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#this also has got me thinking what if necromancers tried to break into their house. that's not what happened here
terezis · 7 days ago
“How is this possible? I watched you die.” + Taakitz perhamps?
"Well, I am Death," Kravitz says with a little smile. "Nothing can keep me down for long."
"That's - you -" Taako's expression is wild with fury for reasons Kravitz doesn't really understand, and exhausted for reasons he thinks he does. When he reaches up to thumb at Taako's cheek, his face is sticky with dried tears. 
"I'm sorry I worried you, love."
Taako's face falls. His lip wobbles even as he leans into Kravitz's touch, which hurts Kravitz's heart more than the dagger through his aorta did. It's all he can do to press their foreheads together and watch Taako breathe.
"... And I'm sorry I stained the rug," he says after several minutes. "Do you think we can get it dry-cleaned?"
Taako leans back to scrub at his eyes. "You are the stupidest man I have ever met," his boyfriend tells him. "You're a fucking imbecile. Do you think we can get it dry-cleaned. God."
"Is that a no? Are we going to have to go shopping for a new one?"
Taako scowls and pushes at Kravitz's shoulder until he's lying prone on the floor. "You're not going out for at least a year," he says, glaring. "If you so much as think in the direction of the Astral Plane, I am going to chain you to our fuckin' bed. Lup and Barry are taking all your active bounties. You're on a strict diet of healing potions and paperwork until you remember how to not fucking beef it."
Kravitz laughs, which makes his chest sting. He can't quite manage to hide his wince. Taako frowns.
"The, uh - the necromancers who followed me through the portal," Kravitz asks, which is a shitty non-sequitur as far as distractions go, but Kravitz didn’t see any bodies among the remains of their living room. "Did you -"
"They are deader than dead, homie. They're scraping their souls off the walls of the Eternal Stockade. And I'm sending the bill for the damages to their fuckin', uh, cult leader, so you can't reap 'em until they pay up. Fuck those guys."
"Fuck those guys," Kravitz agrees, extending a hand towards his boyfriend; Taako ducks underneath and curls up against his side. His weight is a warm and welcome balm for the pain. He should probably take a potion, or at least get up off the floor; he doesn't want to move.
"Next time, portal into the kitchen," Taako says. "I've been waiting for an excuse to remodel."
"I'll try to plan my murder accordingly," Kravitz tells him. Against the crook of Kravitz's neck, Taako smiles.
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ohnohetaliasues · 2 years ago
Kiriya Nozomi {BNHA}
Tumblr media
First thing’s first, we’re going to break down the name.
Kiriya Nozomi. I wasn’t given the Kanji spelling, and unlike the last OC whose name couldn’t be translated or spelled in any other way because of how specific it was, I’ll have to use whatever Kanji makes the most sense.
For starters, Kiriya is a male name, but it can be a female name too, even though it’s less commonly used as such. The most common meaning its given is “sturdy arrow” if translated directly, which explains why “Kiri” meaning “sturdy” or “heavy” is in Kirishima’s name. The name can mean a lot of things, including “fog call” but we’re going to go with what the first thing I could think of translation wise was.
On to the last name. Nozomi means “Hope” but it can also be translated to “stagnation” if written in Hiragana. This Kanji spelling of hope refers to a wish or dream sort of hope.
The translation they may have been going for is “sturdy arrow field” or “fog call hope” or “sturdy arrow hope.”
Or the creator chose two random Japanese names and called it good. Let’s go with that, because none of the translations combined make a lot of sense.
Also, why is she wearing white socks? Nobody at UA high school wears white socks. They wear grey/black tights or knee high grey/black socks.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Some examples.
Moving on.
Status: Alive Country of Origin: Japan Likes: Read books, taiyaki, ice cream, pocky, friends, famaly and cats. Dislikes: Say the word “die”,
Bet she hates Bakugou, then.
hurt your friends , ecchi people Occupation: Student Department: Department of Heroes Class: 1- A Affiliation: Yuuei Voice Actor:  Midori Tsukimiya (Eucliwood Hellscythe)
Never seen that anime, but okay sure.
Appearance Kiriya has a normal structure of light skin red eyes and long black hair, the days in junior high school, she wore a uniform dark blue sailor. In Yuuei, she wears the uniform standard female: a light gray suitover a white shirt and dark green skirt, along with a red tie. Kiriya generally uses normal school shoes although sometimes is seen with black boots, she has a belt in her right leg, also wears white socks.
No she doesn’t. You aren’t allowed to alter your uniform.
Tumblr media
Personality Because of the uncontrollable nature of her powers as a necromancer, she communicates without using facial expressions or spoken words, only “speaking” writing in a notepad or asked her friend of childhood that has telepathic powers. At the first time, it seems to be a person without emotions and changes (or have a preference not speak), but actually it is a kind of heart to your friends and other people.
Uh so she’s a Kuudere.
She experiences severe pain whenever her magic is activated, and she claims that even if she were to die her magic would continue uncontrolled.
Magic? There is no magic in this universe. You mean her quirk?
She does not like the word “death” being used lightly, especially since her abilities can easily take away a person’s life.
The same goes for pretty much any character I could name from the series.
Likewise, to protect her friends from her uncontrollable ability, she developed the habit of writing her feelings to others instead of speaking to them. Kiriya later admits that she is ashamed and even terrified of her abilities, and she wished for someone to be by her side in spite of her frightening ability. It appears that she has found that person.As shealways wore the body transformation powers when she said she had necromancy powers she began to talk a little more.
And now she already speaks and shows expreções without writing in Notepad.
Okay so “expreções” apparently means “expressions in Portuguese. But I don’t speak Portuguese so I had to google that.
History Kiriya was born with two quirks, one that belonged to her father (body transformation) and another her mother (necromancer).
Kiriya lived a peaceful life in a small village with her grandmother because as much as the father and mother were heroes so they were always out to save people from cities, towns and villages around the world, the reason why they wanted to leave Kiriya with grandma it was not to have to take it with them.
Okay that’s understandable. If you’re a pro hero, you might leave your kid with their grandparents or a relative.
Kiriya developed its quirks when she was 4 years old and going from there that her life ended peacefully. A quiet day some villains attacked the village where she was, they were looking for her parents and so were the house where she was the grandmother who had been rather a Hero tried to defend both the village as Kiriya, the villains attacked the grandmother leaving her weak, Kiriya did not know how to use their quirks very well and when she saw her maguada
This apparently means “hurt” in, again, Portuguese.
grandmother and the whole almost destroyed village Kiriya can not control herself and used her mother’s quirk that was necromancer that was very powerful, the that caused much of the village destruction, eventually killing the bad guys and some innocent people when Kriya came to herself she was aterrorisada
Tumblr media
Also, you still haven’t told me what her quirk does. All I know is that it’s impossibly lethal.
for killing the bad guys and innocent people eventually faint. Kiriya went to the hospital as her grandmother
She went in place of her grandmother? Is her grandmother dead?
when she woke her mother was the next. Quando
she was discharged, her mother took her to her aunt’s house, as her grandmother was in a coma and her father was gone,
wHERE DID HE GO?!?!?!?!
Tumblr media
her mother could not take care of her aunt asked to treat it. Kiriya got a gande
“Gande” means nothing in Portuguese, but it apparently means “dry” in Chinese, which tells me nothing of value.
They probably meant grande, meaning big.
hate her mother for leaving with her aunt and also if she was up there when the village had gone probably attacked the n-to be in a coma and grandmother would have been deaths.
Tumblr media
That sentence made no grammatical sense whatsoever.
Or run-on sentence.
None of this makes a lot of sense, I’ve realized.
Also, question, why, if this girl’s quirk is so powerful, hasn’t she been fucking quarentined?
If she killed a village full of people at four years old, who knows how powerful she’ll be as an adult?
Put your grandmother in a coma?
Let’s have you live with your aunt.
Kiriya began training their quirks to control them although she did not like to use the quirk of necromancer,
I will ask again, what does that quirk do?
A necromancer is someone who raises the dead, but nothing in the the backstory I just read implies that that’s what the quirk does.
but as she did not want to happen is amesma thing she had to train but promised he would never again use powers except in case estremo
I’m imagining that means “extreme” without using google.
if although she sometimes uses the power without realizing it, as even their words can be powerful so she does not talk much.
So this girl is just radiating power.
Tumblr media
Quirk and Abilities
Oh good, finally.
-> Necromancer /Body Transformation or Trans <-
Tumblr media
Reality Warping : Kiriya’s primary ability is the power to tamper with the string of fate and alter reality. It has been shown that whatever she says becomes reality, with no certain limits to her powers except for Kiriya’s resistance to the side effects of using her powers.
Tumblr media
Since was this included? I thought her quirks were body transformation and necromancy. Not fucking this.
Resurrection : Although not directly seen, she has shown powers of resurrection. It is unknown if there are any restrictions or limits to this ability.
There are drawbacks to every quirk, bruh.
Death Inducement : By saying the word “die”, Kiriya is able to kill a person in an instant. However, using this power puts an immense strain in Kiriya’s part, causing her to experiences intense headaches.
Tumblr media
If she ever wanted to be a hero she would never ever be able to use that.
Also, in the likes/dislikes section you said she hated saying the word “die.”
Healing : It has been shown that she has the ability to heal the wounds of others, but as a side-effect she feels pain equal to the amount of damage she healed from that person. In a sense, the wound or damage is transfered to her.
This, again, has nothing to do with the two quirks mentioned before. But it has a drawback, which is a first.
Armor and Gauntlets : Eu’s armor and gauntlets are used to suppress her powers. There are instances (although these are few and far in between) where she has taken off the armor. It is unknown what amount of damage she could deal if she fought without them on.
How overpowered this bitch is is making me physically angry.
Regeneration: Kiriya can regenerate parts of your body in less than 1 second, but by consequence if she really use their regeneration for a long time it may end up passing out or getting umovél for a while.
Eyes of Death: Kiriya to look at a person when this angry she is able to kill the person with whom she is angry, she usually tries to keep calm in the battle to not use these powers when she’s justfrustrated she can is make the person become paralyzed or progetar person.
None of this has anything to do with necromancy.
Currents of the Abyss: Kiriya when using this power she is able to call on many links in the chain of blades that can dismember human bodies with ease if necessary .She usually uses it only to grab the opponent to it then attack or use attack as the back.
Tumblr media
But why?
Why are all of these so violent?
This ability also sounds like a goddamn Pokemon attack, I may note.
Transformation Ability or Trans: Kiriya’s signature ability is her transformation ability otherwise known as the Trans-ability. This ability allows her to turn almost any part of her body into almost any inanimate objects (preferably weapons or tools used for combat) or reshape the size and figure of her body. Kiriya considers her power to be a “cursed power” and that it can only be used for hurting people, however, she is truly able to use her powers for harmless and trivial purposes with safe precision.
This is actually a reasonable quirk. But why is it cursed?
Tumblr media
And, it again has no fucking drawbacks.
Weapon Transformation: This ability gives her the power to change any and all parts of her body into weapons like her hands turning into blades, claws or huge mechanical gauntlets. Kiriya mostly uses this ability to create weapons from her hair, she has also been shown to create non-weapon objects such a frying pan or even some medical equipment but is still useful against opponents.
I’m laughing at this because I’m just imagining the chainsaw hand from Ash vs Evil Dead and Army of Darkness.
Hair Manipulation: Kiriya’s most notable ability is her control over her hair. She can control its movements, extend it’s reach and uses it to create giant fists and dragon heads. She can even solidify her hair to form metallic objects like sword blades, metal teeth, battle axe, spiked maces, drills, hammer, wrecking balls. etc. She can also use his hair for create puppet.
Okay, this is so different from the other quirk that it could be another quirk by itself.
Also, the dragon head thing is awfully specific.
Body Transformation: Kiriya is able to change her bodies size and measurements to look more mature and adult-like.
The growing part goes with the initial description.
But the maturity thing doesn’t really go with this bullshit quirk whatsoever.  You never gave her any sort of Nymphadora Tonks-esque metamorphmagus power.
But I’ll give it a dubious pass.
Tumblr media
Partial Animal Transformation: She is also able to change parts of her body into animal-like features that gives her extra capabilities, growing a pair of white feathered wings from her back similer to an angel, to enable her fight. She can also turn her legs into a fish tail similar to a mermaid with gills that lets her breath and swim better underwater.
This, however, I will not give a pass. You said that she could turn parts of her body into inanimate objects, not fucking animals.
It said, and I quote,
“This ability allows her to turn almost any part of her body into almost any inanimate objects (preferably weapons or tools used for combat) or reshape the size and figure of her body.”
Tumblr media
Attire Transmogrification: she can change their clothes more over a short period of time.
So let me get this straight, she can create clothes onto her body. But since this is her quirk, which is an extension of her body, and it’s not Yaoyorozu’s quirk, which uses atoms to create new things, she just uses her literal flesh to morph clothes onto her body?
That’s kind of horrible.
I just imagine the details of her skin still being present on top of the fake clothes and that’s a hell of a visual.
Wormholes: Kiriya can create wormholes with the use of her hair and teleport anything or anyone anywhere, even herself.
Tumblr media
Matter Manipulation: Kiriya is now able to freely control physical matter itself by transferring her Transform Ability into said matter. She has been shown being able to control water and solidify it, creating huge hands and is also able to stand on it. She can also control solid material like creating a wormhole in the ground shaped like a mouth with sharp teeth.
Energy based Weapons: Kiriya can now construct weapons made out of energy.
Arms : She generally turns her arms into blades, hammers and shields. Hair : She can turn her hair into fists, hammers, and microblades able to cut through steel. Skin : Kiriya turns her own skin into steel. Wings : She sprouts wings from her back to fly and fires the feathers as projectiles Tail : Kiriya transforms into a mermaid in order to swim more efficiently
Expert Hand-To-Hand Combatant : Apart from her powers, she also has excellent martial arts skills. Her physical combat skills nearly match her transformation power, meaning that even if her transformation powers were taken away from her, she could still win a fight with just her fighting skill. She has also shown to be skilled with a regular Katana (though created from her hair).
You are copying Yaoyorozu but with hair.
Enhanced Strength : Kiriya is shown to have a great amount of strength despite her appearance.
Enhanced Agility and Reflexes : Kiriya has really good athletic skills, capable of doing somersaults, leaping over buildings and dodging certain impacts.
Leaping over buildings?
That’s uh... quite a reflex.
But in all seriousness, I can also do a somersault. It’s not like it’s hard.
Expert Tactician : Kiriya has seemgly proven herself to be an excellent tactician, as shown from observing her opponents and finding any sort of weakness.
Dark Mode/Spirity of the Abyss or Will of Abyss: It is one of the powers which it can use its two quirks at the same time, this mode is normally sealed.
When she uses it can evoke any weapons other than those that it already used with your quirk body transformation. She can also control your quirk of necromancer and can use it at will without getting hurt compared to when only uses it alone.
That literally goes against everything you described that necromancer quirk as before.
Also, since when has she been able to control other’s quirks?
Since never.
Tumblr media
It gets its power, agility, flexiblidade,
This word doesn’t mean anything in any language but I assume creator-san meant “flexibility.”
speed among other things more accurate than usual and without any weakness, being able to predict the movements of the opponent antecipadamente.
This means “in advance” in Portuguese.
I’m going to go ahead and draw the conclusion that the author is from Portugal or Brazil and instead of looking up the English word when they forgot it, they just put the word they knew from their native language.
Which, in itself is fine, seeing as English is probably not their first language like it is mine, but since I’m nit-picky it’s driving me a little nuts having to google every other word.
When she is in this mode it is with a personality and would be almost expressions, but it can Also be through uncontrolled use if it for a long time.
If that sentence has an actual meaning, it is utterly lost to me.
logo- known When she uses this power becausebefore you feel an aura que surrounds it and it is with one hero costume a little different.
That... that doesn’t tell me what her logo is.
That sentence doesn’t even make sense.
She uses more powers of transformation than necromancer because of what happened when she was younger she used his necromancer powers to protect her grandmother eventually destroy her home and left her grandmother in a coma in hospital. So she uses the power of transformation.
That’s reasonable. But this is also probably riffing on Todoroki’s background and how he didn’t use his fire for years because of the resentment held for his father.
The powers of transformation came from her father and mother of the necromancer, another reason why it does not use the necromancer powers is due after what had happened to her grandmother, her mother left her with her aunt (because his father was disappeared)
Where though?
Where did he go?
This is something you can’t just leave out.
and never returned to speak with Kiriya leaving her very frustrated with her mother and not wanting to use the mother’s powers that caused much suffering to his grandmother.
Let me just note that her parents are utter assholes for not talking to their daughter after something so traumatizing happened. Like who the fuck does that?
Okay moving on.
So far Kiriya only has three known weaknesses
Tumblr media
One very important part of making a good and interesting character is giving them flaws and weaknesses. Said traits humanize a character, and leaving them out or putting very few into your description is a fucking horrible move.
Do. Not. Do. That. Ever.
Tumblr media
Fruit Rinds: Kiriya was peeling oranges/tangerines and ate some, however she starts feeling very sick. Aunt then explains that fruit rinds happen to be highly poisonous for Kiriya due to the powers of necromancer.
Fruit rinds?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
F R U I T  R I N D S.
I’ve eaten an orange peel before and I assure you I am still alive and not poisoned.
Also I googled the words “fruit rind” and “necromancer” and got a whole not of nothing.
Tumblr media
Her own power: The reason Kiriya power is her own weakness is because if she were to write die
I thought she had to say “die.”
while using her reality warping powers, it’d give her a massive headache, even if she is to talk it causes immense pain to herself.
I still have no goddamn idea how this quirk works.
It has nothing to do with necromancy from what I’ve observed, and it more resembles a sort of chaos quirk, if that’s a thing.
And if she is in the hero course there is no way in fresh hell that she would be allowed to use this damn death quirk under any circumstances.
Also she is able to heal but as a result she feels pain of who she is to heal. When gets an excessive stress on your heart, it can not analyze calmly and its quirks gone haywire completely.
The first part of this description made sense, but nothing after that made any grammatical sense.
Why does it put stress on her heart?
Who fucking knows at this point?
- Fight - Leadership: ★★☆☆☆ Physical Strength: ★★★★★ Intelligence: ★★★★★ Reflexes: ★★★★★ Stamina: ★★★★★ Observation: ★★★★★ Agility: ★★★★★ Mental Strength: ★★★★★ Willpower: ★★★☆☆ - Natural - Confidence: ★★☆☆☆ Charisma: ★★★☆☆ Feminity: ★★★☆☆ Sincerity: ★☆☆☆☆ Humor: ★☆☆☆☆ Social Skills:★★☆☆☆ Empathy: ★★★★☆ Memory: ★★★★★ Studies: ★★★★★ Tactical skills: ★★★★☆ Patience: ★★★★☆ Cooking: ★★★★☆
She is five stars on so many things just no.
The only character I can think of with such high stats is All Might and he’s overwhelmingly powerful. He’s also the number one hero so he has an excuse, and he has one for all, so again, he has an excuse.
Tumblr media
She can’t be perfect at fucking everything.
Also, this is apparently her hero costume:
Tumblr media
It’s actually relatively nice.
But as someone who has long hair, I’d pull my hair back if I were her.
-"Hum ... I gave some advice, if you do not want to die then better not provoke the very death in person"  [When she's angry]
-"I despise common sense. I've seen the world from every possible angle. This cruel, ridiculous, beautiful world."
Okay dude.
You despise common sense? Common sense keeps people alive.
And I’ll bet your ass you havn’t seen the world from every angle. You’re like, 16. You’re my age.
Also, this is a Pandora Hearts quote.
Tumblr media
-"I didn't want to use my powers because I didn't want to be traced here... but you dared to hurt my friends"
The “I’ll kill you if you hurt my friends” cliché.
-" It's not true that you've lost everything. It's just've lost the will to live. "
That’s pretty bleak.
-"Thanks to these eyes...I came to understand how cruel and despicable people can be...but that also allowed me appreciate the true beauty. All you have to do is look at things from different perspective."
This is another fucking Pandora Hearts quote give me a break.
-[When someone dis for the other person to die] "Do not use that word that way ... death is painful ..."
That’s also pretty bleak.
it can be with a younger appearance as a 10 year old as an adult of 25 years. She is usually seen with its true form but some time has a child's appearance because it gives little gum over way during fights.
Tumblr media
If she were an animal would be a cat or a black rabbit.
That’s... irreverent.
She does not like to use their necromancer powers, because they are very dangerous both for people like her.
She does not like to say the word "die" because compared to other people she knows the pain of death, because of their necromancer powers.
How does she know the pain of death if she’s never experienced it?
She’s still alive.
She loves to eat taiyaki.
So does Gran Torino.
And me.
It may not seem much but she likes to read sleeves.
Tumblr media
Weird flex, but okay.
Not really sure how you’d read a sleeve.
It is she who fas your obento and also the food at home.
The wording here makes it sound like she stole my bento.
Kiriya have a habit of being late.
She wears armor to suppress their necromancer powers, and also not to haywire.
I assume you mean “go haywire.”
It is not usually talk much because she is afraid that she use her necromancer powers without realizing it, so she usually writes in a notebook or ask your childhood friend (I will create soon)
But my childhood friend already exists.
use its powers read the mind to convey what she is saying.
It does not really show their feelings because if she gets sad or angry may harm people because of their powers.
I still have no fucking idea how this necromancer quirk works.
Kiriya can only hold 10 seconds until less to look us eyes of a man when it comes to girls she can but us guys she can not take much time to look in the eye with a boy, she ends up giving a blow in boy, because she is too embarrassed.
I’ve read this sentence like three times to try and figure out what the hell that means, and all I got was that she gets embarrassed if she looks at a boy for too long.
Also, I lowkey thought that meant if she looked at a boy too long she’d spontaneously give him a blowjob.
Kiriya has a large scar on her back.
...Why was this not included in the appearance section?
And we’re done.
Okay, overall, Kiriya’s backstory has too many unanswered questions, and for the life of me I can’t figure out how this “necromancy” quirk works.
From what I know, a necromancer is a type of sorcerer that can raise the dead. Not... whatever was described to me here.
Tumblr media
I literally don’t know what happened. I’m confused. Help.
I’ll see you guys later.
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kurtty-drabbles · 2 years ago
Swan AU(Excalibur)
N/A: So, I was thinking about this part for while and all I can say is 1) Kitty may side with Kurt but she´s not a heartless monster 2) I think I´m building a Yana VS Kurt fight here. Also, Excalibur may not know this...but they threw a plan Kurt was crafting and the man is not happy about it.
@djinmer4 @dannybagpipesarecalling @discordsworld
Logan is a trustworthy informer that Brain often prefers to work. Ever since their last mission on Cadeluria, where an evil wizard was causing chaos, Logan starts to give pieces of advice about safety. For an unknown reason, Logan is hitting that maybe killing that wizard was not a wise idea. Brian can concede it was not an ideal solution, however, as Meggan and Rachel point outs, that man was ready to kill them and the small village in the name of Der Meister.
Recently, their main city is being attacked by a curse, one that not even his sister Betsy, one of powerful curse-breaker ever, couldn´t lift from the city. Not even Susan Storm, another curse-breaker, had any success. Logan wasn´t very comfortable when he did mention one last source.
“Don´t anger him. I think he´s still...upset” Logan offers as this is the final instruction. Captain Britain could sense Logan is hiding something, yet, the situation is more urgent.
“I don´t like this” Rachel voice what every other member of the team is feeling. Dough, the youngest member of the group is using his ability to navigate the team, no one here speaks German. They stop as they finally spot the right house.
Speaking German did help, while, the eerier silence of the neighbourhood and the “servants” who are doing the housekeeping job(such as gardening) are quite. No eye contact, only doing the chore robotically.
“Ah, Sie Kommen alle in einem Stück an, so eine Schande” the deep voice cuts the silence, while the servants still repeat their task. Doug´s eyes widen at his words along with his looks, remembering Logan´s word about the necromancer´s look, the youngest member of the team looks away.
“He´s not happy to see us” Doug explained and feel something is odd going on. Brian and Rachel can see how the situation is strange. As for Meggan, Gloriana morphs into a big muscled dwarf (Logan also tell her how he likes pretty woman and can be quite annoying. Meggan can take the hint and does not wish to be hit on by a creepy necromancer)
“I can´t just let you be servants feel disturbed by your presence here” Kurt stated as now the servant look at Excalibur with a demented smile on his face. Causing others to fear for their safety.
Except, inside his house is not helping either. Kurt, sitting on his chair, resemble more a king ready to execute someone than anything else.
“Necromancer” Captain Brain tried but his words didn´t break the sensation Kurt is sending. “We came here seeking your help, the city of Davos is with a serious curse”
Rachel could try to add something, the woman is way tougher than Brain. What was Rachel´s speech will have to be delayed as a new person enters the room. Gloriana watches the strangers enter and has to admit she seems far too tranquil(and free) to be living here.
Brian noticed the blue dress, a few weeks ago, before the incident with the curse, Betsy and Meggan are talking about dresses for the wedding. A blue dress, perfect for their wedding, Betsy even joke she would prefer in the colour purple(“it´s my colour”) bottom line, is a very expensive dress.
Rachel and Gloriana watch as the woman´s face almost glow in joy as she recognizes who they are.
“Oh my God, you are Excalibur” the woman moves gracefully to them to talk, while they had an emergency, they admit is much better to speak with this woman than...face the gaze of the necromancer. “I´m a fan” she speaks excitedly.
Kurt´s gaze didn´t improve with the arrival of this woman, instead, it gets worse. Looking at Excalibur as they are fresh meat. Not a good signal.
“You´re Captain Britain” the woman points at Brian “you´ re Gloriana, my family speaks so fondly of you! you´re the real heroine and my youngest cousin admires you deeply” Meggan can´t help to feel flattered even if the situation is a bit stranger “You are the new Pheonix, saved many people last month with your quick thinking” Rachel is flatter as well but still keeps her eyes on Kurt. “And you´re Doug, the newest member of Excalibur, decipher several languages in the span of 5 minutes. Oh, my name is Kitty, nice to meet you all”
“Katzchen!” Kurt calls her and the woman turns to him, no fear in her eyes, just a childish curiosity and mischief as the woman goes to where he´s sitting.
“Don´t be cranky me and the bamfs finish your project, silly, and your bad mood can be heard from here” her smile vanish as she whispers to him. Doug can translate any language, but, he needs to hear first.
“They killed my student, Tadashi, and I need him for my plan...they delay it and it was a very inconvenient thing for me” Kurt stated.  
“Yes, but they are heroes. That´s what they do. And is not like Tadashi is dead still. Plus, you can get your revenge by helping them”
“How so?”
“The payment, they have 4 on his group, take one of them to work on your circus and offers the help” Kurt smiles at that, a much cleaner version of what he was planning “ James is getting old, a young boy like him” she look at Doug for a moment “ will help in his last job and while you won´t hurt the boy, no, I won´t let you, the others will be terrified and you´ll get your revenge”
Silence regains the room. Excalibur breaks it by making a passionate speech. Kurt stops the speech and now has the word.
“So, Excalibur I´m willing to hear you now”
“A fatal curse has spread on our city” Rachel show the images of the symbol of the curse “ can you lift the curse?”
“Yes” the reply was followed with a false sense of relief “ as for my payment, I want one of you to work on my circus for a month” this was followed by angry protest and Kurt smiles watching them argue with Kurt and with themselves.
Kitty is paying attention to the confusion.
“I´d it” Doug replied with confidence, once making a blood contract with Kurt saying the necromancer can´t hurt or much less Kill Doug and once the month is over he´s free to go. There are some loopholes can explore. Kitty look at him seriously, ok,  fewer loopholes he can explore.
Back home, Brian mentioned something to Meggan, in private.
“Did you noticed the dress that Kitty lady was wearing?”
“Oh,” she teased “ you like a petite woman?”
“No, is not like that, that dress is the same from that magazine you and Betsy were talking about” Brian explained and Meggan now nods, yes, it was the same dress “do you know what this means?”
“That you really like to talk fashion with your sister?” Meggan jokingly asked then got serious “or that woman is richer enough to buy the dress or the necromancer buy for her”
“Which makes me think, how can we be sure she´s not under his control?” Brian inquiry frowning 
“Once, Betsy told me, the best type of mind controller is the one where you don´t notice” Meggan answers.
“And, what do you think?”
“...He´s the evilest creature in the world, I think he could and is doing something like that, but, what we can do?”
A new voice joins the conversation.
“Illyana Rasputin” Doug replied hopefully “ is a sorceress that has the ability to defeat Kurt”
The name Illyana Rasputin has now another meaning. Hope.
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papermonkeyism · 3 years ago
Okay, Paper's DnD adventures, episode 13!
In today's episode, a ghost is a jerk.
This one's probably going to be more vague than usual, as this session was more talk and dialogue and less action, and my memory isn't the best, but I'll try.
We start our day by Hilja waking up to notice Kenda is sick. Turns out she had a solo game session earlier where she saw a dream where Lucy's predecessor, Kamilla (was it Kamilla or Camilla? Note to self, remember to ask) was sealing people in ice blocks in the frozen ocean and Kenda tried to save them, and then she freed Hilja from an ice block and threw her to safety on the shore when the sea ice caved in beneath her and she fell to the frozen waters, and niw she has fever "IRL". ("I saved you, and now I'm sick!" "I'm very sorry for causing that." these characters just) Hilja does her thing, trying to get the fever go down, and I think Meera wakes up around here too, and she helps make tea and stuff. Hilja tries to summon all her friends (in case I haven't mentioned it before, those are ghosts of dead people. Hilja just can't tell the difference) to help, but they're afraid to approach because of a "nasty" is there. Hilja fetches a bunch of teacups from the kitchen, and basically makes a protective ward around the room out of cups of tea. Which Meera makes sure to keep full. And yeah, guess there are ghosts around now, seeing as the cups have to be refilled a little now and I never would have thought about lowering soneone's fever by having a dead person touch them with death-cold hand but sure, that's Hilja for you. Our druid is basically accidental necromancer and she doesn't even know...
(For some reason I think Hilja left Meera alone to care for Kenda for a short while, but I can't remember why. Eh, wasn't for long anyway.)
Then Meera has to go to work, but she promises to check back as soon as she can take a break.
(I mean Kenda wants to go back to work too, but Hilja actually tells her off using words that make it clear she could end up dead if she did anything, and like, to hear that kind of things, FROM HILJA, is absolutely horrifying. Hilja, who is overwhelmingly nice, ALWAYS 100% polite, and doesn't see the difference between death and life, is telling you you could end up in a sleep that couldn't be fixed, is... Quite a thing.)
Then, dun dun duun, one of those demon dudes only Kenda can see appears! He's in the hallway, being smug and amused, and Kenda is absolitely neither. She tries to tell Hilja about it, and actually has a good idea of use detect evil spell and channel it to Hilja by touching her. And yay! Now Hilja can actually see the demon dude too! They aren't all in Kenda's head! He has come to bring a vengeful ghost here, a dude with a twisted neck, who wants to kill Kenda and Hilja for ruining his revenge (he wanted revenge on the dead merchant dude we found, but because Hilja helped him move on with couple of coins Kenda gave him, this dude is now stuck with an eternal revenge he can never fulfill). It was pretty funny to follow, whenever the demon or the ghost tried to talk evil, Hilja would just polite conversation them to shut up. It was amazing. I think the demon just went away after a while. I like to think he was talked over, politely, too much for his liking.
Somewhere around here Meera returns and is very confused untill Kenda shares her spell with her too (Meera Does Not like ghosts, but there isn't much she can do, so she just observes). Although, interestingly, when Kenda stopped touching Hilja, it was Kenda and Meera who stopped being able to see the ghost, and not Hilja, evem as it was Kenda's spell that made them visible.
Anyway, after a while we decide to go to the town's morgue to check on the merchant and possibly this dude's body too.
The morgue is an extension of the town hospital, though, and boy do we confuse the nurses. Kenda being sick does distract many of them, though it also means she won't be coming with us. Now Meera just has to make sure Hilja doesn't accidentally raise all the dead un the morgue by herself. She might have spent most of their time down there positioning herself strategically between Hilja and the nearest corpses. One of the nurses however doesn't let us go just like that. It takes her some serious talking over to even open the doors for us, and kept asking questions all the way as she came downstairs with us. Heee, you should have seen it... Hilja talking about the corpses as if they were alive... When we went down we found the ghost dude's corpse and Hilja went to adjust the corpse's neck ("that's got to be uncomfortable, here, let me help"). The ghost is talking a lot, though. He talks in a broken, repetitive way, though, so it takes a little to figure out what his deal is. Turns out the dead merchant, Jonathan, had hired him to do dirty work, and he was apparently responsible for Kamilla's unfortunate demise. People keep talking about her how she had horrible fate, so we start losing our sympathy for the ghost. He doesn't show any remorse either, just keeps saying how she got the last laugh, how they'll never find her and how Jonathan got away too easy.
We decide our next move should be to chat with Lucy, so we fetch Kenda and go. The poor nurse probably got a drink afterwards.
We talk with Lucy, asking some questions about Kamilla. So the ghost dude and Kamilla may have dated? Maybe? And apparently she was murdered in the same house as the merchant, the room having been full of splatters everywhere, and body was never found. The ghost guy keeps muttering about how she got the last laugh and how we'll never find her and all the same old, but also that she kept laughing as he was hacking her to bits. So okay. We ask if there'd be any of her old belongings that Hilja could use in her spell to find people with. There's none in the house, but maybe the dead guy had some in his belongings. He used to live in the stable on the other side of the house block, so we go in to investigate. After a while we find a loose floorboard, underneath which there's a box that has some coins in it and... A finger. All this time the ghost dude has just been cackling about how we'll never find anything and he's being more and more of a nuisance, and when Hilja tries to use the finger in her tracking spell, her Friends refuse to get close because they're afraid if "the nasty" (a.k.a. the ghost dude). Finally fed up, Hilja uses vampiric touch to grab the ghost, with couple of very firm words, while Kenda uses smite and Meera engages Ki-mode and quadruple kickpunches him (technically monk strikes won't count as magical untill level 6 of monk, but we've used Ki as energy before, and I even manage to roll couple of good hits!) and he gets lost. Yay!
Now the finger starts pointing, although there's apparently multiple targets its pointing at. Oh boy, Kamila is in multiple pieces then. We find some small bits of bone, but it's been a while already, and we think the body might have been eaten by wild animals by now. We go back to Lucy's place with the bones, and Hilja asks for a platter. She takes a bottle of water from her belt and pours it onto the platter, and suddenly it looks a lot like the bottomlesd pond we came through back when she brought us back from the dead. The shallow plate of water is bottomless now. She drops some of the bones into the water, and calls to the other side. She's answered by couple of the horse guards that escorted us back when we were dead, and they claim they've never seen Kamilla. She never came to the other side. And also the situation there on their side of the pond is getting kind of bad and they really don't have time to chat with us, and oof, this isn't good. So Kamilla is probably maybe alive? Thinking about it, the bones we found were a pretty much just hand and finger bones so... We might have a handless woman on the loose? But what even is the deal? Anyway, I think we ended somewhere around here?
Dun dun duuuuuuun!
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sparatus · 3 years ago
20-30 for the OC asks 🖤 let’s give that OG Verse some love!
;) ;) ;)
i’m gonna be referencing like 4 different verses, here’s a quick summary:
lativerse: the og. me and eli ( @ardentzer0​ ) have been working on it for almost a decade now. we only very recently came up with a plot for it, otherwise it’s mostly just a character dump and playground that grew out of an rp au. basically our world, but all the fairy tales and ghost stories are real. the most notable aspects are the existence of demons/hell and angels/heaven, a “supernatural investigations squad” that’s basically cops for supernatural beings around the world, and eldritch horrorterrors that exist beyond the scope of our world and are just sort of watching and waiting and toying with us at their leisure. the apocalypse is when the eldritch break through.
project phoenix: eli’s story, i just help with backstories and worldbuilding ideas. dystopic world set in an alternate timeline where the cold war kept going and the government kept coming up with more and more ethically questionable (at best) experiments and getting more and more dystopically authoritarian. the most notable is the titular project phoenix, which takes civilians and turns them into cybernetically-augmented supersoldiers. also heavily features a band of rebels running a refugee camp, which the two main characters* spend the first part of their plot attempting to get to.
hounds bay: my story, eli helps. urban fantasy mixed with high fantasy. ghosts roam freely, kept in line by a roving pack of black dog ghosts led by the malicious dresden. dresden in turn is held at bay by the local fae lord halwn. the main plot: the barrier between the realm of the dead and that of the living is thinning, a local budding necromancer who isn’t even aware of the supernatural scene is blamed, and he teams up with the fae, ghosts, and other local magic beings (dragons, nature spirits, human sorcerers, a primordial rock elemental, and so on) to figure out who’s really doing it and why, and how to stop him.
eijalsen-verse & broken mirror: the two running aus of mass effect. you know these. jai shepard’s corrected canon and no-reapers au, respectively.
pretty much every major character in pp and hb is an expy of an existing character in lativerse, and some of them were also ported to the mass effect verses (most of them are niazmina’s boyfriend’s family, lol). they’re our children. there’s a lot of characters in there we used to explore ourselves, our pasts, and how those things affected us.
*fun note: the two main characters of project phoenix, theo and azzelino, are expies of lativerse characters of the same name, who were also the predecessors of thie and axilus in eijalsen-verse! i mean it when i say we like to recycle these characters a lot.
oc questions
20. Do any of your OCs sing? If they sing, care to share more details (headcanon voice, what kind of songs they like etc)?
lativerse lucifer is the former angel of music, lol.
lucifer’s expy in project phoenix (and later mass effect), dallin copeland, is also a singer. as a kid, he sang in the church choir, which he later turned into singing punk rock at underground venues with a friend’s band when he was getting into rebelling against his abusive dad. think rise against for what kind of music he sings. he didn’t turn it into a career or anything, but he’s still pretty punk at heart, and he’ll sing some of the old music and compose new songs in his head from time to time. it’s stress relief for adult dallin. for how he actually sounds weirdly enough i think hugh jackman?? his singing voice in the greatest showman fuckin floored me, he’s the last guy you expect to have such a nice singing voice
also in mass effect there’s haziko sitrith, a salarian pop punk star. very all time low kinda music, sounds like alex gaskarth or adult zac efron. in broken mirror specifically there’s also taniria, who i haven’t really nailed down a specific sound for yet (to be fair, she’s still young and learning about herself) but i feel like. she wants to be punk, but her personality is too bubblegum pop, so you end up with turian avril lavigne, basically. i think for her voice probably halsey?? she also sometimes has a similar aesthetic to halsey depending on the song
21. Your most artistic OC
hum hmm. i think probably amani!! in lativerse she’s a pride demon, reincarnation of lilith (long story), wife of satan aka chamuel [“satan” being more of a title for the reigning monarch than an actual person], queen of hell, beloved of basically everyone, and she’s a talented weaver. her tapestries are so intricately detailed they’re about as close to photorealism as you can get with weaving, and her work is in HUGE demand, which is what draws chamuel’s attention in the first place.
in hounds bay she’s a green witch and a friend of the fae, made immortal and eternally youthful as thanks for helping a woman in the forest who she didn’t realize was the local fae lord’s beloved, and also the business partner of said fae lord, co-running a mega-influential company that helps maintain natural areas (which are, unbeknownst to the local mundies, very important to the magical beings in the area, such as the mountain range to the south that literally houses a dragon’s nest). similar situation in mass effect, she’s the business partner of niazmina’s boyfriend’s dad’s adoptive father cameron, a very close friend slash surrogate mother figure of the family after cameron’s wife dies, and sort of the unofficial matriarch of the whole big clan after cam also passes. in both verses, she’s a painter instead of a weaver, but she’s still very good at it. it’s more of a side thing than in lativerse, but she’s been doing it as a hobby since she was a kid, and she likes making pieces for her loved ones, and she sometimes makes decent money selling them at local shindigs or doing commissions.
22. Is there any OC of yours people tend to mischaracterize? If yes, how?
mmm ig nobody really knows my ocs enough to mischaracterize them but ig i used to have this one asshole bitch friend (we are obviously not friends anymore) who like. sorta kept making teia out to be weaker and more uwu than she is?? like yeah ok she’s very maternal and she’s really soft-hearted but she’s also not afraid to be tough and put her foot down when she needs to, she’s still turian, she’ll fuss but she’s not a doormat. she’s the “cute as heck but will break your neck” type, and u better fuckin believe she wields the “my husband is the councilor” bat with extreme prejudice
i also had a turian oc named keractis vynos who was dating one of theirs and they kinda kept pushing him into being a bit of a bumbling oaf who wasn’t very smart and tried his best but was still generally useless for everything except sex and fretting over their character, which in retrospect they did to A Lot of male characters so uhhhhh Yikes™, in reality he wasn’t book smart no but he was really practical and a good planner and had a good head on his shoulders and was typically the resident voice of reason
edit: eli has reminded me this friend also frequently mischaracterized freiya as a maternal dictator and axilus as a bad, distant father, which is patently untrue and completely opposite of their actual personalities. axilus is extremely good with kids and almost embarrassingly dedicated to his family, and freiya isn’t really sure how to be a mom but she’s trying her best and mostly tries to approach it the same way her mom did, which is very supportive and very open, not afraid to discipline as needed but preferring to try to talk it out first
23. Introduce OC that has changed from your first idea concerning what the character would be like?
hmm. right off the top of my head is kjetil, who was originally a normal human but we recently decided to turn him into a selkie just for a reason to use him in more things (he was a VERY old oc and i wanted to bring him back cause i missed him :( ), but ig that’s really the only way he changed, his personality is still pretty similar
oh i know. mircea. mircea is a vampire, originally he was a deserter from world war two and very reclusive, borderline hermit, and super shy and quiet. now he’s a world war ONE deserter, he’s less shy and reclusive and more just kinda quiet and grumbly, and he says fuck a lot.
24. If you could meet one OC of yours, who would it be and why?
listen i would love to say asy cause that boy hits all the right buttons for me but he’s eli’s so he doesn’t count, so
asmodeus where the fuck you at, hmu and raw me
(it occurs to me that this response also encapsulates asmodeus’s reputation, because he’s the demon lord of lust and king of incubi and succubi in lativerse, and his personality is abhorrent, and most of his subjects realize this, but he’s so attractive and so good in bed they’re all willing to let it slide, and if that ain’t me)
25. The OC that resembles you the most (same hobby, height, shared like/dislike for something etc?)
hum hmm. ig none of them are really THAT close, but like.
fridtjof (lativerse demon, dallin’s son lucien in project phoenix and mass effect) is basically an idealized version of me
lucifer/project phoenix dallin has A SHITLOAD of me in him, he’s basically been serving as my outlet for exploring my feelings regarding my past and an allegory for my feelings about the catholic church (not an exact replica, but his backstory and arc follow how i felt about what happened to me and my personal growth regarding the church) for the past near-decade, sympathy for the devil don’t even begin to cover it, he’s also got a lot of traits i either share or want, really the main difference between me and him is that he’s super goddamn tall
axilus is my turiansona let’s be totally honest
26. Have you ever had to change your OC’s design or something else about them against your will?
i don’t?? think so?? not that i’m aware of….. i did feel kinda pressured to shape ocs a certain way when i was in league with that asshole i mentioned earlier
27. Any OCs that were inspired by a certain song?
nnnnnah, not really, more like i find songs that fit them after i’ve already made them
28. Your most dangerous OC?
like in lativerse there’s a demon named astaroth who’s literally the most powerful being in existence other than god before damien comes around, the only reason chamuel is in charge instead of him is cause he has no ambition towards the throne and is instead a dedicated servant of the throne. as in, so dedicated it can loop back around and become a flaw in some situations. even he is afraid of damien. the second-most powerful being in the universe was afraid of a six-year-old child. that’s how ridiculously dangerous damien was even before he got older and could actually control and direct that power of his.
in hounds bay there’s also dresden, a super-old ghost with magic that doesn’t obey the known laws of magic in the world of the living, and so he can effectively warp reality to suit him. he is also very malevolent, because he was murdered and is still very pissed off about that, and he’s also mad that some fae lord is holding his leash and bossing him around. his brother taliesin is equally as powerful, but significantly less nasty in temperament, so he’s a lot less dangerous.
oh and hounds bay also has otto, a primordial rock elemental (so obviously “otto” is just short for his real name) who is very much omnicidal. he’s only begrudgingly letting halwn (the aforementioned fae lord) run things, and is kept sealed in a non-world-destroying form by heavy-duty magic. should that magic be broken, he could turn entire nations into fields of massive crystals, and every single one would have his consciousness in it. think the crystals in atlantis, except sapient and hell-bent on destroying things instead of protecting a city (so, i guess like the crystals after they’re removed from the city, rourke).
i should note that hounds bay otto is very different from his project phoenix counterpart, otto pfyffer, who also appears in broken mirror and wouldn’t hurt a fly. hounds bay otto is an omnicidal monster who won’t hesitate to encase another living thing in crystal for accidentally brushing up against it. project phoenix otto is very shy but quite pleasant once you get to know him, and will cry if he’s yelled at. i will probably end up renaming hounds bay otto to make the distinction more clear.
29. Which one of your OCs would go investigate an abandoned house at night without telling anyone they’re going?
fridtjof, for definite. that boy has no sense of self-preservation. also sorin [lativerse half-gluttony, half-greed demon noble], who is also a dumb idiot with more curiosity than is good for him. both of them have the habit of overestimating their own abilities, too. frid’s a fire demon, sorin as half-gluttony has temporal powers (control over space and time, basically, gluttony demons are tied with sloth for “most op sin” in lativerse), they both assume their powers can get them out of any given jam. it doesn’t help that they’re usually right, so they have next to no ability to judge when something is maybe too dangerous to risk and so need a second opinion hanging around to talk them out of it. frid has his mate sinni, sorin has his cousin vasil.
30. Which one of your OCs would most likely have a secret stuffed animal collection?
taniria. tanni baby. she wants so bad to be all tough and cool and adult but she likes cute things too much.
also i would say lorcan but like. he’s a merman. stuffed animals don’t do so well in water.
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theflirtmeister · 3 years ago
The Detectorists
This is a secret santa present for @thatgazebobullshit!!! I’m so sorry it’s late, but I hope you enjoy it :D It can also be found on Ao3 here!
Stan gets the metal detector for his Bar Mitzvah, a Fischer brand that rather just looks like a pole with a box stuck on the end to it. It’s a present from his grandmother, who has no idea what a 13-year-old boy would like, let alone what a boy like Stan would like.
“Thank you.” He says when she gives it to him. “That’s very nice of you.”
“You can go out with your friends!” She says, and then takes a break to cough up a lung. His grandma’s been a smoker since she was 13 years old, and Stan has to wash his clothes twice after he’s been to her house. “You can find treasure and old coins.”
Stan thinks of Richie and Bill, who spend most of their time reading comics and playing at the arcade. “Sure grandma.”
She pats him on the cheek, and then squeezes it for good measure. “All grown up!” She announces, and grins at Stan’s father, showing off pink gums. “You must be so proud.”
“We are.” Stan’s father says, resting his hands on Stan’s shoulders. “So much.”
That evening, when most of the family have gone home, Stan takes the metal detector to his mother. She’s sitting in the dining room, paper spread out around her, having a conversation with his auntie in the next room. There’s lots of yelling going on between the two of them, but Stan thinks it’s just the Jewish way.
“Can I return the metal detector for money?” He asks his mother dubiously, as she meticulously writes down what presents he got, and who from, so he can write thank you notes later.
“No.” She says, not looking up from her penmanship. “Grandma bought it for you, therefore you have to keep it.”
“I don’t want a metal detector.” He says, crossing his arms. “I wanted books on birds.”
“You can detect the birds with the metal detector.” His mother waves her pen around for emphasis.
“Birds aren’t made of metal.”
“If they’ve been shot by hunters they would do.” His cousin says, who is sitting nearby. She’s 15, which apparently means she knows everything and never shuts up about it. She also has her foot up on the dining table as she paints her nails. “You could detect bullets.”
Stan gapes at her in a mixture of horror and disgust, and then turns back to his mother. “I don’t want it.”
His mother puts her pen down and stares him right in the face. “You’re keeping it.” She says firmly, in a no-nonsense voice, and Stan realises the matter is closed.
Richie comes around a week later after all the festivities are over, and it’s safe to enter Stan’s house without being forced to listen to him practise his Torah portion. He bounds in through the front door, stopping to say hello to Stan’s parents, and then barges his way into Stan’s room.
“Salutations!” He announces, throwing himself onto the bed. “You look like the weight of the world has been lifted off your shoulders.”
“It has.” Stan says, from where he was at his desk writing a thank you letter to his mother’s uncle’s cousin, who bought him a book token. “I’m free for the rest of summer. I never have to think about Aaron and his lamps again.”
“Thank the fucking lord.” Richie presses his hands together in mock prayer, and then lifts his head. “Hey, is it okay to talk about Catholic shit in a Jewish house? Will God strike me down? Will Moses burn my bush?”
“Shut up.” Stan says wearily, signing his name on the card and then pushes it far away from him. “You’ve said worse in this house.”
“I’ve done worse in this house as well.” Richie continues, “And I’ve done people in this house-“
Stan throws a pen at his head. It bounces off Richie’s glasses and lands on the floor, rolling underneath the bed.
“Ten points! Ten points to Stan the man for making a hit, anddddd twenty points for hitting my glasses! Would have been thirty points but the pen is now lost into the ether underneath the bed.” Richie announces.
Stan mock cheers. “I’ll do better next time, don’t worry. Need to keep up my practise of throwing things at you.”
“Fun for all the family.” Richie agrees, and then brightens. “Hey! You should come to the arcade with me tomorrow.”
“Tomorrow? What’s happening tomorrow?”
“Nothing, I just have plans to go to the arcade.” Richie says, “I want to beat your ass at Dragon’s Lair.”
Stan snorts. “You’re terrible at Dragon’s Lair. You always die after five minutes.”
“Nuh-uh! I’ve got better.” Richie swings himself upside down, dangling off the side of the bed. “If I go looking underneath your bed will I find all your dirty porn magazines?”
“Yes.” Stan says, deadpan. “All my playboy magazines.”
“I thought you were more into birds than bunnies.” Richie says, hands fumbling underneath the bed. “Ew, I think I found your wank sock.”
“I don’t even have a wank sock-“ Stan starts, and then Richie crows with delight.
“What’s this?!” He yanks out the metal detector from underneath the bed. “A stripper pole?”
“It’s a metal detector you fucking moron.” Stan says, pushing himself over to Richie on his swivel chair. “It was a present from my Grandma.”
“Sheesh, has your grandma met you?” Richie asks, spinning the detector in his hands. “Why would she give you this?”
Stan raises and then lowers one shoulder. “I don’t know.”
“Does it work?” Richie asks, switching it on.
“I don’t know.” Stan repeats.
“You mean you haven’t tried it out yet?” Richie asks, and Stan shakes his head.
“Not yet.”
“What? Are you insane?” Richie asks, and then launches the pole above his head like a weapon. “We could get rich from this! We could be millionaires! We could uncover the world’s biggest Saxon hoard!”
“The Saxons are British.” Stan says, “We’re in the middle of Maine, USA.”
“USA, USA, USA.” Richie chants, pumping the pole up and down in the air, and Stan can’t help but laugh.
“God you’re such an idiot.” He says, a little fondly. “Let’s try it out then. See if we can find a Pilgrim treasure or something.”
“Imagine,” Richie says, eyes wide. “A pilgrim dildo.”
“Made out of metal?”
“Old people were fucked up!” Richie says, “They drank cocaine and snorted whisky! They were doing all kinds of crazy shit!”
“We’re not going to find a pilgrim dildo in the middle of Derry, Maine.” Stan says.
“Okay then,” Richie says, and then his voice goes sly. “A pilgrim butt plug.”
Stan shoves him so hard he falls off the bed, Richie shrieking all the while.
“S-s-s-so let me get this s-straight.” Bill says, “You want us to walk around town, with a b-b-big metal s-s-stick, and s-s-search for treasure?”
“That’s the plan!” Richie crows triumphantly, hitting Bill on the back. “We’re going to strike gold and get rich Billy boy.”
Bill looks at Stan, who raises his eyebrows in return. They’re sitting in Bill’s room, the metal detector sitting on Bill’s lap, and he’s running his fingers along it like there’s a secret Braille code written on it.
“I really d-d-doubt there’s gold in this town.” Bill says slowly, “Nothing’s here.”
“There was a Pilgrim stronghold though.” Stan says, because he’s been doing research in the library. “This was a big Pilgrim settlement, that’s why our pipes and sewage works are so weird and connected. It’s all the Pilgrim’s fault.”
“Fuck the Pilgrims.” Richie says, who is wandering round Bill’s room, picking stuff up and then putting it down again. “What happened to them?”
“Well a plague hit the people who lived here.” Stan says, “So they were all wiped out.”
Richie gasps, and they turn to look at him. He’s holding one of Georgie’s paper boats, and waves it in the air as he speaks. “What if we find a plague pit! What if we get infected! What if we die of an incurable disease, and then spread the plague throughout Derry, and then the world, and then-“
“Beep beep Richie.” Bill says, “And put down Georgie’s boat. He’ll get m-m-mad if you break it.”
“I’m not going to break it.” Richie says, but sets it down gently all the same. “Where is my beautiful brother from another mother anyway?”
“P-playing in his room, I think.” Bill says, with a shrug. “Mom bought him this little frog toy and he’s in l-l-love with it.”
“What kind of frog is it?” Stan asks, and Bill shrugs.
“A green one.”
“Very scientific classification.” Stan says, bumping Bill, and Bill laughs.
“I know.”
“Oh my god you two are fucking nerds.” Richie says, and then tilts his head back yelling, “Nerdy as shit!”
“Richie!” Bill hisses, “My f-f-family are home!”
“Oh, sorry.” Richie says, and then yells out again. “Nerdy as excrement!”
“Jesus Christ I’m going to fucking murder him.” Stan says, and Richie points a finger at him.
“Bill, Stan swore! And said the Lord’s name in vain. That’s two misdemeanours.”
Stan looks at Bill. “Are you going to put me in jail?” He asks dryly.
“Two misdemeanours equals d-d-death.” Bill replies, lifting the metal detector and gently tapping Stan’s neck with it. “You have b-been executed for your c-crimes.”
“Bleh.” Stan says, pretending to die dramatically. “Tell my mother I never wanted to have a Bar Mitzvah and that I never liked Richie Tozier.”
“You son of a bitch.” Richie says, watching Stan flop about on the floor like a fish. “I’m not coming to your stone setting.”
Stan props himself up on one elbow. “You know what a stone setting is?”
“I’ve been researching Judaism.” Richie says, “When we marry, I’m gonna convert.”
“No fair, I c-c-called dibs on Stan.” Bill says, now just lightly tapping Stan’s legs with the end of the pole. “My husband, not yours.”
“I’m still dead by the way.” Stan says, and Bill taps him on the head. “Blehhh.”
“Well, I’ll resurrect you.” Richie says, and then brightens considerably. “What if we find a resurrection stone! What if we find the tablet that bring the dead back to life!”
“T-t-that doesn’t exist Rich.” Bill says, and Richie folds his arms.
“How do you know, Biliam? Huh?? You some fancy resurrection professor? You a necromancer now? Didn’t think so.”
Bill laughs, and then offers him the metal detector pole as an offer of good will. “Okay then,” He says, smiling. “Let’s find s-s-some treasure.”
Richie whoops happily, spinning the pole like a marching band leader, and Stan sighs and wonders what he’s got them all in for.
They take the metal detector to the barrens because things can get easily buried under the soil or in the rivers. They each have backpacks on, to store anything they find, and Stan made sandwiches for everyone, because he doesn’t know how long they’ll be out there for.
“I love you.” Richie says, through a mouthful of jam. “You’re the best.”
“I can’t believe you’re eating them already.” Stan says, kicking a rock through the water. “It’s barely 12 o’clock.”
“Man’s gotta eat Stanley!” Richie protests. “Isn’t that right Bill?”
“You have j-jam on your nose.” Bill says, and Richie licks it off with his tongue. “That’s d-d-disgusting.”
“I am the sexiest god damn man alive.” Richie says proudly, sucking jam from his fingers. “Ladies love me. Men want me.”
“Friends hate you.” Stan says wearily, and then looks over at Bill who is holding the metal detector. “Anything?”
“N-nope.” Bill says. “Lots of broken b-b-bottles.”
“Any needles?” Richie asks, “I’ve always wanted to shoot heroin.”
“God you’re never going to reach 16.” Stan says, “Richie Tozier, died age 14 from touching an electric fence. Richie Tozier, sadly taken from us after licking a live wire. Richie Tozier, gave up the ghost after stabbing himself in the wrist with a dirty needle.”
“Richie Tozier,” Bill says, “S-sorely missed after using a wasps nest as a f-f-football.”
“Richie Tozier, taken too soon after-“
“This is abuse!” Richie yells far too loudly, and several birds fly away from their trees in shock. Stan stops still to watch them go, squinting his eyes and placing his hand over his forehead to see better.
“You’re t-t-too loud.” Bill tells Richie. “Stop s-scaring the wildlife.”
“I’m gonna fight the wildlife.” Richie says, flexing. “Come here grizzly bear. I’m gonna deck you.”
“You remember what we were just saying about you dying young?” Stan says, finally looking back at his friends, and Richie grins at him.
“What can I say? I’m a character.”
“You’re s-something.” Bill says, “I’m just not sure what.”
“Let’s keep moving,” Stan says, “Before Richie finds a gun and decides to play Russian Roulette with himself.”
“Ooh, that would be fun.” Richie says cheerily, and then marches on ahead. “Come along gang! Last one to the plague pit is a rotten egg!”
Stan watches Richie skip off ahead, and then gives Bill a look. Bill laughs, dropping into step alongside Stan, and skates the top of the ground with the metal detector.
“I’m s-sorry I couldn’t make it to your Bar Mitzvah.” Bill says, and Stan blinks, because it all seems so long ago. “I can’t cancel s-speech therapy appointments, they’re s-s-so important, and-“
“Hey.” Stan says, lifting a hand. “It’s no problem, I promise. Your stutter is more important than listening to me stutter in a dead language.”
Bill smiles. “Thank you. I-I didn’t want you to think we weren’t f-friends.”
“Of course we’re friends.” Stan nudges Bill playfully. “You’re one of my best friends. That and motormouth over there.”
They look over at Richie who is talking to himself and splashing about in the river water. His jeans are splattered with mud right up to the knees, and he mysteriously has twigs in his hair that Stan is extremely confused about where he got them.
“We’re going to have to d-deal with him all s-s-summer.” Bill says.
“I know.” Stan says, and turns to him. “I can’t wait, can you?”
“No.” Bill says, smiling, and they continue walking onwards.
They’ve just reached the place where the river water runs out into the big sewer pipes when the metal detector starts bleeping. Bill and Richie are in a deep discussion about Han Solo and Princess Leia in Star Wars, and Stan is looking up at the trees through his binoculars, so they don’t notice it at first.
“Hey-“ Richie interrupts whatever Bill was saying. “What’s that noise? Is that someone’s watch?”
The three of them stop, looking about like idiots, and then look down at the metal detector in Bill’s hand. The box at the top is flashing, and it’s beeping merrily at something under the surface of the ground.
“What the fuck.” Richie breathes, “Did we fucking find something?”
“Maybe it’s a soda can tab?” Stan asks, and Bill tucks the metal detector underneath his arm.
“There’s only one w-way to find out.” He says, “Start digging.”
It’s then that someone throws a rock at their heads. It hits Richie on the back of the head, and he gives out a little gasp of pain, before whirling round, indignant.
“Hey!” He yells, “Who threw that?! I could have died!”
A girl bursts out from the woods, with flame red hair and a pair of boys dungarees on. She’s got another rock in her hands, and the three of them hold up their hands in front of their faces to protect themselves, Bill dropping the metal detector on the floor.
“This is our patch!” The girl says, lifting the rock up to throw it. “Piss off!”
“I didn’t see your name on it!” Richie yells, and the rock narrowly misses his head. “Ha!”
The next rock hits him directly in the groin and he crumples to his knees like he’s been shot. Stan watches him collapse, and then lifts up his hands like he’s in a hostage situation, Bill copying him.
“I’m sorry.” Stan calls to her, “We didn’t know you owned this neck of the barrens.”
“We’re j-j-j-just out here for f-f-fun.” Bill adds.
The girl surveys them for a moment, before looking over her shoulder. She says something that Stan can’t here, and then laughs at an invisible person, before turning back to the boys.
“Alright.” She says, “We believe you.”
“We?” Richie asks from the floor, and three other boys step out from the thicket, one of them holding a metal detector. “Holy shit it’s Eddie Kaspbrak.”
The boy in the red polo neck takes a step forward. “How do you know who I am?!”
“Your mom’s really hot.” Richie says from the floor, and the boy, Eddie, picks a rock up from the floor and holds it out as a threat.
“Who are you?!” He demands.
“He’s Richie.” Bill says quickly, “And this is S-Stan. I’m B-B-Bill.”
“B-B-Bill?” The girl repeats, but it’s not unkind. In fact, she’s smiling. “Interesting.”
“Who are you?” Stan asks, and the girl turns towards Stan.
“Bev.” She says, and then starts clambering down the hill towards them. “And these are my friends.”
“I’m Ben.” The one with the metal detector says.
“I’m Mike.” The other boy says, following after Bev, “It’s nice to meet you.”
“Nice to meet you too.” Stan says, and then looks over at Richie. “Stand up, you’re embarrassing us.”
“Embarrassing you!” Richie says, laying in the muddy water. “She could have severely damaged my dick!”
“Well drop your pants and I’ll assess the situation.” Bev says with a smirk, and Richie gapes at her, before snort laughing.
“I like you.” He says, and clambers up from the water. “You’re cool.”
“Thanks.” Bev says, and then turns to Bill. “So, is looking for treasure just a hobby or?”
“Oh, it’s n-n-not mine.” Bill says, and thrusts the metal detector at Stan. “It’s his.”
“It was my Bar Mitzvah present.” Stan says automatically, and then flushes, in case they’ll tease him. Instead they stand there, looking at him curiously. “We’re just trying it out.”
“Well it’s bleeping pretty hard there.” Bev says, “What have you found?”
“No idea.” Stan replies truthfully. “Probably nothing.”
“It’s been b-b-b-bleeping on the walk here, but only f-f-for old cans and s-s-stuff.” Bill adds.
“Same.” Mike says, “Ours is useless.” He motions to Ben’s. “But we’ve found coins and stuff.”
“Which they spent on food and arcade games.” Eddie huffs. “We should save our findings guys!”
“You guys go to the arcade?” Richie asks, and Ben nods.
“Yup. We’re trying to beat the high score on Pacman.”
Richie’s face blooms with light. “That’s my high score!” He says excitedly. “I’m trashmouth!”
“I can tell.” Bev says, and then slips her rucksack off her shoulders, fiddling around in it. “I have a shovel, if you guys want to do some digging.”
“I love getting dirty.” Richie says, and Bill splashes him. “Hey!”
“What?” Bill asks, trying to sound innocent.
Mike laughs, a deep throaty chuckle that makes Stan’s stomach feel a bit floaty, and then also opens the rucksack he’s carrying. “I’ve got digging equipment too.” He says, “Stan, Bill, Richie? Want something?”
“Yes please.” Stan says, speaking for all of them. “It’s probably nothing though.”
“Not another pessimist.” Ben says, “It’s hard enough dealing with Eddie.”
“I’m not a pessimist!” Eddie says, “I’m a realist. And you don’t know- You don’t know what kind of germs, could be lurking out here! Especially in sewage water!”
“We’ve been looking for a plague pit.” Richie tells him, and Eddie screws up his nose.
“That’s disgusting!” He says, and then shrieks when Richie kicks a spray of water up towards him. “That went in my mouth!”
“I promise he’s nice really.” Stan says to Mike, who is already kneeling down on the ground, feeling the earth with his fingers.
“I could say the same for Eddie.” Mike says, looking up at him and grinning, and Stan finds himself grinning back like a lunatic.
They work noisily and rowdily, tearing up the dirt and soil with trowels and spades and bare hands. They talk as if they’ve known one another their whole lives, already working out how to make the other group laugh, and what to say that will most get on each other’s nerves. Stan’s never clicked with anyone like this before, not since he met Richie and Bill back in nursery and latched onto them for life.
“Anyone found anything?” Bev asks, dirt underneath her fingernails and smeared across her cheek like war paint.
“Nope.” Bill and Ben say at the same time, and then glance at one another.
“The metal detector is still beeping though.” Stan points out, “And yours too.”
“This is so weird.” Eddie says, staring down at the dirt. “Maybe they’re faulty.”
“I guess it’s just really deep down.” Stan says.
“Yeah, like Eddie’s mom.” Richie says, dirt completely covering him to the point where he can’t see out of his glasses. “Am I right? Someone tell me I’m right.”
“You’re wrong.” Mike says, and Richie pouts.
“You hurt me Mike, you really do.” He says, and then prods something in the dirt. “Hey, an earthworm! Someone dare me to eat it.”
“Nobody dare him to eat it.” Stan says quickly, “Or he will do it and poison himself.”
“Now I want to dare him to eat it.” Eddie says, and then takes a step back when Richie picks up the earthworm from the dirt with his forefingers. “Don’t you fucking bring that near me.”
“Oh Eddie,” Richie says in a sing-song voice. “A present for you!”
“No!” Eddie says loudly, now advancing backwards. “Richie, you fucking- Richie!”
“They seem to like each other very much.” Ben says, as Richie chases Eddie with the worm.
“They’ll be married by sundown.” Stan says wearily, and then his shovel clinks against something. “Oh?”
“What is it?” Bev asks, scooting closer.
“I- I don’t know.” Stan says, and starts digging at the dirt more forcefully, “Please, someone help-“
At once, four hands start scrabbling in the dirt alongside him, pulling the soil and mud away from the metal object underneath the soil. Stan blinks in surprise, especially when Richie and Eddie come back from terrorising each other and start helping too.
It takes a little while, but finally all the mess has been removed, and the object that the metal detectors were picking up is revealed. Stan gently levers it up out of the dirt and holds it in his hands, cradling it in his palms.
“What the fuck is that?” Richie asks, pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose and getting more mud on them.
“That’s r-really weird.” Bill says, peering at the object in Stan’s hands.
“It’s a clown doll.” Stan says, rubbing his thumb across the face to clear the dirt from it.
“A really fucking creepy doll.” Bev says, frowning. “I don’t like it.”
“Me neither.” Ben says, “It has a horrible face.”
“It looks like it knows something we don’t.” Mike says, wiping sweat from his forehead.
Eddie wraps his arms around himself. “It feels wrong.” He says, “Put it back.”
The doll is about the size of a bottle of soda, made of metal that sounds and feels like tin. It’s dressed in a harlequin clown costume painted weird tones of orange and grey, with little red shoes to match. The face is the weirdest part, a sickly grin spread across the bottom half, with big black eyes that stare up at the seven of them.
“What should we do with it?” Stan asks, even though he already knows the answer.
“Bury it.” Bev says, “I don’t think we should have uncovered it.”
“Me neither.” Ben says, moving away from the doll. “It’s got a weird vibe.”
“Send it back to hell!” Richie jokes, but it isn’t very funny.
“Okay,” Stan says, and gently lays the doll back in the dirt. It makes him feel sick to look at it, or maybe it’s just the smell of the sewer wafting closer. “Let’s bury it.”
They work together in silence, pushing the dirt back on top of the doll, fingers brushing each other’s as they work. The doll quickly disappears from view, but they keep going, piling more and more soil on top until you’d hardly know anything was underneath at all.
Eddie smooths the soil down on top, and then pats it firmly. “There,” He says, “All gone.”
“G-goodbye little d-doll.” Bill says, and then turns to Stan. “I’m s-sorry we didn’t find anything good.”
“No, it’s okay.” Stan says, looking about at all the people gathered around him. “I had fun.”
“Me too.” Richie says, shoving his hands into his pockets. “I’m glad your grandma gave you such a dorky present.”
“Stop being mean to my grandma.” Stan says, but he’s only teasing. “You love her cooking.”
“Oh god, your grandma’s cooking.” Richie shuts his eyes blissfully. “What a woman.”
“I still have cake and stuff left in my house.” Stan says, and looks at the others. “Do you guys want to come over? You can clean up as well.”
Eddie looks down at himself in surprise, as if he’s only just realised he’s covered in mud. “My mother’s going to kill me.” He says, and Richie nudges him.
“Don’t worry,” He says, “I’ll butter her up for you.”
“Shut up.” Eddie says, and Bev rolls her eyes at the two of them.
“We’d love to go to your house.” She tells Stan, and then reaches out and squeezes his wrist. “Thank you for inviting us.”
“You’re very welcome.” Stan says, and then brushes the dirt from his hands onto his knees. “Come on gang. Let’s go home.”
“We should have a name.” Ben says, as Stan starts walking, the rest of them following after him. “If we’re going to be hanging out.”
“The secret seven.” Mike suggests, and Bev laughs.
“You stole that from an Enid Blyton book.” She says, prodding Mike in the ribs where it tickles.
“I can’t s-s-say the name of it either.” Bill adds, “Too many s-s-s sounds.”
“Please, take pity on Big Bill here.” Richie says, slapping Bill on the shoulder. “He’s a delicate flower.”
Bill stamps down on Richie’s foot and Richie cackles with glee.
“Well we all met doing something weird and nerdy.” Eddie says, “The Weirdo club? The Strange club?”
“The Losers Club?” Stan says, and they all pause for a moment.
“I like that.” Bev says.
“Me too.” Ben says, and smiles at Stan. “The Loser’s club. Yeah, it really works.”
“Great.” Stan says, smiling back at Ben, at all of them. “The Loser’s Club it is.”
They walk off in the direction of home, filthy and tired and happy.
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coyote-tate-blog1 · 3 years ago
regression // malia & lydia
Tagged: Lydia Martin, Malia Tate.
Location: The Tate house.
Time Frame: February 1st, 2018. 8:30pm.
Notes: Death trigger warning.
Summary: Malia loses the last piece of her family.
Lydia: "Hold on, hold on. I'm coming!" Lydia yelled when she heard the sound of the doorbell going off downstairs. Someone was pressing the button repeatedly and had seemingly no patience, so the strawberry blonde mumbled curse words to herself as she stomped down the steps. When Lydia swung the door open- armed with a glare ready to kill- she was surprised to see that no one was around. "Hello?" Lydia asked, narrowing her eyes slightly. Something about the house across the street looked different. The more Lydia looked, the more she realized it was Malia's household and she was walking barefoot across the street towards it without even realizing. "Hello?" Lydia called out as she gently opened the door and looked around the house. She walked inside until she reached the living room and saw Malia's dad on the floor. Suddenly an older gentleman was coming next to the man and in an instant he was killing him. "No!" Lydia yelled, dropping to her knees to go and help Malia's dad but once she hit the floor she realized that she was actually just in the middle of the street. Her knees were bruised from hitting the pavement but Lydia immediately got up and pulled out her cell phone, dialing Malia's phone number without a second thought. She had enough banshee premonitions in her lifetime to understand when one was urgent at this point. "Malia! I don't know where you are right now, but you need to get home immediately if you're not. Your dad-" Lydia breathed out, not wanting to say the words out loud as she was already (barefoot) in her car and speeding towards the Tate household. "I think he's in trouble."
Malia: Malia had been doing the most mundane of things when she got the phone call that had the potential to change her life forever; shopping for groceries. Someone had to do it, and her father hated such mundane chores. She was just about to pick up a carton of milk when Lydia called, and she didn’t have a chance to say ‘hi’ before the banshee was speaking. As the words that echoed through her phone were processed in her mind, the coyote froze. Malia had enough experience at this point that she knew that one of Lydia’s warnings should be taken more than seriously, but she couldn’t make herself move. Fear flooded through her entire body, and suddenly it was like her body had turned to stone. She stood there for about thirty seconds, the phone slipping from her grip, with out her saying so much as a word throughout the phone call, as the reality of what might be happening truly settled over her. She always felt like her mere existence had put her father in danger, knowing that there were many horrible things out there that were more than happy to use someone’s family to get to them, and god knows Malia has pissed off plenty of people enough for them to want to hurt her in such a way. Eventually, her body caught up with her mind and was racing towards her car, pushing through people with non-existent concern as she rushed to the vehicle. Malia had never driven as fast as she had that day. She ignored every red light, every stop sign. Even then, by the time she got to her home and ran inside she was confronted with the image of death holding her father off the ground, a tight grip around Mr. Tate’s neck. Slowly, Death’s head turned towards her, and the look of amusement in his eyes sent a shiver down her spine. “You broke my rules.” He explained simply, the voice coming from him chilling.
Lydia: The phone call to Malia was without a doubt the hardest one Lydia had ever had to make. She had plenty of banshee premonitions before, but all of them involved strangers or her friends dying. They were problems that Lydia had to face head on, and she had never had to get someone else involved by calling them and telling them. Having to explain to Malia that her father was about to die was just completely awful, and she couldn't stop her hands from shaking or her heart from pounding as she raced to Malia's house. Lydia just kept praying silently that she wasn't going to feel Malia's dad take his last breath and her or Malia would be able to get there in time. While Lydia did end up driving in record time, she unfortunately felt as though she was too late when she burst through the front door and ran to the living room to see Death holding Malia's father. She came just in time to hear what he had to say about Malia breaking rules and Lydia wanted to ask her about what that meant, but this was not the time or place. Malia's father was in danger. Always being the one to take charge in situations, Lydia took a brave step towards Death and held her hands up slowly. "Whatever you think Malia did, there has to be another option." Lydia said, feeling chills run throughout her entire body when she saw the way Death's eyes lit up and he smiled when he looked at Lydia.
Malia: Malia wasn’t sure if she was relieved or even more worried when Lydia arrived at the scene. Having a friend by her side while she faced her father’s possible death could be comforting, but she hated the thought of Lydia’s being within Death’s grasp. “Your friend here made a little deal to protect you and the huntress. A sloppy deal, one that didn’t do her many favors. Not the brightest of the bunch, is she?” Death mocked, turning his gaze from Malia to Lydia. “And I warned her not to tell anyone, but she decided to let is slip to that pesky little necromancer.” As he spoke, his grip around Mr Tates’ neck tightened, and the sound of her father’s pained gasps for air were practically deafening to Malia. Tears filled the coyote’s eyes, and for once in her life she didn’t make any attempt to hold them back. “Please, I… I’ll make another deal, I don’t care what it is, I don’t care if you have to take me instead, just let him go…” She pleaded, her voice heavy with raw emotion. She spoke often of how her pack and other friends were just as much of a family to her as any one else, but something about this was different. She had already lost her mother and sister, and if she lost her father she also lost the last connection she had to her simple, beautiful family life.
Lydia: “What? Malia no you-“ Lydia shook her head immediately as she turned to Malia with a mix of confusion and anger written all over her face. She had so many questions that she wanted to ask her friend that she knew probably would have to wait for a very long time. If this panned out the way Lydia saw in her premonition, there would never be an actual right time to talk to Malia about her deal with Death. Just the thought of her friend doing something like that to protect her made Lydia enraged, though. Especially because of everything that Lydia had just gone through with Parrish to ensure that she didn’t have to go back to the grave. It seemed as though Malia’s deal with Death was utterly pointless, because Lydia hadn’t been protected in the slightest. “I just talked to the hell-hound. We made a deal the other day. I gave up half of my life.” Lydia tried to explain quickly, mostly to Malia but half to Death as well. “To protect everyone that came back to life after me and the necromancer.” That included Allison as well, which once again meant Malia never had to make this deal with Death. If she had just come to Lydia in the first place.. “I’ll give up my entire life though. The whole thing right now. Please. It’s me who started all of this. No one else needs to die.” Lydia was practically begging for Death to take her at this point, completely willing so that Malia didn’t have to witness her father dying. But Death just kept smiling at Lydia, his eyes full of something that she’d seen on other people before. Almost as though he wanted her but not in the way of taking her back.
Malia: It wasn’t until the redhead mentioned giving up half of her life that Malia’s head turned towards her sharply. “You what?” One thing was for sure; their pack definitely needed to start working on their communication skills. They didn’t have time to press each other for answers on their deals, Death was too set of having their attention. “The two of you don’t seem to be getting the idea here. I am Death itself, if I wanted either of you to be dead right now, you would be. It is time that some people in this town learn what happens when you disobey our wishes.” Everything the being said was with an eerie calmness, which was somehow even worse than if he had been shouting. There was something about his calm appearances that made him just that much more terrifying. She knew that her time was running out, and no matter how scared she was Malia was set on saving her father, even at the risk of her own life. But she never had a chance. Malia took a step forward, reaching out to her father just as she heard the crack of his neck snapping, and moments later Death was dropping him to the floor unceremoniously. The coyote let out a shriek of pain, a sound that she would never forget, her body falling to the floor only moments after her father’s. She stared at his limp form only to find cold, empty eyes staring back at her.
Lydia: Lydia watched in horror as Death basically refused to take her back and instead opted for killing Malia’s father. The strawberry blonde shut her eyes tightly as a tear rolled down her cheek at the sound of Malia shrieking. It was a sound that Lydia was sure she’d hear haunting her in her nightmares for the rest of her life- Malia’s father making the long list of people that Lydia couldn’t save in time. The people she had the power to help, but she just wasn’t fast enough for. Each one tormented her in their own way and Lydia knew this one was now going to climb up to the most painful. A cold hand on her back is what broke her out of her trance and Lydia flinched, turning around to see Death trailing his hand on her quickly with a smirk as he walked out of the door. Lydia cringed at the sight but focused her attention back towards Malia. What was there to do in a situation like this? Lydia knew there were no words that would ever make this better, and she wanted to give Malia a moment with her father so she opted for calling Stiles’ father. The sadness was evident in Lydia’s voice as she explained the situation, and he said EMT’s would be arriving shortly to take care of the body. Lydia sighed as she placed the phone back in her pocket and slowly went towards Malia, putting a gentle hand on her friends shoulder.
Malia: Malia felt like she couldn’t breathe. But this time it wasn’t a sense of panic like she had experienced with Stiles after killing the hunters, this was… resignation. Giving up. She tried to think of the people that normally calmed her, brought her joy in even the darkest of times. Lydia, Scott, Stiles, Talia, Kira, even Jake… But it did nothing. All she felt was a black hole in her chest that was slowly draining her heart and leaving nothing but darkness in it’s wake. She felt nothing but pain, misery, and a distinct desire to give up on everything; thinking, talking, living… Malia shrugged Lydia’s hand off her shoulder. It had nothing to do with blaming the banshee, although given Lydia’s track record that’s probably how she would take it, but Malia couldn’t care less right now. Never in her life had she felt this truly and utterly alone, and a big part of her… no, all of her… thought that she completely deserved it. She had brought this upon on her father, just like she had brought it upon her mother and her sister simply by existing. The sounds around her blurred in to nothing. All she could hear was the crack of her father’s bones and her own screams echo through her head over and over again. Eventually she couldn’t take it anymore, she couldn’t bare to think about it. Within seconds, her body had shifted into it’s coyote form, which by this point was clearly her go-to solution to dealing with trauma. She didn’t think about her father’s body, or what would become of her now that he was gone. She ran straight out the door, leaving Lydia and a pile of clothes in her wake, running and running until her legs ache and even then she continued to run.
Lydia: Every part of Lydia wanted to run after her friend but she knew deep down it was only going to be a waste of time. The strawberry blonde could understand the need to isolate yourself after grief, and Malia was probably long gone at this point. The only thing Lydia could do was hope that Malia would come back to Beacon Hills and the pack when she was ready. She wanted to give Malia the respect and privacy she deserved, and had faith that her friend wouldn’t be gone forever. For now, Lydia had to stay at the Tate household and talk to Stiles’ father and the rest of the EMT’s. She would clean the house and take care of everything so Malia had nothing else to think about, and also use that as a way to repay Malia for what happened. Lydia knew nothing was going to ever be able to make up for her father dying, but she felt so awful about the situation that Lydia just needed to help. She quickly sent a text to the pack about what had happened, and then opened the door when she heard police sirens and firetrucks on their way.
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janiedean · 3 years ago
prompt: throbb - theon is some kind of eldritch horror kraken being, robb's scared only in the beginning :P
…. k guys, if anyone’s read johannes cabal you know what I’m au-ing here. if you haven’t, HAVE FUN WITH NECROMANCER ROBB SUMMONING THEON FOR REASONS. (warnings: past familiar tragedy and a mentioned attempted suicide)
Thing is: Robb has technically no idea of what he’s summoning here.
Or who. Semantics. But beggars can’t be choosers and he’s really at the end of his rope, and he’s not going to rest until bloody fucking Walder Frey gets his due for what he did to his family, so whatever comes out of the circle he hopes will work as a trap, well, he’s going to have to work with it.
Necromancy, he was told, isn’t something you learn in six months.
But he really can’t wait longer than that. And it’s not even that he wants to bring them back to life – he could not and he’s not sure they’d even want it – but he just wants Frey to fucking pay.
So he stands in front of the circle and waits.
He doesn’t have to wait very long, because a moment after he finishes reciting his incantation – shit, he hopes the accents were right – a black-gold smoke starts rising from inside the circle. Slow at first, then faster, then faster, then Robb hears some noise and he doesn’t even know how to describe it but he’s not sure he likes it, and then the smoke disappears, and –
“Well, it’s been a long fucking time,” says the… demon? Devil? Robb has no clue. Shit, it’s – he’s got tentacles all over, and it’s tall, and Robb can only see the black, thick appendages that glow slightly golden if the firelight hits them the right way, and it sounded like a he, actually, but what the fuck does he know, but what he knows it’s that the demon is huge and it’s a good thing Robb drew a damned large circle or it’d have spread out now –
“Oh, there you are,” the thing says, and suddenly the tentacles in the front shrink slightly and –
All right.
Now Robb is sort of face to face with a human-looking chest and a human-looking face, and it’s definitely a he, with dark hair and golden eyes and long dark hair, and in another life he’d have thought him very attractive, not counting the part where he’s basically floating on a small sea of tentacles.
He swallows.
“Here I am,” he agrees, looking up at the demon, or creature, or whatever. He was specifically looking for a demon. He supposes he got one.
“I can see that you were nice enough to bring me to the surface,” the demon goes on. “Which was lovely of you, honest. I mean, Hell is what it is, after a few centuries it gets boring.”
The demon shrugs. It’s such a human gesture, Robb can’t even believe his damned eyes. “Getting in is all paperwork these days, it takes people years to. And I’m like, as you can see, a demon, but I don’t exactly work for the direction. I’m more of a freelancer, really, which is inconvenient when no one’s looking for you. Actually, how did you even summon me?”
“Uh, with a spell?” Robb asks, because how would he otherwise?
“Yeah, well, I got that far, but given that my name is quite complicated to pronounce, no one ever spells it right. Never mind that my bloody uncle is the one who gets all the spotlight and he is the one in necromancy books, not me.”
“Er,” Robb says, “honestly, I just – wasn’t looking for a demon specifically. I was looking for one who’d help me out for my specific reasons. I didn’t make any names.”
“Oh,” the demon replies, and now he sounds delighted, what the hell, “does that mean the system picked me specifically for you? Now, look at that. I imagine we could have this conversation outside –”
“Have you taken me for an idiot? I’m not breaking it until I’m sure of what’ll happen after I do it.”
“Smart boy,” the demon agrees. “Actually, how old are you even? Sixteen?”
Robb groans. “Seventeen, but that’s not the bloody point.”
“Practicing necromancy at seventeen? My, my, how the world has fallen. Well then, smartass, how would you need my services? And who are you, for that matter?”
Right. Right.
Robb needs to remember that he has the upper hand, at least until that circle isn’t broken.
“My name is Robb Stark. And I need your help getting revenge.”
“Oh, revenges. I like revenges. That’s totally my field. Do go ahead.”
“I – well, I had a family. Until a year ago. Me, my parents, my two sisters, my two brothers, and – Jon’s technically my cousin, but he’s always been with us so he’s like a brother to me. Never mind. We –”
“Let me guess. House in the countryside, maybe the parents owned some land, they employed some people to look after it, maybe you even had a few maids, and everything was all right until it wasn’t?”
“How –”
“Smartass, I’ve been doing this job for centuries. You aren’t the first. But do go ahead.”
“Well, our neighbors. Uh, they’re – a large family. The Freys. They desperately wanted to buy out the property – actually, they had bought off all of the others around the area. I think they want to sell to some company that’d open a large factory there, but my father wouldn’t budge – I mean, it’s been the family house for centuries. He didn’t want to move or to let it go. So – Frey invited him for a dinner where they’d discuss things. Actually, he invited the entire family bar Jon. Because he wasn’t, well, one of them, technically.”
“And not you?”
“I was at a boarding school then.” Robb sighs. “They came back home. And they all died during the following week. I know he did it – either poisoned the food or something – but he bought out the police chief of our town and they closed the case as a tragic accident. I was devastated, and the only relative alive was my mom’s sister, and –”
“Don’t tell me, she sold, didn’t she?”
“Yes,” Robb admits. “We had to move in with her, of course. To London. But – she never – it’s obvious that she didn’t want Jon there. She didn’t want me either, but she couldn’t say it outright. And – she treated him so horribly that he just –” He breathes in, tries to not let his voice break as he says it. “One day I came back to our room, there was a letter on his bed. It was apologizing to me. And then I heard a scream from outside. He – he jumped out of the window not long before and someone just found him.”
“So, he’s dead?” The demon asks, sounding slightly more serious than he had before.
“No,” Robb sighs. “He survived, but he hasn’t really woken up since. I mean, you can get him to eat and drink and so on, but he doesn’t really answer you and he’s never conscious. The doctors said that he might or might not. It was six months ago. I – I told my aunt that if she just would give me an allowance of the money I was technically owed I’d rent a room and bring him with and be out of her life. She accepted. So – I’ve spent the last six months making sure he doesn’t die, doing accounting for the drugstore below my apartment, and when I’m not doing that –”
“You’re studying necromancy? Well, well, that’s admirable. Guess you’re a bright smartass. If you want someone to bring your brother back, though, I’m afraid you’ve got the wrong man. I mean, I can’t do that shit. You know you’ve gotta ask the other side for that, don’t you?”
“Fuck the other side,” Robb says. “Don’t you think I didn’t pray until my fingers hurt and until I had no voice anymore before trying out necromancy? I found out that at least your lot answers, when you call them.”
“Fair is fair, we do.”
“And I know you can’t – bring people back. I saw that some people in my, uh, current line of work, have tried to do it and succeeded up to a point. If he doesn’t wake up himself, I will find a way to. That’s not why I’m talking to you. I’m talking to you because when summoning – whatever was going to come out of that circle, I asked for someone who’d help me get revenge, who’d have no quibbles helping me but who also wouldn’t have necessarily sought to hurt innocents that might get involved without being guilty and who was smart and cunning and not necessarily out for blood. And I got you. What I want is help in taking Frey down and giving my aunt a taste of what she gave me.”
“Aren’t you a little spitfire,” the demon says. “But that’s quite all right, I do enjoy people with a personality. Well, seems like the system likes me, or maybe I’m one of the few down there who’s not a complete arse, because that’s what you were looking for, but never mind that. I haven’t been out in years and I could use some exercise. Your human world is so interesting. Wait, how many people do you need revenge against? Three? Like, Frey, your aunt, her husband, I suppose?”
Robb laughs. “I wish. If it was only three, I’d have killed that bastard myself. Frey has a ridiculous amount of kids, he’s so old he had time to wed some ten times. And I know for sure that a good part of them must have helped him out. Has to be at least twenty of them who were in on it.”
The demon claps his damned hands. “Oh, you mean I get to lay to waste that many? That’s lovely. All men, hm?”
“Could be, but who knows. Some daughters might have helped.”
“So I’d get some decent feeding from both. Well, Robb, seems to me like you’re offering me a pretty sweet deal. I’m very much inclined to accept.” Some of those tentacles tend to reach out towards him, but then suddenly draw back. “So why am I still trapped here?”
Robb breathes in. Good. Good. “Demons are bound by their word, aren’t they?”
“Sure they are.”
“All right. I want your word you won’t ever hurt me, Jon or anyone related to us that is not – well, my aunt.”
“Fair’s fair,” the demon agrees. “Fine. Robb Stark, you’ve got my word. That said, why would I even want to eat you when you’re that interesting? I mean, not everyone is that laid-back when they see my true form.”
Robb shrugs. “It’s tentacles. It’s kind of daunting, but – they’re somewhat beautiful, when you look at them in the right light. And by the way, what’s your name?”
“Right, how rude of me,” the demon says, and then –
Then Robb realizes why he wouldn’t get summoned, since it’s long and mostly consonants and he doesn’t even know how to begin pronouncing it.
The demon must have read that on his face.
“But you can call me Theon, for short.”
“Oh, good. Well then. All right,” Robb says, and then moves forward his foot, stepping on the white chalk he had drawn in his flat’s basement, and breaks it.
Suddenly, he feels one of those tentacles touch his cheek, and for a moment he expects it to be slimy, but –
It’s not. It’s warm, and solid, and heavy, but definitely not slimy. It’s like an arm, if arms didn’t have bones and wrapped around your waist, too.
“But look at that,” Theon says. “You’re actually liking it?”
“I don’t know about it,” Robb says slowly, “but it’s better than anyone would expect just looking at it.” He raises a hand and touches the tentacle wrapped around his waist. It feels warmer.
“Hm,” Theon goes on, “you’re definitely something.”
“By the way, what did you mean with, uh, eat both?”
Theon sends him a smirk that kind of makes Robb’s knees go weak, and then the tentacles quickly leave Robb’s waist and face, and suddenly Theon’s form is shrinking down and down until the mass has reformed into a lovely, long pair of legs clad in black. Like this, Theon’s barely taller than he is, and when he blinks and opens his eyes again, they aren’t golden anymore – they’re the same dark brown as his hair.
“See,” Theon says, “all demons feed on something. Most of us feed on souls. But I enjoy obtaining mine by, you know, seducing people.”
“Are you – are you a succubus?”
“Might be,” Theon smirks, “but it’s not as if I have to eat everyone I bed. Regardless, I enjoy both sides of the pond, so to speak, so if your Frey man has a nice pick of equally horrid sons or daughters, I shall enjoy tasting their souls very much. The worse off they are, the tastier, honestly.”
“Well, good to know this is a mutually beneficial arrangement,” Robb says, smiling ever so slightly, even if there’s nothing to smile about in this mess.
Theon smiles back.
“Oh, it is. And by the way, that thing you made me swear? Entirely unnecessary. You’re too nice to even be a good meal for me.”
“Too nice? I just summoned you to kill at least twenty people.”
“For entirely selfless reasons,” Theon snorts. “Don’t you worry. When it comes to entirely selfless people, they’re usually a better lay than a nice, succulent dinner. So, shall we plan?”
If that’s how it is, Robb thinks, he – he really might be on board.
However the system works, Robb decides, it really must have matched them well.
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antirrhinum-magus · 2 years ago
29 July 1862
Dear Mum and Dad,
Well we’ve well and truly changed History now.  For better or for worse.  I don’t know anymore whether whatever we were doing with the dragons was right or wrong.  Alexander has Opinions.  Were they in league with Drakon?  Were they Slaves or worse?  I guess all of that is moot now.  I made him promise not to eat you... that will have to be good enough...
We made it to the Pool of Dragon Blood.  It had not been repurposed by Drakon cultists.  It did house a Dragon God made of Bones named Scarafraxis.  He tried to absorb Alexander’s bones.  He did absorb Mannix’s bones...he wasn’t looking that great anyway.  He gave them back though, but now he’s not a zombie anymore so the Blood won’t work on him.  So I don’t know what the Plan is about all that.  Maybe we’ll come up with something when we get to Stillwater.
So, the place we are has an upstairs and a downstairs.  The upstairs was guarded by 3 Gargoyles but we were able to convince them we were members of the Derian-Ka and they let us in.  The rest of the upstairs was an Assassin’s Side and a Priest’s Side, all built about a thousand years ago.  And all laced with Black Powder.  We had planned to blow it all up, but now I think we’re not Gonna.  Alexander found an Eye-Poking Gun, which was really weird, and in the High Priest’s room we found a Dragon Altar and a nasty dragon hide book.  They both have writing in a script none of us can read though.  Well, had.  I wrecked the Altar.  I made it into an Olive Tree instead of a dragon - well, as well as I could at least.  Everyone was very annoyed with me later on, but I didn’t know we might need it, and it had been repurposed to Drakon anyway, and that’s no good at all.
The downstairs part is much much older.  That’s where the Pool is - and where Scarafraxis was.  He is - or I guess was - a giant dragon made of other people’s bones.  We thought he was part of the...decorations until he came to life and started to squeeze Alexander.  Things got very nasty for a while in there.  He told us that he was the Undying God of Dragons, and we thought, well, maybe he doesn’t like Drakon taking over his territory in terms of dragon-godding, so we tried to work something out, but he kept trying to Absorb Alexander.  
And then, for some reason, I guess we decided to Free him?
Like, I guess Alexander ended up Inside him at one point, and I kept trying to break him out with Rocky, and then Sky turned into a cloud and went in there too, and all of this made Scarafraxis miss being alive.  Apparently Scarafraxis used to be the King of the Dragons, but he did a favor for Halcyon was back a long time ago when the gods were just walking around, and so Halcyon turned him into a god?  And then he was, like, taking a nap... and the Necromancers moved in and turned him into a Skeleton God?  I guess?  So we...built him an Altar out of his own bones and Adelard sacrificed the Dragon Blood on it to bring him back to Life, and he stopped being a God and turned back into an Alive Dragon.  Adelard is staying here to be his priest even though he’s not a God anymore.  He agreed to stay dormant for 30 years to not change the future too much about when Alexander’s mom saved the Whole World, but then he’s all the dragons back to him...
But maybe it’s better to do that 20 years ago than to do it Now, because at least the Restoration will still happen and maybe they won’t just...kill everybody.  He promised not to eat you.  I...
I don’t know if this was the right thing.  I hope it was.  Writing it down it sounds Very Stupid, and I definitely don’t want a repeat of what happened with K’alru.  But he Really Hates Demons, and that’s a good thing.  And he likes us, which is also a good things.  And like, he’s friends with Halcyon and Ter’el, so...maybe it’ll all work out?  I hope?
And maybe since we won’t have dragons anymore we won’t go to war with Alexander’s mom...
Halcyon said we would bring horrors on our loved ones.
I don’t know, I don’t
I’m sorry
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doedipus · 4 years ago
LP D&D: It’s Getting Boring by the Sea
It’s finally time for the party to attend the dinner party at Lord Heir’s estate, where they’ve heard rumors that there may be an attempt on John Merrow, the Visible Lord of Waterdeep’s life. Failure to protect him would mean that the city-state would fall completely into the hands of the Anonymous Lords, many of whom had already been swayed by the Sisters of the Night. The gang must work quickly to unravel the conspiracy before it’s too late!
Content under the break.
Trouble at the Mister Mister //A brothel by the harbor in Waterdeep
While Graham was visiting the brothel, his father wanders in out of nowhere
Mr. Broyer is perplexed
“Esmeralda is my friend,” explained the Graham
“Sh-she works here... as a dancer, I think”
Sir Huey, who was supposed to be engaged to (deadname), is also there, and is generally confused.
They want Graham to come back to the estate they’ve been staying at
Marry Huey
Go back with mother
Condescension and misgendering abound
Jake wants to pause
But there is no pause in d&d
Mr. Broyer finds out that Graham is using his late brother’s name, and is infuriated
He attempts to flip the table and bolt for the door
The family is blocking the door
Graham bungles the table flip
Mr. Broyer attempts to restrain Graham, but he shoulder checks his father, knocking the old man over
He escapes the building, and runs through the streets of Waterdeep
House Broyer chases Graham through the city
Graham is surprisingly nimble, and navigates the goods in the street easily
Some cargo is strewn about the road, and Graham misty steps over it
He tries to hide in Lupe’s hangar //In the gang’s desperate struggle to derive utility from the semi-tame wyvern, they set her up in a warehouse with a receding roof.
House Broyer runs past the warehouse, losing Graham
Lupe is nonplussed by his intrusion
She needs her beauty sleep, yo
Lupe happens to have tongues on her from last session //Phrasing!
A “moment” occurs between Graham and Lupe
Graham fills Lupe in on what’s just happened
His explanation rambles a bit
It’s basically his whole life story
...but Lupe went back to sleep
Graham falls asleep on top of Lupe
He dreams of his father’s words, his mother turning into a snake, and the skyline of Calimport
The next morning
Lucas teleports onto the ship
Greg says he was worried
Lucas is a wreck after the incident in Proskur
They go to their room below decks
Lucas tells Greg everything
Gandalf turned out to be a necromancer
He was “experimenting” on the locals
He had to die
Lucas and a friend were able to kill the wizard, but the friend died
When she died, Lucas absorbed her soul
Multiclassing, folks!
Lucas says the “L” word //“Lesbian?” “No, Scott.” “...Lesbians?”
Greg and Lucas make out
Lucas says they’ll get married after they take back Beydale //An inland duchy Greg is the heir to.
Greg seems pleased with this development
The two can rule Beydale
Greg wants to use the party as a platform to raise support for the reconquista of Beydale
Lucas gives Greg the raven statuette //I forget what the significance of this is
The planeswalkers return from Sigil
Without tote bags! What even was the point??
Coy realizes that world geometry makes sense again, kisses the ground
Escrima wants to give “baby girl Coy” a piggyback ride
But Coy wants to get down
Coy wanders off
They remember that they’re missing some party members, and head towards the ship
They pass by Lupe’s hangar, waking up Graham
Graham sees the party, and Coy’s tits
He kisses Coy’s hand
Coy is flustered
Max is also flustered
Coy tries to explain that she’s Coy, but Graham isn’t having it
But eventually, he recognizes her
Graham is confused
“I’m a paladin”
“Esmeralda is my friend”
Escrima sort of explains what happened with Narcovi
Escrima shows Graham his new tramp stamp
It was an ode to mother
Sometimes, Escrima doesn’t feel like he has a body.
Something possesses Graham to try and hug Escrima
...Who is entirely uncomfortable
Graham realizes that Coy transitioned, suddenly
“Coy, you cut your hair!”
“Where did you get... those..?”
Coy explains that she was transformed in a “flesh carving” shop in Sigil
Graham is curious about how to get there
The gang reminds him about the portal in Neverwinter
Everyone’s exhausted, and they head back to the Tavern Estate
Graham is trying reeeeally hard not to stare at Coy’s breasts
Shopping ensues
Coy needs to fix her order with the armorer, and the gang heads to the market district
The Planeswalkers run into Lucas and Greg, who were out buying clothes for the party
Lucas doesn’t recognize Coy
Coy introduces herself, but Lucas doesn’t believe that it’s her
She has big boobs. Coy does not have big boobs
Lucas tries to ask her a question that only she would know the answer to
Coy answers correctly, convincing Lucas of her identity
Lucas realizes that Coy was on the receiving end of a high level spell
He looks around in the book on 9th level spells for an idea of what it was
He takes some brain damage from reading forbidden knowledge
The spell is in there somewhere, but he can’t understand the words
Coy explains everything again
The gears in Lucas’ head start turning at the mention of that kind of power
He would never turn Coy into a kaiju for fun and profit.
Coy playfully punches Lucas’s shoulder, specifically the one that just got blown to bits
Lucas gets a good enough suit from a good enough shop
Coy goes looking for a dress, but she can’t find exactly what she wants
She gets something anyway, I think (?)
Coy goes to the armorer to be remeasured
It’s gonna take a couple hours and a few more gold.
They arrive back at the estate //Rocky generously allowed the party to stay at a pretty nice mansion in town while we were in the city
Coy wants to know about Akim
The butler is a little confused, but Coy explains herself again
Akim is in Coy’s room
Coy worries about what Akim will think
She goes to visit Akim
But falls asleep instantly
Lucas accidentally calls Jeeves a bartender, and he is indignant
Rolen gives Jeeves some of the wyvern venom, and asks him to sell it
Escrima goes to sleep by the pond
Everyone else goes to sleep in their bed, like normal people
During his trance, Rolen notices that something is trying to get out of his stomach
It has 8 legs
He concentrates real hard, and it goes away
Rolen gets up before everyone else, because elf
He does something clandestine
Graham grows personally to catch up with everyone else 
Rolen reveals that he went out in the night to get a cake and some things for Escrima
The whole lobby of the mansion is decorated
There’s 3 gifts by the cake
Bald head shine oil
Deck of cards from calimport
The bestiary
Rolen and everyone sings “Happy Birthday”
Escrima is confused
Rolen explains that it’s for mothers’ day
He figured that since Escrima was interested in Lupe, he should have some animal handling supplies
Rolen becomes inspired!
The cake gives the gang advantage against fear
Escrima is confused, but pleased
Akim stumbles in
“Oh, there’s cake!”
He’s not used to nice beds... or beds at all, really
He wants to know where Coy is
Coy hides behind Graham
Lucas attempts to explain things
Akim doesn’t care as long as Coy still loves him
Tbh the meme of “what’ll the kids think?” is the dumbest thing. It’s the adults that are the problem.
Coy is nervous about being a teen parent
The party is in 2 hours
Coy picks up her armor
Graham picks up Esmeralda
Esmeralda is working a customer when he gets there
Graham awkwardly asks if she can go to the party
She’s reluctant after the fit that was pitched last night
He gives her some cash, and she agrees to go
Lucas & Greg “prepare” for the party
Lucas applies mage armor to the both of them
The gang picks up their stuff from the tailor
The stuff there gives a +1 to CHA
Neverwinter styles rock, apparently
The merchant wants some of the fabric that Connie’s dress is made of
She says that all attendees need to make a donation to the sisters to enter
Escrima goes to Lupe’s Hangar
Escrima uses beast speech to talk to Lupe
Lupe confers that it will protect the party
...but Escrima forgot to unchain her
Connie disguises herself as a noble-looking human //Specifically, a different one than the last time she ran into the Sisters
They reach the entrance
Inventories are reduced
Coy is wearing some kinda armor, because she’s too good for the dress Connie got her in Sigil
The guards don’t care anyway
The gang flashes their invitations
It’s 100 gp per person to enter
The highest donation gets to chill with Elsa and Lord Heir
Greg talk about Beydale with some nobles
The town of MossStone was destroyed recently, which worries Lucas
His brother lived there
Greg mentions his quest
But the nobles aren’t having it
The sisters have told the nobles that they’ll take care of the hordes in the south
Greg blows his stack
The nobles tell them to cool it
Lucas yanks Greg away, and tells him that the nobles might not be worth it.
He tries to console him. The gang can handle anything the sisters can throw at them
...But it’s still not an army
One of the nobles has a sisters of the night logo
Sister Melina
The gang wanders around
Coy runs into that guy he stole the pendant from
But the guy doesn’t notice the pendant around her neck
Coy enters one of the buildings
A handful of sisters are milling about
Lord Heir is there, talking about how great the sisters are //The Sisters were calling themselves the “Sisters of Dawn,” and trying to act like humanitarians or something. The city apparently believed them, and allowed them to park airships above the city for some reason.
Coy has an idea. Oh no!
The players tell Max to not get them all arrested
She checks to see if Hier is married
There’s no ring there...
She tries to awkwardly hit on Hier
Hier introduces some of his bros
He talks about how he met the sisters of the night
Connie and Rolen try to save Merrow
Connie uses sending to tell him that his life might be in danger
Merrow tells her to meet him in a shed on the edge of the estate
The pair start heading over
Graham bumps into Merrow on the way over
Merrow says that he’d seen the rest of House Broyer at the party
Graham tries to brag about Esmeralda
But Merrow’s having none of it
Esmeralda remarks that she knows a lot of people at the party
She’s had a “professional” relationship with Merrow in the past
Somehow Graham is oblivious to all the innuendo being thrown around
Some bard intercepts Graham and Esmeralda
He says some absurd limerick
Graham is amused by his jokes
Merrow, Connie, and Rolen meet in the shed
They try to be stealthy, but the door is real squeaky
He deduces the pair works for Rocky
Rolen explains the theory about the assassination attempt
Merrow tells the pair that he isn’t in more danger than usual
He wants to gather information at the party
Merrow wants to raise a levy to reconquer the south
Rolen gives Merrow a death ward, and leaves
At this point, Kim had to leave to yell at kids for 3 hours, and the session ended prematurely.
Escrima is nervous about all the socializing, and does some people watching
A waiter offers him a drink
Escrima wants to know if there are any ponds
There aren’t, but there’s a fountain
It has frogs in it
Escrima heads for the pond
Escrima gets to the pond
There’s a jester/bard there, hyucking it up
Escrima asks if he “can see the ripples in the sky make it boom boom”
Jester hands him a frog, and turns it into a rabbit
Escrima is nonplussed
Escrima really wants the boom boom
Jester appeases him with some fireworks
“You need to pacify the people,” he asks the jester
Escrima wants the jester to gtfo of the fountain so he can drink
He has to make a CON saving throw
It doesn’t sit well, and he pukes his guts out
The noblery leave in disgust
Jester is pissed, that was a lot of tip money
Rolen and Connie discuss plans
They decide they want to try and get into the VIP table
Escrima can use suggestion, maybe
Failing that, they’re pretty loaded
Rolen goes to find Escrima, and Connie tails Merrow
Rolen goes looking for Escrima
He’s not by the gates anymore, but the guards know who he’s looking for
Rolen goes to the pond
The jester is mad
Rolen eggs him on a bit
Jester wants to do something really amazing
He turns Escrima into a dragon briefly
Jester gets a lot of tips
Rolen points out that they’re probably even at this point
Rolen tries to explain that Connie wants to talk to him
“Carry me!”
Mother hasn’t been contacting Escrima recently, and he’s distraught
“Oh nevermind, where’s Constanza?”
A noblewoman tries to distract Connie, but she isn't having it
Merrow is talking with a knight and a sister
Connie tells Merrow to watch his ass
Merrow invites her over
Knight is a sheriff of Waterdeep
Sister is Sister Sasha
Greg is dejected about the nobles sandbagging his reconquista
Lucas is worried for his safety
Greg wants to talk to Merrow
He doesn’t want to stay away from the sisters, because-
Rich reminds JP that Greg was the one who was worried about the sisters
Greg starts to agree with Lucas
It’s possible that he’s connected to Amarak somehow //Amarak was an ancient kingdom that occupied most of the Sword Coast. She previously repelled an earlier uprising by the Sisters.
Sister Melina approaches Lucas
She reminds him that Elsa doesn’t like him very much, and not to cause any trouble
Lucas gets his edge on
It’s best if nobody causes trouble
Lucas talks to greg about how his brother might be dead
A bard approaches Graham and Esmeralda
He tells the most lewd poem he could think of, at Esmeralda’s expense
Graham and the bard bicker about whether Esmeralda is a lady or a whore
Esmeralda is angry Graham didn’t just glass him
Graham reminds her that it would ruin the entire party
Hier talks about how Merrow has been blocking the sisters from
“Do I have to make a CON save to not fall asleep?”
But JP moves forward with it
She falls asleep for a bit
Hier asks her name
Coy can’t think of a new name on the spot
Hier assumes she’s just smashed
Hier invites her to the most prestigious of places to bang: the utility closet
In his own damned house
5 minutes later, the two head to the closet
Coy wants to hold hands, but Hier tells her to not make things conspicuous
Coy and Hier move to his study
Hier locks the doors behind them
Coy notices that Hier looks a bit like her dad
“A fat, bald Danny DeVito”
Hier’s getting all handsy
Coy asks if he owns the airship
Proposes they bang on the ship
Hier says that there’s no time
“Watchu doin’, Coy?”
Coy uses the potion of invisibility, confusing Hier
She jumps to the ceiling to try and hang onto the rafters
Hier wonders if he’s hallucinated the whole scenario
Coy says that the sisters are not to be trusted
Hier still can’t find her. He leaves the room, and locks several door behind him on the way out
Coy attempts to investigate, but the dice aren’t having it
There’s a letter from Elsa about murdering Merrow and putting Hier in control
The sisters want his army, and for him to sign a non-aggression pact
Make Waterdeep great again!
There’s some heavy armor in there too, and it looks enchanted
“I’m gonna take it.”
Rich suggests a “bra of holding”
Merrow introduces Vigo and Sasha to the other party members
Lucas is obviously not enjoying the party
Greg introduces himself to Merrow
Lucas glares at Sasha
Sasha appears to be salivating a bit
Lucas calls her out, and she leaves
Merrow seems interested in helping
But his hands are a bit tied
If Beydale becomes a vassal of Waterdeep, he’ll help
Greg doesn’t know what to say
Merrow mentions that Waterdeep thinks of Beydale as being fairly insignificant
Lucas mentions the possible assassination attempt again
He lends Merrow his bird //Lucas has a raven as a familiar. It’s named “Siegfried”
It’s totes fashionable
Lucas asks Vigo about his brother //A Military officer
Drow sacked Mossstone
Vigo says that he’ll try and look his name up tomorrow
Merrow confirms that house Broyer is at the table
Merrow is friendly with Esmeralda of course
“Esmeralda is my friend”
“She’s friends with a lot of people”
“Well, you can never have too many friends.”
After much bickering, the party decides that-
Escrima accidentally says something about the blueblood virgins or something out loud //Part of the lore the party picked up in the Candlekeep basement archives. It implies that Greg and Beydale are lore-important
Lucas & Greg, Connie & Graham shell out to go to the table
Graham leaves Esmeralda with Rolen and Escrima while he goes to the table
He wants her to make sure they’re “happy and satisfied”
Greg and Lucas make out, attracting a passing fujoshi
Lucas glares at her
Esmeralda manages to get a few more GP out of Graham
Esmeralda encounters Escrima
Escrima doesn’t like to be touched
He’s not into lovemaking
...though who knows where he heard that language from
A waiter tells the gang that the VIP dinner is starting
Lucas tells Connie that he’s not feeling very social, and she may need to smooth things over for him
He briefly considers using minor illusion to obscure his face, but everyone knows him already
“We’ll wing it, it’ll be great” -Rich
Rolen attempts some infiltration
He tries to explore the kitchen, but a guard says no
Coy is still stuck in Hier’s study
Hier left the window open
Coy climbs out the window, and closes the window behind her
Graham notices that Osric and Viper are already in the main room //His parents. Viper is not actually his mother’s name, she’s just an asshole.
Coy sneaks into the main room
A butler asks who he should announce as the gang as they enter
The players are confused
They settle on “Sir Graham Broyer and Lady of Athkatla Constanza de Catarina”
...and guest
That damned vampire is here //One of the nobles was revealed to be a vampire during that abandoned plotline
Coy slips the letter into Merrow’s pocket
Coy and Merrow’s pocket OTP
Graham and Connie enter the dining hall
House Broyer is pissed
Viper begins drinking. It’s not known if she will ever stop //She doesn’t.
Coy uncloaks in the middle of the room, and insists that she follow Lucas
Elsa brings up that she was a captive on the gang’s ship wayyyy back in session 1 or something
Graham corrects her. They saved her ass, tbh
Viper drinks more
“Ladies shouldn’t talk politics.”
Graham gets in a weird argument withe Viper
She drops the G-bomb //Graham’s deadname starts with “G”
Viper complains about Graham’s company
Lucas is not in the mood for little digs
Graham wants to know about Elsa’s mission
She spins the same yarn we’ve been hearing all night
But that’s not good enough
Coy mage hands Merrow in the pocket with the letter
Elsa has trouble providing detail
Merrow reads the letter.
Rolen & co. continue their exterior collisions matrix of the house
Escrima gets a guard to vacate his post with suggestion
They enter the pleb’s dining hall
Escrima asks Greg if he wants to go looking for treasure
Rolen attempts to freeze-break the lock on Hier’s room
It is pulverized
They investigate, but the dice are pissed tonight, and they find nothing
Hier asks Merrow to help the sisters
Vampire brown noses for no reason
Graham drops the name “sisters of the night”
Lucas notices that the waiters have been super quiet
He asks one of they speak common
Hier says they shouldn’t talk to the lower class
The servant attempts to leave quietly
Connie calls Viper a Viper
Osric and Viper attempt to leave, but Hier stops them
There’s some kind of magic in the servants
Merrow brings up the letter
Coy reveals that she found the note in Hier office
And also that he tried to rape her
The servants were Gnolls all along!
They sneak attack everyone
Battle against Elsa, Melina and their Gnoll henchmen
The gang is caught off guard
Connie casts evard’s black tentacles, restraining several of the gnolls
Lucas begins bladesinging
Lucas uses hypnotic pattern on the other gnolls, incapacitating several of them
Coy stabs the gnoll behind her
And by “stab,” I mean “instantly beheads”
At this point, Rolen, Escrima, and the others realize there’s a problem
There’s some gnolls wrestling with the tentacles in the other end of the hall
They head towards the dining hall
Elsa attempts to send to someone, but Lucas stops her
Elsa swears like a sailor
Vampire turns into a bat, and flies to the giant chandelier
A guard runs over and tries to attack one of the gnolls
But misses twice
A gnoll stabs Viper for not much damage
Connie spends inspiration to not lose concentration on her spell
Connie gets a solid shot off on Elsa
The tentacles gib one of the gnolls
Lucas misty steps to Elsa, and tries to stab her, but misses
Lucas spends inspiration to land a second stab, dealing heavy damage
Coy bounds across the table, landing next to Elsa
She misses her slash with the odachi
Rolen continues running towards the dining hall
Escrima runs into a sister on the way over
Blight turns her into mush
Mother compliments his handiwork
Elsa tries to run through the window
Coy gets an attack, but she misses
Lucas’ booming blade deals some damage
She takes fall damage
She tries to turn a guard on the party, but fails miserably
The tentacles finish off the other 3 gnolls on their side of the room
Graham jumps out the window after Elsa, landing two deadly blows
“I spared you once, and it was a huge mistake.”
He runs her through. The holy damage causes her to explode into bright lights and viscera
Sister Elsa of the Night is killed.
The guard next to Elsa and Graham attempts to attack the gnoll next to her, but misses twice
The guard in the dining room attacks a gnoll with a crit
Greg congratulates Escrima on his last turn
The sister by Connie tries to send a message, and Lucas stops her
She runs away, giving Connie an attack of opportunity
Connie grabs a kitchen knife off the table and stabs her in the neck, killing her
Viper continues to drink heavily
A few sisters attack Rolen in the hall
Lucas reminds Viper that the party is saving her ass
Viper continues to drink heavily
He gibs a gnoll, and reminds her again
Coy polymorphs into a bat, and chases vampire man
Rolen fights off the sisters in the hall
The sending appears to have alerted the airship
The ship blasts the roof off the dining hall
Lord Osric Broyer of Sorabia is killed in the impact
Viper is understandably distraught
The folks at the Mister Mister will probably send flowers
Escrima casts eldritch blast on the sisters in the hall
The bolts fly out the door behind them
Escrima panics a bit
A gnoll stabs Connie
The gnolls on the other side of the wall escape the tentacles, finally
Graham beats one of the gnolls that was trapped in the tentacles half to death
Merrow shivs a gnoll from across the table
Greg runs away, using his action to disengage
All magic seems to get sucked out of the building
We had to roll damage anyway. Spooky!
Rolen puts the hurt on the hallway sisters with spirit guardian
Lucas identifies the magic sucking device as being a spellskite
It’s a monster that eats spells. Eating enough makes it explode or something
Escrima wants to lick the sack
Coy continues to chase vampire man and evade more cannon fire
She picks some locks upstairs
Rolen regroups with Escrima
Vigo flees the manor like a huge yellow coward
The npcs in the room jump out the window
Lots of nobles have been gibbed
The airship fires another volley, and the shot lands in the great hall
Escrima bolts for the door, and spots the gnoll woman
The gnoll woman dumps a cloud kill on most of the party
Viper breaks the news of Osric’s death to Graham
Graham severely wounds one of the gnolls next to him
Connie screams for help and bolts for the window.
Lucas runs away from the fart gas, and to the window Connie jumped out of
Coy attempts to climb a ladder to the airship, but falls to the ground in front of the mansion
Rolen nearly dies in the fart gas
He heals himself and tries to flee with Greg
The airship fires another volley, and the shot lands in the great hall again
Escrima ducks into a coat closet and gives himself an HP buff
The gnoll woman goes looking for him
He closed the door behind him, but gnolls have a strong sense of smell
She KNOWS where he is
She casts blight!
Escrima fails his throw, barely hanging on //“JUST END ME” -Rap
Mother won’t let him die just yet
The gnolls in the alley attack Graham
They beat him half to death
Viper chides him for being in a bad spot
Graham kills the two gnolls easily
Greg hides in Hier’s rape study
A sister runs into the alley looking for Elsa, but realizes she’s dead as a doornail
Coy repositions herself in the courtyard, and spots the spellskite
She decides to try and climb the rope to the airship
...but then JP reminds her that she has the teleportation hat
She teleports to the other end of the rope, and climbs aboard
There’s a few dozen soldiers on board. How fun! //”‘A few dozen’ = 300″ -Rich “Okay, several dozen!” -Kim
Another volley from the ship gibs a bunch of civilians
Escrima attempts to smash through a wall, but he fails
He runs away, and uses his pact weapon to bar a door behind him
The priestess uses acid splash on the door, and it dissolves the door
“The Graham train is gonna do something!”
The Graham train wants to smash a wall to get to Escrima, but can’t tell which part of the wall escrima is behind
He gets lucky and smashes the right wall
Graham makes a kool-aid man noise as he smashes the wall
Connie ushers Viper and Hier through an open window
Mind the tentacles!
Connie takes a swig of Viper’s wine
They move through the building towards the front hall
The remaining sister leaves the alleyway, and calls to the gnoll woman to bail
Lucas jumps out the window into the alley, taking a crit from one of the gnolls on the way out
Merrow follows him
Coy tries to intimidate the soldiers on the ship
Predictably, it doesn’t work very well
JP didn’t expect Coy to try and board the airship
She teleports to the balloon and starts cutting the ropes attaching it to the ship
The ship is off balance, and lurches around unevenly
Rolen runs to the front door, and is confused about the plan
The gnoll woman conjures a pair of hyenas next to her and misty steps away
The gnolls in the dining hall burst out the window and chase lucas down the alley
The Graham train attacks the hyenas, wounding one of them
Graham and Lucas decide they should just leave
The gnoll woman and the remaining sister teleport away
The hyenas attack Graham
Lucas reactivates bladesinging, and heals Graham a bit
He remembers that if he says “explosion,” people will run faster
Coy does a really cool ninja move, and cuts through one of the ropes and part of the balloon
The ship is hanging by one rope, but is vertical. The soldiers fall onto the mansion from about 300 feet up
An orc splats in front of Lucas
Luckily, none of the party members gets hit by the falling soldiers
Coy becomes inspired!
Escrima manages to scare one of the hyenas away
Graham kills a hyena, but his sword is really wedged in its corpse
Connie catches up to Rolen, and asks for first aid
The remaining hyena disappears
Coy attempts to grab the remaining rope, but fails
She teleports next to Connie
...But lands next to Lucas, about 15 feet off the mark
Lucas wants to know if the airship was Coy’s fault
Of course it was. Why wouldn’t it be?
The spellskite ceases to exist, since the gnoll woman fell off the airship.
Apparently, she summoned it
The ship crashes through the northeastern quadrant of the mansion, obliterating the structure
The force of the blast pushes everyone out of the front door
Combat ends
The gang curses out Hier
Merrow agrees to help reconquer Beydale
Lucas realizes Greg is still alive, and gives him a big hug. Aww.
Coy points out that they just barely saved Waterdeep from total destruction
The second airship sails away
The braindead guards finally open the damn gates
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nemossubmarine · 4 years ago
For the Tabletop RPG Ask Meme: 2, 7, 13, 17, 21, 23, 26, 30
2.) When did you start role playing? How old were you?I’m quite new to this, actually. We tried to start few games of DnD back in high school, but never got farther than one session (and the second attempt stopped at character creation), so it don’t really count. It mostly failed on the fact that it all felt so complicated. I started the Dragon Age RP I’m still playing in 2014, actually, we’ll be going exactly 3 years this month. :P I was 20.
7.) Longest campaign you’ve run or played in?3 years of DA RP. :D I’ve both played in it and ran it. About 50/50 time-wise. Longest single adventure was 9-sessions of boats and pirates we did last spring, I was playing in that.
13.) Your most ridiculous character. Def Juicyman666 or just Juicy. I visited a friend last month for a week and he took me to his local RP-club and I got to partake in a Cyberpunk RP for a session. Juicy was my friend’s character’s bf. He did bodyguard jobs mostly. He always wore bright neon colored crop-tops and booty shorts with the word “JUICY” on the butt (the pre-rolled character sheet said that he didn’t wear much so I just ran with it). And he was really fond of one-liners. And really really 90′s in general. Like Wesley Snipes in Demolition Man? That’s what I imagined him like.
17.) Something that shouldn’t have worked, but did.Literally the first thing I thought of was the awkward seducing incident. So, the story goes, our characters are trapped in a dream-world. Our dwarf warrior, Randy, thinks he’s an elf, because dwarves don’t dream in DA-universe. Cahair (my elven rogue) and Elspet (human mage) try to go get him, but he has somehow gotten himself into this situation which involves lots of naked elves and rocking horses (don’t ask). So. Logical thing for my character to do is strip down and go seduce him. Right? Right?? It worked. And then Cahair spent almost the entire trip in the dream-world dragging Randy around, pretending to be his boyfriend (which was super-awkward bc Cahair’s unrequited love was there too). It basically ended with Cahair making a deal with a demon just to get Randy back to normal.(we… don’t talk about this incident IC at all, we have all agreed it’s for the best)
Oh and I guess, one time we were so lost we asked a demon for directions? It worked. We wished it wouldn’t have… Caused us a lot of trouble that.
21.) Your favorite NPC and how the party reacted to him/her  Aah, that’s no doubt Konstantine, my necromancer mage I introduced in last campaign as a teacher for one of our mages. Well that mage in question hit it off with him right away, though the rest were a bit slower to warm up to him, since y’know, necromancy (or “black magic” as some referred to it, even tho it’s totally respectable in Konstantine’s home country) Our templar was most suspicious, since Konstantine has escaped from the mage tower. But, he’s part of our pirate crew now, and people have warmed up to him, and they seem to think he’s good enough with his magic to be a teacher and not need constant surveillance.
23.) Something you made up on the spot. Well, the DnD campaign I’m running rn is at least 50% made up on the spot as I don’t have time to write very detailed things. :D That’s going to bite me in the ass. It already has. The party found a body last session and for some reason I went a lil overboard with the blood descriptions and it basically ended with me going “yeah, clearly there’s been more people killed here, but you have no idea where the bodies are”. And… I don’t know where the bodies are, or why, oh no…
I also held a one-shot story about one of our DA RP characters killing his father with the help of some assassins (well, he wanted to rescue his mother and the father-killing was an unfortunate plus) and since I didn’t want to tell the players playing the assassins that assassination was the order of business, I had no idea how they were planning on doing it, before we began playing. Had to play the whole session by the ear, basically.
26.) The craziest thing your players have ever done, and how it affected your plans.I don’t think my players do crazy things that would affect my plans so greatly. Partly it’s because (esp in the past, but I’m getting better) I’ve been a bit of a rail-roader. Secondly we have pretty level-headed characters, so that even if someone wants to do something that might fuck me over (such as killing the arl’s son since he saw them breaking into the arl’s mansion) they’ll usually come up with a better solution (drugging him).
Well.. I guess they did skip one side-plot completely, bc they were just having none of that. There was this cursed house campaign I did, and a side-plot had to do with helping the ghosts of the kids in the house to rest (it wasn’t like, spelled out to the players but would have quickly became apparent). One of the kids (a teenager) they found so annoying that they just didn’t talk to her after the first time. :D Other was a very tiny boy they found in his room. He started bleeding and screaming. And our templar just… closed the door. Ah well. Stay restless my kids. I just skipped that content completely, it was a side-plot after all. (although they found the third kid (who was turned into a glass statue) again in a later campaign and are now trying to free her, so I guess the key was not talking?? :D)
30.) What makes GMing fun for you. I really like trying all sorts of different things for campaigns, content and game-play wise. I don’t think I’ve written two campaigns that were the same. I also like that I can write stories that are more than just a bit cliche and that can have some self-indulgent stuff in them that can still be enjoyable to gm and for the players to play. And writing campaigns, it’s just like, this creativity that keeps on building and rolling. I get so much joy from trying to figure out the plot points I left for myself and making sense of things and thinking “how can I lay these things out for the players to pick up?”Also I like working with players in learning about their characters and incorporating some personal elements into the campaigns (though the second part might not always work).And and when players take something that has happened to their characters in a campaign and use that as character development moment. Rly makes me happy, even tho idk how often that happens either. I just rly dig when situations I put people into inspire them to have character moments. ;A;
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zacknano17 · 3 years ago
Day 21: words 40,048 - 42,029
In which, I get to continue emotionally traumatizing Taako.  Don’t worry.  He’ll forget. >_>
He remembers now, vaguely.  It's a lot to take in.  He has a sister that he has somehow forgotten, and a second set of memories lodged inside of him.  It's confusing and disorienting, and he doesn't want to consider it further.  He knows Lup has been gone.  He knows the umbra staff is hers.  He knows that skeleton he found must have been hers, but she's a lich, and she has him now.  He thinks he has never been happier than he is right now, in this moment.
The joy is short lived, though.  A lich is mostly incorporeal and walls mean little to them, but whatever form Taako has taken now is not. The lich brings him carefully, as to not alert Rebekah or Alfonso, and carries him down to the floor.  There is a crevice in the wall underneath the desk.
No, no, no, don't put me in there, Lup.  Don't leave me alone again.  Please, stay here!
“Don't worry, Taako.  I'm going to help you,” the lich says in a voice he knows only he can hear.  “You'll be safe where they can't find you.”
Taako doesn't have a heart right now, but he feels it break anyway.  That isn't Lup's voice.  It's Barry's.
Barry is a dear, dear friend, and Taako loves him and trusts him with all his heart.  In any other situation, it would be good to hear from Barry again.  In this situation, it seems to be the most devastating thing possible.  Lup is still gone, and he should have recognized that -- there are subtle differences between Lup and Barry's lich forms, after all -- but he had refused to see them.  He had wanted it to be Lup so badly.
It's like he just got her back and then lost her again in the span of five minutes.
And now, he is being fitted into a crack in the wall, where he will be left alone all over again.
No, please, Barry, please don't leave me here!  Anything but that!
But Barry can't hear him, and he feels the tightness of the little hole closing in around him.  Barry's hands leave him there and withdraw, and Taako desperately wishes he could do literally anything right now to somehow react to this.  To express himself.
There is nothing, though, and he resigns himself to his thoughts and his now very limited view of Rebekah's feet.
“...what is this?” he hears him voice say, and he hates it.  “Rebekah, what?  What...this isn'  What's going on?”
“Be calm,” Rebekah says.  “It's only temporary.  There were...problems when I tried to do this earlier.  Soon, I'll recreate what you lost and we'll move you there.  Okay?”
“I don't understand.  I was...resting?  Where are we?  Why do I look like this?”
“I saved you.  You were -- you died, Alfonso.  But now you're back.  And you're fine!  Look at you!  I wasn't sure it would work, but here you are...I'm so happy to see you again, darling...isn't it wonderful?”
“Don't worry about it.  Everything is as it should be.  Or, it will be soon.”  She pauses for a moment.  “But that damn wizard somehow managed to destroy my grimoire.  That's all right.  I got what I needed out of it.  He's right here -- ”
Another pause and Taako watches Rebekah's feet turn, facing the desk.
“Right...what the hell?  The soul gem is gone.”
Score one for Taako.  Well, for Barry, anyway.
“No! No, I needed him for something else!  Where is it?” she demands. There is the sound of rustling from the desk as she searches. “Damn!”
“He can't have just gotten up and walked away...shit, what happened?”
“What?” Her feet turn around again.
“What's going on?  Your face...are you hurt...?  Why do you have a soul gem? Why doesn't this room have any doors?”
She sighs and slowly moves away from the desk.  Then she hops on up the table with not-Taako, and actual Taako can just see her toes dangling down from the tabletop.
“I'm totally fine, sweetheart,” she says.  “See?  Nothing there.  And, well, there was someone else in this body before you, so I had to put him in a soul gem.  But I saved it, of course, because, I mean, you can't just take someone's body forever, right?  Besides...”  She doesn't finish that thought.  “Anyway, this room doesn't have doors, because if no one can get in, then no one can find us.  But it's okay.  I can make doors whenever we might need them.”
“Rebekah...” It's terrible to hear his own voice sounding so frightened and rueful.  “Rebekah, I shouldn't be here.  I'm dead, and I need to stay that way.  This...this goes against the natural order, love.  I can't stay here.  I can't.”
“No. No!  Do you know how hard I worked for this moment?  Do you -- do you even know what I had to go through to get you back!?  How can you be so selfish!?  Every moment that I'm here alone is agony for me, Alfonso!  I can't be without you!”
“I...Rebekah, please don't cry.  This, okay, okay, we'll...we'll talk about it later.  I just don't understand...”
These lovesick idiots.  Taako hates both of them -- Rebekah, for doing this to him, and Alfonso, for not standing up to her.  He knows she's an insanely powerful mage armed with a Grand Relic, sure, but he doesn't give a shit.  Alfonso is supposed to be dead anyway.
“Fine. Help me find the soul gem then, would you?  We still need that wizard for one real important step,” she says, the tremble that had been in her voice earlier fading somewhat.
Taako isn't keen on finding out what that means.
Salvatore leads them to a little house on the far end of town.  The area they are in has not fallen onto hard times as much as it was built as someone's solution to hard times.  This place has never been particularly wealthy, as is evident by the narrow streets, the crowded homes, and the general state of disrepair that has fallen over basically the entire place.  The poorly patched roofs and boarded up windows and crooked doors make Magnus' carpentry trained fingers itch.
Places like this existed in any town, big or small.  He had known a neighborhood back in Raven's Roost that had a similar feel to it.  It isn't necessarily a bad place, he thinks to himself.  If dark hadn't fallen already, he is quite certain there would be a bunch of kids outside playing, and a bunch of street events going on.  But it isn't an area known for its money, he thinks.
The house that Salvatore leads them to is a nice little home, quite modest in size but generally well kept.  It's one of those houses you would expect to see a pie cooling on the open window and a welcome mat in front of the door.  The yard is a little overgrown and the paint job needs a new coat.  The fence is broken in one place, although the gate hangs open so it's probably more for show than anything else.
“This is their house,” Salvatore says, walking through the gate and up to the front door.
“We should probably head on in first,” Magnus says.  “No offense or nothin'.”
“It's not that we don't trust you,” Merle puts in.  “It's just that we don't trust you.”
Salvatore says nothing, but he does stand aside to let the others in first.  He watches Kravitz in particular very closely.  Kravitz, on the other hand, does not spare him a glance, and the moment they are out of sight from the road, he calls his scythe back to him.
“Well, now.  This is most certainly the right place,” he announces, looking around suspiciously.  “It reeks of necromancy.  And there's -- ”  He pauses suddenly, looking around the place.  “...there's some sort of powerful necromancer here.”
“Rebekah?” Magnus suggests.
“Far more powerful than her,” Kravitz replies.  “Does this place have a basement?”
“It...does, yes.”  Salvatore gestures into cozy, if dusty, little kitchen area. There's a door at the far end of the room, near a door leading to the back porch.  Kravitz moves forward, pushing past Merle and Magnus.  He seems especially disturbed, and, while that worries Magnus (as does the thought of a full fledged, powerful necromancer hanging out in the basement), he's more worried about Taako.  He rushes in right after Kravitz.
Or, he tries.  Salvatore catches him by the elbow, and for a moment, he thinks there's going to be a fight.  But that isn't Salvatore's intention.
“How is it that you and your group have come to know the Grim Reaper?” he asks.
“What, Kravitz?  Oh, it was on another job,” Magnus explains.  “One a lot like this one, actually.  Except we were on this floating base that was slowly turning into crystal, which was real bad for the people inside.  Anyway, basically, there was this guy who had one of these super shitty artifacts and he decided to use it to try and resurrect his dead mother.”
“...I see,” Salvatore replies.  “What happened to him?  And his mother?”
“His mom is back in the Astral Sea, I guess?  She didn't want to stick around.  And Lucas, well, we promised his mom we'd help him, so we convinced Kravitz to let him be on the promise that he never attempted necromancy again.  He's kept his word so far.”
They begin making their way down the steps, trailing behind Merle and Kravitz, and Magnus knows why they're having this talk.  He hates to think it, but Lucas hadn't been nearly as far gone as Rebekah seems to be.  Those weird cracks on her makes him think of Sloane and Gundren, and how poorly those incidents had ended.
“Do you think there is hope for Rebekah?” Salvatore asks, when they reach the bottom of the steps.
“As long as she's alive, there's hope for her,” Magnus says, because he has to believe that.  He has to believe that he can save her, because otherwise, what's the point?  He can say he is doing this to help all the people yet to be hurt by this Relic and all, but who he really wants to save is the innocent person who happened into the thrall of this goddamn artifact.
He is also doing it to save Taako, now.
“It's not a great chance,” he admits.  “I'll be real with you.  Lucas was the first person who had used one of these Relics who we were able to save.  A lot of people have died because of these things. But I'm not giving up on her, and you shouldn't either.”
Salvatore doesn't seem to have anything to say to that, but after a brief pause, he nods.
Kravitz is sort of leading the procession, but the basement isn't very large. Actually, it's a little weird how tiny the basement is.  It isn't a big house, but this basement room is only about two thirds the size of the upstairs. Magnus has been involved with the building of enough houses to recognize how odd this is.
Standing out in the middle of the room with the feather still floating above his hand, Kravitz turns in the direction it is pointing.  He is met with a wall.  He scowls.
“Hold on.  This basement is too small,” Magnus says.  He walks around to a wall he knows to be an exterior facing one and knocks on the stone. The sound is quiet and muffled.  Then he walks around to the next wall, where Kravitz' feather was pointing helpfully.  He knocks there too and finds, much to his pride, that it makes a somewhat hollow sound when he does.
“There's a hidden room in here,” he says.  “But I don't see a door anywhere.”
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sleepymarmot · 4 years ago
Skyrim liveblog: Riften, Dawnguard, more house decoration, etc.
"Good luck finding those jazbay grapes, they're very rare" Actually, I'm growing them in my garden...
This poor woman is spending all her time growing this nirnroot and I just come here and steal it.
Also nirnroot makes the same sound as the shards in DAI and it makes me nervous.
I don't want all these mods that let you have an entire army of followers. I just want to improve and charge their equipment without transferring it to my inventory and then back :(
Riften! It's so exciting to finally reach the city after a long journey that mostly consisted of losing my way and sidetracking, and get to see what's inside the walls! Even if it's 2am and there isn't much to see.
Okay, I can see why Mjoll is popular...
Let me guess: the only guy she trusts is secretly part of the guild.
"Last thing the Black-Briars need is some loudmouth meddling in their affairs" Last time I met a family this corrupt, its leader didn't live to tell the tale. Will I have to break the game again for justice?
Why is the argonian bodyguard naked?! Did one of my mods break something?
And the barmaid is naked too... I wonder what's wrong. An argonian bandit I killed a couple of hours before was wearing armor with no problem...
The argonian jeweller in the marketplace is clothed properly. The mystery continues...
"Marsh-friend", aw
Also I like that Argonians are famous for their jewellery. Then it makes sense I crafted so much of it!
An argonian, and an argonian-raised dark elf! I feel at home in this marketplace.
You'd go down to the sewers yourself, but can't? What about me? Is the Dragonborn not good enough for the job?
I like the jarl, she sounds reasonable.
...And believes Maven is a respectable citizen who is trying to destroy the Thieves Guild. Oops.
Ah, okay, that's why I'm supposed to break into Aventus's home? Okay, I'll try it. "Don't bother with the Dark Brotherhood, kiddo, I'll do the job for you myself!"
This writing is stupid. Everyone in the city talks about how shitty the Thieves Guild is, a bunch of pathetic thugs everyone hates, and it totally sounds like a setup for a quest where you clear the city from them... Instead the only option the game gives is to join them. Wut? Why the heck would I want to?
The naked guy in the inn is pretty nice! And handsome. And he asks for my help proposing to the naked lady! How cute. Oh, and his recipes don't just sound good -- apparently he's the only person in this country who can make drinks that don't have negative effects! That woman is damn lucky.
I wanted to propose to my (yet undetermined) future spouse with a ring, like a real Argonian, but if it requires three flawless amethysts... I'll have to make do with a normal amethyst ring I guess. Has anyone made a mod with a proper recipe? Maybe even making it a replacement for the amulet of Mara, if possible.
Shit, I'm an idiot. I gave Uthgerd a Soup Trap weapon but no gems, and was wondering why she's not catching anything!
Is there a mod to turn off friendly fire in this game? Allies can't stop jumping into my arrows. Fought a vampire, shot at her, when the fight was over I found Uthgerd dead. Reloaded, then Frost got in the way, quest failed. Third attempt: the quest giver jumps into my arrow but survives, after the vampire is dead he starts attacking the horse I stole for him, my follower and me.
Okay, I tried it five more times. I can't. That vampire is unbeatable. A dremora summoned by Sanguine Rose does 0 damage to her. If I let her get close she one-shots me with her sword.
I finally did it... Downing like five different potions at once did the trick, I think... I was headed for Fort Dawnguard, but maybe I shouldn't...
What, Convenient Horses considers Frost my horse now?! Where's MY horse?! Did it get lost somewhere? Was it killed by the Black-Briars? Fast travelling doesn't help...
Oh, okay, I fast travelled to Riften again and found it. I'm so relieved... This horse has been with me since the beginning of the game, I bought it just before entering Whiterun for the first time. So even if it's kinda useless and I prefer travelling on foot, I don't want to lose it!
Why is the map marker for Dawnguard so dumb and glitched...
The leader is very cool! I'm going to help rebuilding the fort, right?
Okay, so I think my crafting geek falls instantly in love with the crossbow, even though its damage is lower than her current bow. Can I upgrade it? Enchant it? Craft my own with better materials?
I can upgrade it! And now it has more damage than my legendary dwarven bows!
Okay, I guess the archery trainer that I made this journey for will appear after the fort is upgraded? Ah, that's okay. I have 51k gold saved up. Isran is training Heavy Armor, I need that too.
Aaaand that training leveled me up again so there was no point in saving that level, I still lost one lol.
Holy shit, those vampires are all the way across the map! 
Ah, so now I have a quest to go into the Ratway and kill the thugs in there! Say hello to my newly crafted archery equipment, motherfuckers!
Hm, people in the bar don't seem to care that I broke in and murdered their bodyguards.
"Stay out of trouble, or there's gonna be trouble" says one of these guys as I exit their hideout having killed and looted everything inside.
That's a pretty little garden they have here.
I'm visiting the crafting corner in Riften's keep for probably the third time in this session... Last time I reached 90 alchemy; maybe I'll make it legendary, since it's so easy to level up. Smithing is 86, Enchanting is 81. I finally picked the "Well fitted" perk and made myself a full set of heavy armor with enchantments -- what I was wearing before had light and unenchanted items. It's all steel & dwarven, because I can't afford to spend more perks, but legendary several times over.
I need a new loadout organizer. Every time I upgrade an item, it disappears from the group (because it's renamed, I guess).
Okay, I think I'm ready. Time to travel back to Dawnguard and train Heavy Armor for like the third time in a row... Well at least coursing between Riften and Dawnguard is a welcome change from the cursed Whiterun-Riverwood-Lakeview circle: it's too easy to get stuck there and never leave.
Oh great, another fort full of bandits. I'm starting to just speed past them. I'm not the fucking police!
...Aaaand a blood dragon descends just as I ride past the fort's entrance. Okay, that's my business, can't argue.
(I really should return to the main quest btw...)
Wait, how the fuck did we kill the dragon so fast?! Did the armor help? Or my second-level Marked for Death?
Aaalright, now I have to go back to Riften again. Finish a quest, heal a bone broken by a bear, disenchant something I bought for that purpose and forgot...
Speaking of enchanting: the best thing about being rich is just buying every filled grand soul gem I see, instead of worrying about the need to hunt mammoths or becoming an evil necromancer.
I was already like "haha, let's fill some gems" when the miner complained about spiders, but this is ridiculous! There's like five of them! I don't even think they had a really big one! 
Just as I was about to give up, I finally came across the road to the Northwind Summit! And the dragon I needed to kill is just a dragon, not even frost or blood. His breath barely registered on my healthbar, and I needed like five arrows. What the fuck? Am I just walking around underleveled enemies, or did I grow strong overnight thanks to the armor and training?
Oh my, Black-Briars send mercenaries to deal with me, "the thief"! That's hilarious.
Nah, I'm not that good, a couple of necromancers with puppet draugr killed me.
Seriously, I should make more things for my own use instead of just for sale. I was like 5% away from one-shotting a boss from stealth and cancelling the entire fight. My damage health poisons were too weak. Thankfully, I had one fortify archery poison. One! What if I didn't? Would all of that overpriced multi-effect crap help me?
Btw I'm not using my shiny new crossbows because bolts are in short supply :(
Oh god! I have finally reached 70 speech and can take the Investor perk! Now that's a great excuse to make a tour around Skyrim and invest in everyone!
Aw, why can't I invest in my marsh-friend :(
Ugh, I knew that Blood on the Ice should have re-triggered, and I even saw the victim, but I didn't notice the guard standing next to her, so I had to google what to do. Why couldn't he address you automatically as you approach?
"Patrol Stone Quarter at night" and just as I was leaving the palace at noon and was opening the map to see what the Stone Quarter is, that quest was suddenly marked complete and I was shown a quest mark on the murderer. Yay immersion!
Time to invest in Wuunferth's business as an apology :D
His motive is exactly the same as the necromancer in the dungeon I just did, and in DA2. Can we have some new ideas please?
I completely forgot Lydia lives in my house, she spooked me.
I wonder why some merchants have unique responses to "I want to invest". Windhelm blacksmith and Belethor are arrogant, Arcadia is heartwarming. I really like Investor and the final perk in the tree because I feel like I'm being a positive influence, making rich not only myself but people around me.
Ugh, I accidentally sold Arcadia the wrong thing, reloaded, and all of the free stuff from her shelves disappeared -- what?
Shit, I was satisfied with how I decorated my home and then my stupid follower got in the way, I accidentally selected her, dropped, and wasn't sure she was all right so I had to reload.
And once again, from the start! This time I selected an enchanter and accidentally sent it to its original location, wherever that is.
Binch stand in the corner!! If you refuse to stay outside while I'm redecorating, at least get out of my way!
>walk out of my house at night >get attacked by a frost dragon >he circles overhead, I admire the beautiful starry night sky and his purplish wings against it >dragon flies away >I see his health very rapidly diminish >dragon dies >suddely I get attacked by a bunch of Thalmor Leave me alone...
Shit, I picked up a black soul gem and captured a vampire thrall's soul. Oops.
I notice I'm alone. Maybe I accidentally killed Uthgerd again? I backtrack. Finally meet her. Lead her forward... and at some point she turns around and *sprints* back. WTF?
I'm back in modding hell :(
Tried to copy a rug from a modded Breezehome, accidentally removed it instead, returned to a previous save -- and it was still gone. I guess that removed the asset from the mod entirely? I had to reinstall.
Installed several retextures for Alchemy and enchanting tables -- and like none of them :( Rustic is the most thought out, but I prefer the tables to be made of wood, thank you. It just doesn't make sense that every other shitty inn in the province has this carved black stone monstrosity, and the enchanting mesh somehow applies to all other candles in the game. Why can't people just make higher resolution versions of vanilla design?!
I really like Rugnarok in my house, but finding this perfectly preserved carpet covered in blood under a rack in a Nordic tomb...
I have no idea how to make followers tankier. Uthgerd knows block and has decent enchanted equipment, but she's always on her knees five seconds into the fight.
I'm testing ELFX now, and higher contrast makes my eyes hurt sometimes, and it's very inconvenient in dungeons, but having the dark be darker is kind of fun. This is the first time I had to use my camping mod and just lie down next to a Nordic ruin and some skeletons I just killed because I could see absolutely nothing.
Oh great, I enter this seemingly ordinary house, inside there's a mage who attacks immediately, I have to kill him, but afterwards I can't take any of his stuff, it's all marked "steal". Uh, ordinarily it's fair game in these situations? He has a very nicely designed home btw.
Wizard in Morthal: I'm not evil! *sells black soul gems*
Okay, it's been 111 hours, it's time to retrieve that horn!
This dungeon made me uninstall ELFX. Even with two torches I can't see shit.
Fuck these three stones! I know I need to use Whirlwind Sprint, I just can't do it fast enough!
Ugh, I went all this way for nothing?
This master vampire can wait, there are so many ingredients here!
"Is that an Elder Scroll?" Good question, I've been playing this game called The Elder Scrolls for 100+ hours and this is my first encounter with the term.
Uh, so is there any reason why I, the fresh Dawnguard recruit, would not kill Serana on sight? I mean obviously I, the player, won't, but...
Like, even if I'm a nice person who doesn't attack unprovoked, why should I help her instead of dragging her to Fort Dawnguard and letting my new boss deal with her?
Aaaand I caught the vampire disease. Great. And of course I'm in the middle of nowhere with no shrines in sight. Alright, I have a stack of potions to burn...
Tried to take her to the fort. "I don't like the feel of this place, I'll wait for you back by the entrance". Oh great.
Well, at least the boss had dialogue for this and gave me approval for this nonsense, so I didn't make a trip across the entire country for nothing.
Unfathomable depths
I didn't even know that Riften had a dock outside the walls until I read about the quest I needed to take there...
This dwarven ruin is a nice opportunity to practice destruction magic, since the automatons can't be soul trapped so there's no reason to waste arrows on them.
Whoa, a health regen amulet!
Good thing Serana is with us, because my magic is severely underpowered.
Should have done this quest sooner, because I've been wearing dwarven armor for so long that by now I want to get rid of it, not bonuses to it.
I just checked -- and my normal set of heavy armor is already at the armor cap. I wonder if the bonus pushed it over the edge or not...
Lol, nah, I was already good. Well I'm having an existential crisis now. What am I supposed to do with my life now? I'm only level 46?
Modding hell
I'm slowly adding more and more HD retextures -- when I fix one thing, the one next to it suddenly looks too ugly... Now that I have Peltapalooza, ordinary beds suddenly look more comfortable, and next to them the blurry and dirty texture on noble beds is just terrible. Why couldn't someone just make a clean HD version of that bed?! Enhanced Noble Furniture 4x _byMike makes the bed red for some reason. Another mod, don't remember which, raises the resolution but doesn't delete the dirt, which you can now see in all HD glory. In the end I settled on Snazzy HD Noble Beds -- green, the closest to canonical, for single and double beds, and blue with drapes for the bed that obviously is supposed to have drapes but doesn't in vanilla. Then HD Noble Furniture, and Furniture and Clutter - HD Retextures for non-noble. The patterned bed and the new carpets are a bit too much together, but what can I do...
Aaaand the bed texture clashes horribly with the rug I placed under it in Lakeview :(
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hdawg1995 · 4 years ago
DnD Antics: “mistakes were made” says the bard. cause she died.
today we took a trip to Elizander’s witcher school and Nazul gets 3 nat 20s in a row!
we start with everyone on the air ship. were going to make the legendary 99 cheese pizza as thanks/payment to master splinter and the turtles for helping out (and so Zack can level up to 20).
before we can however, we got a little distracted XD Spine went below deck to get working on...something. anything. he wants to distract himself from back story feels. Zack, Envoy, and Alicaria head down to the city to do some performances for money. a 300+ performance resulted is a parade and a holiday being made! NOT TO MENTION-
Coolie: its early spring? guess that means it’s Elizander’s birthday. me: THE PARADE IS IN HONOR OF HIS BIRTHDAY! Coolie: ALL witchers celebrate their birthday today- me: THE PARADE. IS IN HONOR. OF HIS BIRTHDAY.
Zack makes some dresses to prove hes a good tailor. after which we all accidentally leave the assassin alone in a town with a lot of assassin jobs for a few hours...
Envoy: wheres Nazul? *rolls low perception* hes not on deck so hes probably in the pokeball. Nazul: *makes a big display inorder to get the whole town’s attention for a public assassination* Envoy: *rolls low again* yup. in the pokeball. mmhmm. (i’ll get to Nazul’s HELLA AWESOME AND EXTRA EVIL ADVENTURE OF AWESOME at the end since no one was really there to see and he never regrouped with the party)
once everyone is settled in its time to make the legendary 99 cheese pizza!
we don’t get there quit yet however, so Envoy plays a cooking song to get us in the cooking mood. the DM said to just add the perform to our cooking scores as a 285 result created The LegenDAIRY 99 Cheese Pizza! lindsay: i have 99 cheese and yak aint one :D DM: roll will not to eat the pizza. everyone: *rolls* Sam: i got a 50, can i just smack people away from eating the pizza? DM: sure. you too coolie, roll will you’re in the pokeball. coolie: *passes* Tim: does sylvia have to roll too? DM: yes. she has to roll twice because shes having cravings. slyvia: *gets a 2 and a 3* DM: you all hear a crash. its as if someone kicked down a door. theres a Draconic Roar. Envoy:....the pregnant dragon monk smells the pizza you guys...
we had to use a sleep spell on her to keep her from 1. attacking everyone trying to get to the pizza and 2. eating the pizza. (don’t worry the baby was safe)
after delivering the pizza to master splinter and the turtles Zack stays and trains.
the Ranger took her pack and went hunting, killing a 6 legged horse and a saber tooth puma that tried to take the kill. Vale’s winged serpent friend constricted her because of a low bonding roll and fell asleep. Spine is entertained greatly.
Envoy, Elizander, and Alicaria go to the witcher school. its so bad that theres plant life and vines inside the building. the three head to the library where Elizander makes 3. nat. 20s. trying. to. read. a book.
me: Elixander is a GREAT student! he only gets nat20s when hes reading! Coolie: and yet im remembered more for breaking things....
after reading about some apocalyptic things (and Envoy casting bending on ALL THE BOOKS because HOW CAN YOU LEARN FROM A BOOK IF ITS FALLING APART! TAKE CARE OF YOUR BOOKS YOU LAZY WITCHERS!) Envoy and Alicaria go to the kitchen... its horribly gross so alicaria cleans it up DRUID STYLE! she creates water and floods it, whips it up with a storm, then gets rid of the water. sparkling clean now! and then they make a legendary cake that envoy cuts with Battle cry and gets a nat 20.
DM: you *laughs* you cut the cake and then throw it into the air, dancing around and slicing as if its a performance. the cake is cut into 6 perfect slices. eating it increases your crit range by 4. coolie: so if i eat it *laughing* my crit range is 6-20. me: WHAT THE FUDGE??? XD envoy: hows the birthday cake Eli? elizander: im going to save it for later.
being the only people on the ship at the moment, the ranger and necromancer fly off (cause Spine has wings. he has a breath weapon, wings, and is a lizard. hes a dragon. fight me.) and go to the kageet village.
Spine and Vale: *sees a pet ‘wildling’ on a leash* Spine: is... is that a pet??? do they have places to buy those???  Vale: keep moving Spine. Spine: but i WANT one!
Vale’s family is great. imagine a cat person holding another cat person by the scruff. thats how kajeet dad says hello to kajeet daughter.
vale’s mom: is your friend hungry? vale: Spine are you- Spine: food. Vale’s dad: *gets a live wildling and tosses it at Spine* Spine: *steven universe star eyes. he then eats it*
Alicaria goes off to hunt with her wolf while elizander gives a over stimulated Envoy a tour of the school.
Envoy: did you have classes? where are the class rooms? Elizander: dodge this class was out side. read class was in the library, and slice this class was also out side. Envoy: do you have a trophy hall? elizander: yeah. Envoy: do you have a trophy there? elizander: no- WAIT! *gets hydra scale* i CAN have a trophy there. Envoy: THEN LETS GO! *rides off* Elizander: envoy- envoy and yak: *falls through the floor* Elizander: oh...
could have flown but a nat1 resulted in the yak falling on envoy. there both dead.
“friend” of eli’s: what HAPPENED? Elizander: friend fell. “friend”: you KNOW the floor on that floor is dangerous! why did you let this happen? Elizander: i didn’t expect her to run off. the friend tries to atsy Eli, so Eli tries to counter sign him. failed. “friend”: you’re going to explain EVERYTHING to fltecher when he comes back! Elizander: okay. “friend”: and you’re gonna give me all your gold! Elizander: *wins roll* hey, heres a new sign for you to learn! FUCK YOU! *flips him off*
and now... the best effing moment of pure evil and death ever. WARNING. GRAPHIC.
Nazul gets a contract to publicly murder the heir of some wealth. the target is a half elf boy guarded by his caretaker, his uncle, and a templar. the two uncles are in on this (first uncle made the contract, second is currently a guard) and when Nazul sends his shadow double to tell him to run he doesn’t hesitate. the caretaker and templar guard the boy well, but it is not enough. the templar falls to a well placed dagger and the caretaker is reapped. not only that, but Nazul commits one of the True Evil acts and moprhs her soul into face paint. every attack he does is X10 for 24 hours. the boy is knocked out and taken to the middle of the town. a low roll results in a burtle killing, the daggers not going though all the way so Nazul has to saw the head off in the end.  Ghost boy goes and gets his pay but finds a note. “Kill his farther and you’ll get double the pay.” shadow melding back into the town he appears in the farther’s shadow, stabbing him in the kindeys and then ripping up, caising his organs to pour out. he is dead before his guards notice and his sword is taken as Nazul shadow melds away. he completed the deed so fast he catches his employer- the son’s uncle. turns out he was disowned and dethroned and wanted revenge. he is told to kill his wife “with my brother’s sword. make it painful.” and so Nazul does. a nat1 causes him to announce that hes here to kill the lady of the house and so Nazul goes in swinging! he is killed but revived when a guard spears him in the side, but a low will check results in the guard getting spectral branded and sent to attack the others. a second guard is sent into darkness as Nazul spider mans his way up to the top floor, killing guards and servants as he spins. once at the top floor he explodes one guy’s head and finds the lady gone. he figures out its a hidden door and follows after her. seeing that the stairs were made in a way to trip up pursuers he just shadow melds his way down. he finds her and a man servant in a boat. spectral chaining the boat he pulls them back to shore but the servant breaks the dagger breaking the spell. he dives in, swiming as graceful as- okay i was gonna make a joke but anything would be more graceful than Nazul swiming. he swims up, makes a low strength check so he tips the boat. he gets his target under him in the water and stabs her in the chest. shes bleeding and drowning (she got a reflex save that ment she was alive but if the sword moved at all she you die) so he yanks the sword out, gets out the water and kills the servant then falls down, thumbs up in the air and shouts “THAT WAS AWESOME!”
will Envoy and Shiba be brought back to life? what will Alicaria think when she realizes she left the bard and witcher alone for 5 minutes and one died? why is spine following cat lady? will nazul get back to the party or just get caught?
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zacknano17 · 3 years ago
Day 20: words 38,019 - 40,047
In which, yet another beloved recurring character shows up and steals the show.
“I don't know,” Salvatore says.  “She kept secrets from me too, I'm afraid.  But if I had to guess...well, she and Alfonso had a home on the other side of town.  She's been living here, as near as I can tell, but she never sold the old house.  I always assumed it was a sentimental thing.”
“Great. So she teleported across town, huh?” Merle mutters.
“Show us the way,” Magnus demands.
“I can get there faster if you give me the address,” Kravitz says.
Salvatore shook his head.  “I would take you two to save your friend, but I can't knowingly invite an emissary of the God of Death to my lady's side,” he says.
“Listen. I wouldn't worry so much.  We've cheated soooo many souls back from this guy already, I'm sure it'd be no problem to do it again,” Magnus replies.
“You people make my job extremely difficult,” Kravitz says.  He sounds irate.  His accent is shifting again.
“Well, I mean, we did,” Merle points out.
“All right, you listen and you listen good,” Kravitz continues, focusing on the orc now.  “I have her name, and if you think I won't find her on my own, then you don't know much about the Raven Queen, do you?  Either you take us to her now and try and convince me why I ought to let her soul remain here, or I will find her myself and Reap her myself.”
Salvatore falls silent for a moment, and the book still in Kravitz' hand is snapped open again.  He drags his finger down the page, as if searching for something.
There is a mighty sigh, and Salvatore seems to make up his mind about something.  He turns toward Magnus, deliberately ignoring Kravitz' threats.  “Fine.  I will lead you to her house,” he says, resigned.  “Follow me.  I will show you the way.”
Kravitz' finger stops midway down the page and then quite suddenly jerks his finger to the side, raising a small cloud of golden dust.  He snaps the book closed and plucks a feather from his cloak.  As soon as the gold glitter on his finger touches the black feather, it begins to float, point down, about an inch above his palm.  The gold slowly overtakes it, until it is completely gold.
The book, apparently no longer needed, vanishes from his hand, and he adjust the feather so that is hovering horizontally over his hand. The point spins like a compass and settles on a direction.
He gives a pointed look at Salvatore.  “I will know if you're trying to trick us,” he says.
“I don't know if she is at the house,” Salvatore reminds him.  “I respect what you are trying to do.  But I can't know for certain where she is.  I will take you there, but if she isn't there, you cannot find fault with me.”
“Also, Krav, my man, you're gonna freak a lot of folks out if you walk down Main Street in that get up,” Magnus points out.
“...that is a fair point,” Kravitz admits.  He drops the scythe, and, as soon as he lets go of it, it dissolves into thin air.  Then his skeletal features sort of melt away and in their place appears a handsome face with an elaborate three piece suit, all done in black and deep purple and gold.  His hair is adorned with gold and purple beads and trinkets, and his fingers are heavy with rings.
The feather remains suspended over his hand, pointing insistently to the west.
“Shall we?” he asks.
Salvatore seems unfazed, but he does blink a few times at Kravitz before nodding.  “Please follow me.”
He leads them up out of the basement and takes a moment to turn the store sign to 'Closed' before he closes and locks the door behind them.  Alfonso, still quiet and apathetic, comes with them.  The creepy as fuck fake Taako does not.  It's a long walk, and the sun is slowly setting over the horizon in front of them.  The feather continues to point vaguely in the direction they are walking.
“You know,” Merle comments, breaking the silence that has overtaken the five of them, “did we even ask what she's got Taako for?  I don't quite get why she took him in the first place.”
“Hey, yeah.  That's a good point,” Magnus realizes.
“This I cannot help you with,” Salvatore admits.  “She took a shine to him as soon as she saw him, though I suspected at the time it was because he bears a superficial resemblance to Alfonso.”
Magnus looks at the elf accompanying them.  Now that Taako has gone back to his original hair color, he sees it a little.  Alfonso doesn't have that same ethereal beauty as Taako does, and his hair is cut quite a bit shorter.  His clothing is more...sensible, definitely less flashy.  But they are roughly the same height and have similar builds.
“ said that she tried to make Alfonso whole again with necromancy, right?” Magnus asks, with a sudden feeling of dread heavy in his mind.  “And that it didn't work?”
“That is correct, but I don't know what it is that she tried to do.”
“Hm.” Kravitz is looking Alfonso over again, not appearing to like what he sees.  “I assume it's the same sort of thing that went down in the Miller Lab.  I deal with this sort of situation a whole lot more often than you'd think.  People are always trying to fish people's souls out of the Astral Sea, as though it's that simple.”
“But instead of putting his soul into a robot, like Lucas did, she was going to put it into this dude she made,” Magnus suggests.  “But that didn't work.”
“Of course it didn't work.  This -- this isn't a vessel.  She used the Relic to make a person, and that's what it made,” Kravitz explains. “He isn't empty.  A body without a soul is a doll, completely catatonic.  This man walks around and speaks.  He doesn't have a whole soul, because she didn't try to make one of those.  But he isn't empty.  You can't put a soul into a body without taking the old soul out first, and that really isn't as easy as it sounds.”
Magnus looks over at Alfonso.  His expression is still the same and he is staring straight ahead as he walks, as if they aren't just talking about him right over here.  He doesn't seem to have any particular interest in the conversation, for the most part.  But he glances over at Magnus.
“I'm a person,” he says.  “I'm not empty.”
“Seems that way,” Magnus agrees.
“That still don't explain what she needs Taako for,” Merle points out. “If she can't rip his soul out to make room for a new one, then how is Taako gonna help with that?  Does Taako know how to rip people's souls out?”
“I doubt it.  That's a rather high level spell,” Kravitz replies. “Difficult to perform, even for the most skilled necromancer.  And, as far as I know, Taako's specialization is transmutation, not necromancy.”
“That's true,” Magnus muses.  “Is she a necromancer?  I guess I just assumed she was an illusionist.”
“She is an illusionist,” Salvatore clarifies.  “She didn't study any necromancy until she got her hands on that awful grimoire, and that was simply because she didn't know how else to get Alfonso's soul back.”
“And it's all just written down in a book?” Merle asks.  “Easy as that?”
“It isn't easy,” Kravitz insists.  “But it is possible. Usually at great cost, literally and metaphorically.  I assume our friend here had an advantage on that front, thanks to the fact that she can use the Relic to just create all her spell components.”
“Yes, that's it,” Salvatore confirms.  “The spell components were either unbelievably rare or difficult to obtain, or ridiculously expensive.  Bypassing the components would take a great deal of necromantic proficiency, of which she does not have.”
“Great, so she's got a Grand Relic and access to a bunch of necromantic spells that she shouldn't be able to do,” Magnus sighs. “Sounds like we're going to have a lot of fun with this one, huh, Merle?”
“Oh, I'm so excited I can barely stand it,” Merle deadpans.
They walk in silence for a few more minutes.  Salvatore turns the party down a few side streets, and Magnus watches as the houses they pass fall further and further into disrepair.
“Is it possible,” he says thoughtfully, “that she could learn the ability to pull someone's soul out of their body from that book?  You said it was difficult, but possible, right?”
Kravitz, now that he has a face, looks distinctly uncomfortable at the possibility.
“It would depend on the book, is conceivable, yes.”
“So what if she made Alfonso here and, when she figured out why he wasn't her Alfonso, she figured it was because she had done something wrong instead of because he already had a soul or whatever he's got? Then she thinks the body is wrong, so she...took Taako instead?”
“She wouldn't do that,” Salvatore insists.
“Okay, but she did make a fake Taako, and also kidnapped Taako, apparently,” Magnus points out.  “She's done a lot of shitty things that she wouldn't normally do, right?”
“...I suppose she has.”
“So would it really be that far out if she had kidnapped Taako in order to rip his soul out of his body and put a different one in?”
There is silence after this question.  No one wants to admit that Magnus might be right.  Not even Magnus.
“Boys, we should probably hurry,” he decides.
No one argues.
The grimoire bursts into flames, and Rebekah screams.
Taako's aim was true; nothing but the book has suffered damage.  Rebekah has fallen backwards, away from the flaming pages, and Taako's body seems unburnt.  She whirls around in shock, but before she can see the umbra staff that had turned to aim at the grimoire, something else catches her attention.
“Rebekah? Rebekah!”
A ripple of shock goes through Taako at the sound of his voice.  It's weak and scratchy, like he hasn't had anything to drink in a while, but it's still his voice.  He hadn't said that.  He hadn't said anything.
The ritual.  Rebekah had completed the ritual before Taako had managed to destroy the book.
Rebekah turns toward the table, and Taako is horrified to see his body twitching and moving.  “...Alfonso?  Alfonso, love, is that you?” she asks.
“What...what's happening?  I'm...chained to the table?” not-Taako says.
“Please, be calm.  I had to make sure the ritual worked before I let you free,” she replies, stroking his hair gently.  There are tears on her cheeks, but she's smiling.  “Are you all right?  How do you feel?”
Taako understands what is happening, finally.  She has taken his soul out of his body and used his body to house the soul of her dearly departed husband.  And he can't do a fucking thing about it, but to watch.  Just casting those mage hands has all but depleted his magical energy, and he couldn't be sure the staff would just fire on its own again.  It doesn't do that very often.
He is aware then, dimly, of another presence in the room.  It's not something he can see as much as he can feel.  It's odd -- he can't feel anything touching him, but it's a different sort of feeling.  And maybe it's because he's just a soul and, in a way, he is sort of dead (or undead?), he can sort of put a shape to the feeling.  It's like seeing, but it's not actual sight.
He is aware of a pair of skeletal hands just before they carefully wrap around him and lift him from his perch on the desk.  He senses the brush of red fabric from the sleeves of the mysterious intruder's robe.  He knows who this is.  He wants to cry.
Lup?  Lup, is that you?
It has to be Lup.  It has to! He has forgotten her for so long -- how could he forget Lup?  But she's here now!  She has saved him!
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