most likely smells neutral. (... maybe with a bit of leather and metal because thats just how his fashion probably works)
Todoroki: Sweat, but not like, a lot. He definitely doesn't smell bad after battles because steam kills bacteria like, fairly effectively, and would eliminate most foul odors. I think he'd smell like Expensive herbal soap or whatever most of the time. He doesn't seem like the type to be unhygienic.
Hagakure: ????? fuck dude she probably tries her best to smell like nothing, caus if her whole schtick is being invisible then its probably best if she just smelt like nothing. imagine being a villain and then promptly getting kicked in the nuts by a gust of wind that smells like strawberry peach.
Mineta: i cant explain it but just... warm grape juice. his... orbs. have oily/sticky like substances to act as adhesive and ill be damned before u tell me he doesn't smell like anything even remotely artificial-grape-flavoring adjacent. he also smells of like,, axe body spray but stronger.
Yaoyorozu: herbal tea on a normal day. most likely the digestive kind just because i think thats the most practical tea to have with a quirk like hers thats reliant on eating large quantities of food. other than that, i think she smells like basic weaponry-grade materials like iron, polished wood, copper, and gunpowder.
Bakugou: stinky boy. canonically, his hygiene's great but that's likely for a reason. he sweats a lot and excessively, and while his sweat is described as 'nitroglycerine-like' it doesn't mean it smells like caramel. the common description for nitroglycerine according to the brittanica encyclopedia is that it's toxic and has a 'sweet, burning taste'. the sweet scent is described as sharp at best--so while its totally okay if you wanna think of his sweat as caramel-like, i just wanted to clear up the misconception that thats what it factually is. ASSUMING his sweat still has a similar molecular makeup to nitroglycerine and has nitric dioxide, it would smell sickly sweet, if slightly neutral due to the nature of sweat itself being odorless when clean. other than that? bkg is definitely just a smelly, smelly boy. smells like sun and smoke and teenage body odor and burnt plastic.
Midoriya: SMELLY STINKY. deku sweats like, a lot. not only does ofa expend a ridiculous amount of energy and probably strains his muscles like crazy (forcing him to expel all that lactic acid in the form of sweat), but he also spends a lot of time just outside in general. science slightly aside, deku smells a lot like grass and dirt and just,,, the outdoors in general. he, like kaminari, smells very strongly of ozone (clean, chlorine-like) because of the sheer amount of energy output OfA has. Not expounding past the manga, Black Whip is described as a quirk that produces tendrils of pure black energy. This probably creates the same effect/smell as an area struck by lightning.
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fuck-customers · 14 days ago
I work at Malwart, and things have been coming to a boiling point for me. I almost quit in July; I was so burnt out and anxious and my mental health was the worst it's ever been. Luckily, I put in for a week off over my birthday, accidentally put the wrong month, and somehow got time off and taken off the schedule that week. That saved me then.
But I'm back at that point now. Between pandemic worries, social anxiety (I'm a cashier), and HR totally ignoring my requests for job accommodations for my autism, I'm a mess. Left after an hour and a half yesterday (12/27) and my supervisors were...supportive but not? Like, one asked if I was OK, but then also responding "are you serious?!" When I said I was super anxious and needed to leave. The other told me not to "take it personally" the way customers were treating me bc I was mute. Completely missing the point that I was mute and *needed help*.
She's also the one that told me she would delete my points if I needed time off for anxiety related reasons. But she didn't.
So, fuck Malwart. Fuck supervisors who say they're understanding but then aren't. Or only to a certain point.
I have a plan where I could quit, focus more on/expand my Schmetsy shop, and use a distribution from my 401K to keep afloat if the shop doesn't do well. And then I could have like 6 months to look for something better, and if that fails I could always reapply at Malwart. The only obstacle is my parents who I live with. I know they won't be supportive of it, so we'll see.
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doitforthecringe · 9 months ago
Thoughts on the Castlevania season 4 poster
Tumblr media
Ok this shit just dropped on twitter and i gotta say this is looking fucking badass but i wanna look deeper into this
Tumblr media
Ok so first we got Trevor. MAJOR death bells here. The whole looking back at the audience as his armor shatters. This shit is screaming SCREAMING "Big change" or "Imma gonn' die energy". Please i don't want my bear to leave please! Hes too good... TOO BEAUTIFUL!!
Tumblr media
On a brighter note Alucard is here to KICK. SOME. ASS. Got his cloak back on and a shield from the games glad they're taking from there again! Also its good to see the detail here by looking closely you can still see the scar he got from Season 1 good sense of continuity
Tumblr media
Then we got my boi Germain and maaaan i don't trust keys in shows like this. I learned from last season and Attack on Titan that keys lead to nothing but TROUBLE. Hope that key leads to something good. I don't want Germain to br a bad guy pLeASe!
Tumblr media
Hopefully as is tradition in this series we get another moment with Lisa before she was burnt or have some appearance of her. Tho im not sure because i think we are moving away from Dracula and having Carmilla take the mans place so seeing Lisa is a bit unlikely same with Dracula
Tumblr media
Shes angy.
But in all seriousness we cant get much from this alone but it DOES confirm that vampires have their eyes turn red when pissed. For a while i thought it was just a Dracula thing but now its confirmed. Nice for our OC makers out there!
Tumblr media
Then we got our boy Isaac whos looking like a straight BOSS rn. I think he got some new threads on but im not sure. Gonna have to wait till new info comes out and maybe the art book will give us some more info.
Tumblr media
And finally
Our boy. Hector. Bro looking like he is gonna burn down some SHIT! Havent seen him this intense since he looked in that fireplace in season 2. Like hot DAMN! Gods man i want him to escape dude. He deserves more than this dude....
Anyway! Thats all i got with this poster analysis i know i left people out like Sypha and Lenore but i dont think we can get much from them atm.... So i cant really do much with that
I know ive been dead for a while but due to how little Castlevania shit that is coming out it makes me not really wanna post. But hopefully this analysis pans out well thank ya for reading and sorry for the wait
🍻 heres for Season 4 to be a good season!
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tanniefm · 11 months ago
nasty | jjk (m)
Tumblr media
summary - you're needy at a party and no one can help you except your boyfriend jungkook.
pairing - jungkook x reader
genre - established relationship
word count - 2.4k
song inspo - nasty by ariana grande
warnings - unprotected sex (BOOO), dirty talk, daddy kink, brief breeding kink, slight voyeurism (you essentially ride his thigh in front of everyone), explicit language, praise kink, subspace, drug and alcohol use (weed), brief mention of vmin, i guess kook also falls into domspace too i mean y'all are high so
a/n - i'm sorry this took so long school's been kicking my ass bruh. this is also very unedited since i originally wrote this while horny like a month ago kanjwbw. anyways yeah enjoy! ps. i am very bad at endings and summaries sigh
“But I need to so badly! Just please make me cum, Kook!”
“What did I say? Not ‘til later. At this rate I might not let you cum at all.” his words brought utter terror to your face. What did he mean not letting you cum at all? You've been so good all day! Just like he told you! This party fucking sucks anyway. As much as you love your friends coming over, there’s only so much you can handle before you start getting annoyed by their presence. Jungkook has been teasing you all day but the very peak of it was when he ate you out earlier like it was his last meal and at the very last second, decided to cease all contact from you and smile cockily. Asshole.
It doesn’t help that you've both been drinking and smoking a bit, so your horniness has only worsened since then. This mixed haze of being tipsy and high at the same time is just making you needier by the second. You’ve been clinging onto him and following him around your shared apartment the whole night while he laughed and chatted with your friends.
“You good, ____?” Jimin laughs. He out of everyone should know exactly how you feel, given him and Tae are constantly going at it, just like you and your beloved boyfriend.
You smile sarcastically, “Nah I’m perfectly fine, Minnie! Why do you ask?” you know exactly why he’s asking. You’re not really the best at hiding your emotions and your face says it all that you’d rather have everyone disappear immediately so you can fuck the shit out of the man you’re glaring at. He’s currently taking a few hits out of Hoseok’s “party bong” as he likes to call it. It looks very used and burnt out, you don’t know why he just won’t get a new one since you’re sure that’s some kind of safety hazard but whatever.
“No reason, just that you look like you wanna eat Jungkookie alive is all.” he smirks. You roll your eyes playfully and take another sip from whatever mixed drink Jungkook made you.
“He’s getting on my nerves.” you quip back. Jimin’s eyes crinkle as he laughs heartily. It seems like everyone finds your situation amusing but you. All you want is to have a proper orgasm! Is that so wrong! It feels like he’s punishing you and you haven’t even done anything! You go to sit on the couch with him, directly on his lap, while he watches Seokjin and Taehyung yell over Mario Kart. He automatically wraps his hands around your waist and smiles lazily.
“Heyy pretty girl.” he says gruffly. His voice always gets raspy when he smokes and your pussy throbs at his (and your) favorite pet name.
“Kookie,” you whine. “Please can we wrap this up and do something alone. Need you.” you start pouting in hopes he’ll finally cave. He chuckles and brushes a piece of hair from your face.
He leans in closely to whisper, “After they're done with this game, I promise I’ll take care of you, ok baby?” you look at him skeptically and hold up your pinky to ensure he means what he says. He giggles at your cuteness and wraps his long pinky around yours, kissing it to seal the deal. Your face immediately lights up at the prospect that you’ll finally get some dick. The more you think about it, the wetter you get. Maybe he’ll bring out the toys this time and use those on you. Maybe he’ll overstimulate you until you beg him to stop. Maybe he’ll let you take control since he’s been messing with you all evening anyway. The possibilities are endless and they cause you to squirm around on his lap. You quickly realize that your leggings are pretty thin however as you suddenly pause when you feel that your boyfriend is hard as a rock. Little did you know that he’s been suffering just as much as you have, he just likes to play with you a little to see how needy you could get. He can feel you throbbing through your leggings and it’s been driving him fucking crazy. He can’t wait for the guys to leave so he can fuck you in every room of this house.
He grips your hips tightly and gives you a warning look of “do that again and see what happens” you whimper and tuck your face in his neck. He smells so good. You can faintly smell the weed you two have been smoking but you can still smell his soft detergent and calming lavender he loves so much. You know his nose is sensitive so he only uses a small amount of cologne and it encapsulates him so perfectly. He pulls you closer and starts bouncing his knee slightly. Fuck. Now his thigh is consistently hitting your clit and your mind is getting fuzzier. The haze from earlier coupled with the fact that Jungkook is bouncing you like a baby is starting to make you whimper and moan a little louder than you’d like to. You know he’s fucking with you again. He loves seeing you like this. He leans down and reminds you Tae and Jin are almost done with their game and then you can moan and whine all you want. You nod hastily while you suck a mark into his neck to keep quiet. His knee keeps the same casual pace, as if your clit isn’t the main focal point of each bounce. He kisses the top of your head and laughs along at whatever the boys are arguing about as to not raise any suspicion. Although you’re pretty sure everyone can tell exactly what’s going on. The fact that everyone can clearly see you getting bounced on your boyfriend's lap is only getting you closer and closer. You bet you could cum like this.
“Ha ha! Fuck you, hyung! I told you I’d win!” Taehyung shouts jovially.
“Yeah whatever, brat! I’m definitely winning next time.” they both get up and stretch before informing both of you that they think they’ll call it a night. The rest of the boys agree and gather their stuff to head out. You hate to say it, but you couldn’t be happier that everyone’s finally leaving. Jungkook lifts you off his lap gently and to your horror, you can already see a damp spot forming on his sweats. He smirks and winks at you while he kindly escorts everyone out. Once the last person is gone and the door is closed and locked, he turns around and tells you to come here. You scamper over to him in a haste and attach your lips to his in an instant. He laughs at your neediness and backs you slowly to the couch. He sits down and puts you in his lap again while you both make out as if you’ve been deprived of each other. He grips your hips and grinds you against his erection that’s been straining against his pants for the better part of half an hour.
“My poor baby, was I too mean today?” he asks as he kisses down your neck and jaw.
“Mhm, I’ve been a good girl all day just like you said and you don’t even care.” you whine. He lifts his head and cups your face.
“Of course I care, baby. I’m so proud of you for being so good today. You want daddy to take care of you now, don’t you?” he says gently. It looks like you’re not the only one that fell into a bit of a headspace. You’re very aware that when Jungkook starts referring to himself as daddy that he’s already taken a dominant position. Meaning he’ll take very little shit from you. Not that you felt like being bratty today anyway. Good girls get rewarded and that’s exactly what you intend to receive. You nod and grind against him faster in hopes he’ll get the hint that you want him now. As always, he quickly understands and starts ridding himself of his shirt as you take off yours. Seeing all of his tattoos always does things to you. Especially the small bouquet of black roses he got for you. You still can’t believe he would get something so permanent on his body just for you but he was adamant that you were the love of his life. The memory made you emotional as you started to tear up slightly. You’re going to have to ask Hoseok what the hell was in that strain to make you so sensitive to literally everything. Jungkook stops unclipping your bra as soon as he sees your eyes well up.
His hands are right back to their position on your face. “Woah, what happened love? Are you ok?” you wipe your eyes and giggle bashfully and explain why you got so worked up. He smiled and kissed you softly.
“You know I love you, right? You’re so fucking cute. I love you so much.” he says as he leans his forehead on yours. Weed makes both of you so sappy. You can’t even find it in yourself to care as you bring him into another kiss. He continues to take off your bra and starts kneading your breasts in his hands. The action makes you whine and pull away from him.
“Daddy, I wanna cum now. Please?”
He chuckles and lifts you off of him to strip your leggings. His fingers trace over the damp spot of your panties and he pulls them back to see how wet they’ve gotten.
“My little girl completely soaked through these. Needy baby. If you wanted it so bad why couldn’t you just do it yourself, huh?”
“B-because I wanted to be good. M’ a good girl right?” his words confused you. Why would you take care of yourself when he does it so much better. Plus, wouldn’t he just punish you anyway?
“I know baby, you are a good girl. Besides, those tiny little fingers would just frustrate you wouldn't they? You need daddy to cum ‘cause my dumb babygirl can’t do anything by herself, can she?” his words make your lip tremble as you nod dumbly. He’s right! You couldn’t possibly do something like that by yourself. Only he can make you feel like this.
He smiles as you agree with no hesitation and pecks all around your face. This is your favorite place to be in. In his arms waiting for his instruction. Taking the lead is fun every once and awhile but being stupid and pliant is far more your speed. He makes you feel safe and adored. He makes you feel good.
His fingers swirl around your covered clit as you moan into his mouth. Your little noises and the feeling of his fingers getting slicker is making him painfully hard and he, too is getting impatient. He wiggles his hips and slides his sweats down to reveal to you that he’s been walking around with no underwear on. He’s been completely hard with no barrier other than his sweats. You feel like you could bust right then and there. As soon as you see his cock, you lick your hand and start stroking it slowly. Jungkook hisses and throws his head back.
“Little girl...don’t play with me right now…” you heed his warning and scramble to take off your panties so you can get him inside you as fast as possible. This is what you’ve been waiting for, and you’ll be damned if you fuck it up now. He steadies you as you prepare to sink down on him and he kisses you gently. The way he’s filling you is intoxicating.
“Fuck, this little cunt was made for me wasn’t it? My baby’s so perfect for me.” his words make you tremble. You both moan breathily once he’s bottomed out inside you. You grind back and forth slowly as you try to adjust to his length. Jungkook however, is just as impatient as you are. He halts your movements to grip your hips and lift you almost completely off of him and slam you back down. You gasp as he sets a pace for you quickly. Your walls clench as he groans out praises of how good you feel and how much he loves being with you like this. In his lap, bouncing on top of him, whining into his neck. He couldn't think of a better place to be. His hands slide down to your ass and grips it as he bounces you even faster. You moan loudly and bite on his shoulder in fear of getting another noise complaint from the neighbors.
“D-Daddy? M’ close. So so so so so close daddy please fuck!” your words are slurred since you literally cannot think properly. He laughs breathily. “I know baby, you feel so good. Fuck I wanna pump you full of my cum. Wanna get you pregnant.” his words only make you moan louder.
“Oh you like that? You like when I talk about filling your cute tummy with my cum? You want my babies, little girl? Hm?” your head bobs up and down as you nod. “Yeah- mm yeah want it so bad daddy please cum in me. I wanna have your babies please Kookie please. Wanna cum wanna cum wanna cum!” you whine. Seeing how absolutely wrecked you are is only getting Jungkook closer and closer. You look completely and utterly fucked out. If his baby wants his cum that's exactly what she'll get.
“Shh precious I’m almost there. Daddy's got you I promise. Rub your pretty clit for me, I wanna see my baby cum ok?” you immediately obey and spit on your fingers before shoving your hand between you two. You rub your swollen clit with quick flicks to get you to cum faster. You just wanna make Jungkook happy. You wanna be his good girl.
It didn't take long for your hand coupled with his cock pounding into your g-spot to get you to cum hard on him. Your limbs spasm and your vision goes white while you distantly hear Jungkook's moaned praises. He cums in you not long after with a whine and keeps thrusting a few times so you can milk him for all he's worth. You both pant heavily as his arms wrap around you tightly, wanting to be as close as possible. He pecks your head repeatedly and buries his face in your hair.
“I love you ____.” he sighs. You giggle and sleepily look up at him. “I love you more.”
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gwynrielsupremacy · 3 months ago
Markings, part 2.
Y'all. I think I have pretty much outdone myself. Yep, that's it. I really hope you like it, please don't refrain yourselves from commenting! (@meher-sumedha this is for you!!!!!! A part 2 AND a longer one 😎). Also its barely edited but nevermind that :)
Warnings: a bit steamy I guess
check out part 1!
As they exit the main hall of the party, they are greeted with silence. Not absolute silence, since the muffled sounds of music could still be heard through closed doors. But still, it is invigorating as the valkyrie and the shadowsinger walk a comfortable pace, hands absent-mindedly still intertwined.
She keeps looking around, but his gaze is fixed on her. On her profile, cheeks still shining with green neon paint, in a pattern his own marred hands had created. On her copper hair, like burnt coal under dim lights. He finds himself shivering, not aware if it is due to the alcohol he had previously indulged in, or the contact of her pinky and index finger loosely around his.
"OK, so where is it?"
He blinks, focusing back on her teal eyes.
"The bathroom?" She chuckles "Or somewhere with a mirror on it."
Oh, yeah. The mirror. He's supposed to know it, since he's been coming to Rita's for practically five centuries.
So he leads the way, until the end of the hallway, down the stairs to the left, where they meet with two different doors. Inbetween them, a thin full-bodied mirror, no line in sight. Giving the muffled sounds coming from inside one of the rooms, though, Azriel knows they are not alone.
As they approach it, not unlocking their fingers even as they climb down the stairs, Gwyn lets out a breathless laugh: "By the Mother, we look amazing", she states, examining her face, as they stand side by side in the tiny space.
Yes, he thinks, yes you do.
"Indeed", he answers.
Her constellations are linked by the trace of his finger in bright green. His forehead, jaw and nose are highlighted by her neon blue. Markings they left on each other, burning his skin from where she touched him.
They remain silent for a while, exchanging glances through the mirror, until she quirks her head to the side, listening, her gaze still locked with his:
"Seems they're having fun in there", she comments, voice laced with mirth.
His breath hitches. Just slightly. "Indeed", he finds himself repeating, tone effortlessly matching her own.
Azriel is suddenly way more aware of the lack of space between them, his tall form towering around her, his shadows clouding the room. She seems to realize it too, because there's a faint blush spreading across her cheeks in the mirror, her mouth still quirked into a smile.
He's inebriated by her scent and the traces of alcohol still lingering in his organism, but at the same time he's never been more lucid. He feel his hand moving then, leaving hers, tracing up her skin, holding her wrist. Touches he never allowed himself to with anyone, but with her it only seemed natural.
"Gwyn" He breathes, voice choked, as she turn around. Her back to the mirror, their chests inches apart.
"Azriel." Her voice a mere whisper.
His hand is still, but now hers is moving as she softly places it on his shoulder, the touch electric when she feels his muscles below his black tunic. This is different, Gwyn thinks, from holding at him for balance at training, or pushing on his shoulder playfully.
This is different.
This is what I want.
She comes even closer, her hand daringly moving from his shoulder to his neck, feeling his warmth beneath her. She's not breathing, he's not blinking.
And everything is absolutely quiet.
If it is because of his shadows, concealing them like a shield, she doesn't know. But everything is quiet as he leans over, as she falls into the hazel of his eyes and wonders maybe for the thousandth time what a beautiful contrast it is with the neon blue, as he feels her nose touching his.
Everything is quiet as he lets go of her wrist and his hand travels slowly to her waist, carefully and taking his time, but then holding onto it like a lifeline. As they share a breath, as she closes her eyes, as his other hand move to cup her head, everything is quiet.
Until their lips finally meet, a much awaited encounter, a feathery like touch, like they're both afraid the image would shatter, the other would disappear, they'd wake up. He holds the base of her head, fingers losing themselves on her silken strands, and she can't control sighing at his touch, because it's him, it's finally happening, it's him.
Then his arm enlaces her back while she crosses her own behind his neck, deepening the kiss, pulling him even closer in that dimly-lit tiny foyer, between bathroom doors, in front of a mirror, and he chuckles inbetween kisses because it had been her all along, it's always been her.
They pause, foreheads touching, their racing heartbeats the only audible sounds. And then Gwyn is laughing breathlessly, and Azriel is smiling alongside her. When she finally dares opening her eyes, she finds him staring at her, cheeks flushed and eyes darkened with lust.
Neither of them move, and his shadows start swirling back in place, and suddenly everything is louder. The tip of his nose is painted green just like hers, but Gwyn doesn't wipe it off.
"It's a great match, don't you think?" His voice rumbles, and she half-turns in his arms to look at herself, at them, in the mirror behind her.
His blue mixed with her green, the tips of her fingers printed against the fabric on his shoulder, the side of his neck. His hand marked on her wrist and on that spot in her waist, painting neon green her navy gown.
And their hands... Their hands a mix of blue and green and freckled and mottled brown skin. A beautiful match indeed.
He watches her smile through the mirror, and then she turns around.
"We should go back." She whispers once again, and he nuzzles the crook of her shoulder. "Before these two in there open the door".
He hums against her, and revels at the way she shivers. "Yes. We should."
"Azriel." She moans, his name like a song in her mouth, and all he want to do is hear it again and again.
But he oblige, he'd always oblige, and his mouth hovers on her lips before he pecks it once, turning to leave. Gwyn thinks Mother, what am I doing letting this male go, and before she even realizes she's pulling him back and his lips are on hers, urgent and heated and luscious.
"Cauldron, Gwyn" He groans against her, and her hands are on his raven hair, messing and tugging at it, his hand is bracing the mirror behind her head and they can't seem to stop, can't seem to let go of each other, can't help but thinking why did it took them so long to do this.
And as they reluctantly drift apart, as they follow each other up the stairs, onto the hallway, into the grand salon, with their hands intertwined, nobody asks them why they seem to be covered in blue and green. But every time he catches a glimpse of the skin on her wrist shining as he watches her dance from across the room, every time he's speaking with Rhys and she sees his jaw exhibiting a smudge of green, her fingerprints on his neck luminescent with neon paint, like a map of each other's touches; that's when they're reminded of how they've been deeply marked by one another.
In more ways than one.
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tamquamalteradam · 2 months ago
The Gangsey x Online School
the timeline in my brain for this is post-trc, but they’re all still in school for some reason
Adam zooming into Harvard from the barns: *unmutes* so I think that- *KREK KREK KREK* sorry that's just our pet ra- *sound of opal's hooves as she chases chainsaw around the house* so as I was saying
Adam takes Latin because pre-law track things and one day the professor hears Opal screeching in Latin and they're like "who was that?” and long story short Opal now sits in on Adam's Latin classes
Has a habit of barricading himself in rooms and working himself half to death, so he and Ronan make a deal that Adam can take over one of the Barns’ rooms to study when he needs peace and quiet on the condition that they eat dinner together and go to bed at a reasonable time
Online school works a lot better for Adam than it does most people, he has the self-discipline to stay on track and it’s a lot easier to manage his work schedule that way
Ronan does anything BUT class during class
Camera off, mic muted, sets his computer next to Adam as he's studying and goes to fix some fences, "tell me if something interesting happens"
Types (vulgar) Latin jokes into the chat, everyone in the class is lowkey grateful because any morsel of entertainment during Zoom Hell is a win
Adam: jesus christ lynch put on some pants
Ronan: no
(like i said he never ever turns on his camera so it doesn’t matter)
Except one time he forgets, so the whole class sees him in his boxers flipping burgers for lunch or something
Gansey has 2 moods: Attentive (TM) & Burnt Out
Would either dress up for class and have his camera on the whole time, or would roll out of bed in his pyjamas and catch up on his other classes’ work while listening to his lectures
Definitely does 99% of the work on shared documents because “everyone’s having a hard time right now,” picks up all his group members’ unfinished work
Turns on his mic first during breakout rooms to greet everyone, tries to be a “good team leader,” volunteers to report back to the class
Would be the only person to actually attend teachers’ office hours because he genuinely wants to talk about stuff from the lesson
Blue would either zoom in from under the tree in her backyard or from Noah’s old room in Monmouth
Would 100% be eating yogurt during class, when she’s done she heads into the living room to give Gansey the fruit bits
Blue likes online school because we all know she doesn’t care about anyone at her school lmao but I think she would prefer hands-on learning
Gansey and Blue fall into a routine of doing their classes and then heading out to explore some new place around Henrietta/the other surrounding towns
Sometimes both of them head over to Litchfield house and then it’s utter C h a o s (and the wifi probably crashes with that many people zooming at the same time)
Henry and Gansey would have fashion competitions, or show up to class with matching ties & complementary zoom backgrounds
Ok but Litchfield house study sessions where they play Kahoot using the movie projector !!!
Henry would definitely be that person who’s like “i’m going to get up at 7am, go out for a run and start the day refreshed let’s get this bread 💯” but never doing it
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ax0lotly · 3 months ago
Ok so i was listening to "bust your kneecaps", and i thought about this request-
If you're comfy with it how would the dorm leaders react to MC being the kid (possibly using they/them pronouns) of the leader of some criminal organization? And they only find out when they're about to go home cause y'know... Crime bad?? But MC keeps dropping hints?? Like, if someone says things like "i would die for you" they laugh and go "ahahah~ you will." And say that they were joking-
I can also see MC being extremely wary of their surroundings because usually they have bodyguards with them at all times.
Anon... THANK YOU FOR BEING MY FIRST REQUEST!!!!! YOU CANNOT TELL HOW HAPPY I AM AAAAAAAAAAAAA- Ok let me calm down- I don't really get the request, sorry anon! But I believe you mean that MC is the child of the leader of a criminal organization, right? I have had ideas for this before ehe... LET'S GO! (I'm going to go with platonic for this one since there are no mentions of romantic except for someone flirting with MC and... let's just go platonic) THIS IS PART 1! ONLY RIDDLE ROSEHEARTS SINCE I'M KIND OF HITTING THE LIMIT. (Warning, spoilers for Riddle's backstory and traumatic past, scarring mentions! They are not gorey or bloody, but DNI if you aren't comfortable with these subjects!)
👑🌹 Riddle Rosehearts Upon realizing/hearing this information: - He was- well- the most logical answer- shocked. You... MC... the child of a mafia organization..? A ONE THAT COMMITS CRIMES?!?!? - Then something clicks in his head- Oh. Right, you don't belong in RSA, you belong in NRC. It's practically impossible to have anyone 100% kind in here, so you must be part evil. - He... he's still processing this fact. Do expect Riddle's face to go blank and his eyes darkening when he finally understands and just screams: "WHAT IN THE SEVENS" - If you tell him during a tea/unbirthday party... yeah the people around you have to scram. Cater and Trey better be there. Get rid of Ace and Deuce though if you don't want to die early- - He's obviously more wary of you. You've got parents (or mom, or only dad) who committed crimes, how can he not? Forgive him for being paranoid, but serious rule breakers really get on his nerves and he will not let ANY rule pass. Don't be surprised if he comes and checks on you in your class every two days because he's worried that with the Adeuce duo you might commit arson or something. - When he finds out that you actually don't like to bomb houses or break windows, he's relieved. One trouble maker off his list, then. However, he'll still be cautious of you. Please forgive him, poor Riddle has trust issues, and you being a mafia kid... just... doesn't sit well with him. - Don't get him wrong... He doesn't dislike you in anyway. He's proud that you haven't killed anyone OR kidnapped anyone or burnt anyone's garden do- ok Trey stop him please - He's really fond of your caution and quick reflexes. You've been in situations like Kalim before, and you've made it out! Well, your accuracy and precision are quite impressive, too. - He's also just... worried. He's concerned for you, because if you're the child of the leader of the mafia, you've clearly seen some violent things at a young age that corrupted you. If you have trauma, Riddle will be willing to have a quite tea party reserved for just the both of you and enjoy tea whilst you rant out your feelings. If you need to cry, he will be silent and listen to you whilst handing you tissues. He knows that feeling, his mom wasn't any nicer than yours either, but he's not like her. He wants you to feel happy, ...free, like he never was. - If you've got scars, he will pretend not to notice them fearing that would be him invading your privacy but if you're insecure about them, he'll silently write a note reminding that you're perfect the way you are and stick it to your textbook. Everyone in NRC appreciates you, you should feel the same too, you know? If someone dares to make mean or rude remarks about you, they'll get an Off with your Head and have to listen to his lecture for 3 hours. You can't forget the 5000 word essay, too.
When you tell him that you're going home: - You're... going.. home? - He's... well, happy for you! You can finally come back with your loved ones and your.. family. You can see them again! - But... if you have trauma from being in the criminal organization, he's be seriously concerned for you. You.. actually want to go back? Are you sure? You're not scared about your... mom? Dad? - He's unsure about whether you should stay or not, but it's really your choice. If you ask him, questioning your stay in NRC, he'll say: "It's your choice MC, I can't change it. But,... I advise you to stay here." - He thinks you'll be safer here, and you'll be happy. But who is he to judge? He wishes you'll always be happy and never have to remember the bad times again. Upcoming: Leona Kingscholar! Sorry for making this so long and angsty... eheh... I tend to overwrite sometimes :') I hope Riddle wasn't too OOC! I may re-write this one whilst writing Leona's. Once again, thank you for requesting, anon! Love you all! (Don't steal my writing, please. Only available on tumblr by the account ax0lotly! might change user into i_amalotl) (My internet really said oof when writing this. I'm so glad I copied and pasted this on word too, lol...)
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heartbreakmotel13 · 7 months ago
hello can i request Mafia Boss Yandere! Jin smut with male reader where they're childhood friends but reader doesnt know about Jin's work and one thing leads to another? oh and Jin kidnaps and confines mreader too HAHAHHA
Tumblr media
[Admin note: Anon sent this request before my no smut rule was set in place. Hope this is ok anonnie, I didn’t follow the request to a T but I hope you like it regardless. I don’t have experience with male smut so I hope it’s still ok ❤️]
Trigger warnings: smut (bl0w j0b, @nal)
That was the overpowering emotion you felt when you found out that Seokjin, your childhood friend, was part of the mafia.
The boy who always shared his snacks with you at school, and beat up a bully after finding you black and blue in the school’s restrooms, was part of something horrifying like the mafia.
But the worst part wasn’t even that.
He kept it a secret from you for years.
Friends aren’t suppose to have secrets for each other.
With disgust, you broke contact with Seokjin and blocked him everywhere after he attempted to reach out to you again.
Two days went by until Seokjin sent his men to take you and bring you to his place.
A place you have never seen before because this guy also kept it a secret that he owned a stunning property like this one.
“Why did you leave?” Seokjin asked.
“Anyone would leave if their friend lied about being part of the damn mafia, or no, not even that, if their friend is the mafia boss and never told you.”
“I was going to tell you!” He protested.
“When Jin?! When would you!” You raised your voice at him.
“It just wasn’t the time for it yet.” He sighed.
“There’s always a good time for sharing important things with friends. You’re just making excuses, and you know it!” You didn’t even want to look at him anymore so you turned your head. “Whatever. Let me go.”
“No.” He denied.
“I am not joking around, I said let me go. I am done with you.”
“And I am not joking either.”
Usually you were able to handle Jin’s stubbornness just fine, but it was pissing you off now.
Especially because you were dependent on him to untie you.
“Jin!” You threw your body back and forth in the chair but you stopped because you didn’t want the stool to tilt and then fall on the back of your head.
“Why would I untie you when you’re going to walk out here and run off? That would be stupid of me to do if I want to keep you here.”
“I hate you.” You didn’t mean it but you gritted your teeth as you glared at him.
“You don’t mean that. You’re just mad.” Seokjin replied.
“Ugh, you’re so annoying.” The rope burnt against your skin. “I won’t leave, just untie me already, this hurts.”
“I don’t know, you look hot all tied up like that.”
Seokjin barely managed to dodge your kick.
“Untie me already!” You whined, ignoring the weird feeling in your chest.
“Fine.” Seokjin finally agreed before he started to untie you.
“You didn’t need to kidnap me. You’re crazy.” You rubbed your wrists as you watched the ropes fall to the floor.
“Well, you blocked me everywhere and didn’t answer when I stood at the door.”
“That’s true but-“
“What else was I suppose to do?”
“Leave me alone like I asked you to.” This was exactly why you broke off contact. You two were inseparable, where Seokjin was, were you, where you were, Seokjin was. The two of you were best friends and being with him made you miss the good old times.
“So, I know you’re mad and all, but at least spend time with me one more time before we stop talking. Atleast give me that. Let’s hang out one last time?”
“Look, this is not something we can figure out together. You hurt my feelings, big time. This is unacceptable. I hate that you do this work.” You expressed before walking over to the door and leaving the room. You entered a huge living room and you stared in awe.
“We can watch a movie or something.” Seokjin commented, not seeing your in awe expression. “Sure.” You followed him and sat down on the couch. “That’s a huge TV.”
Seokjin grinned, proudly. “Of course, I only got the best of the best cause I deserve the best.”
You chuckled. “Whatever.”
Seokjin was funny, and never failed to make you laugh, and he was always there for you. It was a shame that it was going to end like this.
It was a bit chilly so you put a blanket on your lap and so did Seokjin. He turned on some action movie which was pretty intense. It had loud sound effects, pretty girls, guns, fast cars and all the other stereotypical things.
And a sex scene.
The main characters groaned and moaned as they rolled around on the bed and made love.
“Remember that time at Jimin’s party?”
You knew exactly what he was going to say and you felt blood rushing to a specific part of your body.
“What about it?”
“That was crazy.” Seokjin commented.
“Yeah it was.” You hoped it would stay at that and you turned your attention back to the movie.
“Remember how we fucked?”
“I still can’t believe we didn’t get caught.”
Both you and Seokjin got a little tipsy. It started off with teasing touches, a hand on the butt, a quick kiss in the neck, and lustful gazes at each other. Seokjin took your hand and guided you to the laundry. There he barricaded the door to make sure no one would walk in.
You made out with your best friend.
Or well, that’s how it started.
You never knew how good you were at sucking cock until Seokjin praised you as you took his full length into your mouth. It was slow, you savored every inch of his cock as you moved your head back and forth slowly. You couldn’t get enough of the sinful taste of your best friend’s length inside of you. You sucked him off, rubbed him, licked the tip and kept it in your mouth as long as you could.
The washing machine was still turning when he took your virginity on it. The added vibrations of the machine underneath you added to the pleasure as he was penetrating you. It felt painful at first but after a lot of patience from Jin you felt yourself grunt every time he thrusted inside of you.
You gripped onto the machine underneath you as he wrapped his fingers around your boner and started pumping it, his hand going from the very bottom of your shaft all the way to the head.
Receiving pleasure in two ways almost pushed you over the edge but you refused to, not wanting it to end yet. Your tongue rested on your bottom lip as you tilted your head back. “Fuck!” You cussed.
While his grip on your cock tightened, he didn’t stop pounding into you at the same time.
It felt too good.
You moved your head back and looked at Seokjin. He already looked so hot but the way his eyes darkened as he was focused on watching his cock get buried inside of you made him look even hotter. “Jin...” You called out.
He finally looked at you. “Yeah?” He asked as his hand moved to your thigh. “I can’t hold it any longer.” You leaned in and grabbed his shirt and pulled him closer, pressing your mouth against his. He was getting out of breath.
“I don’t want to stop yet.” He murmured against your lips as his hand never left your length, he rubbed his thumb over the surface of the head and you could feel precum ooze out.
“I don’t want you to stop either.” You breathed harshly as you rested your head on his shoulder and dragged your tongue across his neck.
“Jin? Y/N?” You heard Jimin call out.
“Have you seen them? Where are they even at? Haven’t seen them in ages.” Another one of your friends called.
You heard a loud knock on the washing room door and you held in your breath, but you let out a muffled moan when Seokjin didn’t bother to stop, pulling and pushing his cock into your ass.
“Guess they’re not in here. Did you check outside? Did they go to the store to get more liquor or something?” The footsteps lingered in front of the door before they faded away.
Now he used both of his hands, almost squeezing your cock in his firm massages, there was something about the sensation of both his hands moving on your cock that drove you crazy. They both followed after each other, before the top one left the head and rejoined underneath the other hand. The hand that was once at the top started at the bottom of the shaft. He repeated this and there was something about the friction along with his moans and groans that got to you.
Your cock throbbed as it started to squirm, cum erupting from the head as Seokjin pumped every drop out.
You felt light headed, as you came and felt the pressure release out of your body, Seokjin’s cock was buried deep inside of you, you panted as you rolled your eyes as your cock twitched furiously.
“I don’t want to talk about that now, Seokjin.” You shifted in the couch as you felt your body heating up. “We were drunk.”
“Why not?” You looked over to him and saw a smirk on his face. Shit. Did he know?
You readjusted the blanket on your lap.
“Cause I don’t like talking about it.”
“Then why are you hard?” He moved closer to you.
Your cock was pressing against the fabric of your pants.
Seokjin ripped the blanket away from you, and you got embarrassed at the sight of your cock’s attempt of escaping the tightness of your zipper.
“You got hard just thinking about that night, huh?”
“N-no!” You gulped when he rested his hand on your thigh, next to the bulge in your pants.
“Poor thing. Why must you torture yourself so?” He pressed it with his index finger and you let out a deep breath as you shuddered.
Seokjin pushed you down on the couch. “I knew from that day on that I could never let you go.” He got on top of you and you avoided his gaze.
As he pinned your wrists down, he got on top of you properly as he grinded his crotch against yours.
He was hard too.
“Ugh...” You whined as you felt your cock shift in your boxers as Seokjin’s length rubbed up and down against yours.
“Say it.” He teased as he unzipped his pants, revealing the shape of his thick cock pressing against his thin boxers.
“I want you to fuck me again.”
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deviliciousdev · 7 months ago
mbti✨ A Day at the Beach 🏖🌤🌊
intp (the logician)
entj (the commander)
infj (the advocate)
[intp's] older sibling
[entj & infj went to get icecream from stand. coming back to their spot on the beach]
infj: where's intp?? they were suppose to be watching our spot?
entj: omfg not again...
infj: oh do they run off from you too.
entj: omg have they always been like this?!
infj: ohhhohoho yes. i HATED babysitting them as kids because they always got distracted and i couldn't find them. one time i left them at the mall and had to go back. they were in the pet store watching the fish... they didn't even notice i left...
entj: yeah that sounds about right. ugh but their ice cream is gonna melt. [getting frustrated]
infj: oh look there they are [points in the water]
entj: [yelling] INTP!!
intp: [yelling back] wat!
intp: [looks around in knee deep water]
entj: [to infj] omfg what are they doing?!
infj: dear lord who knows. let's just hope they don't come out of the water with some creepy crawly from the deep. [shudders]
entj: [getting impatient] INTP!!
intp: [yells back] I-! I- CANT!
entj: WHY NOT?!
intp: cuz of the sand!!
entj: [to infj] fucksake... [yelling] ARE YOU STUCK?!
intp: [shouting back] no!! the sand on the beach! it's too hot!! i burned my feets! so i guess i'll just um... stay here...!!
entj: OHHH MY- I- [rolls eyes so hard they disappear for a moment]
infj: [giggling because intp is not their problem anymore] 😆
intp: good!! i didn't ask you to!!
infj: [to entj] what about the ice cream?
entj: [yelling to intp] OH AND IM GONNA EAT YOUR ICE CREAM
intp: [sad puppy face] 🥺
entj: [to infj] i shouldn't have said that...
infj: pfffffftttt 💀
intp: I- don't care!! [pouting]
infj: [to entj as they eat their own ice cream] so... are you really gonna leave them out there??
entj: wouldn't you?
infj: well yeah but i have an iron clad exoskeleton when it comes to their puppy dog face... but u, you're all mushy for them...
entj: what?! I AM IRON CLAD!
infj: sure you are... [giggles]
entj: [yells to intp again] IM REALLY NOT GOING OUT THERE TO GET YOU!!
intp: i already said fine!! stop yelling at me!! stupid- stupid jerk!!
infj: [dying laughing at the exchange]
entj: god damn it. [sets ice cream cups on chair][goes out into water and gives intp a piggy back ride across the sand, as they're in sandals 🩴]
infj: [snickering as they get back]
entj: [to infj] not one word. [to intp] eat your ice cream before it melts.
intp: ooo cookies n' cream!! thanks!![sits and eats ice cream while swinging feet.]
infj: [can't hold it in any longer] awwwwww pfffffttttt 🤣
entj: ugh 🙄
infj: [gains breath back from laughing] so intp, what was so important you burnt your feet to go find in the water?
intp: oh i thought i saw an intact sand dollar and i was gonna give it to entj but it was just a stupid paper cup- so *fart noise*
entj: 🥺
infj: [sees entjs face] 🤭😂
entj: [clears throat] well um, i guess it would be acceptable if we went and looked for sand dollars after ice cream.
intp: ok!! 😁 oh! oh! and then i can show you this dead squid i found down the beach, it's so grossss, but cool! i found it when i got lost chasing the cup.
entj: [quietly] oh my god.
infj: ahahaha, ohhh good luck, entj.😂
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letstalkaboutfandomsbaby · 2 months ago
Lesse lesse let’s go with Nanami’s home life and upbringing if that tickles your fancy
Tumblr media
Ok first off: Nanami is a mama's boy
Was always close to his mom and would do anything to make her happy
Sends money to her sometimes just to make sure she's doing ok
She doesn't need the money, but if she talks about bills or anything, he'll send a check to her
She doesn't have to use it, but it's there if she needs it
I also believe he had at least one older sister, but I feel like he had two
I think they would be a bit older than him, like 5-10 years older
They really do treat him like a baby tho 🥺
Like Nanami was probs born when they were like 5 and 8 so he's just their wittle baby bwother
I feel like his dad would go on business trips a lot so he wasn't home as often as the average dad was
So who raised him? Three women!!
That's why Nanami drinks his respect women juice without any complaints 🥰
Nah but really, Nanami's mama and sisters taught him how to respect ladies and be a gentlemen
By age six he was running ahead of his family to open the door for his mom and sisters
Was also the kind of kid who would walk old ladies across the street
Since he's the youngest and also the only boy, his mama babied him a LOT when he was little let's be honest, she still does
I'm talkin hugs, kisses, little notes in his lunchbox every day, the whole shebang
If he doesn't give his mama a goodnight kiss, there will be HELL to pay 😡
JK sksksk she's not mean, but she would definitely pull him to her and be like "Kento? 🥺 What's the matter? 🥺 No kiss for mommy?? 🥺💔"
And the he gives mommy a kiss 🥰
Definitely a chubby baby
Had the cutest chubby cheeks 🥺
Ppl would pinch CONSTANTLY and he got really grumpy about it a lot
But then he'd give the cutest angry pout and ppl just thought he was even cuter
Got his first pair of glasses when he was five
He had those little glasses that were pretty much sports goggles bc he was runnin around a lot chasing little animals
I think he liked animals a lot when he was a kid
Like he'd always get distracted walking to school, looking at cats and little chipmunks
Was never late, because he's a responsible young man, but he did waste a lot of time looking at animals sksksk
He did really well in school!
Mama never had to worry about his grades
His sister's grades weren't as good as his, but he was an overachiever so he was getting straight A's all the time
Definitely one of those "gifted kids"
Like he always excelled and kinda burnt himself out as he got older
That's why he thinks that you shouldn't put more effort than required into things: he's trying to avoid burnout!
He likes bread so much bc he and his mama would bake bread on the weekends
He got to knead the dough 😊
When he was younger, he used to bake bread for his teachers at the end of the year with help from his mama 🥺
He would help in the kitchen a lot and his mom really inspired his love of cooking
When he turned 18 and moved out, she gave him a big book with copies of her recipes
Yes, he cried when she gave it to him
Childhood was very good tbh, he had a very loving and supporting family
He got kind of rebellious during high school, going through his emo phase
He put his hair in front of his eyes and started listening to dark, grunge music and wrote a lot of poetry
Mama and sisters still treated him like a baby tho 😭
And then he'd get all pouty like "i'm not a baby! I'm fifteen 😡" and then they'd go awwww and pinch his cheeks
Nanami does get busy, but he always visits his family during the holidays, like New Years and a week or two during the summer
But he'd drop everything if his family needed him
Family always comes first to him
Even if it's just a lightbulb that keeps flickering, he'll come around and do his best to fix things
It's a good excuse to come home and relax for a while
I don't think they're far away, but I think they're around an hour away from where he lives
Mom and Dad are still married
Dad still works but he's getting close to retirement
His dad doesn't praise Nanami often, but when Nanami quit his salary job and went with a job that made him happier, his dad told him he was proud
His dad didn't know the details, but he did say that he was glad that Nanami wasn't stuck at a boring, 9-5 job like he was, and that he hoped Nanami experienced nothing but happiness in his new line of work
Kento doesn't know why, but hearing his dad say that made him really emotional and he had to excuse himself from the room for a minute
He kinda wants his family to move with him when he retires because he wants them all together in a relaxing place
He knows that's probably impractical, but he likes the idea of coming together for a family dinner every weekend
Tumblr media
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