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#thgweek thirteen
panemgifs · a month ago
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starting on september 2nd, 2021, PANEMGIFS will be hosting a hunger games appreciation week !! the final day will take place on september 14th, 2021, the 13th anniversary of the publication of the hunger games. in honor of this and the thirteen districts, the week will be extended to thirteen days of prompts for creators !!
day one: favorite movie or book day two: favorite major character day three: favorite dynamic day four: favorite minor character day five: favorite story arc day six: district(s) day seven: character or scene you wish had been in the movies day eight: favorite costume(s) day nine: location(s) / scenery day ten: most emotional moment day eleven: favorite fight / action sequence day twelve: favorite quote day thirteen: free choice
we look forward to seeing all of your creations, from graphics to gif sets to fanart! please remember to tag #thgweek as well as #panemgifs so we can reblog all of your wonderful content!
if you plan on taking part, please give this post a reblog to spread the word!
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