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#theyre letting me pay it in parts and whatever i can take it home next week but yeah
evakuality · a year ago
Could you witte a davenzi fic where theyre a bit older and David moves into Matteos appartement building and they lowkey fall in love? or something like that?
So apparently, this decided to be something relatively big.  It’s also literally all entirely fluffy and light, in case you (like me) needed a bit of a break from any angst floating around.  So here, have part one of apartment shenanigans:
Matteo is exhausted, feet dragging as he climbs the stairs to his apartment, and his breath coming in short, sharp gasps.  He’s maybe not as fit as he potentially should be and he’s starting to wish he’d done more exercise over the last few years.  Not for the first time he regrets the impulse that led him to moving into an apartment on the very highest floor of the building.  Sure, the view from his tiny balcony can be stunning when the weather is nice, but he’s not entirely sure it’s worth the long plod up the seemingly endless staircases.
His head is pounding from the amount of thinking he’s had to do today, and even the knowledge that he’s almost home isn’t enough to dispel the irritation he’s feeling at this neverending trek. He’s thinking wistfully of pain meds as he turns the corner on the second to last set of stairs and groans.
There’s some sort of blockage on the landing of the floor below his own.  There are a bunch of people Matteo doesn’t know milling in the small, cramped space, most of them holding boxes.  They’re loud, and there’s some sort of argument flowing between them.  It seems mostly good natured, but it’s enough to make Matteo’s head pound worse than it already was.  He can’t get past them, and his energy levels are so low that the idea of squeezing through them makes him shudder.
He stops, just behind a girl with long dark hair pinned back into a messy bun.  She’s one of the louder of the participants and Matteo winces as her voice sends a stab of pain right through his head.
“David,” she’s saying with a booming laugh that reverberates through Matteo, “are you sure you don’t just want to stay with me a bit longer?  This doesn’t seem to be working.”
Someone up ahead, who Matteo can’t quite see apart from a burst of tight curls on the top of his head, groans.  He says something too low to carry to Matteo, but it makes the dark haired woman’s laughter peal out again.  Matteo scowls.  He doesn’t have time for this.  Or he doesn’t want to have time for this, not even if the guy’s voice was musical and deep enough to send entirely inappropriate shivers right through Matteo.
Thankfully, it only seems to take a few moments before whatever has held the group up has been moved and the whole bunch of them start flooding into a door to the left of the landing.  With another sigh, Matteo manages to weave his way around the last of the people and turns to go up to his own floor.
As he starts upwards, he glances down to find the curly-haired guy (David, maybe?) looking his way.  The guy gives a small, apologetic smile as he shuts the door behind the last of the people with boxes.
One thing Matteo notices immediately is that he’s incredibly attractive, with dark eyes, an unfairly well-defined jawline, skin that glows in the soft light from the bulb just outside his door, and hair that’s been styled into a pile of curls that looks artful and which hasn’t seemed to have come loose during the move.  It’s fairly devastating for someone who hasn’t had time for a relationship in the last several months, and Matteo knows that’s all this must be: residual longing for someone to be with and latching onto the nearest attractive man who happens to stumble into his path.  
Still. Just admiring someone isn’t a crime, and if this guy is moving in here, well … as he keeps plodding upwards, Matteo’s realises not unhappy that this guy might be his new neighbour of sorts.  
Despite the attractiveness of the new guy, Matteo doesn’t really give him much more thought for the next few days.  It’s a busy time at work and so he’s out of his apartment at an unreasonably early hour and never gets home until so late that he can’t even think of cooking.
He’s struggling up the stairs, fumbling for his keys with a bag of takeout food clenched between his teeth when Matteo next runs into the guy.  Literally.
“Fuck,” he hears as his head falls back with a sickening thud, and pain lances through his head.  Matteo looks up in a panic.  The guy is on that same second to last landing, holding his hand to his forehead and still looking ridiculously attractive in the dim light.  His eyes gleam, and his lips are pursed in a way that makes Matteo’s stomach flip.  Or maybe that’s the sickness from the crack to his head; he’s certainly not feeling entirely at his best.
Matteo stops riffling through his backpack, and grabs the food bag out of his mouth.  “Shit, I’m sorry.  I wasn’t looking.”
“I can tell,” the guy says, but his eyes are twinkling as he takes in Matteo’s appearance.  His eyes flicker up and down Matteo’s body in a way that makes him feel exposed and vulnerable.  Or sized up, maybe.  It sends a wave of heat through him and he has to shake himself to regain his composure.
“Sorry, long week,” he says, pushing the backpack back up onto his shoulder to try to get the guy’s intense focus off of himself.  “Thank fuck that’s over.”
The guy holds his hand out.  “I’m David,” he says.  “Just moved in.”
“Yeah I know,” Matteo says, then immediately blushes because that suggests he’s been paying attention and he hasn’t.  Not really.  David’s just the most interesting thing that’s happened in the building all week (and maybe he’s a little attractive too, but that was never the point, not entirely).  “I mean,” he says, trying to cover up the faux pas, “I saw your friends in the corridor when you were moving.  It made an impression.”
“They tend to do that,” David says with another laugh.  “Laura is the worst.”
Oh.  That must be the girl who was teasing him that day.  The one who made it clear that he’d been staying with her before moving in here.  Matteo swallows, thinking maybe he’d been misreading the signs.  He needs to get out of here before he makes an even bigger fool of himself.  So he turns to David and plasters a smile onto his face.  He’s pretty sure it’s unconvincing, but maybe it’ll work since this guy doesn’t really know him very well.
“Anyway, welcome to the building,” the blond guy says with a wide smile that looks a little strained.  David wonders what’s happened to change the feeling from something a little flirty to this tension.  The guy looks down at the food in his hand and grimaces ostentatiously, possibly because it’s getting cold.  He holds it up and wriggles it in a way that suggests that, in any case.  “I’d better … uh, better go.”
“Yeah, okay,” David says, feeling disappointed.  Having finally managed to run into The Guy from the day he moved in again, he’d really wanted to keep the conversation going, make some sort of connection.  He can tell that he must be showing that disappointment all over his face, and the other guy’s demeanour changes as he looks at him.  A tiny smile flickers over those lips and he ducks his head.
As if he is suddenly reluctant to move away too, the guy says “I’m sorry about crashing into you,” as he moves towards the stairs leading to the next floor.  “I should make it up to you sometime.”
The idea sparks something warm inside David.  His head is throbbing, but he’s not all that concerned.  Just the opportunity to talk to this guy made the pain worthwhile.  Still, he can sense an opening when he sees one and if this guy wants to make up something to him he’s not going to say no.
“Make it up how?”
The guy grins and raises his brows, nodding towards David’s door which is slightly ajar and through which piles of boxes can still be seen haphazardly plonked wherever his friends decided to leave them.
“I’ll cook,” the guy says.  It must be hard in a new place to do anything much.”
David laughs, thinking of the new cookware Laura had smuggled into his home but which is still sitting in boxes under the kitchen sink.  “I can’t cook anyway,” he admits, “but yeah trying to navigate the unpacked boxes isn’t all that great.”
He gives a pointed look at the takeout the guy is holding, trying to suggest that he’s not much better if that’s what he’s been eating, and is completely charmed when he rolls his eyes.
“It’s been a long week!” he protests with a wry smile.  “I usually cook; I’m pretty good actually.  I’ll make you my famous pasta, and you’ll be blown away.”
David laughs and agrees.  He’s tempted to tease some more just to see more of that charming protesting, but the guy turns and starts up the stairs, indicating he’s done with the conversation.
As he watches the guy moving away, David realises he didn’t get his name in return and there’s no way he’s going to let that slide, not when he has this really attractive guy offering to cook for him.  So he raises his voice a little and calls out, “hey!”
The guy turns back towards him with a quizzical look on his face.  His hair is flopping down into his eyes and David’s heart flips a beat in his chest.  He’d noticed the guy right away the day he moved here and he’d been thinking about that hair and the way it flopped ever since.
“I didn’t get your name,” he says, shaking himself enough that he’s able to focus.
“Matteo,” the guy says, running his free hand through that hair and making it stick up wildy.  “You want to come for dinner tomorrow?”
“Yeah, sounds good,” David says.  He watches as Matteo smiles again and starts climbing the stairs up to his own apartment.  “Wait.  Matteo!” he calls again.  “You didn’t tell me which place is yours.”
“Oh.”  It may be David’s imagination but Matteo looks embarrassed if the red flush that stains his cheeks is anything to go by.  “It’s just at the top of the stairs there.”  He points at a door that’s just visible when David ducks his head out to look upwards.  “I’ll see you there about six?”
With an affirmation, David pulls back to go inside his own apartment.  His head is still pounding from where Matteo had crashed into him, but he’s not too worried about that.  
He’s been trying to catch another glimpse of the guy since the day he moved here, but until now he’d had no such luck.  It seems like Matteo works some very unfortunate hours, and it was just good luck that they happened to pass in the corridor.  
David’s been a little lonely since moving in, if he’s going to be honest with himself.  He wants to make some new friends, since most of his own now live so far away from him that seeing them is proving more difficult than he’d imagined when he’d blithely suggested moving out of Laura’s apartment and into his own.  His original plan had involved a lot of hanging around just outside his own apartment in hopes of running into someone interesting.  Into Matteo.  But that’s not going to work if Matteo consistently works these ridiculous hours.  Running into him tonight had been pure luck.
Wanting to meet people in his new building is the only reason he’s been so focused on Matteo, David insists to himself as he closes his own door behind him.  He wants a friend, and if that friends happens to be attractive, well that’s just an added bonus.  So.  If he’s going to manage to get to know this guy, David’s going to have to find a way to connect better than randomly seeing each other around, obviously.  
And that means that dinner tomorrow seems like just the opportunity he needs.
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