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dinklebat · 9 months ago
creepypasta incorrect quotes ft Y/N part 6
Tumblr media
Y/N: We call that a traumatic event!
Y/N, turning to Toby: Not a “bruh moment”
Y/N, turning to Ben: Or a “major L”
Y/N, turning to Jeff: Or an “oof lmao”
LJ: They say milk helps children grow but I've poured 3 cartons of milk over this child and all it has done so far is cry
Slenderman: One bonus of being an adult is grossly misusing modern slang on purpose and watching my children die inside.
Slenderman: A fine example: The other day, I pointed a passing car and, looking Doby and Cody in the eyes, said, “Is that bae or what?”
Slenderman: The look on their faces is something I will treasure for years
Toby: I'm so glad you found me
Toby: Wait
Toby: How did you find me?
Masky: You haven't done anything super annoying to us in, like five hours so we knew that something must be wrong
Jane: you can’t set all your problems on fire
Jeff: you’d be surprised by how many things are flammable
Y/N : *kisses Ben’s forehead*
Jeff : Why do you never kiss my forehead?
Y/N : Because I don't fucking like you.
Clockwork: People always said ‘you have to pick your battles’. Well, guess what, I’m full of rage and I’m picking them all.
Zalgo, negotiating with Masky: We have Jeff . Give us ten thousand dollars and he will be returned to you unharmed Jeff : Whoa, whoa, wait, you think I’m only worth ten thousand dollars? Masky: Jeff : MAKE IT ONE MILLION– Masky: JEFF STOP
Y/N: Would you stab your best friend in the leg for 10 million dollars ? Jeff: You stab me, and then when my leg gets better, we buy a big-ass house. Ben: You can stab me too, then we'll have 20 million. Jeff: Good thinking.
Kate: Where’s Y/N?
Rowan: doing stuff..
Kate: I don’t like the sound of that, where’s Ben?
Rowan: Trying to stop Y/N from doing the stuff.
Kate: and Jeff?
Rowan: Trying to stop Ben from stopping Y/N from doing the stuff.
Kate: I see. What are you doing here, Rowan?
Rowan: I’m supposed to stop you telling Masky to stop Jeff from stopping Ben from stopping Y/N from doing the stuff.
Nathan: *holding an antique bottle* Hey, is this whiskey or perfume? Kagekao: * grabs the bottle, drinks all of it, and throws the empty bottle over his shoulder* Kagekao: It’s perfume.
Y/N: Do you like cuddling?
Toby: I AM A MACHINE OF DEATH AND DESTRUCTION— oh, yeah, I like cuddling.
Masky: listen up kids, there's nothing "meme" about smoking a cigarette. there's nothing "netflix and chill" to take a drug. fidget spin yourself to school.
EJ: Nothing in life is free.
Liu: Adventure is free.
Doby: Life is free.
Y/N: Love is free.
Jeff: Everything is free if you take it without paying.
Hoodie: Don’t say a word.
Toby: … Fergalicious.
Masky: He said no words!
Toby: Oh, I see how it is. Two weeks ago, we’re playing Scrabble, it’s not a word. Now, suddenly, it is a word because it’s convenient for you.
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krayolacolor · 16 days ago
Like to Slap Doby's ass, RB to Slap Doby's ass (in a gay way)
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inkher0 · a month ago
Tumblr media
Now beat that boy with a bat, smack 💥
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shadowgamerhalo · 6 months ago
Incorrect quote 47#
Slender: I still want to know how you managed to get the car on top of the roof.
Doby: I can't reveal all my secrets.
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bioodorange · 11 months ago
||The Pasta's Love Language||
I have been dead so take a post of basically everyone I write for to make up for it! Have a great day and dont forget to like and reblog!
taglist- @frozensriracha @krayolacolor @creepy-bi-day @scary-mostaccioli @capricornartistsstuff @dangelus @thatoneweirdnerdygirl
Jeff The Killer: Physical Touch
Jeff struggles with saying out right how he feels, sometimes even showing it, but he does his dam best to make sure you know how much he loves you. Whenever you're sitting on the couch he's attatched to you at the hip, as close as he can be with his arm around your shoulder. Or holding your hand- he loves holding his hand. So smooth and warm compared to his own calloused ones. Plays with your hair too, especially if you fall asleep against him. Runs his fingers through it and tucks it away so he can get a view of your adorable face.
Ben Drowned: Quality Time
Ben adores spending time with his friends, even if it's just floating hanging around them while they get things done. One of his favorite things to do is get his switch or his DS and sit on their bed while they read or draw. It's a peaceful silence, you're both enjoying yourselves and each other's company. They strike me as the type to stay up all night talking to someone (ya know, if he couldn't travel through devices). Takes interest in whatever they likes doing, tries to find games for them to play together or maybe even places to take you. Expect lots of 2 am texts of "are you ok with going here tommorow?" with a bunch of images and cropped reviews attatched.
Clockwork: Quality Time
Physical touch was a close second for this one but how Natalie approaches quality time, they kind go hand in hand. Whenever Natalie does something they want their S/O right there with them! She loves having you sit on the counter when she cooks, and watches movies with you before bed as much as possible. Whenever she goes out, always asks if you'd like to come along. And when you don't texts you lots to keep you updated, selfies, asking if you'd like anything on the way home. Natalie loves using her partner as a pillow- preferably their stomach. She's a very active person but everyone once in a while they'll indulge and have an afternoon nap with their S/O (which they love by the way.)
Ticci Toby: Words Of Affirmation
Oh look! Another repressed teenager who can't voice his feelings that well. Toby is a sucker for words of affirmation because it's plain and simple. He's learned you can tell a lot from the inflections in someones voice and their expression. Hearing his partner's praise with a smile on the their lips- it's one of the best things to him! Toby loves giving verbal affirmation just as much as he loves receiving it. He showers his partner in affection, says I love you a dozen times a day and never fails to compliment how you look. From its how your hair is that day or simply changing the color of your nails- he almost always notices. Things that are usually small compliments feel like so much more coming from him- Toby wouldn't say anything he didn't think was true and you know it.
Third Base: Quality Time
Doby loves nothing more then simply being with his partner. While he'd rather be out, wether it be on a date or a nice drive, he can be just as happy staying in and watching a movie. Loves crafting or making things with his S/O! I have a small headcanon he enjoys a bit of hand sewing? Would love to spend an afternoon teaching his partner how to do it! Wether it's fixing a hole in a pair of jeans or adding a new patch to an old jacket- he gets all warm inside knowing they'll think of him whenever they stitch something up or wear that piece of clothing. Also enjoys trying new things with his partner, it could be a new cafe or cool painting trick he saw online, he's just glad you can do it together! Defintely keeps a collection of polaroids, pressed plants, whatever he has of your adventures together!
X-Virus: Physical Touch
Cody isn't great with communication, his first instinct with love is to just kinda..grab you. He's a lot less subtle then Nina but similiar in many ways. A sucker for PDA! Pulling you into his lap, keeping his arm around your waist, all daily occurances. He likes having his hands on his S/O, physical affection is a big deal for him, and someone having enough trust to let him touch them, pull them closer when he likes. It speaks volumes in his mind. He enjoys having his partner close to him, finds it nearly impossible to sleep without you once the two of you begin sharing a room. Whenever he has a rough day or comes back from a long day, he wants nothing more then to bury his face in his partners neck. One of his favorite ways to sit is with you in his lap, head on your shoulder and arms around your hips.
Masky: Acts Of Service
Tim appreciates the little things in life and makes sure to take note of them! He remembers your order for all of your favorite restaurants, knows exactly how you like your food cooked and will fix that uneven leg on your chair without you having to ask. He's constantly looking out for you, calls you whenever he can and tries to do whatever he can despite his busy schedule with missions. He strikes me as the type to love having his S/O in the kitchen whilst he cooks. Playful back and forths, eating over the counter because you were having to much fun to move into the living room. He sees his parnter as the light of his life and would do anything to see them smile! He isn't one for big gestures but will be there for you in a heart beat!
Hoodie: Physical Touch
Brian isn't one for huge gestures of affection but adores little ones like holding your hand or kissing the top of your head. He has no problem verbally sharing his affection, hell he probably compliments you throughout the day but theres just something so warming about being close to his S/O. Strikes me as the playful type, one to play footsy under the table or blow a raspberry on your cheek. Feels his heart flutter whenever his partner grins and stifles a laugh at his antics. He isn't super touchy all the time but at night he insists on having as close as possible. Likes having his S/O resting on his chest, no falling asleep until you do, makes sure your as happy as you can be.
Eyeless Jack: Acts Of Service
Jack struggles with sharing his emotions, love is a whole other level. He may not be the best with sweet words or loving touches but he makes up for it! He somehow knows what you want before you do. People aren't his area but reading them is. It's sort of nice, not having to tell him your upset, go through the crappy events of your day, all you have to do is go up to him and bury yourself in his chest. He appreciates it aswell, knowing he can still be there for you without fear of making it worse. Will do his S/O's chores for them whenever they have an off day, and does his damn best to cook for you every now and again. Whenever he finds someone to love, he considers them his, and will do everything to uphold that.
Jane The Killer: Gift Giving
Jane loves spoiling her partner! Makes you new clothing to the point where it's a large percent of your wardrobe- the rest of it being things of her own she offered you! Seeing her parnter in something of hers just makes her day! But it doesn't come without a cost, a good portion of your t-shirts or sweaters will be gone whenever it's her turn to do the wash. While most of what Jane gives you is handmade occasionally she'll bring you back something she "borrowed". It could be a book or some little trinket she stumbled upon, she is constantly thinking of her S/O and it shows! Whenever Holidays come around it increases ten fold, no matter what it is she goes overboard with gifts. Every year she'll rant about what a corporate scam Valentines Day is while you open up your 12th present from her.
Nina The Killer: Physical Touch
Nina loves nothing more than being affectionate with her partner. From soft kisses on their collar and face to taking a nice bath together or even just holding hands- she adores physical affection! She is pretty big on PDA too, wants everyone to know how much she loves you but if you aren't alright with it, she'll find plenty of other ways to smoother you in adoration. Some of her favorite ways to touch her S/O are gently cupping their face, running her fingers over their lips and cheeks. Ya know that famous picture of the lesbians one's on top of the other doing the others make up? That is her whenever she gets the chance. But she shows love in all sorts of ways! Always tries her best to make your time together as good as possible
Homicidal Liu: Acts of service
Liu grew up in a not so nice house hold, he has a difficult time protraying how he feels, but knows how to show exactly what he wants. And he wants his S/O to be happy! If they are, so is he. He shows love by taking care of you, doing your laundry for you, making breakfast. He finds a certain peace in doing things like that, not only does it help you it gives him some control in everyday life. One of his favorite things to do is curl up with his partner on one of those afternoons when the skies already turning dark. Have his arms wrapped around them and just simply read to them, maybe even play some music. It's wonderful because neither of you have anything to worry about, you have each other and that's all you need.
Kagekao: Gift Giving
Kagekao is very similair to villagers in animal crossing or stardew valley, they give you random shit based on how much they like you. They aren't the best with verbal affection, they show it through teasing and light compliments but then again, they do that with everyone (even people they don't necessarily like). They aren't a huge fan of physical affection either so, gifts it is! At first what they get you seems kind of random but with time you'll notice it's really sweet! Feathers from your favorite bird or a box of tea you mentioned once, some of those things you love but never really focus on. They pick up on every little thing, including his S/O, big chance you're smaller then this giant of a demon.
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angels-and-demons · 3 months ago
Doby: Dude, you shaved your freakin' head.
Toby: Yeah, yeah, but it's good. I ought to shave it all off. What a great solution. Just be bald 'cause it's cool, right? Bruce Willis, Michael Jordan, Britney Spears... Oh, God, what did I do?! How could you let me shave my head?!
Doby: What?!
Toby: You're the worst best man ever! I hate you! I'm not going out there! I'm leaving and I'm never coming back. I'm gonna go find that money under the rock by the tree and go live with the guys on the beach in Zihautanejo.
Doby: Dude, those guys are criminals.
Toby: Only Red. Andy was falsely accused.
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elliotthesmelliot · 5 months ago
Do you have any Goggle Squad (Toby, Cody, & Doby) hcs?
Oh yes I do
Tim is genuinely scared of them
"Oh no- Brian help there's three of them-"
Toby got Cody and Doby into the wonderful art of ✨arson✨
And that is how the proxy manor almost burned to the ground
Their friendship necklaces put together says "best fuckin bitches"
(Toby was the one who made them)
They would've gotten away with sneaking raccoons in the house if Cody's voice didn't get so high pitched when he lied 🙄
Also all three of them are just terrible liars in general
I have had the mental image of a goggle squad cuddle pile and I-
The biggest fight they've had is if its bathroom washroom or restroom
These idiots have the most intense snowball fights I stg
It always ends in injury
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frozensriracha · 10 months ago
Doby: So don't panic but one of us is possessed by an owl....
Brian: ....
Cody: .....
Toby: ......
Tim: ..Who?
Doby: That's the thing we don't-
[everyone stares at Tim]
Toby: F-father…?
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becausefanboyingisfun · 3 months ago
I see you will write x Readers for Doby Doggers-
Could you do a hcs list for Doby x a Pan excitable male!reader? A little meet cute & a little just gen hcs?
Thank you!!!
Sorry this took so long, nonnie! Here are your headcanons!
When you met Doby, it wasn't long after his mother had died under "suspicious circumstances"
You were in the pride section of Hot Topic when you found a pan flag themed item among the many rainbows and assorted pride flags.
You obviously started freaking out over it, and accidentally bumped into someone you hadn't noticed.
They jumped in surprise and stepped back, and you started apologizing.
"It's okay! I was looking and got too close."
You introduced yourself, and that was when you learned Doby's name.
You didn't notice his tics much that first time you spoke, just the tapping and clicking he did. You just assumed he did it out of habit.
The first time he did a tic that wasn't easily mistaken as a cold or stimming, you asked as politely as you could if it was normal for him and if there was anything he'd like you to do to avoid triggering them. He was really appreciative of that.
You were boyfriends not long after that!
He loves how easily excited you are when he shares stories with you. He also loves how excited you get when telling him about your day.
One thing he absolutely adores is how supportive you are of his transition, and comforting on days when he doesn't feel as confident.
He likes you enough that he would fight anyone he had to in order to keep you safe.
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dinklebat · 4 months ago
creepypasta holiday headcanons
- Slenderman actually banned them from celebrating christmas after a particularly chaotic year in which not one but TWO christmas trees were burned down
- so they just call it “not christmas” or “the one after halloween”, at least in front of the boss
- there’s wayyyy too many of them for everyone to get everyone a present, so each year Toby organizes a secret santa. most creeps also get their s/o or close friends a small gift as well
- After losing a bet with Brian, Tim now has to dress up as Santa for a photo shoot with the kid creeps. he says he hates it, but everyone can tell he’s lying
- Nina and Doby team up to sew everyone custom holiday sweaters.
- Jeff makes it a yearly challenge to capture a reindeer and sneak it into the mansion.
As for holiday flavored things to do with their s/o:
- Tim makes his s/o hot chocolate and cuddle in front of an open fire
- Brian goes along with whatever his s/o wanted, but especially enjoys ice skating
- Toby drags his s/o into doing everything: snow ball fights, singing carols, holiday shopping, basically anything tangentially related to winter or the holidays
- Rowan is similar to Brian in that he’d just go along with what his s/o wanted, but he also loves to go walking in the woods after a fresh snow
- EJ would prefer to stay indoors, especially curled up with his s/o for warmth
- Jeff’s s/o is repeatedly pulled outdoors and thrown into the middle of a snowball fight
- Ben refuses to go outside, but he buys some winter/Christmas league skins
- Nina dresses up in matching couple’s christmas sweaters with her s/o
- Jane spends most of her time baking various treats for her s/o. Expect lots of gingerbread around this time of year
- Clockwork is actually a beast at hockey and would try her best to teach her s/o how to skate and play
- Doby and his s/o decorate the entire mansion in christmas lights in the dead of night to surprise slenderman. He is not happy with it.
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krayolacolor · 5 months ago
Do you have any disability headcannons for creepypastas?
Hello friend :3 I liked your hcs too :3
Okay, strap in we got a long hecking list here & I'm just going to throw out everything I can think of that's in my universe even if I have yet to talk about it in length-
Easy things first-
Doby has Tourettes & ADHD (which causes him to have sensory processing issues)
All my characters are actually neurodivergent in some way (its probably adhd)- I can't write neurotypical people- idk how their brains work-
Brian needs to use crutches & braces to walk sometimes because if he sleeps in the wrong position his spine forgets his legs exist-
Brian also has an Antisocial Personality Disorder. & I don't mean that in a bad why, he just doesn't really experience emotions or empathy (often I think I should specify). & he's still the most trustworthy member of the household & has his little queer platonic-type relationship with Tim & Doby. (Idk if that counts as a disability but I wanted to mention it anyway because I think about it a lot-)
All of my Undead characters suffer from necrosis (which is treatable, but something that will be chronic as long as they're still "Alive")
Ann is mute & communicates through sign language.
Jeff has PTSD & sometimes struggles with delusions (none of which have ever caused him to hurt anyone just so everyone knows)
Rebound struggles with chronic pain & self medicates with marijuana
Liu has psychosis & has trouble differentiating things that are real from things that aren't, he does take antipsychotics & it helps him a lot, but he does have episodes sometimes (Liu has also never hurt anyone while having an episode, I'm sure most of you know this but people with psychosis are not inherently any more dangerous than any other person.)
Nina has Obsessive Compulsive tendencies
Jill & Will also have PTSD
EJ & Ben both have extremely addictive personalities & often end up struggling because of that
EJ is blind
Ben so has PTSD & suffered from sporadic episodes of extreme physical pain that lead to him being entirely out of commission often for several days at a time.
Tim has schizophrenia & still sufferers from seizures if he doesn't take his medication. He does have hallucinations & one of his more common ones is "Masky" who will hover around him smoking, telling him how everything is his fault. Masky is mostly just annoying these days instead of completely debilitating to deal with.
Uhhhhhhh- this is everything I can think of right iff the top of my head. I like, stared at my list of characters & tried to think of everything I had about them.
If anyone has any specific questions feel free to ask!
(Edit: Thank you @lallorona04 for correcting some of my language!
If I ever get things wrong please correct me, sometimes my research isn't enough or I misremember things, so telling me I made a mistake is really helpful for me!)
If you like my content here is my tip jar ♡
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eldritch-hall-asylum · 8 months ago
any Jeff headcanons? fluff or angst is alright!
Angsty headcanons for my boy.
I am so sorry.
Jeff really feels stupid sometimes. He doesn't get school work as easily as Cody or Jack. He doesn't understand. He doesn't understand maths or poetry or science. He doesn't do art good. He isn't good at anything (no-!). He is just fed up.
He wants Liu to hang out with him so much. He just wants to play with his brother. But Liu keeps pushing him out.
Smile is pretty much the only friend that really stays with him. Liu has all the older kids to hang out with. Doby has the twins. Natalie hangs out with Olly, and they're busy doing girl stuff together.
So he's normally by himself.
But that's okay.
As long as he has Smile and a tennis ball, he doesn't need any of them.
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shadowgamerhalo · 9 months ago
Incorrect quote 31#
Toby: Wanna see if I can fit 15 jumbo marshmallows in my mouth?
Tim: You're a hazard to society.
Doby: And a coward, do 20.
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bioodorange · a year ago
||The Pastas At The Beach||
this was originally like an entirely different post but ehhh this ways better!
disclaimer Im setting this like, at a beach with a boardwalk and such next too it? Public beach, small time vacationing!
and that they conviently like..pass as human
I hope you guys enjoy!! remember too check out my announcement board!
taglist: @frozensriracha @creepy-bi-day @capricornartistsstuff @krayolacolor
Jeff the Killer
Jeff doesn't really do much at the beach
The salt water irritates his skin and he burns easily, doesn't want too deal with it
Spends most of his time asleep
Hogs all the damn towels by sprawling out all over all of them
Gets sand over everything that they brought with them
Forgets how wind works and it gets everywhere
When its time for some of em too go get food, he always fucking goes
Wants too walk around and do something, and maybe not get blamed for all the fucking sand when everyone sits back down
He wears one of those like protective long sleeved shirts? and red swim trunks that are just somewhat obnoxiously bright
While getting the food he has a brilliant idea
Befriends the fucking seagulls
Lures them back too their umbrellas and just vibes with his bird army
atleast he's not alone anymore?
Ben Drowned
first off I know like he doesn't go swimming
but imagine if he did
his fucking goggles get filled up with blood
gets weird ass tan lines from the blood on his face like, when he's not swimming
has too wear the goggles when he puts on sunscreen-
ok ok thats it
fucker wears like mountain dew swim trunks
and those arm floatie things despite not going anywhere near the water
He tries too sit around Jeff but that gets boring fast-
Just walks the fuck off without telling anyone, on a journey for adventure
Will spend literal hours sitting underneath the boardwalk until someone finds him
After that they get him like one of thise beach toy kit things
Sally's nice enough too fill the bucket with water too, so they can make sand castles and stuff
She walks along the shore line with him, gets pretty shells too
Also if Ben were too go in the water
He's a fucking shark magnet with all that blood-
But don't tell him that, he won't come back too the beach
Ticci Toby
Toby is very excited too go to the beach
He didn't get out much as a kid
Siked as hell too get in the water
Drops his stuff off as soon as possible and runs right into the water
And thats when he realizes he can't fucking swim
Awkwardly flaps his arms around until a wave moves him along too back where he can stand
Everyones kinda confused when he comes back like "?? You were so excited, what happened?"
"I can't swim :(("
Cody volunteers to teach him right away, like the great brother he is
The thing is Cody is a horrible fucking teacher
Another few minutes of Toby getting owned by some waves and Cody just screaming stuff like
"Use your arms Toby- no not like that how I showed you- no I'm not going too help how are you supposed to learn-"
That's when Kate drags him back too shore and Doby and Brian teach him instead
In a bit he learns and ends up having a lot of fun
I feel like Toby would really like boogie boarding?
A lot easier then surfing but still a good time
Also they have too tie a red scarf around his arm so they don't loose his ass in a crowd, or in the water
Third Base
so far, Doby's the only one on this list who actually came prepared
I feel like he'd use one of those face lotions that has SPF 30 in it already?
Smart enough so he doesn't have too smear sun screen around his face, can just use the spray stuff and get going
Also has shoes and sunglasses too go with each like swimsuit/outfit he brings
Mans is put together
Really likes collecting shells and stuff
Walks with Sally, shows her how too find them
Wakes up kinda early as it is? So its easy for him too go too the beach early and find the shells before the tide pulls them back out
It's one of his favorite times, actually
The suns just rising, a few shops are opening, only a handful of people are on the beach
Does it everyday as his "alone time" before everyone else wakes up
Spends most of his time with everyone kinda relaxing?
I can see him really liking those beach volleyball games
Or just playing frizbee in the shallow water!
Really, really enjoys making sand castles
Builds a moat and everything so it stays up when the waves start coming closer
Cody, another kid who never got much beach expierence
But acts like he did
Buys one of those waterproof, phone lanyard things
Forgets too fucking close it properly
Doesn't have the first idea of what seagulls are like
"Oh come on buys its fine-" gets fucking owned for his cheesestick
Lowkey scared of them after that
Refuses too eat on the beach after that
Sits with ben under the board walk and curls around his chips
Spends most of his time in the water
Wants too see how far he can go before the lifegaurd calls him back
Finds it funny as shit too just slowly go deeper while grinning at them
Until a wave slaps him in the back of the head
And then he gets scared of the deepwater too
After he looses Swimming Coach privellages gets really fucking salty and sulks on the beach
Kate takes pity on him and walks around the boardwalk with him
But he also didn't know you have too reapply sunscreen after you go swimming
Gets really really bad sunburn
Jeff, Ben and Toby take turns slapping it whenever he gets too cocky
This is gonna be a Dad Tim one, fight me
Really has no idea what the fuck is going on, but still manages too keep everyone together?
Tells the same story, atleast twice a day, about the killer wave that almost took his shorts off
Gets in fights with seagulls whenever they get realitively close too the group
Also buys one of those crappy beach wagon things too put their stuff in
Buys a mug and cheesy beer koozie
Doesn't enjoy the beach that much but gets excited too go?
Ends up sitting down for most of the time unless he gets dragged on walks
Might just kinda walk until the water is at his knees and just kinda stand there, and nod a little
Giving mother nature his approval
He takes Sally out and holds onto her stomach, lifts her up over the waves whenever they come
Asks her what she can see, before he drops her back down
Tries it with Ben, gets kicked in the gut-
Favorite time is when it's dark and they go
Not for a long time, just a few minutes too walk along the shore before it gets dark
Designated photographer
Is supposed too be taking photos but mostly gets footage of the stupid shit that happens
Like Jeff not being able too figure out the dishwasher or Clockwork wrestling with her dresser where only half the drawers worked
Just kinda sits back and watches things go up in flames
He's the designated like playlist guy too? On the drive over, whenever he got bored just
"Hey what song should I play?"
And watches chaos ensue
His vacation is watching everyone else have a bad time
Makes up for it though, saves them a shit ton of money by making dinner every night.
I feel like he genuinely enjoys late nights on the beach, like Tim
Gets some beautiful photos of the water, and people taking walks that he's pretty damn proud of
Maybe once or twice he'll join Doby for a walk too get pictures of the rising sun
Likes getting small things from the gift shops
Shark teeth, maybe a cheesy snowglobe
Something silly but nice too remember the trip by
Eyeless Jack
first things first, ya know those double-lens glasses? Like you flip up the sunglass part and theres normal lenses underneath? Someone gave him those
But their are crappy eyes painted on the normal lenses
He's very confused but its just ridiculous enough for him too like
The beach isn't his favorite place, I HC him as nocturnal and most things are open during the day
He takes too the rides and crappy carnival games that are open late at night
He can't see everything super well but makes up fun things for himself
Enjoys going on rollercoasters that he has no idea what the hell the drops look like
Fucking hates bumper cars
Can't tell where everyone's coming from or when
More nerve racking then fun
Whenever they go to the beach beach he just kind of chills
Akwardly curls up on a towel because he's big as shit
Where ever they stay he walks around, uses his echo location shit too find out all its quirks
"This walls more hallow then that one- those support beams in the lobby are doing a very shitty job of keep things together"
Loves sitting out on the balcony and just smelling the salt air, listening too people laughing and the ocean waves
Just the small details a lot of people miss
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angels-and-demons · 10 months ago
Toby: You lying, cheating, piece of shit!
Nico: Oh yeah? You’re the idiot who thinks you can get away with everything you do. WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD!
Toby: I’m leaving you, and I’M TAKING DOBY AND TEDDY WITH ME!
Cody, picking up the monopoly board: I think we’re gonna stop playing now.
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scary-mostaccioli · 3 months ago
I propose a smooch for Doby, from whoever you'd like to draw smooching him uwu
Tumblr media
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elliotthesmelliot · 5 months ago
Sorry for the note spam ^^" you came up in the Third Base tag & I just had to go through your blog!
If you don't mind me asking, I'd love to hear your Doby hcs!
Oh my goddddd you created doby I am screaming
I love note spam- dw about it!
Third Base hcs:
When Toby first met him, he noticed how similar they were and was straight up like "you dare to challenge me"
Dw they're friends now 👍
He, Toby, and Cody have friendship necklaces sorry not sorry
He loves beating the shit out of terfs 💞 (then again they all do)
He thinks of Kate as a little sister
He lets her play w his hair and do his nails
"and then this bitch walks in with a flat PERM" "sickening" "right"
He hoards socks/j but also /srs
He doesn't just steal from his victims- he steals the other proxy's things too
-Wilson, probably
Jeff is literally one of the only people who don't like him. He thinks Doby is too nice.
He, Kate, and Toby started referring to mission reports as "the tea"
"'So here's the tea" "for the last time, its called a mission report" "do you want the tea or not?"
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neerasrealm · a year ago
Goggle squad hcs 👉👈
I'm gonna tag @krayolacolor and @frozensriracha because I think they'll like these <3
These boys are the most chaotic trio you will ever meet.
Doby is an evil mastermind who comes up with horrible ideas
Toby can't feel pain and gets so excited around his friends that all sense of self-preservation goes out the window
And Cody has all the brains to make it work.
Some of their escapades have included: jumping off slender mansion's roof onto a trampoline, rolling down a busy street in a shopping cart during rush hour, shoving Toby into the cage of beach balls in Walmart, and attempting to create edible nail polish (watermelon flavor)
They like to break shit. Like a lot
Doesn't matter what it is if they're in the mood for violence THEY'RE GETTING VIOLENT
They very much have a brotherly dynamic but like. Brothers who hate each other
Cody is the tallest and oldest so he's condescending. Doby is the smallest and youngest so he's angry all the time
Toby is just stuck in the middle and both of them keep pissing him off
If they aren't doing something reckless and dangerous they're probably attempting to murder each other instead
So. Much. Gossip.
Toby tries not to get involved but between Doby who is ALWAYS gossiping and Cody who is surprisingly catty, he can't really avoid it
Their group chat is the most chaotic thing ever I just know it. The fucking voice notes of Doby yelling every time Toby says something mildly stupid
The "THIS IS WHY MOM DOESN'T FUCKING LOVE YOU" vine fits them so well I swear
Toby likes to cook! And often makes things for Doby and Cody to eat
They do spend wholesome quality time together too. Baseball is a big pastime! Cody played softball for a little while as a kid, and Doby taught Toby how to play, so it works out
Movie nights only they're binge watching Bill Nye
Cody makes testosterone for Doby to take. Every time it comes to Doby getting the shot you'll be able to hear them chanting "BOY JUICE, BOY JUICE, BOY JUICE!" Like it's some satanic ritual
Not a hc I use currently, but I've toyed with the idea of Cody having anxiety tics that act up when stressed. I think it'd be cool if all three of them had different types of tics
They go to Starbucks a lot and it's so funny. You have this sassy twink, an angry twink and a catty twunk just loitering around with their iced coffees and the employees have just given up trying to deal with them
They hit Claire's a lot too. Made Toby get a piercing there once
Mfs be walking around with one of these:
Tumblr media
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frozensriracha · a year ago
The Creeps’ Heights
Slenderman: 10’1
Jeff: 5’10
Liu: 5’10 1/2
BEN: 5’5
EJ: 6’8
LJ: 7’4
Jill: 7’2
Hoodie: 6’3
Masky: 5’6
Toby: 5’8
Cody: 6’0
Doby: 5’6
Sally: 4’9
Jane: 5’11
Clockwork: 5’7
Helen: 5’11
Puppeteer: 6’1
Zalgo: 15’0
Jason: 6’4
Candy Pop: 6’11
Nina: 5’3
Lazari: 5’2
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midnight---hollow · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Doby my beloved. Its been awhile since i drew anything cp related and yesterday i just had the urge to something cp or mh based. Of course i amidietly thought to doby created by the amazing @krayolacolor and started drawing them today. I might draw their ej aswell since i love their design
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