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#this cat was a challenge tbh

listen i for one am completely pro movie adaptation of musicals but if a movie sucks then it sucks. like sure it’s good that a movie adaptation exists but if it cuts out whole scenes and songs, misinterprets it, or just straight up has bad singing or acting that makes it hard to watch… then the movie is just bad. if anything the importance of accessible movie adaptations necessitates criticism because if audiences can only afford to see a show in an adaptation, why should they have to suffer through 2 and half hours of shitty singing that cuts out enough scenes that you don’t even get the whole musical? what’s the point then? is it just to have an adaptation that’s so mediocre you need to go on to watch a bootleg of the stage version anyway, just because the mere concept of movie adaptations is ‘progressive’ enough to barre it from criticism? like … idk how to explain to you that your support for movie adaptations doesn’t mean you have to settle for scraps… in fact it means that directors should put more effort into making a good movie that stays true to the original intent of the musical. basically tom hooper I’m going to kill you

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