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#they're egg and red bean filled
fictionkinfessions · 2 months ago
Ah shit time flies but I'm actually sending this in advance this time! MPC if you could post this on July 20th please? Thank you 💙
Anyway happy birthday to me! It feels weird saying that since my irl birthday is in October but >:3 I miss my family and to some extent the other harbingers. Hope you're all doing great out there, I'm certainly having a time where I'm at. Eat some cake or pie or something sweet and celebrate your fave (me) or just because!
-Tartaglia/Childe (Genshin Impact)
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notsobabblespace · 26 days ago
A Perfect Day
MDZS Bingo Story # 2 - picnic, blindfold, joy - (AO3)
The weather was perfect for a picnic. One of those spring days where it's warm but not yet carrying the promise of summer's heat. The forest surrounding the trail they walked upon was flush with new growth and rang with birdsong.
Wei Ying danced around, darting towards anything that caught his attention with unwavering vigor. "Look there, Lan Zhan! Looks like they're having a picnic of their own today!" The observation was punctuated with a bout of carefree laughter, the beloved sound never failing to warm his heart.
He obligingly lifted his gaze to the branch Wei Ying had indicated. A pair of small birds were perched there, and one was offering a fresh plucked berry to the other. "Mn," he agreed, feeling the corner of his lips twitching upward in a fond smile.
A pleased squeal from Wei Ying indicated the expression had not gone unnoticed.
The path before them opened out into a small clearing bordering a tumbling stream, the intended destination for their picnic. He crossed to a clear, level spot fairly near the bank, set down the basket, and began unfurling the blanket.
As the blanket, a gingham print in blue and white, settled to the grass, Wei Ying hopped to the basket. He lifted the lid just enough to slip a hand in, and drew out a piece of black cloth. His boyfriend flashed a mischievous grin and gestured for him to take a seat upon the blanket.
He complied with the request, arching one eyebrow in question.
"It's a blindfold, Lan Zhan!" Wei Ying relocated the basket to the middle of the blanket before moving behind him in order to place and secure the blindfold. "How's that? Not too tight? Can you see? Be honest, Lan Zhan! It would defeat the purpose if you can see!"
A huff of quiet laughter escapes at his boyfriend's enthusiasm. "Not too tight. I can see nothing. You tied it well."
Sputtered laughter and a pleased clap of hands greets his response, then the sounds of the basket being emptied of their meal. Packed in its entirety by Wei Ying, he himself has no certainty for any item contained therein.
The slight creak of the basket's wicker handle, presumably as the basket was set to the side now devoid of contents, then the sound of lids being removed from storage bowls. A pause. "Open up, Lan Zhan!"
He feels something round graze against his lips as he does as directed and opens his mouth. When the movement halts, he bites down – a tea egg. The remaining half withdraws and a happy little hum from Wei Ying informs him the destination of that other half.
After the tea egg is a vegetable spring roll dipped in a mild sauce. No doubt Wei Ying treats his half to an extra spicy hoisin and peanut dip. The meal continues in this manner, shared bites throughout – baozi with a mushroom filling or pickled vegetables or red bean paste, stuffed lychee, slices of loquat, tanghulu strawberries. The occasional hitch in Wei Ying’s breathing when he darts his tongue out to stroke an administering finger.
When the last morsel has been consumed, he feels little tugs on the blindfold as Wei Ying unties it. As soon as his boyfriend’s face is once more visible, he pulls the other man in for a kiss. Wei Ying emits a happy little moan as his lower lip gets nipped, then quickly soothed.
As the kiss comes to an end, he reaches up to tie the blindfold he’d taken from Wei Ying around his boyfriend’s eyes. “Lan Zhan! What are you up to? The food is already all gone!”
“It is a surprise.” He presses kisses to the blindfold over each eye, then the tip of his boyfriend’s nose, and finally the mouth before drawing back. A bracing inhale, then he reaches into his pocket to draw out the small box that has taken up residence in each pocket he’s worn in the past weeks, waiting for the right moment.
The hinges of the box are silent as he opens the box. Wei Ying is fidgeting in the silence. The man gives a minute jump, startled when his hand is grasped. The ring fits perfectly on Wei Ying’s finger.
Wei Ying gasps in a breath, released from the frozen position that had taken over him when he felt the ring being slid on. “L-lan Zhan!? Can… can I take off the blindfold now?”
“Mn,” he affirms, beginning to reach to assist with untying it. Wei Ying beats him to it, recklessly ripping the blindfold off his head. His eyes are wide as stares at the glimmering ring gracing his hand. “Lan Zhan…”
Wei Ying’s fingers curl in and the fist is pulled in tight to his chest, eyes lifting up, bottom lip caught in his teeth. “Lan Zhan, you have to say it. You have to ask.”
He can feel the smile that grows on his face at the words, at the anticipation in Wei Ying’s expression. It is not a small smile, not this time. “Wei Ying, will you marry me?”
He finds himself with his arms full of this man, the love of his life. “Yes! Yes!” Wei Ying is half laughing, half crying, but his joy shines bright as he draws back just enough that they can see each other. The man cups Lan Zhan’s face in his hands. “Yes, I’ll marry you. It couldn’t be anyone but you for me. Ahh, Lan Zhan, I’m so happy!”
He is happy, too. The warmth this man – his fiancé – always stirs in his heart swells so that it feels overflowing.
It really is a perfect day today.
Tumblr media
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etlunainmorte · a year ago
*Old - Fashioned Peanut - Butter Cookies*
2 cups creamy peanut butter ( not the all - natural variety )
1½ cups granulated sugar
½ cup packed light brown sugar
2 large eggs
2 teaspoons baking soda
2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract
½ teaspoon kosher salt
*How to Make It
Step 1
Heat oven to 350° F.
Step 2
Using an electric mixer, beat the peanut butter and sugars on medium - high speed until fluffy, 2 to 3 minutes. Reduce speed to low and beat in the eggs, baking soda, vanilla, and salt.
Step 3
Roll heaping tablespoonfuls of the dough into balls and place on parchment - lined baking sheets, spacing them 2 inches apart. With a lightly floured fork, press the dough to a ⅜ - inch thickness, making a crisscross pattern on top of each cookie.
Step 4
Bake, rotating the baking sheets halfway through, until the edges are set, 10 to 12 minutes. Cool slightly on the baking sheets, then transfer to wire racks to cool completely. Store the cookies in an airtight container at room temperature for up to 5 days.
Tumblr media
❄ Three Wishes ❄
Tumblr media
You were blissfully unaware of this but, V prepared for your very first date the entire night before the big day that he almost drove Griffon to sheer insanity.
Picking out clothes and accessories for him and teaching him stuff he, more or less, already knew regarding the opposite gender, the bird worked hard to the bone just to make his master look good in front of you. He wanted his master to give a nice first impression, after all.
But, then again, since V started living separately from Dante and Vergil for a month ( the younger brother always made him clean the eternally messy shop, while the older twin and him knew each other too well to the point of awkwardness and, sometimes, hostility ), he only managed to buy a few pieces of clothing with the money he has earned as an independent Devil Hunter. Meaning, there wasn't too much clothing to choose from in the first place. Well, at least right then. He could earn money faster than his two bickering brothers, anyway, and he has proven it more than a decent amount of times already.
So, he has no other choice but to go along with a decent and smart casual wear, which consisted of a simple white button down shirt, black pants, and a pair of black boots ( with the extremely cold weather going ballistic on his thin and bony frame, he has to set aside the sandals for a while ). Completing his look with a knitted pullover and a black parka, he made his way towards your house, which was not really that far, since he now practically lived next to you.
Approximately five minutes before eight in the morning, V was sitting there on the sofa, waiting for you to come down. And when you finally did, boy, was he really surprised. Clad in a light - colored coat worn over a gingham dress, black leggings, and a pair of boots, you looked truly lovely in V's eyes.
You smiled brightly as V greeted you, and after receiving something from your loving grandmother that she made, herself, you two finally took off.
The Red Grave shopping district, despite the cold weather, was packed with people of all ages. Children, teens, and adults, each and everyone of them walked about the place, going to different boutiques, eating at restaurants, or just simply looking around. And most of them were already buying Christmas presents.
V had different plans for you, however. He bought tickets to that latest installment of a long - running space opera saga, after all, which, he rightfully thought, was one of your favorite movie genres. Now, you found this completely normal, since movies like that were really in demand as of the moment. What really surprised you was the quality of tickets he bought for the two of you.
"Umm, V, Star Wars is that way." You gently reminded him after grabbing your popcorn, jelly beans, and (F/F) frappe from the snack bar.
V only smiled at you. "I know, dear." He told you as he guided you towards the opposite direction were lesser people were going: the Director's Club, of all places.
Director's Club?! You thought hysterically. But, tickets there are way too expensive!
And he was totally not kidding around! You were going to watch Star Wars there!
"This,... is unreal,..." You gasped in wonder as you finally entered the prestigious theatre house and took a seat in one of the lounge chairs that has the perfect distance from the huge screen. Since few people could afford tickets to the Director's Club, the place, itself, was refreshingly calm. And it was perfect.
"Hmm?" V hummed in question as he settled down next to you and wore his 3D glasses.
You shook your head and gave him a smile. "Nothing."
The movie, itself, was wonderful. You smiled at the little jokes, became emotional at the drama, and gasped at the wonderfully choreographed fight scenes between the heroine and the villain. It was,... very good,...
... however, for the third time since the movie started, you heard that weird noise coming from your left side as if something huge was just pumped out of a clogged drain. The noise was not that loud, actually, but the quietness around you made it seem like it was really loud in your ears. And so, you made the wrong decision to turn and,...
V's eyes widened as he felt something soft and warm cling to his left arm, and he was surprised to see you looking up at him with a worried look on your face.
"V," you whispered. " ... someone is,... s - someone,... they're,..."
The poet furrowed his eyebrows in confusion as he followed your line of sight, and when he finally saw what you were talking about, a soft curse escaped his lips.
For there, on your left, were two young lovers shamelessly kissing and totally ignoring the movie.
V clicked his tongue in annoyance. These young people,...
"Dear, can we switch places?" V asked, and a few moments later, as the teen lovers were still doing their thing, they were startled when something forcefully dropped right in front of them. "Apologies." The poet said with a sadistic smile, his left hand firmly holding the cane that startled them, his eyes still focused on the screen. "My hand,... slipped."
You were still laughing about it an hour later after the movie wrapped as you recalled how the teen couple reacted ( they scrambled away from V and out of the cinema in utter fear of the tattooed poet ). And V? He seriously breathed a sigh of relief. It was a good thing that your experience to your first movie with him was not entirely ruined because of them. For, if it did, only God or the Devil knows what he will do to them,...
After the cinema, he brought you to a restaurant to have lunch. Then, when you still have enough time, you asked V to accompany you to the Music Store to buy something.
And all throughout your quality time with him, you were not aware of the eyes that were observing you and V from afar,...
"Ah, I've been looking all over for this!" You happily exclaimed as you took out the piece of Mozart's Ah Vous Dirai - je, Maman from your shopping bag. "Thank you so much for going with me, V."
"No," the poet answered with a gentle smile as he twirled his metal cane. " ... thank you,... for indulging my,... little,... request."
Once again, you felt yourself blushing before the man and slightly turned away. Why does he always make you feel that way?!
Before you could embarrass yourself even further, you took out the thing that your grandmother gave you. It was a jar of peanut butter cookies that she baked, herself.
"This is for you." You told him with a shy smile as you handed him the jar of homemade cookies. "Gran told me to give it to you. I hope you like it."
"Why, thank you so much." V answered graciously. "And I'm sure I will! Would you mind if I take a bite now?"
"Oh, of course, not! Go ahead."
Feeling excited upon receiving something homemade for the first time ever, V eagerly opened the jar and took one cookie, its wonderful aroma filling his nostrils.
However, before he could even take a single bite, someone scoffed from behind him. You and V turned and saw, to your utter shock,...
"How awfully domestic is that?!"
❄ @la-vita , @clevermentalitybeliever , and @birdgirl69 . ❄
P.S. Let me know if you want to be tagged for the latest chapters.😁😁😁
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