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#they're making curry
teddy-stonehill · 8 months ago
Listen, I feel very strongly about Muppet casts in imagined Muppet adaptations of critical works and I feel like people are seriously missing the mark on their Great Gatsby castings.
Nick cannot be the one human. Nick is the narrator, and therefor must be played by a muppet. The natural choice is probably Gonzo.
Gatsby himself has to be the one human. And moreover, he has to be played by a classically trained actor who’s taking the role very seriously. 
Obviously Miss Piggy and Kermit should be cast as Daisy and Tom Buchanan. 
I haven’t put much thought into the other roles, but these are the essential roles in order to capture the true spirit of a proper Muppets adaptation. 
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kimodraw · 3 months ago
OK,,, IDEA: Meg x Ruby w/ the song "Butch 4 Butch" by Rio Romeo. Thoughts???? Because honestly I have not been able to stop thinking about it.
Tumblr media
first of all, how absolutely insane of you to associate any of the spn women, who are constantly wearing makeup and are generally filmed which a male gaze so heavy that charlies angels would be proud of it, to the concept of butchness. love it
secondly keep talking
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ponyo2008 · a month ago
drop the soup recipes 🙇
omg okay so I'll give u the simplified versions under the read more, if u want any more detailed lmk!
canja - so I started by shredding my soy fillet w my hands as I would a chicken breast, then I got smth super similar to it. u can use jackfruit for this too, or actual mock chicken. then u want to dice onion and garlic (and celery if u like it! I'm not a fan), and cube ur potato and carrot into medium small cubes so they cook faster. then you'll sautee the aromatics along with the veg chicken and a large pinch of salt. once they're starting to get golden brown, add the veggies and ur white rice. sautee until everything is nice and fragrant (be careful not to burn the garlic and onions). season to taste (I did salt and turmeric for that gorgeous yellow color), cover w water or veg broth and allow it to simmer until the rice and veggies are cooked through. then I added a crack of black pepper and served :)
caldo verde - first i cut up my smoked tofu in slices and then pierce them with a paper roll to get that round sausage shape. if using actual veg sausages there's no need. then i dice my potatoes, garlic and onion. sautee the aromatics in a pan, then add the tofu or sausages until seared in both sides (or just toss it around to make the aromatics nice and smoked as well. we want to impart the smokey flavor into the soup). also, you want to cover this lightly with olive oil, bc actual meat is very fatty and we want to mimic that. add the potatoes, salt, cover w water and allow it to simmer until potatoes are falling apart. remove the tofu sausages and blend until smooth. then i sear the tofu once again both sides (it'll have gotten soggy and plump w water during simmering, so we want to add some texture into it again) and add the potato soup. then u want to slice ur kale thinly (not dinosaur kale, some other type) and add that too. then serve w a drizzle of olive oil and a crack of black pepper :)
corn soup - super easy, blend a can of corn (abt 200g) ALONG with the corn water, don't drain it! then use the can to measure another can of water, and salt. blend it until smooth and strain, discarding the pulp. then sautee finely diced onion and garlic, add the strained corn liquid and bring to a boil. allow it to thicken, and if necessary add some corn starch slurry until thickened to ur liking. for the accompanying chicken, I diced some jalapeño without the seed very finely, sauteed that in plenty of olive oil, then I added the chicken (made using the same method as the canja), turmeric, smoked paprika, salt and cumin. then I served it along with the soup as pictured :)
tomato soup - fairly straightforward, I just sautee onions and garlic, then add one can of whole peeled tomatoes, salt and seasonings (I use paprika and black pepper). let this simmer for abt 20 minutes, then blend with creamer of choice (I use homemade cashew milk!), back to the pan, adjust the seasonings and that's it. the end result is super silky and tomato-y, one of my fav soups
minestrone - this one I pretty much just followed a recipe (the other are more or less creations or adaptations I worked on myself) so I'll link it here, u can use any minestrone recipe of ur liking. highly customizable!
split pea w kale - first u want to cook the split pea until it falls apart completely and becomes soupy. if ur brazilian/have a pressure cooker, i do 15-20 minutes after it's pressurized, with a drizzle of vegetable oil so it doesn't foam up. once cooked, u can blend it or not, I don't. then, you'll (again lol) sautee ur garlic and onion, add ur cooked and diced potatoes (I cook them in the microwave! just poke holes all over with a fork, wrap in a paper towel and cook until soft. depends on the size of ur potato and the power of ur microwave, do two minutes at a time and see. it's gonna come out VERY hot and with the skin coming out. wait until it cools and remove the skin!). sautee the potatoes with ur aromatics and seasonings. I do smoked paprica, garlic powder and lemon pepper. once the potatoes are nice and coated in the seasonings, add ur split pea liquid and stir. add salt, bring to a boil and then add ur kale (sliced thinly like in the caldo verde). and that's it! ready to serve w a drizzle of olive oil :) sometimes I make it without the potatoes or the kale, really the only constant is the split pea.
red lentil alphabet soup - this one is VERY customizable, u can use whatever veggies u like. the basis is red lentil. so you'll start by sautéing ur garlic and onion (sometimes I do ginger too), add ur red lentil and veggies. I usually do potatoes, carrot and mandioquinha/arracacha. then add ur seasonings (also highly customizable! I usually do garlic powder, turmeric, smoked paprika and such. sometimes gochujang and miso paste too) and salt to taste. allow everything to cook until al dente. then add ur small cut pasta (I obv used alphabet macaroni but whatever tiny pasta works!) and simmer until fully cooked. and that's it! I believe the last soup pictured is the same as that minus the pasta. just lentil and veggies ;)
aaaand that's it! general notes: I always start with the onions and then add the garlic once the onions are translucent. the onion cooks slower and the garlic may burn if we add both at the same time. so when I say sautee garlic AND onion this is what i mean. first garlic, then onion.
my soups are not diet food by any means, so add a lot of olive oil! it's good fat, and helps keep you satiated. also, just makes the soup better and more satisfying in general. a lot of the bad rep soup gets is bc ppl think it's bland. so add fat and season well!
not pictured are my mandioquinha soup and roasted carrot soup, I believe. If you'd like the recipe for those lmk :)
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too-music · 2 years ago
Didn’t know I was gonna be this excited to hear G. Gordon Goffery’s voice again. But then again he’s voice by Tim Curry lol.
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interact-if · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Happy Asian & Pacific Islander Heritage Month!
To celebrate this month we wanted to put together a feature on Asian and Pacific Islander authors. This month, you'll see interviews from these authors about their inspiration for their projects, what they're most excited about for readers, and how their identities influence their work.
If you yourself are of Asian or Pacific Islander heritage and would like your story featured, let us know! We will be putting together a separate rec list post including these stories and any new ones we get!
This Month's Featured Authors
Tumblr media
Parkerlyn, author of The Nameless
Legend goes when the world was formed, the mortal races, mortalis, were created with the gift of magic. But as time passed their hubris grew, and the sheevra were created to curb their pride.
When it comes to these chaotic and malevolent beings, the lands are full of cautionary tales. Though some would tell you that the stories are just that. To them, names have no power. There are no mysterious deals to fear, and the figure who seduces you into an alley at midnight is certainly no malicious spirit.
Which luckily for you means easy prey.
Read more about The Nameless [here]
Demo | Author's Ko-fi | Discord
Tags: 16+, Fey-inspired, Fantasy
Tumblr media
Cer, author of Snakeroot
There is something wrong beyond the trees. A curse infects these lands. They call it the Rot, a curse that distorts the lands and creatures around it. For years, its tide has been stemmed by magical barriers, dutifully enforced by hunters. For years, the strategy has worked... until now. Today is not your lucky day.
The barrier has cracked. Something slithers through.
Why now?
Why you?
Read more about Snakeroot [here]
The demo is currently going through processing from CScript to Twine!
CScript Demo | Author's Ko-fi | Discord
Tags: Modern Fantasy, Horror
Tumblr media
Bubs, author of To The Whistling Winds
You’re a pretty normal young adult living in the 21st century: you have exceeding amounts of student loan debt, a housemate, and a job that pays just above minimum wage. You didn’t exactly dream of being a tour guide for the historical Chester Theme Park, but you’ve grown used to your every day life.
You thought you knew the park better than anyone, but as the friendly surface begins to crack and unexplainable events begin happening, you’ll need help dealing with the vengeful Fae, who seem to have a bone to pick with you in particular. Fortunately—or maybe unfortunately—there seem to be a Covey of fae seekers that might be inclined to help you…
Read more about To The Whistling Winds [here]
Tags: Modern Fantasy, Magical Realism, Supernatural Elements
Tumblr media
Deers, author of Roots
You’re just a regular joe-schmoe who works at a diner in Hawaii trying to rub two cents together trying to make ends meet. When a mysterious pearl falls into your hands one rainy night, your life is changed forever.
Read more about Roots [here]
Demo | Discord
Tags: Mythology, Supernatural
Tumblr media
Jess, author of A Bard's Tale
It takes place on the fictional continent of Amaran, a high fantasy setting based on Asian and Pacific Islander cultures as opposed to traditional Eurocentric high fantasy.
In the wake of a terrible war, you are a young bard just starting your journey. Will you answer the call to adventure and embark to rouse the sleeping gods?
Read more about A Bard’s Tale [here]
Tags: High Fantasy, Adventure
Tumblr media
Nines, author of Orthall Bay
[…]The name always stuck, regardless of how many foster families you fell under. It should be comforting that at least one aspect of you will always stay the same, but it’s a stark reminder of how isolated you are. A name with nothing to belong to, nothing to trace back to. Then again, you’ve managed to get this far just on your own.
In Orthall Bay, an in-development interactive fiction, you play as a young adult who grew up as an orphan. You have no knowledge about your parents, or any form of family. That is, until you get a phone call about a recently-passed man claiming to be your grandfather. Two things are certain when you arrive in the maritime town. One, Orthall Bay is seemingly idyllic. And two, there’s no such thing as perfect towns.
The question is, how deep does its roots go?
Read more about Orthall Bay [here]
The demo is currently under development!
Author's Ko-fi
Tags: Supernatural, Horror
God of the Red Mountain
Mei, author of God of the Red Mountain
You are a spirit born of the Red Mountain–though you’ve run away from it long ago. You’d be content to stay away, too, if not for the mountain god who suddenly comes looking for you. But what purpose do they have? And what exactly is your end goal?
Based on East Asian myths and folklore, you play as a powerful, nameless spirit in a shifting world. As a being caught between death and life, you are connected to a stream of limitless power, and the more you are known, the more powerful you become.
However, your journey will not be so smooth. You have been cursed by powerful, malignant beings known as Foxes, and it’s only a matter of time before you fall from sanity yourself.
Read more about God of the Red Mountain [here]
Demo | Author's Ko-fi | Discord
Tags: Mythology, Folklore
Tumblr media
Salty, author of Love & Friendship
Do contracted nuptial arrangements fire up your loins? Have you ever wanted to experience the high-highs and low-lows of a lady in the prime of her marriage market days? Have you ever lain awake at night lamenting your birth in a time where divorce is readily available and women no longer need to marry as their only economic means of survival?
Why not come find your happiness in the Regency world of balls, debauchery, and a surprising amount of paperwork. Become an accomplished lady of many talents and impress gentle society or use your feminine wiles and wicked wit to flirt your way into scandal and, perhaps even, ruin. Play matchmaker and decide the fate of the ladies in your acquaintance. Pursue your choice of suitor; a dear childhood friend, a lord of dubious reputation, a wealthy widow with a heart of stone, or even, the coveted gentleman with 15,000 pound a year. After all, if you can’t find love, you may as well marry rich.
Read more about Love & Friendship [here]
Demo | Author's Ko-fi
Tags: Historical, Comedy, Romance
Tumblr media
Aster, author of Nevermoore
They say that curiosity killed the cat, but it won’t be satisfaction that’ll be bringing you back. Again. And again. And again.
The simple act of visiting your parents turns into something much more than what you were expecting when your car suddenly breaks down in the middle of nowhere, and you find yourself right beside a small town that’s engulfed by the trees.
Some of the residents you met right away were welcoming enough, happy to try and lend a helping hand when they can. But their smiles seemed more apologetic than happy, and their eyes looked at you with regret.
You never really did understand why that was…
Until you died.
So now, you are an unwilling participant in an endless cycle of death and resurrection. And the more you learn about the bloodstained history of the town and the past of its people, the more you'll get tangled up in a web of secrets that threatens to keep you there forever.
So welcome, newcomer… to Nevermoore.
Read more about Nevermoore [here]
Demo | Discord
Tags: Mystery, Supernatural
Additional featured authors! 
@bouncyballcitadel​​, author of Citadel - A Medical Romantic Drama
Play as a first-year surgery intern at Citadel Health. Will you become the star intern and curry the favor of the chief? Or will you uncover Citadel Health’s secrets and break a story or two? This will be the best and worst year of your life. Don’t forget to save lives and break some hearts along the way."
@shai-manahan​​, author of Hollowed Minds
“You will play as a disgraced detective, entangled in webs of conspiracies and betrayal as your character engages in a suspicious probation - with a whole lot of enigmatic hallucinations and explosions to deal with. It will be up to you to shape your detective’s (or Ripper’s, if you prefer to call them that) perception and motivations. After all, Gaile City is a place full of secrets - some of them belonging to your own character’s family - and you’ll have the freedom how to act accordingly.”
@prettyboyhowl​, author of Venatici House
Two years ago your world fell apart. These days you’re… a bit of a mess. And, as it turns out, a soon-to-be criminal too- er, hang on let’s try that again.
In a 21st century world where abilities exist, attend university (for the 2nd time), fall in love (if you can), make new friends, and go on cute (potentially life-threatening), fun adventures with them (aww)!
@galengames, author of Dual Chroma
A thousand years ago dark magic destroyed half the world. Now the Ashen Lord rises again to destroy the rest.
As Prince Keldran’s adviser, your council will be indispensable in saving the world from ashen creatures that once again threaten his empire. But the Galens’s family’s past is more entwined with the Ashen than historians admit – and Keldran’s destiny is darker still. Will you help him save the world or allow it to be destroyed so that a new one can be reborn upon its ashes?
@herotome, author of Herotome
Your home base is Rhineway, a merciless metropolis where gentrification spreads like cold sores. Its wear and tear has been pushed to its outskirts, and the crime rate is higher than ever.
Meanwhile, the government-enforced superhero program draws mixed reactions among the populace.
While job-hunting, you’re unexpectedly recruited by a superhero. You accept the offer in hopes of an improved quality of life for you and your cat.
@mage-parivir​, author of A Mage Reborn
They speak in low whispers of the mage, of night terrors or a hero returned, a demon and a saint in the same breath. Heresy, said the priests; hearsay, said the lords. But the crown is silent even as the grapevines unfurl, and so the rumors swell and spread all the same.
Like wind passing through the trembling trees, certain as the coming of the dawn, the word travels through farmsteads and castles alike:
The mage lives again.
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phantom-fool-writes · 3 months ago
Black Butler characters taking care of their you when you're sick.
(You being their s/o, of course)
Ciel Phantomhive
Tumblr media
Makes sure that you're comfortable, and that you stay in bed and rest.
Has a nice hot cup of Earl Grey tea made for you.
"Sebastian, you are to show them the utmost hospitality. Make sure they are comfortable and well cared for."
Spoils you rotten.
Sneaks in some dessert for you two to enjoy together.
"Shhh... don't tell Tanaka, he never lets people eat sweets when they're sick."
Sebastian Michaelis
Tumblr media
Prepares a nice warm bed for you, with lots of fluffy pillows and warm cozy blankets.
"Is there anything I could get for you, my little kitten?"
"Oh dear, you have a fever. Let me see what I can fix up to help with that."
Keeps the servants in check, so their antics don't wake you from your sleep.
Frequently comes in to check on you and make sure you're alright.
"Yes the young master is in a bit of a bad mood today, I wish you could see it, it is quite amusing."
Prince Soma Asman Kadar
Tumblr media
"It's time to go out! Take me around tow-! Hey, are you feeling ok? You... You have a fever!
He cuddles with you to help you feel better.
"Don't worry! I'll have Agni make you some curry! That will help cheer you up!"
Instead of just getting the servants to do things for you, he insists on helping you himself.
He plays cards and games with you while you're stuck in bed.
He tries to give you kisses but you keep telling him you don't want to make him sick. He gets sad he can't kiss you.
Tumblr media
"It's time to wake up my dear... Huh? You seem ill... Are you alright?"
Once he checks your condition, he makes sure you're comfortable.
He cooks your favourite meal for you, and it makes him smile when he sees how happy it makes you.
He'll lay down with you and kiss your forehead, trying to comfort you.
He still tends to the prince during the day, but always take the time to check up on you.
"Prince Soma, please leave them alone, they need their rest. If you keep peeking your head into the room, they'll never fall asleep."
Elizabeth Midford
Tumblr media
Always spoils you when you're sick.
"Paula! We need some tea for them, on the double please!"
Gets you lots of stuffed animals to cuddle while you're feeling under the weather.
"Oh you poor dear! When you get better we'll have to have a big tea party to celebrate!"
She gives lots of hugs and is eager to get you whatever you need.
"Father has sent for a Doctor, you'll be better really soon!"
The Undertaker
Tumblr media
He has lots of medicines that he looks through, trying to find the best one to help you out.
"Don't worry my love, I'll make sure you get better as quickly as possible."
He'll probably close the parlor for the day to take care of you.
"Drink up! I know it doesn't taste great... But it'll work like a charm!"
He draws you a nice warm bath and if you have long hair, he'll wash and braid it for you.
He lights some candles and closes the curtains in the bedroom so you can get some rest, it's a very soothing atmosphere.
Grell Sutcliffe
Tumblr media
Hugs and cuddles you when you're sick.
"Go away William! They're sick! So looks like you'll have overtime again darling!!!"
Tries and fails at making tea for you.
"You'd better believe I'm taking the day off for you darling! I can deal with Will tomorrow."
Gets bored without having you around, so she stays to talk with you.
"I've been deadly efficient at taking care of you, haven't I sweetheart?"
Thank you so much for reading! I know I haven't update in so long, but I'm gonna try to post a little more regularly. I was inspired to write these Headcanons today cause I got a nasty ol' headcold (nothing related to Covid, I assure you) so I hope you enjoyed them!
~Phantom 👻✨❤️
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curryandbread · 2 months ago
Hello Curry! Can I request a Twisted Wonderland Headcanon with Dorm Leader when they witness they're S/o almost getting kidnap by someone (can be RSA student or anyone random but please no Neige) that have obsession towards their S/O.
Thank you~ oh! And make it Sfw please.
TWST Dorm Leaders protecting an s/o whose involved in an attempted kidnapping
hi anon!! thank you for requesting~
TW: drugging
Riddle Rosehearts
You were asked to meet someone at Heartslabyul’s rose gardens. It was a heartfelt letter, and for some reason it got you curious to who the sender might be.
Riddle keeps you close whenever you go somewhere. But this is a matter on your own hands, he lets you off once as he bids you a farewell with a kiss on the forehead.
You were waiting, looking around until someone from behind hugs your body tightly as you yelped. Unfortunately, your screams were muffled as the perpetrator covered your mouth with a hand.
Just when you were struggling, Riddle successfully hit the perpetrator down with his magic before running towards you.
He hugs you first thing, cupping your face as he checked if you had any injuries.
Riddle’s eyes were full of fire. He glared down at the person who attempted to kidnap you, not taking another latency of making them pay.
And once the situation was settled, with the perpetrator being taken away, from that since on, he will not leave you alone anymore.
He’d have you stay at his bedroom for security purposes, cuddling you to sleep as he whispered sweet nothings while he’s here.
Leona Kingscholar
Who dared to capture you?! Especially if you’re with the Leona Kingscholar.
In any circumstance that this one person doesn’t know that you’re dating Leona, he just signed himself a ticket for a train to hell.
Someone asks you to meet at the Magift field, offering you to ‘watch a game’, in which you allowed.
Leona would be somewhere unseen, most likely sleeping at random places again.
Someone violently grabs your arm, pinning you down to the ground with both of your arms behind you, you tried thrashing around but the perpetrator had a well-built physique.
Until suddenly, the perpetrator was sent flying by the jaw. The weight hanging over you dispersed immediately.
You look up to see Leona with the grimmest expression. His green orbs practically glowing.
Of course, the perpetrator got the message. As they scrammed without looking back, Leona eyes some of his men and gestured the delinquents to follow them.
Once the two of you are alone, he picks you up and slings you on his shoulder.
“Hey, herbivore. From now on I should see you in my sight. If you’re not there, you know the consequences.”
Azul Ashengrotto
Azul is the master of trickery, but he never saw it coming that someone would go to such an extent to kidnap you.
You were sitting alone at the bar of Mostro Lounge, waiting for your drink.
One of the students came to add something to your drink. Azul was not at the area, most likely at the VIP room doing his usual business.
You reach for your drink now being delivered to you. You took a sip, suddenly feeling your vision drop. The perpetrator purposely catches you before you even fall to the ground, insisting he’ll take you to the infirmary.
The perpetrator drags you somewhere secluded. Before they even tried to do something, a punch was landed on the perpetrator’s cheek.
All you could here was Floyd’s insanely high-pitched laughs, Jade following behind Floyd.
Once Azul gets the cue, the twins are going to give the perpetrator a little... lesson.
Whilst you can hear the perpetrator being abused by the twins at the back, Azul would stroke your cheek lovingly as he held you close.
“Let’s put it like this, treat it like a contract. You’ll stay by my side forever and never leave me, yes?”
Kalim Al-Asim
He knows he should be the one who’d get kidnapped due to certain cases in the past, but it had to be you instead of him.
You were only eating alone at Scarabia’s kitchen. The dorm head had gone to bed, and you were there to drop by for a little midnight snack.
Whilst your back was turned, arms loomed over you and your mouth was covered, trying to break free from the grip.
However the perpetrator stood his ground. You were struggling until the grip loosened. All you heard was a pan being hit on someone’s head.
It was Kalim who had thrown the pan at the perpetrator, now lying down on the ground.
He runs towards you and pulling you into an embrace, blaming himself for leaving you alone.
Jamil rushes down to see what’s the commotion he’s been hearing at the kitchen, of course, things are taken care of as he is already at the scene.
Next time, Kalim would have to reinforce the dorm with security barriers, and even make you sleep in his room, making sure that you’ll let him know that you’re running off somewhere.
Vil Schoenheit
Of course, some people will look down on you just like how people underestimate Vil.
It was the day of VDC, the representatives were busy preparing for their performance so you were left alone, Grim tagging along with the committees to secure other things for the festival.
You were only sitting on a bench by the stage. A student approaches you and they seemed to be from RSA. They hung around with you until they insisted to take you to a place they want you to see.
You politely decline but somehow the RSA student contained a short temper and was about to lash out on you.
However, Vil was quick to kick the student away from you.
The RSA student will definitely recognize who he just bumped into. Announcing a lot of apologies for his ‘rude’ behavior and leaves the two of you alone.
“Never mind you leaving us here. I’m taking you with me.” Said Vil.
Idia Shroud
Yada... yadaaaaaaa..! No way is he gonna have anyone even lay a finger on you without him around you.
You were only doing laboratory maintenance duties, you alone with another student assigned to help you.
Somehow, the student beside you pushes you down to the ground as he pinned you down. Shocked and unable to asses the situation, you suddenly heard a small voice from the corner.
“Charging laser beam, 30%.”
It was Ortho.
The student hissed, getting off of you as he ran away. Idia rushes in to check on you and pulled you up.
You asked him how did he know, he said he saw it from the security cameras. Don’t even ask him why he even has access...
Of course you had to thank Ortho for him nearly blasting the whole school down just for you. Giving Idia a reassuring smile as you held his hand with a light squeeze.
Malleus Draconia
It would bring a disgrace to the title of the next head of the Valley of Thorns if he were to harm someone for you. However, he will do so just to keep you by his side.
You were at a janitor’s closet, putting away the mop you had just used to clean a breakage that Grim has caused. Malleus was also there to witness it, however you insisted you’d clean up instead of him.
You were heading out of the closet, suddenly someone blocks your path and pushes you back in the closet.
It was a delinquent from Savanclaw who had wanted to take revenge for Diasomnia’s victory in every Magift tournament by holding the Diasomnia dorm leader’s precious, you, captive.
It was not long until a green mist of magic hit the back of the student’s head, knocking them to the ground.
Malleus had come to rescue you.
“I can never forgive myself for dragging you into this.”
You were quick to tell him that it wasn’t his fault and thanked him with a kiss on the cheek.
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dickwheelie · 3 months ago
okok #10 for jonmartin if it's still on the table
#10 - recognising the other’s voice in a crowded room place
spoilers for mag 200!
They wind up alone. After all that, they wind up alone.
Jon wakes up in a hospital and Martin is nowhere in sight. He's told by the paramedics that he was found alone with a knife wound in his chest and that he's lucky to be alive. There is no record of someone who could be Martin anywhere in the hospital.
Martin, meanwhile, wakes up in the basement of a parking garage in central London with a few bruises and Jon's blood coating his shirt.
Neither of them can be sure the other is alive, or if they made it to this other place at all. Maybe, they both think, he got left behind. But no, I was holding him so tightly. Did I let go? Did I let--
I have to find him.
They do their best, but there are no records, no birth certificates, no social media accounts. They're brand new to this world and really they shouldn't exist here at all. The one thing that keeps them from despairing is that there are no death certificates, either.
Neither of them leave London. They know, somehow, that if they ever find the other, it'll be there. It was one of the only things they bonded over, in those early days; that for better or worse, they were staying in London. They loved it and they hated it and they toasted their mugs of tea to never leaving it.
So they stay in London. They lie and steal and find places to live, and they keep looking.
Jon makes regular trips to Stockwell, where Martin's flat used to be, and although his old building doesn't exist in this reality Jon walks around the area for hours. He goes to the curry takeaway downtown where Martin liked to bring Jon for lunch, which strangely enough still exists but has changed, somehow; the colors are wrong and the smell is different. And Martin is not there.
Martin goes to Jon's old flat and waits by the entrance until he can convince someone to buzz him in, but when he knocks on the door someone else answers and he can see over their shoulder that the flat is not Jon's, has never been Jon's, in this version of London. There are no cardigans draped haphazardly over an overstuffed sofa, no meticulously neat rack of shoes by the door, no stacks of books in the corners of the room. Jon is not there.
They walk around the city at all hours, in arbitrary, circuitous paths, hoping against hope that on the next corner they turn they'll find the other standing there, waiting for them. As they go about their day they watch passing strangers' faces, looking for pairs of round glasses or a smattering of scars. Sometimes on crowded streets they think, for just a moment, that they've caught sight of the other, and hope burns in their chest as they hurry to get closer, only to find that they were mistaken. Those are the worst days.
One day, Jon is wandering listlessly through the crowds at Piccadilly Circus when he catches sight of a blue jumper and dark curly hair, and his heart skips a beat, as it always does. He pushes himself shamelessly through the crowd, until his hand is on the man's shoulder, and he calls out, "Martin!"
But the man turns around and it isn't him, of course, it isn't him, and Jon doesn't even bother sticking around to apologize or explain himself, just turns and disappears into the crowd again, trying not to let himself cry. Every time was worse than the time before, every time was just another reminder that he was alone, that he didn't know if Martin was alive or dead, that he didn't know if it had all been for nothing, after all--
Across the square, Martin hears something. Amidst the din of the crowd, so faint it might have been his imagination, he thinks he hears someone call his name. But it isn't just his name that makes the breath go out of his lungs, or sets his heart hammering, or sharpens his senses to every single face and sound around him.
He hasn't heard his name said like that in months. Part of him never expected to hear it ever again. It sounds so at home in Jon's voice, in that expectant, excited tone, a little breathless, utterly loving.
Of course, he answers.
"Jon!" he cries out, at the top of his lungs, needing to be heard over the din. He casts around the crowd, searching every face, but none of them are Jon's. "Jon!" he cries again, bellowing now, pushing himself through the crowd, searching, listening, for any kind of reply--
Jon stops right in the middle of a crosswalk, and spins around towards the direction of the shout. It's him, he knows at once, the high, slightly panicked tone, mixed with worry and frustration and love, and oh, he's missed that voice.
He hears his name again, even louder this time, carrying over the noise of the crowd and Jon wants to laugh and possibly cry, because of course, of course it would be his Martin who found him.
"Martin!" he calls back, as he heads in the direction of his voice--
And Martin hears him, and shoves his way through the crowd, heart in his throat--
And Jon pushes through a wall of people and nearly trips and falls, but he catches himself and when he looks up, oh, there he is at last, with his burgundy jumper and his dark, kind eyes--
And Martin is staring at a shock of grey hair and pock-marked scars and the most beautiful smile he's ever seen--
And they collide, in a blur of kisses and tears and gravity, and there will be time for more words later, but for now all they need are their names, and the voices they had thought they'd lost.
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wandavicky · 2 months ago
you did rlly good with the mafia!yelena and Natasha Drabble :D thanks again for writing it out for me
(maybe do a part 2? Idk I just really like how you wrote it haha)
Note: Thank you for making me smile😌 A part 2 because you're being a sweetheart
Edit: Part 1 here
Yelena and Natasha has been staying in the city ever since the last time, and you've been cooking them dinner every night, but that's all. You figure they're busy people and you're fine with being the chief, you have to cook yourself dinner anyways.
Hey, Yelena, what do you want to eat for dinner? I'm out of ideas.
You texts your roommate on your way home, knowing they're both still at work.
"Nat?" Yelena put her phone in Natasha's face, "Y/N asks me."
Some curry will be nice x
You find yourself smiling at the text, you like them, they intrigue you. Natasha has a kind of assertiveness, and Yelena is constantly pulling her string.
"You're an idiot, we can't have them cooking for us everyday." Natasha rolls her eyes.
"Are you guys chatting? Can you let me go?" A blindfolded man who is tied on a chair begs.
Natasha waste no time to knock him out with the gun smacking his head, "Take care of the rest."
A few people in the suit carry the guy along with the chair out as Natasha and Yelena walk out of the building.
"We have to ask them out for dinner, a date."
You look at the curry on the dining table, then your phone. They should be at home 30 minutes before, the food is getting cold. Your stomach scream in protest of hunger.
The sound of the door lock is all it need to bring the light back to your face, "Hey, welcome home!"
"I'm hungry! It smells so good in here!" Yelena announces her presence.
Natasha come in with a bouquet of flowers, "Y/N? We bought you flowers."
"Me? Why?" You receive the flowers that is half your size.
"As a thank you, for cooking us delicious dinner everyday."
"And, we want to take you out for a dinner." Yelena stretch her arms trying to look as casual as possible.
Natasha stares at you, her lips tilting upward, "We don't take no for an answer."
Your two very beautiful roommates are buying you flowers and taking you to dinner? Is this a dream or something?
"Wow. This is um-"
The screen of your phone lits up.
"Hey, sorry, I have to take this call." You bite your lips and stands up, gesturing at the curry, "You can start before me!"
You walk outside to the balcony to talk the call.
"Daddy! Yeah, I moved to a new apartment. My roommates are nice, they're not students, they have a job. I'm not asking them their job! Right? How's your job, mister district attorney?" The breeze of the night bruising through your hair as you catch up with your father.
Yelena almost drop the chicken on the fork when she overhear your conversion, "Did they say the DA is- Did you know?"
Natasha licks the sauce off her lips with a smirk, "I want them."
"Hey, sorry about that, it's my dad." You return to your seat, "He's an idiot."
"Aren't they all?" Natasha chuckles, "So, dinner, this Friday. We will pick you up. Deal?"
She really doesn't seem like there is a room of rejection, so you nods, "Deal."
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writing south indian characters
[@/moonlit_sunflower_books on ig]
The primary Indian story that is told through modern literature and media is a very North-Indian focused narrative, and while there's nothing wrong with that, there's a massive lack of south Indian representation. Often we're sort of ostracised from other Indians as well, so i thought i'd make a post outlining how to write South Indian characters talking about the differences between our cultures :)
If you have anything to add or things to point out, please go ahead! This is all based on my own personal experience and knowledge.
how do you define "south indian"
"South Indian" is used as a very broad term and is also highly relative. Generally, it encompasses people from the states of Kerala, Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana. The problem with grouping all these characters under one massive umbrella is that our cultures are all vastly different, the same way that someone from Assam and Punjab would have entirely different. I'm going to elaborate on this further as we go!
South Indian food, contrary to popular belief, does not consist of idli and dosa.
Some examples of more food are bisi bele bath, pongal and vathakuzhambu (i promise it's not that hard to pronounce), sambhar shadam (a type of rice and curry), rasam, coconut-based kormas, tamarind rice, chakkarai pongal (which is sweet), vadai (yes we pronounce it differently from North Indians), mysore pak, lime rice, our famous filter coffee (or "kaapi"), and so much more.
South Indian food is more rice-heavy than grain-heavy, and we don't really have a roti equivalent. There's also a lot of non-vegetarian food, but since I'm vegetarian, I don't know a whole lot about it :)
There's also obvious language differences: for example, in a Tamilian household, we would call curd rice "thayir shadam", which means the same thing. Which brings me to my next point...
There is a reason that there's a debate as to whether or not Hindi should be the national language. Spoiler alert: it should not.
South India is home to so many languages such as Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Malyalam. Very often someone from North India will make the assumption that Indian people speak Hindi, whereas this is completely untrue - South Indians should not be expected to speak Hindi any more than North Indians should be expected to speak Tamil.
If you're writing about a South Indian character, make sure that they speak their native language and NOT Hindi at home! And if it's a South Indian character who lives in a different part of the country, like I do, they'll likely know the language of the part of the country they live in as well as their native language. (But this also depends - if a Telugu person has grown up in Delhi, they're likely to speak Hindi better than Telugu.)
Even characters that live abroad will have some connection to their language. As someone who spent many years outside India, I learnt quite a bit of random vocabulary in the form of food and short phrases like "look here", "what do you want", "what happened", and things like that.
The South Indian version of a lehenga is called a pavada or pavadai, and it's often what younger girls wear at any formal or festive event. Older women will often wear saris. Traditionally, Brahmins used to wear 9 yard saris that were tied differently, but in an attempt to eradicate the caste system, this largely isn't worn anymore.
Men wear veshtis, which is a type of cloth tied around the waist. Traditionally, this would have been worn without a shirt, but today it's not uncommon to see people walking around with a veshti and formal shirt.
Keep in mind, though, India has become really westernised, so many people will also jeans and shirts and things like that. Fusing ethnic and western wear, like jeans with kurta tops, is not uncommon.
It also varies a lot from region to region - in Chennai you're much more likely to see someone walking around casually in a sari than you are in Bangalore, simply because of the culture that surrounds the two cities.
South Indians stereotypically have much thicker, curlier hair and darker skin than North Indians. (But this obviously varies from person to person.)
Within South Indian names, it's fairly easy to tell where someone is from - and this is true of any micro-region, state, or culture within India.
Some examples of Tamil names could include "Srinivasan", "Iyer", or "Pillai". (Iyer and Iyengar are actually two sub-sects of Tamilian Brahmins who worship Shiva and Vishnu respectively, but I won't get into that.) Telugu surnames could include "Komati" or "Nayak".
But traditionally, South Indians never had surnames. There would be 2-3 initials that stood for one's village name and father's name, followed by your name. So, for example, C. V. Raman was his full name! Some people still use this system, but because it becomes difficult during documentation etc, most people have switched to the westernised version of the system.
general culture
Two of my personal favourite parts of South Indian culture are Carnatic Music and Bharatnatyam, both of which I have learnt. Carnatic music is a form of classical music where one sings varnams and shlokas and padams in different raagas and taalams. Bharatnatyam is a classical dance form from Tamilnadu with two main styles - Thanjavur and Kalakshetra.
Of course, there are millions of little aspects to South Indian culture, but I couldn't possibly fit them all here :)
being south indian
Being South Indian in other parts of India means that you're subject to a whole lot of racism.
I've had people say "how can you call yourself a real indian" and, like I said earlier, use words like "dosa" and "pongal" instead of my name. There's also language-based discrimination like I mentioned, because many people assume Hindi should be spoken across the country.
The caste system is also very prominent, and there are multiple movements to eradicate it across South India.
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