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#thigh riding
kikix36 · 13 days ago
Stress Relief
Bucky x Fem!reader
Word count - 2.5k
Warnings - Smut (+18), Thigh riding, hand-job, hella fluff, swearing, kinda praise kink, pet-names.
Tumblr media
You sighed heavily from where you sat cross-legged on the couch with your laptop balanced on a pillow on your legs. Your annoyance spiked when you received another snotty email from your boss, reminding you of the deadline that was creeping closer.
Rubbing your eyes, you felt your stress levels rising, but Bucky appeared beside you and took gentle hold of your wrists, pulling your hands away from where they were scrubbing at your face. He had put down the book he was reading and scooted closer to you, giving you a sympathetic smile when he saw the annoyed, pouty look on your face, your eyebrows furrowed and eyes squinting at him.
"She giving you a hard time again?" Bucky asked, nodding to your laptop and you groaned, head falling back against the couch, making him chuckle, taking your reaction as a yes.
He sighed, seeing you so stressed out was recently starting to become a regular thing due to shortages in staff at your work and your rude boss relying on you and only you to do practically everything, and he hated it.
No matter how many times you tried to please your boss, she still completely disregarded your work yet still made you do the most of it.
"Is that saved?" You gave Bucky a confused look as he pointed to the written work you had done so far, but you nodded anyway, watching as he reached forward and started to close the laptop, but you quickly stopped him.
"Bucky, no. I need to get this done," You tried swatting his hand away but he ignored you, easily grabbing hold of both your wrists with his other hand as he closed the laptop.
"And I promise you, you will. You always do, but it's stressing you out too much right now."
You gaped at him as he put both the laptop and the pillow on the coffee table, completely ignoring your arguments, "Bucky-"
You were cut off when he grabbed hold of your waist and lifted you from where you were sitting, suddenly finding yourself sitting on his lap.
"Relax, sweetheart."
You glared at him, remaining stubborn as you crossed your arms and he breathed a laugh at the pout on your lips, finding you to be the most adorable thing he had ever seen.
It was far too often that you would work for hours on end despite it being a weekend and you not getting paid for the extra work, and Bucky would find himself reminding you to care for yourself, finding that you’ve been hunched over your laptop all day without eating or drinking properly.
You kept up the annoyed act, even when Bucky began running his fingers up and down your spine and you had to fight a shiver every single time, but you felt your resolve melting, annoyance forgotten at the simplest of touches from your lover, smirking at you with a loving glint in his eyes, completely smitten with the stubborn woman sat on his lap.
"You gonna keep pouting at me like that? Or you gonna let me kiss those pretty lips of yours?"
Your frown faltered at his words and your gaze dropped to his lips, soft and kissable as per usual. Your thoughts wandered to what it feels like to have his tongue brushing against your own and it didn’t take long before you were leaning forward without even noticing.
Bucky's smirk widened before he moved his head the rest of the way, lips meeting yours in a heated kiss.
Your arms immediately wrapped around his neck, draping your body against his as plump lips moved against yours perfectly.
Butterflies took flight in your lungs and heat bloomed in your lower abdomen, still shocked how every kiss you shared with James 'Bucky' Barnes always somehow managed to feel like the first.
His lips parted against yours and his tongue flicked out to brush against your lips, teasing you before dipping into your mouth to slide against your own. The kiss was scorching hot and you felt your brain melt as you kissed him with everything you had, moaning into his mouth.
All of the stress you previously felt seemed to dissolve, your mind instead clouding with Bucky and only Bucky.
He groaned when you pulled at his hair, holding you impossibly closer to him, just needing to feel every inch of your body against his.
The kiss grew hungrier and you found yourself restless in his lap, moving your hips in search of relief from the need forming between your legs, effectively drawing a deep moan from Bucky when your clothed heat rubbed against his growing erection in the most teasing way.
"Fuck, doll. You're like a fuckin' drug," He murmured against your lips after pulling away for a breath, but keeping himself close enough that his lips would brush against yours with every breath, "Swear I could fuckin' kiss you for eternity."
He dived back in immediately, not giving you the chance to register his words as his lips parted yours again.
"Buck, please," You whined, bucking your hips against his as the ache in your core got worse, needing something, needing him.
"I know honey." He kissed you a few more times before hesitantly pulling away and resting his forehead against yours, trying to catch his breath. "I got an idea."
You looked down at him with furrowed brows as he lifted you from his lap, making you stand before him, but when he took off your sweatpants, leaving you in just your panties and one of his large henleys, you felt more slick pool between your thighs.
He pulled you back onto his lap, but this time with you straddling one of his thick thighs and your hands flew to his shoulders, "Bucky, what-"
Your words were cut off by a moan tumbling from your parted lips when his hands took hold of your hips and dragged you forward on his thigh, grinding your pussy against his sweatpants and creating the perfect friction against your clit.
As Bucky started to grind you against thigh you let your head fall to his shoulder, your lips ghosting against his ear, ensuring that every little sound he dragged from you would be rewarded back to him, and with your moaning and whining in his ear, Bucky soon found himself achingly hard, trying not to buck his hips in attempt to rub his hard on against your thigh slotted between his.
When you found the perfect pace, you started to take control of your movements, your clit catching against the fabric of your panties with every rock of your hips.
"That feel good, kitten?" He asked, getting off on the sight of you grinding against his thigh and the feel of your hot slick seeping through his sweatpants and onto his skin, "You like gettin' off on my thigh?"
You nodded but your mind was focused on how good it felt to grind against him, finding the perfect angles and speeds to build the pleasure shooting through your stomach.
You lifted your head from his shoulder, wanting to look at Bucky, wanting him to look at you and you tried to meet his gaze, but struggled to keep your eyes from fluttering shut with every grind.
Bucky took in the image of your face, completely blissed out, mouth open with moans and groans falling freely from your lips, your eyes focused on him. When he flexed the muscles in his thigh you gasped loudly and squeezed his thigh with yours, a jolt of pleasure shooting through your core as you clenched on nothing.
You couldn’t look away from him even as you chased your high, noticing how the pale blue of his eyes was almost gone, his pupils dilated with lust. His bottom lip trapped between his teeth and his hands squeezing your hips tightly, guiding your movement whenever you began to falter or lose your rhythm, but otherwise letting you get yourself off.
"Bucky," His name fell from your lips in a moan as your hips sped up, his thigh now completely soaked with a growing wet patch on his sweatpants and his eyes fluttered shut at the sound of you moaning his name.
You were so close you could practically taste it, the elastic band pulling so tight but your hips were beginning to falter, your own thighs aching.
Bucky noticed your rhythm stuttering and held your hips tighter, rocking you against his thigh harder as you gasped and moaned wantonly.
"M’ right here sweetheart. You're doing so good for me, just let go," Your eyes fell shut at his praise and before you knew it, you were tipping over the edge, the elastic band snapping and your orgasm washed over you, electricity crawling in your veins as you came on Bucky's thigh.
White hot pleasure seared through your bloodstream and falling stars filled your vision as Bucky guided you through your orgasm.
You collapsed completely, going limp on Bucky's lap and burying your face into the crook of his neck, panting hard as aftershocks shot through you and he was instantly holding you close, gliding his fingers up and down your sides as you came down. "You did so well kitten. So perfect."
You smiled against his skin, your eyelashes fluttering against his neck as you felt your breathing calm.
You let yourself curl into his warmth, his broad frame encasing you completely as his arms wrapped around your body, holding you against him.
Once you had come back down to earth, you pulled your face from his shoulder and rested your forehead to his, biting your lip as you giggled and he found himself smiling fondly back at you.
"Your turn."
Bucky raised his eyebrows at you before he shook his head lightly, "No, doll. It's fine. Tonight was about you."
You scoffed, leaning back and resting your hands on his neck, your thumbs caressing his skin.
"Buck, I can see how hard you are. Let me make you feel good," You eyed the considerable bulge that was visible through his clothes and his head fell back against the couch, "C'mon, Buck. 'Wanna touch you."
He groaned at your words, his tongue swiping out to wet his lips and he found himself nodding thoughtlessly.
Taking the hint when you pulled at the hem of his black t-shirt, he lifted the fabric over his head and tossed it somewhere on the couch and you were breathless at the sight of his bulging muscles and broad shoulders.
His skin was littered with scars, but his left side was completely covered, all healed yet some still a deep red. Your gaze wandered to where scarred skin met cool, silver metal and you instantly leaned forward to place the softest of kisses against the harshest of scars, something you did almost every time you got to see this part of Bucky that he kept so hidden.
He was always shocked every time you did this, despite how often you did, but he felt that same wave of appreciation that always rushed through him at your gentle touches. His gaze was locked on you, watching as you kissed away the painful memories and his heart swelled at the sweetness that you are.
Gently hooking his finger under your chin, he pulled your lips to his, trying to focus all the love and adoration he felt for his pretty baby into the kiss and as the kiss grew more heated, you moved off his thigh to sit beside him, a whine of protest falling from his lips, making you smirk mischievously.
You slipped your tongue into his mouth just as your hand crept down to his sweatpants and you slid your hand underneath both the fabric of his sweats and his boxers to pull his cock from its confines, making him hiss at the sensation of your warm hand wrapping around him.
"Fuck, doll. Your hands are so soft." He moaned as you slid your thumb over the tip, spreading his hot, pre-cum that had beaded from his slit, and you stroked your hand up and down his length before squeezing him gently at the base.
His head fell back against the couch again, his lips glistening from his tongue ghosting against them, eyes fluttering shut as his hand shot out to wrap around yours, squeezing himself tighter before guiding your hand up and down his cock, breathy moans tumbling from his lips and into your ears, and you were dripping wet again.
"Fuck, feels so good doll, God, jus’ like that."
You bit your lip at his praise, and you didn't know whether to look at his cock, twitching and throbbing as his hand guided yours against him, or his pretty face, completely blissed out, blushed cheeks and all.
"God, Bucky. You're so fucking pretty."
Groaning low at your words, he bucked his hips as he guided you to stroke him faster and opened his eyes to watch the way you nibbled at your lower lip, completely enthralled by how fucking sinful Bucky's moans sounded.
You lent forward to rest your forehead against his temple as his hand squeezed yours tighter, applying more pressure to his cock as images of you riding his thigh continued to play on repeat in his mind.
When you paid extra attention to the head again, he groaned roughly, his stomach tightening as his climax built closer, "Fucking yes. So close, doll. Don't stop, jus’ like that, honey."
You listened to his breathless words, continuing with the pace he liked and watching how his abs clenched as he came. Thick ropes of hot cum painting his stomach and your hand and you moaned at the sight, continuing to stroke him through his orgasm.
You both groaned the words at the same time and Bucky met your eyes, giving you a blissed-out smile, that quickly turned into a breathy moan when you lifted your hand to your mouth and sucked his seed from your thumb.
"Fuck, sweetheart, you can't do that to me." He groaned as he tried to catch his breath, tucking his softening cock back into his boxers and reaching for his discarded t-shirt to clean his stomach, "Don't think I won't fuck you till you can't walk tomorrow."
"That a threat or a promise, Barnes?" You smirked, wiggling your eyebrows at him suggestively and he squinted his eyes at you.
Suddenly arms wrapped around your waist and Bucky stood up with you, wrapping your legs around his hips as he walked to your bedroom, pulling you into a gentle kiss before he threw you onto the bed.
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bunnygirlelle · 15 days ago
I wanna be daddy’s little breeding bunny, bouncing on his cock until my head is all fuzzy and my brain is leaking out of my pussy. ♡
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its-me-mara · 24 days ago
Happy Birthday Baby- Bokuto x Reader
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Content- thigh riding, established relationship, lingerie, kinda subby Bokuto, soft dom reader, use of the nickname ‘baby’ and ‘good boy’, kissing/biting, teasing/taunting, swearing, hair pulling, mentions of phone sex, birthday sex, female reader, some overstimulation. 
Word Count- 1.8k 
Bokuto and reader are both 20
a/n- i was supposed to post this yesterday but i had work 😭, so i’m just posting it now. it still counts. please let me know if I missed anything in the content part. this isn’t edited btw lol. anyway i hope you enjoy this!!
Tumblr media
“Fuck” Bokuto sighs
As Bokuto walks into the dark hotel room he places his gym bag on the floor near the door and struggles to find the light switch on the wall. Once he finds it the room lights up and he turns around from locking the door, getting startled by an unknown presence. 
“Holy Shit!” he yells, jumping a little.
You stay in your seat on the black chaise lounge in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows of the boujie hotel room. The lights from the city behind you shape your silhouette and add to the seductiveness of the room.
“happy birthday, baby” you whisper 
He looks at you dumbfounded, he really had no idea that you would be here. He’s already been at training camp with the rest of his teammates for 5 days and he’s been missing you like hell. You and him have called each other and ‘talked’ but it’s not the same as really seeing and feeling each other. With his birthday being during training season you didn’t have an option but to be apart for his birthday. 
“y/n, what are you doing here?!” he beamed
He runs over to you and picks you up from your seat on the lounge, hugging you tightly and spinning you around. He sets your feet on the ground but keeps you embraced in a tight hug, with his neck tucked into the side of your neck. He inhales your perfume, missing your similar scent and he runs his strong hands up and down your laced-covered back.
“I wanted to surprise you for your birthday!” you smile, pulling away from him so you can talk to him face to face. “I also thought we could try that thing we were talking about a couple weeks ago”
His mouth perks up into a smirk and he finally settles his hand on your hips.
“do you mean, that thing” he smiled suggestively 
All you do is nod your head up and down, giving him a teasing smile. 
He doesn’t need anything else, he goes into give you a soft kiss on your lips but it quickly becomes more and more heated. The two of you are now messily making out in front of the entire city. Bokuto’s hands move from your hips down to your butt and up again to grab onto your boobs. He starts massaging them with his big hands, lightly running his fingers over your nipples and pulling on them through your lingerie.
In response to his teasing, your hands wander up to his neck and into his hair, grabbing it tightly through your fingers knowing exactly what it does to him. Bokuto pulls away from your kiss to let out a breathy moan. Fuck he looked so hot like this, with your hands in his hair and his head tilted back in an airy moan, it made you want to see more. 
You attack his neck with kisses and bites, still keeping your hands tangled in his hair you use it to move his head in the direction you need. You lick your way from the base of his neck to his jawline, sucking tiny lovebites into the skin of his neck. 
Bokuto had no idea where to put his hands, with everything you were doing to his neck he couldn’t focus on much else. It was like he was a virgin all over again, awkwardly letting his girlfriend take control and being too turned on to do anything about it.
“ahh- y/n slow-ugh down” he moans 
“I thought you like it fast and hard, huh?” you taunt through your kissing
Fuck he thought, you’re using his own words against him. 
He didn’t want to admit how hard you’d gotten him with just 20 minutes of making out. He’s been so touched starved for you lately. Fucking his fist every night to the thought of you riding his dick. But his hand just wasn’t the same as the feeling of your pussy wrapped around his thick cock. 
You continue sloppily making out with his neck, taking one of your hands from his now disheveled hair and placing it on the front of his jogging pants. He jumps a little when he feels you start palming his dick through his pants. You giggle at how hard he is from just a few kisses and touches. As much as you found it funny you also found it incredibly hot that this god of a man could get so turned on by little-old you. 
“are you ready baby?” you ask him through soft pants
You knew he couldn’t wait to have you grinding your pussy on his muscular thigh but just in case he wanted something else first you wanted to ask. 
“please” he pants, looking at you with blown pupils
“Please what?” you tease, gripping onto his hair harder than before
“ahh’ he moans “ple-please fuck me”
“good boy” 
You lower yourself onto your knees, placing your hands on either side of your boyfriend’s hips. You can see the excitement in his face, all because you’re on your knees for him. He clenches his teeth, waiting for you to release his dick out of his jogging pants that felt all too tight right now. 
“aww, did you think I was going to suck your cock?” you taunt, loving the way his eyes light up at the mild degradation. 
“yes” he moans “ I did”
“good boy for telling the truth” you praise 
You slowly slide his pants off from his hips, down his thick thighs, and finally past his ankles and onto the floor of the hotel room. The first thing you notice is the prominent bulge and stain on the front of his grey boxers. You reach your hand out to grab his cock through the material of his cum-stained boxers. 
“Ahh” he hisses “it-its too sens-sensitve”
Smirking, you take off his boxers and his heavy cock slaps against his stomach. Ignoring your boyfriend’s throbbing dick on purpose, you stand up and pull his t-shirt over his head throwing it onto the ground. Now with him fully naked in front of you, you take a moment just to admire really how beautiful he is. From his broad shoulders down to his strong thighs that you never got tired of being between he looked utterly breath taking. 
You walk him back towards the king size bed and push him lightly onto the mattress. Once he’s seated on the edge of his bed with his legs spread open, welcoming you to come take you rightful place in his lap, you direct him to sit near the headboard. He does as he’s told and shimmies himself up the bed and places his back against the light-oak colored headboard.
He reaches his hand into his lap and lightly strokes his painfully hard cock up and down, becoming more impatient and pussy hungry with every passing minute. That's when you crawl your way up the bed and into his lap. You can feel the muscles in his thigh flexing and his hand still warped around his dick.
“are you ready Bo?” you ask before grinding you bare pussy against the tensing muscles of his thigh.
“yes, please… make me cum” he cries
You lower yourself onto his right thigh and let out a gasp. You can feel your own slick dripping down the sides of your lovers thigh. The stimulation that your clit was getting felt too good. As you slowing and tantalizingly grind on his thigh you reach your hands out to grab onto Bo. your hands are placed on his chest, grabbing at his pecs to keep stable as you ride him.
“ah ah- bo it-it feels so good” you whimper 
“fuck y/n do-don’t stop” he groans 
You try to ground down on him hard but you can’t do it yourself so Bo reaches out and grabs you by the hips tightly. Neither of you caring about his finger nails digging into your skin and the marks it would leave later. He guides your hips back and forth of his thigh, obsessed with the feeling of your wet pussy covering his leg and stomach in your juice's. 
With the added pressure of your boyfriends hands pushing you down harder and moving you faster than before makes you want to cum sooner than you’d like to admit. Moans and curses fly out of your mouth the closer you get to your high.
“Fuck ahh” you moan “fuck me faster on your thigh!”
Wanting him to feel pleasure too, you lean your head forward and wrap your mouth around one of his nipples. He’s so tense at first, getting surprised at the feeling of your wet-hot tongue lapping at his nipple like he’s done to you so many times. The feeling was new to him but not unwelcomed.
“more... please more!” he cries 
Smirking you pull away from his hardened nipple to tease him, the way he likes to be teased. It was easy to get him riled up, a few tugs on his hair or on his pretty pink nipples and he’s putty in your hands. 
“you’re so sensitive today” you tease, leaning in to give a small lick at his chest “don’t worry I’ll take care of you”
He shutters when you say that, licking and pulling his most sensitive parts had him going crazy. The dirty talk was a whole other thing, he was usually the one teasing your nipple and calling you a good girl but if he’s being honest he doesn’t mind being a little subby. 
You take one of his nipples into your mouth and pinch the other one between your fingers, gently rolling and pulling at it. You suck on his nipple like your sucking the tip of his cock. Switching between sucking and licking both nipples.
Bokuto bounces you on his thigh while still guiding your pussy back and forth. The stimulation was becoming to much and you could feel yourself getting closer and closer with every bounce and moan Bokuto gave you. 
The moment you feel yourself letting go you bury your face in your boyfriends neck and bury your hands in his hair.
“Bo-Bo i’m gonna come!” you scream
“me too” he groans “come with me!”
The two of you come together, bucking against each and savoring any type of friction you can get. Your hands stay locked into his hair as he keeps his firm grip on your hips. He comes all over his chest as you make a mess on his legs and the bedsheets. 
After coming down from each of your highs the two of you lay cuddled under the covers together. You play with his hair as he gently caresses yours. You lay in a comfortable silence before talking again.
“Sooo?” you question
“so what?” he chuckles 
“did you like it?” you ask nervously 
He looks at you with those big doe eyes of his with a look of bewilderment of his face. 
“are you kidding?” he ask, sounding serious “i love it!” he says cheerfully, leaning in to give you a soft kiss on your forehead. 
“you made me come without even touching my cock” he jokes, a little embarrassed 
“I’m glad you liked it baby” you say softly “happy birthday”
Tumblr media
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zealoushound · 2 months ago
Those Thighs Though...
Summary: Seeing him in his MuscleTech gear, you can’t resist Henry. Or his thighs.
Pairing: Henry Cavill x reader
Word Count: 1265
Warnings: RPF, thigh kink, thigh riding, brief descriptions of bodily fluids, dom!reader, sub!henry, orgasm denial, bratty moments, slight exhibitionism
A/N: @cavillsthighs post inspired allllll of this. I don’t own Henry Cavill, still hurts no matter how many times I write it I don’t own muscletech or the pic used here. I stole it from Tori lol.
Disclaimer: FEEL FREE TO REBLOG IF YOU LIKE THE STORY! Writers live off reblogs! Do not copy any portion of my material to claim as your own. Do not repost my work, or any portions of my work on any site and claim it as your own. Like all my other fics, this was written on my phone and not beta’d.
Tumblr media
You’re waiting for Henry to get changed before the photo shoot in MuscleTech’s makeshift dressing room.
It’s not a huge room, but it has a cozy setup. Bathroom to the left of the mini fridge and table. Television on the wall in front of the couch you currently occupy. Inspirational workout photos on the walls and fitness magazines on the table in the middle of the room.
Playing on your phone you hear Henry come in but pay him no mind as you hear the photographer call out, “Just change into this, and meet us in the gym in 20.”
“Ok!” He answers, closing the door behind him. As he walks by you he playfully slaps the bottom of your foot off the pillow it was resting on.
“Hey!” You whine, annoyed with him messing up your concentration.
“Look alive, beautiful.” He smiles at you going into the bathroom with his clothes. You smile back as you shake your head.
“What are you changing into?”
“Ah. Shorts and a tank?” He doesn’t bother shutting the door so you lean to sneak a peek.
“I see London. I see France. I see Henry’s underpants!” You taunt.
He laughs heartily causing you to laugh with him. A few moments later he’s changed and ready to go but still has 15 minutes to kill.
“Gimme some room.” He paws at your foot again. You groan, moving to let him sit. Then you see what he’s wearing.
Black tank. Short black shorts. His curls were particularly unruly today. His muscles were bulging in all the right places, taking over your entire being.
The uncontrollable noise that escaped you must have been louder than you thought because he looked at you, eyebrows raised, cocking his head to the side.
Your immediate thought was ‘mine’. A primal urge took over you. You were feral.
“Sit.” You commanded. Your breathing had gotten shallow and it was all you could do to keep from baring your teeth to your poor unsuspecting boyfriend.
“What?” That smirk on his face said he had heard you, but he was tempting you.
Your eyes widened, your nostrils flaring. “Henry. Sit down. Now.” Your heart was racing, your body was on fire. Shit, you’re kinda glad you missed the morning portion of the shoot. He wouldn’t have survived this long.
“Make me.” He smirked. Oh, you cocky little shit.
You get up, crossing the short distance to him. He doesn’t put up a fight, he wants you just as bad. You reach down to feel him though the thin fabric of his shorts. He’s about halfway there but getting harder with each pull across his clothed member.
His eyes fluttered. “You wanna cum? Good boys get to cum. Now sit. Your ass. Down, Henry.” You wanted him so damn bad that you put your hands on his shoulders and shoved him down onto the couch.
He grunted softly as the wind left his lungs. He stared as you worked your leggings off and shucked off your shirt, leaving you in nothing but your bra. You needed to feel his hands on your bare skin.
His hands reached to pull you on top of his lap. “No. You wanna be a brat? Now you get to wait.” He lets out a low growl that you feel deep in your soaked core. “Hold that thought.” You say before climbing onto his thigh.
He pulls the leg of his shorts up towards his hip giving you more access to his thigh.
“You wanna cum?” He doesn’t speak, just grunts and nods a meek yes to your question. You chuckle softly, “mmm”.
You moan as you rock yourself against his hard muscles. Gripping his shoulder you start to thrust yourself against him. Henry’s huge hands tugged on your bra, threatening to break it in half.
It wouldn’t be the first bra he’d torn or broken. He loves seeing your breasts, no matter the cost. He cups them, squeezing them in his huge paws and swipes his tongue in between. Roughly he sucks your nipple into his mouth. Letting go, his other hand grips your ass, coaxing you to go faster.
He flexes his thigh underneath you. “Ah, Henry. I’m so close.” Your body jolts at his actions as your clit glides across his hard flesh. He waits for just the right time to do it again.
When you're panting, gripping tighter on his biceps he knows you’re right on the edge. He keeps waiting. He knows you need just a little push. He loves watching you. Loves seeing you like this, your wetness spreading over his leg. More and more and more as you cum.
Your mouth is open. Your hips are rolling over and over, faster and faster. Head tilted back, eyes shut tightly, frustration on your brow. This will get him back in your good graces. He knows it.
He flexes.
Once. The risk of getting caught by god knows who all those people are, right outside your door, the thought of them hearing you. “Oh God!”
Twice. The way he makes you feel so fucking wild, and his damn thighs! You can never last long riding them. “Fuck!”
Boom!! You see stars on the third. “God! Henry! Yes!! Oh!” You cum so hard for him. Digging your nails into arms you hope you don’t leave a mark, but ‘fuck it’, you thought, ‘this is mine!’ You shout his name over and over as your hips stutter and quake with pleasure.
You lay across his chest feeling your heart wanting to beat free from its confines, panting hard as you come down from your high. You raise up and place a kiss on his neck.
Getting up you fix yourself back inside your bra, grab your shirt and walk into the bathroom. Coming back out you toss him a towel. Pulling your leggings on as he cleans himself up you hear a soft knock at the door.
“Um. Mr. Cavill,” poor guy definitely just heard all of that yet still had to do his job and fetch your boyfriend. “They’re, uh, they’re ready for you. Sir.”
Henry was staring at you. He didn’t speak a word. He stood, readjusting himself to make his prominent member less... noticeable.
Still saying nothing he strode up to you. His thumb grazed your cheek just below your eye. Bringing his finger down he tipped your chin up so your lips met in a gentle kiss. Your heart skipped. He leaned back.
“Tonight?” He was asking in a way that didn’t quite reveal his true intentions. He was really asking if you would be so kind as to let him make up for his mistake. Make his journey over to the gym slightly less painful.
“Tonight.” You generously answered. He smiled. He flung open the door to the dressing room and you saw the little man that had come to collect MuscleTechs biggest spokesman. He was short, a little on the smaller side. He was kind of cute, in an adorable kind of way. He wore wire rimmed glasses and reminded you of a younger Rick Moranis.
You smiled at him. He adjusted his glasses and stood a little straighter as he smiled back.
Henry walked past him, smile no longer in place. He was about to take all that frustration out in this photo shoot.
“Not unless you wanna be walking funny, lad.” You laughed at how scared the poor guy looked as he looked away, not realizing what Henry meant was having to force his colossal cock underneath the waistband of his shorts.
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janeofthornfieldhall · a month ago
Hi there! I know it's probably gonna sound weird but I'm begging you, could you possibly write something NSFW with Remus and mention something about his hands (yes, this mans got amazing hands and you mentioned in his NSFW alphabet how comparing hands and seeing the size difference arouses him and I nearly died because of it) and maybe thigh riding (I'm not sure if you ever wrote that, but something about this with Remus is with a student, fem reader (18 or older ofc)?
thigh riding
professor lupin / student
summary: lupin’s pov, student (18+) smut (contains dirty thoughts, hand kink, sir kink, thigh riding).
I glanced up at her. What had she said?
‘What did you say?’
Her cheeks reddened, and she clutched the strap of her bag awkwardly.
‘I finished it!’ She unbuckled her bag, and rooted around. Finally, she pulled out something small and rectangular, then gently dropped it onto my desk.
𝑅𝑒𝑏𝑒𝑐𝑐𝑎, 𝐷𝑎𝑝ℎ𝑛𝑒 𝐷𝑢 𝑀𝑎𝑢𝑟𝑖𝑒𝑟 sat there, and she smiled expectantly. I leafed through the pages, and she watched closely.
‘Did you enjoy it?’
‘Of course! I’ve never read anything so — with — that has such description. It was so — smooth — oh that doesn’t make much sense,’ she chuckled nervously, head tilted down towards her feet.
‘That makes perfect sense. I did worry I’d recommended the wrong sort of genre; it’s rather gothic.’
‘Oh, no, I love gothic stories! Plus,’ she swallowed, continuing quietly, ‘anything you recommend is guaranteed to be interesting.’ I cocked my head toward her, leaning back slightly in my chair.
We’d been talking between lessons the past few weeks, discussing odd bits of homework, then moving on to personal interests. She’d informed me she’d come to a rut with her reading, so I’d given her a few recommendations. She was more than happy to accept, and seemed to blush profusely when I asked her to tell me when she’d finished.
‘Why might that be?’ I asked with genuine interest, wetting my lip slightly. She seemed taken aback by the question, and rocked thoughtfully on her feet for a moment.
‘You — you’re just — clever, aren’t you? You know that.’ She smiled bashfully. I watched her hands play with her bag strap, her smaller fingers tapping at it delicately.
‘Undeniably.’ She looked unsure whether to laugh at first, but I let the corners of my mouth curl upwards, and she chuckled, slightly relieved. There was quiet for a moment, then I cleared my throat. ‘Was there anything else?’
I tried to sound careless, as though I’d not suspected anything.
‘Er — no.’ She smiled.
‘Really?’ I asked, a hint of skepticism in my voice.
‘You’re still standing here.’ I observed.
‘So I am.’
‘Well then.’ I leant back in my chair, watching her closely. She stood, one leg crossed over another, pursing her lips and occasionally meeting my eyes. She tucked some loose hair behind her ear, then scratched her neck awkwardly. I tensed my hand, stretching my fingers out.
‘Perhaps you’d like some tea?’ I asked her. She shook her head politely.
‘That’s okay, Professor. Could I — could I say that you — your new tie is quite nice?’ I almost laughed, but not at her.
‘You could, certainly, and I’d be very flattered.’ I couldn’t return the compliment exactly, her house tie the same as always, but I suddenly fathomed images of it being the only thing she wore.
‘And could I — ’ she took a few steps towards the desk, pressing her fingers against the wooden edge tentatively. She didn’t look at me yet. ‘Could I also say you look very handsome?’
I felt as though I was frozen, I could hardly find any words to pluck from my suddenly hollow mind. Her eyes flicked up to mine, and I saw the beginnings of a smile tug at her petal lips. I silenced the sudden churning of guilty thoughts in my mind, bit my tongue, and returned the sultry smile.
‘You could, indeed.’ I heard myself say. She tapped her fingers a few times on the desk. ‘Why don’t you sit with me?’
She glanced around the room, eyes scanning for the nearest chair. Before she made to get one, I held a finger up.
‘We needn’t waste time with that. Come here,’ I said, a soft demand. I patted my knee, and saw her eyes widen slightly. She seemed startled by this sudden intimate manner, but nevertheless came quietly around the table. She straightened her skirt, and sat gently on my knee. I was careful to keep my hand only on the small of her back, the other resting on the arm of the chair. She slid her bag off onto the floor, then turned back to me.
‘Thanks.’ She giggled, studying my face now that she was close.
‘Why did you really stay to see me?’ I almost frowned, she’d been dishonest, but who was I to reprimand her for that?
‘Well — partly for the book, and partly because — because — ’
‘Go on.’ I urged softly. She sighed a shaky breath.
‘Because I’ve been thinking about you, at night. I’ve had dreams, Professor.’ When I offered her a smile, she relaxed.
‘So,’ I said, taking her hand from her lap and placing it in mine. Her breath hitches. ‘You came to admit. To confess,’ I raised an eyebrow sternly. ‘Expecting … ?’
‘Oh, Professor, expecting nothing! My intention was to tell you, then for my mind to clear itself. I thought if I told you, I’d be rid of the thoughts.’ This sounded well rehearsed, and I wondered just how long she’d been having these ‘dreams’.
‘But — it hasn’t taken effect yet.’ I notice her shifting her feet awkwardly. I smooth my thumb over her knuckles. It is then that I realise how small her hands really are, fingers almost an entire joint shorter than my own. Her nails are short and well kept, her skin soft where mine was calloused and worn. I traced over the creases of her fingers, over her knuckles and up to her wrist. I turned her hand, and she complied. When I placed my palm over hers, you could no longer see her hand. I smirked.
‘And will it?’ I asked, finally.
‘I have no way of knowing. But I will try.’
‘I can feel your pulse, you know.’ It quickened even after I observed this, and her face warmed. ‘And the way you’re shifting on my knee. I think you’re trying very hard, aren’t you?’ She nodded, keeping as still as possible.
‘Turn, here, to face me.’ I said gently, guiding her shoulders. She lifted her leg over so that she and I were truly face-to-face, her now positioned perfectly on my thigh. ‘Are you aroused, now?’ She was silent. ‘Answer me honestly.’
‘Yes.’ She said slowly, and quietly. I tensed my thigh, and she bit her lip, her breath hitching. Her mouth moved, she wanted to speak. I tensed it again, smiling slightly as she tried to remain composed.
‘What’s wrong?’
‘Again.’ She breathed. I raised my eyebrows, feigning innocence.
‘Again? What are you talking about?’
‘Your leg. You moved it, a — and it felt nice.’
‘I don’t know what you mean. You’ll have to show me.’ She looked nervous, but not displeased. She kept my hand, holding it with both of hers, pressing it to the top of my leg to steady and balance herself. She breathed in sharply as I tensed my leg again, then began to move herself. First it was a slight shuffle, then I movement with purpose. She moaned softly, but bit it back.
‘Don’t withhold.’ I told her. I watched as she slid herself back and forward with tiny movements against my thigh, her eyebrows knit with concentration.
‘Fuck, Professor.’ She whimpered, moaned, and swore more. Her hair fell over her face, and I moved my hand up to brush it away. I had to see her, every twitch of her lip and every squeeze of her eyes. Her head fell backwards slightly, and I kept my hand in her hair from when I’d brushed it away, and let my fingers run through it, gracing the back of her neck. I chuckled, looking down at my thigh to see a small, damp patch.
‘You’re making a mess.’ I laughed. She hardly seemed to notice, her lips wet and red from where she’d been biting them. I tense my leg.
‘More.’ She gasped. Her eyes opened, and I saw now how filled they were with desperation. She was almost tearful. When she saw the stern look I gave her, she swallowed. ‘Please, Sir.’ I tensed again, her hair between my fingers. She was speeding up, and I gathered she might reach her climax soon. Her hands drifted up to my shoulders, and mine to her chest. She moaned incessantly as I groped at her breasts, whispering filthy words.
‘I’m gonna’ cum,’ she breathed. ‘Don’t stop touching me.’ She pleaded. She ground on my thigh a few more times, pursed her lips, trying hard to stop herself from crying out. But she couldn’t, she moaned sweetly, relievedly. Her legs were shaking, and her chest was rising and falling speedily. I could see the thud, thud, thudding of her heart over her blouse. She pulled her hair back over her shoulders, hands at her side uselessly.
‘Fuck.’ She exhaled, laughing a little.
‘Fuck, indeed. Would you like some water?’
‘Oh, please.’ I waited. She wiped her forehead, if she was sweating it did not show.
‘You’ll probably have to dismount.’ I added. She looked up at me embarrassed, gave an ‘oh’, and stood. Her legs were slightly wobbly, and I smirked as she cast me a scolding look.
‘It was hard work.’ She frowned.
‘You act as if you didn’t enjoy it. We both heard those moans.’ I made for the staircase to my office to retrieve two mugs.
‘As, I’m sure, the neighbouring classroom did.’
‘Impossible. The door had a charm on it.’ I paused at my words, holding the cold bannister of the staircase.
‘Were you expecting me, Professor?’ She asked curiously. I scowled chargedly.
‘Don’t be foolish.’ I smiled. I waited until she looked away before I continued up the stairs, she’d picked up the copy of Rebecca that she’d dropped on my desk.
I had, of course, been expecting her.
Tumblr media
A/N: thank you for the request <3 fun to write!
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pufflocks · 6 months ago
Hc's of kuroo, aone, atsumu & iwaizumi reacting too their male s/o's cute whimpers? Honestly boys who whimper make me just.. 💀 * me saying that as someone that whimpers
Summary: I honestly think about this every so often. Something about whimpering s/o's is just so cute. Weather its SFW or NSFW. Seeing them quiver near you is so heartwarming and beautiful. Top or bottom whimpering is A+. Also ty for my first Headcanon request. You might just get your own anon or sum cuz- 💛
Tumblr media
Warnings: NSFW { Whimpering } • proof read
Cast: Bottom!M!Reader, Kuroo, Aone, Atsumu, Iwaizumi
Tumblr media
♧ Kuroo -> Grinding against each other in the early morning is always something you both did to wake the other up. Legs always somehow tangled together like vines and the blanket barely hanging off your king sized bed. Humming as you rub your eyes from slumber, you instinctively snuggle closer to your tall boyfriend. His body heat and ember scent engulfing you like a flame as you slowly moved your growing morning wood to his front. Small hums and "Mmm.."'s escaping your chapped lips as you sped up your pace. Your member completely hard at this point and peeking for attention. "Ah..- baby..~" You didnt attempt to cover your mouth as you dragged your into the body beside you. Your constant movement waking the noir being from his slumber. "Hmm.." He hummed as he gripped your hips, pulling you closer to his body as he let you rut pathetically. "Shhh.. baby. Rut it out and cum for me." With that, your body spasms and shakes as you jolt and whimper in his broad chest. Your breath evening out as slumber washes over you. "There you go my handsome boy~"
◇ Aone -> The evenings is where your favorite person come to your house. Aone, your boyfriend would usually come through the door with a slight furrow in his brows. Only settling his "grrr face" immediately because, well, you were also his favorite person too. "Bunny boy you're back !" You teasd. You were the only one who could call him that so he shoved his irritation somewhere else. Your boyfriend walked to through the door almost immediately getting tackled by his lover. "Come, I wanted to try something today." Aone knew what you meant by "try". He still followed you down the hall regardless. "Sit please." He sat. Your smile on your face was toothy as you eagerly sat on his lap. Kissing his face promptly before slowly grinding down. The friction not only shocked the white haired male, but made his pants bulge only after 3 minutes of doing your inticing ministrations. "Y/n.." He huffed as his pants got uncomfortable. Although you weren't listening as you yourself was focusing on your hips rolling in a hypnotizing motion. "Aone- Aone- I feel you.." You smirked lopsidedly as you went slower to feel his imprint, your own dick twitching in your trousers. This didn't go past your quiet boyfriend as he gripped your hips, not harshly of course, and started to press your ass firmly against his pelvis. You slowly went limp in his arm as you whimpered how close you were. "Y-yeah..?" He asked. How cute he was when trying to be dominant. You nodded frantically as your orgasm washed over you. His face grew red at the whimpers and hums of satisfaction coming through your lips. "Pretty." He whispered. Dazed expression plastered right on his face looking at his lover slowly fall in an easy slumber. You both laid down after.
♡ Atsumu -> It was nothing new. Your whimpers were always heard in some shape or form around your boyfriend. Whether you were upset he was being a douche hiding your stuff, or the classic fact of simply grinding deep in you. During sex with Atsumu, he would let loose and usually is the main one heard. You were heard, yes, but his growls and grunts hushed your own pathetic pants and moans. Today was different though. He wanted to take it slow. Enjoy you. You were kinda struck that he actually, first in never, wanted to have soft core sex. Sliding in and out of you with soft caresses on your bare chest. "Feel me, babe ?" He had pressed softly on your stomach where the bulge of his dick. The slow pace finally got to you completely when he laid sideways. His breath was faint on the hairs of your neck. The edge you had could make you shed a few tears as how skillfully he brushed on the nerves deep inside you. Your own cock was leaking on your thigh as he hushed praises on how fucking handsome and hit you seemed. That he should go this slow more often. "Babe- fuck, please go a bit faster." Your whimpers fell on lost ears as Atsumu's head was promptly nestled in the crook of your neck. He was far gone, only taking in all you had from your body with loving strokes to your body.
♤ Iwaizumi -> First time he probably heard you whimper was when you rode him reverse cowgirl in the locker rooms. It was just after a successful game and after everyone had left the lockers he took it upon himself to get his dick wet. "Fuck, Y/N.. Thank you for being here in this win." He praised. You were giving very alluring ruts with your hips, wearing his sweat covered Jersey. It was a hell of a big turn on for him. Him seeing his handsome boyfriend wearing anything that was his was such a turn on. It barely draped over your ass giving him a sight of one of favourite eye candies — along with seeing you writhe in the moonlight on a late Saturday night. "Haji, haji-," you whimpered. You were desperate for release since the new position rubbed you exactly the right way. "Gonna cum, babe ? Come for me." With that, you let lose as he sneakily jacked the last drops out of you. He came straight after from the sight in front of him. "You did good out there, Haji." You were now turned facing him as you both cuddled in the after glow. "I was tryin' to impress my number 1 fan."
Tumblr media
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lostalioth · 2 months ago
𝘯𝘰𝘵𝘩𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘮𝘰𝘳𝘦 ; 𝘣𝘶𝘤𝘬𝘺
Tumblr media
summary: “are you sure bucky?” you questioned as you sat perched on his thigh. “yes toots it’s okay just get yourself off on my thigh” he grinned as he stretched back against the couch. “nothing more princess just to fix that problem of yours” you slowly nodded.
warnings: smut, fuckboy!bucky x fem!reader, i some how made him soft roommate!bucky, thigh riding, reader drinks (but not much and does give consent!), fwb relationship, the ending has some angst.
If someone asked you, you would have no idea what to say as to how you were currently having a conversation about kinks with your roommate bucky. You think it began when he wanted to have a conversation, about the lastest girl he hooked up with or something. Her having some weird kink, you don’t remember.
“You know I’m gonna need a drink, if we are gonna continue this conversation” you groaned softly while getting off the plush brown couch. “Get me one too we’ll be here a while, with the amount of stories I have about moments like this” bucky's face held a small shit eating grin. You quickly fake gag at your roommate, before grabbing two small glasses to pour whiskey in.
You were quick to down your cup. It burned on the way to your stomach causing you to cough softly. “Slow down there why don’t you toots” he chuckled. You roll your eyes before filling your glass again.
You plop down on the couch and snuggle into yourself after handing Bucky his drink. You shiver slightly, you only wore a small shorts and shirt pajama set. It distracted Buck a bit as it left little to his imagination. He had continued to blab on about different stories, of different girls he’s been with. You take note about how he seems to sleep with a lot of girls with weird kinks. His voice became background noise as the small bit of whiskey starts to hit you. You were kind of a light weight admittedly. You let the tipsy feeling consume your body but slow your drinking.
“Why does it seem like you are attracted to girls who like things you don’t like?” you blurt out, cutting Bucky off from his third story.
“That’s a mystery to me as well” Bucky let out a small chuckle and continued.
“Come on, what? Have you not attracted guys with weird kinks? Or have a kink a guy found odd?” His brows furrowed as he took a sip.
“I don’t sleep with as many people as you have there, buddy”
“But no, the few guys I have been with were painfully vanilla and for that I’ve never even mentioned this one kink I have” you shrug softly as finished.
This happened to peak your roommates attention, he needed to know what it was. “And what would the one kink you have be?” He pushed on slightly hoping you’d answer.
You chuckled and scoffed lightly, you found it rather funny that he was so interested. “Why would I tell you?, you'd probably find it odd like all the kinks those girls had” you take a quick sip of the burning whiskey, it was hitting your system faster it seemed the more you drank. “Come on toots just tell me, you’re so innocent I doubt it’s bad” his flesh hand rested on your bare knee. You steal a small glance at it in confusion.
What the hell, why not.
“I’ve wanted to ride a guys thigh, I always chicken out when asking any guy I’m sleeping with” the whiskey in your system was aiding you in the confession. “In fear of him pretty much reacting how you did to all those girls” you scoff and watch his face waiting on a reaction.
His face never changed. He seemed to have no reaction, you didn’t know if that was good or not.
“Well wait if you’ve never actually done that then how do you know you like it” Buck questioned as his hand started sliding further up. He also began moving closer to you. You could stop him, you knew that but you liked his soft hands touching you. “Okay so I guess a more accurate statement is, it’s a kink I really want to try” you correct yourself with a tiny smile.
“Why not test it on me toots” Bucky offered, causing you to burst out in a tiny fit of laughter. “You can’t be serious, Bucky.” you manage to squeak out in between laughs. This caused him to roll his eyes at your childish reaction. “I’m being serious, I don’t find it weird and it’s a test to see if you’d really like it or not” he began explaining once you calmed down.
You could hear in his voice he was being sincere and genuine. The minute the realization hits you, heat spreads through your entire body. Wetness began pooling at your core at the idea of it running through your head. You hated to admit to yourself but you did find Bucky attractive. You knew you shouldn’t be as attracted to a man like him as you were.
You look up to him with your eyes glazed over, while squeezing your thighs together. Now you desperately craved that friction against your clit. A cocky smirk forms on his face as he takes in the affect the offer had on you. “Wanna ride my thigh baby” he offers again softly, as his metal hand holds your chin pulling your body closer to him. You nod slowly but that wasn’t enough.
“I need words toots, I want your verbal contest please baby” he may be a dickhead, but he knew you were tipsy. He just wanted to make sure this was what you wanted. “Please buck, I want to ride your thigh” you whine softly as the throbbing in your core was beginning to annoy you.
Once he gets what he wanted he pulls you into his lap, resting his hands on your hips. “We’re gonna start slow princess” he grins as you whine and squirm against him. He knew he was winding you up and teasing you. It filled him with satisfaction.
“May I kiss you baby?” He questioned and you mumbled out a little yes before pressing your chest against his. He pulls your hips against his once again as he smashed his lips into yours.
His breath tastes like whiskey and you didn’t mind. You whine and wrap your arms around his neck attempting to deepen the kiss. You could feel Bucky already growing hard beneath you. Your body fills with pride at how fast you were turning him on.
Bucky shifts your body over to his thigh and that’s when worry starts to hit you. This was actually happening, yes you wanted this very badly. Expect you didn’t take into account how it would affect your relationship with him. He was your roommate and even your friend.
You whine and pull away from the kiss to begin voicing your concerns.
“Are you sure Bucky?” you questioned as you sat perched on his thigh. “Yes toots it’s okay, just get yourself off on my thigh” He grinned as he stretched back against the couch.
“nothing more princess just to fix that problem of yours” you slowly nodded. “You may wanna take off these flimsy little shorts baby” he instructed as he snapped the waistband of said shorts, against your hip bone. “Then if you feel comfortable, your panties as well it will make it feel much better princess” he finished as you whined softly. You just wanted to get to pleasuring yourself on your roommate's thick thigh.
Nothing more.
You began repeating that in your head to reassure yourself as you slipped off your sleep shorts. You discard them somewhere onto the floor near you. You left on your soaked pair of panties, they were already ruined as it was. You look back at Bucky with a small embarrassed smile. “I don’t exactly know how to start Buck” you whine.
He nods and grinned softly as he grips your hips once again. “I’ll guide your hips to start toots” you nodded even though he couldn’t see you. His gaze was fixated on your hips engulfed in his big hands.
He begins to rock your hips against his thigh slowly. You gasp softly and watch as he makes your hips rock against his thigh. He clenches his thigh and begins rocking your hips slightly faster. You moaned as the small amount of attention your clit was being given filled you with relief.
“Good girl” bucky growls, as a wet spot of your slick begins forming on his Jean clad thigh. The air in the room was starting to feel hotter and thicker than before. “Just keep rutting your cunt against my thigh like this baby” he aids you as he slips his hands off. You nod and moan louder as you pick up pace a bit more.
Bucky tears his eyes away from you for a split second to peel off this shirt. He throws it over by the laundry room door. He could care less as to where your clothes land in the apartment. He just knew there needed to be less clothes involved. He glued his eyes back to you desperately trying to get off on his thigh.
He began clenching his thigh once again aiding you to your release. “You gonna cum for me toots?” He teased. “Wanna cum from my thigh princess?”
You couldn’t seem to form words, the pleasure consumed your body. You whine quite loudly as you nod and rut your hips faster. You begin rustling your hands around bucky’s body below you and grab for his metal hand.
“Whatcha doing there baby?”
Without answering Buck you grip his wrist and drag his hand up to your throat. You hoped he would understand what you wanted. “Fuck, such a good girl” he growls and squeezed your throat in his vibraum hand. You whine and grip his wrist harder as your other hand claws at his chest.
He knew your nails would leave scratch marks, he could care less he only cared about making you cum.
You suddenly stopped rutting your pussy against his hip as your high washed over you. You moan and whimper as his hand choking you made your orgasm more intense.
Once you come down from your high, bucky let’s go of your neck. You collapse into his large chest and whine. He chuckled softly and began to play with your hair. “So I think it’s safe to say you liked riding my thigh toots”
“Yeah no shit dumbass” you groan with sarcasm thick in your voice. You wanted to smack him but felt too sleepy to take your hands off his sides.
Nothing more.
You repeated it in your head once more. It didn’t seem to matter though as you slowly fell asleep against the super soldier's chest.
You knew though, it meant nothing more than what it was to Bucky. This was just an experiment.
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thatsthewrongwallcraig · 5 months ago
Bella's 600th Follower Smut Challenge
Dear, @labella420, congrats to 600 followers! 🌸💕
I learned my lesson with this little story here and now I know that it's not the best of ideas to start writing Bucky smut about two hours before you have to attend your online classes 😅🙈
But for you it's definitely worth it!
With that said, I hope you enjoy the fic!
Title: Sleepless
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Word Count: ~1k
Summary: After coming home from a mission, it's not only the jetlag that's keeping Bucky awake!
Content Warnings: Smut (who would've thought?), thigh riding, somnophilia, a little angsty at the beginning
Tagging: @wayward-blonde @demotalias
Beta'd by myself, while trying to follow my online class 🙆🏻‍♀️
Tumblr media
Prompts: (marked in bold)
"Just a little more."
"Show me how much you missed me"
"Slowly, baby, I'm not going anywhere."
"You're so messy."
It didn't matter how hard Bucky wanted - needed - to finally fall asleep, he was so jet-lagged that he just couldn't. It's been a few hours since he opened the front door to your house, baffled with joy and relief to be home again after a hefty 3-week mission.
It's been the first time in quite a while that Bucky and you had to push through the day in separate ways, therefore the world became a little more grey with every next day and night away from each other.
During the first days you found yourself empty, sad and hollow in his absence. After the first week the sadness turned into smaller and sometimes also not so small fits of anger over the fact that your one and only still had to be taken from you and by week 3 this turbulent cocktail of unhinged emotions had you on your knees, begging for him to come home over multiple phone calls. Bucky hated it that his absence dragged you through all of these feelings, but now the cruel waiting finally came to an end.
He had come home in the dead of night, absolutely not bothered to unpack or anything the like. That could definitely wait until the next morning. All he wanted to do was to pull you in a tight embrace, squeezing all the clouded thoughts out of you, if necessary. And so he did, even if he had to tone it down a bit, because you were already sleeping deep and peacefully, like a precious little gift, wrapped into the blankets.
Careful, as not to wake you from your slumber, Bucky had slipped under the warm blanket next to you, gently hugging you, pulling your face close to his chest and intertwining your legs with his. Feeling your body so close next to his was Bucky's very personal piece of heaven, his solace and blissful calm and if he hadn't been so terribly jet-lagged, he would've drifted into restful sleep in absolutely no time, but now, the only thing he was able to do for the past few hours, was watching you sleep, hearing your deep, steady breaths echo through the bedroom and smiling at you, pressing your body closer to his every so often.
Softly caressing your back underneath your oversized sleeping shirt, Bucky tried his luck again, closing his eyes and gently resting his sleepy head above yours. He revelled in the feeling of your soft skin underneath his fingertips, letting them glide up and down your spine and drawing little circles across your hips. Small gestures of Bucky's love and longing that didn't go unnoticed, even in your sleep.
A barely even there whine that slipped from your lips had him stopping in his motions abruptly, fearing that he woke you up after all. A few moments passed by, he heard you still breathing calmly and felt your legs wrapping around his thigh harder.
But that wasn't the only thing Bucky felt and his soft smile grew up to a wide grin, as he noticed a damp patch pressing against his bare thigh.
"Oh, is my princess dreaming something naughty, hm?" He hummed into your hair and let his hand wander back to your hip, carefully enclosing it.
Upon that another soft mewl fell from your mouth, adorned by a needy undertone that had Bucky biting his bottom lip. He would've slipped his fingers right between your legs, if you just weren't so enticingly adorable like this. He could only imagine how many times you've done that with the pillows while he was gone, tightly squeezing them between your thighs, grinding along the soft fabric as you were thinking about him. Bucky swallowed a deep, rumbling groan that threatened to erupt from his chest at the image in his mind. Now he wasn't only tired, no, he found himself getting harder by the second.
"C'mon...", Bucky whispered between clenched jaws as he pulled your hip slightly up his thigh, letting it grind over his skin "Show me how much you missed me."
It didn't take long for your body to pick up on his invitation and after only a few careful movements, that got instructed by his hand on your hip, you did it all on your own.
"Good girl.." he hummed, slowly losing his own focus as your leg pressed against his aching cock with every needy roll of your hips. Bucky's mind blurred further with every delicate moan that spilled from your lips, your hot breath grazing over his chest, that trembled with the urge to fuck you out of your wet dreams. The need to bury his fingers in your slick-covered core became almost unbearable as the pace of your hips quickened. Bucky felt your heat burning his thigh, your soaked panties wantonly rubbing over it again and again and his breath hitched a little as he pressed: "Slowly, baby, I'm not going anywhere. I'm home now."
Not taking any notice of that, your body was set on getting off, chasing your release with rocking your hips on his thigh, entirely unaware that Bucky wasn't far from losing it as well.
He noticed your body starting to tremble under his touch, your muscles tensing and with that your eyes slowly fluttered open. You didn't know what was happening and your very much sleep-drunk mind left you no time to grasp the situation.
"Bucky...what..?" You mumbled, but every letter seemed to get sucked back in as the coil in your body snapped and a breathless moan broke loose from the bottom of your lungs. Having you squirming and wiggling in his grip, Bucky rode you over his thigh through every last contraction of your orgasm.
"Just a little more!" He huffed, pressing his throbbing cock against your belly a few more times until you felt the thick, white hot ribbons of his cum staining the fabric of your shirt. Bucky growled, his nose deeply buried in your hair and his hand clutching your ass.
"Bucky?", you repeated with a raspy voice, slowly coming to your senses "What's're so messy!"
"I'm messy, huh?", Bucky returned with a soft laugh, releasing you from his grip "It wasn't me getting off on someone's thigh, princess."
"I...I...what?" You felt your face blushing within the blink of an eye.
"Don't worry, doll, it was adorably hot and you better bet that I'm not done with you here."
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kinanabinks · 5 months ago
Method Acting 🎥 Frat!Steve x Reader
Tumblr media
i scoured tumblr for some flirty fratty steve content. found nothing. so i wrote some myself :]
content warning: frat!steve x fem!reader, mention of drugs, flirting, dirty talk, light smut (thigh riding).
“I need his drive, I need his motivation; what is Guy no.4 thinking in this moment?”
You roll your eyes at Steve’s incessant questioning and pull his arm. “Can we just get on with this, please?”
Scoffing at you, Steve frowns you with an insulted look. “How am I supposed to get into character if I know nothing about the character I’m playing?”
Sam lets out a loud groan and rubs his forehead. “You’re a fucking extra, man! You don’t need to get into character; just stand on your mark and do as I say!”
Shaking his head, Steve purses his lips. “Fine. But if my acting is off, you know why.”
Being friends with Film majors has its benefits, but it also has its many drawbacks. Most of which include being used in their projects. And today is no different; you’ve been dragged into being an extra in Sam’s short film that the college board commissioned him for, about the dangers of drug use. The small sports hall has been set up to look like a crack-den, and you can’t help but be impressed by Natasha’s prop and lighting skills.
“Still can’t believe you gave Bucky the main role,” Steve huffs bitterly, making you snort.
“He was just the first guy I asked!” Sam defended with a frustrated look. “It’s a 15 minute film for college students; you aren’t missing out on anything special.”
“Can we please get on with it, now?” You whine. “I have places to be.”
“Like where, the library?” Steve teases with a smirk, to which you flip him the finger.
“Alright, alright,” Sam claps his hands together before addressing the 12 or so people who showed up to help. “Extras, spread out. Wanda, Bucky; go over your lines so I know you’ve been practicing.”
While Wanda and Bucky recite their script to Sam with bored tones, you and the others stand on the spread out marks on the ground. Nat keeps her eye on the camera, gesturing for some of you to move further in or further out until she’s satisfied.
“Peter, I want you lining up that baby powder the second Bucky enters,” Sam ordered, gesturing to a dilapidated coffee table with white powder and a credit card strewn over it. “Steve; grab a partner to be all horned up with on the beanbag. Make it sexy. The rest of you, just spread out and act high.” 
One of the other extras, Beryl, steps forward to join Steve, but he turns to you instead, holding out his hand. “Come on, bunny, let’s get all horned up.”
“Why me?” You say with a frown.
He rolls his eyes and grabs your arm, “’Coz I said so.”
You sigh but let him drag you over to the beanbag in the corner anyway, knowing you’d rather it be you than have to sit through watching him all over another girl. Not that you’d be jealous. Of course not.
“Now, when you say ‘horned up’,” You begin, directing your words to Sam. “What exactly does that mean?”
A look of agitation grows on Sam’s face. “I hate actors.”
“I’m not even an actor-”
“You’re high, you’re horny, you’re in a daze,” Sam cuts you off curtly, as though it’s the most obvious thing in the world. “Touch him, flirt with him, kiss him if you really want - is that enough, or do you need a demonstration?”
“Okay, I get it,” You say, holding your hands up in surrender.
He moves to the camera and allows an excited smile to grow on his lips, which is a rare sight. “Positions!”
Steve collapses onto the beanbag before pulling you down on his lap, a smug look on his face. “You hear that? He gave you permission to kiss me.”
You roll your eyes at his immaturity. “Permission isn’t what stops me from kissing you; not wanting to kiss you is what stops me from kissing you.”
Being best friends with Steve Rogers is bittersweet. He’s popular which gets you invited to all the hottest parties, he’s scarily over-protective combined with being incredibly ripped which keeps you relatively safe on campus, and he’s easily the funniest person you’ve ever met along with secretly being the kindest and sweetest - but that’s a side he keeps for when you’re alone, of course. 
On the other hand, he’s popular which means you have to share him with the rest of the student body, he’s scarily over-protective combined with being incredibly ripped which means no guy ever bothers asking you out, and he’s easily the funniest person you’ve ever met which makes him the perfect package. Every girl on campus wants him, and they all hate you for your untouchable closeness with him.
“Alright,” Sam calls out before holding up his arm. “Action!”
At first, it’s easy to play along. Steve’s hands exploring your body send tingles through to your skin, but it’s nothing you haven’t expertly ignored before. You wrap your arm around his shoulder and cup his face in your hand, hoping this doesn’t look as awkward on camera as it feels in actuality.
“Have I told you that I love your new hair?” He whispers, looking up at your fresh cut and dye while running his hand through it.
“Many times,” You reply lowly, glad you can keep your face away from the camera so you don’t have to worry about how you look. “You were practically cheering me on while I got it done.”
Steve smiles up at you, his hand tightening on your hip. “You horny yet?”
The snort immediately left your nose and you quickly cover your mouth, trying not to laugh. “You’re a dick,” You say through laughs, hoping your break doesn’t go noticed. Looking up, you see a few of the others lazily dancing and taking fake sips from the obviously empty red solo cups, and you can’t help but laugh even more. You cover your mouth in an attempt to hide it, but it’s too late. You’ve caught the giggle bug, and there’s no getting rid of it.
“Cut!” Sam yells halfway through Wanda and Bucky’s conversation.
“What’s wrong?” Wanda complains. “Did I mess up my line?”
“Y/N, why are you laughing?” Sam booms, making your eyes widen.
You sober a little and straighten your face. “Uh, I’m not.”
Steve snorts, making you shoot him a glare, while Sam just rolls his eyes. “From the top.”
Everyone groans at his words and you can’t help but feel guilty. Soon enough, the camera rolls again, and the scene restarts. 
Steve pulls you closer to his body, and his lips brush against your ear. “You wanna go eat after this?”
“Yes, please,” You reply, keeping your face straight and your movements slow. One of your fingers wrap around a lock of his hair, and you twist and pull on it. He swallows thickly, but you think nothing of it. “Can we go to Happy’s? I’m craving curly fries.”
“I was thinking something fancier,” Steve says, stroking your bare thigh. “That Italian place on Winnie Avenue?”
“But then I’ll have to change,” You complain. “And you have to book in advance for Chichi’s.”
“You’re forgetting I know the owner,” He whispers with a wink while Wanda and Bucky act out their scene with exaggerated hand gestures and infliction.
“I’ll still have to change,” You say with a pout.
“Don’t you look at me like that,” Steve warns gravely, resting his forehead against yours. “Besides, we haven’t had a date night in a while. It’ll be nice.”
While you continue your mumbled discussions for dinner, you forget ever finding anything funny - until your eyes land on Peter. He’s bouncing around, dancing like an idiot, and your laughter is set off again.
“Cut!” Sam yells, making you wince. “Seriously, Y/N?”
“I’m sorry!” You reply. “Maybe I should sit this scene out?” Steve’s arm instinctively tightens around your waist at your words.
“We’re already low on extras,” Natasha grumbles, glaring at you. “Just think about something upsetting. You know; dead puppies, your childhood.”
“Alright,” You reply feebly, before covering your mouth when you feel yourself about to laugh again.
“Really?” Sam asks coldly, making you whimper.
“I’m so, so sorry, I don’t know what’s gotten into me,” You apologize between laughs. Steve comfortingly rubs your back, but you can tell he’s about to laugh any second now, too.
“Okay, fine,” Sam says with a sigh. “Steve, next time she’s about to laugh, just kiss her.”
Your eyes widen at his suggestion, but he’s calling ‘Positions’ again before you have the chance to speak up.
Looking down at Steve, you see the sly smirk growing on his lips. It won’t be the first time you've kissed; you’ve participated in too many juvenile drinking games to be a stranger to Steve’s lips or his wandering hands.
“Anyone else laugh, and I’ll stick the camera up your ass,” Sam threatens gravely, before lowering his eyes back down to the screen. “Action.”
“I’m not gonna laugh,” You whisper with determination.
“Alright, then,” Steve replies, but you can tell by the conniving look in his eyes that he thinks differently. When you see Peter dancing around, trying to act high, you purse your lips together. Steve notices and tilts his head. “Gonna laugh, bunny?”
“No,” You insist, continuing to play with his hair as you do your best to stay in character. “No, I’m fine.”
“You sure?” Steve teases, his eyes bright with mischief. “Because you know the freshman looks like an idiot.”
Knowing you’re about to burst into giggles, you bring your face deathly close to Steve’s, making him suck in a breath. "Just pretend," You whisper, trying to ignore the flutter in your stomach as he stares up at you.
He tilts his head and smirks. "No, I don't think I will."
He cuts you off with a kiss, making your eyes widen before you melt into it. You pull away before it gets any more heated, the need to laugh having disappeared completely.
“Dick,” You say through gritted teeth, trying to remain calm and flirty with your body language while glaring at him.
“Method acting, bunny,” He says with a wink.
You tilt your head and narrow your eyes at him. “Isn’t that when you like, lose a bunch of weight for a role, Christian Bale-style?”
“Sure,” He nods, before placing one of his hands at the back of your head and pushing your face closer to his. “Or it can just be two actors getting really, really into it.”
“You, Steve Rogers,” You begin, your lips brushing against his. “Are a perv.”
He grins, before squeezing your face in his hand and making your cheeks squish together. “And you, bunny baby, love it.”
“Cut!” Sam yells suddenly, causing Steve to release your face. 
“Was I a little flat?” Bucky asks, looking around. “I feel like I was a little flat.”
“You were perfect, Buck,” Sam assures him, before his deathly gaze falls onto you again.
“I didn’t even laugh that time!” You defend yourself quickly, holding up your hand.
“I need some more from you,” He states, confusing you. “Both of you. It’s feeling a little static in that corner; I need energy, I need heat. Stop being so boring.”
You scoff at his insult, but he’s calling ‘Action’ before you get the chance to call him an asshole.
“Can you believe that?” Steve asks with a fake gasp. “He thinks we’re boring.”
“Whatever,” You grumble, pulling yourself closer to him.
“We can’t be having that,” He whispers, before pulling your left leg over his so you’re now straddling his lap. “Let’s heat it up, bunny.”
Still reeling from Sam’s insult, you allow yourself to let go and go to town. If Sam wants energy, he’ll get energy.
You meet Steve’s lips in an open-mouth kiss, hot and wet and hungry. His hands roam all over your body, focusing on your ass which he kneads like dough. You can’t help but whimper, and hope with everything you have that he didn’t hear it.
His tongue leaves your mouth for a second for him to say, “Making me hard.”
You let out a shaky breath, running your hands through his fluffy hair. “Huh?”
“I’m so fucking hard,” He whispers, making your heart race.
“Steve,” You begin, your question breaking apart by the multiple kisses he places on your lips. “Are you acting right now?”
He lets out a breathy chuckle. “Method acting, bunny.” With that, he takes your hand and places it onto his boner which is raging through his grey sweatpants, causing every hair on your body to stand on end. “You feel that? Feel what you do to me?” His teeth sink into your bottom lip which he begins sucking on, his darkening eyes looking up to meet yours.
You can’t stop yourself from rubbing his cock through his pants, making him groan lowly. One of his hands moves from your ass to your front, where it cups your throbbing mound. “What are you doing?” You mumble, both terrified and excited.
“It’s okay,” He replies softly, rubbing his fingers over your clothed cunt. “It’s just me, baby. It’s me. It’s Steve.”
Another whimper leaves your lips, your hips slowly moving on their own accord on his leg.
“That’s it,” He sighs, his eyes fluttering shut as he shudders. “Just like that. Keep going, bunny. Keep going.”
He uses his hand to assist you in grinding on his leg, your soaking pussy rubbing against his tensed thigh. The barrier of your clothing does nothing to stifle your pleasure, and if anything it makes it feel even more tantalizingly forbidden. Here you are, getting off in public, while being filmed. 
“Naughty girl,” Steve chuckles, cupping your face and gently stroking your cheek with his thumb. “Enjoying yourself?”
“Sh- shut up,” You stutter, unable to stop and realize what exactly it is you’re doing. Sure, you and Steve have kissed during Spin the Bottle before, and maybe you’re a little closer than normal best friends, but this is beyond anything you’ve ever explored.
“It’s okay, bunny,” He groans between hot kisses placed to your neck. “You wanna know something?”
You hum in response, too weak to speak.
“I think about fucking you all the time,” He admits with a gravelly tone, making you gasp. “I dream about it almost every night. Can you believe that?”
Whimpering, you wrap your arms around him tightly.
“I jerk off while I imagine how good it would feel to sink my cock into your tight little pussy,” He mumbles, one of his hands rubbing your hardening nipple through your thin shirt. “Imagine sucking on these tits. Fucking you so good, making you scream my name.”
Your head falls forward into his neck, mewls and soft whines leaving your mouth as his filthy words drive you insane. You continue riding his thigh while rubbing his boner, electric waves shooting through your body.
“Why haven’t I fucked you yet?” He asks aloud, an incredulous scoff punctuating his question. “How have I controlled myself for three years?”
“Just friends,” You mutter feebly, your eyes rolling back as blissful pleasure overtakes you. “Can’t... ruin that.”
“Hmm,” He grabs a bunch of your hair and pulls your head back so you’re forced to look at him. “So we just method act our desires away?”
“Mhm,” You reply with a lazy smile, sneaking your fingers under his shirt where you can feel his abs. This might be your only opportunity to grope him, and you’d be damned if you squander it. “Sounds good to me.”
“Baby,” He begins, a desperate look of desire on his features. “Kiss me.”
You’re ready to comply, meeting his lips before the order even fully leaves his mouth. Your tongues clash and stroke and dance, his spit running down your chin and yours down his. Nothing has ever felt this good, you’re sure of it.
Feeling yourself hit new levels of pleasure, you pull away with wide eyes. Steve recognizes the look on your face, and realizes how much he loves it on you. “You close to cumming, bunny?”
You nod, still in shock. “I- Steve, what the fuck-”
“It’s okay,” He soothes you, stroking your hair while bouncing his leg, helping you reach your peak. “Let go for me. I’m here; I’ve got you. Just let go.”
Your heart hammers in your chest while his impossibly hard dick sits under your palm, throbbing through his sweatpants. He flexes his thigh a couple times and it’s enough to make you snap, your orgasm washing over you like an intense wave. Shuddering, you clamp your teeth onto his neck in an effort to silence yourself. It mostly works, your moans muffled against his skin. Your vision whites out for a few seconds while your body flies through heavenly bliss, your soul burning with delight.
“Cut!” Sam yells, bringing you back to the present. “And that’s a wrap for today. Good job, guys!”
Everyone starts shuffling around, taking off their costumes and helping Nat take down the props, while you shake in Steve’s arms. “I- Steve, I-”
“It’s okay, bunny, take your time,” He whispers, stroking your hair. “There’s no rush.”
You let yourself relax on his lap, taking in deep breaths as you feel yourself float back to the ground.
“You good?” He questions gently after a few moments, to which you nod before slowly standing up. You offer him a hand which he takes, almost dragging you back down when he jumps up to his feet.
“Food?” You ask, as though the last ten minutes didn’t just happen.
“Sure,” He replies just as nonchalantly, both of you ignoring his raging boner and the wet patch on his thigh. “Chichi’s?”
“You really don’t wanna just go to Happy’s?” You ask, tilting your head.
“We aren’t going to that shitty diner,” He insists gravely, before looking down at you with a stern stare. “Go to your dorm, put on a pretty dress, and meet me on the green in twenty minutes.”
You throw your head back and let out an exasperated groan. “Ugh, the things I do for you.”
He gives you a smile before wrapping an arm around your shoulders and walking you off the set. “You owe me after you made me sit through your awkward family dinner.”
“Fine,” You grumble. “But I’ll need thirty minutes if we’re going to Chichi’s. The cute waiter might be there.”
Steve grins at your agreement before placing a kiss to your forehead. “Good girl. Love you, bunny baby.” 
The two of you stroll out the sports hall, laughing and joking and moving on from the sexual tension like experts. Meanwhile, back on set, Beryl glares at your back, her eye twitching as she watches Steve laugh raucously at something you say. What makes you so special? And more importantly, how can she make Steve Rogers realize you aren’t as special as he thinks?
Every girl on campus wants him. But Beryl is willing to put in the effort to get him.
Part 2
this was supposed to be a one-off imagine. but now i’m very into frat!steve. and film major!avengers. and also wtf is crazy!beryl planning.
comment if you wanna be tagged in part 2 <3
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jarofstyles · 3 months ago
thigh riding while he watches you <3
👀 we got it. Little thigh riding blurb/Drabble! Also mean dom/degrading warning
If you enjoy this, check out our Patreon!
“Tha’s it.” Harry’s hair was damp with sweat, her hand grabbing at his tee shirt while she rolled her hips on his bare thigh.
It had started off innocent enough. Cuddling on the couch, watching some bake off show. But Y/N was feeling hot since Harry had gotten home. He wore a sleeveless top today, cutting the sleeves off of one of his old band tees to make up for the heat wave they were going through. He had been a bit sweaty and it just…. Did something to her.
So halfway through, she asked for a kiss. And another. And another. Until they ended up like this.
Their pants off, her nipples showing under the tee shirt she wore as her bare cunt rubbed against his naked thigh. It was soaked with her arousal, a filthy slick noise filling the room with each drag of her hips. And Harry was in a mood.
The arrogant son of a bitch could admit that he was cocky. Especially knowing he had gotten her this worked up just by looking at him. His hand held her ass and the other was folded behind his head, in slight awe of the sight in front of him. Her swollen lips parted, desperate and sweet whines leaking from them. Nipples pressing up the fabric of her shirt deliciously…. And the pure pleasure written all over her face.
“S’good. So, so good.” She mewled, keeping her balance as she fisted his shirt. Harry smirked, chuckling under his breath.
“Know it is. Youre drippin’ all over my fucking thigh. Making such a mess because you can’t control yourself.” He knew this would get to her. A bit of a mean dom act always got to her when she was desperate to cum. “Crawl all over me because… what? Hm? Cause you think I look good?” He waited and watched her nod.
“Pathetic. Cant even wait for me. Have to hump my thigh like a bitch in heat.” He gripped her ass before spanking it hard, his eyes darkening as she let out a moan. “Mhm. And you get off on this. All of it. Being a desperate slut… spankings… having me be mean to you. S’fucking pathetic. But you love it so much, I can’t help but pity you.”
Y/N could feel herself get close, working her hips faster. Harry could feel her arousal drip down further, sliding down the side of his thigh, and it made it even better. Her whimpers continued, heavily breathing and talking about how good it feels under her breath.
“There it is. Go ahead. Ride my thigh like that. Despite being a dirty little bitch, you look gorgeous. And you’re going to look even prettier when you get down on your knees after you cum and lick up every fucking drop of that mess you’ve made on my skin.” He cooed in a condescending tone. “Now fucking cum. I want your mouth on my cock.”
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tbzhours · 9 days ago
[ twelve hours smut req ]
juyeon; he’s shirtless and you want to sit on his thigh  ↳ words: ~800  ↳ a/n: i’m so sorry, the next few posts will be smut-related 😃
Tumblr media
You were just on your phone, lying on your stomach on the couch as you waited for Juyeon to come out of the bathroom so you both could watch a movie or something when he came home from dance practice. It wasn't until you finally noticed him walking around without a shirt on that you gasped.
Juyeon chuckled, setting his cup down on the kitchen counter. He made his way to you and saw how shocked you looked. "What's wrong, babe?"
"N-nothing- I-" You stuttered, almost gulping when he got closer to you. Your eyes couldn't stop staring as your cheeks burned up. 
"Sure." He grinned and sat next to you as you sat up. He laughed again when you hadn't looked away yet. "Wanna touch it or something?"
"What? No?" You were flustered from the sudden question. "I mean…" 
"Are you getting turned on? Why don't you sit on me?" He hummed when he pulled you by the hand, teasing his smiley lips at you as you landed on his hips, which was in between your knees now. You gasped again from the move while he smirked. 
“Juyeon…” You tried to argue but he captured your lips within that second of silence, his gigantic hands gripping onto your butcheeks to keep you down on him. 
Everything was happening too fast as you held onto his shoulders, trying to pace your lips with his but he was already eating you up. He squeezed you every so often that all you wondered was how big his hands were to be gripping so perfectly. One of his hands slipped under your shirt just to caress your skin before he pushed you toward him so you could touch his bare chest. Your hand did, sliding down against how warm his skin was from the shower he just had. He pushed his lips more toward you as he took your hand and pulled it back onto his shoulder. You gasped softly, parting from his lips for a second before he clashed them back together, almost impatiently. It always caught you off-guard before your hips start to grind on him and his sucks turn into bites. 
“Juyeon!” You moaned, causing him to chuckle at how lovely you sounded. 
He was purposely teasing you, knowing how easily you’re turned on with his kisses. He shrugged from his sudden bite on your lips and came clean. “I can’t really stop touching you if you keep looking at me like that. Plus, you’re already riding me.” 
You rolled your eyes with an annoyed groan. 
“Don’t you want to keep going?” He asked so innocently, you couldn’t help to comply, and it was the fact that he agreed so quickly for you to ride on his thigh that you could see how much of the world he would give you. 
With only your pantie and shirt on, you were over him with your thighs between one of his. He was lying on his back with his head on the arm of the couch as his hands guided your hips with your grinds against his knee-up thigh. Your head was hidden at the nape of his neck as he planted kisses there and a few bites to arouse your own high. He pulled his thigh up more when the friction got harder with your rocking. He didn’t even flex it yet it felt so good that your breaths were shaky from your choking moans. Your sounds were so delightful to him. There went his naughty grip at your buttcheeks again when the blemish of his hand marks began to appear. 
“How is my baby doing?” He whispered when he pulled you back so he could see how wrecked you looked. You looked a mess, of course. That’s one of the many things he loves about you.
“I’m close.” You held in your trembling voice as you tried to push through with your fast-paced grinds. Your grip on his shoulders tightened as his hands went back to rocking your hips. Your moans grew loud when pleasure flushed below you, a hot orgasm still running from your grind. 
“That’s my baby.” He praised in a hot whisper against your ear, his smirk almost kissing it. He hummed along your high, noticing how damped his sweatpants were. He kept guiding your hips until you fell onto his chest. 
You were catching your breath as he smiled. He caressed your head for a while before you looked up at him. 
“So, why are you walking around the room without a shirt on?” You asked. 
“It’s hot.” Juyeon said. “You’re hot.”
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amethystnalaah · 4 months ago
eye of the tiger
Tumblr media
- in which harry is upset and makes it everyone’s problem…
warnings- depictions of sex, oral sex (female receiving), mutual masturbation, thigh riding (ride the tiger mhm), denied orgasm, breeding kink, overstimulation, slapping, degradation kink, rough sex
a/n- i saw someone ask the amazing @honeydulcewrites​ about breeding kinks and they used the term “filled like a boston cream donut” and i have not stopped thinking about that since.
harry masterlist   main masterlist
~ “Alright, let’s take five,” you say suddenly, stepping in front of Harry to open the studio door. “Go to the bathroom, go eat or something,” you say apologetically to the team’s grateful murmuring.  
Harry sighed, messily putting his hair in a loose bun--loose strands falling at the side of his face. He pursed his lips as he watched Mitch and the rest of the group trickle out of the room, slamming it behind them, mentally sending knives into their backs.
It was a rough night into another rough night into a rough morning, progress was not being made, “Harry,” you say, touching his shoulder lightly. “I think we should call it a day...what do you-”
“Did I ask you, what you think?” he snapped, pulling his shoulder away from your touch. 
Oh? “Harry!” you jab his chest, “you are overworking them-”
“We’re not working enough!” he cried, interrupting you.
“Listen to me, and listen to me well,” you say, finger in his face. “Firstly, do not shout at me, secondly, you have an amazing team here more than willing to help you, but they cannot work to their best potential in these’s been almost three days!” 
He scoffed, “what do you know-”
You slapped his face before you even realized, “y/n what the fuck!” he shouted. 
“I’m s-” you paused, “you are going to shut up, and listen to me, okay?” you say, crossing your arms across your chest. 
He dragged his palms down his face, letting out an exasperated sigh. “Let’s hear it then,” he said, sitting on the couch in the corner of the room--his hands gesturing you to continue. 
“It’s been two days Harry, you’re overworking yourself, them...your attitude is not beneficial to anyone,” you say, picking up your phone. “How do you expect anyone to think of anything if all they’ve been doing is staring at piles of crumpled pages and living off of coffee for two days straight,” you give a defeated laugh. “You only let them leave to go home and shower last night, and wouldn’t even let them go pee before that, do you know how crazy that is? I’m going to tell them to take the rest of the day, and maybe tomorrow off to rest...okay?”
You’re standing in front of him, arms still crossed. You looked down at him and he looked so tired, his eyes were so droopy and red, faint lines on his forehead from him furrowing so much. “Baby,” you whisper, he gave you a watery smile. 
His lip quivered, “I just,” he starts--his voice wavering. “I just feel like I’m failing or I’m disappointing everyone,” he sighed, his head falling.
You sit on his lap, kissing atop his head, “look at me,” you say against his hair. He looks up at you, tears spilling out of his eyes, “you’re not disappointing’re trying your best, they all are. You not being able to finish a song overnight does not mean that you’re a failure, these things happen,’re so talented, the most talented person I know, and that’s saying a lot because I know all of Destiny’s Child personally!” you giggle.
He broke into a laugh, sniffling shortly after, “you’re saying I’m better than Beyoncé?” he whispered, rubbing your cheek with his thumb, a small smirk on his lips.
“Oh yeah!” you say dramatically, “You could do I Am... Sasha Fierce but Beyoncé cannot do Fine Line,” you say with mock seriousness. 
Harry pushed you back onto the couch, kissing your face sweetly from above, “mmm, I love when you unrealistically praise my talents,” he laughs. “M’sorry for snapping like that,” he whispered, squeezing your hand affectionately. “I’ll apologize to the guys too.”
“I’m sorry for slapping you,” you respond.
His eyebrows quirked up, “I mean I quite liked that...very unexpected but I did like it,” he said against your lips. “Can we go back to when you were complimenting me?” he asked, his fingers rubbing you through your jeans, “you know I love hearing about how great I am from your pretty little mouth.”
“Oh do you now,” you smirk, pushing him back onto the couch so you were straddling him. You grind your hips against him, creating pleasurable friction between both your clothed crotches, “You like when I tell you you’re so talented,” you moan onto his lips. He matches your rhythm below you, “you like when I tell you, you’re the best at what you do,” *kiss*… “you like when I tell you how good you make me feel? How you fuck me so good, huh?” *kiss*… “are you talking about that by chance?” you ask, climbing off him. 
“Please,” he whimpers, palming himself over his shorts. “Don’t tease me, I’ve been aching to bury my cock inside you for the past 48 hours now,” he let out an exasperated sigh. 
You walked across the room, slipping out of your shirt, and your jeans before slipping into the recording booth, “come get me then.”
Harry found himself inside the booth within a matter of seconds, his hair pooling atop his shoulders, his velvety cock in his hand, stroking himself as he walked toward you. “Just look at you, that pretty little cunt.”
You sat with your legs spread on the small couch in the booth, your fingers teasing your folds. Harry dropped to his knees, eye level with your cunt, leaning in, you push his head away, “what, no manners?” you smirk. 
His tongue swiped over his bottom lip before he kissed the inner side of your knee, his nose brushing against your skin, down your thigh, to your cunt. Harry looked up at you as he licked up any wet that slicked your folds--the vibration from his moans surging through your body. His breath is hot on your cunt as he kissed your folds, licking between them until he reaches your clit, circling around your nub, the tip of his tongue grazing on the underside of it.
You breathe in sharply, tangling your fingers in his hair, “you’re doing amazing...feels so good,” you gasp. He flattens his tongue as he moves up and down your clit, his hot breath and his warm tongue blend, causing you to sing out his name. “You’re the best, you know that right,” you pant.
Harry hummed his response, you gasped before moaning obscenely, but with approval, at the vibration, it was causing. You caressed the side of his face, and he leaned his head into your palm, looking up at you as he sucked on your clit.
“You look so pretty,” you coo, tucking his hair behind his ear. As he continued his consistent rhythm on your cunt, you buck your hips up, urging him for more contact. Grinding yourself on his face, he chuckles, bringing his slender finger up to your folds, massaging you. “Touch me please,” you whimper.
Harry slips his fingers into your cunt, his mouth on you and now his fingers causing you to melt against him. He pulls away to kiss your inner thigh, “look at me,” he said. 
You were too caught up in the pleasure to listen to the silly words spilling out of his mouth, but then he stopped. “I said look at me,” he panted, your moisture soaking his chin. You met his intense gaze as he slides his fingers back inside of you, bringing his lips back to your cunt. As he slowly fucked his fingers in and out of you, he made his rhythm on your clit urgent.
As if he was beckoning you, he curled his finger to caress that sensitive spot inside you--you feel your body twitch at the touch, at the rubbing. “I’m so close,” you breathe. You raise your hips towards his face as if you wanted to morph both entities into one, you cup your breasts, stroke and squeeze your neck--anything to send you over the edge.
“Don’t cum yet angel...wanna cum with you,” he says, removing his face from between your legs. He kissed your lips sweetly as you whine, “I know, I know, but I wanna fill you up, and I want to feel you cum on my cock,” he said kissing you once more, tasting yourself on his tongue. 
You ignored him, playing with your clit, soft moans slipping out of your mouth--begging for a release, “enjoying yourself?” he asked pointedly, his thumb running over his tip, leaking with precum.
You spread your folds apart, slipping your middle and ring finger in and out your hole. Incoherent mumblings slip out your lips as you fuck yourself torturously slow, tension building up, you were going to cum all over your fingers. You flutter your eyes open to see Harry stroking himself, his fingers tangled in his own hair--posed off like a sculpture, “what...what are you doing?” you pant.
“Well since you seem like you don’t need my cock to cum, I’m getting myself off,” he smiled smugly before letting a string of spit fall from his lips onto his cock. 
“Please,” you pant, “I want you...I really want you inside me,” you moan, your nipples between fingers, rubbing it gently, stimulating yourself even more, before cupping your breasts in your palms. “You’re so thick and big.”
He inhales sharply, quickening his rhythm on his cock, “m’not sure I got that.”
“Please, Harry,” you whine, “nobody fucks me like you do...nobody fills me up like you.”
He collected his precum on the tip of his thumb, bringing it up to your lower lip, watching you with lidded eyes as you licked his finger, tasting him.
“Want all of me?” he hissed, “want my cum spilling out of that cunt?”
“Please,” you beg, taking him in your hand, running the tip of his velvety cock against the inside of your thigh. He groaned, growing harder in your hand, and you felt your cunt begin to ache at the thought of his cock in you. “You know I don’t like to beg,” you pout. 
“Yeah but you still do, don’t you?” he snickered, your face squeezed between his thumb and the rest of his four fingers. “You act like you don’t, but we both know that’s not true, you’re a greedy little cockslut...aren’t you?”
You drag your nails across his back, desperate for a touch, a release, any attention to your cunt. “Cat’s got your tongue, huh?” he chuckled sitting next to you on the couch, “how will I ever know what you really need if you just whine and whimper?” he shrugged. 
He pats his lap, “c’mon,” he said, rubbing his palm over the black inked tiger tattoo indented in his skin. You threw your leg over his lap, hissing when your cunt made contact with his skin. “Gonna ride my thigh, yeah? Until I know what you really want.” 
He moved his lips to your neck, then to your shoulder, leaving soft kisses, “c’mon it for me,” he whispered into your skin.
You moan as you rock on his thigh, your clit pressing against his thigh. You threw your head back, you were already so close, you weren’t sure how much longer you could take this, “that’s it, that’s my sweet girl,” he praised--his cock in his hand, stroking himself at the sight of you unraveling on him. “Tell me what you want beautiful.”
“Harry- please,” you cry, your voice breaking, your stomach burning, begging for a release. 
“What’s the matter angel?” he asks, tilting his head to the side. The sounds of your pants and your sloppy cunt coating his thigh filling the room.
“Need to...I can’t...” you pant, feeling so overwhelmed, your body shaking with arousal. 
“Yes, you need to what princess?” Harry coos, rubbing your nipples between his fingers. 
“Fuck you!” you cry, “cum. I cum- please,” you sob. 
“Aw, well why didn’t you say that before,” he pouted playfully. He kissed your lips softly, slowly rubbing the head of his cock along your folds, massaging it torturously slow before sliding into you.
“Oh God,” you gasp, as you feel him stretch your cunt. 
“He can’t help you now, angel,” Harry groaned, thrusting his hips up as he fucked mercilessly into you-- the curve of his cock rubbing into you as he pushed deeper into you.
You wrap your arms around his neck, your legs gripping against his thighs, “you’re so full of yourself, you know that right?” you moan into his mouth, rocking your hips against him.
He brings his hand down hard on your ass, “no,” he thrust his hip up hard into you, “you are,” he hissed between his teeth.
“Such a good girl, taking my cock so well,” he praised, licking the upside of your neck, sucking your skin harshly. He slams into you, picking his pace back up again--reaching deeper inside you. Your body goes weak, your head hanging down, as you try to collect yourself, catch your breath.
He grabs your throat, his fingers tight enough to add to him drilling into your cunt. "Didn’t you want to cum...on my cock? Didn’t you want me to fill you up?”
“Yes...yes,” you gasp. “I can take it,” you muster up all you had in you to match his rhythm. 
“I knew you could take me, only a fucking slut like you could, you just love when I ruin this fucking cunt, huh? Always so fucking desperate for it.”
“God, you feel so good,” you both moan, as he thrusts into you, tightening his grip on around your neck. His melodic moans filling--his cock twitching inside of you. 
“Look at me,” he pants as he releases your throat. You meet his gaze, his eyes totally lust-blown, he beams at you, “you’re so beautiful,” he whispers. 
You try to giggle but it comes out staggered as he slams into you, “I’m cum...I’m..” you pant. With a cry, you erupt, feeling your cunt grip around his cock. Your breathing becomes labored as you feel your release running down his length. 
“M’gonna cum,” he cried, “can I cum please?”
You bend your head down to meet his lips, his tongue wild inside your mouth, “look who finally came to his senses,” you chuckle. “Of course, but that’ll tell me how fucking needy you are to fill me up,” you say through your teeth. “Are you really so fucking desperate Harry?”
“Please,” he sobbed, his thrusts becoming sloppy.
“Not sure I heard you correctly,” you purr, rocking your hips slowly on him. “Tell me how desperate you are.”
“Don’t do this to me baby...I- I can’t...” he gasped.
“Yes you can Harry, because you’re my good boy, the best boy!” you beamed. “Always so good, you’re so good,” you whisper against his lips. 
“I need you, need to fill you desperate for it,” he pants, mostly incoherently. 
“Fill me up baby,” you kiss along his jaw. “Show me how much you need it.”
“Thank you,” Harry whimpers, as his body shook, his warmth shooting out and filling you up.
His chest rose and fell as you kissed his forehead, “you were so good baby,” you smiled against his hot skin. 
“Oh God,” he laughed, “I really needed that, you’re amazing...iloveyou,” he mumbles kissing you.
You climb off of him, hissing as he slid out of you, “look how perfect you look with my cum spilling out of you,” he smirked. “Like a boston cream-” 
You slapped his arm cutting him off,  “please do not finish that sentence and don’t ever say that again,” you laugh.
“Speaking of,” you start, “I’m so hungry.”
He looks around for his phone, “I can order something if you want,” he said.
You take his already hard cock in your hand, stroking him in your palm. “I can think of something right here,” you smirk, kissing his tip, still salty from his release. “What do you think?”
Harry chuckled, his fingers reaching under you to rub your clit, “sounds perfect baby.”
a/n- i too would like to be stuffed and filled like a boston cream donut-- thanks for reading! as always, i love youu! 
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metalbuckaroo · 8 days ago
Kinktober Day 6: Thigh Riding
SUMMARY// "I just know I'm gonna be that much more addicted to you when I get to feel your tight cunt around my cock."
WARNINGS// smut, cursing, mention of wet dreams, thigh riding, kinda m masturbation but not really
AU// stripper!bucky x innocent!f!reader
NOTE// I'm sorry I'm so behind on kinktober, I'm trying to catch up, I've just had a lot going on 🥴
Moodboard by// @samhainduchess
Tumblr media
Bucky wasn't use to going to bed before four or five in the morning. So, he stared at the bold, orange numbers on the alarm clock that sat on his nightstand. His fingers absent-mindedly tracing patterns into the skin on your abdomen as you slept peacefully beside him. Back pressed to his chest.
His movements stopped when you hummed lightly in your sleep, his eyes flicking down to look over the calm look on your face as you wiggled your hips against him. A quiet moan pulling from your throat.
An amused smile crept across his face, eyebrows raising as he propped himself up on his metal forearm to get a better look at you. "Hope you're dreaming of me, bunny." Bucky whispered, carefully placing a kiss to your cheek.
Your ass pressed back against him again, another needy whine spilling from your parted lips when he pressed back. "Wake up, angel." He cooed, grinding his hardening cock against your ass as you blinked your eyes open.
You turned to face his, rubbing at your eyes as Bucky peppered kisses go your face. "You awake now?" He mumbled, slipping his hand up the back of your shirt. "Yeah, what's wrong?" You asked, looking at his darkened blues. "What were you dreaming of?"
You squinted your eyes, trying to remember what the dream was about exactly. But, the deep ache in your core and arousal pooled in your underwear was enough to know it wasn't a regular dream. "I don't remember." You shrugged, gasping lightly when Bucky slotted a thick thigh between yours.
"You kept grinding your ass on me, angel." He chuckled, nipping at your lips as he put more pressure on your clothed core. Heat creeping up your neck at the thought of Bucky knowing just what kind of dream it was.
"Don't be shy, ride my thigh." His sultry tone sent a shiver down your spine, metal left hand gripping your hips to urge them back and forth against his toned thigh. "Buck-" you whined, burying your face in the crook of his neck and letting him guide your your movements.
The friction made you keen and buck your hips. "Such'a good girl." He hummed, letting go once you found a rhythm that send sparks down your legs. Slipping his hand in the front of his sweatpants to palm his erection.
"Fuckin' obsessed with you, sweetheart. How you've let me ruin you- you're so perfect, got me addicted." His warm right hand slipped up your front to grope at your chest, groaning into your ear as your slick started to create a wet spot on the fabric of his sweatpants.
"I just know I'm gonna be that much more addicted to you when I get to feel your tight cunt around my cock." Bucky's filthy words egged you on, fingers digging into his firm side as you moaned and keened against his shoulder. Thighs squeezing his as the coil started to tighten, entire body awake and on fire.
"Already such'a needy mess for me, makin' a mess on my thigh. My angel is turning filthy." You whimpered when he flexed his thigh, your hot breath fanning back into your face and pace faltering when warmth sprouted in your veins.
Bucky's cock twitched painfully hard against his hand when you whined his name, nails scratching against the skin of his side bringing a sting. "Good girl." He purred, urging your onto your back once you'd rode your high. A devilish smile tugging his lips when he parted your thighs more.
"One just isn't enough for my girl, you deserve more."
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strnqer · 4 months ago
pairing—colby brock x fem!reader
summary—a game of truth or dare between a. few friends leads up to colby teaching FEMALE!reader one or two things about a certain subject
warnings—mutual masturbation, thigh riding, praising, cursing
recommend—listen to 'slowed down songs i'd like to get railed to' while reading the smut
Tumblr media
Word count: 2.7k
Tumblr media
(𝓨/n) never thought a simple game of truth or dare with her friends would lead her to where she was now, talking to colby brock about her sex life. it was a simple yes or no question, but it somehow got out of hand.
"so, colby it's your turn." sam nudged his best friends shoulder, he was way too busy staring at (y/n) laugh at something brennen had said. "oh, yeah. uh—(y/n), truth or dare." the said girl glanced up at her crush with a small smile, humming in thought,
"truth" brennen nudged her shoulder playfully, earning him a smack in the thigh, he was always teasing her about her crush on colby. obviously he was the only one who knew, him and (y/n) have always been close.
"have you ever had sex with someone." the girls cheeks became red, but didn't let the question affect her, seeing as they were all a group of close friends. "i have, but a long ass time ago, all the guys i've been with so far haven't gotten to the last stage." she shrugged her shoulders and leaned back against brennens side—whom was snickering to himself at the face colby made.
his eyes literally popped out of his skull and his mouth hung open, spluttering out a mess of words "wait, so—what!?" he closed his eyes and paused for a second before staring back at her "like, you don't masturbate either?" (y/n) furrowed her eyebrows, she didn't understand how that question was relevant with her sleeping with someone,
"no colby, i don't finger myself." she deadpanned, colbys cheeks became a soft shade of red and he leaned back in his seat in thought, kat was the one who broke into the conversation "do you now know how to?" she asked curiously, (y/n) shrugged "i tried it a while ago. never got me anywhere to be honest. so i stopped." brennens eyes gleamed playfully, he wrapped an arm around her shoulder and leaned towards their friend group as if he were saying some big secret.
"that's why i'm the booty call." (y/n) scoffed at his words and began to laugh, causing the seriousness to leave the group and laugh along with her. the look colby shot brennens arm that was around her going unnoticed by everyone as they continued their games.
"so you've basically never masturbated then." colbys voice broke her out of her train of thoughts causing her to sigh and lift herself from his bed to get a better look at colby who was laying on the black couch a few feet away.
"robert i already said i have, i'm just
not good at it." she snickered, colby gave her a look at the sound of his second name, causing her to give him a cheeky smile.
colby stood from his seat and walked over to her slowly, deciding to lay beside her. "i," colby cleared his throat, throwing an arm over his face causally, "would you like me to teach you..?" his voice sounded unsure, almost afraid of what her answer would be,
"you have a pussy?" she gasped playfully thinking maybe this was some sort of joke. colby sighed, "i mean with you. use my hands to guide you." he huffed, agitation was clear on his tone of voice.
(y/n) could've passed out, she opened her mouth to reply but ended up messing her sentences
"cole—i, huh.. wha—what do you?—" colby quickly cut her off by sitting up in the bed, "we don't have to if you don't want to. i was just offering if you—yeah.." he cleared his throat preparing himself to sleep on the couch but her harsh rejection never came, instead her soft voice spoke one again, but this time much calmer and collected. "i—what exactly.. would you teach me?" she mumbled almost shyly,
colby cleared his throat once again, "well, i could teach you how to finger yourself and pleasure yourself in more ways then one." his voice was dark, filled with lust and hunger, (y/n) couldn't help herself any longer and decided to fuck gender norms and make the first move. she grabbed the collar of his shirt and pulled him towards her, letting colby grab a fistful of her hair as their lips finally met. colby moaned into the kiss, his other arm quickly wrapping itself around her waist and pulling her to straddle him.
(y/n) mentally screamed at the effect she had on him. she could already feel him harden against her inner thigh, the feeling shooting straight to her core. colbys hands slowly slid down her back and towards her waist, moving inside her shirt and up her back. the feeling of colbys cold fingers brought goosebumps to her skin, she never wanted it to stop.
colby moaned into her mouth as she grinded her hips against his in slow motions, feeling her wet slit against his hardened cock.
"you're so wet for me already and i haven't even touched you." he whispered, (y/n) gasped as she felt him move her to straddle his thigh. "get yourself off on my thigh, sweetheart" colby bit his lip as he watched her grind against the harsh material of his jeans hesitantly. his hands slid up her legs and onto her skirt, lifting the material up until he could see her bright pink panties. he bunched up her skirt on his veiny hand, holding the material to her stomach as he watched her
colby moaned throwing his head back against the headboard of his bed. "just like that, baby. good girl" he praised, his free hand went to her hips as he helped her press down harder, she moaned louder in appreciation, the feeling of his hands on her and the light praises she received almost made her cum right then.
(y/n) moaned as she felt her clit rub against his black ripped jeans, her hips moved faster, watching as his face turned to one of pleasure when her knee brushed against the underside of his clothed erection.
her breathy gasps filled the room along with the noise of her wet pussy.
"colby, c—" she felt the familiar sensation forming in the pit of her stomach.
colby shushed her quietly, pressing a thumb against her clit "i know baby, i know. let it go." (y/n) all but moaned, she threw her head back as her body shook. the high of her orgasm washed over her and colby flicked her clit with his thumb as she rode it out. "won't you look at that" he mumbled, his eyes cast down to the wet patch on his jeans of where her juices landed. "fuck" she whispered.
colby smirked at her expression, "strip." (y/n) nodded and slowly got on her knees beside his body to remove her clothes, she took her time and almost teasingly removed her undergarments "no teasing (y/n). come here" the tone colby used was all but playful and she quickly sat in the middle of his open legs, back pressed against his tattooed chest.
colby took hold of her thighs and forcefully spread them open, hooking her feet against the sides of his legs to keep her in place. funnily enough his room was set for the mood, his lights were dimmed, almost off—and the led lights that surrounded his bed were set to red, his black silk sheets only added on to the fun.
"look at that fucking pussy." colby leaned his head against her shoulder, one hand sliding up to chest "fuck, you're so perfect." (y/n) moaned as colby flicked her nipple between his fingers, "you like that, hm?" she nodded quickly wanting his jeans to go down to where she needed him most, "mh, your gonna like this way more." colby pressed three fingers against her mouth urging her to open. she did and gradually took them in, she sucked on them softly and flicking her tongue against his middle finger "fuck, we should put that mouth to good use soon, hm." she nodded quickly before gagging as his fingers touched the back of her throat "yeah, just like that." he moaned. he loved the way her warm mouth felt against his fingers. he wondered if it'd feel as good to have her somewhere better.
he slid his fingers down her stomach to let her feel the wetness of her saliva. (y/n) arched her back i response, she was slowly growing frustrated the further he went without touching her. "patience." he growled against the shell of her ear. just as his fingers touched her clit he brought her other hand to his mouth, wetting her fingers with his own saliva. she gasped loudly "you feel that?" colby groaned as he brought  her hand down to where his was, letting it feel her wetness "you're so wet for me, sweetheart." (y/n) removed her hand from herself to grip the black sheets,
colby's thumb flicked her clit as his fingers worked on her entrance, he slid in a finger moaning at the feeling of her contract against him, (y/n) whimpered at the strange feeling. it was true what she had said at the party, this really was out of her comfort zone, but she allowed herself to continue, the pleasure was slowly but surely beginning to build up as he fingered her. colby added another finger to stretch her out, he scissored them skillfully edging her closer to her orgasm "here" he pulled out of her and grabbed her hand,
he pressed it against herself and slid two of his fingers along with hers. "you feel that? press on it." he pushed her fingers to press against the spongey tissue, helping her slid them in and out quicker. her grunts only grew louder at the mixture of pain and pleasure of being stretched out. "keep going. i wanna see you touch yourself." (y/n) nodded as colby pulled away, he wrapped his arms around her tightly, a hand pressing down on her lower stomach to keep her in place.
colby watched as she thumbed her clit slowly, fingers sliding in and out quickly, adding in a third. (y/n)'s body arched before harshly pressing down against him brushing against colby's hard dick. colby moaned grinding his hips on her back. he craved release just as much as she did. he went on as he watched her pleasure herself, (y/n) had taken no notice on him as he pressed her towards his crotch. "fuck, fuck," (y/n) repeated as she came closer to her second orgasm, colby's hips faltered, being fed up with the little to no pleasure he was getting. he pressed his hand on his crotch and whimpered, he was sensible.
their moans mixed together as both adults pleasured themselves. colby's hand was fast against himself, watching her fingers work on herself intently, (y/n)'s toes curled as she finally came all over his bed—head thrown back against his shoulder as his free hand went to her tits.
"shit, colby." she mumbled, colby chuckled, "you did so well, (y/n). such a good girl." he mumbled, he brushed a few rogue hairs away from her face placing a soft kiss on her forehead. "rest" he mumbled, pushing her down to lay beside him—ready to stand and clean her up. "wait," she tiredly reached out to grab his hand before he could move "you didn't.." she paused, glancing at him shyly, colby couldn't help but let out a chuckle, heart warming at the fact that she cared enough to ask. "i—i might have," he cleared his throat, eyes glancing down at himself,
(y/n) furrowed her eyebrows before looking down to where his eyes were only to notice a large patch that was darker then the rest of his jeans, right where his dick was. "oh" she giggled, colby playfully rolled his eyes "rest. i'll clean up." she nodded leaning up to plant a small kiss to his lips, she pulled away hesitantly, not sure if what she did was the right thing. colby  noticed and smashed their lips together once again.
"now sleep." he whispered just as he pulled away, "okay." she smiled, getting comfortable under the sheets. she was glad the way this day turned out to be.
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voidsunflower14 · 13 days ago
Day 3: Thigh Riding- Bucky Barnes
Bucky Barns x fem!reader
General Masterlist
Kinktober Masterlist
Warnings: smut, handjob, oral (male and female receiving), slight yandere themes, dirty talk, overstimulation.
Summary: After a long mission you come back with Bucky ready to help you relive your stress.
Tumblr media
I took my hair out of its hair tie and ran a hand through the soft strands. A tired sigh left my mouth as I thought of the long ride over here and the headache on the back of my head. I just left from a mission an hour ago but it’s felt like longer. I couldn't even get a good rest on the plane because I had to go through all the paperwork which was me describing how everything went while the pilot talked my ear off. When I got to my room I jumped in my bed and soaked in the feeling of the plush solid. I noticed how nice my muscles felt against it make me sighed and get up, stripped my clothes, and going towards the bathroom to take a shower.
Once I was in I let the hot water cascade down my body wetting everything in its path. It went my hair flattening it against my skull the water dripping down my face and the went between my breasts. When I was finished I wrapped a towel around my body feeling satisfied at the clean feeling. I stepped out and cleared the fog from the mirror.
I entered the room and almost jumped at the figure sitting on my bed. "Jesus, Bucky you almost gave me a heart attack," I said while putting my hand over my beating heart making his eyes trail there.
"I knew you'd be out and I wanted to see you." He said mumbling and looking away, his hands rubbing his thighs. I smiled at his words. Me and Bucky have been friends since he joined SHIELD and I've been helping him adjust to the modern generation.
"Well that means a lot, sorry I took a long time, I really needed a long shower," I said as I started taking out some clothes to put on. "And I still feel so stressed," I said as I rubbed my sore neck and sighed. I got dressed and started walking back towards the bathroom. His voice stopped me.
"Wait, I can help you relax." He said I could see his adam's apple bobbing. I raised my eyebrow and moved my hands to tell him to continue. "If you don't want you can stop any time okay?" My breathing became quick I felt like I was catching on to what he was saying.
I've never seen Bucky like that but I knew he was a good-looking man that definitely wasn’t hard to see but I only saw him as a friend. I nodded and came closer to him when I was standing in front of him and he pulled me into his lap. The quick movement almost made me drop my towel making my hands hold onto it in reflex. His lips connected to mine I leaned in almost immediately deepening the kiss. His hands grabbed my hips and pulled me closer his tongue poking out of is mouth and into mine. He moved my hips on him harshly making me moan out at the feeling of my clit catching on his rough jeans.
He saw me and pushed my towel off of my body dropping it to the ground and he positioned me above his left thigh and pushed me down making me slap a hand over my mouth. He grounded me down as I kept my mouth covered, not wanting Nat to hear my moaning next door. His thigh set a rough pace and kept consistently runting into my clit.
"Fuck don’t cover that mouth from making those pretty noises." He grabbed both my hands and put them behind my back holding them there. I drop my head on his shoulder as I moan out at the rocking my clits getting off to the rough material. I cum hard staining his black jeans with my juices. He eases me off of him and sets me down on the bed. He goes down so his face is leveled with my clit and licks through my slit and in my entrance making me cum again.
By my the 3rd orgasm I feel tired Bucky seems to notice and decides to pardon me snuggling me up against him. I see him shifting causing me to look down at the huge bulge sticking out of his jeans. I lay my head against his chest and kiss his neck making him take a breath in. I slip my hand lower and massage him through his jeans making him lean his head against mine. His eyes followed my fingers sneaking down the trough material of his jeans. His hand laid flat on my stomach making sure I wouldn’t move away from his hot body.
I unbutton them and unzips his jeans shoving them down with the help of him lifting his twitching hips. His cock springs out hitting his shirt a wet string of pre-cum wetting it. My hand goes around his shift rotating my wrist to go around his red cock. I gather the spit in my mouth and collect it in my hand and jerk him off. I could hear him moaning his hips rutting up to feel me. My hand goes back up and squeezes his tip making him moan in my ear.
"Fuck your such a good girl. Pretty much my good little slut ready to use my thigh to get herself off huh?" His hand had come to take his shirt off letting me see his perfectly sculpted body. I let my hand go faster as I kissed and sucked his neck marking him as mine. I suddenly find his sweet spot making him twitch in my hand signaling me he was close. I lean down him letting me as I bring my mouth down to suck on his tip. As I bring my mouth down again taking more of him in he pushes y hair away from my face watching his cock disappear in my mouth. He moans pushing his hips deeper in me and forcing my head down on him causing me to gag on his thickness.
“Just like that.” He moans out and grabs my hair pushing me all the way down I lead my hand down to fondle his balls massaging them. He throws his head back as the twitching becomes persistent and he gets closer. He keeps my head down and cums down my throat making me have to swallow around him. He keeps fucking my throat till his balls are empty then he lets me go.
I wipe my mouth from all the gathered saliva and cum and take a breath in. His hand comes up and lifts my chin taking in my appearance. All Bucky could think about when he looked at my ruined face was how hot I looked with my reddened eyes my blushed over cheeks and my messed up hair. He leaned up close to me and kissed me his hand holding my cheek in place. When he parted he leaned back taking me with him he made me cuddle against him his grip was tight and possessive like he didn't;t want to let me go anytime soon. He kissed my head and lead me to go to sleep with him.
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immabitchprincess · 4 months ago
I'd be happier if I was riding a thigh
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imbuckybarnesdoll · 22 days ago
𝗧𝗵𝗶𝗴𝗵 𝗥𝗶𝗱𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝘽.𝘽
warning: 𝘁𝗵𝗶𝗴𝗵 𝗿𝗶𝗱𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝗳𝗹𝘂𝗳𝗳 𝗮𝘁 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗲𝗻𝗱. (𝗦𝗼𝗿𝗿𝘆 𝗶𝗳 𝗺𝘆 𝘄𝗮𝗿𝗻𝗶𝗻𝗴𝘀 𝗮𝗿𝗲 𝘄𝗿𝗼𝗻𝗴 𝗶𝗺 𝗮 𝘃𝗲𝗿𝘆 𝗹𝗮𝘇𝘆 𝗽𝗲𝗿𝘀𝗼𝗻 𝗹𝗼𝗹) 18+ IF YOU ARE YOUNGER PLS GO AWAY (ik y'all not listening anyways) ENJOY HOES!! P. S: this is my first smut in here so don't you dare judge it thank you
Tumblr media
You were laid in bed, waiting for Bucky to come home from his three week mission. Tonight was the night he was supposed to come home. You were also really horny so you were impatient and excited. But eventually you got tired before you could close your eyes you heard the the lock turn and the door open. You shot out of bed and ran into the living room.
"Bucky!!", You ran up to him and jumped into his arms. Bucky hugged you tightly but eventually let go.
"Hey doll..", he said with a tired voice.
"Hey", you give him a heartwarming smile then you hugged him again.
You lifted your head from his chest and kissed him. He kissed you back and then pulled away.
"I'm tired", he said with that adorable sleepy voice.
" C'mon baby. I'll run you a bath",  you said walking inside to the bathroom to run the nice and warm bath.
After Bucky's bath he sat down on the edge of the bed and called you over,"C'mere  doll".
You walked over to him and he pulled you onto his lap. You leaned down and kissed him passionately. When the kiss got heated Bucky pulled away. Again.
"Doll, I'm tired...", He said as his head laid in the crook of your neck.
You felt really terrible. 'Of course he was going to be tired!! He just came back from a three week mission you idiot!! You're a horny fuck you know that!!', you thought to yourself.
"Aww baby go on, go sleep", you gave him a peck on the lips and moved to get off his lap, but he held you there.
"No, I ... I want to make you feel good", he said now, looking at you.
"Baby you don't have to it's fine-", you were cut off by Bucky's lips crashing into yours.
When he finally pulled away he moved you to sit on his thigh.
"Make yourself feel good baby, I want you to feel good", he moved your hips against his thigh and you let out a shaky breath.
Bucky stopped his movements and lifted you up so that you can take your sweatpants off. You yanked it off and threw it across the room. You got back onto Bucky's thigh and you began to grind your hips against it.
You started to pick up your pace on his thigh and you moaned when he flexed it. The friction of his sweats made you moan loudly and you began to go even  faster. You held onto Bucky's shoulders and buried your face into the crook of his neck as you moaned. You were a moaning mess. You didn't know something like his thigh could make you feel so good. So fucking good.
You felt a knot starting to form in you stomach and your legs began shaking. Your pace slowed down but immediately, that fast pace returned. Bucky moved you along his thigh even faster. You moaned loudly and you started to see stars as your eyes rolled to the back of your head. You came all over Bucky's pants. Bucky kept moving your hips to get you down from your high.
When you came down, you sat there panting and your head still buried in the crook of Bucky's head.
"You feel better now doll?", Bucky asked while caressing your back.
You gave him a tired nod and then got up to clean yourself up. You went to your closet and picked out a clean pair of sweatpants for Bucky. You made sure to only buy the grey ones because it always looked so fucking sexy on him. You took the clean pair of sweatpants to him and you started to put your pants back on.
You crawled into bed next to Bucky and cuddled into his chest.
"I love you, doll", Bucky said and he gave you a kiss on the forehead.
"𝘐 𝘮𝘩𝘶 𝘺𝘩𝘶 𝘵𝘸𝘩𝘰𝘰 𝘣𝘶𝘵𝘵𝘺", you muttered half asleep.
Bucky couldn't make out a word you said, but it sounded like an i love you too Bucky.
"God I love you sweetheart. More than you could ever know", Bucky muttered.
Bucky turned you around so that he was spooning you. Bucky immediately fell asleep and cuddled you the whole night.
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kjmalfoy · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
Nanami Kento | The Sugar Daddy
•18+ Content
•Thigh riding, Age gap, Praising kink, Voyeurism, Masturbation, Slight daddy kink.
You tossed your Channel and Versace bags away, another day of living luxuriously. You kicked off your Gucci heels, adding to the clutter of heels in the corner.
You jumped on your bed, sinking into the expensive Mulberry Silk sheets and Lynx Fur blankets. Your body relaxed instantly, your feet rubbing against the chilly soft blanket.
You were living as if you were a barbie. Spoiled, Rich, and Unemployed. Your only job was being incredibly beautiful. You lived in the richest part of Manhattan, dozens of billionaires at their feet for you.
And you just blinked an eye at them.
You had it all, thanks to billionaire sugar daddy, Nanami Kento. You didn’t need anyone else, nor did you want anyone else. Nanami gave you everything you wanted and more. He paid all your bills, letting you keep the money he gave you to spoil yourself as his treat.
Of course, you didn’t care. He had the looks and body of a god, so giving him the sugar wasn’t an issue. Recently, Nanami increased your weekly allowance due to him being away for a business meeting.
Although you knew what you sighed up for, you couldn’t help but feel lonely. Every night you would attempt to please yourself, moaning and whimpering his name but nothing worked. Not even the toys he bought to spice your sex life up.
Your body was failing miserably to cum without him. He treated your body like a temple, and he knew every secret. Without him, you were lost. Nothing a dog in heat.
Your body was overheating, your hormones firing rapidly. Your head was spinning, hands unknowingly traveling down your abdomen, lifting your dress.
Your chest started rising, your expensive lingerie set dampening. You closed your eyes, imagining your last night with Nanami. Your imagination was going wild, adding detail to the exciting sex from weeks ago.
Your fingers slipped into your hole, pumping slowly, curling at the tips. You moved your wrist faster, your pent-up orgasm slowly building up. Your moaning got louder, spilling into the other room.
Right as your orgasm was taking over, you heard keys jingling. You jumped up, pulling your dress down and fixing your messy hair. You peaked through the opening of your door, looking down the hall.
“Megumi? Is that you?” You spoke down the hallway, slowly making your way towards your living room.
You heard a deep chuckle, dress shoes clacking against your wooden floors. “Megumi? Has someone took my place, Princess?”
Your eyes widened, turning around the corner and seeing Nanami spread out on the couch. You felt your heart skip a beat, your pussy throbbing at the sight of him. Nanami was slowly undoing his button-up shirt, revealing his tense abs.
“Come here, Sweet Girl. I know you missed me.” He spoke, signaling you with his fingers.
Your feet moved on their own, your ass sitting directly in his lap. Nanami wrapped his arms around your waist, rubbing the inner of your thighs. A measly squeaked brushed your lips, moaning at the small friction.
Nanami cocked an eyebrow, his hand pushing further up your thigh. “Excited? I missed you too.” He kissed your bare shoulder, pressing his pinky against your clothed pussy.
Nanami groaned at the feeling of your slick, hooking his index finger around the bed of the panties. He pushed them into the crevice of your thigh, exposed your cunt fully.
Nanami flipped your around, your body now facing him. “Ride my thigh, Princess.” He whispered into your ear, holding your waist tightly.
You adjusted yourself right above his bulge, his cock pressing against your warm pussy. You wrapped your arms around his neck, burying your face in the crook of his neck. Nanami held your hips, guiding you as you rid his thigh, the friction making your vision blur.
Fragments of whimpers and pants left your mouth, your hips bucking into Nanami's grip. Nanami smirked, watching as you pleasure him against his lap. His eyes were hooded, glowing with desire. After weeks, all he needed was you.
Your fingers played with the ends of his hair, tugging each time your orgasm made a knot in your stomach. You nibbled onto his pale neck, leaving bite marks everywhere. Your body was overwhelming, your head spin with pleasure.
Nanami’s soft praises didn’t help, it all added to your arousal. His hand traveled up your back, making your body pool with goosebumps. His fingers twisted themselves in your hair, gripping it harshly and pulling.
Your head yanked back, staring up at the ceiling. “Faster, I want your cum dripping off my thigh.” He gritted his teeth, bouncing his leg.
Your body shook, a long string of curse words flowing off your tongue. You moved faster, his cock hardening below you. Your stomach turned, cum already seeping out of you. Your vision went blank, the white ceiling making you spin.
“Ah- Fuck, Daddy.” You moaned, his leg bouncing faster, holding your weight like nothing. Nanami smiled, pressing a sloppy kiss against your bare neck.
Your orgasm washed over you, the feeling of Nanami’s teeth sinking into your skin made you feral. Your cum squirted all over his beige pants, wet stains everywhere. Your body trembled, his hold on your hips being your only support.
He let your hair go, your body collapsing in his. Your breathing was heavy, your heart racing with Nanami’s. Your hot breath flowed down his neck from your pants, your intense orgasm draining your energy.
Nanami chucked, his lips vibrating against your neck. Your body turned into putty, you were already wrecked. Nanami adjusted your body, placing you on your knees in front of him.
He tucked his fingers under your chin, your body firing up from this action. You yearned for his touch, even the small things made you addicted to him. He played with your bottom lip, tugging it down your chin.
He opened your mouth, pressing two fingers against your tongue. “Such a beautiful slut.” He mocked, spitting in your mouth.
Your eyes rolled back, your pussy dripping into the hardwood floors. You placed your hands on his thighs, rubbing them softly. Nanami smiled, “Fuck, you look perfect right now-“ He used his other hand, rubbing the smeared eyeliner in.
You looked at him with puppy eyes, your body high with his praise. His eyes were focused, almost thoughtful. Your heartbeat was loud, pumping out of your chest. You wanted more. Your body needed more.
Nanami cupped your cheek, looking at you mockingly while smirking sinisterly. Your body melted, nuzzling into his warm hand. “Nanami” Your voice was soft, almost a whisper.
“I know you can speak. Use your words, Princess.” He teased, leaning down and nuzzling his lips against yours.
“Please…” That was all you said, spreading your legs further apart. Nanami looked down, eyes glistening off the wetness covering your pussy and thighs.
Nanami chuckled, “Touch yourself.” He ordered roughly, sitting back and unzipping his pants.
You looked blankly, just watching Nanami. His hips buckled, pulling his pants and boxers to his thighs. His cock smacked against his stomach, a slight curve from the hardness of it.
“You heard me, let’s get off. Together.” He said, palming his cock as he pushed your legs fully apart with his foot.
You swallowed the lump in your throat, discarding the tight dress, leaving you bare. You leaned back, using your right palm as support. You rubbed your breast, pinching and twirling your nipple in between your fingers.
You moaned sweetly, lazily watching as Nanami stroked his cock to your moans. He tilted his head back, barely watching you. Your hand flowed down your abdomen, index, and middle finger rubbing against your bundle of nerves.
You whimpered loudly, your body still simulated from your orgasm earlier. Nanami’s eye shot open, groaning as he spits on the tip of his dick. You gnawed on your lip, rubbing your clit faster.
Hearing his groans made your arousal go wild, your nipples hardened and pussy throbbing just asked to be used. Your pants filled the penthouse, all the windows fogging up.
“Finger yourself. Moan my name, tell me who owns you.” Nanami muttered, pumping his cock faster.
“Yes, Sir.” You moaned, dipping your fingers into your tight hole. You moaned loudly, eyes rolling back slightly. Nanami watched you keenly, his attention directly on you.
He rubbed his palm on the tip of his cock, whimpering your name sweetly. The sensitive pleasure made him bottom out, his mind going crazy with the thought of his dick inside you.
You curled your fingers, stomach tightening with the action. A rough pant left your mouth, pumping your fingers faster. “Ah- Shit, Nanami.” You moaned, arching your back as you humped your hand.
“Such a good girl, Y/n. Say daddy’s name again.” Nanami breathed, his cock twitching against his rough palm.
You hooked one arm around your leg, lifting it to spread your folds further apart. Your body went into a state of euphoria, your fingers rapidly moving on their own. Your hips buckled, riding your fingers, desperately trying to chase your orgasm.
Nanami’s nostrils flared, his jaw tensing and veins popping through his forehead. His hand tightened, stroking his cock hopelessly. He watched you in glory as you wrecked your own body, forcing himself to keep his eyes locked.
Your vision blurred, the overstimulation taking over. Your head spun as if you were drunk. Your eyes twitched, your pupils completely out of sight. Moans and mummers spilled from your mouth, just pathetic pleas for Nanami.
“Oh, fuck yes. Please, Nanami!” You cried out, slamming your dainty fingers into your hole, pushing the deepest you had gone.
Nanami’s dark eyes set your body on fire, his glaze alone making your orgasm take over. He looked at you with pure lust, flares in his golden eyes. He sucked in his bottom lip, his sharp teeth digging into his lip.
“Fuck, say it again.” He growled, moving his hips so it was meeting his hand. Your eyebrows furrowed together, a slutty puppy look on your face. Your stomached knotted, eyes flaring up.
“Ah! Shit, shit, shit. God, Nanami!” You cried out, tears clouding your eyes as your orgasm washed over you.
Your cum squirted everywhere, a puddle below your cunt. Nanami watched your body shake, your brittle and tired voice still moaning his name and begging for more. His cock twitched, his body unable to hold back his orgasm.
His cum squirted on his abs, white stuff painting his porcelain tan skin. A string of curse words left his mouth, his voice was raspy and deep. You both panted, your orgasms draining you fully.
Nanami wiped his cum with his fingers, leaning over and stuffing his fingers in your mouth. “Clean it, will you?” He asked politely, winking softly.
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