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* thinks about ulfgar growing up in the dwarphenage * *thinks about thiala and alanis being his first friends * *thinks about them literally fighting through hell together * * thinks about the trust between them * *thinks about him getting crick rot * *thinks about thiala promising to cure it and then using it to control him* *thinks about alanis abandoning him* *thinks about him being stuck in a gem* *thinks about ulfgar* *thinks about ulfgar* *thinks abou

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Look, here’s how you know Thiala was bad:

She went after Pelor’s godheart.

There are lots of gods in DnD. Evil ones, chaotic ones, neutral ones… Every flavor of alignment. Did Thiala go after an evil god? An impartial one?


Thiala went after one of Good ones, and more specifically, the one she used to follow.

And consider what she had to do to make it work - the complicated, convoluted plan of kidnapping, murder and resurrection to overwhelm Pelor at a key moment.

It wasn’t simply about convenience or the need for power. It was about revenge.

If Thiala was legitimately trying to make the material plane a better place, she’d have husked an Evil god, and used it’s power to bring more good to the world. Instead, she went after someone she thought wasn’t being actively good enough - someone she felt had failed her personally.

It wasn’t about being good, with her. It was about being right.

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Ok not be a Thiala apologist but like.. She was right to kill Pelor and try to bring the gods back to the material plane.

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The Chosen Saga

Wow, that finale! I tried to include a lot of concepts from this last arc. It definitely shows some improvement between this bit and my Moonstone cover. I think I’ll post the whole series on Twitter once I spruce up the old ones a bit!

First Set (Moonstone, Ezry, Galaderon, Tales from the Crick)

Second Set (A Fairie Tale, Shadowfell, Mage Madness, Hellfire Chronicles)

Cutthroat Chronicles


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"poison and wine" by the civil wars and thiala/alanis. thoughts?

I’m so sorry I just saw this!! Truly incredibly excellent take there are a couple Civil Wars songs that are just…Very NADDPod, but everything about Poison & Wine hits for Thialanis. “Oh, your hands can heal, your hands can bruise” are you kidding me

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