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balu8 · 4 months ago
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Tim Sale: Thieves’ World
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lazzmap · a year ago
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dug up some old thieves’ world maps I did awhile ago....
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cantstopthinkingcomics · a year ago
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Thieves World by Tim Sale
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p-e-a-r · 11 months ago
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Outfit for gaming
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r4venking · 4 months ago
oh the things i'd do to feel again what i felt the first time i read the line "ronan's second secret was adam parrish"
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kingreader · 5 months ago
yeah breakups suck but have you ever read a book where the found family splits up at the end? that’s real heartbreak.
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oldschoolfrp · 3 months ago
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Prince Kadakithis, Imperial Governor of Sanctuary, called Prince Kittycat by those contemptuous of his reliance on diplomacy instead of tyranny (Victoria Poyser, Thieves’ World boxed set for use with 9 different RPGs, Chaosium, 1981)
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ifthesewings--couldfly · 7 months ago
So you still think Disney Sequels™ are bad? Let me remind you of a couple things
Without Cinderella 2, we wouldn't have the cutest couple in Disney history.
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Without The Little Mermaid 2, we wouldn't have the hottest kiss in Disney history.
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Without Aladdin and The King of Thieves, we wouldn't have the hottest Dad in Disney history.
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Without The Lion King 2, we wouldn't have the hottest lion in Disney history (plus the 'We Are One' moral and great songs)
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Without Return to Neverland, we wouldn't have I'll Try, which is arguably one of the best soundtracks in Disney history (plus Jane is a great character)
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Plus I like how Pocahontas 2 shows your first love doesn't have to be your only love story.
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Feel free to add to this
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bijou-deja · 5 months ago
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“ You are without a doubt the worst pirate I’ve ever heard of.”
“But you have heard of me.” 😉
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mumblelard · 3 months ago
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​i imagine the kid who made this growing up in the fringes of the okefenokee dreaming of sharing tea with the queen
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escalusia · 2 months ago
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uthenria and edgar loom <3
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leoneliterary · 2 months ago
The fantasy setting is so interesting? May I ask if there was a certain time period/place that inspired the world. I absolutely fell in love with the world building you've created.
Thank you so much!
So I really love worldbuilding and I love history, especially how interconnected the ancient world actually was. I think Honor Amongst Thieves draws upon inspiration from the cultures, empires and people of antiquity, with a strong focus on those from Africa and the Middle East.
The world of Honor Amongst Thieves is multicultural and Cusmo is a cosmopolitan city. This goes for the common people and the nobility. The Mali Empire, the Songhai Empire, Egypt, and Ancient Greece all have influenced the way I've done the worldbuilding for Hashind and Cusmo, but it isn't limited to these cultures. Different people with different cultures and sometimes different values are now bound by a common cultural identity, just as they were when these real life empires formed.
Honestly, part of my inspiration for the world of HAT, is that, while I love the Tolkien style of fantasy, I wanted a fantasy world where black people and people of color didn't need to worry about feeling out of place. I really love writing fantasy because the genre really gives you room to create! It lets you create colloquial terms, tribes, kings, queens, and customs and because it's fantasy, you're not tethered to the bounds of time. HAT is definitely not historical fiction (although I would love to write that one day), instead I hope it feels like a fully fleshed out world with its own people and its own cultures. And hopefully it's one that you all can see yourselves living in!
Thank you so much for the ask and I'm glad you've enjoyed it so far!
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tastesoftamriel · 9 months ago
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The Ragged Flagon
Welcomes back our Sister in Shadows, Talviel of Riften!
Starters and nibbles
Toasted gruyere bites, with prosecco marmalade
Crisp spinach and brie cigars, with hot Hegathe chili dip
B&B: Cyrodiilic burrata and thinly-sliced bresaola, with char-grilled peppers, olives, and homemade garlic grissini
Seared slaughterfish, with a wasabi creme sauce
Classic Skyrim mammoth pie, with flaky Breton butter pastry and red wine gravy
Oak-smoked Honrich salmon quiche, with heirloom tomatoes and purple sprouted broccoli
Four-cheese scalloped potatoes, with Alik'r goat cheese, Eidar cheese, West Weald pecorino, and Daggerfall sharp cheddar
Talviel's birthday cake: Chocolate gateaux with chili flakes, smoked candied almonds, clotted cream, and gold flakes
Crème brûlée a la Talviel, with moon sugar crackle and coffee-infused custard and almond liqueur
Spiced comberry pie, with homemade custard or vanilla ice cream
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dinabree · 9 months ago
You're right it's Not All Men, Ludwig Dieter/Sebastian Schlencht-Wöhnert would never
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squash1 · a year ago
remember how ronan dreamt adam hand cream to help his cracked and calloced hands and he tried desperately to dream something to protect gansey from a fatal bee sting. he dreamt a watch that shows the time wherever ronan is for adam to take with him to harvard and he dreamt a miniature sun to take care of gansey’s mint plants while he’s away. all of this to say i love ronan lynch with my whole being and, respectfully, anyone who speaks badly of him has to fight me 💞
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the-raven-babes · 4 months ago
reading the dream thieves is wild. Ronan is like “what? how did you pull a car from your dreams?? the most complicated thing i ever pulled was this weird small translator box :/“ and im over here like !!! bitch! you pulled a whole place out of your dreams (Cabeswater)! you made a whole person when you were a baby! like it’s fucking crazy that he doesn’t know how powerful he is.
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sohotthateveryonedied · 4 months ago
oh i’m sorry, does my super sexy dog-earing method BOTHER you? :)
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Tumblr media
THIS is what happens when i use sticky tabs to mark my favorite parts instead of dog-earing the teeny tiny page corners. all hell breaks loose. it’s anarchy i tell you!! anarchy!!
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