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#they're idiots and i love them

You have no idea how long I held off on stanning iKON 😂 I knew about them for a while (and the only person I knew of was Bobby because everybody’s obsessed with him lol) and I finally listened to Love Scenario and I told myself I wouldn’t listen to anymore but I watched the music video and they were so cute and I saw Junhoe and knew I was screwed 😔

I swear I just wanted to know his name but we all know how that ends 😂😔 (there is like no sub!ikon anywhere and it makes me so sad cause there is so much sub potential in this group, esp Bobby and Hanbin (which are the 2 everybody seems to think are hardcore doms???))

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one more art thing I wanna post because I haven’t gotten to blab about these two guys yet 

these two are my two newest characters!! their names are Crow and Rat. not actually their names, but it’s what they go by!! they’re both demons because I have been OBSESSED with making demon ocs lately

as their names suggest, Crow is a crow demon and Rat is a rat demon! (it is also important to mention that Crow is 5′5″ and Rat is 4′3″)
they are both chaotic IDIOTS. they’re wanted fugitives and so they’re constantly on the run. they think it’s mostly fun tho.

Crow is the main chaotic, with Rat being his side chaotic buddy. but that’s mostly because Rat is very lazy. Crow’s also the one that made them fugitives gkjfl

if it wasn’t obvious by their clothing, Crow is very much a punk, and says fuck the government, while Rat is more of a goth. 

the most important part about them? THEY’RE STUPID. they are both VERY gay for each other and are aggressively pining for one another. WITHOUT EVEN REALIZING THAT THEY’RE PINING. they are two useless idiots and I love them very much

yes, I’m aware I really do blab too much

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i’m really really really tired of people entering my life, becoming a valued & regular part of it, and then vanishing without a trace. 

#ive had like.. i think 3 people now? just disappear, #and i reach out to them and they ignore me, #and i worry like hell about em for a bit thinking theyve completely vanished, #then eventually i see em changing their username or their icon or whatever and realize that, #oh yeah!, #they're still here!, #they've just made the conscious choice to ignore me and not even explain why, #fuck man why do i bother putting effort into people?, #i either open up to them too much and i regret it, #or they just disappear and leave a gaping wound behind like its nothingff, #like do yall not understand that u have a presence in other peoples lives?, #that u mean things to people?, #or do u just genuinely not give a shit?, #i'm so so so so so so so so so tired of having to clean up these messes, #it's exhausting. it really is, #and it hurts because like, #i have to do so much work to just... make the things i love work without them there, #like there's a big piece of the puzzle missing and i have to rearrange it all to make up for the gap, #and i put it off because i dont WANT to write these people off because i'm a fucking IDIOT who always holds out hope that theyll come back, #(even though they never do), #(or if they do they never start giving a shit again), #and it's just painful to go through everything and write them out of it, #and it leaves this big tarnished ugly scar all over the things i love, #because now i have to make them function with one less friend in them, #fuck man. fuck this
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Rating: T

Summary: Punning is taken very seriously in the land of Ladybug, Fukō, and Adridamsel in distress. Purrhaps a little too seriously…

Ship: Adrigaminette

My piece for @kagamizine which you can find right here! Please go and give all the contributors heaps of love for all the work they’ve put into it! Especially @masilvi who organised it and made it possible!

AO3 link

“Are you serious? Again?” Ladybug complains. Fukō makes do with a tight-lipped smile and leaps to the next rooftop after her partner, towards the massive spider queen akuma called Aracnide, aka Lila Rossi’s newest akuma form.

“If you’re complaining about Lila being akumatised, I hardly think that’s a surprise by now.”

“Oh, of course it’s not. And neither’s the thing I was actually annoyed about.”

Fukō follows Ladybug’s gaze and lets out a groan of her own. Sure enough, dangling next to Aracnide on the Eiffel Tower is Adrien Agreste, looking rather bored now during his nth akumanapping, especially by Lila. Sure, he’s got a rather astounding lack of self-preservation that could rival the Ladyblogger Alya’s on a normal day, but Lila always seems to target him whenever she’s akumatised. And right now, Ladybug’s leading the overall akumanapping rescue charge nine to eight, and Fukō does not intend to lose this competition, no matter how much she loves her partner.

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 Let’s do a modern au here because I am a sucker for them. And your compliment just makes me meeeeelt.

“So, what are you going to do?”

Steve stopped mid-step, yawning. His hair was a jumbled mess of bed head, wearing nothing but an old t-shirt and boxer shorts. He was on his way to the bathroom to take a well-needed shower until he could hear someone’s voice coming from the living room. He stopped and leaned into his bedroom’s door, frowning. That was Angie.

He forgot Peggy had mentioned Angie would be stopping by for breakfast before she left to hit the road for her Broadway Tour. Scratching at his head, Steve yawned again, trying to push aside the voice and shuffling towards the shower.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“Sure you do, Pegs. Your crush.”

Oh. Steve stopped right there, hand on the bathroom doorknob. He had no right to eavesdrop but he was curious now. He’d been living with Peggy for over a year now and he hasn’t seen her bring home any date or talk about a crush? What the hell was Angie talking about?

“Angie.” Steve could hear Peggy rolling her eyes. “Yes, I have a crush on him but it’s not like I can do anything about it. We’re very professional and I like what we have. I like this friendship. I don’t want to ruin what we have in the off chance he’d even want to go on a date with me.” She sighed and Steve could hear her setting the coffee mug down, a little harder than what she intended.

“So, you like him. Ask him out, Pegs. He would say yes.”

“Okay, yes, yes, I absolutely do like him. I think about him when I shouldn’t. When I’m working, when I’m at home. I think about what it would be like to go on a date with him, to just close that gap we have lingering between us. He’s adorable and that smile just lights up my life. I want nothing more than to just kiss him good morning and give him his coffee. He’s the best thing to ever happen to me, I just don’t know how to tell him. I feel like a ridiculous school girl.”

Steve didn’t get to hear the rest, maybe closing the bathroom door behind him too hard. Peggy had a crush on a mysterious person. She liked their professional relationship. It had to be someone from her work. He couldn’t help but to feel the disappointment crushing through him, shaking his head as the water ran down his body.

Peggy had a crush. And Steve couldn’t help but feel utterly disappointed that it wasn’t him. Why would it be? He didn’t deserve Peggy.


Peggy’s voice fluttered through the apartment, causing Steve to look up from where he’d been resting his head against his arm. The tv was silent and he wasn’t even sure what he was watching. Peggy had been in her ‘office’, which was her closet turned into a small workspace.

“Yeah, Pegs?” He rubbed a hand over his face and sighed, pushing himself up. He’d been keeping his distance from Peggy or attempting to give them lived together.

He couldn’t help it, anytime she looked at him he felt this siege of disappointment flooding him. It made him avoid her, to spend hours at the gym or at work, or in his room. He came out only to cook dinner on his agreed days, clean up, shower, and leave. That’s it. He put as much distance between them as possible and tried to tell himself his feelings were not justified.

He must’ve fallen asleep on the couch after dinner. Peggy had to have turned the tv on mute so he wasn’t woken up in darkness or by a loud noise.

“There you are.” Peggy stepped out from the hall, adjusting the sweater she wore to keep the chill off of her. “You look exhausted, Steve. Are you getting sick?” She crossed the room to put a hand on his forehead, flicking his tongue when he felt a little warm.

“Stop, I’m fine,” he grumbled, ignoring how his heart lurched when she touched him. God, she looked so beautiful this close.

“Clearly not fine. You’re avoiding me and you’re getting sick.” She stuck her bottom lip out, her arms crossed over her chest. “Talk to me.”

“I’m not getting sick! I just…” He sighed when she cocked an eyebrow at him for yelling at her. “I’m sorry. I just… Why do you like him?”

The question. It was selfish. Utterly selfish and Steve couldn’t help but to feel some betterment towards this mysterious stranger.

“Excuse me? Like who?”

“You know who!”

“Clearly I don’t,” Peggy huffed, giving a roll of her eyes. She stomped her foot, actually stomped her foot out of pure frustration. “What in the world are you talking about, Steven? I’m not in the mood to play 20 questions.”

Steve groaned, running a hand over his face and getting to his feet. He looked bitterly at the photo resting on the fireplace mantle, of him and Peggy next to Christmas Trees and snow. Their first Christmas together as roommates. She’d been so miserable about not being able to go home for Christmas, that he took her out. They almost kissed, until Clint and Natasha broke them up by surprising them.

They hadn’t talked about it since.

“Him! Angie! I heard you talking to her a few weeks ago about-about your crush! You said you liked him! And I…I…”

Peggy frowned, giving a shake of her curls. “You eavesdropped. You eavesdropped and yet couldn’t figure out I was talking about you. I was talking about you, you dense head!” She stalked forward and grabbed Steve by the collar of his shirt and jerked him down so their lips met.

The frustrated anger out of both of them had melted down, Steve breathing out of his nose in a satisfying sigh to pull Peggy against him. His hand buried into her hair.

“I am absolutely frustrated at you,” Peggy whispered against his lips. Their forehead had touched and she held his face in her hands. “How dare you eavesdrop on Angie and I and how dare you become so dense, Steven. I like you! I don’t know how else I could’ve said it beyond telling you.”

“Maybe next time,” Steve sighed in between her furious kissing. “Tell someone you like them instead of leaving them confused because I like you too.”

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Team “never knows how to properly comfort people, but not because I’m low-empathy or anything, and more like ‘I see that you’re in pain, I know why you’re in pain, and to a degree feel your pain and want to make this better for you, because I care about you, but I have zero social skills and no idea how to express that, because I’m worried that my comforting words might come off as pitying, and I have no idea how to comiserate without sharing a personal anecdote similar to this situation and I have been told it makes me sound self-centered, and I know we’re friends but I’m not sure if you think of me close enough of a friend for me to offer you a hug without it coming off as weird and/or creepy’”.

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