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I decided to draw a second part, mostly cause I love Bilbo in a confuse state. Is the first time I draw Ori, don’t know if I did it well but mistakes make us better. :) Hope you like it.


Part 1

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So this took me forever, my bad! I knew the direction I wanted this to go, but I couldn’t seem to make it fit how I wanted it to. But it finally came, so here it is. This was fun to write, thanks for the prompt :)

Drabble prompts;

#39; What color do you like better?

Bilbo surveyed the options before him with a sigh. Dori was trying to persuade him to go for more traditional dwarven clothing, but the pieces felt too dark and heavy on him. He’d felt the appeal of including the royal colours - Thorin’s colours - but the selection he’d been presented with made him feel as if he were being dressed like a misfit dwarrow, and not a hobbit. He looked awkward and out of place.

Thorin had been resistant to the preparation of the royal garb - he’d not shaken the disappointment in himself for succumbing to the dragon sickness, and so shunned any heavy cloaks or robes that called back to the time he’‘d draped himself in royal furs and nearly brought ruin upon them all.

He was coming around, though.They’d agreed to go for items closer to what he’d worn as a prince, and then in Ered Luin - to build an image of Thorin Oakenshield, leader of a people, as King; not one of Thorin, son of Thráin, son of Thrór - heir to a history of madness. Bilbo had persuaded Dori to leave the clothes in their chambers for them try, rather than having them visit the tailoring rooms; they were both busy enough, and one less appointment in their schedules was a relief.

“One would think those garments have offended you, somehow”

A smile stretched across Bilbo’s face; It was a rare event when that particular deep voice didn’t cause his mood to brighten. He picked up the two best options from the table and turned.

“Which colour do you like better - ” Bilbo trailed off as he turned, his eyes roving up and down Thorin’s form. He looked - he looked imposing, and regal, and breathtakingly handsome. Dori has obviously managed to find enough fabric in the shade they’ve been seeking to match - it’s a bright, royal colour, and it contrasts with Thorins dark hair and brings out his eyes. There’s grey fur adorned with silver chains laying across his shoulders, coming across to meet in the centre of his chest, leaving a geometric window of his tunic visible. His belt is wide, with a large buckle bearing Thorin’s sigil in the centre. Thorin’s thumbs are resting either side of it, adorned in rings. He’s always stolen the breath from Bilbo’s chest, even wearing the old cast offs Bard had provided them in Laketown - but this. This is something else entirely.

By the time he’s dragged his eyes back up to meet Thorin’s, he looks vaguely uncomfortable. Bilbo crosses to him, discarding the clothes he was holding on a chair as he passes, and lays his fingertips on the grey fur on Thorin’s chest. He follows the soft hair down, to where it meets in the centre, and then moves up to skim Thorin’s throat and out across his shoulders.

“Thorin. You look - I’ve not the words. This is… this is perfect”

Thorin seems surprised.

“Dori went a little overboard - but even the King only dares argue with him so many times”

“I’m glad. If you’d denied me the chance to see this, I’d have been disappointed indeed” 

He takes hold of Thorin’s braids, and pulls him forwards to speak the last words against his mouth, so there can be no doubt as to his meaning. Thorin smiles, and his hands come up to Bilbo’s waist - they’re so large they nearly cover his back.  

“Perhaps I’ll allow him his judgement and keep them after all, then, if it pleases my intended consort so”

Bilbo’s fingers toy with the ornate clasp holding the furs joined in the middle, slowly unhooking it and inching the fabric up over Thorin’s shoulders.

“I think I’d like to inspect it all a little more closely, to make sure I approve of it all. Piece by piece. Right now”

Thorin doesn’t say anything, but he does kiss Bilbo in a manner that makes his innards squirm, so he’ll consider that an agreement. If he were Dwalin, of Bofur, he’d be thinking something in poor humor, like how Thorin’s clothes look as good on Bilbo’s floor as they do on Thorin. Bilbo’s much less crass than them, though, so he’ll content himself with thinking that sometimes nice  wrapping does sometimes make the gift within that much more enjoyable.

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The pause was as thick as the weather. While he waited Thorin lifted up the ring until it brushed against the corner of his mouth where Bilbo’s lips had touched it just last night. Did hobbits give their affections as freely as that, or were they something to be cherished? Now that they were safe again he had more time to think about it. Kisses were sacred, private things to dwarves, shared only between lovers and wedded couples. Did hobbits exchange them as easily as saying ‘good morning’? And why did that thought make him feel so put out? Thorin gave himself a shake to try to regain his senses but he wasn’t sure how much good it did. He had awoken the next morning to find that his nephews had wrapped themselves around the burglar like creeper vines. It had both pleased him to see them opening up to someone who wasn’t family and irritated him at the same time for wondering what it would be like to take their place.
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The rest of his hair was wet and wild as if he’d just recently washed it and that was the only thing that helped Bilbo rip his mesmerized gaze away from the delicate movements. Dwarves and their braids had always been a source of fascination to him. That such a thing could be considered effeminate by certain races such as men and hobbits and yet still represent a warrior’s pride and other such important meanings for dwarves intrigued Bilbo to no end. Some braids meant marriage and children while others stood for honor won in battle and each had their own special way of being twined. Thorin’s were probably for either royalty or battle-honor. Bilbo had never asked.
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When Bilbo finally came to a stop, standing at the edge of the camp, Thorin made his move. “Everything all right?” Thorin rumbled, as he circled closely behind the stationary hobbit. He didn’t miss the way his One shuddered.

“Everything’s fine,” Bilbo returned through clenched teeth.

”Then why are you acting so … different.” Thorin leaned a little closer, and Bilbo’s ear twitched before the hobbit shook himself visibly from whatever affect Thorin’s voice was having. He couldn’t help a small self-satisfied smirk.

"Whose to say that I am?”

“Several have said it already. You haven’t gone for your walk, and you can’t seem to sit still.”

“I’m standing still right now.”

“I’m not leaving without an answer.” Thorin leaned in closer, nearly brushing the hobbit’s ears with his lips.

With another shudder, Bilbo turned his ear away. He still didn’t reply at first, but, after a few moments, sucked in a deep breath and sighed it out. “We’re being followed.”

”What?” Thorin was instantly at attention, casting his gaze around the edges of their camp. There was a sparse copse of trees on one side that significantly hindered his range. “Are you sure?”

“Positive. They been following us all day. Trying to catch up, I’d wager.”

“Are you a gambling hobbit, Master Baggins?” Thorin continued to peer out into the darkness around them.

“Only when I know I’ll win.”

~~Excerpt of Chapter 15 of The Blind Burglar by Domestic Goddess on Ao3 to be updated on October 26th. Subscribe now!❤

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I was bored and downloaded a faceapp which had a feature which allowed an AI to cross photos of two persons and see what their children would look like and somewhere along the line of experimenting with photos in my gallery this happened

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”Well, your dwarves insist they cannot fit another back on those ponies and still have room to ride.” Adamanta walked back to them, a complaint on her lips. “But there are two more sacks, and you must take them! It will be very distressing to me if you don’t!”

”I’ll take ‘em!” A new voice came up behind them. “My pony’s still got room.” The hobbit smirked at their wide-eyed stairs.

”Dinodas?” Adamanta addressed the newcomer. “Are you going too?”


”No!” Bilbo denied over top of him. “You can’t go! You have … responsibilities! You’re head of the bounders!”

”Not anymore.”

”What?! But you were just promoted!”

”Which just made it easier to quit, really, if you think about it.”

”You can’t!”

”I’m afraid he already did,” Gerontius informed. “Approached me last night after dinner. Didn’t even hold the title for twelve hours. It’s a new record.”

”Wha- Bu- No!” Bilbo spluttered. “You can’t come! You’ve never come before! Why are you doing this?! What are you thinking?! I can’t protect you!”

”Uh, yeah, about that,” Dino hummed. “Ya see, I’m coming along to protect you. You’ve practically been living in that arm chair of yours and are not prepared for a life on the road. And I know you’re a seer, but ya are a bit on the wee side.” He pinched his fingers in front of his face to emphasize his point.

”Excuse me! I have done perfectly well every– well, most– okay, many other times! I do not need to be hobbit-sat, and my size has nothing to do with anything! I will have you know I have faced orcs, goblins, spiders, dragons, and a bloody balrog! I can handle myself just fine, thank you very much!” Bilbo blustered harmlessly.

~~Excerpt of Chapter 12 of Once Again by Domestic Goddess on Ao3 to be updated on October 26th. Subscribe now!❤

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Studying the room, Bilbo tried to devise a strategy. Just when he was about to give up and make a run for it, a heard he familiar voice. Dori marched into the kitchen, barking orders as he directed a serving tray to be loaded. Yes! Now Bilbo just had to get his attention. Dori certainly wouldn’t try to eat him. Maybe the sheep would even help him get back to the king’s rooms. “Hey,” he whispered, but went unnoticed. There was too much noise and activity.

Bilbo sighed. Was he going to have to run out after all? Fortunately, Dori unwittingly supplied the solution and came to stand by the cupboards to get out of the way.

“Pssst. Hey!” Bilbo tried again. The fussy sheep definitely heard him this time and glanced around curiously. “Behind you.”

With that, Dori spun around and nearly jumped out of his skin. “Master Bilbo?” He gaped. “What are you doing here?”

“I, uh, got lost?”

“Oh, Mahal. The king’s going to bloody kill me when he finds out you left his rooms! How did you get out?” Dori’s eyes shifting about as he tried to act normal.

“You left the door unlocked?”

“I did not. I most certainly remember locking it.”

“Are you sure?”

“I … ” Dori rubbed his fluffy white beard. “I think so?”

“Well, what can I say?” Bilbo shrugged, not above taking advantage of the servant’s doubt. “Here I am. What time is it anyway? Does the king know I’m missing?”

“Of course not! It’s barely lunch! I was just getting ready to bring your meal.”

“Really? I felt longer than that. Hey! That means if you can get me back to the king’s rooms no one has to know about this. I won’t tell if you won’t.”

~~Excerpt of Chapter 5 of Bride of the Demon King by Domestic Goddess on Ao3 to be updated on October 26th. Subscribe now!❤

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Hey everyone! Since it’s october, I thought I’d pick a fic with spoo~ky overtones. Though I have a couple to choose from, I just had to go with “Golden Fog” by teaDragon.

Another fic that I’ve read multiple times, this one is a wonderfully crafted holloween story set in a modern middle-earth. The story is very well done and original. Packed with plenty of mystery, monsters, suspence and adorkable flirting. So, if you’re open to modern aus and looking for a fun fic appropriate for the season, you should definitely check this one out. It’s well worth the read.😉🥰🎃

Golden Fog (83649 words) by teaDragon
Chapters: 14/14
Fandom: The Hobbit - All Media Types
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Bilbo Baggins/Thorin Oakenshield
Characters: Thorin Oakenshield, Bilbo Baggins, Dís, Fíli, Kíli, Other Hobbits and Dwarves
Additional Tags: Horror, Supernatural Elements, Past Character Death, Alternate Universe - Modern Setting, set in the shire, Hurt/Comfort, reference to minor character death, references to violence and tourture, Rituals, Eventual Happy Ending, Angst, Awkward Flirting

When Thorin grudgingly decided to visit his sister and her family in the Shire, he expected to find a slow, sleepy town out in the country.

He had not expected that the seemingly peaceful Shire covered a dark secret. And he had certainly not expected to develop feelings for a small, curly-haired man. Nor for the same man to somehow be deeply connected to a series of strange and frightening disappearances.

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He swung open the door, just short of obnoxiously, and glared. But he didn’t see anyone, at least, not until he lowered his gaze. If it wasn’t the penniless, exiled dwarf king himself. Thorin almost looked surprised to see him. “What do you want? And how did you find my private quarters?” Thranduil pinned the dwarf with a suspicious gaze.

Thorin raised a brow. “I wasn’t aware these were your quarters. I assure you I didn’t come to see you.”

“So you just happened to find them?” Thranduil narrowed his eyes. “What do you want? I’ve no interest in hearing about your quest.”

“I’m not here for you. You have something of mine.” Thorin suppressed a growl.

Thranduil scoffed. He had to give the dwarf some credit. Thorin was making more of an attempt to be civil than Thranduil had thought him capable of. Probably only for the hobbit’s sake. How did a vulgar second born manage to be so lucky as to be paired with someone as precious as Bilbo? There was no way a dwarf deserved such a gift.

“Do I?” he asked airily, leaving the door open in an unofficial invitation and sauntering back to his table. The conversation could prove entertaining if he held some kind of leverage over the dwarf. “And what would that be?”

Stepping in cautiously, Thorin glanced around the room. “I think you know what I’m talking about.” He glared.

“Your sword perhaps? It is an eleven sword. You have no true claim to it,” Thranduil goaded.

Thorin pinned him with a half suspiciously and half confused look. “I’m not here for a bloody sword.”

It was Thranduil’s turn to look confused. “Then why are you here?”

Thorin stared harder, as if trying to determine if he was lying.

“Well?” Thranduil prompted impatiently. What could he possibly have that Thorin would bother to track down his quarters and personally face him to retrieve? The only thing the dwarf seemed to care that much about was … “Are you accusing me of taking your hobbit?!” he scoffed.

~~Excerpt from chapter 46 of Small, but Fierce by Domestic Goddess on Ao3 to be updated on Oct 19th. Subscribe now! ❤

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Yeah, this is one of my new ideas that I actually have worked on more than what I thought I would… 😅 So in this one, Bilbo is a dragon who has grown up in the Old Forest until a wizard comes along and brings him into his service. And when Thror first starts to fall under the Dragon Sickness, Thrain sends for Gandalf and his “hobbity” dragon expert.

Basically I had seen a lot of stories where Bilbo was really a dragon during the quest, but I kind of liked the idea of putting Dragon!Bilbo pre-fall of Erebor and having Bilbo and Thorin’s relationship develop from there.

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So I was tagged by @ahufflepuffhobbit for WIP Wednesday, but since I’ve been working on things today, it’s going to be WIP Thursday! I just got done tagging people so I’m not going to do it again. Feel free to do it if you want and tag me so I can see your lovely WIPs!

This is from Guardian of Kings, but I’m going to give you a glimpse of Thorin’s POV.  😉 There was a lot about this fic that I didn’t feel like I would get to sum up in the 5 chapters from Bilbo’s POV. So I was toying around with tacking on Thorin’s POV as a bonus at the end, and working on it helps me see what I need to do with Bilbo’s POV. So this is the first chapter basically retold. Please enjoy!

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The hunters slipped into the hot springs with a chorus of moans. Even Thorin couldn’t bite back the groan that escaped as his sore muscles slowly dipped beneath the soothing hot water.

“I’m so sorry,” Bilbo chuckled sympathetically. “I really was trying to go easy on you.”

“It’s not your fault, Uncle Bilbo,” Kili assured through gritted teeth.

“Yeah, we’re just a lot wimpier than we thought,” Kili agreed.

Thorin groaned again. Something was out of place in his back, and it was sending streaks of pain down his legs.

“Oh, you’re not,” Bilbo tutted. “You’re actually very impressive for hunters, especially for your age. Come here, love.” He gently tugged Thorin around so his hunter’s back was to him. Running his fingers along Thorin’s spine, he found what he was looking for. With a gentle press, Thorin’s back popped loudly, resulting in instant relief. Finally, the hunter was able to relax without the constant pain and leaned back into his vampire’s arms.

Wrapping around him, Bilbo easily supported his hunter. “You don’t have to push yourself so hard, you know,” he sighed, resting his chin on his mate’s shoulder.

Thorin only had the energy to grunt on response. Shortly after getting back from Bree, they had started a new, and rather intense, training routine. Bilbo was training them personally, and that included sparring with them.

Really, it wasn’t any more intense than they wanted it to be. Bilbo only ever played a defensive role so it was entirely up to them how hard they pushed themselves. The boys would take turns or work together until they were too sore or too tired to get thrown back or knocked around again. Thorin wasn’t that smart, apparently.

~~Excerpt from chapter 72 of Of Cold Hearts by Domestic Goddess on Ao3 to be updated on Oct 19th. Subscribe now! ❤

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