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#thirsty thoughts

sksksks barking at Levi I can’t. he’ll look at you wondering if you were around for hanji too long.

12 notes

oooh nanaba is treating her s/o at night. you’re in for a fun night with that piercing involved.

also I bet mike teases nanaba about it bc he’s her partner in the tattoo parlor.

‘so, did y/n enjoy it?”

‘none of your business mike.’ but the smirk on her face says it all

10 notes

don’t we all anon. all mike simps would love that

6 notes

oof that’s relatable. hormones are all over the place during periods. you’re not alone in that regard anon. 

the thigh riding imagines with mike are literal gems ty for all the dialogue anons. also mike in leather pants??? I’m so done for that. I love imagining him in that or those gray sweatpants, you know the ones I’m talking about.

have a good day too dear, I hope cramps aren’t too terrible for you

9 notes

can’t blame you anon, his strength is enticing. but however strong he may be, he’s not a brute, he won’t hurt you, ever. but you better have a lot of stamina to keep up with him bc he can last the whole damn night. can even do it against the wall while holding you up, it’s no problem for him.

24 notes

dude Ashton is so talented when he plays the drums! would def love to see a mike drum solo. no name band au??? (ill take both singer Levi and drummer mike lmao)

I imagine him just hitting the drums really loud when Levi comes out of a room just to scare him XD

when mike feels a little down and he goes to the dressing room to see you there, you’re going to have to remind him that he did great and that in your eyes, he was the best. and after he gets it out of his system he sighs, kissing you on the lips

‘thank you angel.’

you’re his number one fan :))

also don’t let Levi come to the dressing room or else he needs bleach for his eyes

12 notes

akaksk it’s nearly the end of February how did I not see this I’m sorry

mike would so love your gift! seeing you draw memories you guys had together (and the edition of a cute bunny? even better!). he’ll be mesmerized by your talent, flipping the pages slowly, taking it all in. and you’d be off to the side, rubbing your neck.

‘I know it’s not. the best but-’

‘I love  it.’ he’d interrupt, looking up at you. he couldn’t hold it in anymore. ‘just like I love you.’

makeout is definite yes bc he can’t keep his hands to himself. but I think he’ll take you back to his place so things will be a little more romantic in bed rather than out in public.

10 notes

ooh I can see this happening. mike loves your natural scent but when you put on that perfume?? he loves it even more and immediately needs to take you away to a secluded area. anytime you want to get some action, just put the perfume on

when mike returns his nose knows immediately that perfect blend of smells and he was eager, dashing to the bedroom. and when he sees you, waiting for him with a smile? mike just pounces on you, showing just how much he missed you and loves you.

9 notes

Oof, an argument boiling which leads to some semi rouhh make up sex? I can see that happening, but then it progessively sweeter as time goes on. The anger vanishing and just leaving with some guilt and sadness, murming apologies to each other. By the end of it you two are cuddling, resolving your argument.

10 notes

sksks one of the rare times Levi relinquishes control over to you. also bc. I like Petra, perhaps maybe some noblewoman got handsy with Levi and that rubbed you the wrong way. and let’s say Levi was pleasantly surprised by your possessive nature over him, but it excited him also. 

and by the end of it he’ll give you a slow, languid kiss. ‘idiot, you know I’m not letting some other woman take me away. I have no interest in anyone but you.’

16 notes

my favorite thing to imagine is mike feeling proud of himself that he is able to give his angel so much pleasure and he just peppers kisses all over their face saying ‘you did so good angel, so good,’ just praising them. and then he cleans them up and make sure to get them anything they need before cuddling them. his angel falls asleep easily in his arms and mike just smiles, kissing their forehead.

I live for soft intimacy with mike

7 notes

also another line that mike would say and he just continues where he left off, not bothered by your ex. mike knows he’s way better than him and he can treat you right

5 notes

oh absolutely he suits that concept so well.

you see a lot of the concept of a tutor ending up in the bad student’s bed bc of the bad student initiating things.

but juyeon would be the tutor who ends up in your bed because he initiated it. you got a hard question right… do you want a reward?

18 notes

oh big rip to that cadet. im pretty sure Levi will notice right away if there being watched the first time and stop everything just appease the gut feeling. and lo behold, he was right to check it out. now Levi is downright pissed. Levi is going to give a good tongue lashing before swearing that he is going to make him do chores every day to the point he’ll drop dead.

not only was he pissed that they were being watched, he was pissed that the cadet has now your body engraved into his head, which should only be his privilege. safe to say Levi got much better locks on his door to keep people like that out. 

35 notes

Also I’m adding this because of the last thing I send with the age gap I’m 21 so not a minor just to let u know cos I think Erwins probably mid 30s I’m letting u know cos I dont want u to think I’m a minor cos I dont want to make u uncomfortable ( ≧Д≦)


it’s all good hun. also erwin would look so fine in a nice suit and tie. or jacket off and wearing his dress shirt. heck, throw in some glasses in there too. and you know he’d take good care of his s/o. as much as he works late nights and all, he always makes it up to his s.o, in more ways than one ;)))

8 notes

that’d be so intimidating for you tho. it’s your first time and Levi has piercings on his dick?? and Levi is quick to reassure you that it’ll feel good and you dont have to be afraid. and he’s right, it did make you feel good and made the experience so much better.

also im guessing this would be a punk au and so Levi has a tongue piercing too and that’s always a treat for you

12 notes

at first he is going to be all sly about it, like coming up behind you and embracing you, kissing your throat. ‘now what’s this outfit you’re wearing? are you that eager for me to notice you? well, you have my attention.’

forgets what you’re cooking and focuses on you and instead and the only reason he stops (and he’s annoyed bc he wanted to ravish you like the meal you are) is bc the smoke alarm went off bc the food was burning.

also I high key think Levi has a thing for stockings

16 notes

those are straight facts. mike can never get enough of his angel.

4 notes

back on thirst train

this is honestly so common for you guys that you just doze off at times. before you would squirm so much on his lap trying to get friction and mike has to hold your hips down and go ‘patient angel.’ but now you just lean against his chest and sigh softly and mike is just smiling into your hair

no one really bats an eye when they see you on mike’s lap. some are smarter than others and know that you and mike are…doing things. others (like eren) are oblivious to it.

11 notes

sweet fucking- oh my gosh

how much and who do i have to pay for this to happen

boat you did not have to go that hard

im sweating

i know i always say it but FUCK the affect your words have on me?


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