#this actually started as an idea for a ranboo tarot card
tencoalblocks · a year ago
i only just remembered i wanted to start working on a thing for the syndicate's first meeting aaah
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nocturnal-dreams · a year ago
Random questions
1. Name: Charlie
2. Nationality: I'm a Canadian citizen now but I was born in the UK
3. Age: older than Tommyinnit
4. Birthday: June 3rd
5. Zodiac sign (or your primal zodiac sign): Gemini
6. Gender: Non-binary, AFAB
7. Sexuality: Pansexual although I think just queer now
8. Your looks (add a picture or describe yourself): I guess I'd describe myself with a round face, very pale with freckles and chin-length black-red hair now since I recently dyed it. I have black eyes that lighten up to a dark brown in light and I guess a little pudgy
9. What do you/did you study?: I'm a college dropout but I was studying literature
10. What's your current job like?/What job would you like to have?: The job I have right now is at a bakery but I hope to have some kind of job that involves literature
11. Your birth order: Only child to my mum, second born to my dad
12. How many siblings do you have?: I have a half brother who is older than me by 14 years
13. Do you have good relations with your family?: yes and no
14. How many friends do you have?: Depends, online I have a lot but IRL, maybe like two or three?
15. Your relationship status: I have a partner
16. What do you look for in a SO?: Looks don't really matter to me, as long as you're a decent person, I'll love you
17. Do you have a crush?: fictional yes
18. When did you have your first kiss?: 1st grade with my best friend at the time on the school bus home
19. Do you prefer serious and meaningful relationships or casual dating/one night stands?: I used to just prefer casual dating as I wasn't looking for anything too serious until I met Yuri (my partner IRL)
20. What are your deal breakers?: not being who you say you are like faking your personality
21. How was your day?: Good so far
22. Favourite food & drink: Don't have one
23. What position do you sleep in?: Depends since it changes throughout the night but mainly on my side with a blanket bunched up behind me so I don't feel like I'll fall
24. What was your last dream about?: IDK
25. Your fears: drowning, water
26. Your dreams: making writing a serious career
27. Your goals: same as dreams
28. Any pets?: many, although the ones that live with me at my apartment are my dog Lucy and my cat Bill, my roommate also owns a snake named Jewels
29. What are your hobbies?: writing, acting, painting
30. Any cool places in your area?: Um there's the porn shop beside my apartment
31. What was your last awkward situation?: idk
32. What is your last regret?: To this day its dating my ex Keaton
33. Language/s you can speak: French, English, and some German
34. Do you believe in astrological stuff? (Zodiac, tarot, etc.): to a degree yes, like my sister-in-law is pagan and I believe in some of the things but idk
35. Have any quirks?: I can fold my tongue, IDK I'm pretty boring
36. Your pet peeves: Someone thinking that trauma is a competition like I used to be friends with a girl when in response to my grandma and brother going to the hospital and my dog dying, she said 'well imagine having cancer as a baby'
37. Ideal vacation: I don't like to leave the house
38. Any scars?: yes I have one on my chin from when I busted my chin open on my table as a kid and one on my knee from a dirt bike accident I had
39. What does your last text message say?: well... @dream-of-eros: ur as penis man in my contacts Me: good to know
40. Last 5 things from your search history: the definition of absolution, porn? (I don't remember looking that up), Karl Jacobs, anime aesthetic gif, and then Amazon
41. What's your [device] background?: my phone background is my cat but my laptop background currently is Life Is Strange
42. What do you daydream about?: Book ideas
43. Describe your dream home: a lot better than my apartment
44. What's your religion/Your thought about religion: Aethiest although I do believe in some of the stuff in pagan
45. Your personality type: I stole my personality from Schlatt, Ranboo, Minx, and Wilbur, does that answer the question?
46. The most dangerous thing you've done: a lot of the stuff I do dirt biking I guess
47. Are you happy with your current life?: meh
48. Some things you've tried in your life: I used to vape a lot (don't do it kids) and I occasionally take weed gummies but that's only when I'm with my brother really
49. What does your wardrobe consist of?: a lot of my cosplay stuff but mainly just sweaters and hoodies
50. Favourite colour to wear?: red or green
51. How would you describe your style?: whatever is comfortable
52. Are you happy with your current looks?: meh, I tolerate it
53. If you could change/add something to your appearance - impossible or not - what would it be?: Just change my nose, its too big
54. Any tattoos or piercings?: I have multiple piercings in my ears and a tongue piercing, I've thought about getting my nose pierced but I'm not sure. I've wanted to get a tattoo eventually, I've just not had enough money to get one
55. Do you get complimented often?: my grandma and partner are really the only people that compliment me irl
56. Favourite aesthetic?: I like cottage core
57. A popular trend that you dislike: the trend of checking how dark your eyebags are because it felt like people were romantizing insomnia
58. Songs you're currently obsessed with?: any Wilbur song
59. Song you normally wouldn't admit you like: How You Remind Me by Nickleback, it's good alright!
60. Favourite genre?: I really like angsty stories
61. Favourite artist/band/genre?: I've always been a very big fan of Blackbear and I've been listening to his music a lot more often now, I also really like Paramore
62. Hated popular songs/artists?: I dunno I just can't stand Camila Cabello, I'm sure she's a lovely person but I just can't stand her music. Or Ariana Grande, I like her as a person but I just can't vibe to her music
63. Put your music on shuffle and list first 5: I'm not okay, If all should fail, Test me, K., Burning Pile
64. Can you sing or play any instruments?: I used to play clarinet in high school but I fucking hated that thing, I've wanted to learn guitar for a while. I used to do musical theatre until covid shut everything down, actually I was supposed to perform in Heathers as my favourite character Veronica Sawyer until everything got shut down :(
65. Do you like karaoke?: meh
66. Own any albums?: not really, I used to but now they are with my grandma
67. Do you listen to radio? What stations?: not really, I just listen to spotify really or youtube
68. Favourite movie/series?: I really like Criminal Minds, the office, Modern Family, and She-ra
69. Favourite genre of movies/books/etc: Fantasy
70. Your fictional crush/es: too many although my top three are Adora, Luna Lovegood, and Brynjolf
71. Which fictional character is you?: Entrapta or Mermista, also I highly kin Garcia from Criminal Minds
72. Are you a shipper? List your otps, if so: my biggest otp is Linny, Seamista, and Percabeth
73. Favourite greek god?: I mean I'm in Cabin 13 but I've always loved Persphone
74. A legend from where you live that you like: none, Alberta sucks
75. Do you like art? What's your favourite work or artist?: I don't really have one although I do really like Piper Sweeney's art
76. Can you share your other social media?: All my other socials show my face so no
77. Favourite YouTubers?: Aside from mcyt, Jacksepticeye, Markiplier, Pewdiepie, Laurenzside, Gloom, CinnamonToastKen, and Neebs Gaming
78. Favourite platform?: It's a tie between Tumblr and Instagram altho Instagram is on thin ice
79. How much time do you spend on the internet?: too much
80. What video games have you played? Which one's your favourite?: I've played a lot of video games although I mainly play Minecraft, Ark Survival Evolved, GTA, and I just started playing the Walking Dead Games again. I'm the best at Ark and have the most time in it so I guess Ark
81. Your favourite books (manga also counts): I've been reading the Warrior Cats series again so I guess that
82. Do you play board/card games?: not really, don't have anyone to play with
83. Have you ever been to a night marathon in cinema?: nope
84. Favourite holiday: I only really celebrate Halloween
85. Are you into dramas?: theatre yes, irl nah
86. Would you use death note, if you had one?: Idk, there's no one I really want to kill, wait scratch that, I want to kill Casey Anthony since her daughter deserves fucking justice
87. What changes would you make in the world, no matter how impossible, if you had the power to?: just make everyone get along and let people live their fucking lives how they want
88. Could you survive a zombie apocalypse?: I mean I have experience and my grandma owns a farm so I think I'm set
89. If you had to be turned into a paranormal being, what would it be?: being a dragon sounds hella cool
90. What would you want to happen to you after your death?: nothing, I want to be forgotten
91. If you had to change your name, what would be your pick?: I mean I am changing my name so...
92. Who would you switch your life with for a week?: Wilbur Soot, he gives me gender envy
93. Pick an emoji to be your tattoo: the black heart emoji 🖤
94. Write 3 things about yourself - only one of them must be true:
-I was in a cop car at three years old
-I had a dirt bike crash that left me with my leg badly damaged
-I ate a worm
95. Cold or hot?: cold most of the time but sometimes hot
96. Be a hero or be a villain?: villains are hotter
97. Sing everything you want to say or rhyme?: I mean I pretty much always sing
98. Shapeshifting or controlling time?: shapeshifting would be cooler
99. Be immortal or be immune to everything aside from natural death?: be immune, being immortal would be sad
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