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emblemalt · a day ago
Third Life: medieval war story. heavy Game of Thrones vibes. romance, loyalty and angst
Last Life: subtle zombie apocalypse vibes. The call is coming from inside the house. There Is An Imposter Among Us. Betrayal at every turn
Double Life: this is. This is a sitcom. it’s a sitcom about marital troubles and gossipy neighbors
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blazevillains · a day ago
when put into a death game a minecraft mans natural instinct is to simulate gay marrige
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fishfuckerjoel · a day ago
Tumblr media
how can you homewreck when you’re trying to break up a very happy couple, grian?
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to-make-yourself-known · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
still, there is this terrible desire to be loved.
still, there is this horror at being left behind
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shitposts-and-shit · 16 hours ago
possibly my favorite thing about double life episode 2 is Scott and Martyn talking about MCC and Scott saying it’s not cannon, so, time to make that shit cannon lmaoo
it’s also very funny watching it from a different purspective like Pearl’s video (starts at 10:34, ends around 11:31)where she’s talking to Ren and BigB and not seeing the chat
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nix-writes-mcyt · 2 days ago
Just a heads up
Someone unrelated to MCYT has posted nsfw pornograpic content in the tag #bdoubleo100
So please avoid that tag, especially filtering by latest as it's the first thing there. Even out of curiosity don't go there right now
Save your eyes, please
And if you ignore my warning and go anyway report the post so it can be removed
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organizedchaos03 · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
this idea popped into my head this morning and i had to make it right then and there
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alittlebitofwonk · 2 days ago
Headcanon that canary!Jimmy’s wings change color with his lives!
For green they look like this, for yellow they’re the classic golden yellow like this, and for red they look like this!
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badass-magizoologist · a day ago
Tumblr media
Hello I'm new around these parts. Are these two always this....... poorly adjusted?
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dandylionfluff · a day ago
tango getting flashbacks after scar burnt down his and jimmy's ranch made me laugh more than it should've-
and, so war has been declared and it's only the second episode.
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marshmalo · 2 days ago
everyone says that scar was sad that he couldnt find his soulmate but when you watch his pov you realize its the exact opposite he absolutely doesnt care and i love it
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raichett · 9 hours ago
There’s something, of course, very angsty and hurt/comfort-y and cathartic etcetera etcetera about post-Third/Last/Double Life fics that take part in Hermitcraft. 
BUT, as any good writer will tell you, you gotta pace your sad scenes otherwise your reader will get burnt out. You gotta intersperse in some comfort, some gentleness, some banter, even some humour. So, all that being said, you know how in the ___ Life SMP series, some recipes are changed, or some items disallowed? 
What I’m getting at here is that the ___ Life SMP member of your choice - let’s go with Grian as the example, he’s always a favourite - has no idea what a helmet is. He can’t even craft one, the recipe just doesn’t work for him. Etcetera with the altered TNT recipe (they made it cheaper) and crafting saddles (which they made possible at all). And, most recently, in Double Life, the only enchanting table in the whole place was in the Deep Dark. There has also never been an End in any of the ___ Life series.
Imagine that Grian being isekai’d back to Hermitcraft. He casually takes out three leather one day, on a therapy-approved horse expedition, and crafts a saddle. He asks what the hell that thing you’re wearing on your head is. He argues, very strongly, that you need paper for TNT, and only one gunpowder. He freaks out seeing an enchanting table and looks wildly around for The Warden he’s sure must be nearby. 
Basically, there’s something you could explore here through the humorous guise. Something about how he (and the rest) got trapped in a place where even the very mechanics of the world itself worked differently. The obvious one, in the whole life limit and Red Life Makes You Evil thing. That’s big, that’s huge, but while it’s terrible, it’s not hard to wrap your head around.
But the low-key but pervasive everyday things, like the crafting of one of the most common armour pieces, or that everyone knows that saddles have to be found in loot chests. Some of those things might be more disturbing to think about, in the long run. Tiny things you don’t realise you take for unchangeable truth until suddenly they’re not. And the next question: would you ever be able to work out how many of those tiny things were different? How much of everything was just... one step to the left?
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trafficblrsmp · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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flunkett · 12 hours ago
cleo taking damage because her partners on fire and then eating melon to heal is just this gif
Tumblr media
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chaos1ncarnate · 18 hours ago
Evil ex gf pearl
Tumblr media
Blood moon
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bloodpen-to-paper · a day ago
Proposal to call the collective series with all the Life titles the “Blank Life” series (as in ___ Life, where the blank is filled out with whatever is inputted for the new season)
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mar-im-o · a day ago
He doesn’t look like a king.
“King”, in Ren’s mind, is a powerful being. Crowned head and robed shoulders, commanding respect with the brandishing of a blade. “King” means something.
What does Ren mean?
Ren means floral shirts and attentive ears and a tail that wags a bit too eagerly when he sees BDubs. Ren means Gigacorp and profits and order. Ren means paved roads and over-the-top plans and a desire for good and order and beauty.
And maybe that can mean king...
And as he watches his reflection amidst the tower BDubs erected in his honor, he thinks a crown might look just fine between his ears.
The shadows which lag behind him don’t seem to agree.
“You’re playing a dangerous game, pup.”
Ren winces at the thing which speaks through his mouth, reflection warping to accompany graying skin and burning eyes. He’s grown used to the Red King butting into his contemplative hours, but it still sends a chill up his spine whenever he does.
“Not like it’s one we haven’t played before.”
“We lost that game.”
“So we’ll win this one.”
Ren’s reflection scoffs at the idea, red eyes rolling in distaste. “You can’t win a game without an objective.”
“So we make one!” 
A clean server, order, community, roads weaving the providences together. That’s an objective, isn’t it?
Ren smiles at the thought of all the good he can do.
The Red King grimaces. “You cannot be serious...”
“Why not be!” He laughs, a hand running through his hair as he turns his attention out the window. The sun’s setting on Hermitcraft (not that he thinks BDubs will let it sink fully) and it’s painted spawn in a beautiful pallet of orange and yellows and reds. There’s an overly-dramatic sigh as he leans against the banister, looking out at the server.
His kingdom....
His reflection remains in the mirror though, the Red King’s face one of concern as he watches Ren yearn. 
“Tell me you don’t wanna wear a crown again?”
A hollow, inhuman laugh. “I’d like nothing more. But this isn’t the server we ruled last time.”
“Right! This one’s uncursed, man. We don’t gotta kill anyone, and no one’s gonna try and kill us.”
“Until they do.”
“They won’t,” Ren insists. A wave of magic ripples through the server and the sun restarts again, bright blue painting the eastern sky. “They won’t. They’ll all be chill with it.”
“With a leader they didn’t choose?”
“With the good I can do! If they doubt me--then I just show them what I’ve got in mind! They’ll love it.”
They’ll love me.
Ren doesn’t say that last part aloud.
Still, The Red King shares a body and mind with Ren Dog, and hears it nonetheless.
When he speaks again, his voice is low and gentle, so unlike the tyrant Ren first met. It’s more like the being Ren’s gotten used to. The Red King: gentle and timid and willing observer of Hermitcraft through Ren’s eyes. 
“And what happens if they don’t? If they object to your coronation? If they try to take your crown? How do you deal with such?”
And Ren doesn’t know. He doesn’t know, and he doesn’t seem to have to say it. He just... stares... As if there’s an answer in the skies of Hermitcraft.
The Red King, kind and patient, gives Ren time to think.
And when it seems he won’t respond...
“The server we ruled last time... It was not this one, pup. It was temporary. It was always meant to end.
“Shall we rule this one, you must lie in bed with the consequences of your every decision for eternity. Are you certain that is something you’d like?”
And Ren doesn’t say yes. He doesn’t respond to the question of morals laid at his feet. He just... stares...
And the Red King of shared mind sighs in contempt.
“Then so be it, Ren Dog.”
And the hound stares out unto his kingdom.
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kkoct-ik · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
1st batch of 3rd life pairing drawings for a super lovely anonymous requester!
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izzypaw · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
TODAY 😎 we 💯 added ☝️ the ✔️ SOULMATE 💞 AU 😲 to ‼️ MINECRAFT 💰💪💯 what 👀 happened 💥 next.... 😳 was ⚡️ CRAZY ⁉️
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elytrans · 3 months ago
HELP scar's talking about third life on stream and how he didn't even plan to scam people out of their stuff he just DID that and it worked so he kept doing it and he didn't even NOTICE grian trying to warn people not to fall for it. this is so fucking funny.
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