frogchiro · a day ago
what do we think about a possible threesome with pierro and capitano…🫣
We stand up and salute to this idea bc it's a GIFT
gn!reader, SMUT, size difference, two bois being feral for you <3
just-just imagine being squished between these two giant men.
imagine how their big burly bodies would move against yours and each other. imagine getting spit-roasted by them, with pierro occupying your mouth, his big cock choking you while hearing capitano growl like the savage beast he is, thrusting away and ruining your poor hole </3
also apparently they have some kind of friendly rivalry when it comes to you? with capitano teasing pierro, asking him if the old man can even get it up and satisfy their little darling. the other man just growls at the beast, baring his sharp teeth lightly before telling him with a nasty little smirk that 'next time, i'm just gonna share with the ginger brat. he's young and virile, a much better partner and i saw him eyeing our little one over here, so i bet he'll be more than enthusiastic don't you think, sir captain~?'
i think that it's safe to say that capitano was less than pleased at the jab, growling loudly, the rumbling noise vibrating so much that you felt it against your back causing you to let out a muffled moan and involuntary clench around the big cock still lodged deep inside you.
both capitano and pierro moaned at the vibrations caused by your moan and both men resumed their brutal pace, fucking more and more roughly inside of you while throwing growls of pleasure and praises towards you because 'you're doing such a good job pet, a little more, just a little'
you knew that you were in for the ride of your life that night and wouldn't rest until much much later, when the first beams of sunlight would shine through heavy curtains, but honestly? you wouldn't have it different with your two lovely men <3
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sookayheresthething · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
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hahrensexual · 13 hours ago
He's a 10, but he cries "Elven Glory!" in bed
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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zenixslilgf · 2 days ago
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sextape-vhs · a day ago
i have a size kink that goes both ways, i like short men subbing for tall girls and short girls dominating tall men
ITS JUST HOT, but we gonna talk about short men today bc riddle is taking over my brain 🥴
like he would definitely try to dominate anyone, but when it comes to tall girls he’s fucking weak in the knees. talking about how he won’t be crying at the end of the night, and oh boy that was a lie
the moment he’s inside rheres this cute blush on his face and he’s holding back from whimpering. and the way your boobs would just juggle with every thrust he gives has him crying and shaking
just let him suck on your tiddies while you praise him for fucking you so good <333 he wants you to wrap you long legs around him!!!
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liriostigre · a month ago
Tumblr media
Mary Oliver, “When I Am Among the Trees.” Thirst
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doomh3ad · a month ago
i'm a whore for him (he is is deeply damaged and mentally unstable)
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slayedx · a month ago
quick drabble as i work on part 2 to should’ve known better!!
cw: fem! reader, squirting, penetration, daddy kink
Tumblr media
“fuck- baby look at that, your little pussy is squeezing me like a damn vice shit-” he rasps out his voice a mere gravel at this point
you can hear the sounds of the wet squelch of your cunt taking the abuse of billy’s cock, and the wet pats of his hips smacking into yours
he groans as he looks down to where you two meet; your little pussy red and swollen due to him already pounding your pussy in multiple positions.
your slick soaking his cock as he continues to fuck into you with long hard strokes. a ring of cream forms at the base of his cock wetting his pubes; adding to the mess of him and you.
“fuuuck baby, need that cock huh? look at you making a shit- mess on my cock ” you mewl as he continues to pound into you. your arms try to find purchase on anything as billy shifts his weight pounding directly into your g-spot.
he feels your legs begin to shake under his hold as he continues to abuse your g-spot; thrusts picking up in strength and pace as your pussy tightens around him.
“daddy gonna make a mess fuck” you say as you feel a rush of heat go to your face as your pussy begins tingle under his ministrations.
he smirks at your admission before moving a hand down to draw circles on your clit. he can feel your pussy getting obscenely wet as he fucks into it.
“c’mon princess make a mess on my cock, soak daddy’s dick” he groans and of course: you do as daddy says
you squirt on his dick in streams as you moan a mix of profanities and his title. he groans at the sudden increase of wetness as he continues to fuck into you helping you ride out your high. his continuous thrusting further distributing your mess as it splashes against his abs.
“suuuch a good little girl” he praises you as you whimper at his continuous thrusting. though he slows down his assault and hovers over you, hips stilling momentarily. his eyes roam your face admiring your glazed over eyes and drool covered lips, you looked so fucking good like this.
“you’re gonna squirt on me like that one more time baby, you’ve got one more don’t you?” he smirks as he sees your eyes go wide before resuming the pounding of his hips.
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decisiontoleave · 16 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Kim Okbin in Thirst (2009) dir. Park Chan-wook
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feral-ballad · a month ago
Tumblr media
Renée Vivien, tr. by Margaret Porter & Catharine Kroger, from The Muse of the Violets: Poems; “Chanson”
[Text ID: “Oh, the eternal hunger, the eternal thirst for your loveliness, / And the eternal regret, the doom.”]
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milkyybuns · a month ago
inexperienced!itto who didn’t know how good he could feel, until you showed him.
inexperienced!itto who doesn’t realise how long he’d been staring at your naked body until his pants are suddenly feeling way too tight.
inexperienced!itto who can only mewl and moan as you slowly stroked his cock, bc your touch feels so much better than his own.
inexperienced!itto who felt guilty for pushing your head down till his cock hit the back of your throat but couldn’t help himself bc it felt like heaven.
inexperienced!itto who has never been inside anything so warm and tight and good as you before, and ends up absolutely drunk on your tightness gripping his cock, taps into his oni instincts and ends up overstimming you until the sun came up <3
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frogchiro · a day ago
I might get bashed here with the bonking stick for being too horny here but--
Pierro and his wife bathing together 🥺
Sorry if this sounds weird but it's so romantic! Imagine the things they can discover about each other's bodies! His wife traces his battle scars and Pierro looks at her own beauties and flaws and appreciates it nevertheless because she is always perfect in his eyes 😭😭
(not to mention, the potential smut in the water *cough cough*)
this being said, this is so adorable omg ;; and it doesn't sound weird at all! i'm actually a sucker for all the fluffy stuff, i'm a romantic at heart ><
just imagine that you're both sitting in pierro's private bathroom in a big in-ground bath, more like a pool really. imagine that you noticed how your husband has been overworking himself so much lately, coming worn out and tired late at night, having to listen to his heavy sighs when you pretend being asleep. even when he finally falls asleep you observe him in his sleep, all the bulky muscles all tense and heavy even while resting so you came up with the idea of bathing together as a way to help him relax and release all that tension <3
and now you're here, sitting in your lover's wide lap naked but all soft and warm, the space and surroundings so intimate and looking at pierro's serene and calm face, for once free from worry and tension, your heart clenches almost painfully from all the overwhelming love.
also imagine if it's at a time where you're still quite fresh in your marriage, where you didn't really have the time to explore each others bodies :(( imagine the intimacy of being naked, all vulnerable and open with each other, sitting in his lap facing him and running your hands all over his big scarred chest, fingers delicately tracing all the silver scars from a long while ago; pierro's heart soars from the gentleness you use with him as if handling the most delicate porcelain imported from liyue.
he runs his big rough hands all over your body, so so much smaller than his, and he just takes you in. any scar, any blemish you might have be sure to get it kissed and licked lovingly by your husband, he loves you just as you are because you're perfect in his eyes. his most precious treasure <33
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gummie-s · 3 months ago
Tamaki eating you out and then thanking you. You’ve lost track of how many times youve cum and you arent *really* aware of whats going on anymore, but when your vision fades back in he’s looking up at you, rubbing circles on your thighs and whispering little thank yous.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
CW: Fem!Reader, Oral sex (fem receiving), slight overstim
Tamaki was the sweetest. You don't know why he did it but he always thanked you when he got to pull your panties down. He murmured it again when he brushed his lips against your clit and got suckling, kissing and licking your slit, gently spreading you open with his warm fingers, the heat of his mouth attaching to your trembling core making your body roll against the bed. Your breaths get all desperate and airy when he slowly circles his tongue firmly around the hood of your clit. The way his soft exhales landed in such a sensitive area made your thighs try to clamp around his ears.
He didn’t let that happen though.
Tamaki gently spread you wider, his shoulders wedging between your legs, strong arms scooping under you and bringing you deeper into his mouth. He suckled and kissed at your soft pussy, low little moans were coming from Tamaki, but you could mostly feel them more than hear them. It was hot. So hot, everything about it, his slow, easy pace and the way he looked so content between your thighs. His eyes were closed, his nose buried in your soft flesh, his chin jutting into your vulva when he worked his tongue inside.
He continues even when you cum, never speeding up or slowing down, just driving you crazy.
Tamaki kept going, it seemed like his jaw was incapable of growing tired, his tongue ready to provide you with endless pleasure. He thanked you every time you cum, every time your legs shake and your moans cry for him to stop, no keep going, do it again, give me more.
Tamaki was ready to give you it all.
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migwayne · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
😭y they make them like that
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stevienick · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
— KIM OK-BIN Thirst (2009) dir. Park Chan-wook
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sextape-vhs · a month ago
YOU GUYS ARE A BUNCH OF SUBS >:( where are the ppl that wanna make the fatui harbingers cry??? COME OUTTA HIDING ‼️‼️‼️
fucking one of dottore’s clones in front of him while he’s tied to a chair, moving around trying to get free so he could be the one you’re fucking, if he really wanted to he could’ve gotten out but we all know how he loves torturing himself <333
or pierro coming back to you after weeks of being away and just falling into your arms to tuck his head into your neck and take in your scent that grounds him, then later on he’s sucking at your nipples while your praise him for being able to protect you and he’s just melting
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liriostigre · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Mary Oliver, “Heavy.” Thirst
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