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Obviously Snape's pokemon would be a DEERling *ba-dun-tsss*

omg just imagine the entire “after all this time?” scene where everything is the same except Snape casting his patronus is replaced with Snape throwing a pokeball revealing his deerling.

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Imagine, being that Kelly was in a relationship with the president, she knows a s*it ton of govt secrets. That her son now has knowledge of.

Imagine Jack just casually peppering in some facts about the US govt. Casually confirming theories. Letting people know how to get around govt infringements. Because it’s what his mom would’ve done.

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Don’t know who needs to hear this but do not harass people online, no matter how much you think they deserve it.

There is a world of difference between holding people accountable for their beliefs or their actions, and waging a campaign of specific individualised harassment. Best case, that message you send goes completely ignored and doesn’t affect them in the slightest. Worst case, you’re being a destructive asshole and undermining your own point. Harassment accomplishes nothing and serves no one.

Block people you can’t stand and move on. Don’t send that message. Don’t let people live rent-free in your head if you don’t want them there.

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terry!! hi hi love!! 💙 hmm i really have no idea too except that brightwin will be part of thailand’s f4. based from the vibes from the teaser,, i think win will play xi men?? or hua zi lei?? & i’m guessing bright will be dao ming si. that’s all i know too bb huhu i’m sorryyy here’s my heaart though!!!!!!! 💙💙💙💙💙

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