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theresthesnitch · 5 months ago
I have a *thing* for Wolfstar fics when Remus thinks Sirius isn't going to stick with him because he's not good enough for Sirius, then it flips to Sirius's POV and he's tripping over his own feet because he's just so into Remus he can't think straight.
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mylittleredgirl · 4 months ago
i love how there's the genre of fix-it fic where the author goes into great granular detail of how our heroes manage to avoid or undo whatever character death or other unpopular choice occurred, in a way that abides by the laws of the fictional universe and definitely required a substantial plot outline, and then there are fix-it fics where the author just went "that's bullshit and didn't happen," and we as readers all go "agreed. carry on."
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notdeadjack · 3 months ago
I highly appreciate the "happy ending" tag on angst fics, dark fics, etc. Its existence increases the probability of me reading by a significant amount
but some people are like "why even read those fics if you already know how they're gonna end?"
Well, it's kinda like going on a roller-coaster. I wanna experience the ride. The ups and the downs, the twists and turns. But I also wanna know that at the end, it'll come to a safe stop and I'll be able to get off of it completely unharmed
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deancaskiss · 7 months ago
to all the fic writers out there who have made 2021 bearable and have given us all countless hours of happiness and escapism, thank you so much
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actuallydarling · 13 days ago
𝐟𝐫𝐞𝐞 𝐮𝐬𝐞 [𝐞.𝐦𝐮𝐧𝐬𝐨𝐧]
content warnings: smut (p in v) 16+, somnophilia (previously established consent), breeding kink, praise kink, eddie videos whilst he fucks u
this is v short and not very good but i had a lot of fun writing it so shhh (likes n reblogs are appreciated as always!!)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
you come to slowly, groggily, eyes peeling open and a startled gasp pushing past your lips as you feel eddie’s weight crushing you down into the mattress.
“daddy…” you whimper, “wha-“
“there she is”, he coos. “shh, shh,” the ghost of his breath against your ear sends goosebumps racing down your arms and a scorching ache to your pussy; and when the flash of his phone camera hits you straight in the face, you moan wantonly. he’s recording as your pussy swallows him whole, puffy lips swollen and raw from you don’t know how much abuse before you woke up.
you’re borderline delirious, half asleep and lacking any sort of volume control in your current state. he groans as your cunt flutters around him, ditching the video and pushing three thick fingers into your mouth to keep you quiet.
“gonna jerk off to that tomorrow, baby.”
his heavy sack slaps against your clit with every rut of his hips into your cunt and you reach back blindly, grappling for purchase that eddie cruelly denies you; he pins your hands above you and pulls his cock from your cunt, fat tip kissing your drooly hole until you’re crying and trying to push back against him.
“daddy, please.” you gurgle around his fingers, spit dribbling from the corners of your mouth as he stretches you meanly.
“‘s okay, princess. hold still, daddy’s almost done.”
you whine and sob into the pillow below you as eddie fucks you like a doll, lax and pliant and utterly eager for him to use you.
“so good f’me — fuck, squeezin’ me so tight — fuckin’ tight little cunt sucking me in.” your cunt actually throbs around him as you start to come, body trying to push back against his firm chest.“oh, attagirl, jus’ relax and lay still, sweetheart. let daddy fuck you niiiice ‘nd stupid.”
your eyes are drooping and the pleasure he’s forcing into you is white hot and heavy, pussy clamping down and trapping him in your gummy walls.
“shit, baby. good girl, i’m gonna- gonna fucking come, gonna fill you up. stuff you full ‘til you leak.” his hips falter as he comes and he moans into your neck, pressing sweet kisses to your exposed skin that contrast with his mean pounding into your poor cunt. he comes for a long time, chest to your back almost primally as though he’s breeding you. he’s pushing his cock further into you and then flipping your body and pulling your hips upward to keep you full; the expression on your face — brows knitted and mouth parted in an ‘o’ shape, dozy and already drifting back off to sleep — is to die for.
before you can completely doze back off, he pulls out his phone once more, the flash of his camera blinding as he takes picture after picture of your abused state; come leaking from your sore pussy, arms sprawled above your head and tits on display, kiss bitten and shining with eddie’s spit. he’s already hardening again, cock red and angry.
“so good f’daddy, aren’tcha? just go to sleep, baby.” he murmurs as he balls your panties into his fist and tosses them somewhere into the dark room, kissing your jaw. you grab for him, pressing your face to his sweaty neck and smiling absently. “jus’ need to use you once more, princess. you understand, right?”
“mmph,” you hum, nestled into him comfortably as he slips back into your now wet and loose pussy with ease. “gentle, daddy.”
“sorry, baby.” he kisses the crown of your head. “good girl.”
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worse0mens · 9 months ago
Me, updating my fic: Readers, I need to end it on this point to keep tension high and give you an enjoyable reading experience
Readers, eyes wide: you CLIFFHANGER readers???? You play with their poor hearts like the FOOTBALL? oh! jail for author!! jail for author for one thousand years!!
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simpingrat · a month ago
Tumblr media
i wanna kiss his jaw/neck so bad.
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sipsteainanxiety · a month ago
one of the things you'd never understand was how goddamn silent bakugou katsuki could be.
he was huge, for one thing, all six-foot-something of iron muscle and sharp angles. the training he had undergone in the past and continued doing to this day made him bulk up—particularly around his upper torso. a small waist led up to thick pecs and wide shoulders with just as wide biceps. he could crush you so easily with one hand alone, his palm big enough to cover nearly your entire face.
he was also so fucking loud at times. that was his entire hero persona—dynamight with the loud explosions that could temporarily deafen anyone who was close enough to them. his entire hero costume was a deadly configuration of grenades and other heavy gear too—things that cluttered and banged together whenever he moved around too much.
you'd seen him stomping around his agency before in his heavyset boots, so you knew he was the type to be big and bold with literally anything he did. he was always barking out orders with that raspy voice of his or yelling at his co-workers whenever they appeared at his agency to bug him for one reason or the other.
katsuki's very presence, personality, was just so. loud. thunderous.
so you didn't fucking understand why he kept sneaking up on you so easily.
it happened more often than you liked to admit. you'd be in the agency's breakroom, grabbing a cup of coffee to help you stay awake for the day when you'd turn around and he'd just—be there. standing silently behind you.
it made you jump every time, a yelp escaping your lips as you'd clutch a hand at your heart and glare up at him as he'd look down at you with a raised eyebrow.
"jeez! don't do that!" you'd scold him, scooting away slightly to put more space between the two of you. that was another thing—he just always seemed to be invading your personal space, intentional or not. "scared the hell out of me."
"'s not my fault y'don't pay attention," he'd grumble before reaching past you to grab one of the protein bars from a cabinet. you'd roll your eyes and walk away with your coffee cradled in your hand, not wanting to put up with him so early in the morning.
sometimes he'd get you while you were tinkering away in his agency's support lab.
in your defense, you tended to get absorbed in your work a lot, your hands fiddling with materials and tools that could be pretty loud or distracting. you didn't always hear when people would enter the lab, but they usually left you alone.
not katsuki, though.
you'd turn around with the intention of reaching for an item on the table behind you only to get startled when your face would come into contact with a broad chest.
fuck him and his steely pecs. nearly broke your goddamn nose.
"bakugou!" you'd screech, jumping back as you'd rub your nose with your eyes scrunched together. you had to force yourself to not tear up with how much it'd stung. "stop doing that!!"
"doin' what?" he'd say as though he wasn't fucking creeping up on you on purpose. and maybe he wasn't, but the amount of times he'd done it was no coincidence. "need my bracers. goin' out on patrol."
"fine, fine," you'd mutter, giving him a suspicious look before you'd stomp away to grab his stuff for him. you didn't like the way he stared at you, with his eyebrows raised as though you were the one acting crazy and not him for silently standing behind you.
but you knew, you fucking knew, that he was experiencing some sick, twisted amusement at seeing your reactions. you just knew. there were a few times where you'd catch him with a smug smirk on his smooth face as you'd leap away from him. the bastard thought it was funny seeing you all jumpy. and it irritated you more than you'd like to admit. but he'd just pretend he wasn't doing it deliberately. asshole.
at one point, you'd considered doing the same to him. but you'd brushed the idea away pretty quickly. his hero senses were honed—he'd be able to tell you were coming from a mile away. and even if you did manage to sneak up on him, you knew he was a pretty tense guy—he'd blow your face up before you could even raise your own brow at him.
so you just decided to do your best to ignore him. which was hard, considering the fact that he was practically everywhere. it made sense, considering it was his own agency, but still. you'd walk into a room sometimes, and he'd just be there. or you'd turn around and he'd be behind you again. it was frustrating!
but what you didn't know... was that katsuki had been trying to work up the courage to ask you to dinner all this time.
for all the villains he fought and strength he had, he just couldn't muster up the words. he'd make it all the way up to you, standing behind you as he tried to get himself to clear his throat and just fucking say the words he needed to say. but he couldn't. and you'd turn around, get startled, then get irritated at him that he just couldn't ask you out.
so for now, he was simply stuck in this endless cycle, hoping that one day, he'd be able to break out of it.
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redwinterroses · 6 months ago
All I'm saying is, if a fic refers to characters by their physical attributes instead of their names or pronouns ("he smiled at the older" "the blonde laughed") when we know who the character is, and ESPECIALLY if the descriptions include "ravenette" or "cyanette" or other ridiculous words--
I'm clicking out of that fic so fast my AO3 history won't even register I've been there.
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pencilscratchins · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
i just know they were this annoying to be around from the second they met (twitter) [ID in ALT]
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dakotalun · 22 days ago
"Answer it" | Eddie Munson
pairing: Eddie Munson X Fem Reader
summary: Chrissy couldn't have called at a worse time.
warnings: oral (f. receiving), praise kink, pet names (good girl, baby, pretty girl), dom!eddie, fingering, threatened orgasm denial, cunnilingus, degradation (whore, slut)
word count: 1.4k
a/n: First time publishing my smut scenes somewhere. Little scared.
Tumblr media
“Fuck baby,” He kisses that spot that gets you arching your back off the bed, moans falling from your lips. He dives back into your pussy at a relentless speed, licking and sucking your clit. You’re so caught up in his movements that you almost don’t notice your phone ringing. You look over to see who could be calling me at this time, which is the worst time for someone to call me by the way. You notice the caller ID as Chrissy, your best friend. God out of all the times she could be calling, it had to be right now, while I’m getting eaten out. 
Eddie lifts his head up, stopping all movements on you, “Answer it.” 
“What?,” You’re not sure you heard him right because he couldn’t possibly want you to answer the phone right now. He is laying between you, making you moan so loud that the entire trailer park could probably hear, “You can’t be serious, right?”
“Hundred percent serious, now answer it.” His voice is stern and dark, you look at him wide eyed meeting his eyes. You try and plead with him but it doesn’t work. And by the time you go to answer the phone, the call drops.
“Call her back.”
“Right. Now,” He lifts himself up so he’s kneeling between your legs, still holding your thighs open.
“But, can’t I just call her later, y’know after,” You emphasize the last word to hopefully make him see how desperate you are right now. 
“No, call her back right now. And the entire time I’ll be right here,” He strokes one finger over your folds, “pleasing you like the slut you are,” He plants a kiss to your inner thigh, making your eyes roll back because he is so close yet so far from where you need him, “And if you so much as stutter or moan, or even whimper, you won’t be coming tonight,” His big, brown eyes are piercing yours, a silent warning.
“Fine,” You groan and open the phone and hit the call button next to Chrissy’s name. The phone rings a few times before she picks up.
“Hey Y/N, are you busy?” You look down at him, trying one more time to plead with him silently, he just winks and go back to what he was doing.
You have to bite down on your lip to stifle the moan that threatened to leave your lips. Taking a deep breath before answering, “Uh, no, just chillin’. What’s up?”
“Oh good, I needed to talk to you about this party that Henderson is hosting, the after hours pool party?”
What she says seems to peak Eddie’s interest and he looks up at you, not stopping his movements. You stare back at him before just rolling your eyes and focusing on Chrissy again, “Oh yeah, what about it?”
She clears her throat, “Well I was wondering if maybe, if it’s not too much trouble, you can absolutely say no by the way, but, if you could-”
You cut her off before she can finish because you know where this is going, “Yes I’ll try and set you up with Steve, I’m sure Dustin would be down to help as well,” Your voice falters just a little bit in the middle as he licks that sweet spot on you.
“Really?! Oh thank you, thankyouthankyouthankyou! You have no idea how happy that makes me!” Chrissy squeals on the other end, causing you to move the phone away from your ear.
“Yea I’m glad I could help, is that-” At that moment Eddie slams a finger into you, midsentence. You feel like he’s trying to make you blow your cover. You do your best to muffle the gasp that comes from inside, “all you called for?” You try and not sound like you wanna get off with her but god do you. You love her but she’s really ruining this.
“Yea but now I need help figuring out an outfit, I feel like everything I own isn’t cute enough, I mean do you think I should wear the black bottoms with the wrap top or the binder top? Or should I wear my one piece, because I mean wearing a bikini around him will be nerve racking. OH or I could wear my blue bikini, but wait aren’t you wearing your blue one? I don’t want to be all matchy matchy with you. Not that I wouldn’t want to! It’s just do I really want Steve to see me that way, what if he thinks we’re dating. I mean I know you’re with Eddie and all-” At the mention of his name he speeds up his attacks on your clit and adds another finger. It takes every ounce of you not to moan right into the phone, the way he’s moving right now is making it hard to function.
“Y/N?”Chrissy calls from the other end.
“Hm?” “I asked if you think I should wear the black bikini or the one piece. Are you okay? You seem distracted.” Shit she’s gonna catch us.
“Oh yeah I’m fine,” He picks up the pace again, making you bite down on your hand, “Just thinking. So what about this, you and I go shopping for new swimsuits tomorrow, that way you can wear something new and really impress Harrington? I’m sure he’d love to know that he’s the first to see you in it,” You try to get every word out as fast as possible before another moan surfaces. The way he’s teasing and just rutting his fingers into you is making your head spin. 
“That’s a good idea. Okay so what time do you wanna meet up?”
“I don’t know, how about noon. That way we can,” You clear your throat to try from moaning, “get lunch too. Sound good?” She takes a minute before she responds.
“Uh yea that should work. Call me when you’re on your way?”
“Yup. See you tomorrow.”
“Great. Love you.”
“Love you too,” You hang the phone up as quick as humanly possible and let out the moan that you had been holding in the entire time.
“Shit baby,” He lifts his head from between your legs, keeping the pace of his fingers, “you kept getting tighter the more she kept you on the phone. Does the thought of getting caught really turn you on that much?”
You couldn’t control the walls of your pussy clenching at the thought. Getting caught while he’s fucking you senseless is like, fuuuck.
“Oh you do? I felt the way you clench around me. You like the thought of someone finding out how much of a whore you are,” He just tuts and goes back to abusing your clit with his mouth. 
The feeling of his sucking and licking your clit while also finger fucking you is becoming too much and you begin to feel the knot in your stomach tightening. 
“Shit Eds, I’m gonna cum,” You whine as he keeps up his movements.
“Then cum for me. I want you so cum all over my face,” He pulls his fingers out of you and replaces them with his mouth, ready to lick up all that spills out when you finally topple over the edge. His fingers go to your clit, rubbing tight circles causing you to wrap your hands in his hair and pull. This earns a groan from him as he continues to lick you.
“Come on pretty girl. Cum for me, make my face wet with your cum. I want to taste all of you.”
The vibration of his groan and his words are enough to make you fall over that edge. He laps at you, taking as much of you as he possibly can, still fucking you through your orgasm. You slowly start to come down from your high, releasing your death grip on his hair and relaxing them by your side. Your body is rendered motionless, you can barely move a muscle.
“Good girl. You did so well for me, you didn’t mess up once. And god you tasted so good, I could sit between these thighs for hours,” He strokes your thighs as he comes up to lay beside you. He wraps his arms around your waist and pulls you close to him. You snuggle in close to him, happy to just be with him.
“Thank you.”
“You’re welcome,” He kisses your temple, “Now what was that I heard about a pool party?”
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paper-lilypie · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
@bamsara’s story has consumed my weekend. have some doodles
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sushihousebread · 11 days ago
dungeons & (pink) dragons :: (e.m.)
summary: (part 2 to hellfire baby) the hellfire club returns exactly one week after their last meeting expecting the same toddler to be sitting on the throne. but to their surprise, she’s no where to be seen.
content warning: swears, not beta read
word count: 1058
a/n: the sheer amount of love in my heart for everyone who has supported me and ‘hellfire baby’ is insane. i will never be able to thank you guys enough.
they all sat around the table, glancing at the clock every so often.
“he’s late. why is he late?” dustin threw his hands down at the table in frustration.
“maybe he got caught up studying or something.” all eyes flew to mike. “nevermind you guys are right.”
“he’s never late for hellfire. where is he?” dustin slumped into his chair.
all heads turned as the door was busted open. 
“eddie where have you...” dustin stood up and tried to question their club leader.
eddie raised a hand up to dustin to stop him from speaking. “i apologize gentlemen for my late arrival.”
“where’s mei?” eddie turned towards gareth. “that’s what we’re all wondering.”
each boy murmured and nodded in agreement. even though no one wanted to say it to eddie, mei was the only topic of every member’s conversations. all they could think about was mei and her polite self. 
“well if everyone would like to know.” eddie paused laughing a little. “i am currently not allowed to bring mei to hellfire because someone, henderson, said ‘son’s of bitches’ in front of her. which i thought her repeating it was hilarious, but my wonderful fiance did not.” 
“well this changes everything!” dustin exclaimed. “without her chubby little cheeks hypnotizing us this makes our decision so much different.”
eddie threw his head back and laughed. “i’m glad you guys enjoyed having her her.”
“enjoyed? we wish she was apart of hellfire at this point!” lucas exclaim. “with her cute little face and her mega politeness.” he made a gesture as if he was squeezing her face.
“well boys today we’re just going to have to go mei-less.” eddie plopped himself down into his throne. “so shall we get start-”
“eddie munson god must be in favor of you tonight because work just called and no one is willing to last minute babysit.” eddie stood back up as all heads turned towards the door. “but i swear if mei comes back home swearing again i’m gonna kick your ass.”
they all stood up and quickly crowded againt y/n and mei. mei reached out to the boys with small grabby hands, indicating she wanted to go to them. she wasn’t wearing her pink dragon outfit anymore. instead she wore overalls and mary janes, her long curly hair being in two high pigtails.
“sweetheart next time just call harrington or robin.”
“no! no steve.” dustin turned and glared at his club leader. “we love mei. please let her come to our meetings. i’m sorry for teaching to swear we promise we’ll be better. right guys?” all the guys nodded in agreement.
“so you’re dustin henderson.” y/n narrowed her eyes. “thin ice kid. thin. ice.”
eddie laughed and scooped mei out of his fiance’s arms. “we’ll take good care of her sweetheart i promise.” he kissed her goodbye and walked back over to his chair. “so henderson i guess your plans have changed yet again.” he clapped his hands together loudly, mei looked at him and tried to copy his movement. “so shall we try this again boys?”
“lucas please! you’re all we have left lucas!” the boys all screamed towering over him.
“i can’t i don’t know what to do! look at her!” he gestured in a panic to mei sitting on the table, innocently staring back at them.
“lucas please you have to slaughter the dragon! it's too early in the campaign to want to start over.” mike placed his hand on lucas’ shoulders and shook him.
“slawer dragon!”  mei raised her hands up in the air in excitement.
“no mei mei you’re the dragon.” eddie chuckled at his daughter. “you don’t want to be slaughtered. tell them mei. say ‘please don’t slaughter me.’“ eddie made fake puppy eyes at her and put his hands together.
she turned to the boys and did as her dad told. “pease no slawer mei.” and for dramatic effect she even sniffled a couple of times.
“eddie you’re a sick sick man you know that? teaching your daughter to manipulate us like that. horrible parenting.” lucas stood up. “that’s it i choose to run.”
the rest of the club all exclaimed in frustration.
“lucas what are you doing?!” dustin yelled at him. “we’re not even three days in and you’re choosing to run away?”
“she killed everyone! she was gonna kick my a-”
“kick your ass!” all arguing ceased as they turned to see mei grinning from ear to ear.
eddie’s face went white as a ghost. “honey what did you say.”
she turned towards her dad, still smiling. “i gonna kick lucas ass!” she exclaimed, throwing herself down on the table in a fit on laughter.
dustin was the first to start laughing, and then mike, and then the rest of the boys. dustin even ended up hunched over saying he was going to pee himself. eddie tried very very hard to be a good dad and try to tell her that swearing is bad, but he ultimately failed and laughed too.
y/n opened the door, killing everyone’s laughter.
“oooooo. she’s gonna kill you munsonnnnn.” dustin taunted.
“eddie what did you do?” y/n crossed her arms against her chest.
“mommy is you gonna kick daddy’s ass?” mei gasped quietly. she was wide-eyed looking at her mom.
“am i gonna kick daddy’s what?” y/n jaw fell to the floor. “edward munson i can’t believe you guys taught her another swear!”
“but mommy you said if mei mei sweared you gonna kick his ass!” she looked at her mom with the same big eyes she used on the boys earlier, even clasping her hands together the same.
“oh so who’s the bad parent now y/n?” eddie smirked at her.
“come on let’s just go home i’m tired and i’m hungry.” y/n scooped up mei, ignoring eddie’s comment.
as the family walked out, dustin could see yet another grin on mei’s face.
“oh my god. that little monster! eddie’s raising a little demon!” dustin threw his hands up in the air.
eddie turned his head back towards the curly headed kid and let out a tooth grin. he turned back towards the two girls and motioned to fist bump mei.
mike was already staring with a shocked look on his face. “holy shit he is!”
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dungeonmasterofpuppets · a month ago
The Walkman - Eddie Munson
Eddie finds one of your favorite cassettes in your Walkman and can’t help but imagine the music is dedicated to him. Eddie’s friends are determined to make sure he does something about it.
Words: 4.3k   Tags: Eddie x fem!reader, jealous Eddie, meddling kids, fluff
Warnings: just explicit language
Note: Here is a shameless self-insert POV to heal the cracks in our hearts. This is an AU where everyone is SAFE and the Duffer Brothers aren’t inflicting sadistic pain on everyone. Eddie is a HUGE softie in this one but it’s what we deserve.
Almost everyone that Eddie had ever met had expectations for him. Expectations for who he was, what he did, what he could accomplish. And, for the most part, he fit those expectations pretty well. A useless metalhead who spent more time focusing on “cultist” roleplaying games and drug dealing than trying to graduate high school. Truthfully, he did care about graduating, about making more friends, but it was always easier to play the part of the Freak than try and conform.
Sometimes, he wished he could be the guy that could pass a class without failing it first. He wished he could effortlessly make friends, even if he didn’t always get along with everyone. He wished he could walk down the hallway without being harassed by students younger than him. He wished he could admit that he wanted to pick up girls like Nancy Wheeler, or Chrissy Cunningham, not the older women who hit on him at the Hideout.
 He wanted, more than anything, to be Steve Harrington. Especially right now.
You had moved across the state to Hawkins several months ago with your father, moving in just a few doors down from the Harrington residence. Your father worked at the same company as Steve’s father, and you two had grown quite close. Steve had introduced you to his friend Robin and drove you both to school most mornings. He had also made it a habit to walk you to your locker and your first class before leaving for work. Eddie’s locker was across from yours in the wide hallway, meaning he got to witness your flustered reactions to Steve’s banter almost every day for the past semester. He hated it, but it was like a bad car crash – he simply couldn’t look away. Sometimes he wondered if he purposely sought out his own misery.
You stood with your head rested against the locker next to yours, looking at Steve who spoke to you with his hand holding onto your open locker door, where you had taped up an old picture of Paul McCartney with heart stickers.
It was stupid, really. Eddie had no chance with someone like you, least of all when Harrington was making you blush and look down at your feet regularly. Of course it was Paul McCartney. And of course it was Steve Harrington.
Eddie was infatuated with you, everything about you, from the minute he laid eyes on you. The way you always found a way to wear yellow and make it look good. The way your hair curled back like Farrah Fawcett’s. The way your eyes scrunched up and your head tilted back when you laughed. Your cherry-red nails and pink-tinted lips from your strawberry chapstick. He knew your taste in music was ridiculous: Queen, Fleetwood Mac, Chicago, The Beatles. But he knew he would listen to all of it, every second, for the rest of his life if it meant spending time with you. He was fairly certain he could talk you into listening to some of his music – Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, - but thoughts like that just led to more unrealistic daydreams, and certainly daydreams he didn’t need to be thinking about during school hours.
 Eddie watched as Steve leaned in and whispered something in your ear, tucking your feathered hair behind it softly. He was holding up a tape from your Walkman in his other hand, and your eyes went wide. You covered your mouth and giggled, and Eddie could have sworn that you glanced up at him for a fraction of a second. So quickly it was imperceptible. You playfully hit Steve on the arm and grabbed at the tape. He held it above your head and laughed at your feeble attempts to reach it until he eventually gave in and tossed it back to you. You quickly shoved the tape back into your Walkman and slid the headphones over your ears, flipping Steve off as he walked backwards towards the door, saying something neither you nor Eddie could fully make out, before turning and leaving. You rolled your eyes and began walking toward Eddie with a smile on your face, adjusting the headphones on top of your head. Eddie’s heart sped up and he held his breath softly until you turned and walked into a classroom. He didn’t know whether to feel relieved or disappointed.
He could hardly focus during his first class, replaying that split second of eye contact that he wasn’t even confident was real. Was Steve making fun of him? Was Steve teasing you about him? Eddie thought of all the reasons he may have been part of that sickeningly sweet display this morning, all the ways he could have been mentioned. Most of the ones he could think of were not flattering or kind, but he had come to expect that from people like Steve.
Second period wasn’t any easier to focus. Why was your cassette important? Surely Steve wouldn’t be teasing you about your taste in music, would he? Eddie thought about what music it might be and why you snatched it from Steve’s hands so fast, looking around to make sure nobody had heard your interaction. Maybe that’s why you had looked at Eddie. Maybe it really had nothing to do with him, you were just making sure nobody was watching you and Steve. Classic Eddie, overthinking every interaction he had with you.
He would give anything to see what was in your Walkman, what you have been listening to all morning.
Today was Eddie’s lucky day.
As he walked into his third class of the day, the class from which you were just exiting, he noticed your Walkman sitting in the basket underneath the desk. It was unmistakably yours, with your name painted on the side in bright yellow letters. Normally, he would grab it and chase you down to give it to you. And he should, he really should, but his intrusive thoughts took over, and he found himself sitting in the seat, guarding the player with his life until the very end of class. He preoccupied his thoughts with what he thought would be in there, driving himself mad with thoughts of you listening to various different pop albums, dancing in your bedroom. What he wouldn’t give to see your bedroom, too.
Eddie cut off his thoughts and tried to focus on class, more for the distraction than anything. As soon as the bell rang, he slipped your Walkman into his bag before anyone could notice and made a beeline for the bathroom. He casually walked into an empty stall, locking the door behind him and dropping his bag to the floor. He took your Walkman out from the bag and pulled out the cassette, his heart racing.
Classics of the 50’s, of course. He wasn’t surprised in the least. He let out a small chuckle.
“The Teen Queens?” Eddie whispered. “This looks old as shit.” He rolled his eyes endearingly and popped the cassette back in, slipping the headphones over his ears.
The first track played, already a few seconds in.
Eddie my love, I love you so How I've waited for you you'll never know Please, Eddie, don't make me wait too long
Eddie couldn’t help the full-body blush that washed over him or the stupid grin than took over his face. It was ridiculous. There was absolutely no way you were listening to an old do-wop love song because it had his name in it. That wasn’t possible. You had to be listening to any number of other songs on this cassette, which he could tell you loved judging by the scratches on the front. He thought back to your quick glance this morning, and Steve’s teasing. He shook the thoughts from his head.
Either way, whether it was for him or not, he found himself pressing rewind and listening to the song roar back to life. He closed his eyes softly and imagined what your prom dress might look like a month from now, how crazy he would look next to you slow dancing to this, with your arms around his neck, his hands on your waist. What corsage he would get you. He felt himself slightly swaying, getting into the music, before his thoughts drifted to you dancing with Steve, with Jason Carver, with anyone more suited to have the honor of dancing with you. He tried to ignore the pestering thoughts when the next song kicked in, “So All Alone”.
How appropriate.
He rewound the tape and cut it off with a loud click. He heard the hallways come back to life with students headed to lunch. “Shit.” He said out loud. Now he had your cassette. Now he had to find some way to give it to you.
Eddie sat at the Hellfire table, turning a pretzel over and over between his two fingers. His head was tilted down as if he was contemplating the pretzel, but his eyes were looking up through his bangs towards where you sat next to Robin. He thought of your music still in his bag. He knew he should return it, but the longer he had it, the weirder it would be that he had kept it this long. The more people would probably think he planned on stealing it for good. He resolved to return it to you at the end of the day and mention that he had trouble finding you, that he didn’t have time, that he forgot he had it – any obvious lie to get him off the hook for listening to your tape without asking. For daydreaming while listening to your tape. In the empty bathroom. Without asking. He was a creep and there was no excuse, really, but he couldn’t help the stupid grin on his face when he thought about the song, about you listening to any song with his name associated with love. He thought about you calling him “my love”.
“Eddie? You home?” Dustin waved his hand in front of Eddie’s face, and it took Eddie a split second to break himself from his thoughts, the tips of his ears a deep red under his mop of hair. He realized he had been completely ignoring everything said to him throughout most of lunch, staring at you across the lunchroom with a dopey grin. Shit. He was definitely a creep.
Dustin followed Eddie’s line of sight over to your table and then looked back to Eddie with a furrowed brow.
“Y/N and Robin?” Dustin questioned quietly, but not quietly enough. Eddie’s eyes went comically wide and he snapped his head down to his lunch in front of him.
“Shut up you goblin.” Eddie scolded Dustin under his breath. The rest of the guys at the Hellfire table looked over, quite obviously, towards you and Robin.
“Don’t look you idiots!” Eddie turned to look at Jeff as if they were in conversation when you looked up.
“Isn’t she with Harrington?” Jeff pipes up after a moment, and Eddie’s foot finds his leg under the table, giving a swift kick.
“I just… I found her Walkman today in class and I haven’t had time to return it to her. I was just waiting for the right time.” Eddie admitted, looking at his friends, who clearly didn’t believe that was the only reason he was staring at you.
“Well, hey, if you need, I can just give it to her when Steve picks us up after school.” Dustin offered casually, but Eddie didn’t miss the glint in his eye. Eddie’s immediate reaction was to tell him absolutely not, that he wanted to give it to you. But he could tell Dustin was waiting for that response. Besides, the more he made a big deal about the cassette, the more Dustin would be curious and figure out Eddie’s internal crisis. So Eddie took a deep breath, plastered on his best indifferent face, and said “yeah okay, sure. Thanks man.” And went back to his pretzels. Dustin’s face fell slightly.
The second the last bell rang, Eddie nervously walked over to his locker. He knew Dustin would be there shortly to pick up your Walkman. Eddie didn’t want to give it up. He wanted to steal the cassette for himself and listen to it every day, pretending that you listened to it just for him. Out of all the girls he’d ever met at Hawkins High, or anywhere, really, you were the only one that had completely disrupted his life. You were the only one who could get him to buy strawberry chapstick, or consider that yellow might be his new favorite color. You were the only one who could get him to listen to anything without heavy metal guitair.
“Hey, Eddie.” Dustin called out as he approached Eddie’s locker. “Got Y/N’s Walkman?”
“Yeah, here.” Eddie said in a hushed tone. “Uh, Henderson, I’ve got a question.” Eddie continued. He hadn’t meant to say anything, but his intrusive thoughts were winning again, and he couldn’t handle not knowing the truth.
“Sure?” Dustin replied somewhat skeptically, looking up at Eddie with an eyebrow raised.
“Y/N and Harrington… Are they….” Eddie trailed off, giving a look to Dustin that read ‘you know what I mean’.
“Are they dating?” Dustin asked quietly, and Eddie could only manage a small nod. He kept his face as neutral as he could, but his heart was pounding in his chest. He could not believe he just asked that. He had much more confidence than he had any right to have.
“No.” Dustin said, and Eddie relaxed. “Not yet.” Eddie tensed again.
“You fuckin’ serious, Henderson?” Eddie whined, and Dustin laughed, taking the Walkman from Eddie. Eddie huffed and opened his locker, avoiding Dustin’s gaze. He tried to calm his breathing, hoping and praying that if he kept his cool, Dustin wouldn’t investigate further. It was an innocent question.
“I was just curious. It seemed like they were. And, well, you know Harrington.” Eddie mumbled in his defense, and Dustin rolled his eyes.
Dustin looked at Eddie unintentionally eyeing the Walkman he now held, with a look of desperation.
“You sure you just don’t want to give it to her?” Dustin asked, and Eddie furiously shook his head
“No, no. It’s better that you do it. She’ll probably think I stole it or something. Or did something weird to it.” Eddie reasoned.
“Well, did you?” Dustin asked, and Eddie blanched. He didn’t technically steal anything, and he didn’t technically do anything weird to the player. Right?
“Uh- N- No. Of course not. She just left it behind in class. She’s probably been looking for it all day.”
Dustin smiled, watching Eddie stare at nothing in his locker for a humorously long amount of time. Dustin silently popped the cassette out of the player, wondering what you had been listening to, and if this was somehow contributing to Eddie’s odd behavior. Sure, he always seemed like he had the hots for you, but today he was extra spacey and obvious.
“The Teen Queens?” Dustin asked out loud, and Eddie’s head immediately snapped over to look down at him. He grabbed for the tape but Dustin stepped out of the way.
“Eddie my love?” Dustin asked incredulously. “Holy shit! Steve was right!” Dustin laughed, and then looked up at Eddie, almost apologetically. Eddie froze completely in his desperation to snatch the tape out of Dustin’s grasp.
“Steve was right? About?” Eddie asked after a moment of silence. Dustin smiled but looked somewhat guilty, like he had said something he wasn’t supposed to.
“I’m so dead.” Dustin muttered as he tore out of the school towards Steve’s car.
“Henderson! Get your ass back here!” Eddie yelled as he ran after him, voice ringing through the hallway as their tennis shoes squeaked on the floor.
Running out to the parking lot, Eddie hot on his heels, Dustin slid the tape back into your Walkman and shoved it into Robin’s hands as he dove into Steve’s car, slamming and locking the door behind him. Eddie slowed down as he saw you approaching the car, and quickly smoothed out his hair, trying to act casual.
“Hey, look! Dustin found your Walkman.” Robin smiled, looking up at Eddie and holding your Walkman out towards you.
“Thank God! I was looking for it all day!” you sighed in relief.
“Important cassette in there. You better be careful.” Robin added, and your face turned a shade of red that Eddie had never seen before.
“You, uh, left it in class,” Eddie added, hoping to give himself some hero credit, but you just turned even redder. You sputtered out a thank you and climbed into Steve’s car, Robin following.
“Later Munson,” Steve called out as he pulled out of the parking lot, leaving Eddie standing there in disbelief. Was it true?
 Eddie, my love
I love you so
Eddie was supposed to be doing something, anything productive, but instead he sat hand sewing a new patch to his vest while listening to the cassette repeatedly. It had been two days since he had found your Walkman. He spent the better part of his Friday evening searching high and low for a copy of the cassette, which he eventually found at a place a little closer to the city. The domesticity of it all was truly sickening, even Eddie could agree, but his heart was in an endless pattern of fluttering and dropping, thinking about the rare possibility you actually liked him.
Eddie was torn from his thoughts by the piercing ring of the phone. He rushed over, desperately grasping it from the wall to answer, hoping for some reason that it would be you. He heard familiar giggling on the other end, and he rolled his eyes.
“What do you want, shit for brains?” Eddie grumbled, but he was still smiling.
“Who are you and what happened to the real Eddie Munson?” the voice said on the other end. “Is everything okay?” she was joking but sounded slightly concerned.
“Yes, Max, everything is fine. Why?” Eddie questioned, and then realized he had been playing the music out loud with the windows open. Very open.
“Because it sounds like some grandma music in there,” Max replied before Eddie could try to defend himself.
“Mind your business,” Eddie muttered and clicked off the cassette. “Better?”
“Thank God. Play something more metal,” Max said, and then hung up the phone. Eddie rolled his eyes and switched the tapes to one he thought would be appropriate enough for Max.
The following Monday, Eddie couldn’t seem to keep his stomach from flipping as he stood by his locker, watching you and Steve have your morning chat. He was telling you something very adamantly, and you were shaking your head repeatedly. He saw you take your Walkman out of your backpack and his heart skipped.
You continued your light argument with Steve and eventually walked away, leaving him standing alone at your locker. To Eddie’s disappointment, it didn’t seem like a very serious argument, more friendly. He looked back quickly at his locker as if he hadn’t just been outright staring at the pair of you, but he felt guilty, immediately.
“Edward, let’s talk.” Eddie heard a voice from behind him and he jumped.
“Jesus, Robin. Don’t sneak up on people like that!”
“Ask her out. Please.” Robin said, though it sounded more like a demand than a request.
“Who?” Eddie questioned, playing dumb.
“You know exactly who I am talking about,” Robin deadpanned, and Eddie scrunched up his nose.
“You know I can’t do that.”
“Why not?” Robin sounded exasperated, closing her eyes.
“There’s no way she’d want me.” Eddie didn’t mean for it to sound so pathetic, but it did. And he had no idea why he was admitting anything to Robin, who was barely a friend of his at all.
“How do you know?” She asked curiously. Eddie could tell she was trying her best to be supportive, but all he wanted was for her to disappear.
“She’s so… I don’t know… Bubbly? Happy? Cute? I mean, she listens to 50′s classics–“ Eddie abruptly cut himself off.
“You DID snoop!” Robin’s mouth opened wide, and she jabbed a finger out at Eddie.
“I may have seen the tape... So?” Eddie defended.
“And then you bought the exact same one? That doesn’t sound like your style of music, Ed.” Robin added, sounding like she was an attorney questioning a witness, and Eddie stared at her. “I mean, 15 times, that’s quite a lot for one song.” She tried to keep her composure but she let out a little chuckle. It took Eddie a moment to register.
“That little shit! I’m boarding up her fucking window tomorrow!” Eddie groaned. There was no actual malice behind it, but Robin could tell he was becoming extremely embarrassed. Eddie wished he could crawl in his locker.
“Look, I’m not trying to torture you here. All I’m saying is, whatever you’re thinking about the song, you’re correct. And Steve is nowhere in the picture, at all. There are certain people at this school who don’t hate Eddie Munson, maybe even like him a little.” She shrugged and stared at Eddie, waiting for a response. She made no indication that she planned on leaving until he responded.
“Goddamnit. Okay!” Eddie said after a few uncomfortable moments of Robin’s eyes on him.
“Good,” she smiled and walked past Eddie into the classroom.
“Thanks, I guess,” Eddie muttered, though Robin didn’t hear him.
 Eddie was going to wait until the end of the day, but he couldn’t stop the pounding of his heart, especially with Robin looking at him expectantly every time she saw him. He never realized how many times in a day he truly ran into Robin until now. He waited until he saw you stand up and clear your spot, exiting the lunchroom, before he made a move.
“Shit. Shit shit shit,” he muttered under his breath, standing up to follow you. When he stood up, Dustin gave him a questioning smile. Eddie sighed and nodded his head. Dustin turned to look at Mike, and Max a few tables away, who perked up and gave a thumbs up to Eddie. He needed friends his own age.
Eddie walked somewhat quickly out of the lunchroom and to the hallway, heading towards your locker. You stood there looking at something in a textbook, chewing a pencil in between your soft lips. Eddie’s breath stopped short.
“Uh, Y/N.” Eddie started, still standing several feet away from you. You turned around and gave him a warm smile.
“Yeah? What’s up?” you asked, shutting the textbook and setting it back in your locker.
“You left your Walkman yesterday in Mr. Hill’s class,” Eddie stated, walking closer.
“I’m aware,” you laughed, finding his awkwardness endearing.
“Oh, I know, uh, I was just saying that, uh, I’m sorry. I should have given it to you sooner, but I maybe took a peek inside to see what you were listening to. That wasn’t cool of me, I should have grabbed it and chased you down or something.” Eddie admitted, and your face turned white.
“You… saw my cassette?” you asked weakly, and Eddie nodded, smiling. He had a small burst of hope that Robin wasn’t completely lying to him.
“Yeah. I mean, it’s no Metallica, but it wasn’t bad,” Eddie shrugged. Your eyes went wide.
“You listened to it?” Your hands went up to cover the redness and heat of your cheeks.
“Well of course I did. I kind of like you, and I wanted to see what you listened to.” Eddie looked at something behind your head, because he knew if he looked at your flushed face and gaping mouth he would be too far gone to continue asking you out. After a brief moment of silence, he continued, feeling a surge of bravery.
“I don’t know if it’s too early or too late to ask this, I mean I’ve never really done it, I’ve never even actually gone but-“ Eddie began, then cut himself off to take a breath. “Would you want to go to Prom with me next month?”
Eddie had only meant to ask you for a dinner date, something small, but again, his thoughts won over. You sucked in a squeaky breath.
“Yes. I would love to.” A huge smile broke across your face, and Eddie almost couldn’t believe it. But, of course, he was willing to push his luck a little.
“And maybe, if it wouldn’t be too much trouble, would you want to hang out sometime before then? Like this weekend?” He rubbed the back of his neck, smiling hopefully.
“Hell yeah-“ you blurted out and your hand slapped over your mouth. “I mean, absolutely!” You and Eddie both laughed and you loosely wrapped an arm around him. He leaned down, his face suffocatingly close to yours, in the best kind of way.
Before either of you knew it, your lips were connected softly. Eddie’s heart raced. If only you weren’t right in the middle of the school hallway. You smiled into the kiss.
A few seconds in, the bell rang. Eddie expected you to jump away from him, to shy away from receiving physical affection from the Freak, but you kept your arms around him and placed a chaste kiss to both his cheeks as the hallway flooded with students heading back to class.
And Robin was right, there were people at this school that didn’t hate Eddie Munson, maybe even loved him.
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actuallydarling · 27 days ago
Hello ♡ if you're taking requests for drabbles then could I please request Eddie and Shy!reader who maybe gets a little anxious around his friends (dustin, mike, lucas, etc) and sorta clings to him? If not then it's totally okay and I love your work !
content warnings; all the fluff, just so much fluff. eddie reassures anxious reader. allusions to some anxiety.
your manicured hand clasps eddie’s own ring clad one tightly, baby pink nails drawing circles across his calloused skin. eddie’s preoccupied in a heated debate with dustin and you use the distraction to worm your way further into his arms, twiddling the bottom of his hellfire shirt anxiously. you don’t mean to be clingy, but the close proximity with all of eddie’s friends causes you oftentimes to retreat back into yourself; you’re not really a people person, and you’re always concerned that they don’t like you. eddie understands and does his best to alleviate your almost constant worry.
he absentmindedly wraps a wiry arm around to waist, tugging you into his lap; you exhale in relief and rest your head against his shoulder. his head dips to come level with yours.
“y’alright?” he murmurs. you nod. his hand grabs your thigh, pulling you even closer. “sure?”
“i’m okay, eds.” your voice is meek and quiet. he presses a kiss to your jaw and then one to your forehead. you circle his neck with loose arms and press your face to his neck, breathing in his oddly comforting scent of cigarettes and awfully cheap cologne; you told him you hated it when he first bought it but you’ve grown to adore it. it’s so him.
“y’know, there’s nothing to be worried about,” he says, not meanly. “promise.” you attempt a smile, lips pulled tight, and the subtle tremble in your hands has eddie stroking over your knuckles and pressing a kiss to each one.
“i know,” you whisper. “you know what i’m like. i get nervous. i’m a total dud.” eddie’s brows shoot up.
“no way!” he exclaims. “seriously, no way are you a dud. you’re just not a people person and that’s okay. doesn’t matter to me.”
you smile for real this time.
“sorry for being so clingy, though.”
“you’re not.” he smooths a hand over your head. “you just like to be close. i like you here, close, as well.” he smiles, pointed canines protruding from his plush lips. you peck him once, twice, thrice. dustin fax gags.
“ugh, get a room!”
eddie grabs an empty water bottle and hurls it in his direction.
“fuck off, henderson. you’re just jealous my girlfriend is so hot.”
“have you seen suzie?”
“shut up, like i believe your fake girlfriend is as hot as my real one!”
“i’m right here,” you laugh, swiping at his chest.
“what? you are hot…”
“oh, give it a rest!”
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heartburriedinvenice · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Next Week
( steve harrington x reader )
Tumblr media
in which you just want to rent Back to the Future but every week it has already been rented and every time you come back to check Steve Harrington says it will be back. . . next week and for some reason, you still believe him.
in which two lovesick idiots have to make stupid excuses to talk to each other.
content warning mild cursing, steve being an idiot, the reader being an idiot, robin being the only smart one, and steve's awful description of the back to the future plot
a / n i love steve harrington so here's this... the last piece of happiness on this account before i drop so much angst with no mercy ( and then after that a robin fluff piece ) i believe you can survive this war but before that happens enjoy this mess!!
You had noticed a few things about the video store in Hawkins, Indiana. One, Keith didn’t work there alone anymore. Two, the cute boy working there always made your hands unnecessarily sweaty. And three, they never seemed to have the movies you were looking for. 
It started a few weeks ago. Your sister wanted to watch a movie that weekend after missing the showing of Back to the Future due to the unfortunate mall fire that knocked out a whole block of town. So the two of your drove to the gas station, bought a bunch of junk food, and headed to the video store. Though as soon as you walked in, you noticed the idiot who would quiz you for around twenty minutes on every movie you returned, and no you weren’t exaggerating, your sister had timed it, was no longer at the counter. But instead, the fallen king of Hawkins High, Steve Harrington, him and his hair in all its glory. You weren’t sure how his dethroning as king resulted in him getting stuck working at the video store by the arcade, for half a second you question if it was even him or maybe some weirdly similar look alike. But no, no it was Steve, you would know it anywhere. And just like any day, you had made your way to the counter, smiling at the boy who almost immediately smiled back upon meeting your gaze.
“Hi,” you greeted. 
“Hey,” he replied, reciting the lines Keith had gotten him to memorize after repeating them to him probably fifty times. “I’m Steve, welcome to Hawkins Family Video, where we bring movies to you, what can I do for you today?”
“I know who you are, Steve” you said, though immediately you wished you could turn back time find a time machine and jump backwards at how creepy it sounded. “Shit, I didn’t mean that to sound so creepy! Im sorry, I just, we went to the same high school. Well of course we went to the same high school but you know-”
“No! No, it’s good,” Steve replied, slightly stumbling over his words. “I, uh, I didn't think you were being creepy. What can I do for you today?”
“Oh, yeah, I was looking for Back to the Future,” you replied. 
“Back to the Future’ huh?” He replied.
“Yeah,I didn’t really get to see it after the whole mall burning down and all, you know?”
He only nodded, you noticing him visibly tensing up at you comment. Passing it off as nothing but it being a stranger memory, a tragedy for a small town like Hawkins, something that didn’t happen often. It was weird, the tiniest bit unsettling.
“If i'm being honest, the movie was pretty meh. Like just okay. Pretty low on the movie scale for me. I got to see it, it was a little confusing,” Steve explained, his voice slightly dropping into a whisper. “Not to spoil anything, but I’m pretty sure, the mom in that movie is trying to bang her son...so…”
You stared at him for a second, waiting for him to say he was joking. But nothing came, only silence as you stared back at him with wide eyes, your voice dropping into a whisper to match his. 
“Wait, you aren’t joking?” you asked.
“I mean, I work at a video store, would I be steering you wrong?” He asked.
“There’s no way! No way!” You practically yelled. “That’s messed up, they played that here? How did the PTA at the schools not go insane?”
“That’s what I’ve been trying to say! No one believes me,” he agreed. 
“I gotta see this movie,” you said, a quiet laugh escaping at the end of your words.
“Ill go ahead and find that for you,” he offered as he walked backwards towards the back room, bumping into the door in the process. “I’ll be right back.”
And he didn’t lie, not long after the boy headed back out of the backroom, you quickly realizing he was in fact empty handed.
“I’m sorry, just realized someone came in earlier and rented our last copy,” he tried to explain, running a hand through his hair. 
“Oh,”you replied, slightly deflating after the anticipation built up for the movie. “That’s okay, I’ll just rent something-.”
“But you can come back next week!” He interrupted, practically yelling. “It will be back next week…”
“Yeah? Okay. Cool, great! Sounds like a plan,” you replied with a slight nod. “Guess I’ll see you next week?”
“Yep, next week, see you then,” he replied, his words coming out in an awkward kind of manner. 
With a quick smile at the boy, you made your way towards the door, not even noticing that your hands were starting to become extremely clammy. Only stopped by the sound of Steve’s voice once again.
“Hey! What’s your name?” He asked. “You know, so I can keep track of who wants the movie next?”
And so you gave him your name, writing it down on a piece of paper because of his claimed horrible memory watching as he tucked it into his pocket as you exited yhe store. A smile glued to your face and a giddy somewhat nauseating feeling in your stomach as you made your way back into the car, almost forgetting the fact your sister was waiting for you. Scratch that, completely forgetting your sister was waiting for you.
“Did you get the movie?” She asked, practically groaning the sentence out. 
“What?” You asked, buckling your seatbelt.
“The movie” She replied like it was the most obvious thing. “Where is it?”
“Oh! Shit, yeah, that’s why we're here! Um, they didn’t have it, we'll have to watch it next week,” you replied nonchalantly, as something that once would have annoyed you had zero effect on your mood. “The boy who worked there said it would be back next week, wrote my name down and everything.”
The younger girl let out another groan as she dramatically collapsed back into her seat.
“Fine. But don’t expect me to watch the fucking ‘Outsiders’ with you again.”                                                                                                  
And It went on for a few weeks, you making your way to the video store every Friday night with the same answer from the boy. One would question the validity of his statement, that it would be there next week, your sister had called you a fucking idiot. Her newfound revaluation that she could say a curse word without being struck by lightning completely shifting her vocabulary.
One night you even asked for a different movie you were pretty sure no one would be watching, but of course it just so happened to have gotten rented. You didn’t mind though all that much, though you would never admit it out loud, you didn’t mind it at all. Because each time you walked in you were greeted by Steve Harrington and some sort of memorable conversation. Steve Harrington. Who was actually pretty nice company, no matter how much of a dork you had realized he was. And no matter how many times you told yourself to just watch something at your house or borrow something from your friend, you continued to drive up to the same store, only to be given the same answer. And no matter how many times your sister had called you oblivious, you ignored the metaphorical butterflies that attacked the walls of your stomach. Maybe it was those conversations, the conversations that caused you to stay way longer than you intended? The conversations that ranged from joking about Keith to talking about stuff that left the two of you there up until closing. Whatever it was, you couldn’t help yourself from coming back.
Just like any other Friday, you parked your car outside of the store, your sister no longer tagging along as she knew you weren’t getting the movie but instead a hour long conversation she would have to sit through in pure boredom. Opening the door, the little bell rang, and you were immediately caught off guard by someone else at the counter. There stood a girl, close to your age from what you could tell. Her shoulder length blonde hair was covering her face as she looked at some book that laid on the counter. Hesitantly, you made your way to the counter, feeling somewhat out of place without having the perfect haired, idiot staring at you. Like you were in a whole other building.
“Hi,” you stated, the blonde haired girl looking up from her book. Feeling as if this was somehow your first time stopping in.
“Hello,” the girl replied, gaze back on her book as she flipped to the next page.
“I come in here every week looking for Back to the Future, I’m pretty sure Steve has my name written down,” you tried to explain to the girl. “I was just wondering if it was finally here to rent?”
“‘Back to the Future’?” The girl asked, as if you were stupid.
“Yeah…” you replied, doubting yourself for a second. 
“What do you mean it hasn’t been here?” asked the girl, whose name you had picked up as Robin from her name tag. “Nobody has rented that movie for like the past two months.”
“But...I, he told me,” you said, at a loss for words.
“Well Stevie told you wrong,” said Robin, with a slight laugh, setting the book aside to set her full attention on you. “What’s your name again?”
“Y/N,” you simply replied.
“No way! Your’re the famous Y/N?” said Robin with a awestruck kind of enthusiasm. “I have been waiting to meet you. No wonder he was so upset about missing work today. He hates work, I was so surprised he even cared that much that he couldn’t be here but-”
“Famous?” You asked, the word sticking out in the midst of her ramble.
“Yeah, it’s not everyday that Steve Harrington has been so encompassed by a girl that he has to fake that ‘Back to the Future’ isn’t here just to get her back,” Robin said, a laugh following her words, almost bending over from how hard she was laughing. “What an idiot!”
“What do you mean by fake?”
“That it was gone. It was a plan to talk to you again. Oh he’s gonna kill me if he knew I told you,” she explained. “But he needs to get it over with and just ask you out. There is no way he strung it out this long!“
You stood there astonished, not even sure what to say back in response. Now your turn to wear that awestruck looks What were you even supposed to say? Where was the lesson on what to do in this type of situation?
“Is he still here?” You asked, part of you wanting to see him, the other wishing to run away and not look back.
“No matter how much I want to see this go down, sadly he had something today,” she replied. “I’m closing up tonight, but you know, I’m sure he’ll be here next week.”
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manicpixiedreamcurl · a month ago
For You・゚✧*:・゚✧
Tumblr media
Pairing | Eddie Munson x sunshine!reader
Warnings | 18+ only, 2,700 words of tooth rotting fluff, followed by 2,000 words of pure smut, rounded off with a bit more fluff, swearing, oral (male receiving), vaginal sex, protected sex because this reader is responsible.
Word Count | ~4,840
A/N | Everything I write about Eddie exposes me more than any fic I’ve ever written. And yes, I think I will talk about Lord of the Rings in pretty much everything I write about him.
Tumblr media
I thank a god I’ve never met, never loved, never wanted, for you
Catching sight of Eddie’s van through the window, you turn the burner off and jog from the kitchen, sliding along the floor in your frilly socks, just short of slamming into the wall. By the time Eddie’s walking up your drive, you’ve flung the door open. Excitement bubbling, you can’t stop yourself from bouncing on your feet.
“Happy Birthday, Eddie!” You yell, reaching out for him as he approaches. His smile sends a little heat through you he looks you up and down in your sundress. 
He’s so handsome, dressed for the late Summer heat. You love his jacket, love how he looks in it, but there’s something about Eddie in just one of his many band t-shirts. You can see the tattoos dotted over his pale arms, his bracelets, and his chain just peeking out from the frayed neckline of his shirt.
When Eddie reaches you, he lets you pull him into a hug, laughing at you still moving up and down.
“You’re more excited than I am,” he murmurs, pressing a short, sweet kiss to your lips.
“I love Birthdays.”
“I know you do,” he nods, remembering the last birthday of one of your cheerleader friends. You’d dragged him into town to look for a gift, there all day as you hummed and hawed over every possibility before landing on what you wanted for her. You then proceeded to spend an egregious amount of time deciding on the right card, even longer writing the message. The day of her Birthday, at school, you’d brought in a green and gold cake, getting practically the whole cafeteria to sing to her as she covered her face, giggling the whole time. 
Eddie’s just glad it’s a Saturday.
You grab his hand and pull him inside, then clench your hands tight in excited little fists. He just wants to cuddle you. 
“Okay, so, here’s the plan,” you start, straightening your fingers and moving your hands as you go through each step. “I’m making your cake just now, and I thought we could have some here and do your candles and stuff, because I assumed you wouldn’t like that in public later?”
"Damn right,” 
“Okay,” you smile. “And we can do your card and your gifts here, too. Then later, we’re meeting your friends for dinner. Just pizza - but it’s within walking distance so you don’t need to drive us and you can have your first actual, legal drink. And I thought, maybe, after dinner,” you say, standing close and looking up into his eyes, tone all innocent suggestiveness. “We could come back here? Does that sound good?”
He nods with enthusiasm, smiling at your soft laughter. Cupping your face, he presses another kiss to your lips, this time letting his tongue find yours, tasting a fading earthy sweetness.
A throat clears, and you jerk around to face your Dad, his expression impassive. “Eddie,” he says. “Nice to see you.”
“You too,” Eddie answers, trying to ignore the way you’re pressing up against his side, your hand on his chest, your arm around his waist. Eddie’s praying he didn’t hear what you said just before, or how you said it.
“It’s Eddie’s Birthday,”
“So you’ve mentioned, with increasing frequency, for the last month,” he answers. “Since you’ve claimed the kitchen for the day, at least let me move through my own hallway in peace.”
“Okay, Dad,” you say, grabbing Eddie’s hand and pulling him easily through to the kitchen, where he’s greeted again by that floral, sweet warm aroma that he’d tasted in your mouth.
He sees there’s three jars of honey open on the counter and furrows his eyebrows. “I was trying to taste for the best one, but actually it makes sense if you decide.” 
“This is...for the cake?” Eddie asks, taking the teaspoon you hand him and tasting the most yellow of the three. It’s grainy in the pleasant way that honey can be, a little too sweet. You give him water to wash away the taste, nodding as he tries the next one, more runny and lightly floral. 
“Yes,” you answer, turning to switch the stove back on, stirring together milk, butter and cinnamon. “Which do you like best?” 
“The last one,” he answers, licking his lips to get the dregs of it. The darkest, a golden brown, almost woody tasting. 
You grin. “I like that one, too.” 
“So it’s honey cake?”
You nod vigorously, spooning in his chosen honey before continuing to stir. “So, you know I’m reading the Lord of the Rings books. Slowly, but I am enjoying them,” you start. “And last month I was at the bit where the elves are giving them all the supplies, and they’re trying that bread, right? And Gimli! He talks about honey cakes that, um, how do you pronounce the word for the bear men?”
“Beornings,” he supplies.
“The cakes the Beornings made. And I thought, oh that would be so lovely for Eddie! To give you food from this world you love so much.” Your eyes are bright with the excitement of finally getting to spill the whole thought process to him. “And then, when I went looking for a good recipe, in the library I found this!” You grab the open book from the counter and hold it up. The picture on the front is long faded, the plastic covering from the library barely hanging on. “This is a 1965 reprint of a British cookbook that was first published in 1899. The foreword talks about how, at the time, this was like, the go to book for cooks and housewives in England. So, Tolkien was like seven when this came out, and in his biography it says that his Mom looked after him pretty much on her own until he was twelve.” You turn from his wide eyes to take the pot off the stove, wanting to give it a final good stir before you let it steep. “So, this is, entirely conceivably, the recipe for honey cake that literal Tolkien himself ate when he was a kid! And it makes sense then, that this would be what he was picturing when he wrote about honey cakes in the book! And sure, there’s probably been improvements to the recipe in the last eighty-seven years, but I just thought- oh. What’s wrong?”
You abandon the cooling pot at the sight of him, face a little red, bottom lip quivering, fingers pressed to his eyes. You reach up to brush some of the hair from his warm forehead. “Eddie?”
“Oh, man, what the fuck,” he says, clearly embarrassed. Eddie shakes his head, dragging his hands across his face and looking up to hide the tears bubbling in his eyes. He sniffs, giving you a brave smile that breaks your heart. “I don’t-” He laughs, trying to hide the next sniffle. “That was weird, I don’t know what that was.”
“Eddie,” you repeat gently. “Please tell me what’s wrong.”
“Nothing,” he chuckles, tears building again suddenly. “Fuck!”
“Come on,” you say, all but dragging him over to the kitchen table and sitting him down on one of the seats, dropping yourself in his lap to let him press his face to your shoulder. His arms are secure around you, his fingers digging into your hip a little desperately. For a few minutes, you stroke his soft hair, taking long, deep breaths that you hope he’ll copy. 
“Don’t wanna distract you, if there’s anything you need to do,” Eddie mumbles, his fingers twitching against your skin. 
“You need to leave everything in the pot for a while for all the flavours to come together,” you assure, smiling at him happily when he finally looks at you. “And I hope you know it wouldn’t matter anyway.”
“‘m sorry,” 
“Don’t be.” You press a sweet kiss to his cheek, making an exaggerated mwah sound just to hear him laugh. Then, because it strikes you that he might need to hear it, “I love you, Eddie.”
“I’m starting to believe that,” he admits, rocking you both a little before running a hand through his hair. “I’ve uh,” Eddie looks up at you, eyes wide and earnest. “Well, I’ve never had anything- Nobody has ever done anything like this before. For me. Not for my Birthday,” he explains. “Not for anything, actually.”
“It’s just a cake,”
“It’s not,” he shakes his head vigorously. “I’ve had Birthday cake, sweetheart, but this. It’s you. You thinking about me for weeks before, planning things I’d like, researching what fucking cake a British guy ate as a kid!” It sounds a little silly when he says it like that, but he continues. “And I’m excited about it! I wanna taste it so bad, for every reason you thought I would, cause you know me and you think about me when I’m not even with you and, yeah,” he laughs, shaking his head. “I just wasn’t expecting it. I knew you’d do something cool, cause you’re you, but uh, it surprised me, I guess.”
“Well, better get used to it, because this is the treatment from now on,” you assure. “Every Birthday for the rest of your life. And you know it’ll improve each year. I’m already planning your 22nd.” You play with the ends of his hair behind his head, watching a real smile grow on his face. “Actually, since we’re on it, do you know if Blackie Lawless does singing telegrams, and if so, approximately how many hours of babysitting will I need to do to afford him?”
Finally, Eddie gives you a real laugh. Not embarrassed, not trying to hide something, but genuine joy. “It’s really not that great, Eddie. I got so excited about the cake, I didn’t get anything at all for us to eat for lunch. And I haven’t planned anything we can do before dinner past opening your presents.”
Eddie grabs your head in his hands, forcing you to lean down so he can smack a kiss to your hair. “It’s my Birthday,” he says, sticking his chin out. “And I want to sit with you on my lap all day.”
“Well, I need to finish the cake first-”
“All day!” He yells, pulling you right back when you try to stand, tucking his arm under your knees to pull your feet from the floor, watching you squirm and giggle. 
Bribed with kisses, eventually he lets you off the seat, staying close to you while you weigh, pour and mix. When you’re ready with the tin, he opens the oven for you and closes it with a flourish, pleased he made some kind of contribution. Forty minutes later, the room smells heavenly, even better than it did when he walked in. You make a glaze while it cools, then suddenly you’re running to the window and closing the curtains, though they do very little to stop any light coming in.  
“Don’t look, Eddie!” You cry, even as he hears the strike of matches behind him. 
You sing to him, presenting his cake burning twenty-one yellow candles. He closes his eyes to keep the tears back, scrunching his face like he’s thinking childishly hard about what to wish for. 
When the candles are out, curtains pulled back to let the sunshine in, you sit on Eddie’s lap, holding a plate out for him to serve the first slice. The sound of the golden edge as he cuts through it makes his mouth water. Inside, it’s light yellow and fluffy. 
The way you’re looking at him when he takes a bite makes him a little nervous, but the taste of it has him yelling with his mouth full. “Jesus H. Christ, you’re a witch!”
You cackle like one, letting him offer you the next forkful. It’s nicely warm, the crispness of the edge surrounding light sponge steeped in woody sweetness and the warmth of cinnamon. 
“I’m a God damn witch.”
Your Dad appears, wilfully ignoring the way you’re sitting on Eddie as he turns the coffee machine on and grabs himself a plate. 
“It’s Eddie’s cake, Dad!”
“It’s my kitchen,” he answers, simply, your glare doing nothing to stop him from cutting himself a considerable slice. He hums through a mouthful, slurps his black coffee as he leaves the room. “Happy Birthday, son.”
Eddie slaps his chest, eyes wide with shock, throws his head around in disbelief. “You’re a God damn witch,” he repeats. 
You sip milky tea, watching Eddie opening his card, a picture of a bearded collie in a party hat on the front.
“Reminded me of you.” Your giggle morphs into a squeal when he tickles your side in revenge. 
Inside, there is a long, rambling message that covers both sides, fitting messily around the pre written Happy Birthday on the right. A list of his best qualities, a favourite memory, why he deserves everything he’s getting today. All of my love, from...xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
“Fuck,” he says, pressing the fingers of one hand into his tear ducts. “This is what you wanted from the start, isn’t it?”
You bury your face in his soft hair to hide your own wet cheeks. 
He’s Eddie, so as much as he appreciates the shiny wrapping paper expertly folded and taped, the sparkly blue ribbon tied in wide bows around each of his gifts, he still rips into each parcel like a wild cat. 
A paperback copy of Stephen King’s It, published just last month. Inside, a bookmark woven from red and black card you made with the guidance of a girl you babysit. A Judas Priest patch you’d bought a whole second hand jacket for, picking it off with nail scissors before donating the jacket right back to the thrift store. New white laces for his Reeboks, because both of his shoes have one aglet which has long since rubbed away, and you refuse to wait for him every time he has to tie them back up any longer. A polaroid in a metal frame. The two of you sat in the Hideout, in the same position you are now. A little tipsy, so happy. The picture is dotted with round hearts drawn in black ballpoint ink. 
“One more,” you say, hand on his cheek, and you give him a kiss that tastes like honey and milk. 
Before you walk to meet his friends, you each re-lace one of his shoes. Eddie doesn’t have his jacket with him, so he safety-pins the patch to his t-shirt in the meantime. He reads you the first chapter of It out loud while you do your makeup, then tucks the bookmark in the right place when it’s time to leave. 
The photo, he stared at, his chest sore, while you were busy clearing away wrapping paper. 
At the restaurant, he shows off every one of his gifts, relays your whole thought process about his cake in perfect detail to Jeff, Gareth and Matthew. He drinks his first legal beer and shuts down every complaint about his pizza choice because it’s his Birthday and if he likes olive and pineapple then by God he’ll have olive and pineapple.
And you don’t make him blow out candles in front of a whole restaurant, but you do sneak away to ask the waitress oh so politely, please oh please, could you just put these cake slices in the microwave for three minutes twenty seconds and, oh, could we have five scoops of vanilla served on plates, please and thank you?
She does, and you do. Jeff, Gareth and Matthew pile cake and ice cream into their mouths and thank Christ Eddie found you because this cake is fucking ungodly and you’re a witch. 
“That’s what I said!” Eddie yells.
“Happy Birthday, man,” Jeff says, later, when they’ve given him their own framed photo. The four of them, Eddie, Jeff and Matthew with guitars hanging from their necks, Gareth holding his drum sticks high in the air. 
Eddie is unusually quiet on the walk home, but you know he’s happy, and that’s what matters.
“See you later, babe!”
“Bye, Eddie! Happy Birthday!” You call out into the empty street, closing the door then stifling a gasp and a laugh when Eddie hoists you up into his arms. He tip toes up your stairs, trying to make his footfall sound like yours in any way he can. 
The TV plays on, with no sound of your Dad moving from his comfy chair. 
Your door closes, he places you on the carpet in front of him and leans down for you, holding your face to kiss you like he’s really wanted to all day. You let him press his tongue to yours, tasting a little of the smoke from the cigarette he’d snuck on on the walk home.  
Your hands are flat against his stomach, fingers barely curling into the soft cotton of his t-shirt. When Eddie pulls his lips from you, you run your fingers down the front of his pants, feeling him half hard beneath his zip. 
“Baby,” he says, head falling back when you drop to your knees in front of him, hands tugging almost frantically at his belt. You help him kick off his shoes and step away from his pants, feeling your panties starting to get sticky between your legs. 
Eddie can’t look at you pressing kisses to his cock through his boxers. Your giggle at his cock twitching in excitement against your lips has him searching blindly for your hair. He threads his fingers through, hips jerking to grind his aching cock against your face. His groan is too loud when your mouth opens, pressing your wet tongue to the damp spot where his tip is leaking against his underwear. When you purse your lips and suck, Eddie’s fingers tug your hair enough to make you whimper. 
“Please,” he whispers to the ceiling, loosening his grip and stroking an apology to your scalp. 
“Look at me?”
Eddie has to take deep breaths to calm himself down when he drops his gaze to you, your fingers playing with the band of his boxers for a second before you pull them down just enough to get at his cock, tucking the elastic below his heavy balls. “Mmm,” you murmur, going straight for them. You suck one into your mouth, running your tongue along the soft, fuzzy skin. You rest one hand on the back of his leg, keeping yourself and him steady. The other, you lick quickly before returning your mouth to his sack, circling his cock with your slick palm. 
You hum happily, your nose brushing the base of his cock while your hand tugs at him. “You have an obsession,” he breathes, bouncing on his feet a little to dip his balls in and out of your loving mouth. 
“I love them,” you mumble, mouth full, giving a cheeky little suck to the hanging skin before dragging your curved tongue up the thick vein that runs along the underside of his dick. You purse your lips and kiss the tip softly, hand pulling back the skin to expose the ridges of his pretty pink head. You run him over the lines of your lips, covering your mouth in the drops of cum leaking from his slit. “I love your cock.”
You gather spit in your mouth, letting it out to cover his cock before you take him in, sloppy wet how he likes it best, the sounds of your mouth on him better than his favourite album. You gag a little when his head meets the top of your throat, pulling off with your brows furrowed like you’re annoyed with yourself. You take him back in with renewed vigour, adjusting the angle and bullying the back of your mouth with his cock until you manage to swallow him just right, nose pressing against the dark hair at his crotch, your tongue trying to edge out to get at his balls again. 
You can’t quite reach, so Eddie, always the gentleman, takes a hand from your hair and grasps the base of his cock, holding his sack up for you to tickle with the tip of your tongue. 
He’s covered in your saliva when you pull away, gasping and spitting more onto his soaked, swollen dick. 
“Will you fuck me now?” You ask as Eddie tries to wipe some of the spit from your chin with his thumb. There’s too much, and he ends up just dragging it across the bottom half of your face.. His cock throbs at the pleading look on your messy face. 
“Yeah, gonna fuck you right,” he answers when you reach up to let him grasp your arms and drag you up to your feet. He presses his body to yours, pushing you back to your bed as he kicks off his underwear. Eddie takes hold of your face, licking and biting at your swollen lips more than he is kissing you. 
He feels you move, hands reaching up to pull at the bows on your shoulders, straps falling away with the top of your dress, leaving your pretty tits on display for him. Eddie’s excited mouth moves to them next, your fingers in his hair as he gives your nipples wide, desperate licks. He runs his thumbs along the undersides, digging the rest of his fingers into the soft flesh at the top. Eddie gives your right nipple a little kiss, a suck, then a cheeky scrape of teeth. You tug his hair, pulling him from you to view your little pout. “They’re sensitive, Eddie.”
“’m sorry, baby,” Eddie murmurs, the apology ruined by both his exaggerated, mocking pout and his fingers continuing to play with your tits even as he says it. 
“Need a condom,” you remind him, smiling despite yourself when he stays planted in his spot, lifting your tits and letting go to watch them bounce. “Eddie.”
“Wh- oh, yeah,” he grins, leaning down to quickly suck a little bruise into the inside of your left boob before he turns, searching for the pants he’d kicked away. In the meantime, you tug your dress down, sitting back on your bed and wriggling out of your drenched panties.
Eddie returns to you, flicking his fingers against the wrapped condom happily. He drags his t-shirt off on the way, dropping it carelessly to the floor of your bedroom. 
Getting desperate, you lean back against your pillows, and dig the tips of your fingers into your leaking hole. You open your legs to let Eddie stare at your pink slit, dragging your slick up to help you play with your aching clit. The relief has your eyelids fluttering, your button already twitching under your fingers, glad to be touched finally after you’d keyed yourself up with Eddie’s cock in your mouth. 
“Please, Eddie,” you whine, watching him shake his head as he pulls his gaze from your displayed cunt. 
“I got you, sweetheart,” he answers, ripping open the condom and rolling it down over his blushing cock with his ringed hands, your own fingers rubbing more desperately against your sex. Eddie climbs up on your bed, grabbing your ankles and pulling you away from your cushions to get you on your back below him. “Open that pretty cunt up for me.”
You mewl, bending your legs to press your feet flat to the mattress, legs wide as you reach down. You use two fingers from each hand to pull apart your sticky lips, hips jerking into the air at the caress of the warmth he’s radiating.
Eddie taps your tingling clit with the tip of his cock just to see you throw your head back, petitioning him, “oh, please, please, please,” one more time.
It aches, when he slides himself into you, opening your tight hole up for him, but the stretch feels right, just natural. You moan his name a little too loud, hands flying up to grasp his shoulders, whimpering at Eddie’s harsh, “sh-sh-sh.” One with each good thrust into your gooey cunt, his warm wet breath spreading over your cheeks. 
The drag of his cock inside you is heavenly, causing increasingly filthy sounds as your cunt gushes, easing the way for him to use your hole. “Can’t believe it’s your cunt and not your mouth that’s going to get us caught,” Eddie says, stifling a groan. “Desperate little hole, noisiest I’ve ever fucked.”
“Shut up,” he breathes, giving you your favourite ringed finger to suck on to keep you quiet. You suck happily, grasping onto his wrist with both hands to hold him there. It keeps you from moaning out, but your girlish little squeaks continue along with the dirty wet sound of your pussy.  
Gritting his teeth, Eddie pushes himself inside until his whole cock is settled in your warmth, only giving you little jolts of his hips. It’s quieter, but the tip of him is hitting tortuously against the spot inside that makes your thighs shake. 
You look up at him, in love. Eddie’s hair moving with every thrust, the edges around his face a little sweaty. His pale face is pink in the cheeks, as is his neck and the top of his chest, so pretty smattered with dark hair that leads down to  his cock. His hair is thick and wiry there, rubbing against your clit enough that it’s matted down against his skin, covered in your slick. 
“S’good,” you manage around his finger. You watch his concentrated face, eyes constantly on the move from your face to your bouncing tits to the stunted thrusts of his cock in your pussy. 
“Oh, fuck,” he says, finally dragging himself all the way out to the tip before pummelling back inside, hoping that if he just ignores the desperate sound of the springs in your bed, then nobody else will hear it either.
“Gonna cum,” you mumble, your tongue pressed down by his finger. You caress his forearm, his name coming out of your mouth funny but it doesn’t matter. He knows it’s him fucking you right. 
“I can feel it,” he grins, your hole tightening in an unsteady rhythm around him. “Your little cunt can’t get enough of my cock, huh?”
Your head falls back, your legs wrapping around his waist to keep him where you need him as your hips jolt, pleasure from your clit and deep inside peaking together. 
“Fuck,” Eddie whispers at your teeth biting down on his finger, unable to care when he can feel your cunt gushing wet and desperate around his twitching cock.
You hear Eddie’s breath falter above you. He drags his finger from your mouth, grasping your face with one hand and pressing his face to your neck. ”You’re perfect,” he whispers desperately, balls pulling tight. “I’m the luckiest-” He gasps at the sweet roll of your hips under him. “Fuck. I’m the luckiest man alive.”
You stroke the back of his neck as he comes, still twitching yourself, cunt squeezing him as his thrusts slow, slow, stop. Eddie’s weight drops entirely, squishing you into your mattress but you love how close he is, his cock softening inside you. He gives your neck a gentle kiss, then another before he looks up, his brown eyes telling you he’s sated and happy. 
He gives you a goofy grin that sends you giggling, only calming when he’s pulling himself out and you sigh, missing him inside a little. You settle back, feeling boneless and tired, as Eddie deals with the condom. When he returns to you, he’s pulled his underwear back on, and he gives you his soft shirt to sleep in. 
“Good Birthday?” You ask, when he’s thrown himself down next to you and pulled the covers up to your hips, lying on your sides and staring at each other. 
“The best ever,” he answers, both because it’s true and he knew you’d sigh happily and give him a sweet kiss, your soft hands on his cheeks. 
“I love you so, so, so much, Eddie!” 
“I love you, too,” he says, looking away, still a little shy with it, but it doesn’t matter to you. He means it, and that’s all that matters. You kiss him again, humming your joy against his lips. 
Eddie lies back, pulling you into his side, your head resting on his chest, your leg tucked up over his. You run your fingers through the hairs on his torso and let the sound of his heart beat lull you.
Eddie is awake long after you’ve drifted away, reliving every moment since you flung open your door to greet him. He thinks about how proud you were, singing a little off tune, as always, when you presented him with his cake. He’d almost cried, again. Had only just managed to hold them back. He was so concentrated on it, he never made his wish.
Eddie glances at the clock on your bedside table. Still his Birthday. Only just, though, so he hopes it still counts.
You shift a little, your cheek rubbing against his chest. Eddie closes his eyes, takes a breath, and wishes.
This, her, forever, please.
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