#this does not have to be the end of you
faust1926 · 3 months ago
people always act like there’s such a hard line between “psychotic person” and “normal person”, and I feel like that plays a lot into the dehumanization psychotic people face. cause once a nonpsychotic person internalizes this logic, suddenly we’re attractions and interesting and a fun research subject cause we’re just so fucking other that we become wholly unrelatable. for the nonpsychotic person, it’s unimaginable what psychosis must “really” feel like. so they treat us like a fictional species just trying to understand our existence. and they don’t worry about how their actions might affect us any more than they’d worry about insulting a vulcan by calling the vulcan thought process “just so interesting!”.
but in reality.... the difference between a psychotic person and a nonpsychotic person is not so stark. all human brains are prone to psychosis. all humans are capable of experiencing psychosis in one way or another. anyone could develop a full blown psychotic disorder at any time, no one is born immune to this. and while there’s some contexts in which it’s necessary to differentiate who does or doesn’t experience these symptoms of course, largely I think nonpsychotic people are doing themselves a disfavor - and being ableist in the process - by ignoring the hard truth of the matter: us psychotic people are exactly the same as them.
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sohotthateveryonedied · 4 months ago
Tim as a Ghost after Dick killed him: ....That motherfucker.
Tim: *Booting up his laptop* Prepare to get cancelled for a hate crime.
(I feel like Tim would be more petty than just plain mean, if he were to be a ghost, and just fucks with Dick)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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batarangsoundsdumb · 10 months ago
19 y/o green arrow: so uh guys- someone should probably get some alcohol if we're going to have a justice league party
18 y/o batman: that's a great idea!
20 y/o superman: yeah someone totally should!
everyone looking at diana:
Tumblr media
diana who only has an id that says she was born in 1949: why are you all looking at me?
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coffeeshib · 29 days ago
yooooo the james webb telescope wasn't even really on my radar but you got me all excited and now I'm very emotional about space okay???
BROOOOOO idk if you've seen but take a look at this too!! the fact that we're just a speck of dust in the vastness of the cosmos!!! space is equally beautiful & terrifying
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lunarblazes · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
i want to die. her entire likes page is just fanart and analysis and then MY SIMP POST. I SAID I WANTED TO MARRY HER CHARACTER IN THE TAGS.
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rainecreatesstuff · 3 months ago
if heartstopper was unnecessarily sweet and didn't need to be made then explain why i kept expecting Nick to do something to just horrendously hurt Charlie or vice versa. If media doesn't teach queer kids that suffering is a prerequisite for happiness explain why i was on edge my entire first watch through waiting for the other shoe to drop and for it to end in some bittersweet or unsatisfying way.
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pinkballerinas · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Anne was known to have a taste for the finer things in life. One of her favorite arguments in response to those who said such a love for materialism was incompatible with being a Christian was to quote a work of French theology, L'Ecclesiaste: "Should I say for all this that it is prohibited for to be merry and that Jesu Christ hath only chosen sturdy people: seeing that He Himself hath helped at feasts? No, surely!" - Gareth Russell
#perioddramaedit#historicwomendaily#anne of the thousand days#anne boleyn#genevieve bujold#*#she had the BEST sense of humor#look at her just casually quoting french theology and being witty as hell!#be honest: out of all the wives who would you most want to get drunk with?#i like COA! i respect her! i admire her! does she seem fun? ummm.#jane is a fucking MILKSOP who didn't leave behind ONE witticism to posterity let alone the dozens of bon mots that anne did#anne of cleves is my second favorite wife but how much fun can you have together if you don't speak the same language?#catherine howard would get drunk on one fruity cocktail and end up going home with the first cute guy who approaches her#(i love her and will consistently defend her against her unwarranted reputation but she seems like a lightweight drunk for some reason?)#catherine parr would be fun for a while but then she'd be like 'IT IS ALMOST NINE P.M. GIRLS WE OUGHT TO RETURN TO THE CASTLE.'#no the only clear winner here is anne boleyn#she would drink something strong like scotch or pure vodka and then dance on the bar to some obscure french pop song#most happy most fun!#10/10 would take a bullet (or french sword) for her#did i mention i'm spending the night at hever castle next year?#would be lying if i said i didn't expect her ghost to appear to me so we can have a nice chat#if i don't see her i will be leaving a VERY strongly worded review on yelp#i haul myself to the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE to sleep at my favorite person EVER's house and i don't get to talk to her ghost?#a letdown tbh#i've done the ceremony of the keys at the tower which can be very eerie and i swear to god i felt her I DID I KNOW IT#my religious views are best described as 'agnostic but still very much hopes to meet anne boleyn on the other side'
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cozylittleartblog · 8 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
queencember day 7: free day! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
rouxls is like the most pathetic man i’ve ever seen and i say that endearingly. affectionately bullying him can be so bonding experience
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robbed-ghost · 3 months ago
Batkids are physically incapable of being scared of Batman because they’ve seen him wearing jorts eating a burger with a fork on top of the kitchen counter at 2am, the midst of a breakdown
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dulcesiabits · 3 months ago
I think everyone at NRC is physically incapable of calling people their friend. It’s always “business partner,” “associate,” “lackey,” “someone I just happen to hang out with during my spare time for no reason.” They would be less offended if you accused them of committing a crime than if you accused them of forming a normal healthy relationship
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slushedpuppys · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
I'm so sorry, Hunter
(dont tag as ship)
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argiopi · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
it’s about the little joys amidst the grind for survival
#my art#hornet#hollow knight#*crawls out of a gutter covered in wet leaves* sup.#i've been slowly poking at asks but it gets frustrating to have so little time to draw so i wanted to make something really quick..!#my life lately has been about the grind for survival /_\#onset of cold season means i won't be warm again for several months and i'll be usually tired and hungry#isn't it fascinating how the body responds to seasons? idk if it's from less sun or higher caloric demands from heating the body#POV you are biking to work in a downpour. it's before sunrise and cars' headlights are reflecting off the rain on your glasses#you cannot fucking see and there are branches all over the sidewalk from the wind which is strong enough to shove you around#only reason I never fell is because i've been cautious after a recent bad crash.#well now i have a raincoat and learned the lesson to bring spare pants when it's raining and i can move my knee again. luxury!#how does everyone else just keep going when it gets dark and cold all the time. i feel like a bear that should be hibernating.#can't wait to go apeass crazy during the thaw. sprint until i collapse the moment i feel a warm breeze. makes winter worth it#real self-care is using what little energy you have at the end of the day to make a meal big enough to provide several days of leftovers#*throws eggs into the rice* please you need protein for tomorrow i love you. eat well and be strong!#been falling into the habit of skipping meals because i'm too tired to cook and eat. thank you me of yesterday for not being selfish :]#I have a hot tip! if you boil a vegetable; retain the water and freeze it.#last month's accidental yam stock was this week's risotto base#don't you dare discard nutrients and flavors. you need those. they are so scarce and precious.#anyway. don't get lost in the struggle. squeeze in some art and get that creative juice out of your system.#personally i am excited for hornet to explore the arts :]#oh at least autumn is beautiful. but I moved to a place with less nature..#didn't realize how important it is to me to have large stretches of woodland. I miss my free ranging territory! suffocating in the suburbs!#well now i go to get not enough sleep. nighty night.#(huh? it's almost halloween? since when??)
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lulusplace · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Stanley’s whole purpose in life is to press buttons and you trapped him forever with a button he cannot press
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silverwhittlingknife · 14 days ago
Dick + not getting phone calls
1. Bruce makes Jason Robin (Batman 416)
Tumblr media
Dick: "It was quite a kick for me to learn about the new Robin in the newspapers."
2. Jason dies (New Titans 55)
Tumblr media
Dick: "Bruce never called to tell me what happened to Jason. He didn’t know I was half-way across the universe, but he didn’t even leave a message on my machine. If Danny hadn’t found out... Blast him. Why didn’t he call me?"
3. Bruce picks Jean-Paul Valley as the next Batman (Robin 13)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Dick: "You left Tim alone with a lunatic. The kid could have been killed." Bruce: "There wasn't time." Dick: "No time to pick up a phone? No time to call me? ... I thought there was one guy who'd have faith in me. But when it comes down to the test, you picked someone else to succeed you."
4. Alfred quits after Bruce's back gets broken in Knightfall (Nightwing: Alfred's Return)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Dick: "Bruce didn't send me. I came because I'd like to know why the guy who's been like a father to me suddenly upped and split without a word! Because my best friend has been gone for months - the Bahamas, Antarctica, England - and I didn't even get a call! Not even a postcard!"
5. Donna's son dies (Teen Titans Vol. 2 12)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Wally: "Man, Dick, I'm sorry! I thought for sure she would have called you!" Dick: "Robbie was her world. Why didn't she call? I could have helped. I would have... I'd do anything for her..."
6. Wally's wife miscarries and...it's complicated, but for the purposes of this list you just need to know that he didn't tell Dick or ask him for help (Flash 210)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Dick: "What I said earlier, I didn't mean for it to come out that way. You're my best friend. You have been since we were kids. And after everything you went through, I just wish I was the one you came to for help - instead of Hal."
#dick ''JUST CALL ME AND ASK FOR HELP DAMN IT'' grayson#also dick: *does not pick up his phone when roy keeps calling after donna dies*#*tries to hide and then straight-up run away from tim in the aftermath of blockbuster*#dick grayson#anyway the wally plotline is something else flash comics are bonkers you guys#at wally's 1st wedding his wife gets kidnapped & everyone forgets she exists#later they remember and have an impromptu second wedding!#another time he got replaced by a different Flash from another dimension#and that Flash pretended to be him for a while and was in the Titans and it unnerved Dick who wasn't sure if Wally set it up on purpose#you might be thinking ''come on Dick - Wally would never do that''- but wellllll /probably/ he wouldn't but it's hard to say#after Linda miscarries Wally gets the Specter to mindwipe his secret ID from everybody#but then uh oh Wally forgot too! - but then he remembers! - so he tells Linda so she'll remember!#so she's understandably kinda freaked-out that he messed with her mind albeit w good intentions and she needs some space#and then Wally goes and reminds Clark who he is and then reminds Dick who he is#anyway i feel like Dick's frustration with him here is very legit and so is Linda's though in Wally's defense#he was extremely upset by the Zoom-attack-induced miscarriage#and going to the Specter for help is not *quite* as dumb as it sounds because the Specter used to be the hero Hal Jordan#and Hal Jordan was buddies with Barry Allen the previous Flash#anyway later on there's time chaos and the miscarried twins get born after all!!#so it all works out in the end#anyway my conclusion is that if you had the misfortune to become a speedster you just gotta get used to zany adventures
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coffeeshib · 6 months ago
Another reason why Kara’s ponytail and glasses would actually work irl
just let out an audible gasp
also the way the comment section passed the vibe check [exquisite chefs kiss]
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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penandinkprincess · 6 months ago
okay but jaskier being totally fine with portals and being absolutely INSUFFERABLE about it
like it’s not that he wants geralt to feel sick/bad when they travel through but uh. 
at last. 
something he can do better than a witcher. 
hey geralt remember those hangovers you made jaskier walk through? 
suck it up, buttercup, let’s fucking go *geralt impression* “we don’t have time for this”
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mios-art · 21 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“What the hell??”
Howl’s moving castle AU where Dazai can cancel magic, but he doesn’t know that really
Teaser 1!
Read the whole thing here!
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