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justalittlelitnerd · a year ago
But what kind of a victory is it when I don’t want it anymore?
Crazy for Loving You by Pippa Grant
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adhd-vibes · 5 months ago
sometimes, if i’m lucky, i can accomplish one (1) task a day
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You do owe the world things, actually. It’s just those things tend to be perfectly balanced. 
You owe people respect and dignity; they owe the same to you. 
You owe children kindness; as a child, you are owed a kind world. 
You are owed nourishment by any world that brings you into existence, you are owed a chance to thrive. In return, you owe the same to any people or creatures you agree to take guardianship over.
The issue is not that we, and others, and the world in general, owe each other.  We are all born being owed certain things, and by living we acquire debts; life requires this interdependence to thrive. The issue is that we are often misled as to what this actually means, by those who would take advantage of us. We are lied to by authority figures who do not want to respect us, or acknowledge their responsibility to us. Worse: we mistakenly come to believe that taking advantage of others is the key to restoring balance. We were cheated, so others must be cheated in turn. 
We trap ourselves in these deadly cycles. Society betrays us so we are taught to disengage, to break it further. We are taught to forget the value of repair. We are taught to forget what is owed. Fundamentally, we are taught to forget that people are owed basic decency. When we say we owe the world nothing, we forget we are affirming the opposite: the world owes us nothing in return.
But this is so incredibly untrue. We owe the world things, and are owed in return, and that’s good, that is so so good. I would hate to live in a world where I didn’t believe people were fundamentally owed dignity and decency and kindness. The real issue is that these things often go unpaid, and unreciprocated. We think: “The world gave me nothing, though it should have. Why should I owe anything?” 
And that is such a dangerous way to think. That type of thought just turns you into another gear in a destructive machine. That type of thought just allows despair to self-replicate. That type of thought validates the abusers and ensures there is never a shortage of victims. Feed those kinds of thoughts, and a plug gets pulled somewhere inside you, and lets the humanity drain away. You lose everything, trying to steal from others what was stolen from you. You cheat yourself and the world, with that kind of thinking. 
I promise you this: When we try to balance the scales by refusing to pay forward what wasn’t paid to us, we just double the debt and burden the world in the process. A better world requires that we first do better.
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anarchotolkienist · 9 months ago
People really do use that “100 companies cause 71% of emissions” and think that that apparently means that 71% of emissions could be eliminated without changing naything about our habits of consumption and how we engage with the world around us on a material basis.
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emeraldcas · a month ago
john in lebanon is shown as this fake, smiley, soft spoken version of what we'd seen before but that doesn't stop him from pulling dean aside and asking him and only him why he doesn't have a family. he was there all of a few hours but he knew he knew that dean was still dean and all the smiling in the world couldn't disguise the fact that john knew he hadn't stamped that shit out
#I haven't stopped thinking about this ep since I saw it bc even tho I see a lot of ppl talking about how he was an idealised version of John#that dean conjured up I don't completely agree. i mean he's smiling and gentle but imo it's in this deeply unsettling way because I can#see through it to the real him and the second he gets a chance he's on deans case. and he's heard about cas and about Jack and I think from#the way dean talks about them he's pieced it together. he hears that dean is living in a bunker with a male angel he's known for a decade#and raising a child with him and he hears how dean has never rlly had any serious relationship with a woman and alarm bells are screaming i#his head so he takes dean to one side - a fully grown man he doesn't even know - and he tries to make him feel small. he tries to make him#hate himself just like he used to - with implications and the things he doesn't say and the 'I thought you'd have a normal life'#except this time it doesn't work on dean. it doesn't work anymore bc he knows what he wants (cas) even if he doesn't think he can have it#and he tells him softly but firmly 'I have a family' because he does! and he knows he does and he's outgrown johns words#and he still craves his approval but he doesn't need it the way he used to#he's a father himself now and he's becoming ok with who he is#and he has a family#he HAS a family#spn#14x13#lebanon#supernatural#spn lebanon#obvs this is all my opinion but as much as I think that ep was shite I also think that there's a lot to dissect in the way dean is treated
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astaroth1357 · 6 months ago
How the Brothers Would Try to Corrupt MC w/ Their Sin
I have a headcanon that it's part of demonic nature to try and corrupt humans. Though I think it would be unlikely that the brothers would try to intentionally corrupt MC post-pact, it's still like second nature to them. That means they may try to unintentionally, uh… infect their soul with sin and drag them down into eternal damnation! They don't mean it, but be careful MCs of the world.
One of the hardest things to do can be to make others take pride in themselves… but Lucifer is always ready for a challenge.
The name of the game is praise. The human mind can be easy to manipulate so with enough praise even the most stubborn human will start to believe a drop of their own hype.
Building up pride is a steady thing... He'll usually pick a strength or talent of the MC to give high praise. Perhaps they sing beautifully or they're rather clever, don't worry. He'd let them know.
Light sprinkles of praise steadily increase their self-esteem, which may seem nice and almost healthy at first, but in truth he's laying a trap… He knows how effective his words can be and he's just waiting for them to go to the MC's head.
You think then he would be done right? Oh no. That's not the fun part. What's fun is to then offend that pride he's spent so long building.
He thinks it's cute, really. A small comment here or a little condensation there and they'll get so mad. It's just so amusing!
Of course, he can't take what he dishes, so they'll need to watch out. But don't worry he loves them, even if they're just a little too fun to play with…
Since when does the Avatar of Greed give gifts?
Really, that should be the MC's first red flag. Mammon isn't known for generosity, so when he's spending what little money he can hold onto on them, it's time to raise some eyebrows.
It may seem nice, almost sweet, when he manages to track down a rare vintage of wine for them or take them out to a ritzy restaurant for the night but unfortunately it's all just part of the plan…
Nobody has tastes higher than Mammon. He can't afford them most of the time, which leads to compromises, but given all the Grim in the world he'd be living in the lap of luxury - which is exactly the kind of lifestyle he wants the MC to crave too.
Anyone, no matter how modest, can give into temptation. How easy would it be to taste the sweetest wine or enjoy the most wonderful trip then want to do it again? It may seem innocent at first, but piling on the finer things can soon have the MC craving for them when they pass.
Then all Mammon needs is to make little promises, "If I make it big this time, then we'll go to France!" or, "If I win this next hand then I'll buy ya another glass." 
So how many times will the MC give Mammon a pass, then? Will they stop questioning how he comes up with his cash? Will they let him gamble just that "little bit" longer? Will they even join him...?
If they keep getting that taste of luxury, then maybe it's not so bad… right?
You think the easiest way to get the MC jealous would be to flirt with other people since that's how most people go about it but, uh… 
This is Levi we're talking about. Casual flirting is pretty much out of the question.
So what is a demon to do to get their hapless human jealous? The answer is, be patient.
No one's perfect, humans especially! They'll slip up eventually… 
Maybe someone from back home just got a new car or they're sending out marriage invites. 
Maybe they have a friend who's better than them at school or sports or there's just someone who has something they want: Money, talent, looks, followers, friends, you name it. When they see it, he can feel that envy creeping in…
From there, all he has to do is feed it. Let the world poke at their little insecurities for him while he plays the supportive boyfriend!
"Did Mammon really get the promotion? I thought it would have been you! That's so unfair..."
"Satan beat your scores again? What is this, the third time? Doesn't that suck?"
Small little comments… but all with a goal to fill the MC with toxicity...
"Are Asmo videos still doing better than yours? I think I know how to drop his numbers... if you want."
And soon enough, anyone can be an enemy. Everyone has it better than them… so they push the world away in order to feel better. And they become so toxic, the world rejects them in turn...
Except, of course, for their loving boyfriend, Levi.
If you want to keep someone mad, it's best if you're not the actual one doing it.
I know, it sounds counterintuitive, but turning yourself into the enemy risks the target cutting you out. Satan knows this, so he'll never enrage the MC directly...
But indirectly? There's a start.
Everybody has little pet peevs. Tiny things that aren't important, but dig under the skin nonetheless.
Breadcrumbs in the butter, gum-smacking, toe-tapping, tones of voice, or just little annoying inconveniences that can sour one's day...
Satan is well-versed in these tiny annoyances, he'd dare say they're in his domain. And, perspective that he is, he'll know what frustrates the MC soon enough.
Then it's just a matter of execution.
Maybe he jacks with their toothpaste tube or "conveniently" forgets where they put their books... Or they keep mysteriously finding fingerprints on their game disks or seemingly can't keep their room organized to save their life!
It may just seem like the world hates them... but really it's just their demonic lover.
These tiny details and little mishaps will just build and build like cracks in their foundation until it all breaks and comes crashing down… and he'll be right there egging on every moment of it!
You would think that Asmo would have the easiest time tempting the MC into his sin, but that's not so.
Sure, most traditional definitions of Lust begin and end at carnal desire, but what about those MCs who maybe aren't so drawn to the sins of the flesh? Fear not! Because the keyword for Asmo is desire.
Really, Asmo is happy if the MC's mind is full of nothing but him. He wants them to desire him, to love him obviously, but to the point of obsession. His heated kisses and sensual whispers are only means to that end, which can change whenever he needs.
The MC will have their life bombarded by their beautiful demon. It's not an unwelcome smothering, he's among the best boyfriends they could ever hope to have, which is exactly why he’s so effective!
He wants them to need him at every moment. Soon it will feel weird to go places alone without their demon… Certain things they could do themselves, like their hair or getting dressed, they'll want him to do instead.
Of course, if he's able then he'll certainly seduce them as well and at every chance he gets! From the House to RAD and even in the throne room - he's shameless!... But that's the fun, isn't it?
Oh Beel… He's probably the most dangerous one of them all. Not because he's so demonic, but because he's so sweet!
When Beel makes food for the MC or orders them an extra side, he does so with love. He just wants them to be full! ...or so he thinks.
Beel's demonic instincts creep up on even him, he's just not one to really question what or why he does things sometimes. He'll know he has the urge to see the MC eat or just be indulgent… but he won’t know why.
You could actually say it works to his advantage. Whenever he offers the MC another turkey leg or a few more bites of cake, his tenderhearted insistence is often so sweet that they'll just go along with it and try to keep eating… even if they're already full.
Now, the human body can only take so much food at once, but over time it can adapt to changing habits.
Eventually, the MC will find their appetite expanding to catch up… They'll stop feeling full as easily as they used to and soon the bigger portions that Beel gives them will be all but a necessity!
Of course, the worst case scenario is that this doesn't happen at all and they do serious harm to their health by always pushing past their limits… but there's no guarantee Beel's solution won't just be more food anyway.
Belphie is the only brother who will knowingly (and gleefully) try to make the MC as sinful as he is!
It's all for selfish reasons. If the MC is slothful, then they'll want to go out less and (probably) spend time with him more. Win-win if you're Belphie.
Since he's well aware of what he's doing, he's pretty damn effective at it. No other brother will be as committed to meddling with the MC as he is.
He'll convince them to cancel plans or sabotage their alarms so they oversleep. He'll suddenly be unable to sleep without them while his naps seemingly get longer and longer… And if they have something to do, he'll be the voice in their ear saying it can wait!
Really, at any opportunity he can get Belphie will try to drag them down or slow their progress with the sweet, sweet promise of relaxation or a good time...
Sure, it may sound nice at the time - great even! - but it won't take long for their promises to break or deadlines to pile up… Sure, the MC could try to catch up but wouldn't that be too much work? Wouldn't they rather rest instead? Why even worry about it?
It's a seductive line of thought and Belphie sells it well, it'd take only the most motivated MC to resist his charms but like that'd stop him. If he wants the MC for himself, he'll happily put their life on hold to do so. Just go with it... yeah?
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sunnyd4ys · 2 months ago
please help me keep my home + van
remaking since my last post was getting lengthy and losing traction with no help for a few days so apologies if this is familiar ! hi !  im a 20 year old disabled trans guy currently unable to work and waiting to hear from vocational rehab for help. in the meantime however, im in the middle of moving and need help to get my rent covered, car payment caught up, and be able to afford groceries/utilities/moving costs.
i need to raise $350 for rent by the 31st, $235 for the car payment as soon as i can (less of priority than rent but it is over 2 weeks late and can technically be repo’d; screenshot below), and about $100 or so for utilities (not 100% sure since its a new place, do also have to pay city util’s now so it could be more).
Tumblr media
i was able to get just enough last week to cover an early week of rent to move in, but still need to raise about $675 to even just cover the bills, let alone have enough to eat or get gas to get to appointments.
if anyone is able to help, id be so so grateful. its genuinely terrifying not knowing if im going to keep my transport or my housing day-to-day, and to be in my worst physical+mental health yet on top of it. i just want to check in somewhere and rest and get help but i cant even do that right now, going to be a long week.
payp al[.]me/nyx1st1x 
ve n mo + ca sha pp : nyx1st1x 
ko-fi : nyxistix 
.carrd with commission info as well at nyx1st1x[.]carrd[.]co
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anglrfish · 6 months ago
thinking about how so many of the things jonny has written (or helped to write, like the mechanisms’ albums) are about finding joy, peace or some sort of resolution despite the fact that the entire world around you is doomed. spoilers (for albums that dropped years ago to be fair), but think of that prince giving his father a final goodbye while their kingdom-ship drifts into the sun. or the old hero lying down to die next to their wife under the last tree to ever exist, away from the corporation that has found a way to exploit everyone even in death. or, in more recent events, the two men who die, in love and together, while thousands of universes now are at the mercy of the Fears. none of them could have saved their whole universes (and even when they tried, they couldn’t have ensured everything worked according to their plans), but in the middle of extremely painful situations they were able to find a sense of peace, and even love. and tbh as someone growing up in a world of ecological catastrophe and a crumbling economy that’s just. that does something to me
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boltofgold · 2 months ago
two things that keep getting me:
mobius is a human being, like — for all we know he is an Earth-Human with a life expectancy of what, 80 some-odd years? 
and second, we don’t really know how much time has passed in the TVA. 
because of that time issue, my brain mushes it all together in a sense. 
therefore, my brain went “when this conversation happens in TDW, he’s in a different dimension of sorts falling in love with a human as well”
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