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#they're siblings your honor
1schadenfreude1 · 22 days ago
Jason:*walking around the manor wearing only briefs and his helmet*
Dick: Why don't you take off the helmet??
Jason: I'm still undercover, dumbass
Jason: YES
Duke: *taking pictures for blackmail*
Tim: This coming from the guy who ran around in panties for half his hero career
Dick: Oh my GOD I was NINE
Damian, internally: if I ignore them they'll leave if I ignore them they'll leave if I ignore them they'll leave if I ignore them they'll leave
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redwinterroses · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"...Hi Pearl."
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crov03 · 3 months ago
Now you cant tell me they're not siblings
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Tumblr media
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sashkapi · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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mugabear27 · 4 days ago
Headcanon number 356: Luz carved some light glyphs into a pair of sneakers from one of Eda's junk piles and gave them to King. Now King has light up Sketchers that he wears everywhere.
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this-is-mah-grave · 2 months ago
So I was thinking about how Hunter canonically has a Sprig Plantar plush in his bedroom and can I just-
Hunter: *watching True Colors*
Luz: *swings the door open* Hey, Hunter, have you seen my-
Hunter: GET OUT
Luz: Geez okay I- wait are you crying?
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humanityinahandbag · 4 months ago
Alberto and Giulia have such rabid unhinged sibling energy I just...
Giulia: [muttering] Jerk.
Alberto: [whispering] Butthead.
Giulia: Papá! Alberto called me a butthead!
Giulia: DID NOT.
Alberto: Did TOO.
Giulia: Come at me, fish boy.
Alberto: Sleep with one eye open, Satan.
Towns people: How long have they been siblings again...?
Massimo: [lifting his head slowly from his hands to check his watch]
Massimo: 57 minutes.
Giulia: I'm gonna tell Luca you like him.
Alberto: I'm going to throw you into the f*cking OCEAN.
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ordinaryschmuck · 4 months ago
Hunter smiles for a bit.
Luz: Uh-oh. Did I see a smile?
Hunter: You saw nothing.
Luz: You can’t fool me, Mr. Grumpypants *starts poking him* Boop, boop, boop, boop, boop--
Hunter: Boop me again, and there will be consequences.
Luz: ...Boop
Hunter shoves Luz away.
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virfujiwara · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Claire's so deancoded her little brother is taller than her
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nebula: And here we see harley and peter in their natural habitat. Texting eachother variations of the word "garlic bread" to try to make eachother laugh.
harley: Gaelic bread.
peter: Grueling brad.
harley: Ha ha, glamorous beans.
stephen watching in the background: *turns to tony* you raised them, not me
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vibhones · 3 months ago
headcanon: fransiska von karma’s FAVORITE reason to go to the ice rink is to sit outside and watch people fall over while skating.
now, fransiska is very good at figure skating herself(because why wouldn’t she be?), but she often doesn't have the time or energy to do so after a long day of prosecuting and investigating. she’s very passionate about it, though.  
watching recreational skaters fall(though, of course, without sustaining serious injury) is strangely amusing to her + a way to destress and relax after a tiring case.  
one day in particular, some poor soul who clearly has never set foot on an ice rink has the misfortune of falling in fransiska's presence. she has the time of her life watching this man struggle to get up because "hah you fool why would you set foot on this rink if you can't recover from a fall"  
then, a few moments later, he looks around desperately for help and fransiska, catching a glimpse of his face, comes upon a terrible realization that "WHAT THE HELL THAT IS MY IDIOT BROTHER MILES EDGEWORTH. WHAT IS HE DOING HERE"  
someone helps miles off the ice rink, and as he is shamefully trying to leave fransiska blocks his way like "YOU DON'T EVEN SKATE what was that??"  
okay, well: turns out a certain Scruffy Detective invited miles and a few others to the ice rink to celebrate the conclusion of a major trial. of course her brother does not know how to skate at all, trying to get some kind of practice to avoid making a fool of himself in front of anyone he knows(but it seems that was to no avail, given the current situation)  
fransiska suggests that he take beginner classes to learn instead, but he shuts it down with a comment about "the youth are cruel" and whatnot. after a pause, he then looks thoughtful for a-  
 "miles edgeworth, i am NOT teaching you how to skate."  
fransiska ends up doing so anyway. she hopes her little brother appreciates her for saving his dignity. she isn’t exactly complaining though, at least she’s able to find some time to skate again.
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gronknuts · 4 months ago
I. hmmm I dunno bro! seems kinda fishy to me!
I get it krel could be like hundreds of years old and just look young cause he's an akiridion but come on, mother could have easily made him a Latino adult and not 14-15 if he was that mature mentally come now
Tumblr media
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chart-of-stars · 3 months ago
“please let me scream about this I have so much to say about their friendship it’s killing me” SAY ITTT
THEY’RE SIBLINGS okay, they’re siblings!!!
Percy and Nico’s relationship is jumpstarted as soon as Percy comes back from California. Nico is left with two things after Bianca’s death: a power vacuum in his life, and a guardian position open. Although Bianca held both of these roles, they are divvied up amongst two people. A) Minos, who takes the power vacuum to manipulate Nico, and B) Percy, who takes the guardian role, therefore being slotted into Nico’s mind as his older sibling.
Percy feels responsible for Nico in a way he doesn’t any other character and treats Nico differently from every other character except Hazel, who says she sees Percy as an older brother figure. Things Percy does for Nico:
tells Nico that Bianca is dead, even though he is fourteen years old and the responsibility should have fallen to Chiron, Percy assumes it. Feeling responsible for Bianca’s death, he subconsciously puts himself in Bianca’s space. 
Immediately searches for Nico as soon as he runs away. Recruits Annabeth and Grover to help him even though they know Nico less than he does. Follows Nico’s trail all the way to Zeus’ fist (implied to be deep in the forest) and in BoTL it’s suggested he wanted to look more but Grover and Annabeth told him not to
Deliberately claims the prophecy, which he has been running away from, to save Nico from Percy’s fate, despite the protests of both Annabeth and Grover, fully knowing it will get him killed.
Continues to search for Nico in the six months between TTC and BoTL. Spends a large portion of BoTL looking for Nico, including running through the Labyrinth by himself, a very dangerous feat that could have separated him from his friends. 
Percy keeps Nico from being sold to Luke by risking himself and his friends. He makes sure Nico is healthy and safe at the ranch, and is often thinking about Nico’s health. 
Percy and Nico maintain a close relationship after BoTL and well into TLO. It is implied that they meet several times a month. Nico discusses his family and his few memories with Percy, something we do not see him doing with anyone but Hazel, his sister. Which implies that Percy is a member of his family in a way that his other friends (i.e. Jason, Reyna) aren’t. Nico forms a plan to save Percy, even though the plan could also get Percy killed, because he does not want Percy to die via the prophecy. During the Sword of Hades, Percy also checks multiple times to make sure Nico will be happy living in Hades’ Palace. 
Percy continues to trust Nico even after Nico (accidentally) brings him to the underworld as a prisoner of Hades. He trusts Nico to get him out of the palace, not to take advantage of him by the Styx, and to help in battle. At the end of TLO, Percy notes Nico sitting at the foot of Hades’ throne, checking in on him. He also asks Nico to stay at camp and they briefly talk about Nico managing the construction of the Hades cabin. 
The push and pull of their relationship is reminiscent of that of siblings. Their discussion about Nico’s plan is implied to have happened several times, Percy trying to shut it down and Nico persisting. Percy is the most stable fixture in Nico’s life until Nico meets hazel, and most likely until he went missing.
The fact that Nico was out and searching for Percy after he had only been missing three days suggests that they were still talking a lot. And that he was somebody Annabeth associated strongly with Percy since he was contacted so soon. 
When we see Nico in Mark of Athena it is almost entirely from Percy’s perspective. He comments on Nico’s weight and pallor, looking after his health. During the battle with the twin giants he is constantly looking for Nico’s position, and says that although he and Nico have a complicated history that he is relieved to know he is alive. 
Yes, this is all complicated by Nico’s crush, but all of the evidence is still there. Especially from Percy’s perspective, it is clear he sees Nico as a younger sibling. All siblings go through rough patches, which no doubt can be amplified if they are non biological siblings and/or meet under extenuating circumstances. As Mari said, Nico confessing his crush and getting over it left their relationship open for them to get close again. 
(I would also like to say that Sally Jackson, who met Nico at Percy’s fifteenth birthday and no doubt had heard of him before, would not be okay with Nico just running around willy nilly if he didn’t check in with people occasionally. And because he visits Percy and shows up on the fire escape, it’s safe to say Nico spends time at the Jackson house)
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cheeky-wolfblossom · 4 months ago
Listen. Listen listen listen I’m calling it now, Hunter’s ending up the bird fam. He already has a bird palisman and this entire episode was just him and Luz radiating Sibling Energy™. Also he’s such a magic nerd??? Like please I need to see him geeking out about magic with Luz, buried under a mess of books and papers with Lilith trying to figure out glyphs, and just causing all-around chaos with Eda. Please please please I’m begging for this.
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phd-in-annoying · 4 months ago
It just dawned on me that Alberto most likely stays in Giulia's room while her and Luca are gone. Please picture Giulia coming back to Portorosso next summer, going into her room to leave her luggage, only to be absolutely bombarded by the piles of random human objects (plus fishing equipment and a random knife, obviously) Alberto has been hoarding the entire year.
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karkalicious769 · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
More (out of order) excerpts from the fic that I'm working on. I am here for Adrien and Plagg friendship, and Adrien and Plagg friendship ONLY.
(I say, as if this isn't a Love Square fic and Adrien's other friendships don't make me equally as soft.)
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incorrect-natshig · 7 months ago
Himiko: Y’know, you kinda remind me of the ocean.
Dabi: [snorts] Because I’m deep and mysterious? Or is it my eyes?
Himiko: Because you’re salty and you scare people.
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evapourate-rn · 7 months ago
Izuna: [sobbing in the middle of their dinner]
Hashirama: It’s obvious what we have to do.
Madara: Yeah. Teach him to cry in the shower like a normal person.
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