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#they're so good and so powerful and i love them all so much
bi-sakura · 5 months ago
I watched New Gods: Nezha Reborn on Netflix to relax between exams (yes it's this lovely period of the year again) and what can I say... The trailer intrigued me because not being familiar with chinese literature I had no idea what the original story was. Turns out that I LOVED IT SO MUCH 😭 it combined everything I love from action and 3D animation movies. I could gush about it endlessly but I'll leave this in the tags and I'm gonna reblog mass shit about it anyway 🙊 If you see me spam it's because I'm obsessed <3
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leavesontheground · 2 months ago
very pleased to think about the lonely eyes potential if I can just. bear to think about Peter Lukas for longer than a second.
#they are ALL the angst and awfulness form a certain twisted kind of jonmartin but without having to justify myself in being awful abt jmart#we have the contradictions between two opposing powers... we have them both being manipulative bastards... we have so much history#so many possibilities.... so much heartwrenching awfulness....#and YET peter lukas has a very lonely typical effect on me. I can't bear to think about him. i try to and he just falls away from me. i can#picture his voice but not his word choice. i can picture his vibes but not his actions. peter lukas is shrowded in fog in my mind#which is very in character but!! also!! not useful for writing the bastard!!#come out from the mist peter lukas i want to angst about you and the terrible eye man#mine#tma posting#gd tho yeah.... theyre exactly perfect. they're exactly what i want from a ship. any and all genuine feelings are so buried under layers of#pretense for self defence and higher priorities... fuck the higher priorities are SO painful and SO delicious#we get the conflict between two different kinds of immortal... oh ho ho!!#i once read a fic where peter fell in love with elias pre-jonah and when jonah picked him as his new vessel it fucking Broke peter's heart#AND HE WAS GRATEFUL FOR IT. because the heartbreak and insuing loneliness serves his patron. he was angry and then he drifted away.#and he was safe and alone and aching again. like... yeah that FUCKS. that is FLAWLESS. THATS WHAT ITS ALL ABT BABEYYY#its all so painful and horrible... its all so complicated and wrong... it's any and all sincerity drowned out by static and cloaked in fog#it is i-want-to-know-you and i-will-not-be-known and its the thrill of chasing prey that cannot ever be caught or maybe its the tragic#inevitability of peter's fall (because i cannot see elias abandoning the eye for Anything) and the selfishness to pull him out of everything#he knows and is and loves-fears just because you want to know how he will react. you will destroy him just because you want him and you can#ohhh many thoughts head full. MANY thoughts head full. some thoughts only half good but. oh ho ho!#i love this ship deeply#tma spoilers
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art--school--wannabe · 8 months ago
i just wish i could write some sort of high fantasy story that’s like based around  identity, particularly queer and racial identity, and also my hatred for colonizers but unfortunately i am Really Bad At Fiction,, also idk if it’d be considered high fantasy but regardless.. i.  i like my idea a lot..
#it's about these two boys who were like in a crew of bandits and were inseperable#one of them is indigenous (like..elf-ish idk how to make new things) and the other is whatever the equivalent of white in this world is#and like they kinda grow up together and at one point they're like really cute and like having big philosophical spiritual conversations#and like the former is in love with the latter and the latter.. idk let's say internalized homophobia#and anyway aforementioned white boy finds out he's the Long Lost Descendant Of A King whoop-de-doo#and so like he's told to go do it because he deserves to live a good life and the character i Relate To Too Much eventually leaves the bandi#bandits* because he doesn't want that to get in the way of their relationships.  but something leads to something else and then like#the new king decides to seize the land they had lived on for millennia including sacred land and that's the last straw obviously#and so the character i am Projecting Onto re-enters this group and basically gets a fuck ton of pissed off people and monsters on his side#and like meanwhile the king's been going through some care bear movie style what the fuck am i doing development#and so like they push these assholes off their sacred land and then he realizes that lo and behold the government's shit and he like#he kills the old white guys or something (theyre probably sorcerers.. getting their power by sucking the life out of innocent people)#and maybe....... OOH maybe AHHHHHH by killing the old white sorcerer assholes the life goes back to the innocent people#and the final boss or something is the hardest battle of all probably bc he also has to fight his former friend/lover (catradora vibe ???)#bc he's used as a shield or something i dunno.. anyway once he kills the strangely mitch mcconnell looking asshole his bfs life comes back#and he's like what the fuck happened and then like they abolish the government and they all live in happy anarchy <3#damn i came up with that whole last half just now..#maybe i can write this but it won't be good lmao..#hmm.  can everybody tell i'm queer and lakota because yeah..#this worldbuilding is gonna be a lot.. wait my friend's a dm maybe they can help if they don't mind.. AHHHHHH#wild.  WILD#ideally a comic would be cool but i can't draw many angles..huh
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i have a lot of love for steven universe and a lot of thoughts about the themes of familial trauma and identity in Diamond Days but, i just wanna say, the cry of “IT’S A KID’S SHOW!”  in response to any and all critique about the meta narrative falls flat when the show has insisted, time and again, in redefining what’s deemed “acceptable” as a cartoon for children. you can’t have it both ways fam. you can’t heap adulation on the show’s groundbreaking qualities and then cry “it’s a cartoon for kids!” when legitimate criticisms are launched against it. and honestly, if a “kid’s” show is courageous enough to take on themes of mother loss, gender diversity, consent, trans/gnc identities, women characters in love with other women, trauma, forced breeding and colonization then i daresay it should be brave enough to also concede that sometimes, just sometimes, mass imperialist warlords maybe can’t be redeemed. 
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autisticmight · 3 years ago
it’s time for len’s daily fury at the sokovia accords
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Why you Should Continue Writing that Story
no one else is gonna write it that way
literally the way you piece words together is so unique
think about it this way: you're making shit up from your brain and making it a readable thing
like you get to share your thoughts with the world
how cool is that
no but think of how cool the cover of your book is gonna look like
imagine all the cool fonts and the way you can design it
think about little details around the chapter names
Think About All The Cool Chapter Titles
bc you're a goddamn good writer and if you say otherwise you're simply so incredibly wrong <3
all the hidden stuff you can put inside of it
like think about all the secrets and shit
it's so cool
your book's gonna smell so nice
like dude don't you love the smell of books
you can brag about it for an eternity
one day it could be made into a movie
or a tv show
how fucking cool is that
you're written in the history
as someone smart btw
your story is so sexy
like damn look at that characterisation
i could never
shiiit dude look at that dialogue !! it's almost like you dug up shakespeare or some shit
your majesty What is that description ?? how do you make it so magical ??
because it's literally so exciting
Because You Get To Write The One Bed Trope
you can fall in love with your characters
so many times over and over
you can make all of them bi
you get to explore the furthest corners of the human mind
You Get To Do That
you learn about everything
because you'll learn how to kill someone for free
for the pure satisfaction of having a female sarcastic villain
you literally have so much freedom. like holy shit you can write about anything you could've ever imagined. like holy shit.
you have the power to stop the time or make humans fly or breathe underwater or make new worlds and new languages and new societies and have so many conspiracy theories
and literally there's nothing stopping you like how exciting is that ??
like dude ?????
you get to play with ocs like they're barbie dolls except you're making it very very real
you have the power to help someone discover themselves
you can make someone laugh
You Get To Make Someone Feel The Shrimp Emotions
you can ?? invent ?? stuff ??
like you can totally bullshit your way through facts. facts are nothing. they don't stop you. if you say they'll walk from milano from mispisspisi then they will !
you can travel without leaving your house
you can touch people's hearts and touch their souls and make them feel so many things
literally you have all the power in the world
so why would you stop
stop making writing seem so hard and dark and boring and hard
no but seriously imagine all the gay like hooolly shitt
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hillarysss · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
🌸Check out Master-list I for more informative astrology posts & tarot posts.
🍬Do not repost, plagiarize, reword, translate, claim as your own. .. Any inspiration give credit.
Part of series; episode I
✎ Informative notes..
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Major water placements have the talent of feeling beneath the surface these people absorb so many emotions that could leave them overwhelmed and tired especially those with major Pisces and 12th house influence in their chart. They have the power of emphasizing making them true healers especially if there is Virgo and major water influence the person is truly gifted and a healer but should learn strict boundaries to not be taken advantage of.
Libra and Taurus placements have the venusian gifts they're the type of person to be artistically gifted with objectively good taste, they can make any type of outfit work. They are blessed with charm and kindness, they have very elegant manners and pride themselves on being so generous. Others envy their ways of aesthetics.
Scorpio placements and 8th house influence have the gift of fierceness, the can talk all day without revealing so much of themselves, growing up they learn the a lot of what they say and a lot of their success that they share tends to receive bad energy from envious people so they are naturally private of how they go on with things. You think you know them? Do you? There is only a few people they can trust and give their all too, once they are set on you there is no looking back, they're one of the most loyal and deep lovers there is out there, their love is not for the weak.
Earth placements have the gift of giving and receiving, these are the type of people to perform acts of services to others as a way of expressing their love. They are the type of friend you can tell your most embarrassing secret too because they don't judge they rationalize everything in a way nothing is strange to them. They give others a sense of calmess but at times when it comes to themselves they may be lost.
5th house placements have the talent of giving love and adoration to others making them feel valued, especially those who do not receive much love.
Leo influence have the talent of shining so bright that it's hard to be unnoticeable they draw a lot of attention sometimes attention that they don't need, they tend to have creative talents & as well as a positive energy. Making others drawn to them. They love using their talents to help others.
Virgo placements have the talent of being attentive, they notice every little thing they may even get lost in their never-ending thoughts, they remember so much about you, maybe more than you have ever noticed. They can make you feel recognized.
Aquarius placements have the talent of intuition and originality, they are the type to know when something will "blow up", they tend to just know things and they use it to their advantage, though at times they may struggle to understand themselves. They can come up with great theories and reasonings, they can also master the talent of a genius intellectual.
Scorpio mercuries / 8th house mercuries have the talent of seeing through intentions easily, their sharp ways of communicating will make you slowly reveal yourselves to them.
Sagittarius placements have a gift of being a pleasant surrounding, their humorous and optimistic seemingly nature will draw you in. They have a gift of sharing wisdom to others especially to help others. A spiritual soul.
The sign of your 5th house generally talks about talents and what your soul admires.
Cancer in 5th= comforting energy + intuition + empathetic
Libra in 5th= likeable soul + nonjudgemental + fair
Air in 5th= putting intellect and information to good creative outlets
Earth in 5th=. Being able to stand your ground + Motivation for better habits
Fire in 5th= Great passion for things + humorous + loyal
Water in 5th= Loved for being intuitive & wise & slick
Libra risings have the gift of getting away with things, it's often said they have immense charm but if powered even better they can get away with immense amount of things because people don't suspect them easily.
Taurus risings have the gift of making people feel safe around them and cozy and just validated in ways they may have never felt before. Which is why they may attract energy vampires. (Scorpio in 7th & Leo in 4th)
Mars in 5th + Venus in 5th have the gifts of motivating people to their best potential. They are your loyal hype best friends.
Aquarius in 11th + Uranus in 11th individuals have the gift of making people especially friends feel as if they belong since they know how it feels to feel left out in the cold. They'll give you an open space for your "weirdness." Love that.
Earth placements have the gift of being the most reliable teller. These people will tell you the truth even if it hurts because they want the best for you. They don't wanna be brutally blunt and perhaps hurtful, but they'll slap you back to reality if they have to. (Especially Virgo + Capricorn placements)
Air placements and their admirable brains that never shut off making them struggle to sleep at times because of their immense innovations. These people will always shock you with their amazing theories and never- ending knowledge. Probably why some love Astrology and they would use it as a tool to understand themselves, especially Air moons.
Leo placements have the talent of being so generous maybe at times struggling to say no. They won't hesitate to make everyone feel loved and admired yet may struggle with self-love themselves since they tend to have high standards.
Mars can also tell you about the energy you exude. Take notes of aspects & the house & rest of chart.
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ Example
Mars in 4th= Others feel at ease with you & others get comfortable with you easily & intuitive & private
Mars in Earth house: Stable & peaceful energy. Mature energy. Quite wise. Good advice giver & Go-getter & Calculated
Mars in Fire house: Goofy & humorous & out-going & laid-back.
Mars in Air house= Witty & Sociable but needs to recharge often & Known & Knowledge feeder
Mars in Water house: Private & Intuitive & There when someone needs you & nurturing
Venus ways
where beauty is found in your chart
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Venus in Fire house: You exude bad bitch spirtiness. People are attracted to your humorous nature and fierce energy. People may think you're here for a fun time not long time but that couldn't be farther than the truth.
Venus in Earth house: People are attracted to your ways. You probably seem like you got your shit together even if you don't because you will go a bit far to make sure you're presenting yourself in a professional manner. People may follow your advice & guidance blindly.
Venus in Water house: People may love and trust your intuition. You may be a safe place for a lot of people. People love your understanding ways.
Venus in Air house: People are attracted to what you have to say & your knowledge. Your thoughts on things even if they are random rants it may intrigue people. People just wanna get to know you. Internet crushes and fans.
6th house placements are incredibly helpful and sacrificing. They love helping others especially with their own words and advice. This can cost them a price though, their independence. You can't please everyone.
7th house placements have the gift of being able to put themselves on someone else shoes. Making them very open-minded and generous.. to a fault.
4th house mercuries.. your words can make people really at ease and comfortable.
Water placements you guys have the gifts of predicting things randomly.. especially those with major cancer energy. You may be able to feel your friends & loved ones moods and states.
Water placements tend to have a very vivid memory even if they forget small things.. they never forget what has touched them they can really remember oddly vivid details. It's hard to lie to them especially those with Scorpio influence.
Moon in water houses (4th, 8th, 12th) tend to be very easily moved by things which is why a lot can make good therapists. They may have a hard time opening up but they tend to be able to emphasize with people stories easily and how things effected them.
Fire placements have the gift of never giving up. Even if they at times loose motivation they still believe they're meant for something much stronger. They're the type to keep pushing and pushing and inspiring others in the mean time. A lot goes on with a fire placement beneath their immense drive towards things
Scorpio Venus + 8th house venuses + venus- pluto (tight orbs) love in a way you will never forget. A lot of people tend to be drawn to them for no reason, you'll just find yourself drawn to them. Some people may even get obsessive over them. When they love.. they love hard they'll be with you through the darkest hours never leaving your side unless you truly screw them over, then that they will never forget. They tend to have intense physical appeal too.. may attract unwanted attention.
Sun’s shine on your chart
‘your fulfillment
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Check rulers, aspects, houses. Brief description
----------------------------------------“the shining alluring soul; the existence of bliss and reality”
🕊 Sun in 1st: Shines on your perception of things. Even if you’re extremely low at one point, things will randomly change in your favor. You have an eye for the prize and you love things like looking your best & feeling yourself. You may also love validation and ego. May had to grow independence at young age. May attract envy
”the never ending adventure “
🕊 Sun in fire house: The risky parts of life may bring you joy. You may be very creative and talented and you would love to put it to use. Even in despair, you will try to look at the bright side of things well at least for others.
“the genius with the brightest ideas.”
🕊Sun in air house: You thrive when your mind is being stimulated with endless information. People will find themselves wanting to interact with you and wanting to hear your side and points to things. You give others fresh perspectives
“the cautious wise soul; the giver:”
🕊Sun in earth house: You are probably someone who values their worth a lot. You make calculated moves and big moves. You see then potential in things. You need stability In order to shine your light so bright so when times are rough you may feel as if your shine and talents have turned off. You have a great sense of goals and you thrive on having a valuable worth, but this can make you an anxious worrier.
“the watery sun; the soul with private hidden depths.”
🕊 Sun in water house: People may question you a lot. You’re someone with in-depth energy and may have very good intuition, with this said you may attract energy vampires who wanna drain you. You’re someone who is able to see things for what they are but you yourself can hide a lot and be quite private. You’re someone very empathetic but you prefer to guard yourself a bit so you’re not taken advanced off. You tend to go through a lot of transformations since young ages. Experiences that shape you. Your emotions may be in touch with your self- worth. When you’re happy; you feel like you’re in a cloud nothing can stop you and you don’t even try to doubt it. But when in sadness you loose control completely.
Tumblr media
® Hillarysss 2021 all rights reserved (Divine Hills.)
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moemoemammon · 3 months ago
What about the boys with claws, fangs, traits from their animal avatars that they have and use? Instincts that they have? We know Mammon loves gold but does he hoard anything shiny? Are Levi and Asmo poisonous? I love any monster ideas!
Demon Instincts! (lowkey toxic)
(Feat. GN!MC and the Demon Bros)
pspspsps monsterf*ckers come get y'all juice
✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦
Lucifer doesn't flaunt his abilities openly, but in a subtle way that draws attention to his perfection. But the only person he wants to attract is you.
He won't stoop so low as to use underhanded tactics, but his pride simply won't allow you to go around without properly acknowledging his brilliance.
He constantly calls you into his space to make sure you soak it all up, and it feeds his ego like no tomorrow. And if you say something about it? Bliss.
Something about his aura demands your attention. When he enters the room, the hairs on the back of your neck prickle and stand up, and it feels like the air becomes colder.
And that tone of his that whips any demon back in line? It's a literal power he uses over lesser demons. Sparingly, of course. But he's so intimidating that it's hard to even tell when he's using it- (He also finds out pretty quickly that it doesn't work on you >:( )
You'd think Mammon was the inventor of the concept of hoarding, with all of his habits. He calls himself a collector, but acquiring more and more stuff for literal eons isn't exactly 'collecting' at that point.
Has an entire closet dedicated to stashing his stuff. I like to think Mammon's got some kinda spacial magic that lets him use that closet as a lil pocket dimension specifically for throwing things into
Anything that seems even remotely valuable is Mammon's go to. And 'valuable' means anything that's prized by ANYONE. If you've got a lucky rock, he'll be tempted to snag it. He sells most things for money, but stuff that's really precious are the things he keeps. Just wait till you find out how many of your things he's got-
Picture an endless sea of riches and junk, and only he can tell the difference between the two. Probably forgets it exists sometimes tho-
Also growls when angry (this is canon). Angry Mammon sitting on his sofa, surrounded by the spoils of his Akuzon splurging, growling at anyone who dares step close to his treasure trove... Oh yeah, MC's in that pile somewhere, too.
His self depreciation knows no bounds and he can't live up to the pedestal he's put his brothers on, but there IS one thing he knows he can do without much trouble:
Keep you in his room.
Now it's not like he's trapping you or anything, but Levi is a master manipulator with the way he puts himself down and coerces you into pitying him. Don't you wanna stay with him...? No, of course you wouldn't want to stay with a yucky otaku...
His brothers swear he's got a jealous glint in his eye every time he sees you anywhere else but his room. But all you see are his pleading reptilian eyes that almost suck you in... like they're begging you to pity him.
Quite literally toxic. Boy's got a slime fish man coat on his skin, and long exposure isn't too good for your fragile human body.
As the Avatar of Wrath, revenge is his favorite thing. It's the reason he harasses Lucifer so much, and whoever else has caught his negative attention. Also nobody can convince me that this man isn't a cat.
He can be HELLA cruel, and watches his enemies squirm. He lures them in with that false smile of his, just to make them wish they'd never met him.
Satan can barely resist the strong desire he has to torment and harass those around him, especially the ones he deems weaker.
A big part of his life is centered around keeping himself calm and collected, so he rarely has a chance to go apeshit. But there always that nagging desire to give in and cause mischief. Good thing it's mostly tame, huh?
I fully believe he's constantly on the verge of going into an untamable frenzy and that's why his brothers are kinda wary of him- 
The snuggly, cute, and oh so affectionate Asmodeus tries to be more subtle about the way his instincts show. Specifically, his possessive side.
Naturally has a sweet scent, and it's quite literally addicting. It adds to his allure when paired with those demon eyes of his, but it's such a shame that it doesn't work on you! Boo..~
He's not shy when it comes to marking the object of his affection, and he LOVES leaving his scent behind. Any sort of sho of 'ownership' does it for him.
Why do you think he likes buying you clothes and sharing his perfumes with you? It's because seeing you walk around with something he gave you is a clear sign that he's been there.
He always wants you in his space, and vise versa. Asmo's desire to claim you completely rival the possessiveness Mammon has over you.
Beel doesn't always know his own strength, and this is especially the case when it comes to his bare instincts.
His strength matches his emotions, so when he's super happy? Crushing hugs. Angry as hell? You already know he destroys things in an fit of rage.
Satiating his hunger is one of the keys to his happiness, and he projects that onto you too. Have you eaten? You must be hungry. Come eat with him. He wants to make sure you're fed. Hungry hungry himbo
STRONG urge to protect the people he cares about. Like he'll go borderline feral if he even has an inkling that someone's in danger. And when he's in a mood, it's hard for you to pry yourself out of his big ol arms.
literally eats his enemies
His clinginess knows no bounds and only intensifies when he's feeding into his instincts. He won't let you go anywhere, and either slowly follows you around, or holds onto you
It's pretty endearing from the outside looking in, but everything in Belphie wants to drag you down to his level, so he can always keep you close.
Do you REALLY need to go out today? Just do it tomorrow. Or use your pact and order someone else to do it.
His words have a drowsy effect that seeps into your head, and it's definitely a power that he may or may not abuse to get what he wants. But you're probably immune to it, being the wonderful MC and all.
Also has the habit of literally cocooning you in blankets so you can't leave his bed. It's like he's turning you into a personal comfort object.
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gentrychild · 3 months ago
The post about Tododeku being considered some kinda vanilla ship was taken straight out of my mind... Cos y'all know what happened right? Todoroki saw Izuku give no shits while throwing hands with a freaking genetic abomination and thought "Imma challenge this crazy mofo" and then he accused him of being a secret love child and followed it up with unloading tragic backstory(tm). After that they valiantly tried to murder each other on national TV, live...Izuku broke his everything and permanently disfigured his hand and Todoroki somewhat overcame a lifetime of trauma via talk no jutsu. They also blew up the arena by virtue of thermodynamics and almost killed everyone if it wasn't for an overworked cementoss. The next time we see them, they are ride or die. Todoroki just booked it to a shady alley to fight a serial killer cos of a freaking location ping. Then Shouto joined the Bakugou Rescue Squad(tm) cos Izuku said questions asked. Let's not forget that Izuku, hero fanboy and anxious Duracell bunny stood up to Endeavour BEFORE he knew the tragic backstory(tm). Tododeku is just straight up ride or die. And the fact that people think they're a vanilla ship, platonic or romantic...just amazes me.... Cos these two would most definitely commit light recreational murder(tm) and call each other to for a cute evidence destroying and body hiding session.
You are right and you should say it.
I am very attached to the Todoroki/Midoriya fight because it's nothing short of insane.
It starts with Todoroki (accidentally?) eavesdropping Uraraka and Tenya mentioning that Izuku is eating with All Might. Similar quirk + Midoriya risking his life to save All Might (someone who shouldn't need help) and so he immediately put on the tinfoil hat.
Just before the Sport Festival starts, Todoroki challenged Midoriya, someone who can't use his quirk without breaking his bones, instead of Bakugou, aka the other strongest fighter in the class.
And Todoroki turns out to be right because the sheer possibility of Izuku using his quirk too close to him during the "Grab a headband" fight made him use his flames for a moment, which is a pretty big deal.
Todoroki then lures Izuku to an isolated area, it's the first time they actually talk to each other for real, and Todoroki proceeds to ask him if he is the Symbol of Peace's secret bastard child???
He then doesn't even give a second to Izuku to recover from it and tells this kid, that he has pretty much never talked with before, his entire tragic backstory.
As someone who protects their secret more fiercely than a dragon protects their gold, this one shook me more than the actual content of the tragic backstory. There is also the fact that it was a huge risk on Todoroki's part as it was possible for whoever listened to him not to believe him.
Izuku then sees Endeavor. I am not surprised about him talking back to him because Izuku has social anxiety but doesn't have much patience when it's more serious. And yes, from his expression, it's pretty clear he believed Todoroki.
Izuku goes to this fight mentally prepared to snap as many fingers as necessary to win. He doesn't have any other way to fight Todoroki.
Not only does he break many bones in this fight but he pretty much tells Todoroki "You ain't shit" because Todoroki never managed to hit Midoriya. All his damage is self inflicted so far.
At some point, Todoroki wonders if his dad has paid Midoriya to convince him to use his fire, which is very funny to me.
Izuku actually directly punches Izuku with OFA at some point, which is a pretty good deal as at the time, he avoided it in order not to turn his opponents in chunky salsa.
Enough said.
Once the flames were unleashed, they both decided to just unleash their full power on each other.
That something they didn't even do in the USJ, while fighting villains.
You said that an overworked Cementos is the reason why they didn't killed everyone by the virtue of thermodynamic but since the walls were created were vaporized, I am more leaning towards their attacks cancelling each other.
And don't forget how they didn't really talk to each other during this fight, and yet, they quickly understood what the other was trying to say and why they were doing this.
No, seriously, they shared a glance to say "Hey, want to beat the crap out of each other to evacuate some trauma?", the other mentally answered "Yes!" and the next thing Midnight knew, there was no more arena.
And that's just the Sport Festival.
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kinanabinks · 5 months ago
His Koala Bear P2 🐨 Dark!Steve x Reader
Tumblr media
Summary: It’s Steve’s birthday. Doesn’t he deserve to feel good?
Warning: dark!steve, naive!reader, flirty!bucky, steve is V E R Y manipulative and toxic, smut (handjob), cheating/adultery
Nothing sexual happened between you and Steve after the night he spent in your bed. Neither of you brought it up, not even the morning after when you woke up with his boner poking between your inner thighs.
"Pancakes?" He whispered into your ear once he saw your eyes fluttering open. The smile on his face was sweet and genuine, making you feel infinitely better. The guilt and regret had dissipated. Normalcy had resumed.
That was two months ago.
New York in the summer is your favorite. It's warm, the sky is the same shade of blue as Steve's eyes, and everyone's seemingly in a better mood. You can spend more time outside and short cab rides are traded in for longer, cheaper walks. But the weather isn't the best thing about summer - Steve's birthday is.
The great thing about his birthday is that it falls on a federal holiday, so you never have to worry about taking time off work. The other great thing is that everyone is in the mood to party on the 4th of July, meaning everyone is willing to go all out and make Steve's birthday the most exciting celebration of the year.
He pretends to dislike the attention and the fuss, but you know he loves it deep down.
"Happy birthday!" Everyone yells as he walks out into the decorated garden, clad in an unbuttoned Hawaiian shirt and black swimming trunks.
"Ah, you guys," Steve grins, hugging Sharon and a few others while they all greet him. You're quick to rush over and pull him into an embrace, which is short and not as tight as he wants it to be. But he knows that everyone's eyes are on him, and he can't give in to your intoxication so publicly. He scans your body quickly, hoping the smell of your sweet perfume doesn't make him hard in front of his wife.
It does, but she doesn't notice.
The party begins, and so does the fun. Music plays, Sam and Natasha fire up the barbecue, and alcoholic ice pops are distributed by Bucky, who hands you one with a smirk.
"Don't get too rowdy now; we all remember what happened last year," He teases nudging your shoulder.
At Steve's last birthday party, once most people had left and it was only his close friends that remained, things got a little wild. You got more drunk than ever before, and the next day you had to be told by a smug Bucky that you had given Steve a 'birthday lap dance' after Sharon went to bed. Luckily for you, anyone that would have judged you was also too drunk to remember.
You roll your eyes at his words. "Just because you're the heaviest heavy-weight in history, doesn't mean you can make fun of me. You're just jealous it costs me less than three cocktails to get drunk." Giving him a smug look, you wrap your lips around the ice pop, smiling at the cooling relief it brings you.
He sighs, "I have to admit; it'd be nice to stop seeing half my paycheck drown in whiskey." Looking you up and down, he tilts his head and steps closer to you. "You look good, doll."
"Thanks," You say sweetly. You're wearing white denim shorts and a tight red tank top, with a necklace resting atop your cleavage.
Bucky stares at your body hungrily, but you miss the lustrous look in his eyes. "You still seeing that chump? What's-his-face, Andrew?"
"Alex," You correct, before nodding. "And yes. We're taking things slow, but it's fun."
"Slow but fun?" Bucky questions with a raised eyebrow. "Those things rarely go hand in hand, darlin'."
"Then you have a lot to learn, Buck-o," You reply with a shrug, licking the lolly from bottom to top to stop the melted juice from dripping onto your wrist.
He narrows his eyes at you. "Are you trying to make me hard, or something?"
Your eyes practically bulge out at his accusation. "Um, what-"
"'Cause it's working," He continues, shooting you a wink. Your heart races, and you shyly look to the ground.
"Hey, babe," A familiar voice calls out from the right, and you turn to see Alex. Giving him a warm smile, you accept his side hug before he looks up at Bucky. "Hey, man. Good to see you."
"You too," Bucky replies flatly, shaking his hand. "You guys, uh, you guys look good together," He compliments, using his beer to point between you and Alex. "Picture-perfect."
"Thank you," You reply politely, before you look over his shoulder to see Steve and Sharon sharing some intense whispers. Alex and Bucky make small talk while you focus on Steve, who is left alone when Sharon storms off, his eyebrows furrowed and his jaw clenched.
You can't help but feel bad for him, and slightly peeved off with Sharon. It's his birthday, and she has upset him.
"Uh, I'll be right back," You tell Alex, handing him the ice pop before patting Bucky's shoulder. "Could you introduce Alex to Sam? I think they have a ton in common."
Before either of them can protest, you're rushing away. Bucky watches as you make your way straight to Steve, a sly grin on his lips. Turning back to Alex, he raises a brow. "That don't bother you?"
Alex frowns, looking to where you're hugging Steve. "What; Y/N and Steve? Not at all."
"You're sure?" Bucky presses, a mischievous glint in his eyes. "They're awfully close, no?"
"They've been best friends their whole lives. If anything was ever gonna happen between them, it would have by now," Alex tells him with a shrug. "Plus, Steve's like, the nicest guy ever."
The truth is, Alex is terrified of Steve. He knows how much power he holds; not just in terms of his wealth but also with his business connections. He's associated with people like Tony Stark and the Maximoff siblings; Steve Rogers could end Alex Widmore in minutes with the right motivation. That's the only reason Alex is happy to take things slow with you, even if it leaves him sexually frustrated every night when all you give him after a date is a quick kiss. He knows he has to impress Steve before you'll be willing to take the next step with him.
Alex thinks you're like a sister to Steve. Alex couldn't be more wrong.
Bucky nods slowly, hiding his smirk as he remembers all the things Steve has drunkenly admitted to him. For years, he'd tell Bucky all about the dark thoughts he had about you, and how many times he got close to just taking you and kissing you and fucking you, so hard. After a recent late night out though, Steve's ramblings were different. Instead of saying what he wished he could do to you, he told Bucky how good it felt to rub against you, and how quickly he came with your body underneath him. Piecing together Steve's mumbles, Bucky figured out exactly what happened that night two months ago.
And now, as he watches Steve give you that puppy-dog look while you completely give in with a pout, Bucky knows that that night won't be the last time Steve takes advantage of you.
"You're wearing the necklace," Steve beams down at you, tempted to reach out and touch it, just so he can brush his fingers against your chest. But he's in public. He can't let anyone else know about the ways he breaks the rule of friendship with you.
"I always wear it on your birthday," You tell him with a proud smile. "It's my favorite."
It's a silver Tiffany necklace with a pendant reminiscent of a soldier's dogtag, with Steve's initials and a small heart engraved onto it. You researched just how much it cost him after he gifted it to you for your 18th birthday, almost having a heart attack when you found out. Back then, Steve wasn't the rich CEO he is today, but he didn't let that stop him from spoiling his favorite girl.
The idea for the necklace came to him after he masturbated to you one night as a horny teenager, imagining the heavenly sounds he could pull from your mouth if you belonged to him. He needed to find some way to prove that you'd always be his, and what better way than to decorate your pretty breasts with expensive silver, signed S.G.R. as though Steve Grant Rogers made you himself?
Stopping himself from jumping on you while he stares down at the necklace sitting between your soft, supple mounds, he feels his pants tighten. He wants to engrave his initials into your skin.
He knows you don't wear the necklace often because you're scared of damaging or losing it. You are both also aware that Sharon doesn't love that you own a necklace with her husband's initials on it, and Alex was a little weirded out when he saw you put it on this morning.
Steve makes a mental note to buy you something you can wear all the time; something that will more discreetly mark you as his. Something only he knows about.
"Can I give you your present early?" You ask him earnestly, eyeing the gift table covered in wrapped up boxes. You know his friends are all rich and lovely and probably bought him some great presents, but you also know Steve always prefers whatever you give him. This year, now that your job has allowed for you to extend your budget, you've spent a lot of money on his gift.
"Of course, sweetheart," Steve replies sweetly, smiling down at you. "But I've told you a million times; you don't ever need to spend money on me." He loves how it feels to practically throw money at you; it gives him a sense of ownership when he's able to provide for you and spoil you, which is what makes it so hard for him to ever accept you spending a single penny on him.
"And I've told you a million times that it's my right and my duty as your best friend to give you the best gift every year," You counter with a playful glare. "Now, can we go inside, find somewhere quiet? I don't want anyone else to see it."
"Sure," He says casually, doing his best to ignore how excited your suggestion makes him. He leads you into the house, taking your hand once you've disappeared from the view of anyone else. To your slight confusion, he takes you into a spare bedroom and into the en suite, which he locks the door of.
He leans against the counter and you stand in front of him, smiling while reaching into your small side bag and pulling out a velvet box.
"What is it?" He whispers, tilting his head.
"Find out," You whisper back, holding it out. Slowly, he takes it from your hand and opens it, before pulling out what is inside. It's a thick, gold chain bracelet, with a pendant on which is engraved an animal.
The smile is wide on his lips as he looks at it closely, before he glances up to you with adoration. "It's a koala."
You grin, "That's what you called me... that night. It kinda stuck with me." Steve shivers at your mention of that damn night, though he knows your intentions and meaning behind it are utterly innocent.
"I'll never take it off," He promises while clasping it on behind his gold Rolex, keeping his eyes hooked onto you. "That way, wherever I am, I'll always have my little koala bear with me."
Giggling, you happily accept the bone-crushing embrace he pulls you into, glad that he likes the present and glad that he didn't think you meant anything untoward by referring to that night. Though you've each avoided the subject, it was still one of the sweetest night you've spent together, and it brought you closer than you thought possible.
"Thank you, sweetheart, I love it. And I love you, so much," He mumbles against your neck, his beard tickling your skin. "It's my favorite present ever. Ever, ever, ever."
"I love you, too," You reply, before pulling away with a playful frown, "Is it even better than the handmade pillow I made you when we were thirteen?"
"Oh, definitely not," Steve joked, chuckling while wrapping his arms around you. His smile fell after a few seconds, though, as he remembered what pissed him off earlier. "Was Bucky making you uncomfortable?"
You're surprised at his question, and you shake your head almost reflexively. It's a lot easier to deny that Bucky may have overstepped his boundary, rather than complain about it and possibly cause a rift between Steve and his close friend. "No, not at all. He's just a hopeless flirt."
"I can tell him to back off," Steve offers, to which you softly laugh and shake your head.
"Really, Stevie, you don't have to-"
"I'll tell him to back off, baby," He cuts you off, his tone gentle but adamant in the way that you know he's already made up his mind.
"Okay," You whisper, resting your hands against his bare torso.
Steve's hands slip down into the back pockets of your shorts, his fingers nimbly rubbing up and down as his palms gently cup your ass. You notice the furrow of his brows, and his clenched jaw, his demeanor filling you with concern.
"Are you alright?" You ask him. "Are you upset because of what Sharon said?" When you approached Steve outside, he told you that he and Sharon had just been fighting because apparently, he wasn't putting in enough effort with her parents during the party.
"No," He sighed, his eyes downcast. "I'm just a little... in pain- no, just feeling a little discomfort."
His words make your lips part. It hurts you to know that he's hurting, especially on his special day, and you want nothing more than to make him feel better. "Oh no, Stevie, what's wrong?" You ask, clutching his shirt in your hands.
Taking in a deep breath, he gives you a small smile, pulling your body closer to his. "Nothing. Don't worry about it, sweetheart."
"No," You insist with a pout, knowing that his smile is fake. "Tell me, Steve, please. How can I help if I don't know what's wrong?"
Bashfully, he looks up to meet your eyes, which he holds captive with his. "It's, uh... it's my cock."
Your eyes widen a fraction at his admission, but you remain calm. "Oh. Oh?"
"Yeah," He says, letting out a nervous chuckle. "It's just aching a little."
"Is there anything I can do?" You ask quietly, worried to death about him.
Steve removes one of his hands from your short pockets to cup your face, using his thumb to stroke your cheek. He loves just how easily he can have you right where he wants you, and he knows that now is the perfect moment to take another step further. For two long months, he has remained patient. To ensure that you stay comfortable around him, and unaware of his dark cravings, he resorted straight back to Innocent Steve after that night. He knows that, in order to turn you into his submissive plaything, he needs to break you down slowly. He needs to take his time in stealing your innocence, piece by piece, until you crave him just as much as he craves you. Until you're the one begging for him.
He shakes his head before resting his forehead against yours. "I couldn't ask that of you."
"Steve, please," You beg him softly. "I wanna help you. I'm here for you; I'm your best friend."
If he's good at one thing, it's acting like you've pushed him into a corner and that he has no choice but to do what you obviously want him to do. Biting down on his lip, he slowly reaches down into his trunks and takes out his incredibly erect cock. The tip is red and swollen, making your heart race. It sits thick and hard between you, brushing against his bare abs and your clothed stomach, the tip almost poking the bottom of your breasts.
"Steve," You breathe out. It definitely looks like it's in pain.
"If you just..." He begins, pretending like he isn't at all happy about what he's about to ask of you. "Just rub it a little..."
You feel a jolt shoot through your body at his request. Though you feel oddly tempted to do as he says, you can't help but feel uncomfortable. "Should- should I call Sharon?"
"No, no," Steve says firmly, shaking his head while stroking your cheek gently. "She doesn't care about me, baby. Not like you do."
Your eyes soften at his words. He's so sweet, and kind, and deserves a world of happiness. You hate that Sharon doesn't treat him as well as she should. "Okay," You agree. "I- I'll help you, Stevie."
He takes one of your hands in his, before gradually moving it to his dick. Wrapping your fingers around his shaft, Steve lets out a shaky breath, guiding your hand up and down, slowly and gently.
"Oh, fuck," He whispers, his lips parting. "That feels really good, sweetheart. So good."
You're happy to hear his relief, and proud that you're the one making him feel better. His cock is as hard as a rock beneath your palm, and you're shyly moving up and down, jumping slightly every time he twitches or throbs.
"You're doing so well for me," Steve praises, stroking your hips. "Keep going." You do as he says, looking up to meet his eyes. He nods down at you, prompting you to continue. "Just like that, pretty girl, just like that."
He wraps his hand around yours, making you grip him tighter before speeding up your pace. Steve can't help but let out grunts, keeping one hand on your back, rubbing it comfortingly to ensure you remain calm and unafraid.
"Spit on it," He utters, making your eyes widen. "Make it a little wet; it'll be easier."
You swallow thickly, taken aback by his strange request but agreeing with a silent nod nonetheless. Before you can gather some saliva in your mouth, though, he grabs your chin.
"Say, 'Yes, Sir'," He orders you gently. Steve can't hold back his desire for dominance over you, even though he knows he needs to take things slow.
"W- what?" You ask, letting out a nervous laugh as your hand stills around his cock. "Why?"
His face remains stoic, his tone less forgiving when he speaks. "Say it."
You nod quickly, feeling yourself fall into his clutches. Whatever Steve says, goes. "Yes, Sir." You feel pride when he smirks down at you, before bending your head forward and letting out a long string of spit onto his cock. It slides down from the tip over the shaft, coating his length. Your action causes his pre-cum to leak out, mixing in with your saliva and moistening every inch of him, making it easy for your hand to slide up and down it while Steve softly grunts.
"Good girl," He mumbles, cupping your face in his hands as he brings your forehead against his, his eyes closing. "You're making me feel so much better. You're my sweetheart, aren't you?"
"Yes, Sir," You repeat, liking the way it feels when you say it and also loving the look on his face when you do.
Steve chuckles. You've always been such a quick learner. "Rub it a little harder. Don't be afraid, baby. You're making all my pain go away."
You comply with his order, fisting his cock in your soft palm. Steve throws his head back, letting out a loud groan of pleasure. Wanting to hear him make the sound some more, you keep going, in love with the knowledge that you're the one helping him out. You're the one taking away his pain.
"Faster," He lets out between grunts, tangling his hand in your hair and pulling on it. "Use both hands for me." His cock is big, and your hand takes its time getting from the base to the tip. Steve is growing impatient, but he only falls deeper in love with you when you begin using both of your hands to jerk him off, determination and subordination clear in your demeanor.
Picking up your pace, you accidentally twist your hands around his shaft, but it only makes him moan louder.
"Fuck, do that again," He orders, and you gladly do. Steve lets out a dark chuckle, breathing heavily. "You're doing so well for me, my sweet girl. You're helping me out so much."
You feel his cock throbbing incessantly under your grip, and you're motivated to please him. His lips brush against yours, but he doesn't kiss you. Instead, he pours his groans into your open mouth, his hands holding your hips tightly as you pulls you flush against him. He needs to keep you as close to himself as possible, as though even an inch of distance between you will kill him.
Steve bucks his hips, fucking your hands as you twist and tighten around his cock, and before long he's letting out a guttural moan, along with your name. Suddenly, he erupts, his cum shooting out of his tip and coating his bare stomach, along with your top. You immediately stop your movements, but Steve quickly grabs both your hands with one of his and forces you to continue wanking him through his orgasm.
"Yes, yes, baby," He whispers against your lips. "That feels incredible." Eventually, he releases your hands from his grip and you feebly let go of his cock, your eyes wide and your heart racing.
"I'm sorry," You say quickly. "I- I didn't mean to make you..." You feel incredibly guilty for making him cum when all you were supposed to do was stop his discomfort.
"Hey, hey, hey," Steve cups your face, staring into your eyes. "That wasn't your fault. You were only helping me, baby."
You give him wide doe eyes, trying to ignore the warmth of his spurts of cum that landed on your chest. "A-are you sure, Steve?"
"I promise," He vows, stroking your cheek. "You were just being my best friend, like you always are." A hint of a smirk pulls at the corner of his lips as he glances down at your body. With his thumb, he scoops up the cum that landed on your chest, to the right of your necklace, threatening to drip down your breast. Once it has been collected on his thumb, he brings it up to his lips. "Open."
His order makes you shiver, but you do as he says. His thumb moves to land on your tongue, and he lets out a shaky breath when you suck it clean. Quickly becoming addicted to the sight of his seed disappearing into your mouth as you swallow, he wipes the drops that landed on his abs, repeating his earlier action and feeding his hot cum to you.
Once it's all gone, he smiles innocently and gives you a soft kiss on your lips. "Thank you. You're such a good girl for me."
"D- do you feel better?" You ask. "Does it still hurt?"
Steve shakes his head, putting away his softening cock before returning his hands into your back pockets and pulling your chest against his. "Not at all. You fixed me with your angel hands."
His words warm your heart and make you giggle. You wrap your arms around his neck, "Good. All I ever want is to help you, Steve, and make sure that you're happy. Especially on your birthday."
He grins at you, swaying you gently in his hold. "You always make me happy, pretty baby. You don't even have to try." Looking down, he lets out a chuckle. "We're going to have to change you out of that top, angel hands."
You blush at the nickname, but you also have to agree with him. Your red tank top is now stained with Steve's cum, and there's no way you can just convince everyone you had an unfortunate accident with a melting ice cream.
"I have a bikini on underneath; I can just say I got hot," You inform him nonchalantly, making him gulp. Without a word, he watches as you pull your top out from your high-waisted shorts and off your body, throwing it to the ground.
Steve's eyes shamelessly stay glued to your chest, his hands unintentionally tightening around your ass through your pockets. "Nice bikini."
"You're the one who chose it," You inform him with a sly smile, a blush on your cheeks as you remember the shopping trip on which he spent thousands of dollars on you without even batting an eyelid. You're pretty sure he went home that night and got screamed at by Sharon for spending his money on something other than her.
Steve takes his eyes off your skin and looks at the actual bikini, which is maroon and leaves little to the imagination. He almost cums again at the idea that this whole time, you've been wearing the swimsuit he bought. This whole time, your most intimate parts have been held by the material that he paid for. This whole time, he's fucking owned you, and you've happily let him.
"I love you, my koala bear," He hums, feeling himself harden again already. His lips press to yours with every word he says, but neither of you make an effort to move back. "I'm never gonna let anyone take you away from me. Ever."
He thinks of Bucky flirting with you and has to stop himself from going back out to the garden and knocking him out. He thinks of the fact that Alex has kissed you, kissed Steve's property, and imagines all the different ways he could torture him for touching you. Steve knows he has to act fast; he knows he has to make sure that your relationship with Alex doesn't develop any further. Yes, you two are taking it slow, but Steve sees the way Alex looks at your body. He knows it's only a matter of time before he tries to do more than just kiss you.
"Nobody ever will," You promise. "I'll always be your best friend."
That's what he's afraid of. But Steve is a patient man. He's waited over two decades for you; what's a little longer before you're serving him unconditionally, without question?
"You didn't say it back," He mumbles against your neck, taking in your scent as his cock twitches. "Say it back, baby."
You grin before taking a hold of his head and pulling it back so he has to look at you. "Steve," You begin, nothing but adoration in your eyes for the man standing above you. "I love you."
Steve smiles and wraps his arms tightly around you, hugging you like it's the last time. "Good girl," He hums, a smirk on his lips as his hand shamelessly squeezes your ass and his other rubs your bare shoulder, his face buried in the crook of your neck. "My good girl."
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radical-sasukeist · 7 months ago
Naruto (as a series, not the manga) gets a lot of flak for the time when it's animation is bad. That's fair (and I've joined in on the fun) because sometimes the animation WAS complete shit, but when the animation was good it was REALLY good, especially when it comes to fight choreography. The way the animators incorporated real martial arts techniques into the fights they expanded on when adapting the manga to the anime and how they would pay tribute to fight scenes from other media that they liked: pure fire!
For example, let's talk real martial arts. A lot of the characters in Naruto have fighting styles that consist of elements from different disciplines. From boxing to taekwondo to muy thai to capoeira to wing chun, there are a lot of instances of real techniques being used. And the thing that really makes me geek out is when the characters use the right form when executing a move! The attention to detail is so fucking incredible!
For example, here's Sakura throwing a overhead hook and fucking NAILING IT:
Tumblr media
I mean, goddamn! The punch starts in her legs LIKE IT'S SUPPOSED TO (that's why she has her feet planted firmly on the ground and lunges slightly while swiveling her hips) and she twists her body to where it's facing outward. This adds so much force to the punch because it's proper boxing form! See below:
Tumblr media
Then there's shit like this, where Sasuke is just out here throwing those perfect Muay Thai kicks:
Tumblr media
This is the proper form for a Muay Thai kick. He's kicking with his shin, not his foot. He's using the momentum from his arms. It makes the kick more powerful. I LOVE IT. Real life execution for reference:
Tumblr media
And, even though I HATE Boruto, I still have to acknowledge that the animators went all out in this same way in episode 65, and it was good. Here's what looks to me to be a heavily Wing Chun inspired part of the fight where Naruto is straight refusing to catch those hands:
Tumblr media
His form is narrow, he keeps his elbows tucked close to his sides, he's blocking with his feet and using low kicks. Here it is in physical practice:
Tumblr media
I MEAN, not to be such a nerd, but I've started rewatching Naruto recently and I've noticed so much more of this than I ever did before and it gets me so hype. This kind of attention to detail makes you feel like the character actually knows what they're doing; that they ARE a fighter, that they worked hard to be one! It helps immerse you in the universe. So much anime, and even a lot of live action media, focuses only on close-ups, fast cuts, or just unfocused, crazy strong punching, flashy, energy-based moves, or unrealistic weapons. Naruto is guilty of that sometimes, too, but it also gave us so many incredibly well-animated fights using real techniques. And there are so many great details if you watch these scenes closely enough to notice.
Things like at the end of this clip, when Sasuke fakes a punch so that Naruto focuses on blocking and allows himself to be kicked:
Tumblr media
And the hand to hand combat between Kakashi and Obito (when he kicks the kunai into his face!!!):
Tumblr media
Or the weapon fighting between Itachi and Sasuke (complete with rad sword block!):
Tumblr media
As for how awesome it is to see tributes to fights from other media reproduced by the animators of Naruto: they're some of the most fun Easter eggs to find. They've included fight choreography from Cowboy Bebop and Captain America: Winter Soldier for instance (wish I could include these here, but for some reason Tumblr won't let me).
The animated fights in Naruto are so well-known for how good they are that other shows have paid tribute to them as well! Like when The Boondocks paid tribute to the Orochimaru vs Sasuke fight in the Forest of Death:
Tumblr media
Anyway, to sum up, even though Naruto has it's failings, I'm absolutely convinced that no other anime has better or more realistic fight scenes than it does. And in this house we stan.
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saintzjenx · 4 months ago
@ The power you hold. A thorough read into your energy.
check out my previous PAC I & II & III
Hey there pretty its Jenx again🤍 I'm back at it again with another tarot reading for you guys! Early today I gave you guys 3 choices and it seems that you guys love this one the most! And ofcourse after some *serious contemplation* I gave in and hence, this post is now visible to y'all🥳 Please keep in mind that since I’m reading for a lot of y'all, some would resonate more while the others might not with some specific details as I’m channeling certain images and different things as well:) Have fun reading loves
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pick one of the images above, remember their numbers (1 — 4 from left to right) & scroll down to read your tailored reading. As you pick between the images, think about yourself and yourself only, about all the past you you can recall, focus in the you in the moment and your highest potentials, then use your intuition to pick one.
Pile 1
Tumblr media
Good morning Pile 1🤍 How are my gorgeous beings doing today? Now I'm not going to lie to you. As I was shuffling your cards, I heard "pretty" and I couldn't stop giggling haha, just when I was done shuffling, I heard "aesthetic". So I think you guys are some beautiful human beings, physically. And before people get to know you on a personal level, others can not help but drawn to your enigmatic energy. There's this charm about you that feels very personal. Like you guys may have a very noticeable presence, where you would enter a room and people would just stop talking and turn to look at you or act like they're on their phone but are actually sneaking a peek at ya haha that's so wholesome! You guys have this light to you too, that feels very bright, luminous like the Sun. So yes, I do sense that a lot of you guys have Leo, Aries placements, along with Aquarius, Virgo, Venus energy (very Venusians for some reason too, but mix with subtle earth!!) and I'm even feeling some Sagittarius placements? So so much fire for sure! You guys make me feel so pretty? Just by reading your cards for some reason. So I think you are great at making people feel good about themselves, I'm hearing that you always know what to say and when to say it. Now this doesn't mean you're kissing others asses though. No it's not that. You're just being you? That's what I heard. "Why bring more pain and suffer into the world when you can bring love and light into it?" huh, you radiate goddess vibes my loves. I think you guys are some serious developed people though. Spiritually and mentally. Your spirit is so radiating and contagious, I think you draw a lot of fire placements to you too!! Perhaps a little earth and water if you're feeling adventurous. But fire for sure. I can't stop smiling reading your cards. What is it that you're doing to me now? You guys make me feel so at ease and relaxed. So I think while you are a very fiery person by all means, in the sense that you're never afraid to chase after things you deem as yours. I'm seeing that you don't even mind chasing people romantically either!! That's some inspiring stuff right there. Never let people dim your lights my love. If anything, you know in your heart, you earn your crown.
See the thing about you guys that intrigue me is that you look very self-involved and self-centered at times, or it may come off to people that you just met that you're very shallow and you're nothing but "another pretty face" but I know damn well they're wrong. You're not dumb. Thats the thing though. Thats why I can't stop smiling like an idiot reading your cards. You're anything but mediocre and stupid. I'll even argue that you guys are some of the most interesting energy I have ever encountered, the kind of energy I surround myself with in real life. You guys are very, whats the word, socially smart. In social context, you fucking thrive. This doesn't mean you don't have your down moments babies, I can see that you clearly have some issues, especially things that have to do with your past and your loved ones, yet you push them down very hard and these issues only show themselves once I have seen all of the brightest cards of your qualities and power. You guys know when to dumb it down. You guys know exactly when to play stupid or act oblivious but you see EVERYTHING. A random person tries to one up you because they think you're gullible and too narrow-minded? Think again, you're already 10 steps ahead. Not only are you smart in social context, you know how to seize opportunities like no others. And it seems like, under your spell, things just align? Thats what I'm hearing. I think you guys are powerful manifestators. You guys are born to make the hard decision in life, to use you personal charm and, "manipulation"? HAHAHA, your spirit guides are wild, just like you. But yes, you're anything but stupid and that message is so so clear I can not ignore it. I think you have the power to bring people together but you also have the power to drag people from one another together. To heaven and to hell. You guys are very calculating people deep down and I can see how you guys are the one thats going to be up top in this society, the one that make the hard decision. Your visions are worldly and you don't just see things for what it is but you can see things for what they can be along with whats needed to be done for that outcome. I'm seeing that you guys are spectacular at seeing potentials in things, at finding the raw gems. Business executives abilities are coming out very strong as well as a lot of creativity.
Do you guys know how shock I was upon entering your energy? You guys remind me so much of my closest friends haha, I can see the you can have this very detached side to you thats really unique too. It's like once you deem that someone no longer have your best interest at heart, and that they're blocking your journey to finding your best self, you are not afraid of cutting them off. People might think this is cold-blooded of you. But take it from someone who struggle with this for the longest time and finally did it for once, you guys are doing great. Never apologize for doing what serves you and your purpose. Your non attached attitude is admirable and I truly see you guys becoming the leaders, the one that inspire others. You guys represent a Queen, by all means. I think some of you even take pride in your background or your family too, or even your personal achievements. And as you should though. You went to the moon and back for this. You spent nights working and carrying so much responsibilities on your shoulder. Others think of you as the villain? Who cares what they think now love? I know it does bother you from time to time, we are merely human in the end and your feelings are valid. But close your eyes for a second for me, think about what and who you truly value in this world? You see what I'm seeing? Exactly. You're at your throne surrounded with your loved ones and your achiements. These people, these toxic jealous energy does nothing but slow you down. Do not give them even a second of your time. Your earned this. All of this. Every second of this. For the longest time ever, I know that you were held back by such bad energies. For the longest time ever I see that you too, were just like me, felt as if you can never leave that one hell of a place. You moved on. You left that place, that situation and that person. And thats bravery to me. I'm feeling that you have even made peace with your past to an extent, when you think of it now, you focused on what you brought out of it instead of what happened to you. Do you know how beautiful your soul really is? I know that you still struggle with truly letting yourself falling for someone completely again but I can feel them approaching you. I can feel that as you live your life like the champion you are, as you live your life with all the passion that is you and your dreams, you're going to expand to lands you never thought of, meeting people you never knew you could have met. Trust yourself. Speak your truth. Let your voices be heard because I can see in the past you couldn't. Yell if you want to, roar if you feel called to. Express yourself and your thoughts unapologetically and know that your guides and the Universe and me too, honour every bit that makes you you.
— 🪐
Pile 2
Pile 2
Tumblr media
Good morning my heart breakers, how are y'all doing today;)? Haha don't act so surprised, let's dive right in. I'm feeling a lot of earth energy surrounding you guys but also Aries/Mars, Libra, Pisces/Jupiter and Sagittarius and theres a hint of Gemini here and there🥰 I think number "9" can be very significant to some of you guys too! Nevertheless, you guys are som real free spirits. Your soul is young and refreshing in the midst of today's darkness. I hope you know how interesting you are as a person. I haven't seen such a bright yet complex and complicated energy like this recently now haha. First of all, I think you guys are freaking amazing with people. Very much like Pile 1, you always brighten up any conversations and people enjoy your sincerity and humility a lot. You also have this childish charm to you in the sense that you're not afraid to march in to the world and start fresh again. It feels to me like your mind holds a lot of power. You have this healing energy to you that feels so different but familiar to me. Is it possible because you know what its like to build things up from ground 0 again? Is it possible that you have a heart of gold because you know what its like to reached rock bottom? Nevertheless, I can see that while you are fighting your own demons and dealing with your own darkness. To the point where I think you guys might have even experiencing some distress, where you lose sleep over it. But for some reason, you carry your own burden and you wake up another day, being everyone else favourite cheerleader. I think that different to Pile 1, you guys feel like you're more soulful if that makes sense. Theres this thing about you where you value integrity and honesty above all else, to the point where you're never afraid to sacrifice yourself for a cause. You guys are the voices of society. You guys are the one that brings attention and the rebel that force higher authorities to face reality. You guys live with so much passion in your heart for the people and for the community. I think you guys have the resources for it too. If you are with a partner right now, I can surely say that your relationship is divinely supported. Your person, just like you, have core values that they hold very close to their heart and I think they too, care about the societal issues that bother you so much. You guys feel progressive to me, you guys feel ethereal to me.
I can't pinpoint exactly what it is that make me feel so right? You guys have the minds of the greatest philosophers and the heart of a fighter. Despite dealing with your own battles, you never forget to sprinkle a little more kindness into this world. Haha now you guys make me emotional. I'm so sorry that you always feel like you need to watch your back. I'm so sorry that you always feel that you need to work harder to secure yourself, to protect your stability. Is that why you value honesty so much? Is it because you're so afraid of being lied to again? I can definitely see how this is an issue to you. I just heard "family" and I'm seeing a very specific image of a man cheating on a woman and he was confronted by her. I just want to give you guys a hug. I can see how big your heart is despite not even knowing you. I can feel the love you're radiating out of fear of not being lovable or "good enough". You are, every inches of you are. Every part of you, your past included is forever good enough. Things that happened don't define you. And thank you for never dumping your trauma and sadness onto others, thank you for always being a shoulder to lean on. You feel very motherly to me. I think you have the power of empathy, of being capable of great love and trust. With you it feels so divine. If you're single, I just want you to know that there are a person out there for you, that soon enough you'll be meeting your match that was made in heaven. You just radiate divine femininity to me, regardless of your gender. How can one hold themselves to such high standards but is also capable of spreading so much positivity everyday? Your power lies in your abilities to make people feel at home, in your abilities to make this world a better place. I know this and hopefully you know this too, you are the on that can change this society, making real changes that affect me and others too. You may be great at working with people who are unfortunate and people who are emotionally blocked. I see that you take people in and nurture them, calm them down and tame them. You make everyone that interacts with you remember that its always important to be a little kinder today. Your kindess is unmatched and I hope you know that. Please take care of yourself too and don't be afraid to lean on others. It may seem lonely now but soon enough, if you have yet to you would meet your person, the one person thats like everyone else, will see you for who you are. But they will also love you, with every breath of theirs, just like the way you know you can deep down in your heart. The most wounded one are the one who love the hardest. You have my blessings and I'm forever honoured to have been blessed with your kindness and even just a little bit of your energy.
Pile 3
Tumblr media
Now you make me feel things Pile 3. You really do. I see a lot of dimensions to you but for sure. Power. Were you guys the ones that got a teeny tiny bit too excited upon seeing the title of this PAC? When you see the word "power" does your heart beat a little bit faster. So much mental here. Do you guys have migraines a lot? The back of my head keep hurting and I keep seeing a vision where theres a person thats lying on their table with their laptop and it's really late at night, this person wears glasses too. I'm sorry if that was random, but the thing is I think your guides are trying to show me how hardworking you are. You have this no bs energy to you that just feels the most mature so far and I think you also have this approach where you're very unfazed with things now aren't you? Been there done that much?;) I'm seeing Saturn/Capricorn energy, Cancer energy or Jupiter/Pisces energy, Aquarius energy, LOADS of air energy too and maybe for some of you, some hints of Aries! I think you guys are very nostalgic people, and I'm even seeing that your power lies in the threshold of your home. Some of you may have a very interesting relationship with a maternal figure in your life, where this person was the one that grounds you and teaches you values and life lessons. This person is surrounded in a lot of green and I think theres this one memory of you with them that you always go back too when you're not feeling yourself. If this person has passes away, just know that, they're still with you. They see you and they're always going to be protecting you from afar. They're one of your spirit guides. I think the theme of balance is something you care so much for. I see that you have so much potentials and so many things await for you in your future. It feels to me that you approach this world with a clear mind, where you have learnt to fight off addictive patterns and illogical tendencies. You feel so so grounded to me love. Deep down, I think you have a heart thats just as big as Pile 2. I keep sensing a sense of sorrow too, I'm sorry but I have to get this out before we move on. I'm sensing a certain sense of sadness, where you guys felt that you had to let go of love to move on to better things for you. Wow. A very mature energy too. I just feel a lot of sadness here still. Are you guys okay? Talk to someone if you need to get it out. I know its not always so easy because you feel that you have a reputation to live up to, an ideal to preserve. But sometimes, it is very much important that you are too, tending to what your heart needs. I'm so sorry that you felt like you had to choose between your heart and your mind. I know that may seem very selfish of the Universe to have put you in such positions, where you had to let go of something you once loved so dearly to attain better and righteous things in life. Its exhausting. I know baby. I know that it feels so draining and you may feel like you're never ever going to find your person. Or just the second when you find them, they slip away, slowly into thin air. I'm so sorry that things always felt so out of reach to you. Especially the second you catch feelings. So now when you do, you try your best to plan it out, to tend to it and to dim it once you see danger.
I'm seeing so much white around you. I can just tell that you're a truth seeker. Know that the abiding truth and value are on its ways to you and the bad energies are on its way out. You guys give me angelic energy. It's like theres a polarity in you, a devil and an angel. But you learnt to tame down whatever that does not serve you very early on in life. And I have to get this out, I love your smile so much🥲🥲 Your hair too you guys have such nice and healthy hair. Your spirit guide have a lot of orange around them too! They just want to let you know that its time to open your heart and receive your blessings. Intimacy is something you fear but you also need. You got this baby.
But I think underneath it all, you truest power lies in the way you hold yourself and your opinions. It lies in the way there's a forever burning fire in you but there's also a rationality to you thats exceptional and advanced than most. Your connections with people are what intrigues me the most. I'm seeing a group of friends, I can't see clearly if they go in 3 or 4 but. They're surrounded in a lot of red and white. So power. Loads of power haha. I think you're also very charming as a person awww. Its like despite having a very cold and stern front, perhaps even intimidating, you radiate a lot of good vibes and charm when you smile🥺 I think you hold a lot of power within your passion. Like I'm just seeing that you can do things others can't? So perhaps theres a skill to you or certain trait you possess not a lot of people have:) I enjoy your presence so much because you have a lot of clear ambitions and you're marching on to things that you want in life. And I can feel that you're a tough on though. It can be really hard for others to manipulate you or mess with your head. You know who you are and your purpose. You wake up everyday with a blazing fire inside you. I know that fire is what burns down all the obstacles that come your way and it is that fire that lead you in life. Does number "22" significant to you in someway? I think regardless, you inherit a lot of your independence and rationality from a male figure in your life. You know the importance of community and you're not afraid of unraveling the truth, whatever it shall be. Theres a softer side to you though. You can be very introverted at times and I think you're a very thoughtful person by all means. You like and appreciate the simple things in life and its easy for you to find beauty in everything. Get some rest though. Don't work so hard. Congratulations on your new found passion by the way haha, I'm very excited for you.
Pile 4
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The Mercurians are now in the house I see🥳 Hey there pretty people, how are you guys doing? Major Gemini/Virgo/Mercury energy along with a fine blend of water and earth:) I just peek some Aquarius and Sagittarius here and there but a lot of Pisces and Saturn energy:) I hope you guys are doing well! You scrolled all the way down for my reading now didn't you and I promise not to disappoint you:D "Hopeless romantic"? "Freedom"? "A choice must be made"? I think some of you mught have 10th house stelliums or 1st house stelliums. You may have placements in those houses too!! Those are the things I heard as I was shuffling. I'm also sensing a lot of scattered energy that feels very restless, so I can definitely see that you guys have been overthinking again aren't you? I won't bore you with much more words, I'll get right into it:) I think your power is your abilities to manifest, to create. Let me elaborate. When people have ideas, they can have many yet it is very difficult for a lot of us to actually put down the stones to build the thing that we can envision. You give me goosebumps just now Pile 4. Mad scientist vibes much? Do you know how beautiful your mind is oh my god? How you're able to balance you intuition and your drive at the same time? A lot of the times I think people might not take you guys too seriously at first unless you want too. Why? Because you're so laidback. Like you're so chill? You just make people confide in you because you're just that easy to trust. You're a jokester for sure, fantastic sense of humour. Sometimes people try to be funny a lot and others can tell, but for you, you're just funny and humorous in everything you do. You know how to make light of the situation and god help me, I just saw a vision where it seems that something serious happened? Or maybe it wasn't that serious yet the people around you took it a bit seriously, but you thought of somethings and you looked down and giggle to yourself? HAHAH, your hauntingly beautiful mind is insane.
Regardless, you actually have a lot of self-discipline and a lot of confidence though. You don't care if people don't take you seriously at first now don't you? Because you're going to change their mind anyways. Haha I just heard "I'll make you do it" so we sure do have some devil's advocates around here aren't we:) Cleverly playful, you can relax and sit back when needed (if you're not overthinking ofcourse) but you can focus and hop on anything in w split of a second. You guys are master at finessing things and I see that when things are rough, you are the big guns that people are bringing in. Why? Because you target what needed to be done immediately. You have the immense power to see things from perspectives that many struggle to see. You're not afraid of walking outside your comfort zones to gain knowledge. I see that you're the one people need to watch out for, afterall, it is always the smart ones that doesn't look smart that you need to be careful of. Books? Some of you may work in finance or work with a lot of books and paper. Whatever it is, you guys are very fulfilled materially and I think your family may come from a very respectable background. It's like when people hear your family name, they look at you in awe. You don't have to worry much financially and I see that you're amazing at giving advices and helping people out. Sometimes, you even enjoy it a lil too much as it allows you to be distrated for once. Interestingly, while you are very intelligent by all means, you seem to enjoy oblivious, air-headed people? HAHAH I'm just kidding but it seems that you love it when people have a sense of naivety to them, something that you had lost very early on due to this cruel world. I think you're a winner in life my dear and I wish that you would stop being so hard on yourself and overcome all the imagined fear you see infront of you. For you I see abundance, for you I see love and so much joy. At the end of the road, it is you that will succeed, it is you that will overcome all of this. You may be very careful with people though, especially men. It could be because when you were younger. Some kind of events happened in which it shifted your views on marriage? Regardless, I'll tell you right now that your power lies in your future. At the end of the road, I see so many blessings coming your way. You're on the right track. Take a deep breath for me and march on.
— Thank you guys for reading it til the end🤎 For more posts like this please be sure to check out my masterlist <3 be sure to reblog if you enjoy this too beautiful!!
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