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#theyre such losers
snibnoom · 2 years ago
From the musical geniuses that brought you Bloom comes another masterpiece:
Why Should I Get Out of Bed on Monday?
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angelicfairyminnie · 3 years ago
Jimin be like: "In case any one forgot since its been 0.5269 seconds, Jungkookie and I went on a trip to Japan. We went shopping. It was fun."
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tonyofthetrees · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
“What do you mean we give off mean-girls energy? We’re literally just having lunch.” Reddie at lunch:
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rumov · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
incredibly dumb au I've had baking in my brain of richie and eddie working in an office in 1999
essentially Richie is a gearhead for tech he can't afford, Eddie thinks he's too good for the place and Y2K is gonna end the world
Tumblr media
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silvermun · a month ago
Tumblr media
this is still one of the most iconic exchanges between these two
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shallowvenus · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
"make a wish."
for @itfandomweek, july 17th prompt "camping/vacation"! i was gonna write a fic to go with this but it's taking longer than expected, so just have the art for now.
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sunshinereddie · 7 days ago
i think the losers would find a way to create an intricate 7-person handshake that’s like 3 minutes long and they perform it every time they meet. it’s super dorky and they get made fun of but they think it’s the coolest thing ever,,,,
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gyuury · a month ago
pairing: secret boyfriend!soobin x reader | genre: fluff
summary: you have strict parents, they were so strick that they never allowed you to go out, but soobin sneaks you out for a date, and that was the first time you felt alive in all the years you've been on planet earth.
warning(s): mentions of food, like one swear word | word count: 0.6k (627)
series masterlist
Tumblr media
It was around twelve am when you heard knocking sounds coming from your window, you were already falling asleep and someone really had the audacity to knock on your window?
If it wasn't for the late hour, sudden noise and horror movie you watched a couple days back, you would probably be fuming with anger, but all you were right now was a shaking, terrified, small being.
You slowly make your way to your curtained window, moving the curtains slowly, revealing a person in your balcony making you jump.
But once you realize it was just your boyfriend, you calm down.
Opening your window, he gets in, "What are you doing here at such a late hour?" You ask him, and he smiles mischievously. "I wanted to go out with you."
"But we're already dating..?" And he laughs, making you hush him quickly, "The walls are thin! quiet down." You whisper-yell, and he nods. "I meant, let's go on a date."
"Wait, right now!?" You exclaim and now he's the one to hush you, "shh, the walls are thin angel." You roll your eyes.
"And yes, right now." You looked at him with wide eyes, "Bin, are you crazy? It's literally twelve in the fucking morni—" he cut you off, "Have you ever heard of sneaking out?"
"But, Soobin.." he looks at you with raised brows, "Ugh, I hate how I have no reason to refuse." He smiles, and so do you.
"Great then let's go," he grabs your wrist, and you can feel your smile getting wider.
Tumblr media
There weren't much restaurants open anymore since it was already the beginning of the day, but you two were lucky to find one that was open 24/7.
Soobin took a fry in his hand, and held the tip of it, the other end meeting you and you took a bite.
The owner, who was just roaming around, kept looking at you weirdly. Giving you those type of stares, and it made you uncomfortable.
You hurried to finish the little food the both of you ordered, and when you finally do, Soobin spoke. "Let's go now." He whispers and you look at him confused, "But we haven't paid yet," you spoke, matching the volume of his voice, "I know."
"Then why-?" He pulled you up, quickly hurrying to the exit
The owner was observing the both of you so he saw you two exit. "Hey!" He yells, and that's when Soobin starts running, "Run as fast as you can, okay?" He told you and you nod, "Hey, get back here!" He yelled once more and you look back to see him try to catch up to the both of you.
You laugh slightly at the sight. Soobin starts laughing too.
The owners desperate yells were now fading away, and finally dissapears.
You stop in your tracks, "I think we lost him." You spoke, out of breath. That was probably the most you had ever ran in your life, "I think so too but in case we didn't let's go even further." You nod, taking in deep breaths, trying to regain a normal heartbeat again.
"Should we go get ice cream? I've been here before and we're pretty close to an ice cream shop."
"Yes, please! That chase was really hectic and I think I just need something to cool me off right now."
Soobin laughs once again, "Right."
"Was it fun?" He asked you suddenly and you go in thought, "Yeah it was."
"That's great, now can we go get ice cream now?" He placed his palms together and you held back a giggle at how cute he was, but gave out a smile instead. "Of course, you're gonna pay now right?" You ask.
"Yep, I will."
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darkfinch · 11 days ago
So here's a very important question. Do you think Kiev was the first time Eliot talked to Quinn since their big fight in the hanger. Or, after that fight did Quinn get a call from a random number and it turned out to be Eliot giving him tips? Or one of the two just dropped in on the other and they don't meet up  but they occasionally talked?
i DO think it was the first time they'd talked since the hangar fight, for 2 reasons:
quinn immediately assumes eliot's there to settle scores re: the hangar fight
the absolute unhinged hitter romance novella experience of getting knocked out by eliot spencer in an airplane hangar and then three years later having him show up out of the fucking blue in a warehouse in kiev to offer you a job, WHILE ALSO SAVING YOU, because despite three years of not running into you at ALL you are STILL the first person he thought to call on when he needed someone who could replace him for a broke his rib THAT well.........i would never take this away from quinn it's just so good it's just such a joyfully bewildering day for this dude to be having. unparalleled
i DO think eliot did a deep dive into who the hell is this mister quinn guy after the hangar fight and then filed that info away carefully for later, but. no no it's absolutely the first time they've interacted after the hangar fight and that's whats so GOOD abt it
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puppetsoftomorrow · 8 months ago
also side note i Love how all the legends were never really meant to be heroes?? zari was on the run, jax was a mechanic and football player, ava's a clone, sara was a back-from-the-dead assassin, snart and mick were criminals ... they weren't Meant to be heroes and it never came easy to any of them, but they did it anyway?? how lovely is that?
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