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#they're in love with each other
igonecrazy · 3 months ago
Bedelia: My relationship with Hannibal is not as passionate as yours.
Also, Bedelia: Is your wife aware of how intimately you and Hannibal know each other?
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alexander-vlahos · a year ago
lotr fan culture is instead of looking for samfro fanfiction you read/watch lord of the rings
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matskreider · 2 years ago
yeah u answered it lol i feel like their housing describes them like matt is def a father and loves taking freshmen under his wing while lu loves the team and wouldn’t mind having them over but he needs his own space to decompress and eddie is with everyone but has a love hate relationship bc sometimes it’s nice to get away from hockey but nobody understands him like other players(i’m sure he can find some athletes on his floor)i’m sure those nights at lu’s are v fun and long weekends are better
right? matty’s a nice leader both on and off the ice, and he’s also like, a pretty chill dude in general, which is nice to have someone pull the couch out of the window and convince the defensemen to stop trying to make “krunk ankle” happen because it’s just too dangerously stupid. 
meanwhile lu does appreciate his boys, but he does like some alone time too. especially some alone time…..with his boyfriends. especially when their season starts to pick up towards the end, it’s nice to get to decompress with matty and eddie with him, in his own space, where they can cook - turns out eddie’s a really good cook? and lu doesn’t mind stepping in the kitchen either - and they get to honestly have dates in that aren’t?? awful?? 
of course there’s the sexc times, which…THAT could be its own post, how they figure out to make things work, and with eddie the bottom™️, matt the emotional top™️, and lu the sexual top™️ things are sure to be interesting…
and long weekends? mean field trips to cities if they have the time - especially since both matty and lu need to figure out their post-grad situation, even if lu has his plans figured out and matty is…still working on it - and if they don’t have the time, then it’s not like lu has a king bed for no reason 😉
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theflirtmeister · 3 years ago
hi i dare u to listen to death of a bachelor by panic at the disco and to think of reddie. love, a very nice friend ;)
hey very nice friend?? fuck you
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sashayed · 4 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
wow what a heterosexual thing to say about your friend that you just met
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loneozner · 5 years ago
Louis loves Harry and Harry loves Louis and Louis loves Harry and Harry loves Louis and Louis loves Harry and Harry loves Louis and Louis loves Harry and Harry loves Louis and Louis loves Harry and Harry loves Louis and Louis loves Harry and Harry loves Louis and Louis loves Harry and Harry loves Louis an
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vvosgess · 6 years ago
there is more sexual tension between fitz and jake than there is between fitz and liv AND jake and liv combined
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paran-isnt-real · 5 hours ago
I just fuckin finished the main story for mario odyssey and oh my goood mario you fuckin idiot that last cut scene ruined me.
I wanted them to hug so bad but them mario had to overcrowd her with bowser bruhh just let me have my mario x peach content 💔.
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spookybenrey · 13 hours ago
hmmm I think I will go back to mtn dew ponies to distract myself so OK pony planning time...
Major Melon pony will be a unicorn with rlly long skinny legs and tail and horn...
Pitch black pony is (obviously) goth, and they're gonna be an earth pony
and Livewire pony is gonna be a pegasus with a really cool spiky mane and a sun/lightning motif with really sharp pointy wings...
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four-no-one · 14 hours ago
5, 9 and 20 (Music asks!) <3
5) A song that needs to be played LOUD
it's gotta be:
it's definitely one of those songs that you have to play loud to properly experience. same goes for 'henrietta' and 'chelsea dagger', which are from the same album. it's just not the same quiet.
9) A song that makes you happy
this song has such good vibes. same goes for 'lent' and 'moscow' from the same album. it's the kind of song that makes me wanna sing and dance with someone to, just twirling in circles together and singing our lungs out :,)
20) a song that has many meanings to you
i know this is meant to be like it has meanings to you specifically and you alone but:
meaning one: it's a love song! "no ones better than you"!!!
meaning two: the whole thing is sarcastic! "no one's better than you"/s
meaning three: it's about politics! how you should stay true to your opinion and not change or stray from those opinions for politicians. "no one's better than you" because your opinion is the best for you.
meaning four: politics again! but about how politicians can be very manipulative. "no ones better than you" they say, but in reality they probably don't care.
i love that it has so many layers, and some kinda serious lyrics like "please don't just laugh and clap right now, this is serious I'm not delirious", despite the quite goofy sound of it.
not only that but i love how it sounds! andrew's voice and piano, then the trumpets, drums and more kick in! i love this song, and the album and band it's from are one of my favourites of all time. (i am so excited to get it on vinyl!!!! :DD)
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baronessblixen · 21 hours ago
YES to the casualness of this moment. And their SMiLes! They have such a relaxed look on their faces. It’s like they really are enjoying their time together and it doesn’t feel forced. It’s beautiful!
I agree ❤ every time I see it (and it's everywhere so I see it a lot 😂), I end up smiling myself.
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fishonastickx · a day ago
Sketches against feeling lonely i guess + some advice
Tumblr media
🍀How to feel less lonely, when suddenly everyone around you has a lover🍀
1. Pick your comfort Character / OTP ✨
2. Pick an easy to draw pose and some references✨
3. Draw your otp doing the sweet things or just normal activities and being comfy ✨
4. Pick a cozy color palette and start coloring the drawing ✨
5. Try to render and shade the frick out of it and end up crying because you can't do that and suddenly feel so much more lonelier then before🙂
6. Finish the drawing and start another one if you don't feel better yet 🌈
+ Eat something that you like
+ + Put on some music that makes you even more sad or makes you feel nostalgic
+++ Pick up a your fav stuffed animal and hold them tightly to you, while you draw
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dilfsisko · a day ago
ACTUALLY you know what I’m going to tell you about my Other Cardassians bc the more I think about them the more i think it’s funny
So, for context these aren’t actually Star Trek ocs, this is just what their Star Trek AU looks like. It’s one of my Main ocs and her family. I haven’t given them Cardassian names yet bc i want to brainstorm good ones so here we go
Our main character is Alaedra, she’s like 38, she’s a politician and unironically is the girlboss gaslight gatekeep meme unfortunately. She is a grade A MILF but just. A huge fucking bitch. Like she is one of the better members of this family but not by much. She’s a political powerhouse though so thats fun.
Her father, Marcus, is literally just. Just the worst. He is just an absolute shithole. Him and Enabran Tain would be best friends. They would literally have like, drinks together in their cozy sweaters while they talked about how to torture people. He’s  retired Legate, and very much wanted Alaedra to do exactly what he told her to do but she was not having that so they have a very, very tense relationship.
Mom is Calais, who is genuinely trying to do the best she can for her children despite the fact that she’s married to a shithead. It was a politically advantageous marriage for him, but they do have... some fucked up form of love for each other. She couldn’t do much for her first three kids but she’s very protective of the younger two. A professor at the University on Cardassia Prime 
First sister is Alaene. The name is DEFINITELY on purpose (for multiple... multiple reasons. so many reasons. their dad is the worst) DEFINITELY suffers from some kind of complex but that’s fine. Permanetly stuck in Alaedra’s shadow, she did exactly what her dad wanted Alaedra to do. She joined the military and is trying to work her way Up. 
Second sister, Maria, is similar to Alaene but... a bit easier to deal with. She’s also a bitch, but can almost be a sympathetic showing of middle child syndrome. She’s an Archon for the Cardassian courts, and is pretty good at that. 
Her ONLY brother is Marcus II Electric Boogaloo. He is.... listen he was a surprise baby, and he is really just an anxious fucking mess. He’s INCREDIBLY sweet, and INCREDIBLY smart but he is just not cut out for that bullshit. If he’s not in self imposed exile somewhere, he’s probably joined the Federation. 
Youngest sister is Serena, probably the only decent daughter they have. Generally a gentle and easy going person, she’s a scientist. She ALSO says trans rights so she’s the best out of the bunch
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jaegerbroshoe · a day ago
Please explain to me how Mikasa supposedly loves Eren so much when bitch 👏🏼 didn’t 👏🏼 even 👏🏼 notice 👏🏼 he 👏🏼 was 👏🏼 depressed 👏🏼 for 👏🏼 four 👏🏼 years 👏🏼.
If you love someone, wouldn’t you notice at one point that they’re sad? Sure, maybe not in the span of a day, but for over four years?  
That’s why what she feels will never be love. It’s an obsession. Because with an obsession, the instigator views the other party as an object. They’re just a possession to be had, their feelings be damned. 
And Mikasa has literally always ignored Eren’s feelings. As a child, by forcing her ideals on him (not caring/respecting that he had different goals in life for example), and as a grown-up, by not even noticing his change in demeanour (despite the story claiming that she loves him oh SO much). 
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