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deepmochi · 2 days ago
Astrology Notes
Tumblr media
Please Read 🙋🏼‍♀️ Disclaimer: these are observations from people I know. Just take what resonate. If you get trigger go drink some water, don't take it personally. Also, I did this with the majority of people, not the minority. From 5 people, 3 follow the same pattern. Again, TAKE WHAT RESONATES ONLY. [Edited]
[◇] Toxic Cancer sun men can be very traditional. They hope women would settle for them, but they will cheat with everyone. They say "but you are the one"😒.
[◇] Sagittarius men sun are what I call "one of the kind". They usually are well-liked by everyone.
[◇] Aquarius sun girls have a great style and taste in food, but they lack taste in some friendships they have. Bestie you friends are mean not edgy. Wake up!
[◇] Venus in the 2nd folks attract people that buy them things or give them money without them asking. People show them love and appreciation with materials. People see these natives as a gold digger, but their reality is different. I have this placement, and my friend buy me things without me asking.
Tumblr media
[◇] Leo women and men sun are egocentric when they want attention. In many cases in the past, they were neglected. Their caregivers didn't give them right amount of attention.
[◇] Libra men sun tend to follow the crowd rather than their desires, meanwhile Libra women sun will follow their vision. However, both can be people pleasers.
[◇] Scorpio sun women aren't scary or too sexy as people portray them at first sight. Scorpio moon is the scariest one, but they don't show it. Scorpio rising the sexiest at first sight. Scorpio sun is the nicest during the first meeting.
[◇] If I could give a rising to Howl, I will say he is a Pisces or a Libra AC, and Sophie is a Virgo rising. The reasons are that Howl has transformed many times during his lifetime and he needs balance in himself. Besides, Sophie needed to accept her differences in terms of beauty; she was too judgmental of herself. For Sophie, beauty or self-worth was a deep issue. For howl, was accepting his desires and needs.
[◇] Earth moon and earth sun combo tend to be insensitive with other people. Even though the truth is necessary, sometimes they need to respect people's feelings, just listening to others first.
[◇]Same Venus sign synastry is so lovely, this pair really understand each other struggle. Platonic relationships too. They use telepathy.
[◇] Sagittarius placements don't cry? Well, the majority of them don't cry often. They see it as a weakness or waste of time (moon or sun). If they do it, they won't tell you.[edited]
[◇]Fire signs are so impulsive; yeah, Aries is the one people mention the most. Aries are impulsive with actions, words and thoughts combine, while Leo is with their goals and values. Sag is with adventure and philosophies. Thus, Leo and Sagittarius are also impulsive af never forget this.
Tumblr media
[◇]Saturn can also talk about delays, so look closely to your house because it shows where you can see delays. 1st house: body image or identity, 2nd house money/finances, 3rd h: sibling relationships or communication skills, and more. The sign is why or the causes of the delays.
[◇]Scorpio Venus has a playful side that people don't mention. Yes, they are hot, but they are also cute and playful with their partners. They have secret jokes or they tease them s/o often too. Funny time, not sexual.
[◇] Pisces men sun have issues with their mother. I have seen so many Pisces men dating older women or single mothers because their mothers didn't offer them love or attention.
[◇] Pisces moon women will find each other. I am a Psices moon, and I met other 3 amazing / beautiful women. I admire them. Also, my toxic /bully ex friend in school was a Pisces moon.
[◇] Sagittarius moon don't know how to be empathic with others. It's not like they are mean. Nonetheless, they are not good with emotions and feelings, especially men.
[◇] Ironically, the most sarcastic sun signs that I ever met were Scorpio and Taurus suns. Pure sister sign level. They both enjoy dark humor. I really like their humor.
Tumblr media
Take care, and thanks for reading my astrology notes. 💚 Stay cute and safe, my lovelies.
©2022, Deepmochi
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pakastekaappihomo · a day ago
One thing in drawing comics with animal characters that I'll probably miss when switching to drawing to human characters instead of furries is emphasising facial expressions and body language with animal body language - ears laying down when angry or stressed, species-specific positioning of tails in different emotions.
Since I won't give the characters human hair (this is, after all, a Serious Anthro Graphic Novel, not cartoony furries), I've had characters touch or grab each other by the ears when humans would have used hair.
While all the rest of them have completely human anatomy save for heads, tails and fur/scales (though I've given them claws and paw pads on hands/feet, it looks bad yet but I'll find a way to make them look better), one character is a turtle with a shell. He is a noble, good-hearted but passive coward, broken by an entire lifetime of abuse, and having his head retract into his shell when he can't get out of a situation he would rather not be in was too amusing to me.
I keep reminding myself that I'm still learning, that I'm drawing in a reverse order in order to give myself time to develop and grow into this style I intend to have, and hopefully readers will be patient and understanding about amateur art if the plot is compelling enough and progresses at a decent pace.
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misfit-on-a-journey · 3 months ago
I'm hit by yearning and I'm thinking that maybe I'd be brave enough to be the one to ask "if you wanna be my girlfriend?" 🥺🥺🥺🥺
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esamastation · a month ago
i have finalized my purchase. on one hand, i am now the proud owner of... mostly worthless 20 hectares of land. yay!
but on other hand, my hard earned savings T^T i shall miss u.
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worstloki · a year ago
About the 14 year old Loki au, imagine Loki's only cannon married partner Sigyn, who is one of asgards victory gods hearing about this. "You we're only 14 and needed 5 very strong mortals and your brother Thor. Who is the strongest among us! To take you down!!"
Odin: my idiot son fought thor on the bifrost last year to distract from his ending of an entire war and he only lost because he committed suicide when thor wasn’t competent enough to do the deed himself
Sigyn, professional victory god, a healer in training, 15, kinda impressed and kinda turned on by this: o-oh? 
Odin: yeah so anyway the idiot son managed to fail at that and stay alive somehow and the first thing he did was attack midgard and it required a team of superpowered mortals and thor to take him down this time 
Sigyn, professional victory god, a healer in training, 15, very impressed and very turned on by this: i see
Odin: so he’s a bit beat up and needs a general checkup before he’s brought into the throne room...
Sigyn, nodding in understanding: so I make sure he’s all healed up before you receive him to officially acknowledge his accomplishments
Odin: yes. and then we throw him in prison for them. 
Sigyn: and then we throw him in— WHAT.
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astarlightmonbebe · 8 months ago
i’m in spain with the s after episode 47 of love and redemption
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wolfstarforever · a year ago
"I'm never raising a kitten again" -Me Knowing damn well that I want to go into shelter medicine and will be exposed to tiny kittens who desperately need homes and will eventually break
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suworkbook · 2 years ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I LOVE HER. She’s like ‘Me, Garnet, mysterious? You’re so wacky, child’. 
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cielostuff · 10 months ago
There are certain things that form you, experiences, fights, a whole lot of shitty things. For me the things that made who I am, that made me the shitty awful person I am now are: the fact that my dad has a whole other family, my mother made ask him if he had another wife when I was 5 YEARS OLD (I meaaaannnnnn trauma) the fact that we have a dog that attacked me and my siblings but my parents still love him more, defend him and prefer him over us, the fact that my dad just kicked me out of the house because we had a fight and i said something bad about his dog. Hm, there's also this one time my father said i would never get a "im proud of you" because i simply don't deserve it. My whole family sees me as a smart mouth and I'm always the one wrong. How come they never actually thought about the fuck up childhood i had. Having to grow up with parents that hate each other??? Being intermediate between those fights? Among other pretty fuck up things I don't feel like explaining. I'm done with this whole life.
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footnotefever · a year ago
i thought it wouldn't be like this anymore, but my brain can't apparently have nice things
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Tumblr media
and when the fire to ice will run
when the tide no longer turns
when the rocks melt with the sun
my love for you will have just begun
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not-a-cat-just-kat · a year ago
I am so........existentially.................tired..............................
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misfit-on-a-journey · 8 months ago
I just want someone who could make me all blushy by complimenting me and calling me pet names 🥺
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good morning!
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worstloki · a year ago
Would Loki really cry if he had a best friend who loved and cared about him unconditionally?
first of all: yes
second of all: yes
there are loads of reasons for this but the first the foremost I think is that the lad was betrayed by everyone he could’ve considered close to him in Thor 1. and I’m not saying it’s a bad thing or any kind of indicator of how he normally behaves, but he spends maybe 70-80% of the film being generally overrun by emotions and crying about it. he literally spent his whole life being drilled into thinking he was inherently lesser than others and if having everyone he thought could’ve cared ripped away from him in the span of a few days put him in a constant state of emotional inequilibrium you’d better believe gaining someone who loves for and cares for him would be an equally jarring realization albeit in the other direction. it may even be more emotionally overwhelming considering he would’ve at least suspected that people didn’t value him as much as Thor his whole life, but his self esteem doesn’t really seem to be enough that he would suspect someone would genuinely care for even some of it which is when the confusion and general ‘overwhelmed’ part comes into play when he’d realize.
second off, we’re given loads of proof that even when people prove time and time again that they don’t really care for him he still cares for them. he is still impacted by things they say and/or do even when he covers it up well. boyo’s biggest character trait and personal flaw is literally that he’s selfless and forgives people too easily for slights against him. he just doesn’t hold a grudge because he’s sentimental it’s ridiculous. not only do I think his affinity for expressing emotions would extend to people who he knows are not actively abusing him but i’m almost certain that every time he’d remember there is someone who cares he’d have a miniature crisis and have to just process that because he’d have to personally come to terms with and remember that he was actually lovable and spent his whole life surrounded by people who just didn’t. It’d mean having to process a very real traumatic event and a life-time of small comments and lesser but no less real toxic environment which he may have believed at some point that he would not be able to leave, but had stayed in, and still holds feeling for.
tldr; yes, because he hasn’t processed past trauma including being betrayed and finding out he wasn’t cared for/loved unconditionally by people he’s known his whole life. yes, because loki is a person with the self-destructive habit of caring too much for people who don’t even deserve it and I refuse to believe he wouldn’t extend that affinity towards and put that energy into people who do care.
#i'm not kidding when I say loki would cry at having a friend #i do actually think mcu loki would #after they realize they actually have one #he's just suffered so much and I blame his behaviour as Odin in Thor: Ragnarok as not thinking anything good could last for him #probably hadn't thought he'd get to stay king for more than a few weeks so thought he'd enjoy it while it lasted #but I'm assuming Avengers 1/TDW/Infinity War characterization here not Ragnarok #I apologize if I rambled a bit #but it's canon that Loki had zero friends and we're not told why but with the way he's treated I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't want any #he probably thought the warriors 3 and sif were his friends at some point #by Thor 1 he knows they value Thor more than him #but at some point he would've been younger and naiver and not known #you see we see Loki in Thor 1 as ridiculously wonderously good at jumping to correct conclusions #but we're not shown how he gets to that point #we know Loki's been ignored since they were kids thanks to the vault scene #but in Thor 1 Loki still hasn't given up on being treated as an equal #he gets growled at by odin and he manipulated thor into things and he knows people won't outright listen but he TRIES #which means he never gave up on receiving love/care even though he also acknowledges the slim chances of receiving it #i'm repeating myself but he's ridiculously empathetic and generally is ridiculously patient and and has crazy strong perseverance abilities #you'd have to manage to care for him and he'd recognize it but spend time doubting it so much #it would be quite a bit to process after a lifetime of not having any friend #and depending on what part of his timeline anyone proved they cared/loved him wouldn't change the fact that he'd cry #it would just change the amounts of cups he'd be able to fill with tears #and before anyone calls me out on it: yes i know emotional responses aren't directly equivalent in the 'opposite direction' #im just saying he'd be equally overwhelmed #you'd have general undertones of the same emotions (confusion sadness maybe a touch of fear... plus happiness) #i'm not an emotionologist and I guess it'd depend on his emotional state at the time but he would definitely get a pang in his heart minimum #there would at LEAST be teary eyes even if he'd cover it by thinking ''of course someone can care for me i'm great'' by the end of TDW #he'd frankly be '?!?' at realizing someone cares for him even conditionally because he associates having a use with being appreciated #he's smart and luckily self-aware enough to recognize unconditional love even if he won't admit it to himself and has no relative comparison
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cxnsolatio · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
✚ | ❝ no patent remedies for heartache / just empty words and humble pie ❞ { musings }
✚ | ❝ as i danced with the dead my free spirit was laughing and howling down at me ❞ { aesthetics }
✚ | ❝ though i am blessed with an inner strength / some they would call it a penance ❞ { ic }
✚ | ❝ the devil's got a hold on my soul and he just won't let me be ❞ { ooc } 
✚ | ❝ stone cold sober and sitting in silence / laid back and looking for sympathy ❞ { memes }
✚ | ❝ now that your faith will be put to the test / nothing to do but await what is coming ❞ { melodies }
✚ | ❝ i have seen many things in a lifetime alone / mother love is no more ; bring this savage back home ❞ { v / main }
✚ | ❝ from the trees the snowflakes drifting / swirling round like ghosts in the snow ❞ { v / childhood }
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cryolyst · 3 years ago
#i love the knowledge that i shouldn't be in a romantic relationship and realizing all my romantic fantasies won't ever come true #not in a sad self deprecating way. just that im really flawed n have so much work to do on myself before i can ever date. #i mean. im barely maintaining my friendships. my own life is in shambles. i can't open up. can't take care of myself. #have to deal w my depression. gotta fix my bad habits. need to manage the usage of my phone. gotta be better w sleep and hygiene. #im so dependent on my parents and i rely on technology n fandom as a coping mechanism. im self centered. #it might take me a lifetime to deal w all those things #i really don't think i can be w someone in a romantic way until ive dealt with a majority of those issues #or at the very least working on most of those problems #i mean. if im unable to sustain a good healthy n meaningful friendship then... uh #oof but im. not as like. intensely a hopeless romantic as i was before? #like idk if anyone reading this remembers but i used to like. self destruct when someone cute did one (1) nice thing to me. #n i went on and on about whoever i had a crush on that month. id make hundreds of posts about holding their hand or playing with their hair. #and idk why but sometime this summer it stopped? like i still get crushes n get flustered abt ppl being nice #but im not. as intense abt it. might be realizing im not ready/it's not right for me? might be the depression? lmao. #anyways. point is it might've been real devastating if this understanding came to me last year or w/e but im good w it now. #ignore me
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freyjaofthenorth · 6 days ago
once again i made the mistake of watching something depressing too close to the time i usually go to bed
this time it was a documentary about the iraq war from the perspective of the people who lived through it (mostly civilians) and just... ooof
anyway holy frick america is evil
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basingstokemercury · 15 days ago
I need to write an essay on "the most impressive person of the twentieth century". Unfortunately I don't see history as being defined by single people, so I have no idea who to choose.
Tentative ideas are Turing, Huxley, and Gödel, but I honestly do not know how to proceed.
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fakeexoquotes · 3 years ago
in the mood to hike through the mountains with my best friend, sleep in a tent and see the sunrise from the peak, in the mood to be kissed at night in the middle of hundreds of city lights, in the mood to watch the sunset on a beach, in the mood to not feel lonely and experience a healthy relationship, in the mood to go to the airport at 5 am and take a plane to wherever, in the mood to drink a cocktail in a rooftop bar in london, in the mood to dress up in a fancy suit and killer heels for a job i really love, in the mood to be anywhere, do anything
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