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#they're so gentle

i genuinely love those plotlines or even like short fanart stuff that have one person saying smth like “happy anniversary to us :)” or “I’m so glad you’re my boyfriend <3” or like anything the confirms a relationship between them and the other person immediately goes “WAIT WE’RE DATING?” bc tbh. most relatable shit ever

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Daylight snippet

He kissed her wrist, met her glittering gaze until Nesta wasn’t breathing through gritted teeth. He didn’t know how to explain that it was different: people had treated him like he was less his entire life, but kneeling before Nesta was to feel precious. Loved and cherished. “You never said Illyrian like it was a slur. Not once.”

  “I called you a bastard.”

  Cassian smiled. “Not when you knew what it meant. You were mortal, Nesta. You know I said stupid shit too. I’ve never apologized for that.”

  She shifted closer, legs entangled. “Yes, you did. When you were bleeding out in Illyria.”

  “Which time?”

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thinking about aster and corvina like. interacting.

#corv goes to lean on them like she always has and aster steps away and is like 'don't touch me' and like. that voice? where their voice, #isn't quite shaking but you can still tell. and just. the image of corv like. chilling the hell out., #and aster wouldn't talk with her about much and it would be kind of awkward bc they've gotta find a different way to interact with each othe, #and corv just. being kinda gentle with her. and aster is kinda uncomfortable because that's not like. usual? even if it is nice to just talk, #w corv instead of doing their usual dance of annoying the shit out of each other and like. idk them just getting together every so often for, #lunch or smth, #when aster meets rij corv is like 'yeah she's one of' and aster goes 'they' and corv goes 'sorry. they're one of my oldest friends' and yes, #this is what i was on about earlier in that other post, #and like. corvina just being nice to her friends sometimes, #always behind closed doors of course but like. sitting down and having coffee with aster while they talk and work on a puzzle in the middle, #of the floor and it's quiet aside from them and corvina offers to trim aster's hair since they were complaining about it being uneven and, #idk i can see them having a sleepover at aster's place and making friendship bracelets, #corvina wears hers on her ankle and just doesn't take it off. it's pretty neutral colors so it doesn't clash with anything and aster keeps, #theirs in a pocket bc like. keeping something on your ankle or wrist is just too much sometimes but they like having something from people, #they care about, #character rambles, #elysur, #aster danica, #corvina silva
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A 1,000-2,000lb animal being twisted up can almost certainly cause internal or stress-related injury, especially against sharp or rigid objects. People can do whatever they want with their own animals, but if a professional didn’t immediately step in and stayed focused when Dallas or Floppy were compromised or in danger, I’d be livid. If they posted a picture of it without my permission, there aren’t the words for it.

My animals are my children. I am very easygoing with most things, but there are things that are truly and utterly unacceptable for me.

Many of you probably don’t know how Dallas got his scar, because even though it wasn’t directly my fault it’s really upsetting to talk about, but it took roughly 45 seconds for him to get a wound that took me four months of diligence and love to heal. If we hadn’t jumped in IMMEDIATELY, I can’t imagine. I just can’t imagine.

A moment is a lifetime in an emergency. If a horse is compromised position-wise, it’s an emergency. They’re just too big.

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Dragon is clearly a cat who has high hunting instinct and probably kills and eats mice right away. Many times cats play with the prey… a frame to escape after being caught. If not capable to escape it would end up badly.

But very rarely cats mess with rats. Rats are smaller but would tackle down kittens and give a fight to grown ups. Usually terriers and ferrets are used to kill rats instead.

I always remember this one children story (Potter’s?) where kitten goes exploring and gets caught by rat family who bakes him inside a pie in plans of eating him - lucky boi, escapes.

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aaaa the fucking anxiety of “you’re a terrible player and everyone just tolerates you at the table” 😬😬😬😬😬

#Logically I know that's probably not true. I hope. Unless? 👀, #Party members keep fighting with my characters (3 seperate occasions in 3 seperate campaigns) and I'm just 😭, #Please tell me it's not cause I'm an annoying player and my characters suck and are annoying to deal with, #Like ofc out of game people tell me that it's nothing personal and nothing against me but it just keeps happening so my anxiety spikes lmao, #I know exactly why people sometimes fight my cleric. I built her specifically so she can get knocked down a couple pegs, #She's very convinced the things that were taught to her are the only good and right things because really that's the only pov she ever, #Learned, #So understandably our druid who's much shadier and much more cool with blatantly lying and hiding things is gonna be annoyed with her, #Self righteousness! It's very interesting and I like the conflict, #But now someone in my new campaign fully came at my character even though I think she wasn't acting super self righteous or anything, #So now I'm doubting everything like is it just me am I annoying am I a pain to deal and play with lmao, #No hate to the player I love them and they're amazing it's just my own dumb brain dissecting and over analyzing every single interaction, #I've ever had in dnd or otherwise lmao, #ANYWAYS the new campaign is really fucking fun and I love it and all the characters, #The only character no one would ever come at I think is guardian cause they're sweet and gentle 💚 but frankly they also don't have many, #Opinions on things cause they're still very new to the world lmao
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