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not a lot of classpect jazz BUT

-karkat is noted to be more useful for his ability to bring people together than he actual martial skill, which parses for a knight of blood. don’t need to be good at fighting if you help other people be good at fighting.

-the fact that meenah is basically the de facto leader due to her competency fits right in line with a thief of life “stealing” the authority aspects of the life aspect.

-harry anderson gives off IMMENSE space player vibes. INCREDIBLE space player vibes. his intro is *preposterously* spacey.

-i have no idea what to think vis a vis rules for classpect assignment in universe C or if it’ll even be relevant but i get kind of timey vibes from vrissy. we’ll have to see how things shake out.

-john making a plan is both horrifying but also a big step on his personal arc as an heir of breath so i’m excited to see how that’s going to go wrong.

-i have NO idea what’s going on with the timeline here. it seems to be before the war breaks out in its entirety, and frankly this might be the inciting incident? so i have no idea if this is pre or post muse calliope leaving. everything is up in the air and we’ll need more data to really figure out if this is ACTUALLY CANDY or some kind of weird candy offshoot, due to the small inconsistencies.

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