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#thicc daddy mbaku

man when winston duke showed up in black panther i looked around the theater like “are y’all seeing this? is anyone else seeing this?” like WHOM LOOKS THIS WAY SIR

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In honour of Tee’s Birthday M’Baku gif challenge!!

Happy very very very belated birthday @great-neckpectations I hope this tickles your fancy ❤️

Part 1 of 1

Pairing: M’Baku x OC

Length: 1.1k + words

Summary: he loves her + she loves him (maybe). They’re not good without each other but aren’t that great together either.

Warning: slight choking (not to be perceived as suitable romantic behaviour).



The second M’Baku breathes out the word he curses himself. Out of all the things he could have uttered, the only thing he had found to say was “hi”. He had imagined this scene hundreds of times in his head and dreamed of what he was to say when his eyes finally fell upon hers. A fateful reunion worthy of a thousand tales.

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