#this brought me so much peace
staszki · a year ago
he’s so RIGHT!
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gh-0-st-ly · a year ago
Dear shame and doubt
I hold a knowing that is deeper than what's palpable
And although you seem to protect me from pain unimaginable
I know there's more meaning in you
It's slowly becoming legible
I'm here to refine my heart's vocabulary
To see what hurts more clearly
So I can perceive this pain as my own treasure and healing
I'm here to stay with myself
To hold myself close
I'm here to practice courage and quietly let go
Of righteousness, hurtfulness, doubt, complacency
To learn how to navigate all this emotionality with care
With judiciousness, with gratitude, intelligently
I'm here to grow my prayers into
Relations with my own conscience, my own integrity
I'm here to fully participate in my reality
May we remind ourselves
That what hurts is a luminous teaching
May we untangle that pain from the majesty of our being
May the fullness and the emptiness be an opening and expanding
May this love, this dedication
This place of peace be our softest landing
May we remember that our actions have an impact on all of humanity
And may we say what's been unsaid with kindness, with dignity
May the next breath carry us home, again and again
Take one deep breath......
Energy//Above and Beyond
Spoken word with Elena Brower
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toxooz · a month ago
Oooh not to ask for too much, but a quick and cute lil drawing of demon!Ollie with his gf dragon!kari? Gorgeous, gorgeous art btw, are you an artist full time?
snioff snoiff :''(
Tumblr media
he was a demon she was a dragon can i make it any more obvious 🥺 and NOPE i definitely dont do art full time much less for a job i just draw what i wanna 👍
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theoptimisticdaydreamer · a month ago
Episode 6 was so incredibly touching and poignant. It was heartstring-tugging, moving and absolutely beautiful. I filled an ocean with my tears this episode. This episode will leave you emotionally drained and even thinking about it will make you cycle through all of these emotions again.
This episode was different from all that came before it. Primarily, it was an arc that was told within the span of one episode. This did not lessen the feels in any way whatsoever but I wonder if it signals a shift in story telling going forward. Will the arcs be self-contained within one episode? Will this change the messages that each case brings with it? Will this lead to focusing more on the Grim Reapers themselves? Only time will tell. Secondly, the person they were tasked to save only had a limited time left to live afterwards.
The focus of this episode was an elderly Korean War Veteran. He had the kindest disposition. He reminded me of a polished river stone in that time and life experiences had worn away all of the impulsive emotions and what was left was a quiet enduring wisdom. I think what really got to me is that he reminds me of people I knew who grew up in that generation. The generation that faced unimaginable pain and hardship and who grew up to have this otherworldly patience and outlook. The people who would save every penny but wouldn't hesitate to give you the shirt off of their back if you need it. The people who are givers and put everyone else before themselves. The generation that is quickly passing away. He reminded me of all those I lost and made me miss and treasure them even more. Safe to say, just like Jun Woong, I quickly became attached.
The Risk Management Team took a different approach to this case than I was expecting. They not only told him that they were Grim Reapers but that he had one day left in his lifespan. They gave him all of the facts upfront. You learn that the only reason he was considering taking his life was because he didn't want to die alone. They told him that he could do anything he wanted to do for his last day and all he wanted to do was peacefully do what he did every day. 
You got a glimpse into his life during those twenty four hours. The Risk Management Team saw how he viewed trash as treasure and was grateful for everything. You saw him give all of his hard earned money to the person who ran the dump and told him to use the money for meals for his family. I think seeing his enduring optimism and kindness really moved them. It is so frustrating how easily he was dismissed in the beginning of the episode for his livelihood and how he was used as a cautionary tale by the woman to her daughter. Just seeing how he chose to spend the last day of his life exemplifies that a person’s character is not defined by their job and what they have to do to survive. 
Seeing his backstory really broke me. You learned that he volunteered for the war, that he couldn’t just stand by as people younger than him gave their lives for their country. Watching all that he had to go through during the war from having his commanding officer die right in front of him, to getting reluctantly attached to someone who later yelled at him for saving his life, to returning home to realize his home was destroyed and his mother had died while he had been gone, was absolutely heartbreaking. Seeing how PTSD drastically changed his life afterwards while those who never fought could live their lives successfully felt so cruel after everything he lost. Hearing that he had regretted his choice of joining the war meant that for over eighty years he had carried this burden in his heart hurt. Knowing that he thought his life a waste, meaningless and useless for so many years absolutely destroyed me. It reminds me of so many others who fought in the war and survived the war only to come home and never talk about it again. So many have passed without realizing that there are so many people who are grateful for their sacrifice. 
I am so so glad that Ryeon was able to convey that to him. That in no way shape or form was his life meaningless or useless.  That his sacrifice created the country they lived in now, the bright night lights of a bustling Seoul. Without him, it would not have been possible. I cried as he realized the magnitude of what he achieved through his sacrifice. That he did not sacrifice through war and did not suffer through its aftermath for nothing. 
His last moments really got to me. A man who was scared of dying because he would be dying alone ended up having so many people around him. The Risk Management Team stayed by his side (even though Jun Woong had to step out for a little bit because he couldn’t stand to see Grandfather Veteran in pain). Seeing Joong Gil show up confirmed to me that he could be gentle if the situation called for it. There was a truce in those moments between all of the Reapers because there was something more important at hand - paying respects to a kind soul. Joong Gil told Grandfather Veteran that he remembered the last time he saw his back (knowing that he was there that day also tugged on all of my heartstrings). He gave the comfort that only someone who had been there with you could give. I think he was absolutely vital in bringing peace to Grandfather Veteran’s past. I want to pay my respects to the courage you had for your country so we will all accompany you in your last moment. When you saw Grim Reapers arrive from every direction, you began to feel the importance of this moment. Hearing that it was a special case and the Director must have approved for this to happen means that even the Director softened her heart for this case (despite her firm standing on no special treatment earlier in the episode). The fact that the girls of the Escort Team had never seen this happen before shows just what a kind soul Grandfather Veteran had to make such an impact. An impact so great that the Director herself showed up which made me lose it seeing how many people have come to honor him. 
The Director’s speech to him was so touching. Hearing that he had a gentle face and had lived a kind life. People face choices every moment of the lives. All those various choices come together to make their lives. The choice you made during your youth were honorable. You have lost so much yet you have protected so many lives and brought about the world of today. Thank you for protecting the lives of so many. Seeing the tears in the Grim Reapers eyes and the tears that fell down her face as she helped him pass on peacefully and comfortably really spoke to how Lee Young Chun (Grandfather Veteran) moved them. I was crying alongside them. I am so glad that his soul will be blessed beyond what his life has been worth because he deserves so much peace and happiness in every life to come after having such a difficult life. Thank you for your hard work. 
His send-off was so incredibly moving. I am so happy he saw the scale of his send-off because it just cements that though he thought that he did not change any lives, he in fact impacted the lives of so many (Grim Reapers included). I’ve lived regretting the choice I made that day for a very long time. But fighting for my country was the noblest choice I have made and it was worth it. Thank you for being with me during my final tomorrow. The HUG he gave Jun Woong MY HEART. The salute Jun Woong gave him. The moment of silence for the soul of the fallen hero who protected this country...I could not stop the tears from falling. It was the honorable and respecful send off he deserved and I hope that all those who gave their lives to protect the lives of so many, all those who endured so much pain and suffering, got a send off just like his. They deserve it too.
When the Risk Management Team first approached Young Chun, he was like a wilted flower bush who had not seen the sun of other people’s company or gotten any water of a meaningful life. He was alone and thought his life to be worthless and meaningless. Through the Risk Management Team and Jumadeung and in his final moments, he bloomed because he was no longer alone and everyone showed him just how important and meaningful his life actually was. He was given the sun and water he was deprived of for so long. He spent his final moments with good company and then was escorted to the afterlife surrounded by people. He was surrounded by the warmth of people who cared about him and then reunited with his mother who never stopped caring.
This episode also made me treasure Jun Woong so much. I think he was critical to Young Chun’s final days. He was really the turning point for Young Chun’s perspective on his own life. Up until Young Chun met Jun Woong for the first time, he was struggling to get by, getting bettlitled by people on the street and then bullied by the thugs of the neighborhood. Jun Woong stepping in showed him that someone cared and someone noticed. The Risk Management team treated him with kindness and respect but Jun Woong went one step further and treated him like family. He immediately adopted him as his Grandfather. Family like affection was something that Young Chun hadn’t received since he said goodbye to his mother. It carries a different type of warmth. It was also through Jun Woong, that Young Chun learnt the friend he thought resented him for saving his life actually saw Young Chun as a source of strength and used his words to get him through. The friend was grateful and thankful and appreciative of Young Chun’s actions and he would have gone to the grave not knowing that if it had not been for Jun Woong. The hug they shared gives off very Grandparent vibes which just speaks to the bond Jun Woong was able to develop with him through such a short period of time. The epilogue also shows the softer side of Young Chun that Jun Woong was able to draw out as he persuaded him to get his photo taken. Also, his dynamic with Ryeon and the Director is always such a pleasure to see. He is truly the heart of Jumadeung and its missing piece.
You also get a glimpse into the world of the Grim Reaper and that they can also be moved by humans as well. When Ryeon went to plead with the Director that he be given a peaceful passing, the Director implied that Ryeon was not the first person to ask this of her. Given that Ryeon and Joong Gil met right before and she asked him to escort Grandfather Veteran to the afterlife, you can assume that Joong Gil had gone in first to ask the Director to pull some strings. Which means that Joong Gil possesses some warmth to him hidden under his icy cold persona because he can be moved by the lives and the sacrifices of the living too. Ryung Gu also tells Jun Woong that because of the scale of the war, multiple Grim Reapers were called on to assist people to the afterlife which means they also were witness to the horrors of war and it weighed on them too. You also later learn that the reason that Ryeon only wanted to escort criminals was because she had a hard time watching people in their last moments.  
I think that a greater understanding between the Grim Reapers grew this episode. Joong Gil showing up to accompany Young Chun in his last moments and Ryeon looking surprised to learn that Joong Gil also does not find it easy to watch people in their last moments indicated to Ryeon that Joong Gil has layers and is not unfeeling (and somewhere deep down there is warmth). Joong Gil also saw how Ryeon has changed in that she stayed by Young Chun’s side even though she still found it difficult to watch people in their last moments. They are both more than each other thought they were. I hope that there can be tentative positive growth in their dynamic because they are so much better working together than they are butting heads. It was also nice in general to see the relative warmth that Joong Gil had at Young Chun’s bedside (which I think also speaks to how much Joong Gil respects Young Chun in comparison to the other souls he has escorted). How he softened when he told Ryeon that no one finds it easy, but that is the work of a Reaper. To watch until the very end. I am invested in the complex character of Joong Gil and his many layers (not just the by-the-rules ice cube) and I hope to see more of it on screen as time goes by.  
I think that this episode will always bring me to tears. Always.
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mettywiththenotes · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The meaning of these outfits are the same but different
Smthg smthg black like a funeral and grieving the loss of the years that went by, also getting closure and moving on to the rebirth of the family, bringing everyone together to stop Dabi
Smthg smthg white like a celebration of life or death, intending to kill himself as well as his dad, essentially rolling up to his own funeral not in black but in WHITE because it’d be a celebration if he dies aka he wins and he kills his dad as well as himself
Tumblr media
This flower being Rei’s favorite, one that Endeavor (supposedly) gave to her while she was in hospital, something from the past brought back to symbolize that the past should never be forgotten
And correct me if I’m wrong but
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The same White Outfit belt is the same as his old Black Outfit belt (chapter 68, his first introduction), so its the same thing of The Past Never Dies; remembering those years of revenge away from his family, taking it with him now into death
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dindjarindiaries · 2 months ago
Okay, Din and Grogu sitting on the porch of their farm house, the sunset sky glazing the land of all it's most beautiful colours. They are wrapped up in a big fluffy blanket, Din has his hair fluffy and messy from a long day, Grogu cuddles closer to Din and coo's- he's happy and content. Din sips his steaming nighttime tea that helps him sleep, and he too his happy and content with this new simple life he and his son live together. 🌄
E X A C T L Y !
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vhs-ghost · 5 months ago
me, so happy that so many of my fandoms are currently thriving: :) 
finds out this 
Tumblr media
me: >:(
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heffrondriving · a month ago
kendall is Best Boy actually,
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aangarchy · 3 months ago
Holy shit
Tumblr media
I can't believe this happened last night while i was asleep! Honestly this blog is probably the best thing to have ever happened to me, and while it's certainly had its ups and downs, I wouldn't change it for anything in the world! I'm so grateful for this tiny community of atla love. Thanks for everything 💗
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vaguely-concerned · 4 months ago
sometimes you will hear a small voice in your head that whispers '...but what if you did another playthrough of dragon age inquisition? like just to get those good good lore brain tingles going while we wait for the next game? it doesn't have to be a completionist playthrough or anything, we could get it done quick'. and I want you to know that is the devil speaking to you because he gets kickbacks on every moment spent farming power in the hinterlands
#brought to you by: I got knocked the fuck out by my booster shot and I am absolutely doing a replay right this moment#because honestly it's all I'm good for rn lmao#(...for all its faults I do love this mess of a game very much)#I would have the same instinct for mass effect andromeda except for the fact that I have 99%-ed that game fjdskalds#like I have content-fished the HELL out of that game there's literally nothing left to discover in it I haven't already found#(it's 99% because of 1 (bugged I think) relic thingy and I don't have the matchmaker achievement b/c I'm chronically not a multishipper)#I have done damn near completionist playthroughs of da:i too but that game is just... indefensibly large hahaha#(also both games are so overladen with overly complicated systems that drag them down; I hope we get less of that going forward)#I think I just miss the sense of almost zen-like peace I get from the bioware open world formula#those long stretches of absolutely nothing and then the motherlode of dopamine when you finally find something and the characters speak#I don't think that formula is good for the games but it *does* provide some meditative calm for me when I get hyperfixated#which like... we take our victories within our defeats in this house#I did the same thing with fallout 4 as with me:a btw. the era of bloated open world rpgs = bad for the art form and the industry#good for my poor tired brain#...can you tell how badly I need bioware to get their shit together and put out a game again fhksjfas#it's not my fault they got me with jade empire when I was still an innocent child and now no other games hit quite the same
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arthurflecc · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
chuckletown’s most beloved scenes: @jokerownsmysoul / @lovingonarthur 💙
#joker#joker 2019#jokeredit#joker2019edit#arthur fleck#my gifs#queue#where do I even BEGIN there's so much to say!!!!#you're definitely one of the most wonderful people I've ever met on tumblr ❤️ following you is delightful#you're so fun to talk to I love how enthusiastically you talk about arthur 😍#I think arthur is so lucky to have you because you're perfect for each other you are what he deserves!!! 😭#if arthur were with you I'd feel peace in my heart knowing he's in good hands 🥺💙#flahur is definitely one of the most endearing things in this fandom I love reading about it everyday 🥺#I love how passionate and romantic you are - you exude so much love and warmth#and you're so emotionally strong and intelligent I admire you and I'm proud of you#you're an incredibly talented writer - reading your stories helps me imagine an intimate relationship with him#and I really cherish that because you've brought me closer to him through your words#not just through fics but also our conversations on here and on discord#your edits and drawings are great too!!! you're so talented and artistic you have a beautiful soul#and don't even get me started on how nice and kind you are to everyone#you've made so many people feel loved and appreciated by your lovely comments and tags#I'm sure you've made many people's days (mine included)#to me you are the person who makes this fandom /a fandom/ for all of us - you are the glue#it is an HONOR to call you a friend and to be in this fandom with you 💙💙💙
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nine-fingered-entity · 10 months ago
okay forget friends to lovers what about lovers to friends
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goal-horn-guru · 7 months ago
I am speaking purely into the void now but holy SHIT is reading slowly taking over all my other hobbies. I work for a coffee company and pack coffee and stuff but when we do cuppings, we have these roast cards that lay out info about the coffee like country of origin, flavor notes, etc and I’ve been using them as bookmarks but since I finished American Gods I’m going to use them as reference/review cards and holy fuck I’m romanticizing the shit out of this rn. And I write down quotes from each book that I read that I think are cool and save them in my notes and reading back on them is such a trip like I can’t believe the full 180 I’ve done since this time last year. I’m about to finish Frankenstein bc Halloween is coming up and I can’t wait to have a bookshelf with my thoughts and saved quotes infused into them, I haven’t felt this way about reading since I was a kid. I don’t expect anybody to read this at ALL, but if you have any good thriller, horror, sci-fi, fantasy, or even dystopian recommendations then lmk pls I’m always looking for books to keep in the queue and I was so stoked I got a Barnes and noble rewards card for when I can’t find books at the thrift lol
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heartcountry · a year ago
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nandolorriss · 11 months ago
When he wears a pinky ring, bracelets and plays the piano>>>
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bisexualrights · a year ago
I cannot stop crying thinking about every horrible thing that has happened in 2020, what all of us in this community went through community last month, and just how stressful and damning things have been lately... because of that I am so incredibly grateful to be a part of such a strong and resilient community. Extra life is always such an incredible time, but this year it did more than I could have imagined possible. Extra life reminded me that there is so much good left in the world and there is still so much love and hope to give and receive. I love you all so much and I am so thankful to be here in this moment with all of you <3
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aligantia · 5 months ago
character tags:「 alec lightwood 」
#「 alec lightwood 」 talking about feelings was the worst. once you did it everybody immediately wanted you to do it more.#「 alec lightwood / study 」 have each other's backs so we don't have to fight alone.#「 alec lightwood / visage 」 he's brave good and loyal: like all lightwood's he has cheekbones that could slice salami.#「 alec lightwood / headcanon 」 we can gloss over whatever you want just don’t kiss me again.#「 alec lightwood / answered ic 」 lightwoods; they always have to have the last word.#「 alec lightwood / vs: mortal instruments 」 silver though few people knew it was a rarer metal than gold.#「 alec lightwood / vs: eldest curses 」 alec keeps sending me annoying photos. lots of captions like wish you were here except not really.#「 alec lightwood / vs: shadowhunter academy 」 he approached the world with a tender wonder that made all things new.#「 alec lightwood / vs: dark artifices 」 outside the wards of idris we will fight on to protect the world.#「 alec lightwood / vs: shadow market 」 ready for another round of heroically defending the world? or if it's a slow night pranking simon?#「 alec lightwood / dyn: magnus bane 」 alec was a warrior who brought him peace.#「 alec lightwood / dyn: jace lightwood herondale 」 i don’t feel like i’m missing a part of me anymore.#「 alec lightwood / dyn: isabelle lightwood 」 she wasn't scared of much but alec was always fussing.#「 alec lightwood / dyn: clary fairchild 」 alec had come to love her after resenting her so much at first.#「 alec lightwood / dyn: simon lewis 」 don't talk. alec gestured at him with an expression of vague disgust.#「 alec lightwood / dyn: lily chen 」 thank you for coming with me. also you're the worst.
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octartin · 8 months ago
Almost confessed my feelings today to lab girl but one of the other grad students walked into the room as I was about to say it
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lost-soul-01 · 10 months ago
nt ppl annoy me so much. can they let nd ppl headcannon a character as nd in peace?
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louisinargentina · a year ago
not to b catholic on main . but i love my name
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